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National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology
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National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology. National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17Contactless detection method with noise elimination for information of physiological and physical activities
11/23/17Method for fabricating a light emitting module that generates ultrabroadband near-infrared light
10/19/17Quantum dots-sensitized solar cell and enhancing the optoelectronic performance of a quantum dots-sensitized solar cell using a co-adsorbent
10/12/17Modified microbubble
09/21/17Ultrafine fiber printing system
09/14/17Thermoelectric structure
08/10/17Photocatalyst powder and hydrogen producing system
07/27/17Oligomer additive and lithium battery
07/13/17Modified microbubble and making the same
07/06/17Direct dyeing type color fused deposition modeling three-dimensional printing apparatus and direct dyeing type color fused deposition modeling three-dimensional printing method
06/29/17Impedance matching circuit and impedance matching method
06/22/17Selfie-drone system and performing method thereof
05/11/17Method for producing polymer nanofoam
03/02/17Sole cushioning module
03/02/17Adhesive composition, electrode composition, electrode and lithium battery
02/23/17Catalyst structure for electrolysis of water and forming the same
02/23/17Catalyst for fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof
01/19/17Electrode structure, fabricating the same, and lithium battery
01/12/17Non-contact detecting physiological signal and motion in real time
01/05/17Apparatus and measuring pattern of a grating device
12/15/16Nano-composite and producing the same
12/15/16Photo-sodification modeling apparatus and method
12/01/16Modified graphene, producing a modified graphene and applications thereof
12/01/16Anode layer ion source and ion beam sputter deposition module
12/01/16Composite carbon material and preparing the same
11/17/16Thin film metallic glass coated needle
09/15/16Photocurable resin and three-dimensional printing system
09/15/16Sound-absorbing material
09/15/16Sky luminance mapping system and mapping method
09/08/16Imprinting mold and the manufacturing method thereof
09/08/16Method for manufacturing a composite
08/11/16Apparatus and processing a substrate
07/14/16Method of stereolithography fabrication and photo-curing photosensitive resin
06/30/16Auxiliary device for muscle strength training
06/16/16Light emitting module and generating ultrabroadband near-infrared light
06/02/16Electrospun nanofibrous membranes and disposable glucose biosensor
05/05/16Radial artery blood pressure waveform measuring device
05/05/16Building block monomer
05/05/16Apparatus and cutting semi/non-conductor using wedm
04/07/16Color three-dimensional printing apparatus and color three-dimensional printing method
02/25/16Multifunctional 3d scanning and printing apparatus
01/28/16Method for compressing a video and a system thereof
01/07/16Alcohol-soluble conjugated polymer and use thereof
12/24/15Intelligent air curtain fume hood
12/03/15Method and system for detecting and locating trapped people
11/26/15In-mold vibratile injection compression molding method and molding apparatus thereof
11/26/15Soot-exhausting device
10/22/15Soft-switching low input/output current-ripple power inversion and rectification circuits
10/08/15Energy storage device
10/08/15Balun device
09/17/15Energy storage device
08/13/15Bidirectional pentaplex system and method
07/16/15Liquid cooled light emitting diode devices
07/16/15Method for simulating a graphics tablet based on pen shadow cues
07/16/15Operational transconductance amplifier, reconfigurable fully differential voltage sensing amplifier and reconfigurable fully differential capacitive sensing amplifier
07/16/15Operational transconductance amplifier, operational transconductance amplifier-capacitor filter and high order reconfigurable analog filter
07/02/15Automatic photographing method and system thereof
06/25/15Method and system for calibrating laser measuring apparatus
06/18/15Lithium battery and electrolyte additive for lithium battery
06/11/15Time/wavelength-division multiplexed passive optical network (twpon)
06/04/15Image registration method
05/28/15Electrolyte composition and lithium battery
05/21/15Surgical holder
05/21/15Fabrication a three dimensional micro-structure on polymers
05/21/15Continuous identity authentication computer users
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04/23/15Performing device capable of adjusting images according to body motion of user
04/23/15Method and system for three-dimensional data acquisition
04/09/15Method of fabricating magnetically actuated artificial cilia
04/09/15Interactive operation electronic apparatus
04/09/15Physiological signal measurement apparatus capable of automatically adjusting a measure position and utilizing the apparatus
04/02/15Non-fluorinated coating materials with anti-fingerprint property, and evaluation method thereof
04/02/15Image segmentation system and operating method thereof
03/26/15Preparing catalyst for fuel cell and preparing membrane electrode assembly
03/26/15Preparation oligomer-polymer and lithium battery
02/26/15Microbubble ultrasound contrast agent for external use
02/12/15Dielectric constant measurement circuit and dielectric constant measurement method
02/05/15Serial-parallel interface circuit with nonvolatile memory
01/22/15Method and system for human action recognition
01/15/15Fault bits scrambling memory and method thereof
01/08/15Method for preparing hollow silver particles and core-shell silver particles
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01/08/15Authentication method and authentication system
01/01/15Carbon nanotube-graphene composite, forming the same, and electronic device
01/01/15Multilayer si/graphene composite anode structure
12/25/14Microbubble ultrasound contrast agent for external use
12/18/14Tin whisker mitigation material using thin film metallic glass underlayer
11/27/14Method for manufacturing bioactive glass and bioactive glass
10/16/14Supplying system of adding gas into polishing slurry and method thereof
10/02/14Resistive random access memory using amorphous metallic glass oxide as a storage medium
09/18/14Illumination apparatus with gradually changeable color temperatures
07/24/14Method for modifying surface of powder and composite containing surface-modified powder
07/24/14Method for manufacturing a composite
06/26/14Cyano-benzimidazole salts for electrochemical cells and synthesis thereof
06/26/14Method and system for detecting malicious application
06/05/14Method for scheduling data burst
05/29/14Ternary-alloy metallic glass and making the same
05/29/14Illumination optimal vision
05/22/14Method for manufacturing ni/in/sn/cu multilayer structure
05/22/14Gas assisted imprint system and the manufacturing process thereof
05/08/14Real-time cloud image system and managing method thereof
04/24/14Image recognition method and image recognition system
04/17/14Controlling synchronous motor
04/17/14Molding system
04/03/14Lithium battery
03/27/14Gas sensor
03/20/14Electronic device and the controlling method thereof
02/20/14Lighting lamp
01/30/14Method for fabricating patterned silicon nanowire array and silicon microstructure
01/30/14Method for forming compound epitaxial layer by chemical bonding and epitaxy product made by the same method
01/23/14Real time detecting and tracing apparatus and method
12/12/13Rotary-drum hydraulic-impact abrasion testing machine
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12/12/13Application of spectral linewidth variation using optical filter
12/05/13Carbon/active compound composite material and the manufacturing method thereof
11/21/13Near zero current-ripple inversion or rectification circuits
10/31/13Dual band antenna with circular polarization
09/26/13Apparatus for detecting a strength of lips-closing and method thereof
09/19/13Composite material and improving fatigue properties of titanium alloy by coating metallic glass layer
08/29/13Time/wavelength-division multiplexed passive optical network (twpon)
08/15/13Safety device on steering handle
08/15/13Apparatus for ultrasound harmonic imaging and method thereof
07/18/13Three-wheeled motor vehicle with high safety
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07/18/13Control circuit and dual touch control method thereof for a four-wire resistive touch panel
07/11/13Anode protector of lithium-ion battery and fabricating the same
06/27/13Method for making carbon nanotube-loaded electrode, carbon nanotube-loaded electrode made by the method, and applications thereof
06/27/13Biocompartiple confeito-like gold nanoparticles, making the same, and their biomedical applications
06/27/13Method and system for classifying article
06/13/13In-mold vibratile injection compression molding method and molding apparatus thereof
06/13/13Biotechnology detecting device with optical fibers and leds
06/06/13Facial expression control device
05/30/13Electrically assisted chemical-mechanical planarization (eacmp) system and method thereof
05/23/13Assembly chair assembled by plastic board
05/23/13Burn-in test apparatus with function of energy recycling
05/16/13Lithium-ion battery and fabricating the same
04/04/13Real-time physiological signal measurement and feedback system
03/14/13User interface of an electronic device
03/14/13Catalyst layer material, fabricating the same, and fuel cell
02/28/13High-temperature solder with multi-layer structure and manufacturing method thereof
02/28/13Method for generating cross-site scripting attack
01/31/13Traffic signal system with dual light sources
01/31/13Light harvesting lens module
01/31/13Video searching method
01/24/13Movement facilitative device
01/17/13Polarized white light emitting diode
01/10/13Method for fabricating silicon nanowire arrays
01/03/13Anti-rollover motorized vehicle
01/03/13Autonomous seat system of automotive vehicle and performing method thereof
12/27/12Composite nanoparticle, and preparation process and use thereof
12/13/12Wheel module and wheelchair using the same
12/06/12Architectured reinforcement structure
12/06/12Temperature sensing system for supporting single-point calibration
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11/22/12Switch panel with indicator
11/08/12Human-environment interactive system and portable device using the same
11/01/12Dinitro compound, diamine compound, polyamide, and optoelectronic device
08/23/12Method and system for dynamically adapting a modulation and coding scheme
08/23/12Method for selecting transmission architecture and transmission system
08/23/12Lithium battery and fabricating the same
08/16/12Method for analyzing structure safety
07/26/12Composite substrate
07/19/12Background brightness compensating display apparatus
07/12/12Digital halftoning method and constructing class tiling map
07/12/12Whisker-free coating structure and fabricating the same
07/05/12Fiber ring laser system and the operation method thereof
06/28/12Pixel unit of organic light emitting diode and display panel using the same
06/28/12Bone plate structure
06/28/12Telescopic cranial bone screw
06/21/12Range hood capable of resisting draft
06/21/12Method and system for detecting malicious script
06/07/12Organic thin film transistor and processing method thereof
05/31/12Methods of forming hydrophobic silicon dioxide layer and forming organic thin film transistor
05/03/12Real-time warning system for vehicle windshield and performing method thereof
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05/03/12Stereo vision based dice recognition system and stereo vision based dice recognition uncontrolled environments
04/19/12Method for assigning transmission line of electric network
04/19/12Intrusion detecting establishing classifying rules thereof
04/05/12Method for etching high-aspect-ratio features
03/29/12Accurate method to evaluate a system reliability of a cloud computing network
03/15/12Method of manufacturing anti-counterfeit ink and anti-counterfeit tag and manufacturing the same
03/01/12Current ripple reduction power conversion circuits
02/23/12Device capable of adjusting images according to body motion of user and performing method thereof
02/16/12Testing technique for determination of the dynamic poisson's ratio of a material with longitudinal and cross-sectional resonant frequencies of a circular solid rod specimen
02/09/12Single longitudinal mode fiber laser apparatus
01/26/12Estimation method to evaluate a system reliability of a cloud computing network
01/19/12Fabrication crystallized transparent conducting oxides on self-assembled organic layer modified substrate
01/19/12Carrier selection logistics network
01/12/12Method for optimal selecting led light sources and implementing full spectrum light
12/22/11Mutual optimization class matrix and diffusion weighting used in halftone image processing technique and mutual optimization system thereof
11/17/11White-light emitting devices with stabilized dominant wavelength
11/10/11Nitro compound, amine compound, polyimide and polyimide copolymer derived therefrom
11/10/11Nitro compound, amine compound and polyamide derived therefrom
11/03/11Gripping mechanism
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10/06/11Multi-phase signal generator and voltage-controlled oscillator thereof
09/22/11Overcurrent relay
08/18/11Single ended power converters operating over 50% duty cycle
07/28/11Central decoding controller and controlling method thereof
07/14/11Interface manipulating wheelchair and wheelchair using the same
07/07/11High voltage gain power converter
06/30/11Safety device on steering handle
06/30/11Homogeneously-structured nano-catalyst/enzyme composite electrode, fabricating method and application of the same
06/30/11Method and system for providing augmented reality based on marker tracking, and computer program product thereof
06/30/11Robot and recognizing human faces and gestures thereof
06/30/11Stereo presentation displaying images and spatial structure
06/30/11Method for labeling connected components and computer system using the method
06/30/11Method for patent valuation and computer-readable storage medium
06/09/11Method of fabricating variable resistance layer for resistance memory
05/19/11Reverse oblique air curtain exhaust cabinet
05/05/11High performance green concrete mixer and high performance mixing green concrete
04/21/11Apparatus for energy storage of microbial fuel cell and microbial fuel cell energy storage system comprising said apparatus
04/21/11Pyrene-containing norbornene methylene amine and polymer thereof, and manufacturing the polymer
03/24/11Radio frequency identification tag
03/10/11Image processing method combining compression and watermark techniques
03/03/11Pixel and illuminating device thereof
01/13/11System reliability evaluation transmission by two minimal paths in time restriction
12/30/10Method and system for gesture recognition
12/23/10Bidirectional transmission network apparatus based on tunable rare-earth-doped fiber laser
12/23/10Method for analyzing development data of airport city
12/16/10Music score recognition method and system thereof
12/16/10System reliability evaluation routing policy
12/09/10Fluid separation method and fluid separation apparatus
12/09/10Method and system for actively detecting and recognizing placards
12/09/10System and planning global logistics in tft-lcd manufacturing industry
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12/02/10System feasible duration evaluation project management under budget and time constraints
11/25/10Extraction target bio-molecule from a sample solution and fabrication of extraction module
11/25/10Mobile robot and path planning method thereof for manipulating target objects
11/11/10Fabrication carbon nanotube field emission cathode
11/04/10High-tensile belt-type tag and wireless radio frequency identification system employing the same
09/30/10Magnetic antenna
09/23/10System and multi-objective capacity planning in tft-lcd panel manufacturing industry
09/16/10Electrode layer of fuel cell and fabricating the same
07/29/10Method and receiving feedback corresponding to multicast broadcast service
07/22/10Lane departure warning method and system thereof
07/22/10Call admission controller and method thereof and multi-hop wireless backhaul network system using the same
07/22/10System and resource allocation of semiconductor testing industry
07/15/10Method of teaching robotic system
07/15/10Dual-warehouse management calculating the minimum joint cost of a supply chain
06/10/10System reliability evaluation transmission by a single minimal path in time restriction
06/10/10Composite catalyst for electrode and electrochemical cell using the same
06/03/10Optical network monitoring system and method thereof
04/15/10Method and current measurement using hall sensors without iron cores
03/25/10Input device for graphics
03/18/10Method of halftone watermarking for hiding multi-tone watermark or two-tone watermark
03/18/10Image compression method using block truncation coding
03/11/10Blind wavelet-based watermarking method
03/11/10Image compression thereof
02/25/10Method and identifying visual content foregrounds
02/04/10Object detection method and apparatus thereof
01/07/10Heating process and apparatus of molding glass
01/07/10Drawing pin having functionality of drawing back automatically
12/31/09Real time document recognition system and method
12/24/09Method for evaluating performance of internal network in an enterprise

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