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National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology
National Taiwan University Of Science x26 Technology
National Taiwan University Hospital
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technolo Gy
National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin chu Branch
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technoloy
National Taiwan University_20100121
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technolo Technology
National Taiwan University_20100128
National Taiwan University_20131212
National Taiwan University Hopsital Hsin chu Branch
National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin chu Branc
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technolo
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology_20100107
National Taiwan University Taipei City
National Taiwan University Of Science x26 technology
National Taiwan University_20100107
National Taiwan University_20100114
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology_20131212
National Taiwan University Of Sciences And Technology

National Taiwan University patents

Recent patent applications related to National Taiwan University. National Taiwan University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Taiwan University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Taiwan University, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Process for forming a substance with a superstructure and application thereof
12/14/17 new patent  Electroluminescent devices with improved optical out-coupling efficiencies
12/07/17Material having single crystal perovskite, device including the same, and manufacturing method thereof
11/30/17Asynchronous pipeline circuit
11/30/17Single-crystal rare earth oxide grown on iii-v compound
11/30/17Methods of graphene growth and related structures
11/23/17Scheduling communication system using directional reference signals and related apparatuses using the same
11/23/17Mobility management method in macro-assisted system and related apparatuses using the same
11/23/17Base station and user equipment having on-demand signalling mechanism in directional wireless communication system
11/16/17Analysis reducing the control flow divergence in the graphics processing units (gpus)
11/16/17System and selecting flexible allocations of antenna sub-arrays in multiple input multiple output systems
11/09/17Spiroacridine-triazine hybrids and applications for electroluminescent devices
11/09/173d rendering method and 3d graphics processing device
11/09/17Indirect illumination method and 3d graphics processing device
11/02/17One-dimensional nanostructure growth on graphene and devices thereof
10/26/17Method of biotransformation of benzopyrone compounds into the corresponding phosphate-conjugated derivatives
10/19/17Method of blowable user interaction and an electronic device capable of blowable user interaction
10/12/17Method and detecting dehydration
10/05/17Peptides for diagnosis and treatment of cancer
10/05/17Sensing circuit, sensing device and monitoring system for power transmission lines
10/05/17Overlay communication in ofdm-based networks
09/28/173,5,n-trihydroxy-alkanamide or 3,5,n-trihydroxy-6-alkenamide derivative alone or in combination with chemotherapeutic agent for treating cancer
09/28/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing thereof
09/21/17Magnetic field probe and probe head thereof
09/21/17Electronic device and energy saving method
09/21/17Method and computing system for handling instruction execution using affine register file on graphic processing unit
09/21/17Measurement matrix generating system based on scramblingand method thereof
09/21/17System for acquiring channel knowledge and method thereof
09/21/17Method and appratus for controlling network traffic
09/07/17Gesture recognition system and related method
09/07/17Method and computer system for reducing inter-cell interference and inter-antenna interference in wireless communication system
08/31/17Autonomous beam assembly system for steel structure
08/17/17Bioresorbable synthetic bone graft
08/10/17Organic electroluminescent material containing alkaline earth metal based metal-organic frameworks and organic electroluminescent device using the same
08/03/17Uses of ergostatrien-3beta-ol
08/03/17Peptide compounds for inhibitions of platelet aggregation
08/03/17Polypeptides and bacteriophages specific to klebsiella pneumoniae capsular type strains
08/03/17An antagonistic pd-1 aptamer and its applications in cancer therapy related applications
07/27/17Antagonistic ctla-4 aptamers and applications thereof in enhancing immune activity
07/27/17Semiconductor device structure and method
07/27/17Method and wireless communication system for processing data
07/20/17Led illumination apparatus
07/20/17Mos devices with ultra-high dielectric constants and methods of forming the same
07/06/17Three-dimensional transistor and methods of manufacturing thereof
07/06/17Semiconductor device and method
06/29/17Implants for pelvic organ prolapse support
06/29/17Biosensor device
06/22/17Three-dimension interactive virtual reality
06/15/17Crowd intelligence on flow velocity measurement
06/08/17Phosphor, light emitting apparatus and forming phosphor
06/08/17Multiple access system for multiple users to use the same signature
06/01/17Benzimidazole compounds and their application in cardiovascular diseases
05/18/17Tele-care management peritoneal dialysis
05/18/17Negative capacitance field effect transistor with charged dielectric material
05/18/17Design for directional reference signal transmission
05/04/17Electroluminescent device
05/04/17Electroluminescent device
04/27/17Control controlling a robot for orthopedic surgery
04/27/17Network logic synthesis
04/13/17Knowledge-based personal intelligent health consulting system
04/06/17Semiconductor device and formation
04/06/17Field effect transistors and methods of forming same
03/30/17Method and detecting dynamic magnetic field distributions
03/30/17Systems and methods for forming nanowires using anodic oxidation
03/23/17Pharmaceutical composition for treating rotavirus and/or respiratory syncytial virus infection and preparing the same
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03/23/17Method or kit for determining lung cancer development
03/09/17Device of handling block transmission in multicarrier system
03/02/17Multi-view 3d video method and system
02/23/17Method and diagnosing blades of wind turbine
02/23/17Shape-sensing system having sensor strip and deformable object
02/23/17Detection device
02/09/17Novel lactic acid bacterium and use thereof
02/09/17Use of known compounds as d-amino acid oxidase inhibitors
02/09/17Image analysis assessment of peritoneal dialysis complication in peritoneal dialysis
02/09/17Field effect transistors and methods of forming same
02/09/17Frequency reflecting unit
02/09/17Compressive sensing system based on personalized basis and method thereof
01/19/17Semiconductor device and manufacture
01/19/17Interconnection structures and methods for making the same
01/12/17Bilateral filter and a method thereof
Patent Packs
12/29/16Probabilistic framework for compiler optimization with multithread power-gating controls
12/29/16Semiconductor devices comprising 2d-materials and methods of manufacture thereof
12/29/16Double exponential mechanism controlled transistor
12/15/16Use of citrus polyphenol for wound healing and composition thereof
12/15/16Field effect transistors and methods of forming same
12/08/16Drilling control system and drilling control method
12/08/16Microfluidic plate for sample processing
12/08/16Three-dimensional transistor and methods of manufacturing thereof
12/01/16Electroluminescent devices with improved optical out-coupling and external quantum efficiencies
11/24/16Injector for bone regeneration
11/24/16Method for managing a last level cache and apparatus utilizing the same
11/17/16Semiconductor device and transistor
11/17/16Transistor with wurtzite channel
11/17/16Semiconductor device structure and method
11/10/16System for generating elasticity image
10/27/16Enhanced paging mechanism for machine type communication
10/20/16Biocompatible and biodegradable elastomer
10/20/16Tunnel mosfet with ferroelectric gate stack
10/13/16Solar photovoltaic generation monitoring monitoring solar photovoltaic generation
10/13/16Antenna structure
10/06/16Use of microrna 146-a in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of picornavirus infection and microrna 146-a antagonists
10/06/16Rram devices and methods of manufacturing thereof
09/29/16Large area mesoporous silica thin film with perpendicular nanochannels on a substrate and process of forming the same
09/22/16Method for detoxifying zearalenone
09/22/16Corneal dynamic model algorithm and system using the same
09/15/16Electroluminescent devices with improved optical out-coupling efficiencies
09/08/16Hydrophobic porous silica aerogel composite membrane and vacuum membrane distillation method
09/01/16Biomolecular interaction detection devices and methods
08/25/16Method of reducing nitrate content in a plant
08/25/16Image processing device and image depth processing method
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08/18/16Corneal young's modulus algorithm and system using the same
08/18/16Semiconductor devices comprising 2d-materials and methods of manufacture thereof
08/11/16Method of quantifying melanin mass density in vivo
08/11/16Locomotive solid-state device and implantable medical system having the same
08/04/16Trajectory planning system for integrated computer numerical control (cnc) machine, trajectory planning device, trajectory planning method, and computer program thereof
07/28/16System and imaging using photoacoustic effect
07/28/16Plasma generating device and manufacturing method thereof
07/28/16Method for producing patterned metal nanowires, electrode using the patterned metal nanowires, and transistor using the patterned metal nanowire electrode
07/21/16Assistive robot endoscopic system with intuitive maneuverability for laparoscopic surgery and method thereof
07/14/16Tissue conditioner for dental application
Patent Packs
07/14/16Identification shielded magnetic unit
06/30/16Re-anchorable virtual panel in three-dimensional space
06/30/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
06/23/16Acoustic wave intraocular pressure detecting device and method thereof
06/23/16Aptamer for detection of alpha-methylacyl-coa racemase and diagnostic kit thereof
06/16/16Method for predicting electromagnetic radiation characteristics, computer-readable recording medium and simulator
06/09/16Resource selection method and wireless device
06/02/16System and applying a pesticide to a crop
06/02/16Targeting human thymidylate kinase induces dna repair toxicity in malignant tumor cells
06/02/16Inorganic light emitting memory and producing the same
05/26/16Kit and promoting mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
05/26/16Dnazyme for silencing the expression of egfr
05/19/16Field effect transistors and methods of forming same
05/19/16Multi-channel field effect transistors using 2d-material
05/19/16Enhanced rach design for machine-type communications
05/12/16Method and composition of inducing hair follicle neogenesis
05/12/16Polynucleotide probe, detecting a target nucleic acid by using the same and kit comprising the same
05/05/16Reduced graphene oxide composite material
05/05/16Three-dimensional optical coherence tomography apparatus and its application
05/05/16Flexible and transparent electrode and manufacturing method thereof
04/28/16Methods for preparing a titanium oxide film and a composite film comprising the same
04/28/163d utb transistor using 2d-material channels
04/21/16Fluoride iontophoresis device and method thereof
04/21/16Lung cancer biomarker
04/21/16Method and image processing generating a depth map
04/21/16Transformer circuit and manufacturing method thereof
04/21/16Pedot:pss based layer stack, forming the same, and use thereof
04/21/16Method and device for huge magnetoresistance in graphene-based magnetic tunnel junctions with segmented potentials
04/21/16Electroluminescent devices with improved optical out-coupling efficiencies
04/07/16Finger-touch tracking system
Patent Packs
04/07/16Low-k interconnect structure and forming method thereof
03/31/16Image processing system and method
03/24/16Electromagnetic noise filter device and equivalent filter circuit thereof
03/17/16Method of manufacturing cerium dioxide powder and cerium dioxide powder
03/17/16Method and wearable disease diagnosis
03/17/16Perovskite solar cell
03/10/16Prognosis prediction for acute myeloid leukemia by a 3-microrna scoring method
03/03/16Rehabilitation device with pace pattern projecting function and seat structure and control method thereof
03/03/16Surface-enhanced raman scattering substrate and manufacturing method thereof
03/03/16Virtual spatial overlap modulation microscopy for resolution improvement
02/25/16Logic circuit and system and computer program product for logic synthesis
02/18/16Preparation of ambrox from labdanes of dysoxylum hongkongense, and the preparation of new diterpenoids from dysoxylum hongkongense
02/18/16Infrared emitter
02/11/16Silica-based mesoporous carrier and delivery using the same
02/11/16Manufacturing double cladding crystal fiber
02/11/16Method and image processing device for efficient image depth map generation
02/11/16Semiconductor device and formation
02/04/16Automatic stair-climbing robot platform
02/04/16Fluorescence intensity analyzing and fluorescence image synthesizing system
02/04/16Image processing system and method
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01/28/16Method of treating pleural abnormality
01/28/16Photoluminescent nano composite material and fabricating the same
01/28/16Method for fabricating a cell-laden hydrogel construct
01/21/16Liquid-crystal film
01/14/16Image detection system for diagnosing physiologic status of organ having fluorescent matter
01/14/16Intravascular stent with helical struts and specific cross-sectional shapes
01/14/16Augmented reality on-site construction process
01/14/16Grid gateway and transmission tower management system with multiple grid gateways
01/07/16Composition for ex vivo culturing of a corneal endothelial cell and a using the composition
01/07/16Semiconductor device and formation
01/07/16Control circuit
01/07/16Radio frequency tranceiver front-end device
12/24/15Honeybee behavior monitoring sevice and honeybee behavior monitoring system
12/24/15Interactive and intelligent personal healthcare advisory system
12/17/15Semiconductor device having a charged insulating layer
12/17/15Display system and program selection method thereof
12/10/15Magnetic nanoparticle composition and manufacturing method and use thereof
12/03/15Intravascular stent with regio-selective materials and structures
12/03/15Projection patterning with exposure mask
12/03/15Common mode noise suppressing device
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11/26/15Oligonucleotide probes, kit containing the same and pathotyping of h5 avian influenza viruses
11/26/15Method for non-resist nanolithography
11/19/15Device and comparison of multiple tropical cyclone routes
11/12/15Method for preparing metal from metal precursor solution and the application thereof
11/12/15Method of automatically calculating linking strength of brain fiber tracts
11/05/15Treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
11/05/15Steel sheet and fabrication method thereof
11/05/15Common mode noise reduction circuit
11/05/15Modulation improving signal conversion gain and high-gain modulator thereof
10/29/15Method of manufacturing a transducer
10/29/15Framework of cloud service for biological growth
10/22/15Temperature prediction system and method thereof
10/22/15Resource allocation method
10/22/15Signal decomposition system with low-latency empirical mode decomposition and method thereof
10/22/153d utb transistor using 2d material channels
10/15/15Ultrasonic generating device
10/08/15Stabilized monomer dispersion containing inorganic oxide nanoparticles with high refractive index and its preparation
10/08/15Tunnel mosfet with ferroelectric gate stack
10/08/15Mos devices with ultra-high dielectric constants and methods of forming the same
10/01/15Pesticide composition for shortening the virus lethal time
10/01/15Flexible and stretchable graphene film and preparing the same
10/01/15Systems and methods for forming nanowires using anodic oxidation
10/01/15Building information modeling feedback system, method, and computer readable medium
10/01/15Geometric structure analyzing method, geometric structure analyzing system, and computer program product
10/01/15Antifuse array and forming antifuse using anodic oxidation
10/01/15Caching method and data storage system capable of prolonging service lifetime of a cache memory
10/01/15System and binding devices using network topologies
09/24/15Noninvasive measuring probing an interface
09/24/15Noninvasive measuring probing an interface
09/24/15Method of using a light-field camera to generate a three-dimensional image, and light field camera implementing the method
Social Network Patent Pack
09/24/15Method of automatic network configuration using sensing and cooperative communication
09/24/15Method of using a light-field camera to generate a full depth-of-field image, and light field camera implementing the method
09/17/15Compositions for modulating invasion ability of a tumor and methods thereof
09/17/15System for detecting user behavior without using external electric power
09/17/15Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
09/17/15Nanofiber and photovoltaic device comprising patterned nanofiber
09/17/15Transmission circuit for spectrally precoded orthogonal frequency division multiple access with interleaved subcarrier allocation
09/10/15Anti-microbial modified material and anti-microbial modification method
09/10/15Stress modulation of semiconductor thin film
09/03/15Aryl amine substituted pyrimidine and quinazoline and their use as anticancer drugs
08/20/15Antimicrobial composition for inhibiting microbial organisms and the method thereof
08/13/15Expression vectors comprising ires element and the multiple expression gene system thereof
08/13/15Nrip as a biomarker of abnormal function of motor neurons
08/13/15Photodetector and facricating the same
08/13/15Zero-bias capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers and fabrication method thereof
08/06/15Sleep assistant system, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for assisting in easing hardship of falling asleep
08/06/15Charged-particle-beam patterning without resist
07/30/15Multilayer mirror structure
07/30/15Magnetic tunnel junction with superlattice barriers
07/30/15Three-dimensional power amplifier architecture
07/23/15Method and cell search and synchronization in mobile communication
07/16/15Beautifying quick response code and apparatus thereof
07/16/15Photo detector
07/09/15Agonists of src homology-2 containing protein tyrosine phosphatase-1 and treatment methods using the same
07/09/15Method for enhancing resistance to pathogens in plants based on over-expression of impaired oomycete susceptibility 1
07/09/15Chemical conversion coating and fabricating the same
07/09/15Method for evaluating therapeutic effect of thalidomide and application thereof
07/09/15Partial random laser illumination system and device having a random phase and amplitude component
07/02/15Handheld robot for orthopedic surgery and control method thereof

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