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National Tsing Hua University
National Tsing Hua University taiwan
National Tsing Hua University Of Taiwan Republic Of China
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National Tsing Hua University_20100107

National Tsing Hua University patents

Recent patent applications related to National Tsing Hua University. National Tsing Hua University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Tsing Hua University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Tsing Hua University, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Decoding method and decoder for low density parity check code
11/02/17Computing ridesharing paths, computing apparatus and recording medium using the same
11/02/17Compound, emitting layer of organic light emitting diode and organic light emitting diode device
11/02/17Encoding and decoding low-density parity-check code
10/26/17Paste for manufacturing photocatalyst and manufacturing photocatalyst
10/26/17Method for manufacturing a large-area thin film solar cell
10/19/17Spin-orbit torque magnetic random access memory
10/19/17Seawater battery circulation system, seawater battery, cathode of seawater battery and fabrication method thereof
10/19/17Wireless communication system using mimicked near field communication and authentication method thereof
10/12/17Relay precoder selection two-way amplify-and-forward mimo relay systems and communication devices using the selection method or the selected relay precoder
10/05/17Reactor and temperature control method thereof
09/28/17Guard padding with sensor and protective gear including the same
09/28/17Recombinant chicken interleukin-1 beta protein for producing antibody early and retaining for a longer period of time and application thereof
09/21/17Catalyst layer and manufacturing method thereof, membrane electrode assembly and manufacturing method thereof, and fuel cell using the same
09/14/17Using heavy water as a contrast agent for hydrogen magnetic resonance imaging
09/14/17Sers substrate
09/07/17Absolute position detecting device and method
09/07/17Portable fluorescence detection system
09/07/17Method of joint clustering and precoding and base station using the same
08/31/17Method of making a transparent conductive composite material
08/31/17Continuously variable transmission
08/31/17Sensor and manufacturing method thereof
08/24/17Intelligent insole
08/24/17Tissue identification method and biosensor for tissue identification
08/24/17Aromatic compound and organic light-emitting diode including the same
08/17/17Microfluidic structures fabricating method
08/10/17Cas9 plasmid, genome editing system and escherichia coli
08/10/17Fixed-address sensor device and fabricating the same
08/03/17Cmos-mems resonant transducer and fabricating the same
08/03/17Composites with one or multiple principal strengthening compounds and at least one principal cemented refractory metal
07/27/17Molybdenum disulfide powder and manufacturing the same, degrading an organic material and sterilizing
07/27/17Method for producing high-quality light
07/27/17Heavy metal detecting device and the fabricating method thereof
07/27/17Method for manufacturing an organic element
07/20/17Horizontal semiconductor device
07/13/17Method of performing electropolymerized electrochemically active poly-films as current signal to detect bacteremia
07/13/17Semiconductor device
07/06/17Raman detecting chip for thin layer chromatography and separating and detecting an analyte
07/06/17Molybdenum disulfide sensor and fabricating the same
07/06/17Iridium complex, oled using the same, and nitrogen-containing tridentate ligand having carbene unit
07/06/17Platinum complex and oled using the same
06/29/17Tissue engineering scaffold material and biodegradable polyester elastomer thereof
06/29/17Phosphorous-containing compound, application thereof, and preparing the same
06/29/17Asymmetric electrical double-layer capacitor using electrochemical activated carbon
06/29/17Proton exchange membrane and manufacturing method thereof
06/22/17Apparatus and capturing target component from gas
06/22/17Enclosed-channel reactor system with conduit plate
06/15/17Microfluidic device
06/15/17Thermoelectric module
06/08/17Apparatus for absorbing a component from a gas mixture
06/01/17Double ball-bar measuring system and errors compensation method thereof
05/25/17Composite photocatalyst, manufacturing method thereof, kits containing composite photocatalyst, and bactericide photocatalyst
05/18/17Tele-care management peritoneal dialysis
05/18/17Ring magnetic encoder, manufacturing device for ring magnetic encoder, rotary shaft offset detecting method, and human-machine interface device thereof
05/11/17Peptides with antimicrobial, anticancer and/or wound-healing promoting activities, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same, and use of the peptides with antimicrobial, anticancer and/or wound-healing promoting activities
05/04/17Sorting device and sorting method
05/04/17Detection device, detection kit, and detection method
04/27/17Method for bacterial genome editing
04/20/17Molten iron-assisted producing aluminum nitride and device thereof
04/20/17Structures of composite crucibles and high temperature adiabatic method in arc heating process thereof
04/20/17Multistage sensing device
04/20/17Tunable sensing device
04/13/17Three-phase inverting apparatus and control method and paralleled power conversion system thereof
04/06/17Transition metal dichalcogenide-based spintronics devices
03/30/17Method of fabricating transition metal dichalcogenide
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03/30/17Electronic device and operation thereof
03/30/17Method, apparatus and system of the correction of energy crosstalk in dual-isotopes simultaneous acquisition
03/30/17Method of transferring thin film
03/23/17Multi-channel magnetic control system
03/23/17Method for no-silane electroless metal deposition using high adhesive catalyst and product therefrom
03/23/17Methods for diagnosing and treating helicobacter pylori infection
03/23/17Graphene-based valley filter and operating the same
03/16/17Method for colorectal cancer detection
03/16/17Substrate surface metallization method and substrate having metallized surface manufactured by the same
03/16/17Separator of lithium ion battery and manufacturing method thereof, and lithium ion battery
03/09/17Imaging agent delivery method and system thereof
03/02/17Method for manufacturing a microbial detection device, microbial detection method, microbial detection kit, and microbial detection device
03/02/17Distributed database management and management systems thereof
03/02/17Evaluation system for the efficacy of antimicrobial peptides and the use thereof
03/02/17Carrier generation material and organic light-emitting diode
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03/02/17Power generation apparatus and touch apparatus with grain materials
03/02/17Reliability evaluating multi-state flow network with learning effect and non-transitory storage device thereof
02/23/17Superhydrophobic structure and making the same
02/23/17Active compensating hydrostatic bearing and regulator
02/16/17Adjustable footrest assembly and car safety seat
02/16/17Car safety seat
02/16/17Car safety seat
02/16/17Heavy metal detecting device and the fabricating method thereof
02/09/17Image analysis assessment of peritoneal dialysis complication in peritoneal dialysis
02/02/17Sun protection composition and application the same
02/02/17Pixel for realizing a full-color display, micro- electro-mechanical system (mems) including the same and fabrication methods thereof, and method to realize full-color display with single pixel
01/26/17Product disassembling method with disassembling sequence optimization and non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
01/26/17Semiconductor interconnect structure and manufacturing method thereof
01/26/17Demodulating circuit and the method thereof
01/19/17Apparatus and platform for detection of allergen
01/19/17Compact bearing system and machine stage system equipping the same
01/19/17Method for detecting cardiovascular disease biomarker
01/12/17Land battle process evaluation method and system thereof
01/05/17Feedback type voltage regulator
01/05/17Platinum complex having carbene fragment, oled using the same, and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic bidentate chelate having carbene unit
12/29/16Detection device
12/22/16Preparation of ph-responsive nanoparticles and promoted delivery of anticancer drugs into deep tumor tissues and application thereof
12/22/16Quantum dot-containing wavelength converter
12/22/16Network reliability evaluation acyclic network and system thereof
12/15/16Method of modifying substrate surface
12/08/16Iridium (iii) based phosphors bearing pincer carbene and pyrazolyl chelates
12/08/16Iridium complexes and organic light-emitting diodes using the same
11/24/16Substrate with crystallized silicon film and manufacturing method thereof
11/17/16Pulse diagnostic examination system and its instrument operation method
11/17/16Osmotic orthodontic appliance
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11/17/16Networks and producing the same
11/17/16Quantum dot nanocrystal structure
11/17/16Micro bandpass filter
11/17/16Ultra low power thermally-actuated oscillator and driving circuit thereof
11/10/16Handheld gas sensing device and sensing method thereof
11/10/16Method of fabricating composite pdms microstructure
11/10/16Aromatic derivatives having electron donating group and electron accepting group and organic light emitting diode using the same
11/03/16Biomembrane phase-change droplets (pcd), drug carrier and use thereof
11/03/16Closed-loop brain stimulation generating stimulation voltage thereof
11/03/16Probeless parallel test integrated circuit
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10/27/16Iterative decoding device, iterative signal detection device and information update the same
10/20/16Photocatalysis-induced partial oxidation of methanol reforming process for producing hydrogen and photocatalyst material
10/20/16Biosensor and analyzing analyte concentration in a liquid sample
10/20/16Method of patterning a thin film
10/13/16Method and task challenge using social cooperation
10/06/16Energy harvesting device using sshi techniques
10/06/16Decoding low density parity check code and information storing method in the decoding method
10/06/16Message matching systems and message matching methods thereof
10/06/16Social communication system and method thereof
09/29/16Method for analyzing analyte concentration in a liquid sample
09/22/16System for classifying tiny insects
09/22/16Method of synthesizing a graphene-based antibacterial and using the same
09/22/16Acid-substituted polyaniline-grafted hydrogel copolymer and use thereof
09/22/16Optical system for fast three-dimensional imaging
09/22/16Method and system for one-time connection
09/15/16Graphene manufacturing system and the method thereof
09/08/16Consensus-based power control apparatus
09/01/16Lifepo4 flakes for li-ion battery and manufacturing the same
08/25/16Patterned magnetic thin film with rolled-up hollow structure
08/25/16Fabrication of tetherable patterned thin film with 3d rolled-up structure
08/18/16Nano-/micro-actuator and gripper with patterned magnetic thin film and method thereof
08/18/16Germanium-bearing ferritic stainless steels
08/18/16Multilayer-stacked resistive random access memory device
08/18/16Photoelectronic element
08/18/16Polymer molecular film
08/18/16Quick detachable thermal connector
08/11/1618f -glutathione conjugate as a pet tracer for imaging tumors or neurological disorders that overexpress l-pgds enzyme
08/04/16Manufacturing detection device and detection device manufactured therefrom
07/28/16Image projecting device having wireless controller and image projecting method thereof
07/28/16Rf power transistor
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07/21/16Method for predicting hysteresis curve model of magnetorheological system
07/21/16Method for optimizing occlusion in augmented reality based on depth camera
07/21/16Deterministic database system and data transferring method thereof
07/14/16Magnetic nano core-shell capsule and application thereof
07/07/16Rehabilitation system with stiffness measurement
06/30/161,9-diazaphenalene derivative and process for manufacturing the same
06/30/16Epitaxial structure and growth thereof
06/30/16Structure of high electron mobility light emitting transistor
06/16/16Tubular vascular graft and the preparation thereof
06/16/16Method for ameliorating liver fibrosis by using nanoparticle containing tyrosine kinase inhibitor
06/16/16Method for real-time controlling resin transfer molding process
06/16/16Synchronization system for transforming database and method thereof
06/16/16Method for fabricating piezoelectric transducer
06/09/16Method of making a breath sensing tube
06/09/16Transparent conducting electrode using a metamaterial high pass filter
06/09/16Continuous spectrum generation apparatus and assembling method thereof
06/09/16Substrate surface metallization method and substrate having metallized surface manufactured by the same
06/09/16Method of current compensation based on division-sigma control for dc/dc converter
06/09/16Block-based digital refocusing system and method thereof
06/09/16Digital refocusing method
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06/02/16Flexible 3d freeform techniques
06/02/16Electrochemical treatment based surface modification device
06/02/16Oligopeptide specific to colorectal cancer cell and application thereof
05/26/16Biomimetic adhesive layer and manufacturing the same
05/26/16Preparation graphitizing carbon material
05/26/16Fusion carbide of refractory metal cementing
05/26/16System and measuring permittivity
05/19/16Nanoscale probe structure and application thereof
05/19/16Manufacturing process of the thermoelectric conversion element
05/05/16Three-dimensional electrode and a biological probe comprising the same
05/05/16Cell separation and culture device
04/28/16Relaxation state evaluation system and method and computer program product thereof
04/28/16Electro-fluorescent emitter for ultra-violet oled
04/28/16Resistive sensor based on conductivity change of conductive polymer and measuring method thereof
04/28/16Method for online measurement of local permeability in resin transfer molding
04/28/16Fluorescence excitation device and portable fluorescence analysis system with the same
04/21/16Fiber based sensor and the fabricating method thereof
04/21/16Personal hygiene item
04/21/16Fiber-weaving hygiene item and the fabricating method thereof
04/21/16Fabric-base biochemical detecting device and the fabricating method thereof
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04/21/16Sensor having chemical inspecting function and the inspecting material contained therein
04/21/16Power flow management method and controller using the same
04/21/16Head-up display device
04/21/16Reliability evaluation system for multi-state flow network and method thereof
04/21/16Method and device for real-time conversations of participants and comments with each other
04/21/16Condenser microphone and manufacturing method thereof
04/14/16Kit for wastewater treatment, and manufacturing and use of photocatalyst
04/14/16Preparation carboxylic acids or ketones using ozone, singlet state-oxygen atom or hydroxyl free radical
04/14/16Dinitrosyl iron complexes, uses thereof, and water splitting device using the same
04/14/16Method, server, and lecture feedback
04/07/16Aptamer specific to colorectal cancer cell and application thereof
04/07/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for presenting cooking schedule
03/31/16Complexed nanoparticle material, composition and use comprising the same for heating liquid
03/24/16Method for measuring free radical based on conductivity change of conductive polymer
03/24/16Method of finding a minimum and minimum finder utilizing the same
03/24/16Method and electronic device for rating outfit
03/24/16Shopping providing real-time transaction
03/24/16Rf power transistor
03/17/16Thiolation modifying nanodiamonds
03/17/16Thiolation modifying carbon nanotubes
03/17/16Inorganic-organic hybrid oxide polymer and manufacturing method thereof
03/17/16Method of using dual-port measurement system to measure acoustic impedance
03/17/16Electronic apparatus and soft locking method thereof
03/10/16Carbon dioxide capture system
03/10/16Nanoporous thin film and fabricating the same
03/10/16Method for fabricating photoelectric conversion material
03/03/16Mobility vehicle and power-assisting system
03/03/16Apparatus for cell observation and cell collection using the same
03/03/16Ovarian cancer-specific aptamers and applications thereof
03/03/16Lcl capacitor current compensation and control method based on division and summation technique
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03/03/16Three-phase current converter with varied inductances and three-phase d-sigma control method thereof
02/25/16Node-based sequential implicit enumeration method and system thereof
02/25/16Novel light-emitting material
02/25/16Method for recording and reconstructing three-dimensional sound field
02/18/16Method for dynamic experimental design
02/18/16Method of fabricating perovskite solar cell
02/11/16Metamaterial and biological and chemical detecting system
02/11/16Desktop electron microscope and wide range tunable magnetic lens thereof
02/11/16Desktop electron microscope and combined round-multipole magnetic lens thereof
02/11/16Conjugated polymer-based optoelectronic material
02/04/16Manufacturing process of the thermoelectric conversion element
01/28/16Direct memory access method, system and host module for virtual machine
01/28/16Carrier transport material
01/21/16Pharmaceutical composition for preparing drug delivery nano/micro bubbles
01/21/16Nano / micro bubbles for drug delivery
01/21/16Substrate with crystallized silicon film and manufacturing method thereof
01/14/16Detection kit and detection method
01/07/16Anti-splash shoe with flexible water absorbing structure
01/07/16Anti-splash shoe with stepped stopping structure
01/07/16Acid-substituted polyaniline-grafted hydrogel copolymer and use thereof
01/07/16Atomic force microscope drying system and atomic force microscope
01/07/16Network-wide service controller
12/31/15Test kit and rapidly detecting live bacterium and test kit and rapidly determining appropriate antibiotic
12/31/15Method for determining and treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
12/24/15Use of heat shock protein inhibitor in preparing pharmaceutical composition for treating hepatitis and hepatoma
12/24/15High-dynamic-range sensing device and sensing method thereof
12/17/15Imaging system of microbubble therapy and image evaluation method using the same
12/17/15Method of making a transparent conductive composite material
12/10/15Transparent electromagnetic interference shield

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