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National University Corporation Hokkaido University
National University Corporation Hokkaido University And Shionogi x26 Co Ltd
National University Corporation Hokkaido University And Research Of Microbes Co Ltd
National University Corporation Hokkaido University Kita 8 jyo Nishi 5 chome
National University Corporation Hokkaido University Kyoto University And Shionogi x26 Co Ltd
National University Corporation Hokkaido University_20100114
National University Corporation Hokkaido University_20100107


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National University Corporation Hokkaido University patents

Recent patent applications related to National University Corporation Hokkaido University. National University Corporation Hokkaido University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National University Corporation Hokkaido University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National University Corporation Hokkaido University, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date National University Corporation Hokkaido University patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016016012106/09/16 Sheet integrated rare earth complex and use thereof
22016014539805/26/16 Method for manufacturing lignin degradation product
32016013662805/19/16 Phosphine triply cross-linked by organic polymer, transition metal complex using said phosphine as a ligand, and catalyst
42016006730603/10/16 Treatment agent for cognitive impairment induced by amyloid beta-protein, therapeutic agent for alzheimer's disease, and treatment method and pathological analysis method related to these
52016006730903/10/16 Composition for regeneration of cartilage
62016006184603/03/16 Method for evaluating atherosclerotic lesion, and kit
72016000208901/07/16 Method for manufacturing preform for photonic band gap fiber, manufacturing photonic band gap fiber, preform for photonic band gap fiber, and photonic band gap fiber
82016000265401/07/16 Nucleic acid molecule for expressing foreign gene in plant and method therefor
92016000400901/07/16 Multi-core fiber
102015037432412/31/15 Particle therapy system
112015036156712/17/15 Positive electrode catalyst and device
122015035237212/10/15 Particle therapy system
132015035388912/10/15 Mait-like cells and manufacturing same
142015033740111/26/15 Plant-biomass hydrolysis method
152015033740211/26/15 Plant-biomass hydrolysis method
162015033740311/26/15 Plant-biomass hydrolysis method
172015033107511/19/15 Heat emission distribution information generating device and method, magnetic resonance imaging device, and program
182015031351611/05/15 Non-invasive biolipid concentration meter, non-invasive biolipid metabolism measuring device, non-invasive measuring biolipid concentration, and non-invasive examining biolipid metabolism
192015031513611/05/15 Method for producing fluorinated organic compound and fluorinating reagent
202015031671511/05/15 Multi-core fiber
212015029047510/15/15 System for irradiating charged particles and irradiating charged particles
222015029326410/15/15 Lightning-strike electric charge estimation system and method
232015028014810/01/15 Material for organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescence device including the same
242015025319709/10/15 Method for measuring optical phase, device for measuring optical phase, and optical communication device
252015024599709/03/15 Lipid membrane structure including bacterial cell component having dispersibility in non-polar solvent, and producing same
262015023412008/20/15 Optical device
272015022177908/06/15 Thin film transistor and producing same
282015020215407/23/15 Lipid membrane structure having intranuclear migrating property
292015020259707/23/15 Catalyst for producing isobutylene and producing isobutylene using the same
302015020755707/23/15 Signal reproduction apparatus and signal reproduction method
312015019623407/16/15 Concentration determination apparatus and concentration determination measuring a concentration of a measured component contained in a living body tissue
322015013997105/21/15 Method for preparing regulatory dendritic cells
332015013356605/14/15 Aqueous gel
342015011517904/30/15 Charged particle beam system
352015008646903/26/15 Method for manufacturing carbon fiber, and carbon fiber
362015008788103/26/15 Radiotherapy control apparatus and radiotherapy control program
372015007961603/19/15 Method for quantifying subfraction of cholesterol (-c) in high-density lipoprotein (hdl)
382015007961603/19/15 Method for quantifying subfraction of cholesterol (-c) in high-density lipoprotein (hdl)
392015006405303/05/15 Pseudoelastic magnesium alloy, pseudoelastic magnesium alloy component, and production method thereof
402015006587003/05/15 X-ray therapy system and irradiation field determining method
412015004469002/12/15 Fret measurement device and fret measurement method
422015004476302/12/15 Fret measurement device and fret measurement method
432015004546102/12/15 Method for reclaiming used superabsorbent polymer
442015003679302/05/15 Radiotherapy system
452015003192001/29/15 Process for producing optically active secondary alcohol
462015001451701/15/15 Integral a/d converter and cmos image sensor
472015001176501/08/15 Thiolate-bridged multinuclear copper(i) complex
482014036462012/11/14 Radioactive fluorine-labeled compound
492014034379911/20/14 Driving support device and driving support method
502014017160006/19/14 Rare-earth complex polymer and plastic molded product
512014012747205/08/14 Carbon nanowall array and manufacturing carbon nanowall
522014007977003/20/14 Vector for pulmonary delivery, inducing agent, and uses
532014007152703/13/14 Thin film and nanocrystals of europium(ii) compound doped with metal ions
542014005585502/27/14 Composite thin film and composite nanocrystals containing europium(ii) compound and metal
552014001759401/16/14 Fuel cell anode catalyst and manufacturing method therefor
562014000356601/02/14 Clock data recovery circuit and wireless module including same
572014000541001/02/14 Compound having fluorescent chromophore, ion concentration sensor including compound, reagent including compound, reagent kit provided with reagent, precursor of compound, and synthesizing compound
582013031693211/28/13 Glycopeptide array
592013025317409/26/13 Monoclonal antibody against slightly oxidized low-density lipoprotein and hybridoma for producing the same
602013021573008/22/13 Holographic memory reproduction device and holographic memory reproduction method, demodulation device and demodulation method, and observation device and observation method
612013019596208/01/13 Lipid membrane structure
622013017603707/11/13 Environmental information measurement device, environmental information measurement system, and environmental information measurement method
632013017861107/11/13 Novel nucleic acid having adjuvanticity and use thereof
642013011998605/16/13 Image acquiring method and image acquiring apparatus
652013012205405/16/13 Lipid membrane structure having intranuclear migrating property
662013010971405/02/13 Neurodegenerative disease therapeutic agent
672013007953003/28/13 6,13-dihalogen-5,14-dihydropentacene derivative and producing 6,13-substituted-5,14-dihydropentacene derivative using same
682013001749901/17/13 Process for production of photoresist pattern
692012031305312/13/12 Hydrogen storing carbon material
702012031565812/13/12 Amelioration of metabolic syndrome using physiological functions of sphingomyelin synthase sms2, or screening methods for ameliorating agents
712012030993712/06/12 Peptides imparting cell permeability to lipid membrane structure and/or enhancing cell permeability of lipid membrane structure, and lipid membrane structure comprising lipid bound to such peptide as constituent lipid and having cell permeability or showing enhanced cell permeability
722012026202210/18/12 Axial gap motor
732012024092109/27/12 Catalyst for hydrolyzing cellulose or hemicellulose and producing sugar-containing solution employing same
742012023511709/20/12 Light emitting element and manufacturing same
752012022812009/13/12 Photoreduction catalyst, and synthesizing ammonia and decreasing nitrogen oxides in water using the same
762012014136206/07/12 Metal oxide particle production method and production device
772012011876105/17/12 Method for electric measurement of peroxide using cnt sensor
782012012193505/17/12 Probe, manufacturing probe, probe microscope, magnetic head, manufacturing magnetic head, and magnetic recording/reproducing device
792012004125002/16/12 Target tracking device and radiation therapy apparatus
802012004125102/16/12 Charged particle cancer therapy x-ray method and apparatus
812012001539901/19/12 Fluorescent solvatochromic pigment
822011025776310/20/11 Method for bone-filling cartilage tissue for inducing regeneration of the cartilage
832011022451209/15/11 Intracellular ph imaging method and apparatus using flurescence lifetime
842011022451309/15/11 Ph measurement, abnormal-region detection, living-matter analysis methods and apparatuses
852011022451909/15/11 Low-oxygen-region-analysis method and apparatus by time-resolved-measurement of light-induced-autofluorescence from biological-sample
862011022515309/15/11 Content search device and content search program
872011022519609/15/11 Moving image search device and moving image search program
882011021177209/01/11 Similar image retrieving device
892011020432708/25/11 Semiconductor light-emitting element array and manufacturing method thereof
902011015909906/30/11 Bone-filling type agent for inducing cartilage regeneration
912011014271106/16/11 Oxide-dispersion-strengthened alloy
922011010370005/05/11 Image classification device and image classification program
932011008058604/07/11 Optical device having polarizer and retarders for spectroscopic polarimetry
942011004934403/03/11 Diffraction pattern capturing method and charged particle beam device
952011003682902/17/11 Planar heating element obtained using dispersion of fine carbon fibers in water and process for producing the planar heating element
962011001544501/20/11 Process for producing acetone from bioethanol
972011000391901/06/11 Copolymer resin composition, molded product, and manufacturing a copolymer resin composition
982010032996612/30/10 Fine carbon fiber aggregate mass for redispersion and process for production thereof
992010026686810/21/10 Nickel thin film, formation of the nickel thin film, ferromagnetic nano-junction element, producing the ferromagnetic nano-junction element, thin metallic wire, and formation of the thin metallic wire
1002010025692010/07/10 Apparatus for quantifying concentration, quantifying concentration, and program for quantifying concentration
1012010023799009/23/10 Biological information acquiring apparatus, biological information acquiring method and biometric authentication apparatus
1022010017123107/08/10 Production porous film
1032010016684007/01/10 Liposome having lipid membrane containing bacterial cell component
1042010016739407/01/10 Ultramarine fluorescent protein
1052010014180606/10/10 Moving object noise elimination processing device and moving object noise elimination processing program
1062010012107905/13/10 Novel marcrolide compound
1072010008975904/15/10 Method for producing conductor fine particles
1082010009272404/15/10 Process for producing carbon structural body, carbon structural body, and aggregate and dispersion of carbon structural bodies
1092010006701603/18/10 Plasmon resonance detector
1102010004850602/25/10 Composition for treating arthritic disorder
1112010003854702/18/10 Radiation dosimeter and radiation dose computing program
1122010003484102/11/10 Antigenic polypeptide usable as therapeutic agent for malignant neoplasm
1132010000935401/14/10 Method for determining base sequence of dna
1142010000332801/07/10 Bone filler for cartilage tissue regeneration treatment
1152009031873612/24/09 Production aromatic hydroxide
1162009027239211/05/09 Cigarette filter capable of removing harmful substance
1172009027492711/05/09 Multilayer alloy coating film, heat-resistant metal member having the same, and producing multilayer alloy coating film
1182009025359010/08/09 Carbon nanotube composition, manufacturing the same, array, and electronic device
1192009023038709/17/09 Organic semiconductor material, organic semiconductor thin film and organic semiconductor device
1202009023387209/17/09 Therapeutic agent for neurodegenerative disease
1212009020845808/20/09 Transcriptional inhibitor for human k-ras gene
1222009020984108/20/09 Radiation imaging system and nuclear medicine diagnosis instrument therefor
1232009019229607/30/09 Method for producing denatured substance of lactalbumin
1242009014024106/04/09 Organic semiconductor material, organic semiconductor thin film and organic semiconductor device
1252009013675605/28/09 Nanodisk comprising block copolymer
1262009012240705/14/09 Structure and manufacturing the same
1272009009176204/09/09 Metallic structure and photodetector
1282009006875203/12/09 Method for preparing analysis sample, analysis sample and sugar chain capture agent
1292009006873903/12/09 Cell culture scaffold, methods of manufacturing the scaffold and cell culture methods
1302009005191602/26/09 Measuring apparatus, measuring method, and characteristic measurement unit
1312010000935401/14/10 Method for determining base sequence of dna
1322010000332801/07/10 Bone filler for cartilage tissue regeneration treatment
1332010010462304/29/10 Agent for enhancing the resistance of liposome against biological component, and liposome modified with the agent
1342012017258007/05/12 Anti-plant-virus agent
1352010029768211/25/10 Method of diagnostic rheumatoid arthritis by sugar chain analysis
1362009018701107/23/09 Method of serum pre-treatment for glycomic analysis
1372010010511304/29/10 Method for production of dha-containing phospholipid through microbial fermentation

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