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National University Corporation Nagoya University
National University Corporation Nagoya University A Corporation

National University Corporation Nagoya University patents

Recent patent applications related to National University Corporation Nagoya University. National University Corporation Nagoya University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National University Corporation Nagoya University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National University Corporation Nagoya University, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Rotating-cutting-edge-type milling tool and cutting method using same
04/20/17Protein film production method
03/23/17Method of analysis of component in sample, specific isolation of component in sample, and sample for mass spectrometry
02/09/17Laser therapeutic device
02/02/17Sliding member and production method thereof
01/26/17Semiconductor nanoparticles and producing semiconductor nanoparticles
01/19/17Conducting film and producing the same
01/05/17Tellurium compound nanoparticles, composite nanoparticles, and production methods therefor
12/22/16End milling apparatus, cam apparatus, and nc program
12/08/16Pharmaceutical composition including migratory factor for guiding pluripotent stem cells to damage
12/08/16Radical generator and molecular beam epitaxy apparatus
12/01/16Carbon isotope analysis device and carbon isotope analysis method
11/24/16Conducting composition and producing the same
11/17/16Phosphole compound and fluorescent dye containing the same
11/10/16Separating agent for optical isomer
11/03/16Thermally conducting composition and producing the same
08/18/16Vehicle driving support system
08/04/16ß-phellandrene polymer, production same, and molded article
08/04/16Rewrite detection system, rewrite detection device and information processing device
07/28/16Exhaust gas purification catalyst and producing it
06/30/16Non-volatile photonic material and production the same
06/23/16Radical generator and molecular beam epitaxy apparatus
06/23/16Hydrogen-releasing film
06/16/16Cyclopolyarylene metal complex
06/16/16Activation chamber and kit used in treatment device for lowering electron affinity, treatment device that contains said kit and is used to lower electronic affinity, photocathode electron-beam source, electron gun containing photocathode electron-beam source, free-electron laser accelerator, transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, electron-beam holography microscope, electron-beam lithography device, electron-beam diffraction device, and electron-beam scanning device
05/26/16Composition for new bone formation, and new bone formation system
05/12/16Optical tomography device
05/05/16Method for amplifying nucleic acid
04/28/16Ptc thermistor member
04/21/16Ligand, metal complex containing ligand, and reaction using metal complex containing ligand
03/17/16Ligand, nickel complex comprising the ligand, and reaction using the nickel complex
02/18/16Method for immobilizing and releasing microorganism
02/18/16Method and device for measuring energy of electrons excited by sunlight
02/11/16Antibodies against actin-binding protein girdin and methods of making and using the same
02/11/16Magnetism measurement device
02/04/16Method of increasing photosynthesis and yield of plants
01/28/16Film-forming device
01/21/16Control device
01/14/16Pharmaceutical composition including migratory factor for guiding pluripotent stem cells to injury
01/14/16Film forming device, film forming method, and film forming program
12/31/15Ceria-zirconia complex oxide material and producing same
12/31/15Control device design method and control device
12/24/15Composition for preventing or treating inflammatory disease
12/10/15Composition having tissue-repairing activity, and use therefor
11/12/15Rapid-acting, blood-arginine-level-increasable oral preparation comprising citrulline and arginine
11/12/15Hydrogen-releasing film
10/15/15Calibration device and calibration measurement instrument
09/17/15Schizophrenia marker set and its utilization
09/03/15Method for collecting metal-containing fullerene
09/03/15Microchannel chip for microparticle separation, microparticle separation microparticle separation using chip
08/27/15Pretreatment partial plating, partial plating aluminum materials, and resist for plating aluminum materials
08/13/15Method and producing core-shell type metal nanoparticles
08/06/15Therapeutic agent for systemic bone disease and use thereof
08/06/15Method of production of core/shell type nanoparticles, production of sintered body using that method, and thermoelectric conversion material produced by that method
07/30/15Glycan compositions, processes for preparing the same and their uses as a drug
07/30/15Method for manufacturing optical device and optical device
07/30/15Method for manufacturing rod-type light emitting device and rod-type light emitting device
07/23/15Monoclonal antibody against human midkine
06/25/15Film forming device and film forming method
06/18/15Crystal producing apparatus, sic single crystal producing method, and sic single crystal
06/11/15Soil-water-air coupled analyzer, soil-water-air coupled analyzing method and soil-water-air coupled analyzing program
06/11/15Biomarker for lymphocytic infundibuloneurohypophysitis, and use applications thereof
06/04/15Novel indocyanine compound, synthesis method and purification method thereof, diagnostic composition using the indocyanine compound, and device for measuring biokinetics and device for visualizing circulation using the diagnostic composition
05/21/15Apparatus and producing group iii nitride semiconductor device and producing semiconductor wafer
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05/21/15Separating agent for optical isomer
05/07/15Cyclic compound containing functional group or containing no functional group, and producing same
05/07/15Biological information measurement device, patient terminal, server, and remote rehabilitation method
04/02/15Method for controlling dissociation of double stranded nucleic acid, controlling strand exchange reaction of double stranded nucleic acid and amplifying nucleic acid
03/26/15Method to produce semi-crystalline polylactides
03/05/15Method of producing film of surface nb-containing la-sto cubic crystal particles
02/26/15Method for forming conductive film
02/26/15Three-dimensional structure produced from a material containing polyhydroxyalkanoate, kit for preparation of bone filler, and intramedullary rod
01/29/15Anti-tumor aqueous solution, anti-cancer agent, and methods for producing said aqueous solution and said anti-cancer agent
01/22/15Microorganism belonging to yarrowia genus, and oil decomposition agent and oil decomposition/removal method using same
01/08/15Method for production of hydroxycarboxylic acid amide compounds and novel arylboronic acid compound
12/25/14Method for producing carboxylic acid and alcohol by hydrolysis of ester
11/20/14Method of classifying and discerning wooden materials
11/20/14Osteogenesis promoter and use thereof
09/18/14Method for producing phenyl-substituted heterocyclic derivative
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07/24/14Method for producing polycyclic aromatic compound substituted by aryl group
06/26/14Space switch device
06/12/14Disimpaction bag
03/27/14Phosphoramide compound, producing the same, ligand, complex, catalyst and producing optically active alcohol
03/06/14Cyclopolyarylene compound and manufacturing same
02/20/14Brain-targeting functional nucleic acid and use thereof
02/06/14Tol1 factor transposase and dna introduction system using the same
01/30/14Piezoelectric ceramics and manufacturing the same
01/30/14Optical terminating optical path network
01/30/14Optical cross-connect apparatus
01/30/14Carbon nanotube manufacturing method
12/26/13Magnetic-field detecting device
12/19/13Method for suppressing receptor tyrosine kinase-mediated pro-survival signaling in cancer cell
12/19/13Iodoarene derivative, manufacturing optically active spirolactone compound by using the same, and manufacturing optically active cycloadduct
12/19/13Method for producing aromatic compound having ring structure that includes nitrogen atom or oxygen atom
12/05/13Carbon nanoring and producing a ring-shaped compound suitable as a starting material for production of the same
12/05/13Device for diagnosing condition of liver and examining condition of liver
11/14/13Impact-absorbing pad, clothing furnished with same and preventing femoral fractures
10/31/13Insulator and use thereof
09/05/13Agent for neuropathic pain
08/29/13Radiation detector
08/29/13Oligonucleotide and use thereof
08/22/13Therapeutic application of adiponectin in patients with ventricular fibrillation
08/22/13Method for manufacturing ester
08/15/13Neutron detector
08/01/13Composition for treatment of damaged part
07/11/13Potentiator of activity of anti-cancer agent and use thereof, and biomarker for prediction of prognosis in cancer patient and use thereof
06/27/13Agent for dysfunction due to neuropathy and rho kinase activation inhibitor
05/16/13Broadband infrared light emitting device
04/25/13Method for determination of activity of mitochondrial dna polymerase of falciparum malaria, and screening for anti-malaria compound
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03/28/13Method for producing beta-aminocarbonyl compound
02/14/13Carbon nanoring, producing same, compound suitable as starting material for producing the carbon nanoring, and producing the compound
01/17/13Vapor valve adsorption refrigerator and adsorption refrigerator
01/10/13Electron microscope
12/20/12Method for producing alpha-acyloxycarbonyl compound and novel alpha-acyloxycarbonyl compound
09/27/12Cell preparation for erectile dysfunction or sensory disorders of the lower urinary tract containing adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells
09/27/12D-serine dehydratase and use thereof
08/30/12Method for producing hollow nanoparticle, hollow nanoparticle, and dispersion liquid thereof
08/30/12Ligand for asymmetric synthesis catalyst, and process for production of alpha-alkenyl cyclic compound using same
08/23/12Phosphoramide compound, producing the same, ligand, complex, catalyst and producing optically active alcohol
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08/23/12In vivo flow sensor
08/16/12Immunosuppressing agent comprising mesenchymal stem cell derived from adipose tissue, and use thereof
08/02/12Hydrogen separation membrane and separating hydrogen
07/19/12Gene regulating number of primary panicle branches and use thereof
07/12/12Sample substrate for laser desorption ionization-mass spectrometry, and both using the same for laser desorption ionization-mass spectrometry
06/28/12Filler for optical isomer separation
06/14/12Process for producing graphene/sic composite material and graphene/sic composite material obtained thereby
06/14/12Insect pest control method
06/07/12Virtual viewpoint image synthesizing method and virtual viewpoint image synthesizing system
04/19/12Incubated state evaluating device, incubated state evaluating method, incubator, and program
04/05/12Cell proliferation inhibitor
02/16/12Vibration control device for beam-and-column frame
02/09/12Therapeutic application of adiponectin in patients with acute myocardial infarction
12/29/11Method for producing carboxylic anhydride and arylboronic acid compound
11/24/11Membrane tension measuring apparatus
11/10/11Improving agent for neuropathic pain
07/07/11Cellular tissue magnetic signal detecting apparatus
06/30/11Potentiator of activity of anti-cancer agent and use thereof, and biomarker for prediction of prognosis in cancer patient and use thereof
06/16/11Process for producing graphene/sic composite material and graphene/sic composite material obtained thereby
05/26/11Method for control of electroporation apparatus
05/19/11Use of ribavirin in blood coagulation disorder
05/12/11Mesenchymal stem cell and production thereof
04/21/11Linker and support for solid phase synthesis of nucleic acid
04/07/11Infrared detector, infrared detecting apparatus, and manufacturing infrared detector
03/17/11Method and kit for detection/identification of virus-infected cell
03/17/11Plant body with modified program related to accumulation of storage material and the use thereof
03/10/11Therapeutic method targeting midkine
02/24/11Activator for blood coagulation factor vii promoter and utilization of the same
11/25/10Nucleic acid, amino acid encoded by said nucleic acid, probe comprising said nucleic acid or said amino acid, and screening method using said probe
11/18/10Pharmaceutical composition for treatment or prevention of liver cancer
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11/18/10Rapid-acting, blood-arginine-level-increasable oral preparation comprising citrulline and arginine
11/11/10Polycystic kidney disease-related gene and use thereof
11/11/10Cyclic heptapeptide and use of the same
11/04/10Method of generating fine metal particles, manufacturing metal-containing paste, and forming thin metal film interconnection
11/04/10Expression construct for digesting aggregating protein and inhibiting the aggregation of aggregating protein
10/14/10Material for ameliorating skin tissue and producing the same
09/30/10Method for introducing foreign substance into cell having cell wall
09/30/10Process for manufacturing disulfonic acid compound, asymmetric mannich catalst, process for manufacturing beta-aminocarbonyl derivative, and novel disulfonate
09/16/10Ion generating device and neutron generating apparatus
09/02/10Video encoding method and decoding method, apparatuses therefor, programs therefor, and storage media for storing the programs
08/26/10Routing optical communication network node apparatus and optical communication network node apparatus
08/05/10Inhibitor of the differentiation of t cells into th1 cells
08/05/10Anti-obesity agent and use thereof
07/29/10D-serine dehydratase and use thereof
07/01/10Biopesticide comprising insect belonging to family coccinellidae
06/10/10Method of producing microcapsules
04/29/10Vibration suppressing method and vibration suppressing device for machine tool
04/15/10Method for enhancing memory in normal individual
02/25/10Image displaying apparatus and image display program
02/25/10Application of actin-binding protein to disease associated with cell motility
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02/18/10Process for preparation of carbonyl compound and pro-oxidant for preparation of carbonyl compound
02/18/10Positive pressure chamber for extremities
02/11/10Cd20-negatively converted b cell malignant lymphocyte cell line and utilization of the same
12/31/09Magnetic chemical absorbent, production process for the same and recycling the same, as well as waste-liquid treating method
12/10/09Neuronal cell death inhibitor and screening method
12/10/09Image displaying method and medical image diagnostic system
11/19/09Plasma processing device, plasma processing method, and plasma surface processing method
11/19/09External fixator
11/05/09Composition for regeneration of periodontal soft tissue and producing the same
10/08/09Method for preparing fish embryo
10/01/09Plasma process apparatus, plasma process method, and object processed by the plasma process method
10/01/09Method for expression and accumulation of peptide in plant
09/17/09Planar type frequency shift probe for measuring plasma electron densities and measuring plasma electron densities
09/17/09Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of blood clotting disorder
08/20/09Beta-pinene polymer and process for producing the same
08/20/09Method of optimizing multiple parameters by hybrid ga, data analysys by pattern matching, estimating structure of materials based on radiation diffraction data, programs, recording medium, and various apparatus related thereto
08/06/09Method for production of biological organic material and culture vessel
07/16/09Use of histone chaperone activity of agrobacterium 6b protein
07/09/09Thermoelectric material, infrared sensor and image forming device
07/09/09Injection molding apparatus with plasma generator, and injection molding and surface processing
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06/25/09Medical image observation assisting system
06/25/09Soil-water coupled analyzer and soil-water coupled analysis method
06/18/09Grafting material and agent for improvement in bone quality
05/21/09Chiral tetraaminophosphonium salts, catalyst for asymmetric synthesis and producing chiral beta-nitroalcohol
03/12/09Vibration suppressing device for machine tool
05/21/15Separating agent for optical isomer

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