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National University Of Singapore
National University Of Singapore And Agency For Science Technology And Research
National University Of Singapore_20131212
National University Of Singapore Suzhou Research Institute

National University Of Singapore patents

Recent patent applications related to National University Of Singapore. National University Of Singapore is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National University Of Singapore may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National University Of Singapore, we're just tracking patents.

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11/02/17Method and device for real-time error-bounded and delay-bounded map matching
10/26/17Manufacture of a pharmaceutical product
10/26/17Chimerization and characterization of a monoclonal antibody with potent neutralizing activity across multiple influenza a h5n1 clades
10/19/17Stent graft device
10/19/17System and inertial focusing microfiltration for intra-operative blood salvage autotransfusion
10/19/17Highly dense nano-carbon foam with controlled porosity synthesized from hollow carbon nanoparticles
10/19/17Magnetic stack including crystallized segregant induced columnar magnetic recording layer
10/12/17Microfluidic perfusion bioreactor cell retention
10/05/17Catalytic membrane system for converting biomass to hydrogen
10/05/17Molecular tunnel junctions and their use as sources of electronic plasmons
09/28/17Magnetization-switching magnetic system
09/28/17Single-stage multi-string led driver with dimming
09/21/17Cationic polyamines for treatment of viruses
09/21/17Generation of brown adipose tissue (bat) from mesenchymal cells
09/21/17Techniques to improve switching probability and switching speed in sot devices
09/14/17Method to transfer two dimensional film grown on metal-coated wafer to the wafer itself in a face-to-face manner
09/07/17Highly efficent on-chip direct electronic-plasmonic transducers
08/24/17Multi-channel neural signal amplifier system providing high cmrr across an extended frequency range
08/24/17Methods and systems for automated text correction
08/17/17Method and assisting movement rehabilitation
08/17/17Microrna biomarker for the diagnosis of gastric cancer
08/17/17Resistive switching co-sputtered pt-(nio-al2o3)-pt devices
08/17/17A battery system
08/10/17Aptamers for binding flavivirus proteins
08/10/17Method of improving solvent tolerance in microbes
08/03/17Methods and compositions for modulating th-gm cell function
08/03/17Multilayer heterostructures for application in oleds and photovoltaic devices
07/27/17Thermogelling graft copolymer and preparation thereof
07/20/17Prevention of pertussis using adenylate cyclase deficient bordetella strains
07/20/17Rapid cleaning ultrapure water piping system
07/13/17Techniques to modulate spin orbit spin transfer torques for magnetization manipulation
07/13/17Device incorporating an oxide film and fabricating the same
07/06/17Device and a two phase heat transfer
06/29/17Methods of producing tissue-mimetic constructs and uses thereof
06/29/17Graphene as a protective overcoat for magnetic media without the use of a nucleation layer
06/22/17Compositions and methods for ex vivo expansion of human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells
06/22/17Nanobody-flourescent protein fusion
06/22/17Treatment of fibrosis
06/22/17Crosslinked polymers prepared from functional monomers having imidazolium, pyridinium, aryl-substituted urea or aryl-substituted thiourea groups and uses thereof
06/22/17Methods and systems for automated text correction
06/22/17Reconfigurable waveguide for spin wave transmission
06/15/17Systems and methods for tracking and displaying endoscope shape and distal end orientation
06/15/172,4,5-tri-substituted azole-based casein kinase 1 inhibitors as inducers for cardiomyogenesis
06/15/17Polymers and oligomers with aggregation-induced emission characteristics for imaging and image-guided therapy
06/15/17Chalcone-urea derivatives as insulin sensors
06/08/17Biotinylated protein
05/25/17Graphene-based membrane and preparation thereof
05/18/17Raman spectroscopy system, apparatus, and analyzing, characterizing, and/or diagnosing a type or nature of a sample or a tissue such as an abnormal growth
05/18/17Human-machine interface with graphene-pyroelectric materials
05/04/17Actuator device, limb rehabilitation
05/04/17Multiphase reactor system
05/04/17Combinatorial metabolic engineering of saccharomyces cerevisiae for terminal alkene production
04/20/17Influenza vaccine, composition, and methods of use
04/20/17Chimeric receptor with nkg2d specificity for use in cell therapy against cancer and infectious disease
04/13/17Triphasic flow millireactors
04/13/17Cleavage and exchange of major histocompatibility complex ligands employing azobenzene-containing peptides
04/13/17Wing for wide tow of geophysical survey sources
04/06/17Transition metal dichalcogenide-based spintronics devices
03/23/17Fusion genes in cancer
03/16/17Modified natural killer cells and uses thereof
03/09/17Production of chiral 1,2-amino alcohols and alpha-amino acids from alkenes by cascade biocatalysis
03/09/17Compositions and methods utilizing lysophosphatidylcholine scaffolds
02/23/17Arterial sheath which allows distal perfusion within a cannulated vessel
02/16/17System, brainwave-based technologies
02/16/17Dispase-based junctional protein tensor dish
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02/16/17Device for analysing a specimen and corresponding method
02/16/17Method for predicting response to therapy for cancer
02/09/17Combinatoric encoding methods for microarrays
02/02/17Human monoclonal antibody with specificity for dengue virus serotype 1 e protein and uses thereof
02/02/17Method of protecting a magnetic layer of a magnetic recording medium
02/02/17Symmetrical capacitor arrays succesive approximation register (sar) analog-to-digital converter (adc)
01/26/17Ocular drainage device and manufacturing thereof
01/26/17Methods of modulating wars2
01/19/17Highly permeable double-skinned forward osmosis membrane for anti-fouling in the emulsified oil-water separation process
01/19/17Anti-fouling membranes
01/19/17Optical interference device
01/12/17Arterial cannula which allows proximal and distal perfusion within a cannulated vessel
01/12/17Biophysically sorted osteoprogenitors from culture expanded bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells (mscs)
01/05/17Differentiation therapy with cd137 ligand agonists
01/05/17Uniform core-shell tio2 coated upconversion nanoparticles and use thereof
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01/05/17A micellar particle
01/05/17Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
01/05/17Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
01/05/17Nanomagnetic network structures and a reconfigurable operation based on magnetization dynamics
12/29/16Tyrosine-phosphorylated wbp2, a novel cancer target and biomarker
12/15/16Nasogastric tube introducer device
12/15/16Bioactive modification of poly(vinyl alcohol) with surface topography and biochemical cues for vascular graft
12/08/16Triboelectrically neutral polymer
12/08/16Light-up probes based on fluorogens with aggregation induced emission characteristics for cellular imaging and drug screening
12/01/16Microfluidic device
11/24/16Method of pulsed laser-based large area graphene synthesis on metallic and crystalline substrates
11/17/16Flexible neural strip electrodes, flexible neural ribbon electrodes and compartment based embedded nerve tissue electrode interfaces for peripheral nerves
11/10/16Sintered clay mineral matrix doped with rare earth metals, transition metals, or post-transition metals
11/10/16Method of forming an integrated circuit and related integrated circuit
11/03/16Graphene based magnetoresistance sensors
11/03/16Fusible and reconfigurable cache architecture
10/27/16Antifouling compounds and use thereof
10/20/16Graphene tape
10/20/16Compositions and methods for expressing nucleic acid sequences
10/20/16Pyroelectric detector using graphene electrode
10/20/16Approach for manufacturing efficient mesoporous nano-composite positive electrode limn1-xfexpo4 materials
10/13/16Method and hand held laboratory device to control screen navigation
10/06/16An tracking a device
10/06/16Microarray system and a process for detecting target analytes using the system
10/06/16Electrical contact
09/22/16Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene foam: use as supercapacitors
09/22/16Hot press induced formation of an ordered graphene and few layered graphene sheets
09/15/16Manufacture of a pharmaceutical product
09/08/16Ordered growth of large crystal graphene by laser-based localized heating for high throughput production
09/08/16Electrochromic device with graphene/ferroelectric electrode
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08/25/16Disposable photometric measurement tip
08/04/16Spin orbit and spin transfer torque-based spintronics devices
07/28/16Cationic polyamines for treatment of viruses
07/28/16Micro-textured surface with integrated micro-mirrors for 3d multi-scale microscopy
07/28/16Compounds as modulator of jak-stat pathway, methods and applications thereof
07/28/16Fluorescent polymer dots, methods for their preparation, and uses thereof
07/21/16System and guiding an instrument
07/21/16Chitosan ultra-thin film composite nanofiltration membranes
07/14/163-dimensional bioscaffolds
07/14/16Graphene-based terahertz devices
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07/07/16Surface modification of medical or veterinary devices
06/30/16A tracking microblog messages for relevancy to an entity identifiable by an associated text and an image
06/23/16Method to transfer two dimensional film grown on metal-coated wafer to the wafer itself in a face-to-face manner
06/23/16A device for analysing a specimen using the goos-hanchen surface plasmon resonance effect
06/09/16Tissue interface augmentation device for ligament/tendon reconstruction
06/02/16Compositions and methods for inhibiting thrombogenesis
05/26/16User controlled call management
05/05/16Thin film composite hollow fiber membranes for osmotic power generation
05/05/16Core-shell nanoparticle and generating an optical signal using the same
05/05/16Differentiation of pluripotent stem cells and cardiac progenitor cells into striated cardiomyocyte fibers using laminins ln-511, ln-521 and ln-221
04/21/16Methods and materials for an artificial voice prosthesis
04/07/16Adenylate cyclase deficient bordetella strains
04/07/16Production of enantiopure alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids from alkenes by cascade biocatalysis
03/31/16Method for making functionally gradient coatings by 3d printing based on electrostatic spinning and electrostatic spraying
03/24/16Stent member, artificial valve, and implanting the same
03/24/16Fluorescent caffeine sensor and portable kit and microfluidics device for caffeine detection
03/24/16High speed surface plasmon coupled light emitting diodes
03/10/16Polysaccharide aerogel
03/10/16Assay device
02/25/16Aberration correction apparatus, device having the same, and correcting aberration of charged particles
02/04/16Novel dosing regimens of celgosivir for the treatment of dengue
01/21/16Forward osmosis system using coordination complexes
01/14/16Functionalised antifouling compounds and use thereof
01/14/16Method of manufacturing a device for supporting biological material growth and device therefrom
01/07/16Diagnostic instrument and method
01/07/16A chimeric receptor with nkg2d specificity for use in cell therapy against cancer and infectious disease
01/07/16Highly dense nano-carbon foam with controlled porosity synthesized from hollow carbon nanoparticles
01/07/16Therapeutic agents
12/31/15Convex contact probe for the delivery of laser energy
12/24/15Angiopoietin-related protein 4 (cangptl4) as a diagnostic biomarker for acute lung damage
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12/24/15Method for improved stability of layer-by-layer assemblies for marine antifouling performance with a novel polymer
12/24/15Rectenna circuit elements, circuits, and techniques for enhanced efficiency wireless power transmission or ambient rf energy harvesting
12/17/15Novel reagent for gene-drug therapeutics
12/17/15Microdevices for separation of non-spherical particles and applications thereof
12/10/15An upconversion fluorescent nanoparticle
12/10/15Prevention & treatment of neuropathy
12/10/15Bio-absorbable medicament-eluting ventilation tube
12/10/15Wound dressing nanomesh impregnated with human umbilical cord wharton's jelly stem cells
12/10/15Quorum sensing inhibitors
12/10/15An upconversion fluorescent nanoparticle
11/26/15Methods related to real-time cancer diagnostics at endoscopy utilizing fiber-optic raman spectroscopy
10/29/15Megastokes amino-triazolyl-bodipy compounds and applications to live neuron staining and human serum albumin fa1 drug site probing
10/29/15Method for fabricating a magnetoresistive device
10/22/15Catalytic hollow fibers
10/15/15Process and materials for medical applications
10/15/15Biotinylated protein
10/15/15Fluorescent chemical dye for visualization of neural stem cell symmetric and asymmetric division
10/15/15Nanostencil mask and forming a nanostencil mask
10/08/15Methods of culturing cells or tissues and devices for cell or tissue culture
10/08/15Univariant extrinsic initiator control system for microbes and an in vitro assembly of large recombinant dna molecules from multiple components
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10/08/15Method and an depositing a layer onto a workpiece using plasma
10/08/15Multilayer heterostructures for application in oleds and photovoltaic devices
10/01/15Assay for the parallel detection of biological material based on pcr
09/10/15Grouping for classifying gastric cancer
08/27/15Device for inserting an implant and using the same
08/27/15Contrast agent and applications thereof
08/27/15Micro-fluidic device and uses thereof
08/27/15Method and transferring graphene to a polymeric substrate
08/27/15Touch screen devices employing graphene networks with polyvinylidene fluoride films
08/20/15Flexible master - slave robotic endoscopy system
08/20/15Fusible and reconfigurable cache architecture
08/13/15Method and stereoscopic imaging
08/06/15Diagnostic instrument and methods relating to raman spectroscopy
08/06/15Icmt inhibitors
07/23/15Arterial cannula which allows perfusion along opposing directions within a cannulated vessel
07/23/15Cell culture
07/23/15System and enabling user control of live video stream(s)
07/09/15Crystalline mesoporous titanium dioxide and the use thereof in electrochemical devices
07/09/15Light microscope and controlling the same
07/02/15Combinatoric encoding methods for microarrays
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07/02/15Autodidactic cognitive training device and method thereof
06/25/15Highly emissive far-red/near-infrared fluorescent conjugated polymer-based nanoparticles
06/25/15Enhanced silk protein material having improved mechanical performance and forming the same
06/11/15Host biomarkers for dengue fever (df) and methods thereof
06/04/15Device and in-office unsedated tracheoesophageal puncture (tep)
06/04/15Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
06/04/15Gate-tunable graphene-ferroelectric hybrid structure for photonics and plasmonics
05/28/15Expression construct for yeast and a using the construct
05/28/15Cryo-preparation near-instantaneous vitrification of biological samples
05/28/15Microparticle assembly
05/28/15System and remote encounter and status assessment using parallel data and voice communication paths
05/21/15Method of making a membrane and a membrane for water filtration
05/21/15Methods of growing uniform, large-scale, multilayer graphene film
05/21/15Chimeric receptors and uses thereof in immune therapy
05/21/15Method of identifying foetal erythroblast
05/14/15Electrode material and synthesizing
05/07/15Mediator-less electrochemical glucose sensing procedure employing the leach-proof covalent binding of an enzyme(s) to electrodes and products thereof
05/07/15Bone filler material and methods of use
05/07/15Interactive clothes searching in online stores
04/30/15Method of fabricating graded media
04/30/15Porous magnetic graphene oxide
04/16/15Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene foam: use as supercapacitors
04/16/15Fiber-reinforced hydrogel composites and methods of forming fiber-reinforced hydrogel composites
03/26/15Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene foam: use as supercapacitors
03/19/15Photovoltaic cell with graphene-ferroelectric electrode
03/19/15Sall4 and uses thereof
03/19/15Novel method to fabricate polymeric microneedles
03/12/15Hydrogel nanocomposite
03/12/15Method for assessing the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
03/05/15Methods, apparatuses and computer-readable mediums for organizing data relating to a product
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02/19/15Pharmaceutical compositions for treating cancer
02/12/15Non-acidic isotropic etch-back for silicon wafer solar cells
02/05/15Mems iris diaphragm-based for an optical adjusting a size of an aperture thereof
01/29/15Generation of brown adipose tissue (bat) from mesenchymal cells
12/04/14Microarray and forming the same
11/27/14Gun configured to generate charged particles
11/20/14Ceramic membrane containing carbon nanotubes
11/13/14Novel microcarrier beads
10/23/14Thin-surface liquid crystal based voltage sensor
10/23/14Endothelial cell culture
10/16/14Apparatus and visiometric disintegration
09/25/14Imaging device and method
08/28/14Codon optimization of a synthetic gene(s) for protein expression
08/21/14Methods of nondestructively delaminating graphene from a metal substrate
08/21/14Analog-to-digital converter for a multi-channel signal acquisition system
08/07/14Production of nanostructured li4ti5o12 with superior high rate performance
07/17/14Protein involved in detection of cancer metastasis and a treatment thereof
07/10/14Tandem solar cell with graphene interlayer and making
07/10/14Transparent conductor
06/26/14Tunneling transistor
06/26/14Redox flow battery system
06/12/14Methods and systems for automated text correction
06/05/14Treating cancer by inhibiting expression of olfm4, sp5, tob1, arid1a, fbn1 or hat1
05/29/14Photocatalyst for water splitting
05/29/14System and detecting one or more analytes in a fluid
05/22/14Foetal nucleated red blood cell detection
05/15/14Approach for manufacturing efficient mesoporous nano-composite positive electrode limn1-xfexpo4 materials
05/08/14High sensitivity temporal focusing widefield multiphoton endoscope capable of deep imaging
05/01/14Methods of freezing stem cells

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