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Nec Corporation
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Nec Corporation c o Baba International Patent Office
Nec Corporation And Renesas Electronics Corporation
Nec Corporation_20100107
Nec Corporation Of America
Nec Corporation_20100114
Nec Corporation_20131212
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Recent patent applications related to Nec Corporation. Nec Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nec Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nec Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/11/14Operation management apparatus, operation management method, and program
12/11/14System and test data generation and optimization for data driven testing
01/19/17 new patent  Target extraction system, target extraction method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program of information processing apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Lens holding structure, lens holder, optical module and lens holding method
01/19/17 new patent  Input device and control touch panel
01/19/17 new patent  Server, control apparatus, management apparatus, communication system, communication method, control method, management method, and program
01/19/17 new patent  Information processing device, load control method and recording medium
01/19/17 new patent  Passenger counting system, passenger counting method and passenger counting program
01/19/17 new patent  Display condition analysis device, display condition analysis method, and program recording medium
01/19/17 new patent  Detecting device, detecting method, and recording medium
01/19/17 new patent  Storage battery apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Optical waveguide, and optical component and variable wavelength laser which use the same
01/19/17 new patent  Optical transmission device, optical communication device, optical communication system, and optical transmission method
01/19/17 new patent  Communication system, communication method and control apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  E-mail relay device, e-mail relay method, and non-transitory storage medium
01/19/17 new patent  Image capturing device, signal separation device, and image capturing method
01/19/17 new patent  Service control system, user apparatus, and service control method
01/19/17 new patent  Network system, analysis device, processing measurement information, and recording medium
01/19/17 new patent  Wireless communication device, frequency determination wireless communication device, and program therefor
01/19/17 new patent  Metering device and communication control method
01/19/17 new patent  Apparatus, dc (dual connectivity)
01/19/17 new patent  Mobile communication system, communication apparatus and communication control method
01/19/17 new patent  Communication terminal, communication method, and program-containing storage medium
01/19/17 new patent  Mobile communication system, control station, base station, communication method and program
01/12/17Information-processing device, information display method, and recording medium
01/12/17Pos terminal device, pos system, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
01/12/17Information-processing device, data analysis method, and recording medium
01/12/17Video analysis system
01/12/17Communication control apparatus, communication control method, and storage medium
01/12/17Video processing system
01/12/17Wireless communication network determining representative sensor device
01/12/17Network control method and system
01/12/17Communication method, mobile network system and device
01/05/17Monitoring method
01/05/17Laminated-type battery and manufacturing the same
01/05/17Method and channel measurement and feedback
01/05/17Flow control device, communication system, control flow control device, and program
01/05/17Communication system, control device, processing rule setting method, packet transmission method, and program
01/05/17Content distribution device, content distribution system, content distribution method, and program
01/05/17Wireless communications device, wireless communications system, automatic setting method, and program
01/05/17Controlling data rate at a relay ue (ue-r) for relaying traffic to and from a relayed ue
01/05/17Point-to-point radio apparatus, mobile backhaul system, and communication control method
01/05/17Communication apparatus, communication method, and storage medium
12/29/16Task allocation determination apparatus, control method, and program
12/29/16Communication system
12/29/16Methods and apparatuses for facilitating p-cscf restoration when a p-cscf failure has occurred
12/29/16Secure discovery for proximity based service communication
12/29/16Communication system
12/29/16Device-to-device radio resource management
12/22/16Object detection device, pos terminal device, object detection method, program, and program recording medium
12/22/16Information processing device, information processing method, recording medium, calculation processing device, calculation processing method
12/22/16Image processing method, image processing device, and recording medium
12/22/16Evaluation system, evaluation method, and computer-readable storage medium
12/22/16Method for transmitting an information sequence
12/22/16Network control apparatus, network system, network control method, and program
12/22/16Packet processing device, packet processing method and program
12/22/16Delivery device, communication terminal, delivery method, receiving method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing program
12/22/16Radio station and processing user data with radio station
12/22/16Communication system
12/22/16Methods and apparatus relating to lte fdd-tdd inter-system carrier aggregation in advanced wireless communication systems
12/22/16Radio station and processing user data with radio station
12/15/16Blood pressure estimation device, blood pressure estimation method, blood pressure measurement device, and recording medium
12/15/16Optical module and digital coherent receiver
12/15/16Source code generation device, source code generation method, and recording medium
12/15/16Radio communication system, radio communication method, radio base station and control station
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12/08/16Method for ascertaining storage battery state, state-ascertaining system, and computer program
12/08/16Digital filter device, digital filter processing method, and storage medium having digital filter program stored thereon
12/08/16Fast fourier transform device, fast fourier transform method, and storage medium having fast fourier transform program stored thereon
12/08/16Speech recognition system, speech recognition request device, speech recognition method, speech recognition program, and recording medium
12/08/16Switching element, and producing switching element
12/08/16Microgrid system and control the same
12/08/16Method for multiplexing control signals and reference signals in mobile communications system
12/08/16Image quantization parameter encoding method and image quantization parameter decoding method
12/08/16Relaying user communication device enabling rrc, nas connections, user communication device, base station, system, method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing a program
12/08/16Vibration suppression mechanism for an electronic device
12/01/16Monitoring device, monitoring system, monitoring method, correction information generation device, correction information generation method, and non-transitory storage medium
12/01/16Interface device, portable device, control device and module
12/01/16Search system, search method and program recording medium
12/01/16Information determination apparatus, information determination method and recording medium
12/01/16Matching system, matching method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
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12/01/16Antenna device and antenna device control method
12/01/16Voltage difference correction device and voltage difference correction method
12/01/16Wireless communication apparatus and structure for mounting communication equipment
12/01/16Precoding with a codebook for a wireless system
12/01/16Optical network controller and optical network control method
12/01/16Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, and wireless communication method
12/01/16Network management method and apparatus
12/01/16Network system, network control method and control apparatus
12/01/16Communication route control device, communication route control system, storage medium storing communication route control program, and communication route control method
12/01/16Monitoring device, radio communication system, failure prediction method and non-temporary computer-readable medium in which a program is stored
12/01/16Radio communication system and method
12/01/16Machine-to-machine (m2m) terminal, base station, method, and computer readable medium
12/01/16Communication system, base station, host node, and communication method
11/24/16Semiconductor optical waveguide, manufacturing the same, and optical communication device using the same
11/24/16Information processing device, information processing system, and data access method
11/24/16Storage battery apparatus, power conversion apparatus, and power storage system provided with same
11/24/16Transistor package, amplification circuit including the same, and forming transistor
11/24/16Wireless transmission device, wireless reception device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
11/24/16Communication control system, communication control method, and communication control program
11/24/16Transmission device, transmission method, and program recording medium
11/24/16Packet transmission system, packet transmission apparatus, and packet transmission method
11/24/16Video encoding device, video encoding method, and program
11/24/16Method and system for machine type communication
11/24/16Base station, machine-to-machine (m2m) terminal, method, and computer readable medium
11/24/16Machine-to-machine (m2m) terminal, base station, method, and computer readable medium
11/24/16Base station system
11/17/16Power router and controlling same, computer-readable medium, and power network system
11/17/16Model checking device for distributed environment model, model checking distributed environment model, and medium
11/17/16Marker generating and marker detecting system, method and program
11/17/16Wireless power transmission control device, wireless power transmission system, and wireless power transmission control method
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11/17/16Log data collection system, terminal device, and log data collection method
11/17/16Mobile communication system, base station, mobile station, and power-saving transmission and reception method used in them
11/17/16Network system, control devices, control method, and medium
11/17/16Network system, controller and packet authenticating method
11/17/16Packet forwarding apparatus, control apparatus, communication system, communication method, and program
11/17/16Communication system, common service control apparatus, data collection method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
11/17/16Video encoding device, video encoding method, and program
11/17/16Communication system
11/17/16Cooling device and electronic device
11/10/16Antenna apparatus
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11/10/16Electric power management system and electric power management method
11/10/16Node device used in disruption/delay/disconnect tolerant network and communication method
11/10/16Communication apparatus, demodulation apparatus, carrier reproduction apparatus, phase error compensation apparatus, phase error compensation method, and storage medium on which phase error compensation program has been stored
11/10/16Communication system, node, control device, communication method, and program
11/10/16Communication device, network monitoring device, system, and information notification method
11/10/16Video encoding device, video encoding method, and video encoding program
11/10/16Wireless communication device, wireless communication network, and identification-number setting method
11/10/16Apparatus, sce
11/10/16Mtc-iwf entity, pcrf entity, and communication method
11/10/16Mobile communication system, base station and communication method
11/10/16Channel configuration in device-to-device communications
11/10/16Communication method, mobile network system and device
11/03/16Operations management system, operations management method and program thereof
11/03/16Cyclic sulfonic acid ester compound, non-aqueous electrolyte solution, and lithium ion secondary battery using same
11/03/16Transmission device and transmission method
11/03/16Minimum delay value calculating device, information transmitting device, minimum delay value calculating method, and program storage medium
11/03/16Information processing device, traffic control method and medium
11/03/16Video encoding device, video encoding method, and video encoding program
11/03/16Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program
11/03/16Node device
10/27/16Write information storage device, method, and recording medium
10/27/16Radio wave reflection device
10/27/16Logic circuit and controlling a setting circuit
10/27/16Network system, control devices, control method, and program
10/27/16Packet forwarding system, control apparatus, and control method and program for relay device
10/27/16Apparatus, webrtc
10/27/16Camera terminal device, thin-client server device, camera system, and control the same
10/27/16Radio terminal, radio station, radio communication system, and methods implemented therein
10/27/16Methods for inter-system carrier aggregation in advanced wireless communication systems
10/27/16Wireless base station, wireless communication system, node, control method, and program
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10/20/16Storage node, storage node administration device, storage node logical capacity setting method, program, recording medium, and distributed data storage system
10/20/16Operation management apparatus and operation management method
10/20/16Positive electrode active material for secondary battery, producing same and secondary battery
10/20/16Method for producing secondary battery
10/20/16Equalization processing circuit, digital receiver, signal transmitting/receiving system, equalization processing method, and digital receiving method
10/20/16Connection management system, and a linking connection management server in thin client system
10/20/16Storage node, storage node administration device, storage node logical capacity setting method, program, recording medium, and distributed data storage system
10/20/16Terminal device, terminal device control method, and storage medium
10/13/16Electromagnetic interference wave measurement device, electromagnetic interference wave measurement method and non-transitory computer-readable medium
10/13/16State storage and restoration device, state storage and restoration method, and storage medium
10/13/16Image processing apparatus, photographic subject identifying method and program
10/13/16Settlement system, server device, terminal device, recording medium, method and program
10/13/16Electronic apparatus, controlling electronic apparatus and non-transitory storage medium
10/13/16Antinuclear antibody image analysis system, antinuclear antibody image analysis method, and antinuclear antibody image analysis program
10/13/16Content addressable memory cell and content addressable memory
10/13/16Charging apparatus, electricity storage system, charging method and program
10/13/16Transmission apparatus, control method, and program
10/13/16Communication system, communication method, network information combination apparatus, processing rule conversion method, and processing rule conversion program
10/13/16Control device, network system, packet transfer control method, and program for control device
10/13/16Illumination device and projection display device using same
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10/13/16Coding apparatus, coding method, transmission apparatus, and reception apparatus
10/13/16Video-encoding device, video-encoding method, and program
10/13/16Information processing system
10/13/16Radio communication system, radio terminal, radio network, radio communication method and program
10/13/16Radio communication system, base station, network management device, handover control method and program
10/13/16Communication system, mobile station, base station, response decision method, resource configuration decision method, and program
10/13/16Communication apparatus, communication method, and recording medium
10/06/16Microchip, dna analysis method and dna analysis system
10/06/16Piping structure, cooling device including the same, and transporting refrigerant vapor
10/06/16Leakage position calculation device, leakage position calculation method, computer-readable recording medium, vibration calculation device, and computation device
10/06/16Method and electrophoresis
10/06/16Silicon-based electro-optic modulator
10/06/16Information processing device, power-demanding object, information processing method, and non-transitory storage medium
10/06/16Multi-core processor, power control method, and program
10/06/16Electronic circuit, arithmetic processing control method, program, and multi-core processor
10/06/16Multi-core processor, information processing method, and program
10/06/16Information processing device, power control method, program, and control device
10/06/16Computer mounting multiple modules facilitating opening/expansion control process with connectors
10/06/16Computer, server, module, connector set, assembly method, control method, and opening control program
10/06/16Computer mounting multiple modules facilitating opening/expansion control process with connectors
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10/06/16Information transfer apparatus, learning system, information transfer method, and computer-readable recording medium
10/06/16Two-wheel vehicle riding person number determination method, two-wheel vehicle riding person number determination system, two-wheel vehicle riding person number determination apparatus, and program
10/06/16Helmet wearing determination method, helmet wearing determination system, helmet wearing determination apparatus, and program
10/06/16Image collation system, image collation method, and program
10/06/16Pos terminal device, commodity recognition method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
10/06/16Customer information management device, store terminal, customer information management method, and program
10/06/16Image processing system
10/06/16Article management system
10/06/16Charging apparatus, electricity storage system, charging method, and program
10/06/16Microwave outdoor radio device
10/06/16Power supply device, power supply method, control device, and program
10/06/16Power control system, power control method, and recording medium
10/06/16System and identifying communication between virtual servers
10/06/16Network statistical information providing system, network statistical information providing method, and program
10/06/16Network-diagram rendering system, network-diagram rendering method, and network-diagram rendering computer readable medium
10/06/16Communication system, communication method, network information combination apparatus, and network information combination program
10/06/16Video coding apparatus, video coding method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
10/06/16Communication system, relay apparatus, communication method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
10/06/16Wireless communication terminal, storage medium, and cell selection method
10/06/16Discovery period configuration for small cell on/off
10/06/16Base station, wireless terminal, communication system, communication method, and program
10/06/16Information terminal, movement estimation method, and storage medium
10/06/16Allocation method, radio communication system, allocation apparatus, and program thereof
10/06/16Electronic apparatus enclosure device and electronic apparatus cooling system
09/29/16Refrigerant distribution device and cooling apparatus
09/29/16Heat sink, cooling structure, and apparatus
09/29/16Leakage determination system and leakage determination method
09/29/16Sealing structure of optical communication module and sealing the same
09/29/16Board, board interconnection of boards
09/29/16Control device
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09/29/16Control device
09/29/16Backup control device, backup control method, and recording medium
09/29/16Storage system, storage management method, and storage medium
09/29/16Information extraction device, information extraction method, and display control system
09/29/16Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
09/29/16Cooling structure and device
09/29/16Cooling device and device
09/29/16Heat sink structure, semiconductor device and heat sink mounting method
09/29/16Layered product for magnetic element, thermoelectric conversion element having layered product, and manufacturing the same
09/29/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
09/29/16Negative electrode active material, manufacturing same, and lithium secondary battery
09/29/16Battery control system, battery control device, battery control method and recording medium
09/29/16Digital optical transmitter, optical communication system using the same, and digital optical transmission method
09/29/16Frequency deviation compensation scheme and frequency deviation compensation method
09/29/16Switch apparatus, vlan setting management method and program
09/29/16Cloud-environment provision system, route control method, and medium
09/29/16Network control device, network control method, and storage medium
09/29/16Integrated circuit, semiconductor device, card and data transfer method
09/29/16Network authentication system, network authentication method and network authentication server
09/29/16Mobile radio communications device, network device and method
09/29/16Resource allocation method, identification method, base station, mobile station, and program
09/29/16A communication terminal, a communication system, a communication control method, and a storage medium
09/29/16Cooling device and device
09/29/16Display device, display method, and display program
09/22/16Integrated light source and light output control method
09/22/16Battery control device, battery control support device, battery control system, battery control method, battery control support method, and recording medium
09/22/16Storage apparatus, method, and program
09/22/16Storage apparatus, storage control method, and computer-readable recording medium for recording storage control program

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