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Configuration control system and configuration control method

An FPGA can be started up without system failure when a soft error occurs. A configuration control system includes: a first semiconductor chip which is capable of programming a logic circuit inside an LSI; a semiconductor memory which stores a plurality of pieces of circuit information of the first semiconductor... Nec Corporation

Biometric collection device

A method performed by a biometric collection device, including: conveying a waiting signal to a user of the biometric collection device in response to the biometric collection device being waiting for at least one finger to be placed on the biometric collection device; capturing a flat fingerprint or a rolled... Nec Corporation

Secondary battery, manufacturing secondary battery, electric vehicle and electricity storage system

The secondary battery comprises: a battery element 20 having a positive electrode 30 wherein positive active material 31 are applied on both surfaces of a positive current collector 32, a negative electrode 40 wherein negative active material 41 are applied on both surfaces of a negative current collector 42, and... Nec Corporation

Low density parity check coded modulation for optical communications

Systems and methods for data transport in optical communications systems, including a transmitter for encoding a received information sequence by constructing an outer and inner quasi cyclic-low-density parity check (QC-LDPC) code. The encoding includes dividing the received information sequence into a plurality of messages of equal length, encoding each of... Nec Corporation

Optical transceiver and device

The object of invention is providing an optical transceiver enhancing the probability of allowing the deterioration of an optical path to be correctly determined, and making it possible not to install a device for measuring the deterioration of characteristics of the optical path at the outside the optical transceiver. The... Nec Corporation

Data transport using pairwise optimized multi-dimensional constellation with clustering

Systems and methods for data transport in an optical communications system, including generating a pairwise optimized (PO) multi-dimensional signal constellation in a single stage. The PO multi-dimensional signal constellation is generated by selecting a pair of symbols from a received constellation with M symbols, defining and minimizing an objective function... Nec Corporation

Communication system, base station, host node, and communication method

An object of the present invention is to provide a communication system, a base station, a host node, and a communication method in order to address one or more of the above-described problems. A communication system according to the present invention is a communication system including: a base station (10)... Nec Corporation

Communication system

A communication system is disclosed in which a relay communication device identifies a service to be received by at least one other communication device and also identifies the at least one communication device. The relay communication device maintains a mapping between services and the communication device(s) that need to receive... Nec Corporation

Light irradiation device and light irradiation system

A light irradiation device includes: at least one imaging means that images a monitoring region to continue to accurately irradiate a moving target with light; at least one projection means that irradiates the monitoring region with signal light; a control means that controls the imaging means to image the monitoring... Nec Corporation

Optimization system

A plurality of subsystems (21, 22, 23) have one or more internal states. A plurality of local optimizers (11, 12, 13) control the corresponding subsystems based on the internal states thereof and data exchange due to a coupling between the subsystems, respectively. A mediator (10) monitors outputs (y1, y2, y3)... Nec Corporation

Information terminal, display controlling method and program

An information terminal includes a first housing and a second housing interconnected for opening/closure, a first display unit and a first touch panel stacked one upon the other on the first housing, and a second display unit and a second touch panel stacked one upon the other on the second... Nec Corporation

Payment system, payment apparatus, program, and payment method

A first image capture unit generates a first customer image. A generation unit generates association information in which the first image and payment information are associated with each other. A second image capture unit generates a second customer image. A calculation unit calculates a first degree of similarity between a... Nec Corporation

Monitoring apparatus, monitoring system, monitoring method, and computer-readable storage medium

A monitoring apparatus 10 includes: a monitoring line setting unit 11 that sets a monitoring line in an image acquired from the image capturing unit; and an overlapping detection unit 12 that detects overlapping between an object in the image and the monitoring line. If overlapping is detected by the... Nec Corporation

Guidance assistance system, guidance assistance method, and computer-readable recording medium

The guidance assistance system includes an arrangement evaluation unit which derives a priority of arrangement of detection means for detecting a status of congestion on a travel route or a priority of arrangement of a guide sign for guiding the crowd based on information related to a status of the... Nec Corporation

Crossbar switch type memory circuit, look-up table circuit, and programming method

In order to provide a crossbar switch type memory circuit designed to be usable in normal circumstances even when a resistance change element is in an adverse state, the present invention is provided with: a first unit including a first column wiring to which one end of a first resistance... Nec Corporation

Synchronization apparatus, synchronization system, radio communication apparatus and synchronization method

A synchronization apparatus, a synchronization system, a radio communication apparatus, and a synchronization method capable of reducing the effect of the fluctuations in synchronization signals that arc caused when the synchronization signals arc received through a network are provided. A synchronization apparatus (20) according to the present invention receives a... Nec Corporation

Network system, node apparatus, control apparatus, communication control method, and control method

A network system, a node apparatus, a control apparatus, a communication control method, and a control method are provided that make it possible to easily perform control of a physical layer device required for flow control. In a communication system including a plurality of nodes constituting a network and a... Nec Corporation

Sensor network system

A sensor network system includes a platform device, a relay server, a plurality of sensor terminals, and a user terminal. The platform device has a user command processing part configured to: receive, from the user terminal, a search request including supplementary information of the sensor terminal as a search condition;... Nec Corporation

Invalid area specifying touch panel of mobile terminal

A touch-panel cellular phone specifies an invalid area not accepting a user's input operation on a touch panel in advance. The cellular phone detects a user's touch area on the touch panel so as to execute a function pre-assigned to the touch area not encompassed by the invalid area. Additionally,... Nec Corporation

Methods, procedures and framework to provision an esim and make it multi-sim capable using primary account information

An approach for network information collection and analysis of a plurality of mobile networks is provided. The approach receives a first request message including a first threshold sent from an application server. The approach sends a second request message to at least one network function. The approach receives a congestion... Nec Corporation

Position determination device, position determining method, and storage medium

Provided is a position determination device including: a comparison unit that is configured to compare a random pattern of an image of a partial area of a ceiling or a floor, the image being captured by a mobile terminal, with a random pattern of an image of an extensive area... Nec Corporation

Scheduled group reformation among multiple p2p groups following switching schedule

A method includes: performing a scan to discover at least one Peer to Peer (P2P) group; sharing a result of the scan within a first P2P group; preparing a switching schedule of the first P2P group based on the shared result; wherein the switching schedule enables a switching device to... Nec Corporation

Radio communication system and method

A mobile station determines, in accordance with reception quality of a radio signal from a base station, a measurement cycle of a predetermined measurement on a link status and/or on/off of the predetermined measurement and controls execution of the predetermined measurement based on the determination.... Nec Corporation

Radio terminal, radio station, and method therefor

A radio terminal (1) is configured in such a way that, when the radio terminal (1) receives a downlink signalling message including an information element (641) indicating that a first UL control channel (622) is to be configured in a first secondary cell (SCell) (602) that has already been added... Nec Corporation

Base station, wireless terminal, and control base station

A base station configured to perform wireless communication with a wireless terminal includes a storage device and a processor. The storage device is configured to store a scheduling policy associated with an identifier of the wireless terminal, and indicating that at least one of a first frequency band and a... Nec Corporation

Heat dissipation mechanism and device including the same

Provided is a heat dissipation mechanism that allows for a smaller device while also facilitating disassembly. The heat dissipation mechanism is provided with a heat dissipation element, which releases heat externally. The heat dissipation element and a heating element that generates heat are in thermal contact with each other via... Nec Corporation

Spectroscopic analysis apparatus, spectroscopic analysis method, and readable medium

A spectroscopic analysis apparatus, a spectroscopic analysis method, and a program capable of appropriately analyzing a sample are provided. The spectroscopic analysis apparatus according to an embodiment includes: a light source (13) generates light to be incident on a sample including a plurality of substances labeled by a plurality of... Nec Corporation

Data processing device, data processing method, and non-transitory storage medium

As means for solving the above-described problem, there is provided a data processing device (1) including a measurement data acquisition unit (10) that acquires measurement data indicating a temporal change in at least one of current consumption and power consumption of an electrical apparatus, a reference component extraction unit (20)... Nec Corporation

Controller, control method and program

The controller, comprises: first unit configured to identify a communication node(s) corresponding to a service(s) requested by a user(s); second unit configured to identify information regarding a position of the identified communication node(s) in a physical network; and third unit configured to set a data path implementing the service(s) on... Nec Corporation

Text visualization system, text visualization method, and recording medium

A text visualization system allows a user to ascertain a relationship of viewpoints between categories in clustering of documents including texts of a plurality of categories. Each of a plurality of documents includes texts of each of a plurality of categories. A text and an element text that entails the... Nec Corporation

Uhf band rfid system and uhf band rfid tag detection method

A UHF band RFID system according to the present invention includes a reader antenna that is composed of a matched-terminated open-type transmission line and is connected to a UHF band RFID reader, a first-type RFID tag installed, without being fixed to a managed object, in a managed object placement area... Nec Corporation

Biological pattern information processing device, biological pattern information processing method and program

A biological pattern information processing device includes: a detection result obtaining unit that obtains unique region information that is detected based on biological pattern information representing a biological pattern, the unique region information representing a unique region included in the biological pattern; and a display control unit that causes the... Nec Corporation

Biological pattern information processing device, biological pattern information processing method, and program

A biological pattern information processing device includes: a biological pattern information acquisition unit that acquires biological pattern information indicating a biological pattern; and a singular region detection unit that detects a singular region including damage, from the biological pattern indicated by the acquired biological pattern information.... Nec Corporation

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory storage medium

The present invention provides an image processing apparatus (10) including a display image generation unit (11) that generates a display image, a display unit (12) that displays the display image so as to be superimposed on a user's field of vision, an imaging unit (13) that generates a captured image... Nec Corporation

Attachment tool, work management method, system, comparison device, and program

An attachment tool includes an image capturing unit configured to capture an image of a random pattern provided on a comparison region of a part; and an identification result-outputting unit configured to output a part identification result obtained by comparing an image characteristic of the captured image of the random... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180089574

Data processing device, data processing method, and computer-readable recording medium

A data processing device 100 is intended to provide learning data to a system 200 that generates a prediction model by performing machine learning. The data processing device 100 includes: a data obtaining unit 10 that obtains learning data input from the outside; an encryption unit 20 that encrypts the... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180089725

Product information management apparatus, product information management system, product information management method, and program

A product information management apparatus includes a product specifying unit that specifies a product that was approached by a user in an actual store; an association unit that generates association information, which is information associating the product specified by the product specifying unit with the user or related information relating... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180089818

Image inspection device, image inspection method, and image inspection program

The image inspection device includes: a first extraction unit configured to repeatedly execute processing for moving a predetermined region by a predetermined distance on an inspection target image to extract an image of the predetermined region after movement as a first determination image until a predetermined first ratio of the... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180090153

Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and signal processing program

There is provided a signal processing apparatus that obtains a speech signal with sufficiently reduced wind noise. The signal processing apparatus includes a main microphone that is provided so as to be readily influenced by movement of air outside the signal processing apparatus, a sub microphone that is provided so... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180090792

Lithium ion secondary battery and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a lithium ion secondary battery comprising a positive electrode having a coating amount per unit area of 50 mg/cm2 or more and an electrode density of 3.3 g/cc or more and a negative electrode having a coating amount per unit area of 24 mg/cm2 or... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180090833

Multi-band antenna and radio communication device

A multi-band antenna includes: a conductor reflecting plate having a plate surface; a first antenna element that extends along the plate surface of the conductor reflecting plate to a length according to a first wavelength; and a second antenna element that extends along the plate surface of the conductor reflecting... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180090987

Control device, apparatus control device, control system, control method and program

A control device is provided with: a setting unit that at the time of receiving status information relating to a plurality of power supply/demand adjustment devices, sets operation control information of each of the plurality of power supply/demand adjustment devices on the basis of the status information; and a transmission... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091395

Network system, network control method and control apparatus

A network system, a network control method, and a control apparatus are provided that can optimize the deployment of virtual network functions. A network control apparatus (10) monitors virtual components (VMM, VM, VNF) on a physical server and physical components (SV, 21A, 21 B, 21C) of a network and, based... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091741

Video surveillance system and video surveillance method

A video surveillance system includes: a detection unit that detects a predetermined event on the basis of an image captured by a first imaging apparatus; and a control unit that controls a second imaging apparatus such that the second imaging apparatus captures an image of a predetermined position after the... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091955

Broadcast delivery system, gateway device, broadcast delivery method and storage medium

A broadcast delivery system designed for the purpose of providing a broadcast delivery system that reduces the load on a wireless network control device comprises: a femto cell base station that provides a wireless connection to a terminal and forms one cell; a gateway device that relays data which the... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092038

Wireless terminal, wireless system, wireless network, wireless communication method and program

The present invention relates to a wireless terminal that includes an operation disabling instruction generation means for generating an operation disabling instruction that disables a transmission operation of a wireless terminal based on a specified trigger, and an operation disabling means for disabling the transmission operation of the wireless terminal... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092061

Control device, communication system, control method, and storage medium

The objective of the invention is to suppress increases in a C-Plane processing load on a mobile network side even if requests to call a plurality of terminals in the mobile network are generated within a short period of time. A communication system according to one mode of embodiment of... Nec Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092062

Communication system

A communication system is disclosed in which a base station receives, from a core network entity, a paging request for paging an MTC device. The base station determines a paging occasion for sending to said. MTC device paging related information, wherein the paging occasion is defined such that it identifies... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180079419

Driving control device, driving control method and vehicle-to-vehicle communication system

Provided are a driving control method and device in which an actual driving operation is performed after vehicles communicate with each other regarding a safety check by vehicle-to-vehicle communication in advance, thereby making it possible to smoothly and safely change lanes or merge when a vehicle is changing lanes or... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080778

Guidance assistance system, guidance assistance method, and computer-readable recording medium

The guidance assistance system includes deviation risk evaluation means for deriving a deviation risk representing an influence on a deviation of a crowd from a travel route at a predetermined point on the travel route based on information relating to circumstances of the travel route and a route related to... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180081581

Device and determining data placement destination, and program recording medium

A data placement destination determination device enables efficiency improvement of the execution time of a program that is executed in a system mounted with a plurality of memories having differing memory bandwidth. This device includes: a program information acquisition unit acquiring required bandwidth and memory size; a system information acquisition... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180081966

Text visualization system, text visualization method, and recording medium

A text visualization system which allows a user to efficiently ascertain a result of clustering of texts is provided. A clustering system (1) includes a representative text display unit (51), a reception unit (55), and an element text display unit (52). The clustering system (1) is accessibly connected to a... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180082140

Mobile surveillance apparatus, program, and control method

Provided is a technique for enhancing operability of a mobile apparatus. An information processing apparatus (2000) includes a first processing unit (2020), a second processing unit (2040), and a control unit (2060). The first processing unit (2020) generates information indicating an event detection position in accordance with a position on... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180082157

Collation/retrieval system, collation/retrieval server, image feature extraction apparatus, collation/retrieval method, and program

The present invention is a collation/retrieval system collating a product manufactured by or delivered from a producer or a distributor with a product to be collated comprising: a storage unit that stores an image feature of a predetermined collation area of the product determined in advance at a position relative... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180082185

Predictive model updating system, predictive model updating method, and predictive model updating program

Predictive model evaluation means 81 evaluates closeness in property between a relearned predictive model and a pre-relearning predictive model. Predictive model updating means 82 updates the pre-relearning predictive model with the relearned predictive model, in the case where the closeness in property meets closeness prescribed by a predetermined condition. The... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180082276

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program

An information processing apparatus (10) includes an image acquisition unit (110) that acquires an image in association with depth information indicating a depthwise distance of an object included in an imaging range, and a product identification unit (120) that identifies a product having the distance of the depth information equal... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180082413

Image surveillance apparatus and image surveillance method

An image surveillance apparatus (100) includes an event acquisition unit (101) that acquires event information, a comparison unit (102) that compares images captured before and after a reference time corresponding to the acquired event information, among images captured by an imaging apparatus, and a display processing unit (103) that outputs... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083281

Boron-doped activated carbon material

An anode material for a lithium ion secondary battery that is obtainable by a method comprising: preparing a raw material of the anode material selected from high oxygen containing carbons, heat treating the raw material at a temperature of 550° C. to 850° C. under oxidizing atmosphere to form having... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083354

Antenna radiating elements and sparse array antennas and producing an antenna radiating element

It is an object of the present invention to provide compact and wideband array antennas based on multilayer substrate technologies which can be applied in lightweight radars. An antenna radiating element disposed in a multilayer substrate comprises a signal via; a plurality of ground vias surrounding the signal via; a... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083689

Array antenna apparatus, receiver, and processing received signals

When a radio frequency (RF) unit is provided with a delay line or a switch, as the number of arrays (the number of antennas) increases, the parasitic capacitance of the antennas increases and the insertion loss of the switch increases. In addition, the insertion loss may further increase at high... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083698

Optical network system, optical node device, and optical network control method

If wavelength defragmentation is performed during the operation of an optical network, an instantaneous interruption of a network arises; consequently, data are lost; therefore, an optical network control method according to an exemplary aspect of the present invention includes monitoring a data volume of a client signal to be transmitted... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083794

Control apparatus, communication system, control method and program

A control apparatus comprises a path generation unit configured to logically generate a plurality of forwarding paths for forwarding a broadcast packet between a plurality of domains that each includes a plurality of communication nodes; a path determination unit configured to determine different communication nodes among the plurality of communication... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083847

Network system, network control method, and control apparatus

A network system, a network control method, and a control apparatus are provided that can easily achieve assurance of the quality of a network service and optimization of the throughput of an entire system. A network control apparatus (10) controls a network (20) having a multi-layer structure, monitors whether or... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083867

Communication device and communication method

A communication device (10) includes a communication IF (11) transmits and receives, in a layer 2, a packet having a structure that does not include a MAC address; a TCP/IP processing unit (12) transmits and receives a packet in a TCP/IP layer; and a switch (13) performs processing on the... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083873

Communication system, control apparatus, control method and program

A communication system includes: a first forwarding apparatus located at an end point of a network, a second forwarding apparatus located at an end point of the network, and a control apparatus that constructs a virtual network by controlling the first and second forwarding apparatuses. The control apparatus sets in... Nec Corporation

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03/22/18 / #20180083890

Network control device, network control method, and recording medium for program

In order to make it possible for an upper layer to receive the supply of a desired resource from a lower layer and make it possible to suitably grasp a trend in requests for a lower layer resource, this network control device is provided with: an upper hierarchical layer control... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083918

Information processing system, proxy server, address duplication prevention method, and computer-readable recording medium

Provided is an information processing system capable of preventing duplicate allocation of an IP address. The information processing system includes: a DHCP server connected to a first subnet and configured to transmit, in response to a request for address allocation from a client terminal, a request message for confirming a... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180084402

Communication system

A communication system is disclosed in which a home subscriber server, ‘HSS’, of a communication network, receives, from a service capability exposure function, ‘SCEF’, at least one communication pattern parameter set together with an associated validity time, stores the at least one communication pattern parameter set, and when the validity... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180084425

Radio terminal apparatus and method therefor

A radio terminal apparatus (113) is configured to perform D2D communication with at least one radio terminal (121-124) belonging to a second group (group 2) when a predetermined condition is satisfied. The predetermined condition includes that a first radio terminal (110) belonging to a first group (group 1) to which... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180084444

Mobile communication system, detection server, control apparatus, mobile communication apparatus, network optimizing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium having program stored thereon

An object of the present invention is to provide a mobile communication system, a detection server, a control apparatus, a mobile communication apparatus, a network optimizing method, and a program which can execute optimization of network processing based on a change of use characteristics. A mobile communication system according to... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180084479

Wireless communication device

A wireless communication device of the present invention has a device information storage part that stores device information identifying another wireless communication device that can establish wireless communication. When transmitting data, the wireless communication device attaches transmission source neighboring device information stored in the device information storage part of the... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180084525

Core network node, base station, mobile station, server, communication system, paging method, and program

A core network node includes: a paging candidate storage unit that holds a candidate(s) of a base station(s) as a paging message transmission destination(s); a base station information storage unit that holds information about a communication function(s) of the candidate(s) of the base station(s); a paging destination selection unit that... Nec Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180084590

Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication

The invention provides for a wireless communications terminal (502), and related system and method, for wirelessly communicating with a network (504, 506). The terminal (502) is arranged to transmit, as part of a wireless connection establishment procedure for forming a wireless connection between the terminal (502) and the network (504,... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073764

Phase-change cooling apparatus and controlling the same

A cooling system employing a phase-change cooling apparatus together with an air conditioner becomes complex and increases in cost if it is configured to maximize the efficiency of the entire cooling system; therefore, a phase-change cooling apparatus according to an exemplary aspect of the present invention includes a heat receiving... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074264

Grating coupler with high optical coupling efficiency for smf

A grating coupler includes a grating including a core and an anti-phase reflection coating provided on at least one part of the grating. The anti-phase reflection coating includes a high refractive index layer and a buffer layer. The high refractive index layer has at least one selected from a plurality... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074348

Optical transmission device and control method therefor

To provide a modulation control method and an optical transmission device that realize high reliability by more stably performing bias control of an optical modulator using an optical QAM scheme, an optical transmitter according to the present invention comprises a first waveguide and a second waveguide, wherein each of the... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074349

Electro-optic device

An electro-optic device includes a first semiconductor layer including the rib-type waveguide, which includes a rib part and a first slab part, which extends in a first direction from the rib part; a dielectric layer, which is formed on the rib part; a second semiconductor layer, which extends in a... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074516

Control apparatus, control method, and storage medium

Provided is a control apparatus includes, a state information obtainment unit configured for, with respect to each of at least some nodes including an assigned node among a plurality of nodes being mobile nodes, obtaining state information that represents a state related to a predetermined value corresponding to a position... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074749

Storage device, management device, storage system, data migration method, and computer-readable recording medium

The storage device includes: a storage unit to include a storage region which stores data, a management table storage unit to retain a management table retaining identification information relating to the storage region, access state information relating to accessibility to the storage region, and migration information indicating a state relating... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074853

Parallel processing system

A first process scheduler and a second process scheduler are configured to be able to communicate with each other. The first process scheduler is configured to, in accordance with the processing status of a second process processing part detected by the second process scheduler, control the operation of a first... Nec Corporation

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03/15/18 / #20180074980

Information processing device, information processing method, main processor core, program, information processing method, and sub processor core

A main processor core having a first memory and a sub processor core having a second memory and controlled by the main processor core are included. An operating system is incorporated in the main processor core, and no operating system is incorporated in the sub processor core. Shared memories are... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180075360

Accuracy-estimating-model generating system and accuracy estimating system

An accuracy estimation unit 91 estimates accuracy of a predictive model using an accuracy estimating model that is learned using, as an explanatory variable, all or part of one or more contexts each indicating a feature value representing an operation status of the predictive model at a first point of... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180075630

Predictor visualization system, predictor visualization method, and predictor visualization program

A storage unit 81 stores information associating each of a plurality of prediction targets with a predictor-related index related to a predictor for predicting the prediction target. Scatter graph generation means 82 generates, based on the information stored in the storage unit 81, a scatter graph in which a symbol... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076449

Negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery and secondary battery

wherein S is an area of a projected image of particle and L is a circumferential length of the projected image of particle. The lithium ion secondary battery having this electrode has improved cycle characteristics.... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076479

Lithium-ion secondary cell and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a lithium ion secondary battery comprising an electrode element comprising a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a separator, and an electrolyte solution, wherein the separator has a shrinking ratio of 2% or less by heat treatment at 90 ° C. for 6 hours, and... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076486

Secondary battery

A lithium ion secondary battery excellent in cycle characteristics and rate characteristics is provided. The present invention relates to a lithium secondary battery having an electrolyte solution comprising one or more compounds selected from a fluorinated ether and a fluorinated phosphate ester and a separator comprising an aramid resin.... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076900

Optical transmitter and optical communication method

It is impossible to compensate non-linearity in an optical transmitter during operations, therefore, an optical transmitter according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a selective addition means for adding a coefficient to digital data to be transmitted if the digital data being included in one of data intervals... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077048

Controller, control method and program

A communication system comprises: a first controller controlling a first physical network; and a second controller controlling a second physical network. The first controller comprises: a first unit configured to identify a plurality of communication node included in the first and second physical networks in response to a service(s) requested... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077085

Parameter determination apparatus, parameter determination method and program

A parameter determination device of the present invention is provided with: an input/output interface which accepts topology information representing connections between nodes included in a communication system and node pair information indicating node pairs that communicate with each other; a parameter determination unit which simultaneously determines, on the basis of... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077355

Monitoring device, monitoring method, monitoring program, and monitoring system

A monitoring system includes a mobile terminal, and a management device which communicates with the mobile terminal, in which the mobile terminal includes a first transmission unit which transmits position information of the mobile terminal to the management device at a predetermined interval, and the management device includes a control... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077578

Apparatus, mobile communication

In order for making MTC more efficient and/or secure, a base station forming a communication system connects a UE to a core network. A node serves as an entering point to the core network for a service provider, and transmits traffic between the service provider and the UE. The node... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077610

Communication system, base station, access point managing device, terminal, communication method, relay method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

A communication system according to the present invention includes a base station that forms a mobile communication area, an access point that forms a wireless LAN communication area, an access point managing device that manages the access point, and an application server that provides an application service to a communication... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077611

Gateway apparatus, communication control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing communication control program

A source Home Node B (HNB) of a mobile communication system transmits, to a Home Node B-Gateway (HNB-GW) of the mobile communication system, a Direct Transfer message including a Target Radio Network Controller (RNC)-ID and a Target Cell ID. A mobile station receives a channel reconfiguration message from the source... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077722

Communication system

A communication system is disclosed in which communication devices communicate with a base station using radio frames made up of a sequence of subframes and a frequency band made up of frequency subbands. The base station identifies a subframe in which a broadcast message, carrying information for at least one... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077744

Communication system

A communication system is disclosed in which a base station receives, from a communication device, NAS signalling for establishing a connection via the base station. The base station forwards the NAS signalling to a default MME for setting up the connection to the default MME. The default MME sends, responsive... Nec Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077745

Method for coordinating terminal-to-terminal communication via ad-hoc network and mobile communication network, and management server device in which said method is implemented

A management server device disposed at a boundary between an ad-hoc network and a mobile communication network (3G/LTE network) and being provided with a dummy terminal for relaying communication between a first terminal device for directly communicating with other devices belonging to the ad-hoc network and a second terminal device... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180067260

Optical waveguide circuit and fabricating same

Provided is an optical waveguide circuit avoiding the difficulty of the property compensation based on temperature control, compensated with respect to the property variations due to fabrication error, particularly paid attention in a silicon waveguide, and being low in power consumption and high in performances. The optical waveguide circuit includes... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180068158

Information processing device, information processing system, position reporting method, and program recording medium

An acquisition unit acquires a photographed image data which is photographed by a user at a first position in a space. The photographed image includes at least any of the multiple markers. An identification unit identifies the first position, on which user have photographed an image, based on the markers... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180068533

Product registration apparatus, program, and control method

A product registration apparatus (2000) includes a recognition unit (2020), an imaging unit (2040), a detection unit (2060), and a determination unit (2080). The recognition unit (2020) recognizes a product. The imaging unit (2040) images an action of a customer to generate a customer image. The detection unit (2060) uses... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180069236

Lithium-iron-manganese-based composite oxide and lithium-ion secondary battery using same

wherein 1.05≦x≦1.32, 0.33≦y≦0.63, 0.06≦z≦0.50, 0<p≦0.63, 0.06≦q≦0.50, 0≦δ≦0.80, y≧p, and z≧q; M1 is at least one element selected from Ti and Zr; and M2 is at least one element selected from the group consisting of Co, Ni and Mn.... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180069285

Coaxial wiring device and transmission/reception integrated splitter

Conventional coaxial wiring devices present a problem in that the management of the manufacturing process therefor is difficult. A coaxial wiring device according to the present invention includes a first member, a second member, and a conductor plate. The first member (10) and the second member (30) include, when a... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180069625

Optical transmission system, optical receiver, and detecting optical signal information

In the optical transmission system to transmit optical signals using a plurality of adjacent paths, it is difficult to detect a delay difference between a plurality of paths and chromatic dispersion with a high degree of accuracy due to a crosstalk; therefore, a method for detecting optical signal information according... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180069648

Optical transmission system, analyzing thereof, terminal station device, and management device

An optical transmission system includes: a terminal station device that transmits a wavelength multiplexed optical signal resulting from multiplexing an optical signal and dummy light; and an optical add-drop multiplexer that receives respective wavelength multiplexed optical signals transmitted from a plurality of the terminal station devices and performs add-drop processing... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180069784

Communication device, relay device, communication method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

A communication device (100) includes a plurality of communication units (103-1, 103-2) that transmit data in different transmission schemes from one another, a route selector (101) that searches for a most appropriate communication route and gives an instruction to transmit data from the communication unit corresponding to the most appropriate... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070156

Optical multiplexing and demultiplexing device, and controlling optical multiplexing and demultiplexing device

In order to achieve a highly reliable reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing (ROADM) device, this optical multiplexing and demultiplexing device is provided with: a first wavelength selection switch which multiplexes, by wavelength, and outputs optical signals contained in a first wavelength multiplexed optical signal; a second wavelength selection switch which multiplexes,... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070240

Apparatus, mobile communication

In order for making MTC more efficient and/or secure, a base station forming a communication system connects a UE to a core network. A node serves as an entering point to the core network for a service provider, and transmits traffic between the service provider and the UE. The node... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070262

Communication apparatus, system, method, allocation apparatus, and non-transitory recording medium

Traffic is allocated to a dedicated apparatus that performs a predetermined network function or a predetermined virtual network function corresponding to the predetermined network function of the dedicated apparatus, according to a service level set in correspondence with information relating to the traffic, and the traffic is forwarded to the... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070268

Control entity and method thereof

A control entity (1) receives, from an application layer entity (3), first information regarding a communication pattern of a wireless terminal and provides the first information or a network parameter derived therefrom to a network entity (2). The control entity (1) further performs communication control regarding transmission or reception of... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070289

Communication system, management apparatus, communication terminal, communication control method, sensor information transmission method, and computer readable medium

A communication system according to the present disclosure includes a core network apparatus and a management apparatus. The management apparatus includes a reception unit for receiving sensor information detected by a communication terminal (40) via the core network, an evaluation unit for evaluating whether or not the sensor information indicates... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070309

Wireless communication system, wireless communication network, wireless terminal, and wireless communication method

A wireless communication system that enables a wireless terminal to perform communication using a plurality of component carriers having different frequencies. The wireless communication system monitors a communication state of each of the component carriers allocated to the wireless terminal;-distributes, to the component carriers, data to be transmitted, based on... Nec Corporation

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03/08/18 / #20180070354

Base station, terminal, radio communication system, radio communication method

A base station capable of reducing subframe overhead and improving throughput is provided. A base station (10) communicates with terminals (20-0 to 20-3). The base station (10) includes: a controller (12) configured to set, in a variable manner, for each subframe, a cyclic prefix length of a cyclic prefix part... Nec Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070393

Connection identifier system and method

A method and system are proposed for establishing a requested connection between a source node and a destination node in a telecommunications network. The system and method are described in relation to a 3GPP network, but are applicable to other types of networks. The method includes generating a source application... Nec Corporation

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