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Nec Corporation
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Nec Corporation c o Baba International Patent Office
Nec Corporation And Renesas Electronics Corporation
Nec Corporation_20100107
Nec Corporation Of America
Nec Corporation_20100114
Nec Corporation_20131212
Nec Corporation_20100128
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Nec Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nec Corporation. Nec Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nec Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nec Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12014036582912/11/14 Operation management apparatus, operation management method, and program
22014036583012/11/14 System and test data generation and optimization for data driven testing
32015024570909/03/15  new patent  Slide rail and equipment mounting rack
42015024777909/03/15  new patent  Optical integrated circuit, and inspection optical device in optical integrated circuit
52015024784309/03/15  new patent  Method of detecting target substance
62015024844109/03/15  new patent  Time-series data processing device, time-series data processing method and medium for storing time-series data processing program
72015024845409/03/15  new patent  Query similarity-degree evaluation system, evaluation method, and program
82015024845809/03/15  new patent  Method, apparatus and program for transforming into binary data
92015024850709/03/15  new patent  Information system construction support device, information system construction support method, and storage medium
102015024850809/03/15  new patent  Information system construction device, information system construction method, and storage medium
112015024858709/03/15  new patent  Image processing system, image processing method, and program
122015024865009/03/15  new patent  Matching device, matching method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
132015024875109/03/15  new patent  Image processing system, image processing method, and program
142015024893909/03/15  new patent  Magnetic-domain-wall-displacement memory cell and initializing method therefor
152015024950709/03/15  new patent  Coherent optical receiver device and coherent optical receiving method
162015024956509/03/15  new patent  Communication system, virtual network management apparatus, virtual network management method and program
172015024956809/03/15  new patent  Control apparatus, control method, communication system, and program
182015024958109/03/15  new patent  Information collection system, server apparatus, edge apparatus, control method, and program
192015024960009/03/15  new patent  Communication system, control apparatus, packet forwarding path control method, and program
202015024982409/03/15  new patent  Moving image encoding device
212015024996909/03/15  new patent  Gateway device, mobile communication system, and paging method
222015024999609/03/15  new patent  Communication device, communication method and non-transitory computer readable medium
232015024109608/27/15 Cooling apparatus, heat receiving section and boiling section used therein, and manufacturing the same
242015024129708/27/15 Leakage determination method, leakage determination system, and program
252015024208408/27/15 Display controlling device, display device, display method and recording medium
262015024225308/27/15 Event processing control device, node device, event processing system, and event processing control method
272015024283308/27/15 Information processing device and screen setting method
282015024286608/27/15 Determination device, determination method, and computer-readable recording medium
292015024417308/27/15 Method of managing electric power, power management device and program
302015024431208/27/15 Power converter, solar energy device and solar energy power conversion method
312015024446608/27/15 Optical sending circuit and optical sending method
322015024446708/27/15 Optical transmission device and optical reception device
332015024448508/27/15 Wireless communication system, a base station and a method therein
342015024483108/27/15 Data delivery control system, data delivery control method, and storage medium storing data delivery control program
352015024532508/27/15 Radio communication system, radio station, radio terminal, network apparatus, bearer control method, and computer readable medium
362015024537908/27/15 Wireless communications system and method implemented in a wireless communications system
372015024539408/27/15 Communications system
382015024540308/27/15 Radio communication system, radio station, radio terminal, communication control method, and computer readable medium
392015024550808/27/15 Mounting structure of flexible printed circuit board and sliding-type electronic device
402015023464808/20/15 Firmware management system, method, and recording medium storing program
412015023465608/20/15 Vector processor, information processing apparatus, and overtaking control method
422015023467208/20/15 Information processing device that generates machine disposition plan, and generating machine disposition plan
432015023472008/20/15 Standby system device, active system device, and load dispersion method
442015023493708/20/15 Information retrieval system, information retrieval method and computer-readable medium
452015023497208/20/15 Board design method and board design device
462015023506608/20/15 Article management system
472015023513308/20/15 Data concentration prediction device, data concentration prediction method, and recording medium recording program thereof
482015023570308/20/15 Nonvolatile content addressable memory and operating same
492015023624608/20/15 Thermoelectric conversion element and manufacturing the same
502015023637608/20/15 Lithium secondary battery and production method therefor
512015023639208/20/15 Band-pass filter
522015023642908/20/15 Reflector device, communication system using the same and communication method using the same
532015023661008/20/15 Vibration sensor unit
542015023685008/20/15 Re-encryption system, re-encryption method and re-encryption program
552015023686708/20/15 Network, network node, distribution method and network node program
562015023691908/20/15 Communication system, control apparatus, control method, and program
572015023695308/20/15 Control device, communication system, communication method and storage medium
582015023710508/20/15 Content delivery system
592015023734508/20/15 Video coding device, video coding method, and video coding program
602015023745808/20/15 Mobile communication system, data communication method, gateway device and base station
612015023752408/20/15 Method for transmitting audio information and packet communication system
622015023756008/20/15 Wireless communication terminal, communication method, program, information processing apparatus and distribution server
632015022577108/13/15 Analysis chip and analysis device
642015022660408/13/15 Sensor device, vibration detection system, sensor unit, information processing device, vibration detection method, and program
652015022660808/13/15 Spectroscopic analysis apparatus, spectroscopic analysis method, and computer readable medium
662015022714808/13/15 Energy management system, energy management method, and server device and terminal device that use energy management method
672015022720008/13/15 Tactile force sense presentation device, information terminal, tactile force sense presentation method, and computer-readable recording medium
682015022744608/13/15 Bottleneck detection device, method and recording medium storing program
692015022778108/13/15 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
702015022780608/13/15 Object information extraction apparatus, object information extraction program, and object information extraction method
712015022785208/13/15 Data processing device
722015022912808/13/15 Method of managing electric power, power management device, and program
732015022914208/13/15 Battery control device, electric storage device, operating electric storage device, and program
742015022927608/13/15 Transmitting amplifier and transmitter
752015022943308/13/15 Polarization multiplexing optical transmitter and operation control method
762015022952008/13/15 Network monitoring system, communication device, network management method
772015022957408/13/15 Communication system, communication method, information processing apparatus, communication control method, and program
782015022962008/13/15 Key management in machine type communication system
792015022983508/13/15 Image processing system, image processing method, and program
802015023011408/13/15 Communication device and a method thereby, a base station and a method thereby, and a system
812015023011608/13/15 Wireless transmission device, vswr determination device, and vswr determination method
822015023013908/13/15 Mobile communication system, base station, higher-order apparatus, gateway apparatus, communication method, and program
832015023015908/13/15 Communications system
842015023016508/13/15 Communication apparatus, communication method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and distribution server
852015023017408/13/15 Inter base station handover method, radio communication system, drx control method, base station, and communication terminal
862015023017708/13/15 Radio communication system, radio terminals, radio base stations, radio communication method and program
872015023020908/13/15 Optimized user equipement relaying
882015023024908/13/15 Wireless communications system and method in a wireless communications system
892015021984408/06/15 Optical waveguide and manufacturing optical waveguide
902015022009808/06/15 Information processing apparatus, power-consuming body, information processing method, and program
912015022027908/06/15 Magnetic tape drive apparatus, magnetic tape drive system, and magnetic tape drive method
922015022061408/06/15 Information collection device, system, method and program
932015022063208/06/15 Dictionary creation device for monitoring text information, dictionary creation monitoring text information, and dictionary creation program for monitoring text information
942015022071908/06/15 License control system, license control method, license application device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium whereupon program is stored
952015022076908/06/15 Striped pattern image examination support device, striped pattern image examination support method and program
962015022079808/06/15 Image processing system, image processing method, and program
972015022081008/06/15 Object identification apparatus, object identification method, and program
982015022084008/06/15 Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program thereof
992015022096408/06/15 Information processing device and setting item to be returned
1002015022186508/06/15 Variable resistance element and producing variable resistance element
1012015022211808/06/15 Power transmission and distribution system, controller, router, power transmission and distribution method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
1022015022230708/06/15 Reception quality measuring apparatus and reception quality measuring method
1032015022236508/06/15 Optical transmitter and bias voltage control method
1042015022245408/06/15 Mobile station device, wireless communication system, channel estimation method, and program for controlling same
1052015022246108/06/15 Transmitter, signal-synthesizing circuit, and signal-synthesizing method
1062015022248208/06/15 Communication system, management device, network node, and communication method
1072015022248308/06/15 Control apparatus, control method, communication system, and program
1082015022254408/06/15 Rule distribution apparatus, event processing system, rule distribution method, and rule distribution program
1092015022278108/06/15 Information provision apparatus, information provision method, and program
1102015022311308/06/15 Communication system, base station, and communication method
1112015020880207/30/15 Slide rail unit
1122015020892107/30/15 Information processing apparatus, portable communication terminal, and control methods and control programs thereof
1132015021195307/30/15 Leak-detection device, program, and control method
1142015021196007/30/15 Optical probe, inspection device, and inspection method
1152015021216307/30/15 Device for detecting remaining battery capacity, battery system, detecting remaining battery capacity and program
1162015021274207/30/15 Memory control device, information processing apparatus, memory control method, and, storage medium storing memory control program
1172015021275007/30/15 Disk array apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
1182015021282607/30/15 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
1192015021294907/30/15 Storage control device and storage control method
1202015021309007/30/15 Estimation device, database operation status estimation method and program storage medium
1212015021332807/30/15 Object identification apparatus, object identification method, and program
1222015021340007/30/15 Placement information registration device, placement information registration method, and placement information registration program
1232015021459907/30/15 Radio wave monitoring apparatus
1242015021473707/30/15 Grid integrated control apparatus, grid control system, grid control apparatus, program, and control method
1252015021505607/30/15 Mobile communication system, mobile communication method, gateway apparatus, and radio base station
1262015021514907/30/15 Receiver device, transmit/receive terminal, propagation delay time measurement method and computer program
1272015021516407/30/15 Information processing device
1282015021518007/30/15 Communication system, server apparatus, server apparatus control method and program
1292015021520307/30/15 Control apparatus, communication system, communication method, and program
1302015021537907/30/15 Distributed processing device and distributed processing system as well as distributed processing method
1312015021563307/30/15 Image-data binary arithmetic decoding device and image decoding device
1322015021568707/30/15 Wavelength multiplexer, and method and program for identifying failed portion
1332015021574207/30/15 Mobile communication system, movement prediction device and paging area determination method
1342015021589407/30/15 Communication system, base station, host node, and communication method
1352015021589507/30/15 Paging control apparatus, paging method, wireless terminal, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
1362015020472607/23/15 Infrared detection device and infrared detection method
1372015020504707/23/15 Polarization separator, polarization separation structure, optical mixer, and manufacturing polarization separator
1382015020527307/23/15 Cooperative control device, cooperative control method, and recording medium having cooperative control program stored therein
1392015020563807/23/15 Migration system, migration method and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing control program
1402015020564307/23/15 Program conversion device and method, process switching method, determining execution scheme and program storage medium therefor, processor system, and parallel execution scheme
1412015020578607/23/15 Problem situation detection device, problem situation detection method and problem situation detection-use program
1422015020585507/23/15 Product management method, product management device, product management system, and program
1432015020585907/23/15 Text mining device, text mining method, and computer-readable recording medium
1442015020605407/23/15 Rule management device, rule management method, and program
1452015020625707/23/15 Information processing device, data processing method thereof, and program
1462015020628107/23/15 Update region detection device
1472015020632807/23/15 Data output device, data output method, and computer readable medium
1482015020730907/23/15 Distribution board, power consumption managing system, and methods for manufacturing distribution board and power consumption managing system
1492015020746407/23/15 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
1502015020758807/23/15 Receiving device and receiving method, and computer program
1512015020767307/23/15 Communication device, communication system, determining path, and program
1522015020767507/23/15 Path control system, control apparatus, edge node, path control method, and program
1532015020786007/23/15 Information distribution system, information distribution server, information distribution method, and program
1542015020790607/23/15 Casing for portable device
1552015020795907/23/15 Spectral image processing method, spectral image processing device, and program
1562015020801507/23/15 Image processing system, image processing method, and program
1572015020830107/23/15 Mobility control in mobile communication network
1582015020830807/23/15 Radio communication system and handover control method
1592015020833607/23/15 Mobile terminal, communication method, communication system program, information processing apparatus, service rendering method and distribution server
1602015020838707/23/15 Resource allocation signalling
1612015019735107/16/15 Trajectory generation device, trajectory generation method, and storage medium having trajectory generation program stored therein
1622015019950807/16/15 Information processing system, information processing device, monitoring device, monitoring method
1632015019961107/16/15 Method and system for performing reflexive game theory (rgt) inference
1642015019965807/16/15 System and electronic payment, and server, communication terminal and program therefor
1652015019976807/16/15 Deposit and withdrawal log analysis device, deposit and withdrawal log analysis method, and deposit and withdrawal log analysis program
1662015020035407/16/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
1672015020042507/16/15 Lithium secondary battery and control system therefor, and detecting state of lithium secondary battery
1682015020085007/16/15 Communication system, control device, communication method, and program
1692015020094207/16/15 Update of security for group based feature in m2m
1702015020131507/16/15 Communication system and providing supplementary service in femto cell
1712015020136407/16/15 Communication system and communication control method
1722015020137107/16/15 Communication system, node apparatus, communication method and program
1732015020140907/16/15 Wireless communication system, wireless communication setting method, base station, mobile station, and program
1742015020151207/16/15 Electronic device and a casing used therefor
1752015019283807/09/15 Imaging aid, imaging device, and imaging method
1762015019342507/09/15 Word latent topic estimation device and word latent topic estimation method
1772015019369807/09/15 Data processing device
1782015019458707/09/15 Thermoelectric conversion element and manufacturing same
1792015019467107/09/15 Lithium-ion battery and producing same
1802015019470307/09/15 Secondary battery
1812015019503207/09/15 Communication system
1822015019509007/09/15 Encrypted data verification system, method and recording medium
1832015019511407/09/15 Fft circuit
1842015019517407/09/15 Traffic data collection apparatus, traffic data collection method and program
1852015019520207/09/15 Mobile terminal, control node, packet transfer node, and controlling congestion
1862015019520807/09/15 Remote communication system, server apparatus, remote communication method, and program
1872015019539607/09/15 Communication system, method, and program
1882015019567707/09/15 Mobile station, wireless base station device, wireless communication system, and data distribution method
1892015019575707/09/15 Communication system
1902015019576207/09/15 Handover failure detection device, handover parameter adjustment device, and handover optimization system
1912015019581707/09/15 Method of control signaling transmission and reception for user equipment in a lte communication system
1922015018391207/02/15 (meth)acrylate derivative, polymer and photoresist composition having lactone structure, and forming pattern by using it
1932015018662907/02/15 Verification device and control verifiction device, as well as computer program
1942015018686207/02/15 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, unregistered product lookup method, and unregistered product lookup program
1952015018860507/02/15 Frequency hopping
1962015018872907/02/15 System and identifying communication between virtual servers
1972015018873007/02/15 System and identifying communication between virtual servers
1982015018876407/02/15 Relay station apparatus, mobile communication system, base station apparatus, and controlling relay station
1992015018880707/02/15 Communication method, information processing apparatus, communication system, communication terminal, and program
2002015018883407/02/15 Data transmission apparatus, data division apparatus and data division method
2012015018888007/02/15 Communication information detecting device and communication information detecting method
2022015018923807/02/15 Verification method, verification system, verification apparatus, and program therefor
2032015018946007/02/15 Optimization of mtc device trigger delivery
2042015018951707/02/15 Radio communication system, radio base station, radio communication terminal, radio communication method, and a non-transitory computer readable medium embodying instructions for controlling a device to implement a control method
2052015018955507/02/15 Handover handling
2062015018956207/02/15 Mobile communication system, wireless station, mobile communication control method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium stored with mobile communication control program
2072015018957107/02/15 Radio communication system, radio terminal, radio station, and communication control method
2082015018961707/02/15 Fading doppler frequency estimation device and fading doppler frequency estimation method
2092015018963207/02/15 Method for multiplexing control signals and reference signals in mobile communications system
2102015018963507/02/15 Downlink multiplexing
2112015017697806/25/15 Three-dimensional object-measurement device, medium, and control method
2122015017719506/25/15 Structure analyzing device and a structure analyzing method
2132015017785606/25/15 Digital pen system and pen based input method
2142015017807006/25/15 Program distribution device, program distribution method, program distribution system, and storage medium
2152015017814006/25/15 Information processing system and monitoring method
2162015017882306/25/15 Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program of information processing apparatus
2172015018057906/25/15 Optical transmission device and control the same
2182015018058306/25/15 Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission device
2192015018064106/25/15 Communication apparatus, time synchronization system, and time synchronization method
2202015018066606/25/15 Universal hash function computing device, method and program
2212015018069506/25/15 Preamble detection device, preamble detection method and computer program
2222015018074006/25/15 Flow rate prediction device, flow rate prediction method, and flow rate prediction program
2232015018075706/25/15 Available bandwidth estimating system, method, and program
2242015018076106/25/15 Computer system, communication control server, communication control method, and program
2252015018077506/25/15 Communication system, control apparatus, communication method, and program
2262015018093606/25/15 Data transfer device, data transfer method, and program storage medium
2272015018112606/25/15 Information processing device, data processing method thereof, and program
2282015018121306/25/15 Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program
2292015018121506/25/15 Communication system, method and program
2302015018124006/25/15 Video encoding/decoding device, method, and program
2312015018146206/25/15 Core network node, wireless terminal, congestion control, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
2322015018149606/25/15 Base station, terminal, wireless communication system and communication method
2332015018151006/25/15 Radio access system and portable terminal device
2342015018160506/25/15 Mobile communication system and mobile communication method
2352015018163006/25/15 Service control apparatus, relay apparatus, femtocell base station, communication system, control method, and program
2362015016591806/18/15 Charging system control apparatus, program, and control method
2372015016821106/18/15 Correction device and correction light reception power monitor
2382015016924106/18/15 Data processing apparatus, data processing method and program recording medium
2392015016933406/18/15 Method for customizing device initial settings in information processing system
2402015016935606/18/15 Transaction processing system
2412015017010406/18/15 Time and attendance management device, data processing method thereof, and program
2422015017146806/18/15 Lithium-ion secondary battery
2432015017147706/18/15 Lithium secondary battery
2442015017194606/18/15 Control radio communication system, radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus
2452015017200706/18/15 Wireless communication apparatus and harq response transmission and reception methods
2462015017200806/18/15 Wireless transfer device and control of wireless transfer band
2472015017204406/18/15 Order-preserving encryption system, encryption device, decryption device, encryption method, decryption method, and programs thereof
2482015017207706/18/15 Switch apparatus, vlan setting management method, and program
2492015017212906/18/15 Filtering setting support device, filtering setting support method, and medium

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