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Nec Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nec Corporation. Nec Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nec Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nec Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program


Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program

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Count Application # Date Nec Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014030770910/16/14Synchronization system and synchronizing method for plurality of base stations and mobile station in a reverse link wireless transmission
22014030774210/16/14Communication system, control device, forwarding node, and control method and program for communication system
32014030779010/16/14Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program
42014030937910/16/14Polysiloxane-modified polylactic acid composition, composition utilizing same, molded article, and production method
52014031009710/16/14Information processing system, information processing method, communications terminals and control method and control program thereof
62014029973710/09/14Vibration suppression mechanism for an electronic device
72014030042810/09/14Waveguide structure and printed-circuit board
82014030042910/09/14Waveguide structure and printed-circuit board
92014030104610/09/14Mounting structure of flexible printed circuit board and sliding-type electronic device
102014030123210/09/14Apparatus and method for csi calculation and reporting
112014030136910/09/14Management method, management node, communication system, and recording medium for program
122014030163410/09/14Dictionary learning device, pattern matching apparatus, method for learning dictionary and storage medium
132014030164710/09/14Local feature descriptor extracting apparatus, method for extracting local feature descriptor, and program
142014030285710/09/14Radio parameter control system, radio parameter control apparatus, radio base station, radio terminal, radio parameter control method and program
152014030424410/09/14Anonymization index determination device and method, and anonymization process execution system and method
162014029239910/02/14Decoupling circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
172014029257710/02/14Control method of radio communication system, radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus
182014029259410/02/14Artificial satellite with integrated antenna
192014029440210/02/14Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission method and program for optical transmission
202014029703810/02/14Network, control system for controlling the network, network apparatus for the network, and method of controlling the network
212014029735910/02/14Risk management device
222014029773010/02/14Delivery system, delivery method, server device, program, and client device
232014029785710/02/14Traffic management device, system, method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
242014029794910/02/14Disk array device
252014029833610/02/14Central processing unit, information processing apparatus, and intra-virtual-core register value acquisition method
262014029835010/02/14Distributed processing system
272014028545909/25/14Gesture input operation device, method, program, and portable device
282014028551009/25/14Image processing apparatus, method, program and display
292014028616709/25/14Path control system, path control device, communication device, path control method, and program
302014028629409/25/14Mobile communication terminal, communication method, communication system, and control apparatus
312014028660609/25/14High-order mode filter
322014028867409/25/14Method for controlling system, and control device
332014028902209/25/14Task assistance device, task assistance system, task assistance method, and storage medium with program stored therein
342014028948909/25/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage system and non-transitory computer readable storage media
352014028973509/25/14Capacity management support apparatus, capacity management method and program
362014026690609/18/14Angle diversity receiving apparatus
372014026958809/18/14Radio communication device for mobile communication system
382014026960309/18/14Radio station and method of processing user data with radio station
392014027012809/18/14Content display terminal selection system
402014028131409/18/14Dual system
412014028167409/18/14Fault tolerant server
422014025303709/11/14Charge control device, battery management device, charge control method, and record medium
432014025409909/11/14Electronic component and electronic component cooling method
442014025441609/11/14Radio communication system, radio terminal, radio network, radio communication method and program
452014025443309/11/14Sensor network system, sensor network control method, sensor node, sensor node control method, and sensor node control program
462014025489509/11/14Determination device, fingerprint input device, determination method and determination program
472014025633509/11/14Radio parameter control apparatus, radio base station, radio parameter control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
482014025865409/11/14Storage system
502014024771409/04/14Terminal, control device, communication method, communication system, communication module, program, and information processing device
512014024772509/04/14Load reducing system and load reducing method
522014024775109/04/14Network management service system, control apparatus, method, and program
532014024794909/04/14Signal processing method, signal processing device, and signal processing program
542014024872109/04/14Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of testing the same
552014024888409/04/14Base station, communication system, and method and program for controlling base station
562014024891609/04/14Spectrum control system, database, spectrum control method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing spectrum control program
572014024892709/04/14Mobile phone terminal
582014024968709/04/14Control method for system and system
592014025009209/04/14Rule discovery system, method, apparatus and program
602014025028209/04/14Storage system
612014025028709/04/14Information processing device, job scheduling method, and job scheduling program
622014025032009/04/14Cluster system
632014025035409/04/14Terminal, function starting-up method and program for terminal
642014025044109/04/14Deadlock preventing apparatus, deadlock preventing method, and program
652014023991308/28/14Battery control system, battery control device, battery control method and recording medium
672014024136508/28/14Communication terminal, communication method, and program
682014024136708/28/14Communication system, controller, communication method, and program
692014024136808/28/14Control apparatus for forwarding apparatus, control method for forwarding apparatus, communication system, and program
702014024400008/28/14Communication relay apparatus, operation state determination method, communication relay control board, and recording medium storing control program
712014024455108/28/14Information spread scale prediction device, information spread scale prediction method, and information spread scale prediction program
722014024458908/28/14Server, backup system and backup method
732014024479408/28/14Information system, method and program for managing the same, method and program for processing data, and data structure
742014024496908/28/14List vector processing apparatus, list vector processing method, storage medium, compiler, and information processing apparatus
752014024505308/28/14Distributed computer system
762014024506108/28/14Fault repair apparatus, fault repair method and storage medium storing fault repair program
772014024532808/28/14Information processing system, information processing method, information processing device and its control method and control program
782014024537508/28/14Document authority management system, terminal device, document authority management method, and computer-readable recording medium
792014023087308/21/14Thermoelectric conversion element and method of manufacturing the same, and heat radiation fin
802014023087608/21/14Layered product for magnetic element, thermoelectric conversion element having layered product, and method of manufacturing the same
812014023257708/21/14Analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method
822014023272608/21/14Space-filling curve processing system, space-filling curve processing method, and program
832014023330408/21/14Semiconductor device and control method of the same
842014023338108/21/14Communication apparatus, control apparatus, communication system, communication control method, and program
852014023339208/21/14Communication apparatus, communication system, communication control method, and program
862014023341008/21/14Reception quality measurement device and reception quality measurement method
872014023357708/21/14Communication system, control apparatus, and control method thereof
882014023379508/21/14Driver assistance system, driver assistance method and information storage medium
892014023396208/21/14Optical modulator module and modulation method for optical signal
902014023396308/21/14Optical output device and method for contorolling an optical transmitter
912014023481908/21/14Action presentation device, action presentation method, and recording medium
922014023522708/21/14Communication system, terminal, communication method and communication program
932014023686908/21/14Interactive variable selection device, interactive variable selection method, and interactive variable selection program
942014023687108/21/14Sparse variable optimization device, sparse variable optimization method, and sparse variable optimization program
952014023696708/21/14Information processing system, information processing method, information processing device and communication terminal, and method and program for controlling same
962014023730608/21/14Management device, management method, and medium
972014023752308/21/14Content synchronization system, content-synchronization control device, and content playback device
982014022429308/14/14Thermoelectric conversion element
992014022429408/14/14Thermoelectric conversion element and method of manufacturing the same
1002014022613308/14/14Multiprojection system
1012014022619608/14/14Optical elements, light source devices, and projection type display devices
1022014022619708/14/14Optical element and projection-type display device using same
1032014022648608/14/14Communication apparatus, communication system, communication control method, and computer program
1042014022655908/14/14Communication system
1052014022656708/14/14Onboard apparatus, communication system and communication method
1062014022660608/14/14Communication system, communication method, and communication program
1072014022661008/14/14Additional carrier types for lte
1082014022662608/14/14Processing apparatus, mobile communication system, base station apparatus, method for switching connection of mobile station, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
1092014022685708/14/14Information processing system, information processing method and program
1102014022694908/14/14Content synchronization system, content-synchronization control device, and content playback device
1112014022698908/14/14Node device, and control method and control program thereof
1122014022699008/14/14Optical communication systems and methods for minimizing reflective feedback
1132014022751308/14/14Bioplastic molded body and method for producing bioplastic molded body
1142014022761108/14/14Non-aqueous secondary battery
1152014022801608/14/14Radio communication system, radio terminal, radio station, network apparatus, and information collecting method
1162014022952308/14/14Content delivery system, control apparatus, and content delivery method
1172014022957208/14/14Transfer management server, termainal, and programs executed thereby
1182014022963508/14/14Communication device, communication system, and communication method
1192014022970308/14/14Information processing method, non-transitory computer readable medium having program stored thereon, and information processing apparatus
1202014022990608/14/14Signal selection apparatus and system, and circuit emulator and method and program
1212014021727008/07/14Light-receiving module
1222014021798908/07/14Battery control system, battery controller, battery control method, and recording medium
1232014021806008/07/14Degradation diagnosing circuit and degradation diagnosing method
1242014021810408/07/14Power amplification device
1252014021907108/07/14Failure prediction method and failure prediction system
1262014021925208/07/14Communication system
1272014021928108/07/14Communication system, forwarding node, path management server, communication method, and program
1282014021928508/07/14Network system
1292014021938408/07/14Digital modulator
1302014022099108/07/14Gateway and control device, and communication controlling methods for the same
1312014022101008/07/14Processing device, communication system, communication terminal, terminal device control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
1322014022274108/07/14Hierarchical latent variable model estimation device, hierarchical latent variable model estimation method, and recording medium
1332014022287308/07/14Information system, management apparatus, method for processing data, data structure, program, and recording medium
1342014022310208/07/14Flush control apparatus, flush control method and cache memory apparatus
1352014020936707/31/14Wiring board
1362014021126007/31/14Information sharing system, information sharing management device, and information sharing method
1372014021172807/31/14Communication system, method, and apparatus
1382014021174907/31/14Onboard communication apparatus and control method thereof
1392014021179507/31/14Communication system, control device, node, node control method, and program
1402014021204507/31/14Characteristic point coordination system, characteristic point coordination method, and recording medium
1412014021326007/31/14Communication system
1422014021327207/31/14Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, base station, mobile station, base station control method, mobile station control method, and control program
1432014021474707/31/14Multivariate data mixture model estimation device, mixture model estimation method, and mixture model estimation program
1442014021515307/31/14Storage system, disk array apparatus and control method for storage system
1452014020504107/24/14Rf signal generating circuit, and transmitter
1462014020516207/24/14Ridge direction extraction device, ridge direction extraction method, and ridge direction extraction program
1472014020586907/24/14Packaged battery, stacked battery assembly, and film-covered battery
1482014020629107/24/14Cross-polar interference cancellation system, wireless station device, wireless communication method
1492014020833407/24/14Computation device and computation execution method
1502014020843707/24/14Anonymization device, anonymization method and recording medium recording program therefor
1512014020843907/24/14Injustice detecting system, injustice detecting device and injustice detecting method
1522014020000707/17/14Inter-network handover system and method
1532014020001407/17/14Mobile station apparatus, control apparatus, base station apparatus, method implemented therein, and computer readable medium
1542014020001907/17/14Core network apparatus, radio base station, mobile terminal, mobile communication system, and operation control method
1552014020111407/17/14Device of managing distributed processing and method of managing distributed processing
1562014020126807/17/14Data placement system, distributed access node, data placement method and program
1572014020136407/17/14Resource optimization method, ip network system and resource optimization program
1582014020157707/17/14Management device, management method, and medium storing management program
1592014020184707/17/14Anonymization device and anonymization method
1602014019073807/10/14Electronic substrate and an electronic apparatus
1612014019182807/10/14Electromagnetic wave propagation sheet and display shelf implementing electromagnetic wave propagation sheet
1622014019274607/10/14Sms transport resource control
1632014019276507/10/14Communication device, communication method, and recording medium
1642014019280707/10/14Packet forwarding system, control apparatus, packet forwarding method, and program
1652014019287907/10/14Captured image compression transmission method and captured image compression transmission system
1662014019303407/10/14Object detection device, object detection method and object detection program
1672014019503907/10/14Library device and library device control method
1682014019518107/10/14Recycled secondary battery supply forecast system and recycled secondary battery supply forecast usage
1692014019523807/10/14Method and apparatus of confidence measure calculation
1702014019530007/10/14Site of interest extraction device, site of interest extraction method, and computer-readable recording medium
1712014019538207/10/14Collation/retrieval system, collation/retrieval server, image feature extraction apparatus, collation/retrieval method, and program
1722014019565507/10/14Communication system
1732014019567907/10/14Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method, and non-transitory storage medium
1742014019586507/10/14Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method, and storage medium
1752014019586807/10/14Operation management device, operation management method
1762014018211907/03/14Film-clad battery and method of producing a film-clad battery
1772014018264507/03/14Thermoelectric conversion element and thermoelectric conversion method
1782014018423407/03/14Storage cell state notifying system, storage cell state notifying method, and storage cell state notifying program
1792014018544707/03/14Communication system and communication control method
1802014018572607/03/14Frequency sweep signal generator, frequency component analysis apparatus, radio apparatus, and frequency sweep signal generating method
1812014018724607/03/14Communication system
1822014018844607/03/14System performance prediction method, information processing device, and control program thereof
1832014018845107/03/14Distributed processing management server, distributed system and distributed processing management method
1842014018927007/03/14Storage system
1852014017660206/26/14Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program thereof
1862014017808106/26/14Signal processing circuit, signal processing method, optical receiver and optical communication system
1872014017887406/26/14Method for evaluating cancer
1882014017932206/26/14Handover between mobile communication networks
1892014018177006/26/14Printed substrate design system, and printed substrate design method
1902014016563806/19/14Cooling device and electronic device made therewith
1912014016635206/19/14Hollow sealing structure
1922014016793006/19/14Control radio communication system and control radio communication method
1932014016925806/19/14Radio communication system, method, program, base station apparatus, multi-cell/multicast cooperation control apparatus
1942014016927106/19/14Mobility management system, mobility management method, access gw apparatus, mobility management control apparatus, and computer-readable medium
1952014016972306/19/14Optical modulator module, integrated circuit for driving optical modulator, and method for modulating optical signal
1962014017064806/19/14Cancer marker, method for evaluation of cancer by using the cancer marker, and evaluation reagent
1972014017252106/19/14Traffic control system, congestion control method, information processing apparatus, and control method and storage medium therefor
1982014017303506/19/14Distributed storage system and method
1992014017311806/19/14Contents delivery system, a contents delivery method, and a program for contents delivery
2002014017318806/19/14Information processing device
2012014017336306/19/14Operation management device, operation management method, and operation management program
2022014015948406/12/14Electrical apparatus
2032014015963406/12/14Fan control device
2042014016005106/12/14Information processing device, display control method, and recording medium
2052014016091206/12/14Locking mechanism and library apparatus
2062014016092206/12/14Switching device and method for controlling frame transmission and reception
2072014016097406/12/14Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, base station, mobile terminal, method for controlling base station, method for controlling mobile terminal, and control program for base station or mobile terminal
2082014016101406/12/14Mobile communication system, radio base station, mobile station, data transmission method, data reception method, and computer readable medium
2092014016108306/12/14Resource allocation method, wireless communication system, base station, and program
2102014016118206/12/14Moving image encoding method, moving image encoding apparatus, and computer-readable medium
2112014016131906/12/14Information processing apparatus, method for tracking object and program storage medium
2122014016264706/12/14Congestion control apparatus and congestion control method
2132014016265906/12/14Radio communication system, base station, communication method, mobile station, and computer-readable medium
2142014016272606/12/14Smart card, mobile device, atr signal, and terminal capabilities signal
2152014016492006/12/14Information-selection assist system, information-selection assist method and program
2162014015252006/05/14Antenna and printed-circuit board using waveguide structure
2172014015307206/05/14Image display devices
2182014015353006/05/14Wireless communication system, base station, control node, mobile station, method relating to these, and computer readable medium
2192014015383106/05/14Collation/retrieval system, collation/retrieval server, image feature extraction apparatus, collation/retrieval method, and program
2202014015505606/05/14Mobile radio communications network optimisation
2212014015507706/05/14Method for operating a wimax femtocell base station and femtocell base station
2222014015667006/05/14Numeric range search device, numeric range search method, and numeric range search program
2232014015685306/05/14Computer and resource retrieval method
2242014015702006/05/14Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, wireless communication system, and computer-readable recording medium on which control program of wireless communication device has been recoded
2252014015727906/05/14Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and control program storage medium
2262014015742906/05/14License management device, license management system, license management method, and program
2272014014416905/29/14Cooling system and device housing apparatus using the same
2282014014507905/29/14Work assistance system, terminal, method and program
2292014014666905/29/14Content delivery system and content delivery method
2302014014679105/29/14Mobile communication system, mobile station, switching station, and location registration method for mobile station
2312014014704405/29/14Moving image region detection device
2322014014711205/29/14Transmission device, transmission method, and communication system
2332014014815405/29/14Communication system
2342014014816005/29/14Mobile communication system, mobile station, switching station, and location registration method for mobile station
2352014014911605/29/14Speech synthesis device, speech synthesis method, and speech synthesis program
2362014014933205/29/14Action suggestion device, action suggestion system, action suggestion method, and program
2372014013954505/22/14Screen inspection device, screen inspection method, and program
2382014013980905/22/14Optical element, light source apparatus, and projection-type display apparatus
2392014014027405/22/14System and method for controlling high-speed wireless packet between uplink and downlink transmissions
2402014014029905/22/14Mobile communication system, control device, base station device, system control method and device control method
2412014014057605/22/14Object detection apparatus detection method and program
2422014014069005/22/14Coherent optical receiver, apparatus and method for detecting inter-channel skew in coherent optical receiver
2432014014327405/22/14Object placement apparatus, object placement method and program
2442014014354905/22/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
2452014014385305/22/14Network quarantine system, network quarantine method and program therefor
2462014013954505/22/14Screen inspection device, screen inspection method, and program
2472014013980905/22/14Optical element, light source apparatus, and projection-type display apparatus
2482014014027405/22/14System and method for controlling high-speed wireless packet between uplink and downlink transmissions
2492014014029905/22/14Mobile communication system, control device, base station device, system control method and device control method

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