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Recent patent applications related to Nec Europe Ltd. Nec Europe Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nec Europe Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nec Europe Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Method for providing m2m data
12/07/17Method for operating a centralized radio access network
11/23/17Privacy-aware in-network personalization system
11/23/17Intrusion detection and prevention generating detection rules and taking countermeasures
11/16/17Method for performing user profiling from encrypted network traffic flows
11/02/17Method for storing objects in a storage and corresponding system
11/02/17Method and system for filtering data series
11/02/17Method for verifying positions of a plurality of monitoring devices
11/02/17Method of managing an mptcp connection and network device
10/26/17Method for providing encrypted information and encrypting entity
10/19/17Efficient service function chaining over a transport network
09/28/17Method for operating a virtual network infrastructure
09/21/17Real-time filtering of digital data sources for traffic control centers
09/21/17Method for multi-channel operation in a vehicular network and vehicular network
08/24/17Method and system for providing an update of code on a memory-constrained device
08/24/17A operating a wireless network, a wireless network and a base station
08/17/17Method and system for at least partially updating data encrypted with an all-or-nothing encryption scheme
08/10/17Method for provably secure erasure of data
08/10/17Scalable real-time predictions and anomaly detection
08/03/17Method and system for determining a path of an object for moving from a starting state to an end state set avoiding one or more obstacles
07/27/17Information dissemination in a multi-technology communication network
07/20/17A storing of data within a cloud storage and a cloud storage system
06/15/17Radio access management system and method
06/08/17A method and a system for controlling energy supply to different units
05/25/17Method and system for managing flows in a network
05/18/17Efficent cascading of flow tables in software defined networks (sdn)
05/18/17Method for monitoring a status in form of presence and/or absence of a network entity
05/11/17Method and network device for handling packets in a network by means of forwarding tables
05/04/17Method for proving retrievability of information
04/20/17Method for mounting a device at a server in a network
03/16/17Method for verifying authenticity of a monitoring signal and corresponding monitoring system
03/09/17Method, user equipment, master evolved node b and communication system for dual connectivity
02/09/17Method for load balancing of charging stations for mobile loads within a charging stations network and a charging stations network
01/12/17Weighted similarity estimation in data streams with applications to collaborative filtering and viral marketing
12/22/16Method for providing multicast/broadcast service continuity for mobile terminals
11/17/16Energy controlling load balancing therein
11/17/16Method and sytem for crowd detection in an area
11/17/16Efficient access control for trigger events in sdn
10/20/16A preserving privacy within a communication system and an according communication system
10/13/16Method for resource management in a cellular communication network and resource management system
09/29/16Method and system for byzantine fault tolerant data replication
09/15/16Method and system for recording a multiuser web session and replaying a multiuser web session
08/04/16Scalable weighted similarity estimation in massive datasets revealed in a streaming fashion
08/04/16A operating an information-centric network and network
07/28/16Method and system for generating a virtual device resource accessible by an application
07/21/16Method for performing distributed geographic event processing and geographic event processing system
07/14/16Method and system for authenticating a data stream
07/14/16Method and system for analyzing a data flow
06/30/16Method and system for assessing a message in a decentralized communication network
06/23/16Method and system for checkpointing a global state of a distributed system
06/09/16Method for operating a distributed computing system and a distributed computing system
06/09/16Method for operating a network and a network
05/12/16Method for performing a secure boot of a computing system and computing system
05/12/16A operating a software defined network and a software defined network
05/05/16Method for the continuous processing of two-level data on a system with a plurality of nodes
04/28/16Harq implementation for distributed base stations
04/21/16Method for configuring an m2m system
04/21/16Method for managing overload in a mobile communication network
03/24/16Method and system for encrypting data
03/24/16Method and system for enforcing access control policies on data
03/03/16Collaborative load balancing within a community of energy nodes
02/18/16Method and system for managing data
02/18/16Method and system for accessing device by a user
02/11/16Method and system for controlling an underlying physical network by a software defined network
02/04/16Method and system for providing an information centric network
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02/04/16Radio access management system and method
02/04/16A method and a network structure for providing device connectivity to a radio access network
01/21/16A packet data network, a operating a packet data network and a flow-based programmable network device
01/14/16Collaborative balancing of renewable energy overproduction with electricity-heat coupling and electric and thermal storage for prosumer communities
01/14/16Securing internet measurements using openflow
01/14/16A operating a network
01/07/16Method and system for semantically querying a database by a machine-to-machine application
01/07/16Method and system for controlling messages between communicating entities
12/24/15Optimizing ssd-based content caches in content delivery networks
12/24/15Method and system for generating a virtual thing for a machine-to-machine application and a providing a result of a virtual thing to a machine-to-machine application
12/24/15Method and system for providing content in content delivery networks
12/17/15Method and system for providing encrypted data for searching of information therein and a searching of information on encrypted data
11/12/15Adaptive rate control for cellular-based vehicular networks
11/12/15Method and system for executing a secure application on an untrusted user equipment
11/12/15Adaptation of radio resources allocation in an intelligent transport system enabled cellular mobile network and operating such network
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10/29/15Efficient caching in content delivery networks based on popularity predictions
10/15/15Distributed task scheduling using multiple agent paradigms
09/24/15Method for building a ranked register and a compare-and-swap object, a ranked register and compare-and-swap-objects
09/24/15Method and network system for supporting radio access network sharing
09/17/15Method and system for handling subscribers' network traffic
09/10/15Method and system for executing applications in an untrusted environment
09/10/15Link-adaptation in partly centralized radio access networks
09/03/15Method and system for providing content for user devices
08/27/15Method and system for supporting the discovery of synchronized clusters of mobile stations in a wireless communication network
08/13/15Method for generating a dataset structure for location-based services and providing location-based services to a mobile device
08/13/15Method and system for operating stations in a cooperative station network
08/06/15Method and system for storing a file on a plurality of servers
07/23/15Method and system for performing mobile cdn request routing
07/09/15Method and system for configuring a user equipment
06/25/15Method and system for replicating data in a cloud storage system
06/11/15Method and computer system for detecting crowds in a location tracking system
06/04/15Method and system for accessing service/data of a first network from a second network for service/data access via the second network
06/04/15Dynamic activation of andsf policies
05/14/15A identifying potentially malicious network elements within a network using cross-domain collaborative data sharing
05/14/15Method for performing dns resolution in a network, content distribution system and client terminal for deployment in a content distribution system
04/30/15Method and system for modifying an authenticated and/or encrypted message
04/30/15Method and a network for determining user behavior during delivery of video content
04/23/15Method for executing processes on a worker machine of a distributed computing system and a distributed computing system
04/16/15Method for storing data in a relational database and relational database server
04/09/15Method for providing access of an user end device to a service provided by an application function within a network structure and a network structure
02/26/15Method for resource management in a tdd cellular communication network and resource management system
02/19/15Method for operating a network and a network
02/12/15Method for supporting automated metadata augmentation in a hierarchical level architecture for machine-to-machine (m2m) cloud computing and corresponding system
01/29/15Method for performing connection management in a mobile communication network, user terminal and base station
11/20/14Method and system to measure user engagement with content through event tracking on the client side
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11/13/14Method and system for identifying content
10/16/14Per-host locator to enable mobility gateway relocation in distributed mobility management
08/21/14Method and system for congestion avoidance in mobile communication networks
07/17/14Search engine and performing a search for objects that correspond to a search request
07/10/14User traffic accountability under congestion in flow-based multi-layer switches
06/26/14Method and system for providing a public key/secret key pair for encrypting and decrypting data
06/19/14Method for supporting selection of pdn connections for a mobile terminal and mobile terminal
06/12/14Method and system for data communication in hierarchically structured network
06/05/14Method for resource management in a cellular communication network and resource management system
05/15/14Method and system for managing applications on home user equipment
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05/08/14Energy awareness in mobile communication user equipment and networks, including optimizations based on state compression
02/13/14Method for operating a network and a network
01/23/14Method and a system for distributing of user equipment context in an evolved packet system
01/16/14Method for operating a flow-based switching system and switching system
01/16/14Method for operating a base station and base station
01/09/14Method for operating a wireless network, a wireless network and a device
09/12/13Method for switching a base station from an inactive operational mode to an active operational mode in a hierarchically structured mobile
08/29/13Method for supporting congestion management in a congestion exposure-enabled network
08/29/13Method for operating a network and a network
08/29/13Method for accessing content in networks and a corresponding system
08/22/13Method for colaborative energy transfer in a wireless network and corresponding wireless network
08/22/13Method and base station for supporting a connection between a communication device and a destination device in a target network
08/22/13Method and system for connecting a user equipment to a network device via a mobile communication network
08/22/13Method and system for providing service access to a user
08/01/13Method and system for secure pairing of wireless devices
07/04/13Method of managing trace sessions in a network and trace session management system
05/30/13Communication network and operating a communication network
05/23/13Method for operating an energy management system in a wireless radio network
05/16/13Method for managing energy consumption in a wireless network and corresponding wireless network system
05/16/13Apparatus and local mobility management in a clustered femtocell network
05/16/13Framework of an efficient congestion exposure audit function
05/16/13Smart grid and operating a smart grid
04/04/13Method for handling failure of a mme in a lte/epc network
03/28/13Method and performing relay node configuration and re-configuration in relay enhanced networks
01/17/13Method for operating a wireless network and a wireless network
01/17/13Method for operating a network and a network
01/03/13Method for operating a cellular radio system and a cellular radio system
12/20/12Method and femtocell base station for supporting wireless connectivity of a mobile station to a cellular network
12/20/12Method for operating a network and a network
12/13/12Method for routing traffic within a network and a network
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12/06/12Method and mobile terminal device for supporting multiple simultaneous pdn connections to the same apn
11/29/12Method and system for controlling devices and/or appliances being installed and/or implemented in a user network
11/22/12Method for operating a wireless network and a wireless network
11/08/12Method and system for service management for terminals with broadband connections
10/25/12Method and system for probabilistic processing of data
10/18/12Method for processing a soap message within a network and a network
10/18/12Method and system for user authentication
10/11/12Method for resource management within a wireless network and a wireless network
10/11/12Method for supporting a reputation mechanism in a network and network
09/27/12Method for operating a mobile network for charging traffic and corresponding mobile network
09/20/12A operating a network and a network
08/23/12Method and system for supporting the selection of communication peers in an overlay network
08/16/12Method for monitoring a network and network including a monitoring functionality
08/09/12Method for controlling the admission of a flow to a network and a network
08/09/12System and a employing swarms of electronic devices to locate survivors in the event of catastrophic structure collapse
08/02/12Method for operating a mobile terminal as access point and corresponding mobile terminal
08/02/12Method for monitoring traffic in a network and a network
07/26/12System and supporting local ip connectivity for an (e)nodeb
07/26/12Method for enabling multi-channel signaling in a communication network
07/19/12Method for controlling the traffic within a network structure and a network structure
Social Network Patent Pack
07/19/12Method for performing communication in a self-organized wireless network
07/19/12Method and system for controlling physical actuators in pervasive computing environments
07/12/12Method for operating a wireless terminal as an access point and wireless terminal
07/05/12Method for supporting admission control and/or path selection in a communication network and communication network
07/05/12Method of supporting power control in a communication network
07/05/12Mobility detection and reporting detecting and reporting cell changes of a mobile terminal in a mobile telecommunication network
07/05/12Method and network for managing port ranges
06/28/12Method for supporting distribution of warning messages
06/07/12Communication network and operating a communication network
05/31/12Method for coordination of wireless transceivers of a network node and network node
04/12/12Method for operating a network and a network
02/23/12Communication network and operating a communication network
02/16/12Method for supporting management and exchange of distributed data of user or an entity
02/02/12Method for operating a base station and base station
01/26/12Tracking system and a tracking the position of a device
01/12/12Method for supporting routing decisions in a wireless mesh network and wireless mesh network
12/29/11Method for operating a network and a network
12/22/11Method for link quality estimation in a wireless network
12/08/11Method for supporting an operational wireless connection of a mobile station to a macrocell or femtocell base station
11/24/11Radio network and a operating a radio network
Social Network Patent Pack
11/24/11Method for interference mitigation for femtocell base stations of a wimax network
11/17/11Method and system for supporting the generation of access control preferences and/or privacy preferences for users in a pervasive service environment
10/27/11Method for operation of a wimax network and wimax network
10/27/11Access control within a network and a network
10/06/11Method for operating at least one virtual network on a substrate network and a virtual network environment
09/29/11Method for supporting quality of service mechanisms during a handover process or in preparation of a handover process
09/29/11Method for supporting attack detection in a distributed system
09/08/11Method for supporting handover mechanisms
09/01/11Method for supporting network based mobility for a mobile terminal in an ims (ip multimedia subsystem) architecture
09/01/11Process for providing network access for a user via a network provider to a service provider
08/25/11Method for configuration of a femto radio base station
08/25/11Method and system for scheduling periodic processes
07/21/11Method for facilitating communication in a mobile communication system and mobile communication system
07/14/11Method of subcarrier allocation in an ofdma-based communication network and network
07/14/11Method and system for energy consumption monitoring in an ict environment
06/30/11Method for enabling limitation of service access
06/23/11Method for communication between nodes in a wireless network
06/23/11Method for aggregating information values in a network
06/09/11Method for managing a network and a network
05/19/11Group content on demand access control
03/17/11Method and system for verifying the identity of a communication partner
03/10/11Method for filling a wimax downlink frame by the base station of a wimax network
03/10/11Method and communication device for protecting a user's privacy
02/24/11Method for populating a forwarding information base of a router and router
02/17/11Method for detecting attacks to multimedia systems and multimedia system with attack detection functionality
02/03/11Method of assembling a frame in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma)-based communication system and communication system
02/03/11Method and a system for distributing tv content over a network
12/16/10Method and system for performing delegation of resources
12/09/10Method and system for optimizing network performances
11/11/10Method and system for secure web service data transfer
Social Network Patent Pack
09/02/10Method for controlling proxy binding of a mobile node
08/26/10Method and system for transmitting data packets from a source to multiple receivers via a network
08/26/10Method and system for delivering media data to a user's mobile device
07/22/10Method for optimizing the scanning process of a mobile terminal
07/15/10Method for performing route optimization between two nodes in network based mobility management
07/08/10Method and system for increasing security in the creation of electronic signatures by means of a chip card
06/03/10Method for aggregating data in a network
04/22/10Method for electing aggregator nodes in a network
04/01/10Method for supporting media independent handover (mih) services
01/14/10Method for establishing a secret key between two nodes in a communication network
11/12/09Process for establishing a secret key
10/29/09Method for operating a wireless sensor network
08/13/09Method for identifying undesired telephone calls
01/14/10Method for establishing a secret key between two nodes in a communication network

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