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Nec Laboratories America Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Nec Laboratories America Inc. Nec Laboratories America Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nec Laboratories America Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nec Laboratories America Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Anomaly fusion on temporal casualty graphs
08/17/17 new patent  Fast pattern discovery for log analytics
08/17/17 new patent  Scalable supervised high-order parametric embedding for big data visualization
08/10/17Ranking causal anomalies via temporal and dynamical analysis on vanishing correlations
08/10/17Video monitoring using semantic segmentation based on global optimization
08/10/17Distance metric learning with n-pair loss
08/10/17Accelerating deep neural network training with inconsistent stochastic gradient descent
08/10/17Semantic segmentation based on global optimization
08/10/17Resilient battery charging strategies to reduce battery degradation and self-discharging
08/03/17Multi-layer optimal chiller operation management framework
08/03/17Risky behavior query construction and execution
07/27/17Apparatus, methods, and systems for monitoring fire extinguisher operational readiness
07/27/17Networked systems for monitoring fire extinguisher operational readiness
07/27/17Indoor positioning system with fast plan mapping
07/27/17Method to increase the signal to noise ratio of distributed acoustic sensing by spatial averaging
07/27/17Remote sensing of an object's direction of lateral motion using phase difference based orbital angular momentum spectroscopy
07/27/17Bi-directional transmission over an elliptical core optical fiber
07/27/17Multimode elliptical core optical data transmission
07/13/17Multi-parameter sensing based on few-mode fiber bragg gratings using femtosecond ir laser
07/13/17Data routing in hybrid wireless communication networks
06/08/17Long term driving danger prediction system
06/08/17Consistent hashing
05/25/17Real-time detection of abnormal network connections in streaming data
05/18/17Automated anomaly detection service on heterogeneous log streams
05/11/17Request profile in multi-threaded service systems with kernel events
05/11/17Systems and methods for inferring landmark delimiters for log analysis
05/11/17Periodicity analysis on heterogeneous logs
05/04/17Systems and methods for distributed assignment of task identifiers
05/04/17Cascaded neural network with scale dependent pooling for object detection
05/04/17Subcategory-aware convolutional neural networks for object detection
05/04/17Unsupervised matching in fine-grained datasets for single-view object reconstruction
05/04/17Universal correspondence network
05/04/17Design of randomization function and its application in load balancing
04/27/17Three dimensional vein imaging using photo-acoustic tomography
04/27/17Flexible three-dimensional long-path gas sensing by unmanned vehicles
04/27/17Innovative framework combining cycling and calendar aging models
04/27/17Memory efficient scalable deep learning with model parallelization
04/27/17Pv ramp rate control using reinforcement learning technique through integration of battery storage system
04/27/17Redundancy protection for reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing (roadm) branching unit
04/27/17Vm-to-vm traffic estimation in multi-tenant data centers
04/20/17System and fault-tolerant parallel learning over non-iid data
04/20/17Optimizing energy efficiency over energy-harvesting lte cellular networks
04/13/17Iterative decoding scheme of concatenated ldpc and bch codes for optical transport network
04/13/17Physical layer key distribution for long distance repeated networks using random environmental instability
03/30/17Mixed integer optimization based sequencing of a system of chillers
03/30/17System and network bandwidth aware distributed learning
03/30/17Enabling long-term-evolution/wifi coexistence
03/23/17Software driven long-term-evolution core network for mobile access
03/09/17Energy efficient downlink scheduling in lte-advanced networks
02/16/17Control strategies for grid scale storage operation in frequency regulation markets considering battery health factors
02/16/17Enabling high-bandwidth, responsive mobile applications in lte networks
02/09/17Management of grid-scale energy storage systems
02/09/17Metric labeling for natural language processing
02/09/17System and balancing computation with communication in parallel learning
01/19/17Output efficiency optimization in production systems
12/29/16Hybrid energy storage system including battery and ultra-capacitor for a frequency regulation market
12/29/16Shortest path routing in single-channel networks with aggregating and non-aggregating nodes
12/08/16Annealed sparsity via adaptive and dynamic shrinking
11/24/16Memory efficiency for convolutional neural networks operating on graphics processing units
11/10/16Label filters for large scale multi-label classification
11/10/16Graph-based instrusion detection using process traces
10/27/16Ultra-high speed optical transport employing ldpc-coded modulation with non-uniform signaling
10/20/16Fine-grained image classification by exploring bipartite-graph labels
10/20/16Integrated community and role discovery in enterprise networks
10/13/16Long term driving danger prediction system
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10/13/16Wifi-based indoor positioning and navigation as a new mode in multimodal transit applications
10/13/16Semiconductor device for hybrid energy storage systems
10/13/16Compact, clustering-based indexes for large-scale real-time lookups on streaming videos
10/13/16Generic object detection on fixed surveillance video
10/13/16Corrected mean-covariance rbms and general high-order semi-rbms for large-scale collaborative filtering and prediction
10/13/16Lambdalib: in-memory view management and query processing library for realizing portable, real-time big data applications
10/13/16Reference signal generation for lock-in amplifier in high sensitivity gas sensing system
10/13/16Low cost secure roadm branching unit with redundancy protection
10/13/16Power efficient multi-degree roadm using variable optical splitter
10/13/16Mechanism for remote safety monitoring sensor with low-power consumption communication
09/29/16Management of complex physical systems using time series segmentation to determine behavior switching
09/29/16Scalable data stream management system for monitoring system activities
09/29/16Constellation designs with non-gray bit mapping
09/22/16Fast distributed nonnegative matrix factorization and completion for big data analytics
09/15/16Accelerating stream processing by dynamic network aware topology re-optimization
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09/15/16Scaling the lte control plane for future mobile access
09/15/16Asynchronous access and synchronous transmission for coexistence of wireless standards
09/15/16Efficient network-wide broadcasting over lte networks
09/08/16Knowledge based factorized high order sparse learning models
09/08/16Architecture for cancelling self interference and enabling full duplex communications
09/08/16Mitigation of multi-path interference from quasi-single-mode fiber using hybrid span configuration and digital signal processing
08/18/16Ts-dist: learning adaptive distance metric in time series sets
08/18/16Data-driven battery aging model using statistical analysis and artificial intelligence
08/18/16Dynamic probability-based power outage management system
08/18/16Wide-area measurement system based control of grid-scale storage for power system stability enhancement
08/11/16High-order sequence kernel methods for peptide analysis
08/11/16Standards compliant coordinated multi-point scheduling over lte heterogeneous wireless networks
08/11/16Data routing in hybrid wireless communication networks
07/21/16High performance portable convulational neural network library on gp-gpus
07/14/16Method and photoacoustic tomography using optical orbital angular momentum (oam)
07/14/16Method and remote sensing using optical orbital angular momentum (oam) -based spectroscopy for detecting lateral motion of a remote object
07/14/16Distributed multi-channel coherent optical fiber sensing system
07/14/16Remote wind turbulence sensing
07/14/16Accelerometer based on two-mode elliptical-core fiber sensor
07/14/16Survivable hybrid optical/electrical data center networks using loss of light detection
06/30/16Intra-transceiver optical superchannel switching via rf sub-band multiplexing technique
06/23/16Cloudseer: using logs to detect errors in the cloud infrastructure
06/09/16Aging profiling engine for physical systems
06/02/16Quality control engine for complex physical systems
05/26/16Open path optical sensing system having an ultrasonic cleaner and method
05/26/16System and remote object sensing
05/26/16Miso (multistore-online-tuning) system
05/26/16Rf sub-band de-multiplexing for ultra-wide band optical digital coherent detection
05/26/16Low cost secure submarine roadm branching unit using bidirectional wavelength-selective switch
05/19/16Continuous occlusion models for road scene understanding
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05/19/16Atomic scenes for scalable traffic scene recognition in monocular videos
05/19/16Object-centric fine-grained image classification
05/19/16Hyper-class augmented and regularized deep learning for fine-grained image classification
05/12/16System and detecting sensitive user input leakages in software applications
05/12/16Near online multi-target tracking with aggregated local flow descriptor (alfd)
05/05/16Method and remote sensing using optical orbital angular momentum (oam)-based spectroscopy for object recognition
05/05/16Method and system for behavior query construction in temporal graphs using discriminative sub-trace mining
05/05/16Lightweight temporal graph management engine
05/05/16Optimizing power flows using harmony search with machine learning
05/05/16Malt: distributed data-parallelism for existing ml applications
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05/05/16Enhancing power system voltage stability using grid energy storage for voltage support
04/21/16Hybrid raman and brillouin scattering in few-mode fibers
04/21/16Distributed brillouin sensing using correlation
04/21/16Laser spectroscopic sensor using orbital angular momentum
04/21/16Large-scale, dynamic graph storage and processing system
04/21/16Real-time abnormal change detection in graphs
04/21/16Large-scale, dynamic graph storage and processing system
04/14/16Parallelized machine learning with distributed lockless training
04/14/16Modular multilvel converter and control framework for hybrid energy storage
04/14/16Ultra-wide range optical wavelength converter by direct signal translation from integrated coherent receiver to dual-polarization iq modulator
04/14/16Multinary signaling based coded modulation for ultra-high-speed optical transport
04/14/16Joint transmitter and receiver map algorithm for enhancing filtering tolerance in a bandwidth-limited system
04/14/16Network traffic flow management using machine learning
04/14/16Network virtualization and resource allocation for the internet of things
04/14/16Differential dependency tracking for attack forensics
04/07/16Deep learning model for structured outputs with high-order interaction
03/31/16Optimizing sizing of grid-scale batteries for frequency regulation services
03/31/16Optimal battery pricing and energy management for localized energy resources
03/31/16Method and managing a power line communication network in multi-flow environments
03/24/16Automatic discovery of message ordering invariants in heterogeneous logs
03/03/16System and profiling requests in service systems
02/25/16System and detecting objects obstructing a driver's view of a road
02/25/16Forecasting market prices for management of grid-scale energy storage systems
02/25/16Optimization framework for multi-tenant data centers
02/25/16Path selection in hybrid networks
02/11/16Dynamic co-optimization management for grid scale energy storage system (gsess) market participation
02/11/16Rolling stochastic optimization based operation of distributed energy systems with energy storage systems and renewable energy resources
02/11/16Management of grid-scale energy storage systems for multiple services
02/04/16Transparent detection and extraction of return-oriented-programming attacks
02/04/16Scaling wireless full duplex in multi-cell networks with spatial interference alignment
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02/04/16System and resource management in heterogeneous wireless networks
02/04/16System and resource management in heterogeneous wireless networks
01/28/16Discovering and constraining idle processes
01/28/16Centralized automatic bias control multiple optical modulators
01/28/16Mechanism for traffic privacy in reconfigurable add/drop multiplexer based submarine networks
01/28/16Wavelength division multiplexing system and method including wavelength monitoring
01/28/16Method and system for modulation-independent carrier phase recovery
01/21/16Modular multilevel converter for hybrid energy storage
01/14/16Hierarchical sparse dictionary learning (hisdl) for heterogeneous high-dimensional time series
12/31/15Interference cancellation
12/31/15Interference cancellation
12/31/15Interference cancellation
12/24/15Object detection with regionlets re-localization
12/24/15Interference alignment in a network with asymmetrical channel dimensions
12/17/15Efficient large-scale multiple input multiple output communications
12/17/15Efficient large-scale multiple input multiple output communications
12/10/15Optimal energy management of a rural microgrid system using multi-objective optimization
12/03/15Canonical co-clustering analysis
11/26/15Precoding with a codebook for a wireless system
11/19/15Discovering and constraining idle processes
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11/05/15Multi-layer virtual infrastructure embedding in software-defined flexible-grid transport networks
10/29/15Service-based approach toward management of grid-tied microgrids
10/29/15Consensus-based distributed cooperative control for microgrid voltage regulation and reactive power sharing
10/29/15Signalling for coordinated multi-point transmission and reception (comp)
10/29/15Signalling for coordinated multi-point transmission and reception (comp)
10/22/15Interleaved bidirectional sub-nyquist transmission with overlapping counter-propagating signal spectral bands
10/22/15Ultra-wide band signal generation using digitally jointed dual sidebands and rf up-conversion for single optical carrier transmission
10/15/15Fringe reduction in laser spectroscopy
10/15/15Optical fiber-based remote gas leakage monitoring
10/15/15Optical fiber-based remote gas leakage monitoring
10/15/15Decentralized energy management platform
10/15/15Decentralized energy management platform
10/15/15Distributed cooperative control for microgrid resynchronization and reconnection
10/15/15Hybrid optical/electrical interconnect network architecture for direct-connect data centers and high performance computers
10/15/15Architecture of open-flow based software-defined optical label swapping
10/08/15Multi-user multiple input multiple output wireless communications
10/01/15Compiler optimization for many integrated core processors
10/01/15System and methods for collaborative query processing for large scale data processing with software defined networking
10/01/15Dynamic border line tracing for tracking message flows across distributed systems
10/01/15High-order semi-restricted boltzmann machines and deep models for accurate peptide-mhc binding prediction
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10/01/15Layer 2 path tracing through context encoding in software defined networking
10/01/15Multicell beamforming system and methods for ofdma small-cell networks
09/24/15Quantifying the impact of constraints on a grid-tied microgrid using optimal control
09/24/15Power modeling based building demand management system
09/17/15Integrated optimal placement, sizing, and operation of energy storage devices in electric distribution networks
09/10/15Hybrid indexing with grouplets
09/10/15High accuracy monocular moving object localization
09/10/15Shape and material recovery from object motion with application to relighting
09/10/15Shape and dichromatic brdf estimation using camera motion
08/27/15Source-to-source compiler and run-time library to transparently accelerate stack or queue-based irregular applications on many-core architectures
08/27/15Duleak: a scalable app engine for high-impact privacy leaks
08/20/15Remote sensing based on optical fiber delivery and collection
08/20/15Extracting interpretable features for classification of multivariate time series from physical systems
08/13/15Optimum signal constellation design and mapping for few-mode fiber based ldpc-coded co-ofdm
08/06/15Cloud service embedding with shared protection in software-defined flexible-grid optical transport networks
08/06/15Grooming multicast traffic in flexible optical wavelength division multiplexing wdm networks
08/06/15Lossless and low-delay optical burst switching using soft reservations and opportunistic transmission
08/06/15Degrees of freedom in multicell wireless systems with full-duplex base stations using interference alignment and methods for enabling full-duplex with half duplex clients
07/30/15Systems and methods for swapping pinned memory buffers
07/30/15Capturing snapshots of offload applications on many-core coprocessors
07/30/15Capturing snapshots of offload applications on many-core coprocessors
07/30/15Topology-reconfigurable 5g optical mobile fronthaul architecture with software-defined any-to-any connectivity and hierarchical qos
07/30/15Univeral automatic bias control process for digital transmitter
07/23/15Enhanced interference management in heterogeneous wireless networks
06/25/15System and network packet event characterization and analysis
06/25/15Flexible-client, flexible-line interface transponder
06/25/15Scalable hybrid packet/circuit switching network architecture
06/18/15Offline queries in software defined networks
06/11/15Adaptive coded-modulation for intelligent optical transport networks
06/11/15Intelligent wifi-offloading for next-generation mobile networks
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06/04/15System and adaptive query plan selection in distributed relational database management system based on software-defined network
06/04/15System and adaptive query plan selection in distributed relational database management system based on software-defined network
06/04/15Online optimization and fair costing for dynamic data sharing in a cloud data market
05/28/15Hybrid electro-optical distributed software-defined data center architecture
05/28/15Fuzzy logic based integrated power coordination system for hybrid energy storage system
05/28/15Visionary query processing in hadoop utilizing opportunistic views
05/28/15Power coordination system for hybrid energy storage system
05/21/15Power system with an energy generator and a hybrid energy storage system
05/07/15Power efficient subcarrier aggregator and subcarrier combiner for multi-direction variable optical transceiver
04/30/15Trajectory features and distance metrics for hierarchical video segmentation
04/30/15Data routing in hybrid wireless communication networks
04/30/15Coordinated multi-point transmission and reception (comp) with non-ideal backhaul (nib)
04/30/15Coordinated multi-point transmission and reception (comp) with non-ideal backhaul (nib)
04/30/15Robust scale estimation in real-time monocular sfm for autonomous driving
04/30/15Shape from camera motion for unknown material reflectance
04/30/15Regionlets with shift invariant neural patterns for object detection
04/30/15Efficient distance metric learning for fine-grained visual categorization
04/23/15Source-to-source transformations for graph processing on many-core platforms
04/23/15Knapsack-based sharing-aware scheduler for coprocessor-based compute clusters
04/16/15Suurballe-based cloud service embedding procedure in software-defined flexible-grid optical transport networks
04/16/15Non-binary ldpc coded mode-multiplexed four-dimensional signaling based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
04/16/15Burst switching system using optical cross-connect as switch fabric
04/16/15Flexible 400g and 1 tb/s transmission over transoceanic distance
04/16/15Optical square qam signal emulation using all-optical pam to qam signal conversion
04/16/15Optimal signal constellation design for ultra-high-speed optical transport in the presence of phase noise
04/16/15Multiple component codes based generalized low-density parity-check codes for high-speed optical transport
04/16/15Transparent performance inference of whole software layers and context-sensitive performance debugging
04/16/15Software defined joint bandwidth provisioning and cache management for mbh video traffic optimization
04/02/15Two-stage precoding and user grouping for large scale multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) systems

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