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Recent patent applications related to Nec Platforms Ltd. Nec Platforms Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nec Platforms Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nec Platforms Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Hinge unit and limiting rotation angle of hinge unit

A hinge unit includes a first member, a second member, a coupling member, a protrusion fixed to the first member, and a tilt stopper. When the tilt stopper is fixed at a position (P1) of the second member, the tilt stopper and the protrusion are brought into contact with each... Nec Platforms Ltd

Telephone switching apparatus and method, and program

In a telephone switching apparatus equipped with an automatic call recording function, when recording of a call is started, a PB signal cannot be sent by operating a button any longer. Further, a user mistakenly assumes that there is a problem because the PB signal cannot be sent. Means capable... Nec Platforms Ltd

Mobile router, mobile network system, electronic money transaction method and electronic money transaction program

Provided is a mobile network system including a mobile terminal and a mobile router configured to perform wireless communication to and from the mobile terminal, the mobile router including: a near field wireless communication unit configured to perform communication for processing relating to electronic money; a wireless communication unit configured... Nec Platforms Ltd

Hdd holding device, hdd unit, and information processing apparatus

An HDD holding device includes a base portion, a plurality of buffer members, and an HDD mounting portion to which an HDD is mounted. The plurality of buffer members include a buffer member being a first buffer member interposed between the base portion and the HDD mounting portion so that... Nec Platforms Ltd

Gate way device, communication system, communication method, and communication program

the data analysis and management unit generating a plurality of local MAC addresses from a MAC address given to the gateway device and assigning the local MAC addresses to the plurality of control units.... Nec Platforms Ltd

Electrical power control apparatus, electrical power control method and electrical power control system

An electrical power control apparatus controls electrical power supply from an electrical power source unit and a battery unit to a target of supply. The electrical power control apparatus includes a supply control circuit. The supply control circuit supplies electrical power of the battery unit in preference to electrical power... Nec Platforms Ltd

Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and signal processing program

There is provided a signal processing apparatus that obtains a speech signal with sufficiently reduced wind noise. The signal processing apparatus includes a main microphone that is provided so as to be readily influenced by movement of air outside the signal processing apparatus, a sub microphone that is provided so... Nec Platforms Ltd

Notification control device, notification control method, and notification control program

Control pertaining to a notification and so on is performed without a user needing to carry out a troublesome operation prior to a notification. A notification control device includes an image analyzing unit that makes a first determination of determining whether a user is present in a predetermined location by... Nec Platforms Ltd

Support device and support method

Provided is a support device configured to achieve space saving of an occupied area of a wall surface required for carrying out maintenance work. The support device includes a pair of support legs to be mounted to a housing of an electronic device to support the housing; a pair of... Nec Platforms Ltd

Communication management system, access point, communication management device, connection control method, communication management method, and program

An object is to prevent concentration of communication traffic at a management node and to avoid a reduction in communication speed. An AP stores information for specifying a permitted terminal permitted to communicate with a communication network, and generates access information when information for specifying a connection request terminal requesting... Nec Platforms Ltd

Emulation device, emulation method, and recording medium storing emulation program

An emulation device 3 includes a storage unit 70 which stores information in which instruction information 710 including a type of an instruction 711 and an operand 712 included in emulation-execution-target-software 71, compiled instruction information 72 obtained by compiling the instruction information 710 capable of being emulated, and information 73... Nec Platforms Ltd

Library control device and library control method

A library control device moves a desired record medium from a magazine, which is configured to load a plurality of record media into a plurality of slots, to a drive so as to read or write data. The library control device stores identifications of record media in correlation with slots... Nec Platforms Ltd

Battery pack housing structure, and electronic equipment

Provided are an electronic device and a battery pack housing structure capable of housing a battery pack without use of a contour width of the battery pack for positioning. The battery pack housing structure according to this invention, which is used for an electronic device including a housing portion for... Nec Platforms Ltd

Information system, personal computer, drive device, control method, and program

Disclosed are an information system etc. including; a personal computer including: a decryption key acquisition unit which acquires a decryption key used to release encryption of data in a storage medium encrypted by a library device; a decryption key sending unit which controls to send the decryption key acquired by... Nec Platforms Ltd

Barcode evaluation device, barcode image generation system, barcode evaluation method, barcode image generation method and barcode evaluation program

A barcode evaluation device is configured to conduct an evaluation, which involves determining whether or not a barcode image is displayable on an image display device and determining whether or not the barcode image is readable with a barcode reading device. The evaluation is conducted based on specifics of the... Nec Platforms Ltd

Data transfer control system, data transfer control method, and program storage medium

In a system in which a plurality of information processing devices that access data stored in one device according to individual clocks are connected, and data regarding access from another device flows through a path relaying the plurality of information processing devices, a data transfer control system that increases data... Nec Platforms Ltd

Collective charger for terminal devices, and charging terminal devices

Provided is a collective charger for a terminal device, which is configured to display a remaining battery level of a rechargeable battery-driven terminal device so that a user can visually recognize the remaining battery level easily and quickly. The collective charger for a terminal device according to this invention includes:... Nec Platforms Ltd

Cooling system and electronic device

The purpose of the present invention is to more efficiently cool exhaust heat, of an apparatus or the like that emits heat, by preventing a situation where a gas-phase medium is cooled and turns into a liquid-phase medium and thereby transfer of the gas-phase medium is hindered. For this purpose,... Nec Platforms Ltd

Refrigerant supply device, cooling device, and cooling system

A refrigerant supply device for distributing, by force of gravity, liquid phase refrigerant to heat receivers disposed in a plurality of tiers includes: a first conduit for supplying the refrigerant to the heat receivers; a second conduit provided in parallel with the first conduit; a first aperture provided in the... Nec Platforms Ltd

Pos terminal, product information registration method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing product information registration program

The present invention provides a POS terminal that can prevent errors in registering product information relating to a product for sale from occurring when sales processing is performed. The POS terminal is for managing sales information of products at a store. A voice recognition dictionary (5) includes product names of... Nec Platforms Ltd

Antenna and wireless communication apparatus

In order to provide an antenna that is small and resonates at a plurality of frequencies, an antenna according to the present invention is provided with: a first conductor of a ring shape, having an air gap; a second conductor arranged inside the ring, with both ends of the second... Nec Platforms Ltd

Fan control apparatus and fan control computer equipment

A fan control apparatus is provided for the computer equipment including a fan, a temperature sensor, and a device module (e.g. an add-in card) mounting at least two devices aligned along an air flow. The fan control apparatus determines a revolving speed of the fan for cooling each device based... Nec Platforms Ltd

Library device, cartridge jump-out preventing mechanism and method

A library device includes: a housing for accommodating a magazine to be able to be put in and out, wherein the magazine has slots for accommodating recording medium cartridges to be able to be put in and out; an accessor for conveying the recording medium cartridge ejected from the slot... Nec Platforms Ltd

Conference management system, conference management device, wireless terminal, conference management method, and conference management program

A conference management system of the present invention displays, before terminals used by users participate in a conference, electric field intensity information of the respective terminals, and available capacity information of bands in a plurality of lines, for each of the respective terminals and enables the users to select one... Nec Platforms Ltd

Pill case

A pill case (100) includes a pocket (9) which receives one pill (10) from an accommodation unit (8) in which a plurality of pills (10) are accommodated, and an extraction port (11) for ejecting the pill (10) in the pocket (9) to the outside. The pill case (100) includes a... Nec Platforms Ltd

Electric shock protection structure and method, and electric apparatus housing

The present invention implements, through a simple structure, the prevention of an electric shock caused by contacting an output terminal in a conducting state. This electric shock protection structure is provided with: a protective cover (40) which changes an output terminal into a non-conducting state by pressing a power switch... Nec Platforms Ltd

Paper-sheet transport device

To enable a user, when removing a sheet of paper from a transport mechanism, to easily remove the sheet of paper from the transport mechanism even with structure in which a transport roller is provided at a position inaccessible to a user. A paper-sheet transport device, including: a drive part... Nec Platforms Ltd

Antenna device, wireless communication device, and band adjustment method

In order to provide an antenna technology capable of easily achieving, with a simple structure, a wide bandwidth in which wireless communication can be performed, an antenna device is provided with a feed antenna element, and a parasitic antenna element. The feed antenna element is provided on a circuit board,... Nec Platforms Ltd

Wireless communication relay apparatus, automatic response method in wireless communication relay apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable medium

A wireless communication relay apparatus (10) according to the present invention outputs, when there is an incoming call from a base station (30) (YES in Step S1) and the connection authentication between the wireless communication relay apparatus (10) and the wireless communication terminal (20) has not yet been completed (NO... Nec Platforms Ltd

Cooling device

In order to enhance heat reception from a cooling target object by a heat sink to efficiently cool a device, the cooling target object, a cooling device including a heat sink and a fluid path is provided. Further, the heat sink includes a heat receiving face. The fluid path is... Nec Platforms Ltd

License management apparatus, license management method, and license authentication program

An object of the present invention is to solve the following problems: a problem concerning the node lock license system in which when a license is given to only one hardware device, reissuance of the license is required every time a changeover of the hardware device to be used occurs;... Nec Platforms Ltd

Magnetic tape device and magnetic tape maintenance method

A magnetic tape device includes a magnetic tape as a storage medium; a travel unit that moves the magnetic tape along a travel route; a magnetic head that is arranged at the travel route and performs data reading and writing for the magnetic tape that moves on the travel route;... Nec Platforms Ltd

Telephone switching system, telephone switching method, telephone switching program, telephone switchboard, and management terminal

A telephone switching system capable of enabling an administrator to easily change the setting when an illegal outgoing call is detected and the illegal outgoing call is regulated is provided. A telephone switchboard includes a detection section for detecting an occurrence of a predetermined event, an e-mail creation section for... Nec Platforms Ltd

Filtering system, management device, filtering method and management program

The present invention prevents all of the filter rules from leaking and the filter functions of an entire network from stopping, even if problems arise in a filter device, etc. performing filtering. A management device of a filtering system, which includes a plurality of devices which perform filtering of communication... Nec Platforms Ltd

Communication path control device, communication path control system, communication path control method and communication path control program

To perform communication with a communication path not unnecessarily going through a relay device such as a router. Under an environment in which a first network and a second network are connecting via a relay device, in a case of information used for establishing of a communication path between a... Nec Platforms Ltd

05/18/17 / #20170135889

Nurse call system, interface unit, and nurse call connection method

In nurse call systems where communication between a plurality of slave units and a plurality of extension terminals is possible, a nurse call controller serving the slave units and a private branch exchange serving the mobile terminals have been connected to each other through a nurse call adaptor; thus, there... Nec Platforms Ltd

05/18/17 / #20170139828

Out-of-range reference detection device, method, and recording medium

An out-of-range reference detection method according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes: acquiring a mask value corresponding to a base address register number of a predetermined effective address from a mask value storage unit storing correspondence relationships between the base address register number of a base address register... Nec Platforms Ltd

04/27/17 / #20170118863

Device, cable guide device, and cable holding member

A device includes a housing supported by a rack in a manner such that the housing is drawable from a front surface of the rack; a cable whose one end is connected to an electronic device contained in the housing, where a portion of the cable in a longitudinal direction... Nec Platforms Ltd

04/27/17 / #20170114803

Cooling device, guard unit, and server

A cooling device includes a fan; an intake-side intrusion-preventing member that is provided on an intake side of the fan and prevents an object from entering the fan; an exhaust-side intrusion-preventing member that is provided on an exhaust side of the fan and prevents an object from entering the fan.... Nec Platforms Ltd

04/27/17 / #20170118860

Electronic device with supporting structure of substrate

An electronic device (e.g. a server module) includes a substrate and a supporting member. The supporting member is attached to the peripheral portion of the substrate so as to support the substrate on the mounting surface. Owing to the vertical orientation of the substrate supported by the supporting member, it... Nec Platforms Ltd

04/27/17 / #20170118861

Information processing device with electronic-component unit preventing erroneous insertion of electronic parts

An information processing device (e.g. a server) is designed to install a plurality of electronic components (e.g. server modules) connectible to a plurality of connectors arranged in the bottom of a casing. A stopper is attached to the casing at a deviated position slightly deviated from the electronic component in... Nec Platforms Ltd

03/30/17 / #20170092080

Point-of-sale system that measures radioactivity of a product

POS system checks for radioactive contamination of products without increasing any personnel workload. The POS system includes: a storage means for storing a product code and a radioactivity threshold defined for each product code in association with each other; a barcode scanner; a radioactivity measurement part for measuring radioactivity of... Nec Platforms Ltd

03/23/17 / #20170085777

Control device, communication system, control method, and program

The present invention remotely controls an electric apparatus and readily checks results of the control. This control device includes: an imaging unit which performs imaging to capture an image; a network communication unit which transmits the image captured by the imaging unit to a communication terminal via a communication network... Nec Platforms Ltd

03/16/17 / #20170077796

Power supply device, power supply control the same, and recording medium

The power supply device (40) includes a control unit (41) that refers to, on the basis of new power prediction information (101R), a storage unit (3) that stores power information (103) in which power prediction information (101S) indicating a prediction value of power and output power information (102S) indicating an... Nec Platforms Ltd

03/16/17 / #20170078486

Call center telephone system, privacy call method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing privacy call program

When a two-way call connection state, which is between a customer terminal connected to an outside line-side of a private branch exchange and an operator terminal, is switched to a three-way call connection state, which is among the outside line, the operator terminal, and a supervisor terminal, using conference, in... Nec Platforms Ltd

03/02/17 / #20170060516

Display device and pos terminal device

The display device includes a display unit including a screen configured to display information; a support column having a tubular shape and being configured to support the display unit at a top end portion of the support column; and a support base configured to support the support column and including... Nec Platforms Ltd

03/02/17 / #20170061170

Stationary scanner device, stationary scanner system, and handheld scanner holding structure

A stationary scanning device includes: a fixed scanner portion that is mounted on a front surface of a support column and is configured to optically read item data; a handheld scanner configured to optically read the item data; and a holding portion that is mounted on a side surface of... Nec Platforms Ltd

02/23/17 / #20170052574

Heat dissipation structure for external apparatus, electronic apparatus, and external apparatus

A heat dissipation structure for an external apparatus is a heat dissipation structure for an external apparatus in an electronic apparatus including a housing section configured to removably house an external apparatus. The heat dissipation structure for an external apparatus includes a heat dissipation portion, which is removably attached to... Nec Platforms Ltd

02/16/17 / #20170048389

Nurse call system, nurse call conversion unit, nurse call connection method, and program

In nurse call systems that enable communication from a plurality of cordless handsets with a plurality of extension terminals carried by nurses belonging to a group, a nurse call conversion unit is provided between a nurse call control device and a private branch exchange. A call signal for a group... Nec Platforms Ltd

02/16/17 / #20170048657

Wireless communication equipment, near-field wireless communication equipment, wireless communication method, and near-field wireless communication method

A wireless communication equipment capable of securing the reliability and validity of transmission data, for example, a near-field wireless communication equipment compliant with Bluetooth, is provided. A near-field wireless communication equipment (10) compliant with Bluetooth alternately repeats an alternate monitoring operation when a master-side counter information equipment (20) is located... Nec Platforms Ltd

02/09/17 / #20170042056

Equipment securing device, attachment-frame-internal storage equipment, rack-mount sever device and equipment securing method

an operating point member, the orientation of which changes in response to the rotation of the handle, and which is provided on the second end part of the handle such that the tip end protrudes from the second end part.... Nec Platforms Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170009501

Door locking device and electronic apparatus

A door locking device is applied to an electronic apparatus including a hinged door arranged in an opening portion of a casing. The door locking device includes a key cylinder and a pivot hook. When the door is closed and a movable element of the key cylinder is at a... Nec Platforms Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170009501

Door locking device and electronic apparatus

A door locking device is applied to an electronic apparatus including a hinged door arranged in an opening portion of a casing. The door locking device includes a key cylinder and a pivot hook. When the door is closed and a movable element of the key cylinder is at a... Nec Platforms Ltd

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