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Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno Vk
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno_20131212
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno_20100121

Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno patents

Recent patent applications related to Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno. Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
10/26/17Managing concurrent streaming of media streams
09/28/17Wan control failover broker for vhgw
09/14/17Infrastructure-based d2d connection setup using ott services
08/24/17Chemical conversion process
07/27/17Noise suppression system and method
07/20/17Method of, and transceiver station and mobile terminal for, distributing system information in a cellular telecommunications network
07/13/17Biogas purification by terpene absorption
07/06/17Method and depositing atomic layers on a substrate
06/29/17Gas sensor array and method
06/29/17Method and transmission node for providing data packets to a plurality of receivers using network coding
06/22/17Blast-protection element
06/15/17Laser induced breakdown spectrometry detector
06/08/17An organic light-emitting diode light source comprising a polyester film and a improving light extraction from said light source
05/11/17System and performing scanning probe microscopy on a substrate surface
04/06/17Electric reactive armour
03/30/17A radiation sensor device for high energy photons
02/23/17Simultaneous recovery of organic compounds and extractants
02/23/17Method of advancing a probe tip of a scanning microscopy device towards a sample surface, and device therefore
02/16/17System and monitoring a state of a fluid in an indoor space as well as a climate control system
02/09/17Exposure head, exposure apparatus and operating an exposure head
01/19/17Spectrometer for generating a two dimensional spectrum
01/19/17Method of manufacturing a stacked organic light emitting diode, stacked oled device, and manufacturing thereof
11/03/16Probing a network
10/27/16Process and hydrogen sulfide removal
09/29/16Allocating resources between network nodes for providing a network node function
09/29/16Telecommunications network and transferring user data in signalling messages from a communication unit to a data processing centre
09/15/16Substrate comprising an electrical circuit pattern, providing same
09/08/16Method and system for forming a patterned structure on a substrate
08/18/16Probe, system, and non-invasive measurement of blood analytes
07/21/16Public safety system
07/07/16Digital rights management for segmented content
07/07/16Communication between a mobile device and telecommunications network
06/30/16Session setup in an energy-efficient cellular wireless telecommunications system
06/16/16Probe routing in a network
06/02/16Providing a chip die with electrically conductive elements
06/02/16Synchronized data processing between receivers
05/26/16Method and telecommunications node for controlling an attach state of a user equipment
05/19/16Medical radar method and system
04/28/16Method and detector for detecting an analyte
04/14/16Method for the production of edible objects using sls and food products
03/24/16Image color correction
03/17/16Slot-die coating method, apparatus, and substrate
03/03/16Method and telecommunications infrastructure for activating an inactive cell
02/04/16Prevention, therapy and prognosis/monitoring in sepsis and septic shock
12/31/15Roll-to-roll manufacturing a product comprising a target substrate provided with at least one foil shaped component
12/24/15Determining a position of a mobile communication device
12/10/15Secure watermarking of content
12/10/15Image pattern recognition system and method
12/03/15Probing a network
12/03/15Routing data in a network
11/26/15An absolute position measuring device and a performing an absolute position measurement
11/26/15Method of and evaluating intelligibility of a degraded speech signal
11/19/15Distributed optical chemical sensor
11/19/15Fluorescence detector system for detection of an aromatic hydrocarbon
11/19/15Apparatus and manufacturing a layered product
11/12/15A interrogating a multiple number of optic sensors, a computer program product and an interrogating unit
11/12/15High throughput microscopy device
11/12/15Method, telecommunications node and telecommunications terminal
11/05/15Low power digital driving of active matrix displays
11/05/15Low power digital driving of active matrix displays
11/05/15System to protect a mobile network
10/29/15Miniature electro-pyrotechnic igniter, and ignition head for the same
10/22/15System to detect behaviour in a telecommunications network
10/22/15Methods and systems for transmitting mobile device information
10/15/15Vehicle spacing control
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10/15/15Method and system for protected exchange of data
10/08/15Detection of human actions from video data
10/08/15Method of manufacturing a multilayer semiconductor element, and a semiconductor element manufactured as such
10/08/15Intercepting device-to-device communication
10/01/15Resistant starch
09/10/15New foods with modified cereal bran and methods for producing these
09/03/15Electro-optical device stack
08/20/15Method and system for content distribution
08/13/15Pressure sensing assembly
07/23/15Hydrothermally modified starch
07/23/15Optical sensor and measuring the pressure of a fluid
07/02/15Classification spectral data
06/18/15Fluid analysis with libs
04/30/15Frequency tunable laser system
04/23/15Glucan fibre
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04/09/15Method of making a transparent metal oxide electrode
03/26/15Donor sheet and light induced forward transfer manufacturing
03/05/15Imaging system and method
02/05/15Manufacturing facility and manufacturing
01/22/15Method and system for obtaining emission and fuel consumption data
01/15/15Virtual interface applications
01/15/15Foil processing device
01/08/15Method of manufacturing nanostructures on a surface, on a mold and on an optical element, and an optical element as such manufactured
12/25/14Surface cleaning device and a cleaning a surface
12/25/14Continuous jet printing of a fluid material
12/25/14Server communication
12/18/14Methods and systems for enabling nat traversal
12/11/14Method, system, capturing device and synchronization server for enabling synchronization of rendering of multiple content parts, using a reference rendering timeline
12/04/14Apparatus and testing the interconnection of photovoltaic cells
12/04/14Methods and systems for enabling nat traversal
11/13/14Method and telecommunications network for deactivating or activating a cell in such a network
11/06/14Digestion system
10/09/14Optical measuring device
09/25/14Access accessing signal data
07/03/14Nanosieve composite membrane
05/15/14Telemetry system, a pipe and a transmitting information
05/01/14Blast and fragment resistant wall sections used inside structures like ships
04/10/14Free piston type torsion drive compressor
02/27/14Radar detecting multiple life - signs of a subject, a method and a computer program product
02/13/14Nanosieve composite membrane
01/30/14System and a non-invasive data acquisition
01/30/14Apparatus for atomic layer deposition
01/23/14Radiation dose meter for measuring radiation dose in an external magnetic field
01/02/14Measurement device and measuring
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12/19/13Method of determining a location of a mobile device and managing a list for use in such a method
12/12/13System, a processing unit, a method and a computer program product for monitoring sensors
12/12/13Method of improving the resolution of a moving object in a digital image sequence
12/05/13Apparatus and atomic layer deposition on a surface
12/05/13New classification spectral data
11/14/13Antimicrobial membrane containing silver nanoparticles
10/10/13Methods and compositions for deacidifying fruit juice
09/19/13Method and system for predicting the power consumption of a mobile terminal
09/12/13Method of detecting pathogenic legionella strains
09/05/13Optical probe comprising transparent monolithic body with refracting and reflecting surface parts
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08/22/13Opto-electric device and manufacturing thereof
07/04/13Helmet and helmet element for use in a helmet
05/23/13Method of making a support structure
05/23/13Method of guiding a salvo of guided projectiles to a target, a system and a computer program product
05/23/13Method, device and system for measuring torsion or bending at a joint between two limbs
05/16/13Apparatus and reactive ion etching
02/28/13Distributed status calculations in an electricity network with the aid of agents
02/21/13Continuous patterned layer deposition
01/03/13Method and laminating a first and a second sheet
01/03/13System and picking and placement of chip dies
12/06/12Apparatus and laminating a first and a second sheet
11/08/12Method for absorption of acid gases using amino acids
11/01/12Method of manufacturing an opto-electric device
10/25/12Apparatus configured to detect a physical quantity of a flowing fluid, and a respective method
10/25/12Barrier composition
10/25/12Collision avoidance a road vehicle and respective computer program product
09/27/12Identification of proximate devices
08/16/12Active ingredient delivery system
08/02/12System and picking and placement of chip dies
07/05/12Method and layerwise production of a 3d object
06/21/12Proxy servers in device identification systems
06/14/12Measurement agent, a tag, a measuring, a serving measuring and a computer program product
05/17/12Real-time the detection of viable micro-organisms
05/03/12Illumination system for use in a stereolithography apparatus
05/03/12Multi component particle generating system
04/12/12Novel cellulose and ligno-cellulose active proteins
04/12/12Substrate lens antenna device
03/29/12Mimo communication s
03/08/12Origami sensor
01/05/12Method for estimating an object motion characteristic from a radar signal, a computer system and a computer program product
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12/22/11Combined direction finder and radar system, method and computer program product
12/08/11Electronic device and manufacturing the same
11/24/11Apparatus and treating an object
11/24/11Navigation method, navigation system, navigation device, vehicle provided therewith and group of vehicles
11/17/11Preparation of moulded body with electric circuit
11/10/11Electric transport component, manufacturing the same, as well as electro-optical device and opto-electrical device
11/10/11Signal processing module, navigation device with the signal processing module, vehicle provided with a navigation device and providing navigation data
10/13/11Method and an cleaning and/or sterilization of an object provided in a sealed enclosure
09/29/11Pick-and-place machine
09/29/11Telecommunications network and transferring user data in signalling messages from a communication unit to a data processing centre
09/01/11Pressure independent droplet generation
08/11/11System, a method and a computer program for inspection of a three-dimensional environment by a user
08/04/11Corrosion monitoring
08/04/11Multi-point hydraulic suspension system for a land vehicle
07/21/11Electromagnetic body scanning system, a method and a computer program product
07/21/11Multi component particle generating system
07/21/11Method for reducing friction
07/14/11Drive system for a hybrid vehicle
06/30/11Ultrasonic modelling
06/16/11Coupled cavity laser diode for generating chaotic signals
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06/09/11Method and system for detecting ground obstacles from an airborne platform
06/02/11Method for marking materials
05/12/11Process and carrying out multi-phase reactions
03/24/11Liquid composition comprising polymer chains and particles of an inorganic material in a liquid
03/24/11Production of itaconic acid
03/10/11Low-viscosity fibre compositions
02/17/11Method of processing an electronic service guide and electronic service guide broadcaster
02/17/11Calibration scr catalyst systems
02/10/11System and radio network planning with hsdpa analysis
01/27/11Medicinal acidic cannabinoids
01/13/11Method and system for transmitting a multimedia stream
01/06/11Multiple connected channel micro evaporator
12/02/10Method and system for synchronizing a group of end-terminals
12/02/10Method for preparing an inorganic crystalline ceramic material having an organized structure
11/04/10Method and means for manufacturing products
10/07/10Method and system for synchronizing the output of terminals
10/07/10Issuing electronic vouchers
09/16/10Light sensor
08/26/10Method and system for removing undesired plant parts
08/12/10Apparatus and a measuring the body core temperature for elevated ambient temperatures
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08/12/10Restarting networks
08/05/10Method of and a device for generating a signal having a predetermined quality criterion for use in or on a communication system
07/29/10Coating which is applied to a substrate, a solar cell, and applying the coating to the substrate
07/15/10A surface dielectric barrier discharge plasma unit and a generating a surface plasma
07/08/10System and testing a vehicle
07/08/10Light reflector
07/08/10Modified bacterial surface layer proteins
06/03/10Method for manufacturing an electrode
03/25/10System for training optimisation
03/18/10Amplifier with compensated gate bias
03/04/10Remote ultrasonic transducer system
03/04/10Cover layers to prevent weed growth
02/25/10Deposition of particles on a substrate
02/11/10Method and system for reducing milling failure
01/21/10Constant flow high pressure printing system
12/31/09Electronic circuit with an absorptive distributed limiting circuit
12/03/09Bread improver
12/03/09Method for transferring data from a plurality of sim-less communication modules
10/08/09Use of tlr3 agonists for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
10/08/09System for determination of an effective training heart rate zone and use of such a system
09/03/09Apparatus and inspecting circuit structures
08/20/09Suspension system for a vehicle
08/06/09Optical micro-array for e.g. micro sensors
07/09/09Identification of proximate mobile devices
06/25/09Emergency system and method
05/21/09Multifold oxygen measurement device
03/26/09System for conditioning crops
12/12/13Method of improving the resolution of a moving object in a digital image sequence
01/21/10Constant flow high pressure printing system
05/03/12Use of derivatives of polyunsaturated fatty acids as medicaments
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