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Recent patent applications related to Nestec S a. Nestec S a is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nestec S a may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nestec S a, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  Use of nutritional compositions having a low protein amount
10/20/16 new patent  Beverage machine with a pivotable capsule gate
10/20/16 new patent  Handling device with movable capsule ejector
10/20/16 new patent  Methods and compositions for increasing energy expenditure using cinnamaldehyde
10/20/16 new patent  Heat-treated formulation of bifidobacterium lactis ncc 2818 reduces allergic manifestations
10/20/16 new patent  Polyp recurrence
10/20/16 new patent  Biomarkers for epicardial adipose tissue
10/13/16Liquid milk fortifier composition with relatively high lipid content
10/13/16Compositions for use in the prevention or treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis in infants and young children
10/13/16Compositions for use in the prevention or treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis in infants and young children
10/13/16Compositions for use in the prevention or treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis in infants or young children born by c-section
10/13/16Compositions for preventing or treating allergies in infants from or fed by non secretor mothers by providing fucosylated-oligosaccharides in particular among infants at risk or born by c-section
10/13/16Infant nutrition for improvement in insulin sensitivity later in life
10/13/16Vacuum-resistant containers having offset horizontal ribs and panels
10/13/16Closure cap
10/13/16Devices, systems and methods of assessing the risk of obesity later in life of an infant or a young child
10/06/16Compositions for use in the prevention or treatment of urt infections in infants or young children at risk
10/06/16Water-soluble vitamins to increase oral absorption and bioavailability
09/29/16Machine and system for preparing a cooled food product with aerated or whipped texture in controlled manner
09/29/16Milk oligosaccharide-galactooligosaccharide composition for infant formula containing the soluble oligosaccharide fraction present in milk, and having a low level of monosaccharides
09/29/16Monoacylglycerols and fat-soluble nutrients for use in the treatment of maldigestion
09/29/16Use of glucosamine-enriched plant compositions
09/22/16Machine for preparing cooled aerated confectionary with accurate temperature control
09/22/16Vitamin formulations
09/15/16Range of aseptically produced infant foods having low concentrations of undesired by-products and methods for making same
09/15/16Monoacylglycerols and fat-soluble nutrients for use in the treatment of malabsorption having a non-mechanical basis
09/15/16Monoacylglycerols for use in the treatment of malabsorption having a mechanical basis
09/15/16Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients for use in the treatment or prevention of synovitis
09/08/16Emulsion stabilisation
09/08/16Machine, preparing a cooled confectionery product with aerated texture
09/08/16Visible light barrier for dairy packaging
09/08/16Generation of glucosamine from plant material
09/01/16Fortified food composition
09/01/16Fat activation with seaweed
09/01/16Beverage dispensing system, providing a multi-layered beverage, and ingredients container for use thereof
09/01/16Monoacylglycerols for use in conjunction with a lipase inhibitor and/or diets low in fat and/or calories
09/01/16Non-replicating probiotic micro-organisms protect against upper respiratory tract infections
09/01/16Capsule for preparing a beverage such as coffee and the like
08/25/16Method of producing a coffee beverage powder
08/25/16Process for preparing a flavour composition
08/25/16Deep eutectic solvents and flavour generation
08/25/16Process for preparing milk based beverages
08/25/16One-piece hinged closure for equipping a container
08/25/16Two compartment container and making a two component beverage
08/25/16Lipid biomarkers of healthy ageing
08/18/16Frozen confectionery product with layered structure and manufacturing same
08/18/16Compositions comprising citrulline and leucine and their use in the treatment of diabetes and metabolic syndrome
08/11/16Reduced sodium cheeses and methods for making same
08/11/16Solenoid valve for a beverage dispensing device
08/11/16Support and capsule for preparing a beverage by centrifugation, preparing a beverage by centrifugation
08/04/16Nutritional compositions for modulating inflammation including exogenous vitamin k2
07/28/16Frozen confectionary product
07/28/16Cocoa polyphenols and their use in the treatment or prevention of eosinophilic esophagitis
07/28/16Method and adding an aroma to a beverage container
07/28/16Capsule, preparing a viscous beverage or food product
07/21/16Multi-component food product
07/21/16Device for powdered products
07/14/16Creamer compositions and uses thereof
07/14/16Capsule multi-piercer
07/14/16Capsule multi-piercer with assembly means
07/14/16Beverage production machine using capsules
07/07/16Cohesive liquid bolus comprising molecules providing visco-elasticity
07/07/16Smooth, shelf-stable product and methods of producing same
07/07/16Extraction system for the production of a drink using a capsule
07/07/16A food or beverage preparation machine with detachable brewing unit
07/07/16Supplemention of maternal diet
07/07/16Lactoferrin and memory and learning speed in children
07/07/16System for monitoring and alerting users of dha levels
06/23/16Whey protein compositions and methods
06/23/16Capsule multi-piercing
06/23/16Food or beverage preparation machine with antiscaling pipe system
06/23/16Compositions and methods using p-anisaldehyde
06/16/16Treatment or prevention of non-inflammatory neuronal damage from brain trauma and strokes using menthol, linalool and/or icilin
06/16/16Joint health compositions
06/16/16Lactoferrin-osteopontin-iron complex
06/16/16Escherichia coli as a marker for hypertriglyceridemia
06/16/16Methods for predicting and improving the survival of colorectal cancer patients
06/09/16Self-foaming ready to drink beverages
06/09/16Extruded non-replicating probiotic micro-organisms and their health benefits
06/02/16Compositions and nutritional products with improved emulsion stability
06/02/16Volumetric heating device for beverage or food preparation machine
06/02/16Compositions and methods using tiglic aldehyde
06/02/16Compositions and methods using cuminaldehyde
06/02/16Devices, systems and methods of assessing the foundations for the healthy development of an infant or a young child
05/26/16Fat-based confectionery products
05/19/16Frozen confectionery products
05/19/16Method for preparing a beverage or liquid food and system using brewing centrifugal force
05/19/16A capsule for food or beverage preparation
05/19/16Capsule for beverage preparation
05/19/16Cover for a beverage capsule
05/19/16Pathway specific markers for diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome
05/12/16Beverage mixing device
05/12/16Amino acid supplementation for a healthy microbiota ecosystem
05/12/16Cohesive liquid bolus comprising bioactives
05/12/16Method and system for determining replenishment information
05/12/16A capsule for preparing edible compositions
05/12/16Mixing nozzle
05/12/16Pathway specific assays for predicting irritable bowel syndrome diagnosis
05/12/16Microfluidic collaborative enzyme enhanced reactive ceer immunoassay
05/05/16Whey protein aggregates particles and use thereof
05/05/16Filter unit for a capsule
05/05/16Beverage mixing device
05/05/16Compositions for use in cartilage breakdown
05/05/16Apparatus and fabricating containers
05/05/16Drug selection for breast cancer therapy using antibody-based arrays
04/28/16Coffee oil capsules
04/21/16Synbiotic mixture
04/21/16Probiotics, secretory iga and infection
04/21/16Capsule for beverage preparation
04/21/16Treatment or prevention of neurodegenerative disorders using menthol, linalool and/or icilin
04/21/16Treatment or prevention of depression using menthol and/or icilin
04/14/16Nutritional composition for promoting gut microbiota balance and health
04/14/16Compositions for use in cartilage breakdown
04/07/16Pumping a beverage production apparatus
04/07/16Tube feed formulations and methods for using same
04/07/16Modular shelf management gravity feed system
03/31/16Compositions and methods for inhomogeneous sodium distribution
03/31/16Treatment or prevention of autism disorders using menthol, linalool and/or icilin
03/31/16Lachnospiraceae in the gut microbiota and association with body weight
03/24/16Aroma release capsules
03/24/16Method for treating a swallowing disorder
03/24/16Agent for the anti-adhesion of skin pathogenic flora
03/17/16Shelf-stable fermented dairy products and methods of making same
03/17/16Structured oil compositions
03/10/16Molded food product
03/03/16Baking system
03/03/16Assays and methods for selecting a treatment regimen for a subject with depression
03/03/16Flexible pouch with memory support strips and methods of producing and using same
02/25/16Creamer composition comprising plant protein microparticles
02/25/16Capsule-based beverage production system with inductive liquid heating
02/25/16Use of whey protein in combination with electrical muscle stimulation
02/25/16A food preparation capsule
02/18/16Infant formula with a low content of medium-chain fatty acids in specific proportions, and its use in promoting and/or ensuring a balanced growth in infants
02/18/16Capsule provided with a code and automated beverage preparation system
02/18/16Compositions for use in stimulating bone growth
02/11/16Infant formula with a low content of mcfas in specific proportions and a relatively high content of unsaturated fatty acids, and its use in promoting the healthy establishment of cognitive function in infants
02/04/16Dispensing device with barrier properties
02/04/16Container for aseptic content
02/04/16Drug selection for non-small cell lung cancer therapy
02/04/16Trimethylamine as a biomarker of prebiotic efficacy for weight gain prevention
02/04/16Indoxyl sulfate as a biomarker of prebiotic efficacy for weight gain prevention
02/04/16Alpha-keto-isovalerate as a biomarker of prebiotic efficacy for weight gain prevention
01/28/16Devices and kits for production of personalized, concentrated human milk compositions, and methods of making and using same
01/28/16Inkjet printing with edible ink
01/28/16Methods of selecting combination therapy for colorectal cancer patients
01/21/16Liquid creamer composition comprising oleosomes as replacement for oil and making the same
01/21/16Lactobacillus plantarum ncc 2936 preparations and oral health
01/21/16Support and capsule for preparing a beverage by centrifugation, preparing a beverage by centrifugation
01/14/16Liquid purification apparatus and method
01/14/16Trimethylamine-n-oxide as biomarker for the predispositon for weight gain and obesity
01/14/16Hexanoylglycine as biomarker for the predispositon for weight gain and obesity
01/07/16Ready to drink dairy chocolate beverages
01/07/16Lactase containing milk powder
01/07/16Food composition and its use
01/07/16Device for producing milk foam
01/07/16Packs for preparing beverages
01/07/16Assessment and advice on nutrition and endurance
12/31/15Coffee scenting
12/31/15Food composition and its use against dehydration
12/31/15Assessment and advice on nutrition, endurance, and strength
12/31/15Filter unit for a capsule and capsule comprising such filter unit
12/24/15Sensor for multi-size cartridge extraction unit
12/24/15Simplified control panel for a food preparation machine
12/24/15Water dispersible composition and preparing same
12/17/15Throughflow measurement device for a beverage preparation machine
12/10/15Ice-containing products
12/10/15Foaming aid and process of its production
12/10/15Emulsifier system
12/10/15Food or beverage production system
12/10/15Methods for predicting and monitoring mucosal healing
12/10/15Beverage machine in a network
12/03/15High protein yogurts
12/03/15Composite dairy dessert and its process of preparation
12/03/15Self-locking multi-size cartridge extraction unit
12/03/15Methods and programs for operating a beverage dispenser with selectable beverage sensory parameters
12/03/15Use of probiotic micro-organisms as an agent that promotes the synthesis of melanin
12/03/15Antibodies to microbiome, stress factors and mast cell markers as diagnostic markers for ibs
11/26/15Food composition comprising desferrichrysin
11/26/15Oligosaccharide mixture and food product comrpising this mixture, especially infant formula
11/26/15Method of improving microbiological stability in a still water-based beverage and microbiologically shelf-stable still water-based beverages
11/26/15Device for preparing a beverage by centrifugation
11/19/15Double ramp for closing a receptacle holder
11/19/15Method of coating frozen confections
11/19/15Method of improving solubility of zinc in zinc-containing still drinking water and shelf-stable zinc-containing still drinking water
11/19/15Variable transmission for closing a receptacle holder
11/19/15Apparatus and fabricating containers
11/19/15Flexible pouch with a larger opening
11/12/15Dough products having an open-cell structure and methods for making same
11/12/15Liquid creamers and methods of making same
11/12/15Process of preparing a foaming aid and uses thereof
11/12/15Parametric recipes for preparing beverage with capsules in a centrifugal brewing system
11/12/15Vibration monitoring system for a liquid food producing apparatus
11/12/15Beverage production device with enhanced receptacle injection means
11/12/15Emulsions stabilized by whey protein micelles
11/12/15Closure cap with flow restriction member
11/12/15Closure flexible pouch
11/05/15Ready to drink dairy chocolate beverages comprising stabilizer system
11/05/15Drink-through lid with straw compartment
11/05/15Synbiotic composition and use thereof
11/05/15Increasing the bioavailability of flavan-3-ols by polyphenols
11/05/15Her2delta16 peptides
10/29/15Beverage production device using centrifugation for extracting a liquid comprising heat loss compensating means
10/29/15Food or beverage production system
10/29/15Device for producing milk foam
10/29/15Prevention and treatment of disorders connected to impaired neurotransmission
10/29/15Isovalerylglycine as biomarker for the predispositon for weight gain and obesity
10/22/15Machine, container, preparing ice cream or chilled desserts on demand
10/22/15Natural texture modifier delivering body and sweetness to frozen confection products
10/22/15Opener for making large openings in capsules
10/22/15Use of probiotic micro-organisms as an agent that promotes the synthesis of melanin
10/22/15Apparatus and transferring and pressurizing powder
10/15/15Method of producing frozen confection product
10/15/15Beverage machine for preparing and dispensing iced beverages
10/15/15Yogurt that is frozen
10/15/15Increasing the bioavailability of flavan-3-ols with carbohydrates with a low glycemic index
10/15/15Extraction unit with a shiftable multi-size cartridge receiver
10/15/15Device for preparing a beverage from a capsule with a closure system involving two closure stages
10/15/15Encapsulated bitter peptides, methods of encapsulating bitter peptides, and nutritional compositions including encapsulated bitter peptides
10/15/15Compositions comprising microparticles and probiotics to deliver a synergistic immune effect
10/15/15Synbiotic composition and use thereof
10/15/15Jaw support for pouch filler
10/15/15Package for cushioning food product
10/08/15Frozen confection product
10/08/15Powder for browning food surfaces
10/08/15Capsule-based food preparation system
10/08/15Hybrid preparing beverages
10/08/15Capsule for preparing a beverage or nutritional product
10/01/15Multi-size cartridge extraction unit having guiding slides
10/01/15Method of producing an aromatised food or beverage product
10/01/15Beverage machine
10/01/15Extraction unit with multi-size cartridge cavity
10/01/15Beverage production device with perforating means and extracting a beverage from such device
10/01/15Beverage preparation machine with capsule size detection
09/24/15Shelf-stable milk concentrates for preparing acidified milk based beverages
09/24/15Beverage machine
09/24/15Card for containing food or beverage ingredients
09/17/15Oil-in-water emulsion comprising deamidated protein
09/17/15Food preparation system
09/17/15Stable and bioavailable compositions of isomers of carotenoids for skin and hair
09/10/15Infant or follow-on formula
09/10/15Check valve, injection assembly, and beverage preparation machine
09/10/15Beverage capsule with spraying-prevention means
09/10/15System and device for preparing and delivering food products from a mixture made up of a food liquid and a diluent
09/03/15Frozen confection product and a preparing such
09/03/15Modulation of immune function by dietary bovine lactoferrin
09/03/15Food capsule with multiple compartments
08/27/15Multi-packet system for thickened beverages
08/27/15Food surface browning for mw applications
08/27/15Capsule storage

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