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Nestec S a patents

Recent patent applications related to Nestec S a. Nestec S a is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nestec S a may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nestec S a, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Nestec S a patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033505011/26/15  new patent  Food composition comprising desferrichrysin
22015033505211/26/15  new patent  Oligosaccharide mixture and food product comrpising this mixture, especially infant formula
32015033505711/26/15  new patent  Method of improving microbiological stability in a still water-based beverage and microbiologically shelf-stable still water-based beverages
42015033519311/26/15  new patent  Device for preparing a beverage by centrifugation
52015032771111/19/15 Double ramp for closing a receptacle holder
62015032757111/19/15 Method of coating frozen confections
72015032758911/19/15 Method of improving solubility of zinc in zinc-containing still drinking water and shelf-stable zinc-containing still drinking water
82015032771011/19/15 Variable transmission for closing a receptacle holder
92015032882111/19/15 Apparatus and fabricating containers
102015032925911/19/15 Flexible pouch with a larger opening
112015032005611/12/15 Dough products having an open-cell structure and methods for making same
122015032006511/12/15 Liquid creamers and methods of making same
132015032007111/12/15 Process of preparing a foaming aid and uses thereof
142015032025411/12/15 Parametric recipes for preparing beverage with capsules in a centrifugal brewing system
152015032025511/12/15 Vibration monitoring system for a liquid food producing apparatus
162015032025611/12/15 Beverage production device with enhanced receptacle injection means
172015032086811/12/15 Emulsions stabilized by whey protein micelles
182015032180111/12/15 Closure cap with flow restriction member
192015032180911/12/15 Closure flexible pouch
202015031325111/05/15 Ready to drink dairy chocolate beverages comprising stabilizer system
212015031339011/05/15 Drink-through lid with straw compartment
222015031395211/05/15 Synbiotic composition and use thereof
232015031399911/05/15 Increasing the bioavailability of flavan-3-ols by polyphenols
242015031529111/05/15 Her2delta16 peptides
252015030554610/29/15 Beverage production device using centrifugation for extracting a liquid comprising heat loss compensating means
262015030554810/29/15 Food or beverage production system
272015030554910/29/15 Device for producing milk foam
282015030616310/29/15 Prevention and treatment of disorders connected to impaired neurotransmission
292015030905110/29/15 Isovalerylglycine as biomarker for the predispositon for weight gain and obesity
302015029683110/22/15 Machine, container, preparing ice cream or chilled desserts on demand
312015029683310/22/15 Natural texture modifier delivering body and sweetness to frozen confection products
322015029701710/22/15 Opener for making large openings in capsules
332015029750610/22/15 Use of probiotic micro-organisms as an agent that promotes the synthesis of melanin
342015030037510/22/15 Apparatus and transferring and pressurizing powder
352015028953810/15/15 Method of producing frozen confection product
362015028953910/15/15 Beverage machine for preparing and dispensing iced beverages
372015028954010/15/15 Yogurt that is frozen
382015028955210/15/15 Increasing the bioavailability of flavan-3-ols with carbohydrates with a low glycemic index
392015028970610/15/15 Extraction unit with a shiftable multi-size cartridge receiver
402015028970710/15/15 Device for preparing a beverage from a capsule with a closure system involving two closure stages
412015029013110/15/15 Encapsulated bitter peptides, methods of encapsulating bitter peptides, and nutritional compositions including encapsulated bitter peptides
422015029014010/15/15 Compositions comprising microparticles and probiotics to deliver a synergistic immune effect
432015029025810/15/15 Synbiotic composition and use thereof
442015029089610/15/15 Jaw support for pouch filler
452015029130310/15/15 Package for cushioning food product
462015028250210/08/15 Frozen confection product
472015028251410/08/15 Powder for browning food surfaces
482015028266310/08/15 Capsule-based food preparation system
492015028266510/08/15 Hybrid preparing beverages
502015028417910/08/15 Capsule for preparing a beverage or nutritional product
512015027237610/01/15 Multi-size cartridge extraction unit having guiding slides
522015027218310/01/15 Method of producing an aromatised food or beverage product
532015027237410/01/15 Beverage machine
542015027237510/01/15 Extraction unit with multi-size cartridge cavity
552015027237910/01/15 Beverage production device with perforating means and extracting a beverage from such device
562015027238010/01/15 Beverage preparation machine with capsule size detection
572015026495309/24/15 Shelf-stable milk concentrates for preparing acidified milk based beverages
582015026509109/24/15 Beverage machine
592015026666509/24/15 Card for containing food or beverage ingredients
602015025740309/17/15 Oil-in-water emulsion comprising deamidated protein
612015025758409/17/15 Food preparation system
622015025803809/17/15 Stable and bioavailable compositions of isomers of carotenoids for skin and hair
632015025022209/10/15 Infant or follow-on formula
642015025035209/10/15 Check valve, injection assembly, and beverage preparation machine
652015025184709/10/15 Beverage capsule with spraying-prevention means
662015025189009/10/15 System and device for preparing and delivering food products from a mixture made up of a food liquid and a diluent
672015024563809/03/15 Frozen confection product and a preparing such
682015024610009/03/15 Modulation of immune function by dietary bovine lactoferrin
692015024676809/03/15 Food capsule with multiple compartments
702015023787808/27/15 Multi-packet system for thickened beverages
712015023789208/27/15 Food surface browning for mw applications
722015023804308/27/15 Capsule storage
732015023846108/27/15 Plant phenols and their use in the treatment or prevention of eosinophilic esophagitis
742015023846208/27/15 Composition comprising plant phenols for preventing or reducing tewl and associated disorders and diseases
752015023965308/27/15 Beverage capsule with safety feature
762015023965408/27/15 Beverage capsule with an opening system
772015023226308/20/15 Beverage capsule with anti-dripping membrane
782015023049308/20/15 Method for preparing a long coffee with crema from a capsule in a centrifugal coffee machine, capsule and liquid coffee extract thereof
792015023225008/20/15 Packages for consumable products
802015022350108/13/15 Novel flavour compositions with improved flavour and/or flavour shelf-life
812015022407908/13/15 Sn-2-monoacylgycerols and lipid malabsorption
822015022509908/13/15 Method and fabricating a beverage capsule
832015022514808/13/15 Method for applying a liquid seal rubber to a capsule
842015022516908/13/15 Capsule assemblies with data storage and communication means
852015021635008/06/15 Food preparation machine with safety feature
862015021635208/06/15 Capsule storage
872015021755408/06/15 Method for the fabrication of a preform, preform and container
882015021791908/06/15 Flexible sachet having a triangular shape
892015020870507/30/15 Anthocyanin colouring composition
902015020870807/30/15 Oleoylethanolamide compositions
912015021044907/30/15 Closure cap with a multilayer seal disk for receptacles
922015021195807/30/15 Systems and methods for inspection of seals
932015020163507/23/15 Shelf-stable acidified dairy or dairy-like products and methods for making same
942015020164607/23/15 Stable mix of ingredients for a frozen dessert
952015020165607/23/15 Extruded food
962015019604407/16/15 Method for producing a coffee beverage precursor
972015019615907/16/15 Capsule for use with a food preparation machine
982015018191607/02/15 Array of complementary infant/young child nutritional compositions
992015018356007/02/15 Package with foil seals and penetrating means
1002015018357707/02/15 Capsule for use in a food preparation machine
1012015017356506/25/15 Integrated unit-operations food-processing apparatus
1022015017408006/25/15 Nutritional composition for promoting musculoskeletal health in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (ibd)
1032015017417706/25/15 Probiotic and polyphenol against neurodegeneration
1042015017417906/25/15 Synbiotic mixture
1052015017453806/25/15 Double-cone pumping device
1062015016409206/18/15 Filling for baked food products
1072015016410606/18/15 Frozen confectionery product with layered structure and manufacturing same
1082015016411306/18/15 Reducing the antinutritional factors in a food grain
1092015016411906/18/15 Red composition
1102015016426606/18/15 Beverage machine with vibration inhibitor
1112015016622206/18/15 Packaging split in parts
1122015016624106/18/15 Food packaging
1132015015704006/11/15 Confectionery product comprising agglomerated oil powder
1142015015704206/11/15 Equipment and frozen confectionery product with layered structure having external coating
1152015015704406/11/15 Heat resistant moisture barrier for foods
1162015015716506/11/15 Capsule for use in a food preparation machine
1172015015769706/11/15 Lactoferrin supplementation and diarrhea
1182015016019106/11/15 Fucose as a biomarker for gut immunity
1192015015190506/04/15 Capsule and preparing a food liquid by centrifugation
1202015015488706/04/15 Devices, systems and methods of assessing the risk of obesity later in life of an infant or a young child
1212015015682606/04/15 High temperature microwave susceptor
1222015014400305/28/15 Modular system with small footprint autonomous module
1232015014741405/28/15 Fructus ligustri lucidi for growth in children
1242015014743005/28/15 Adapters for consumable product packages and methods for using same
1252015014743205/28/15 Stable thickener formulations
1262015014781705/28/15 Pc-o 44:4 - a biomarker for visceral adiposity
1272015013596205/21/15 User-programmable capsule, device for programming capsules and beverage preparation machine
1282015013618005/21/15 Assembly for engaging and activating a bargun during cleaning operation
1292015014018205/21/15 Ingredient capsule for beverage preparation
1302015014018905/21/15 Products with improved foaming properties
1312015014019305/21/15 Composition for the preparation of homemade frozen confections
1322015014136705/21/15 Modulation of growth of bifidobacteria using a combination of oligosaccharides found in human milk
1332015012861505/14/15 Cold beverage dispenser implementing thermoelectric cooling
1342015012881205/14/15 Device and producing a frothed liquid from soluble ingredients and diluent
1352015012953605/14/15 Lightweight, vacuum-resistant containers having offset horizontal ribs
1362015013244505/14/15 Capsule for the preparation of a beverage by centrifugation
1372015013441205/14/15 Tools and methods for differentiating child-liking scores in product testing environments
1382015012542605/07/15 Medium chain dicarboxylic acids, their derivates and metabolic disorders
1392015012557205/07/15 Moisture resistant wafer
1402015012557605/07/15 Ingredient capsule for beverage preparation
1412015011835104/30/15 Nutritional composition for low birth weight infants
1422015011835904/30/15 Soluble non-dairy creamer tablet surface-treated with carbohydrate
1432015011838004/30/15 Composition for preparation of a food or beverage product
1442015010808104/23/15 Containers having improved vacuum resistance
1452015011093604/23/15 Device and producing a frothed liquid from soluble ingredients and diluent
1462015011215004/23/15 Apparatuses for detecting and/or diagnosing swallowing disorders
1472015010163804/16/15 Method for cleaning a bargun dispenser
1482015010454204/16/15 Shelf-stable cooking aid and a process for its preparation
1492015010529604/16/15 Hydroxy-sphingomyelin 22:1 as a biomarker for healthy aging
1502015010546404/16/15 4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and brain health
1512015009635704/09/15 Pc-o 42:4 - a biomarker for visceral adiposity
1522015009883604/09/15 Beverage production module and operating a beverage production module
1532015009903604/09/15 Dairy beverage and preparation thereof
1542015009904504/09/15 Method for the preparation of a beverage by centrifugation using a container
1552015009905004/09/15 Frozen aerated products
1562015009347204/02/15 Asparaginase from basidiomycetes
1572015008298903/26/15 User-interface for beverage preparation machines
1582015008670003/26/15 Creamer composition comprising protein and hydroxypropyl starch
1592015008770603/26/15 4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and liver disorders
1602015008770703/26/15 4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and cardiovascular health
1612015008830403/26/15 Apparatus and providing metered amounts of ingredient, especially for a tailored nutrition to infants
1622015007511903/19/15 Method and blowing and filling containers with release of liquid overpressure
1632015007526203/19/15 Pc-o 44:4 - a biomarker for visceral adiposity
1642015007602503/19/15 Packages for consumable products and methods for using same
1652015007900403/19/15 Methods for increasing swallowing efficacy
1662015007905603/19/15 Infant cereal comprising non-replicating probiotic microorganisms
1672015007925703/19/15 Mixing device for frothing beverages
1682015008026403/19/15 Pc-o 44:6 - a biomarker for visceral adiposity
1692015007203303/12/15 Extruded non-replicating probiotic micro-organisms and their health benefits
1702015007204303/12/15 9-oxo-hode as a biomarker for healthy aging
1712015007205303/12/15 Ingredient capsule for beverage preparation
1722015007232003/12/15 Pc-o 40:1 as a biomarker for healthy aging
1732015007236303/12/15 Phenylacetylglutamine as a biomarker for healthy aging
1742015007287903/12/15 Methods for improving inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis
1752015005958603/05/15 Heating unit for a beverage preparation machine
1762015006412703/05/15 4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and skin pigmentation
1772015006433003/05/15 Aerated frozen confectionary product
1782015005634802/26/15 Nutritional products having a modulated off-taste intensity and methods for making and using same
1792015005330302/26/15 Dispenser with holding system for receptacles of different sizes
1802015005420602/26/15 Method and an blowing a container in a blowing mould
1812015005633002/26/15 Filtration unit for use in machine for preparing ready-to-drink nutritional liquids
1822015005634302/26/15 Capsule-controlled motorized brewing unit
1832015005635202/26/15 Capsule holder for a beverage preparation machine
1842015005636002/26/15 Creamer composition comprising protein, low molecular weight emulsifiers and hydroxypropyl starch
1852015005734402/26/15 Peltatin for the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders
1862015005734902/26/15 4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and the health of the digestive tract
1872015004872902/19/15 Beverage machine for short and tall cups
1882015005110702/19/15 Antibody-based arrays for detecting multiple signal transducers in rare circulating cells
1892015004076802/12/15 System for preparing a beverage from ingredients supported by an encoded insert
1902015004077002/12/15 Cover for an ingredient inlet with moisture management
1912015004077102/12/15 Beverage preparation machine with drop management
1922015004142402/12/15 Very light beverage container
1932015004434602/12/15 Use of oxazolines as aroma/flavour precursors
1942015004466102/12/15 Apparatus for performing consumer research and methods for using same
1952015004542502/12/15 Peltatin and metabolic disorders
1962015003412702/05/15 Beverage preparation machine with cleanable brewing head
1972015003464502/05/15 Closure for packaging
1982015003747302/05/15 Method and system for determining the consumption by an infant of beverages produced from capsules in a beverage production machine
1992015003776802/05/15 Methods for reducing childhood obesity and for calculating childhood obesity risk
2002015002731601/29/15 Beverage preparation machine with touch menu functionality
2012015002731801/29/15 Container holder with filtration unit for use in a nutritional preparation machine
2022015003072001/29/15 Nutritional composition containing oligosaccharide mixture
2032015002183301/22/15 Method of blowing, filling and capping containers
2042015002440401/22/15 Assays for the detection of anti-tnf drugs and autoantibodies
2052015001714301/15/15 Composition comprising specific lactobacillus helveticus strains and reducing food and/or respiratory allergy symptoms
2062015001728601/15/15 Cereal pieces containing alpha-linolenic acid
2072015001728901/15/15 Packaging comprising a container and a cap with hinged lid
2082015001730801/15/15 Umami flavour composition from vegetable processing
2092015001765901/15/15 Profiling of signal pathway proteins to determine therapeutic efficacy
2102015000860901/08/15 Depositing device
2112015001067301/08/15 P-cresol sulphate as a biomarker for healthy aging
2122015001101901/08/15 Early biomarkers of age-related low-grade inflammation
2132015000117201/01/15 Load-bearing and vacuum-resistant containers
2142015000121201/01/15 Container and pouch
2152015000414901/01/15 Cohesive thin liquids to promote safe swallowing in dysphagic patients
2162015000428501/01/15 Compositions and methods for the stability of reactive amino acids in a food matrix
2172014037372312/25/14 Beverage preparation system
2182014037372212/25/14 Beverage preparation machine
2192014037742812/25/14 Dispenser for producing beverages by dissolution of a soluble ingredient
2202014037743312/25/14 Delivery carrier for antimicrobial essential oils
2212014037016112/18/14 Beverage capsule for preparing a beverage by centrifugation in a beverage preparation device
2222014037017312/18/14 Frozen confections with improved heat shock stability
2232014037117312/18/14 Modulation of growth of bifidobacteria using a combination of oligosaccharides found in human milk
2242014037235712/18/14 Methods for predicting age-or developmental stage-appropriate foods for children
2252014036037712/11/14 Capsule for preparing a beverage or liquid food and system using brewing centrifugal force
2262014035254512/04/14 Beverage machine with a removable module
2272014035648712/04/14 Caffeic acid for browning food surfaces
2282014035649312/04/14 Systems and methods for detecting water/product interfaces during food processing
2292014035757612/04/14 Methods for enhancement of muscle protein synthesis
2302014034986511/27/14 Drug selection for breast cancer therapy using antibody-based arrays
2312014034203311/20/14 Packages for consumable products and methods for using same
2322014034203611/20/14 Vegetable-based minced meat alternative
2332014034205411/20/14 Quercetin for browning food surfaces
2342014033210111/13/14 Beverage collector for collecting centrifuged liquid and centrifugal beverage machine using such collector
2352014032614211/06/14 Centrifugal brewing machine with flow collecting assembly
2362014031837910/30/14 Capsule with reinforcement members used for the preparation of a beverage
2372014032218510/30/14 Sialic acid producing bacteria
2382014032240110/30/14 Fast heat-up of a thermal conditioning device e.g. for coffee machine
2392014030840010/16/14 Polyphenol and metal ions for browning food surfaces
2402014030842410/16/14 Dried pulp preparation from unprocessed raw materials
2412014030874910/16/14 Quantitation of lactoferrin in infant formulas by electrophoresis using ir fluorescence imaging
2422014031023010/16/14 Principles and software application to ensure compliance of manufactured nutritional food products to their specifications
2432014030220010/09/14 Nutritional compositions having solid particles and methods for making and using same
2442014029478810/02/14 Methods for enhancing muscle protein synthesis following concurrent training
2452014029502510/02/14 Filling composition comprising hydrolyzed whole grain
2462014028690909/25/14 Composition for use in increasing insulin sensitivity and/or reducing insulin resistance
2472014028800409/25/14 Lactoferrin and the white matter
2482014027156209/18/14 Composition for use in brain growth and/or cognitive and/or psychomotor development
2492014027209309/18/14 Chemically acidified formula

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