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Netapp Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Netapp Inc. Netapp Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Netapp Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Netapp Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Preserving coredump data during switchover operation
04/27/17 new patent  Implementing automatic switchover
04/27/17 new patent  Service processor traps for communicating storage controller failure
04/27/17 new patent  Dynamic caching mode based on utilization of mirroring channels
04/27/17 new patent  Third vote consensus in a cluster using shared storage devices
04/27/17 new patent  Efficient differential techniques for metafiles
04/20/17Storage virtual machine relocation
04/20/17System and implementing a block-based backup restart
04/20/17Methods and systems for managing configuration change in a networked storage environment
04/13/17Externally initiated application session endpoint migration
04/13/17System and transposed storage in raid arrays
04/13/17Methods and systems for service level objective api for storage management
04/13/17Methods and systems for monitoring resources of a networked storage environment
04/06/17Transaction log layout for efficient reclamation and recovery
04/06/17Transaction log layout for efficient reclamation and recovery
04/06/17Data recovery in a distributed storage system
04/06/17Cache flushing and interrupted write handling in storage systems
04/06/17Storage controller cache having reserved parity area
03/30/17Resynchronization with compliance data preservation
03/30/17Data synchronization
03/30/17Techniques for data migration
03/30/17Storage system multiprocessing and mutual exclusion in a non-preemptive tasking environment
03/30/17Pcie error reporting and throttling
03/30/17Methods and systems for using a write cache in a storage system
03/30/17High availability failover manager
03/30/17Peer to peer network write deduplication
03/30/17Write-back cache transaction replication to object-based storage
03/30/17Elastic, ephemeral in-line deduplication service
03/30/17Namespace hierarchy preservation with multiple object storage objects
03/30/17Object storage backed file system cache
03/30/17Object storage backed file system
03/30/17Server devices with integrated pathways of error indicator lights and methods thereof
03/30/17Methods and systems for managing resources in a networked storage environment
03/30/17Methods and systems for monitoring network storage system resources by an api server
03/30/17Network-attached storage gateway validation
03/30/17Eventual consistency among many clusters including entities in a master member regime
03/23/17Methods and systems for using service level objectives in a networked storage environment
03/23/17Server fault analysis system using event logs
03/23/17Mapping logical identifiers using multiple identifier spaces
03/23/17Methods and systems for presenting data associated with a plurality of data sources
03/23/17Methods and systems for selecting compatible resources in networked storage environments
03/16/17Non-disruptive controller replacement in a cross-cluster redundancy configuration
03/16/17Group management of authenticated entities
03/16/17Writing data in a distributed data storage system
03/16/17Methods for preserving state across a failure and devices thereof
03/16/17Clustered raid assimilation management
03/16/17In-line policy management with multi-level object handle
03/16/17Adaptively strengthening ecc for solid state cache
03/09/17Systems, methods and devices for compressing snapshot data and for block sharing across volumes
03/09/17Scalable, distributed, fault-tolerant test framework
03/02/17Data profiler
03/02/17Configuration inconsistency identification between storage virtual machines
03/02/17Trust relationship migration for data mirroring
03/02/17Data object lockdown
03/02/17Migration between cpu cores
03/02/17Methods and systems for restoring data containers in a storage system
03/02/17Workload management in a global recycle queue infrastructure
03/02/17Event based retention of read only files
03/02/17System and cloud-storage support
02/23/17Techniques for error handling in parallel splitting of storage commands
02/23/17System and method to read cache data on hybrid aggregates based on physical context of the data
02/16/17Host side deduplication
02/16/17Host side deduplication
02/16/17Technique for quantifying logical space trapped in an extent store
02/16/17Storage controller caching using symmetric storage class memory devices
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02/16/17Write mirroring to storage class memory devices
02/16/17Authentication for cluster peering
02/09/17Just-in-time remote data storage allocation
02/09/17Methods and systems for dynamically controlled caching
02/02/17Real-time analysis for dynamic storage
02/02/17Incremental transfer with unused data block reclamation
02/02/17Stale data detection
02/02/17Dynamic resource allocation based upon network flow control
02/02/17Remote procedure call management
02/02/17Dynamic routing of input/output requests in array systems
02/02/17Systems, methods and devices for addressing data blocks in mass storage filing systems
02/02/17Methods for allocating storage cluster hardware resources and devices thereof
02/02/17Methods for utilizing powershell modules in .net applications and devices thereof
02/02/17Multiprocessing within a storage array system executing controller firmware designed for a uniprocessor environment
02/02/17Snapshot creation workflow
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02/02/17Dynamically growing and shrinking snapshot repositories without impacting performance or latency
02/02/17Snapshot restore workflow
02/02/17Methods for dynamically determining and readjusting failover targets and devices thereof
02/02/17Deduplicated host cache flush to remote storage
02/02/17Compression file structure
02/02/17Extensible and elastic data management services engine external to a storage domain
02/02/17Snapshot and/or clone copy-on-write
02/02/17Technique for preserving efficiency for replication between clusters of a network
02/02/17Methods for prioritizing failover of logical interfaces (lifs) during a node outage and devices thereof
02/02/17Methods for centralized management api service across disparate storage platforms and devices thereof
02/02/17Methods for transferring data in a storage cluster and devices thereof
02/02/17Systems, methods and devices for rdma read/write operations
02/02/17Methods and systems for efficiently moving data between nodes in a cluster
02/02/17Methods and systems for efficiently moving data between nodes in a cluster
02/02/17Techniques for dynamic enrollment in storage system newsgroups
02/02/17Method for selecting between multiple rpc frameworks during a tcp/ip session
01/26/17Methods and systems using observation based techniques for determining performance capacity of a resource of a networked storage environment
01/26/17Methods and systems for storing data at different storage tiers of a storage system
01/26/17Cross-component status indicators
01/26/17Deduplicating extents across systems
01/26/17Methods and systems for determining performance capacity of a resource of a networked storage environment
01/26/17Methods and systems for managing a resource in a networked storage environment
01/26/17Network-based elastic storage
01/19/17Detecting high availability readiness of a distributed computing system
01/12/17Performance during playback of logged data storage operations
01/12/17Reconstruction of dense tree volume metadata state across crash recovery
01/12/17Flow control technique for eos system
01/05/17Methods for host-side caching and application consistent writeback restore and devices thereof
01/05/17System and cache monitoring in storage systems
12/29/16Dynamic transitioning of protection information in array systems
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12/29/16Methods and systems for trouble shooting performance issues in networked storage systems
12/29/16Methods and systems for resource management in a networked storage environment
12/22/16Methods for managing a buffer cache and devices thereof
12/08/16Virtual machine redeployment
12/08/16Dynamic mirroring
12/08/16Technique for reducing metadata stored in a memory of a node
12/08/16Flash optimized, log-structured layer of a file system
12/01/16Provisioning advisor
12/01/16Consistency checker for global de-duplication clustered file system
12/01/16Methods for sharing nvm ssd across a cluster group and devices thereof
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11/24/16Configuration update management
11/24/16Data recovery objective modeling
11/24/16Systems, methods, and computer program products providing an elastic snapshot repository
11/24/16Policy based alerts for networked storage systems
11/17/16Techniques for data migration
11/17/16Techniques to manage data migration
11/17/16Techniques for migration paths
11/17/16Techniques for data migration
11/17/16Data write deferral during hostile events
11/10/16Cluster scale synchronization of producer consumer file access via multi-protocol nodes
10/27/16Data structure store and data management
10/27/16Resiliency fragment tiering
10/20/16Data backup with rolling baselines
10/20/16Granular replication of volume subsets
10/13/16Methods and systems for securing stored information
10/06/16Methods to identify, handle and recover from suspect ssds in a clustered flash array
10/06/16Capacity accounting for heterogeneous storage systems
10/06/16Dynamic throttling of scan requests for multiple scanners a cluster of nodes
09/29/16Boundary scan testing with loopbacks
09/29/16Resource allocation in networked storage systems
09/29/16Decoupled reliability groups
09/29/16Methods and systems for real-time activity tracing in a storage environment
09/29/16Providing continuous context for operational information of a storage system
09/29/16Verifying communication lanes by individually disconnecting transmit wires by wire polarity
09/22/16File system driven raid rebuild technique
09/22/16Methods for facilitating a nosql database with integrated management and devices thereof
09/22/16Methods for implementing nosql database snapshots and devices thereof
09/22/16Protocol data unit interface
09/15/16Storage device health status synchronization
09/15/16Mirror vote synchronization
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09/15/16Techniques for importation of information to a storage system
09/15/16Storage failure processing in a shared storage architecture
09/15/16Interconnect path failover
09/15/16Preventing non-detectable data loss during site switchover
09/15/16Selective deduplication
09/15/16Dynamic update to views of a file system backed by object storage
09/15/16Using a cache cluster of a cloud computing service as a victim cache
09/08/16Methods and systems for filtering collected qos data for predicting an expected range for future qos data
09/01/16Banded allocation of device address ranges in distributed parity schemes
09/01/16Techniques for dynamically allocating resources in a storage cluster system
08/25/16Clone volume merging
08/25/16Methods for policy-based data tiering using a cloud architecture and devices thereof
08/25/16Solid state device parity caching in a hybrid storage array
08/25/16Exactly once semantics
08/25/16Cache affinity and processor utilization technique
08/25/16Creating environmental snapshots of storage device failure events
08/25/16Methods for policy-based hierarchical data protection and devices thereof
08/25/16Virtual chunk service based data recovery in a distributed data storage system
08/25/16Methods for managing replacement in a distributed cache environment and devices thereof
08/25/16Hybrid message-based scheduling technique
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08/25/16Content database for producing solution documents
08/25/16Distributed file system snapshot
08/25/16Perturb key technique
08/18/16Power switching technique for archival data storage enclosure
08/18/16Load balancing and fault tolerant service in a distributed data system
08/18/16Hierarchical wide spreading of distributed storage
08/18/16Managing multi-level backups into the cloud
08/18/16Methods for improving management of input or output operations in a network storage environment with a failure and devices thereof
08/18/16Faster reconstruction of segments using a dedicated spare memory unit
08/18/16Servicing of network software components of nodes of a cluster storage system
08/18/16Maintaining dynamic configuration information of a multi-host off-cluster service on a cluster
08/11/16High density storage device system
08/11/16Methods for distributing erasure-coded fragments in a geo-distributed storage system and devices thereof
08/11/16Load balancing technique for a storage array
08/11/16Event suppression method and system
08/04/16Monitoring storage cluster elements
08/04/16Technique for global deduplication across datacenters with minimal coordination
07/28/16Techniques for asynchronous snapshot invalidation
07/28/16Method and system for backup verification
07/28/16Provisioning of isolated path from computer to co-located storage
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07/28/16Methods for providing a staging area for objects prior to erasure coding and devices thereof
07/21/16System and synchronizing caches after reboot
07/21/16Object-based storage replication and recovery
07/21/16System of host caches managed in a unified manner
07/07/16System and adaptive data transfers with limited resources
07/07/16Content database for storing extracted content
07/07/16Stateless resource management
07/07/16I/o bandwidth reduction using storage-level common page information
06/30/16Methods and systems for clone management
06/30/16Centralized management center for managing storage services
06/30/16Centralized graphical user interface and associated methods and systems for a centralized management center for managing storage services in a networked storage environment
06/30/16System and monitoring hosts and storage devices in a storage system
06/30/16Centralized management center for managing storage services
06/30/16Detecting out-of-band (oob) changes when replicating a source file system using an in-line system
06/30/16Methods and systems for role based access control in networked storage environment
06/30/16Techniques to transfer large collection containers
06/30/16Techniques to transfer large collection containers
06/30/16Methods and systems for clone management
06/23/16Content-aware task assignment in distributed computing systems using de-duplicating cache
06/23/16System and developing and implementing a migration plan for migrating a file system
06/23/16Multi-protocol storage network i/o devices and methods
06/23/16System and implementing data migration while preserving security policies of a source filer
06/23/16Lock state synchronization for non-disruptive persistent operation
06/16/16Providing data integrity in a non-reliable storage behavior
06/16/16Dynamic installation and management of virtual caching applicances
06/16/16Data trcking for efficient recovery of a storage array
06/16/16Non-disruptive online storage device firmware updating
06/16/16Multi-tenant security in the cloud
06/09/16System and data deduplication utilizing extent id database
06/09/16Supporting multi-tenancy through service catalog
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06/09/16Caching and deduplication of data blocks in cache memory
06/02/16System and achieving high performance data flow among user space processes in storage systems
05/26/16Clustered storage system path quiescence analysis
05/26/16Methods for integrating applications with a data storage network and devices thereof
05/26/16Namespace and storage management application infrastructure for use in management of resources in a storage system environment
05/19/16Storage level access control for data grouping structures
05/19/16Just-in-time remote data storage allocation
05/19/16N-way merge technique for updating volume metadata in a storage i/o stack
05/19/16System and hijacking inodes based on replication operations received in an arbitrary order
05/19/16Methods for providing unified storage for backup and disaster recovery and devices thereof
05/19/16Non-disruptive controller replacement in a cross-cluster redundancy configuration
05/19/16Techniques for using augmented reality for computer systems maintenance
05/12/16Transacting across multiple transactional domains
05/12/16Extent metadata update logging and checkpointing
05/12/16Storage cluster failure detection
05/12/16Determining i/o performance headroom
05/05/16Methods for identifying race condition at runtime and devices thereof
05/05/16System and determining occurrences of data corruption in a file system under active use
05/05/16Techniques for controlling client traffic on a clustered system
05/05/16Techniques for storing and distributing metadata among nodes in a storage cluster system
05/05/16System and implementing a block-based backup restart
04/28/16Uniquely naming storage devices in a global storage environment
04/28/16Methods for associating storage errors with specific third party arrays and devices thereof
04/28/16Data recovery technique for recovering data from an object store
04/28/16Data recovery technique for recovering data from an object storage service
04/28/16Method for using service level objectives to dynamically allocate cache resources among competing workloads
04/28/16Cache optimization technique for large working data sets
04/28/16Methods for replicating data and enabling instantaneous access to data and devices thereof
04/28/16Methods and systems for accessing virtual storage servers in a clustered environment

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