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Ngk Insulators Ltd
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Ngk Insulators Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Ngk Insulators Ltd. Ngk Insulators Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ngk Insulators Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ngk Insulators Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Honeycomb structure

Ngk Insulators

Honeycomb structure

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Count Application # Date Ngk Insulators Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015008332503/26/15 new patent  Die for forming honeycomb structure and manufacturing method therefor
22015008344603/26/15 new patent  Fire extinguishing apparatus
32015008450803/26/15 new patent  Structural body and electrode structure
42015008667003/26/15 new patent  Die for forming honeycomb structure and manufacturing method therefor
52015008674803/26/15 new patent  Honeycomb structure
62015008678703/26/15 new patent  Positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery
72015007605503/19/15Carbon membrane, manufacturing carbon membrane, and carbon membrane filter
82015007789503/19/15Cooling plate, manufacturing the same, and member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
92015007949603/19/15Cathode material and solid oxide fuel cell
102015005360502/26/15Method for manufacturing silica membrane filter, and silica membrane filter
112015005637202/26/15Separation membrane manufacturing method
122015004762202/19/15Cutting honeycomb formed body
132015004944202/19/15Ceramic circuit board and electronic device
142015004087902/12/15Structure of combustion chamber for engine and inner wall structure of flow path
152015004200902/12/15Molded body, and producing the molded body
162015004220702/12/15Composite substrate and elastic wave device
172015003448402/05/15Gas sensor
182015003541402/05/15Film-type piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
192015003626102/05/15Cooling plate, manufacturing the same, and member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
202015003768802/05/15All-solid-state cell
212015003051001/29/15Honeycomb structure
222015002419001/22/15Marking base composition and marking base using the same
232015002429201/22/15Lithium air secondary battery
242015002430201/22/15Fuel cell and cathode material
252015001429201/15/15Heating honeycomb structure
262015001512201/15/15Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film type element and producing piezoelectric/electrostrictive film type element
272015001512301/15/15Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film type element and producing piezoelectric/electrostrictive film type element
282015001778601/15/15Method for treating group iii nitride substrate and manufacturing epitaxial substrate
292015000755301/08/15Information-display-equipped electric-heating-type heater and using information therefor
302015000817701/08/15Honeycomb shaped porous ceramic body, manufacturing same, and honeycomb shaped ceramic separation membrane structure
312015000817801/08/15Honeycomb shaped porous ceramic body, manufacturing same, and honeycomb shaped ceramic separation membrane structure
322015000818001/08/15Honeycomb shaped porous ceramic body, manufacturing same, and honeycomb shaped ceramic separation membrane structure
332015001070401/08/15Ddr zeolite seed crystal, producing same, and producing ddr zeolite membrane
342015000452301/01/15Solid oxide fuel cell
352015000452401/01/15Solid oxide fuel cell
362015000452501/01/15Solid oxide fuel cell
372014037434112/25/14Process for producing separation membrane, process for producing separation membrane composite, and separation membrane composite
382014037435512/25/14Pretreatment device for membrane separation, membrane separating system and membrane separating method
392014037766512/25/14Ceramic material and process for producing the same
402014037829712/25/14Silicon carbide porous material, honeycomb structure and electric heating-type catalyst carrier
412014037023212/18/14Porous material, honeycomb structure, and production porous material
422014037023312/18/14Porous material and honeycomb structure
432014037023512/18/14Plugged honeycomb structure
442014036660412/18/14Forging method and forging die
452014036122912/11/14Voltage nonlinear resistor
462014036133712/11/14Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
472014036288612/11/14External resonator type light emitting system
482014035264612/04/14Heat-insulating member and structure of combustion chamber for engine
492014034210811/20/14Structural body and producing the same
502014033237811/13/14Hydrocarbon gas sensor
512014033237911/13/14Hydrocarbon gas sensor
522014031111210/23/14Sealed honeycomb structure
532014030536910/16/14Method of producing crystals of nitrides of group 13 elements and melt compositions
542014029877910/09/14Wall flow type exhaust gas purification filter
552014029003910/02/14Method for manufacturing gas sensor
562014029019510/02/14Porous material, honeycomb structure, and manufacturing porous material
572014029019610/02/14Manufacturing honeycomb structure and honeycomb structure
582014029033310/02/14Gas sensor
592014029056810/02/14Nozzle and honeycomb filter production apparatus using the same
602014029061710/02/14Engine combustion chamber structure, and inner wall structure of through channel
612014029086310/02/14Ceramic member, member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing ceramic member
622014029124510/02/14Ceramic separation filter and dehydration method
632014029131510/02/14Honeycomb structure
642014029215610/02/14Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element and wiring substrate
652014029215710/02/14Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
662014029215810/02/14Laminated body and piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
672014029215910/02/14Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element and manufacturing the same
682014029468710/02/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
692014029468810/02/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
702014029468910/02/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
712014029469010/02/14Honeycomb structure
722014029469110/02/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
732014029469210/02/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
742014029571510/02/14Contact member and manufacturing sensor
752014029605310/02/14Glass-ceramics composite material
762014029605410/02/14Honeycomb structure
772014029605510/02/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing method thereof
782014029605910/02/14Honeycomb catalyst body
792014028432009/25/14Ceramic heater and producing the same
802014028448209/25/14Infrared detection element, infrared detection module, and manufacturing method therefor
812014028594309/25/14Ceramic member and member for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
822014028660709/25/14Structures of connecting optical waveguide parts and holding parts of holding optical input members, and a producing the same
832014028719009/25/14Honeycomb structure
842014028719109/25/14Honeycomb structure
852014028724509/25/14Dense composite material, manufacturing the same, joined body, and member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses
862014026442909/18/14Composite substrates and functional devices
872014027227909/18/14Honeycomb structure
882014027237809/18/14Dense composite material, producing the same, and component for semiconductor production equipment
892014027242109/18/14Member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses
902014025166409/11/14Circuit substrate
912014025269409/11/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
922014023087008/21/14Thermoelectric conversion elements
942014022761608/14/14Zinc-air secondary battery
952014020870707/31/14Ceramic filter
962014021031607/31/14Composite substrate and manufacturing the same
972014021031707/31/14Composite substrate
982014021233907/31/14Honeycomb structure
992014020212407/24/14Honeycomb filter and manufacturing the same
1002014020262907/24/14Ceramic element and manufacturing the same
1012014020549207/24/14Copper alloy wire rod and manufacturing the same
1022014020550907/24/14Honeycomb catalyst body
1032014020652207/24/14Glass-ceramics composite material
1042014020656707/24/14Method for detecting target nucleic acid
1052014019742007/17/14Films of nitrides of group 13 elements and layered body including the same
1062014019947807/17/14Method for producing carbon membrane
1072014019137307/10/14Composite wafer and manufacturing the same
1082014018653507/03/14Honeycomb filter and manufacturing the same
1092014017703506/26/14Wavelength converting devices
1102014016551906/19/14Fine particle collecting filter
1112014016552006/19/14Fine particle collecting filter
1122014016730406/19/14Honeycomb structure, manufacturing method thereof, and catalyst carrying honeycomb structure
1132014016756206/19/14Piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramics composition and displacement generating device
1142014016756706/19/14Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
1152014015897806/12/14Semiconductor light-emitting element and laminate containing same
1162014016209106/12/14Method of controlling storage battery, controlling storage battery, and electric power control system
1172014015414406/05/14Honeycomb catalyst body
1182014015414506/05/14Honeycomb catalyst body
1192014015414606/05/14Honeycomb catalyst body
1202014014555805/29/14Composite substrate, surface acoustic wave device, and manufacturing composite substrate
1212014014734205/29/14Honeycomb catalyst body
1222014014795305/29/14Method for peeling group 13 element nitride film
1232014013887105/22/14Supporting honeycomb body
1242014013907605/22/14Piezoelectric element
1252014013455705/15/14Housing for heating and use the same, heating jig and use the same, and operation heating device
1262014012499205/08/14Zeolite structure and manufacturing method thereof
1272014012361205/08/14Dust collecting honeycomb filter
1282014012708505/08/14Honeycomb structure
1292014012745505/08/14Honeycomb structure
1302014012748405/08/14Bonded body of ceramic member and metal member and manufacturing the same
1312014011601605/01/14Honeycomb filter
1322014011711905/01/14Member for semiconductor manufacturing manufacturing the same
1332014011310604/24/14Method of manufacturing honeycomb structure and honeycomb structure
1342014010217004/17/14Method for assembling gas sensor, and gas sensor assembly apparatus
1352014010268304/17/14Heat exchange member
1362014010336204/17/14Composite substrates, a producing the same, a producing functional layers made of nitrides of group 13 elements, and functional devices
1372014009082104/03/14Heat exchanger element, manufacturing method therefor, and heat exchanger
1392014009343604/03/14Honeycomb filter
1402014008680503/27/14Honeycomb catalyst body
1412014008708003/27/14Outer periphery coating honeycomb structure
1422014008712803/27/14Honeycomb structure
1432014008726503/27/14Cathode active material for a lithium ion secondary battery and a lithium ion secondary battery
1442014008763603/27/14Grinding honeycomb structure
1452014007672503/20/14Gas sensor
1462014007989103/20/14Method for treating cu thin sheet
1472014007994603/20/14Laminated structure, member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and producing laminated structure
1482014006890403/13/14Method for manufacturing piezoelectric device
1492014006954503/13/14Flow passage component
1502014007046603/13/14Manufacturing honeycomb structure
1512014007278503/13/14Laminated body
1522014007287003/13/14All-solid-state cell
1532014005998703/06/14Plugged honeycomb structure
1542014006155303/06/14Lanthanum boride sintered body and producing the same
1552014006537503/06/14Bonded compact and producing green bonded compact
1562014005460502/27/14Composite substrates, light emitting devices and a producing composite substrates
1572014005597302/27/14Circuit board for peripheral circuits of high-capacity modules, and a high-capacity module including a peripheral circuit using the circuit board
1582014004848202/20/14Method for cleaning ceramic filter
1592014004134902/13/14Plugged honeycomb structure
1602014004135002/13/14Plugged honeycomb structure
1612014004245102/13/14Semiconductor device, hemt device, and manufacturing semiconductor device
1622014003571502/06/14Heat float switch
1632014002680901/30/14Process for producing group 13 metal nitride, and seed crystal substrate for use in same
1642014002705301/30/14Method for manufacturing ceramic device
1652014002741201/30/14Method for marking on metallic member
1662014002087701/23/14Heat exchanger element and heat exchanger
1672014002112901/23/14Honeycomb-shaped ceramic separation-membrane structure
1682014002166201/23/14Sintered ceramic body, manufacturing method thereof, and ceramic structure
1692014002183001/23/14Piezoelectric device and production green compact being molded body of piezoelectric device prior to sintering
1702014001402801/16/14Method for producing gallium nitride layer and seed crystal substrate used in same
1712014001457401/16/14Porous body and honeycomb-shaped ceramic separation-membrane structure
1722014001750901/16/14Bonded object of tungsten carbide-based superhard alloy and process for producing same
1732014000883901/09/14Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
1742014000898001/09/14Power storage device and operating power storage device
1752014001049301/09/14Optical modulation element
1762014001072001/09/14Honeycomb structure
1772014001111301/09/14Fuel cell
1782014001115001/09/14Tunnel kiln for firing ceramic porous bodies
1792014001115101/09/14Shuttle kiln for firing ceramic porous bodies
1802014001166401/09/14Method for manufacturing honeycomb structure, manufacturing si-sic based composite material, and honeycomb structure
1812014001166701/09/14Silicon carbide porous body, honeycomb structure, and electric heating type catalyst carrier
1822014000289101/02/14Electromagnetic wave radiation element and producing same
1832013034428312/26/13Honeycomb structure
1842013033657812/19/13Microstructure analysis method, program thereof, and microstructure analysis device
1852013031613011/28/13Honeycomb structure body
1862013031612911/28/13Silicon carbide material, honeycomb structure, and electric heating type catalyst carrier
1872013028653310/31/13Member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
1882013027017810/17/13Ceramic porous membrane and ceramic filter
1892013026688910/10/13Solid oxide fuel cell
1902013025520710/03/13Honeycomb structure and manufacturing the same
1912013025521210/03/13Honeycomb structure
1922013025521310/03/13Porous material, manufacturing the same, and honeycomb structure
1932013025535210/03/13Method for manufacturing sensor element for use in gas sensor, inspecting electrical characteristics of sensor element, and pre-treating sensor element
1942013025585410/03/13Manufacturing honeycomb structure
1952013025629710/03/13Ceramic heater, heater electrode, and manufacturing ceramic heater
1962013026098310/03/13Ceramics paste and laminated body
1972013024752509/26/13Honeycomb structure and manufacturing honeycomb structure
1982013024815909/26/13Heat conduction member
1992013024850909/26/13Heating device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
2002013025208709/26/13Cathode and a cathode active material plate for a lithium secondary battery and manufacturing these
2012013023953209/19/13Filter element
2022013024135109/19/13Thin plate vibration device and a producing the same
2032013024399909/19/13Honeycomb structure, honeycomb catalyst body using the same, and manufacturing honeycomb structure
2042013024413209/19/13Cathode material, interconnector material and solid oxide fuel cell
2052013023550709/12/13Electrostatic chuck
2062013023668709/12/13Honeycomb structure and honeycomb catalyst
2072013023681109/12/13Fuel cell
2082013022856509/05/13Heating device
2092013022856609/05/13Heating device
2102013022974609/05/13Electrostatic chuck
2112013023078809/05/13Solid oxide fuel cell
2122013022080808/29/13Gas sensor
2132013021973808/29/13Method of drying coating film formed on pet film surface and coating film drying furnace
2142013022098808/29/13Heating device
2152013022149008/29/13Method for growing group 13 nitride crystal and group 13 nitride crystal
2162013021464708/22/13Piezoelectric element and manufacturing the same
2172013021362008/22/13Heat exchanger element
2182013021432708/22/13Semiconductor device and producing the same
2192013021676808/22/13Silicon carbide ceramic and honeycomb structure
2202013020732208/15/13Method for producing silicon carbide ceramic and producing honeycomb structure
2212013019684208/01/13Glass-ceramic composite material
2222013018132707/18/13Epitaxial substrate for semiconductor device, manufacturing epitaxial substrate for semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
2232013018162907/18/13Discharge device
2242013016873407/04/13Epitaxial substrate for semiconductor device, semiconductor device, manufacturing epitaxial substrate for semiconductor device, and manufacturing semiconductor device
2252013016169006/27/13Semiconductor device
2262013016169106/27/13Semiconductor device
2272013015605306/20/13Electromagnetic wave oscillating devices and a producing the same
2282013015606206/20/13Semiconductor wavelength converting devices and light sources for generating infrared rays
2292013014573506/13/13Honeycomb filter, and manufacturing the same
2302013014633906/13/13Circuit board for high-capacity modules, and a production the circuit board
2312013014309206/06/13Rack for battery packs
2322013013443905/30/13Epitaxial substrate for semiconductor element, semiconductor element, pn junction diode, and manufacturing an epitaxial substrate for semiconductor element
2332013012635205/23/13Gas sensor
2342013012642005/23/13Ceramic filter
2352013011943705/16/13Semiconductor device
2362013012244105/16/13Gas sensor element treatment method
2372013011207805/09/13Silica film filter and process for producing silica film filter
2382013011571805/09/13Carrier carrying identifying information for identifying an identification subject and use thereof
2392013010635905/02/13Metal-air battery system including co2 selective absorber and operating method therefor
2402013009856004/25/13Carbon fiber-containing resin sheet carrying apparatus
2412013010183204/25/13Noble metal coating and manufacturing method thereof
2422013009295304/18/13Epitaxial substrate and manufacturing epitaxial substrate
2432013009314604/18/13Ceramic-metal bonded body
2442013009329104/18/13Method for adjusting piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
2452013009416504/18/13High-capacity module including the peripheral circuit using the circuit board and the circuit board concerned for peripheral circuits of a high-capacity module
2462013009541004/18/13Fuel cell
2482013007155303/21/13Method for manufacturing cathode active material for lithium secondary battery
2492013007160803/21/13Honeycomb structure

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