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Nhk Spring Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Nhk Spring Co Ltd. Nhk Spring Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nhk Spring Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nhk Spring Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Metal base circuit board and manufacturing the metal base circuit board
11/09/17Aerosol paint composition and metallic mechanical part coated with same
11/02/17Apparatus and manufacturing stabilizer
11/02/17Leaf spring device and manufacturing leaf spring device
11/02/17Link arm member
11/02/17Lock release mechanism
10/26/17Method for manufacturing steel for high-strength hollow spring
10/19/17Reclining seat for vehicle and seat for vehicle with reclining apparatus
10/19/17Probe unit
10/05/17Method of designing torsion bars used for trunk lid
09/21/17Needle attachment and detachment assist device
09/21/17Method of and detecting a crack in a pair of piezoelectric elements based on transfer function
08/17/17Stainless steel spring and stainless steel spring manufacturing method
08/17/17Flexure of disk drive suspension, and manufacturing conductive circuit portion of flexure
08/10/17Connection terminal
07/13/17Thin circuit board having wall for solder material
06/22/17Vehicle suspension member
06/22/17Stabilizer manufacturing apparatus and stabilizer manufacturing method
06/22/17Wiring circuit board and manufacturing the same
06/22/17Method for manufacturing a stacked iron core of a vehicle drive motor
06/08/17Vertical motion impeller-type shot peening device and coil spring
06/08/17Disk spring
06/01/17Coiled spring assembly
05/25/17Method of manufacturing laminate and laminate
05/11/17Stabilizer steel having high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, vehicle stabilizer employing same, and manufacturing same
03/30/17Fastening member and rod-like member for fastening member
03/16/17Flexure of disk drive suspension, and manufacturing conductive circuit portion of flexure
03/02/17Laminate and fabricating laminate
02/23/17Structure of semi-finished product for movement restriction member, attaching semi-finished product to bar member, structure for attachment of semi-finished product and bar member, and attaching semi-finished product
02/16/17Stabilizer bar with rubber bush and producing same
02/16/17Hollow stabilizer
02/02/17Pipe-shaped member and closing end portions of same
01/26/17Steel for vehicle suspension spring part, vehicle suspension spring part, and fabricating the same
01/19/17Suspension coil spring
01/12/17Test unit
01/12/17Tolerance ring and hard disk device
01/05/17Process for manufacturing seamless steel pipe, hollow spring utilizing seamless steel pipe
12/29/16Seat cover and vehicle seat
12/22/16Attachment structure for deformation absorption member and attachment method
12/01/16Wiring thin plate with a wiring part and a protrusion having the same height, flexure as the wiring thin plate and welding of the wiring thin plate
12/01/16Wiring structure of head suspension having a stacked interleaved part and manufacturing the same
12/01/16Rotor and manufacturing rotor
11/17/16Flexure with conductors for multi-reader
10/27/16Wiring thin plate having aerial wiring portion and manufacturing the same
10/06/16Outboard motor shift actuator
09/29/16Bonding strength test device for electronic components and bonding strength test
09/29/16Pressure structure and pressure unit
09/01/16Headrest device
09/01/16Flexure of disk drive suspension
08/25/16Spring forming device and forming method therefor
08/18/16Coil spring modeling apparatus and the same
08/18/16Coil spring modeling apparatus
08/18/16Coil spring modeling apparatus and the same
08/11/16Suspension arm member
08/04/16Steel for spring, and producing spring
07/21/16Outer casing for control cable, and control cable
07/07/16Piezoelectric element, piezoelectric actuator, and head suspension
06/30/16Outer casing for control cable, manufacturing the same, and control cable
06/23/16Bush for stabilizer
06/09/16Coil spring, and manufacturing same
06/02/16Load application device
06/02/16Lamination, and manufacturing lamination
05/26/16Conductive member, and manufacturing conducting member
05/19/16Method of manufacturing head suspension having load beam and flexure aligned with load beam
05/19/16Deformation absorption member and fuel cell
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05/12/16Fuel-cell-stack manufacturing method and fuel-cell-stack
05/05/16Warp correction plate-like workpiece and warp correction method
04/21/16Flexure chain blank sheet for disk drive suspension
04/21/16Flexure chain blank sheet for disk drive suspension
03/17/16Half-finished head suspension
03/10/16Interleave circuit of conductive circuit portion of disk drive flexure
03/03/16Reclining device and vehicle seat
03/03/16Magnetic plate used for rotor core of motor and manufacturing magnetic plate
02/18/16Suspension coil spring
02/04/16Metal shaft having longitudinally varying hardness, golf shaft using the metal shaft, golf club using the metal golf shaft, manufacturing the metal shaft, and tempering apparatus
01/28/16Seatback frame and resin for employing in a seatback frame
01/14/16Seatback frame and vehicle seat
01/14/16Flexure of disk drive suspension
01/14/16Flexure of disk drive suspension
01/14/16Flexure of disk drive suspension
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01/07/16Vehicle seat
12/31/15Substrate support device
12/24/15Vehicle seat
12/17/15Vehicle-use resin cover
12/03/15Suspension spring apparatus and suspension coil spring
12/03/15Semimanufactured product of movement regulation member, stabilizer bar having movement regulation member, and installing semimanufactured product of movement regulation member to a stabilizer bar
12/03/15Vehicle seat
12/03/15Fuel cell stack
11/26/15Terminal connection structure with elevated terminals
11/19/15Vehicle resin part and vehicle resin part manufacturing method
11/19/15Terminal pad of a flexure for a head suspension having a padding plating and forming the terminal pad
11/12/15Power seat operation device and power seat
11/12/15Identification medium
10/15/15Vehicle seat
10/08/15Hollow seamless pipe for high-strength spring
10/08/15Probe unit
10/01/15Fiber-reinforced resin plate punching method and fiber-reinforced resin product fabrication method
09/10/15Film forming method and film forming apparatus
09/10/15Strut-type suspension and compression coil spring for suspension
09/10/15Helical compression spring and manufacturing same
09/10/15Control lever comprising switch and remote-control device comprising the control lever
09/10/15Connection terminal for power module
08/27/15Bush for stabilizer, fastening tool, and fastening method
08/27/15Flexure and forming part of flexure
08/27/15Vehicle usb port
08/20/15Suspension and compression coil spring for suspension
07/30/15Indwelling member in a living body, stent, embolization member, vasodilator kit and aneurysm embolization kit
07/16/15Pipe embedded structure and manufacturing the same
07/02/15Vehicle seat
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07/02/15Method for manufacturing stabilizer, and heating device
06/25/15Method for producing stabilizer and heating device
06/25/15Hollow stabilizer, and steel pipe for hollow stabilizers and producing the same
06/18/15Helm device for boat
06/18/15Pipe buried structure and manufacturing the same
06/18/15Alloy material, contact probe, and connection terminal
06/11/15A+b type titanium alloy and production method therefor
06/04/15Stabilizer link and manufacturing method therefor
06/04/15Overhead wire tension balancer
05/21/15Disk drive flexure
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05/21/15Socket attachment structure and spring member
04/30/15Contactless information medium, bobbin member for contactless information medium, body member for contactless information medium, and producing contactless information medium
04/30/15Circuit board laminate, metal base circuit board and power module
04/16/15Magnesium alloy member and production method therefor
04/09/15Headrest and vehicle seat
03/26/15Vehicle seat
03/19/15Coned disc spring
03/12/15Optical reading device, optical reading method, and program
03/05/15Identification medium
02/26/15Disk drive suspension
02/12/15Wave spring and load adjusting method therefor
02/12/15Vehicle seat
02/12/15Stator core for motor and manufacturing method therefor
02/05/15Engine control apparatus
01/01/15Stator core for motor
01/01/15Stabilizer link and manufacturing method therefor
01/01/15Space transformer and probe card
01/01/15Tolerance ring
12/25/14Terminal capable of stopping flow of oozed conductive adhesive, flexure having the terminal, and head suspension having the flexure
12/18/14Ring-shaped spring and manufacturing same
12/18/14Disk drive suspension
12/18/14Disk drive suspension and manufacturing method therefor
12/11/14Tolerance ring, hard disk device, and manufacturing hard disk device
11/20/14Headrest structure and headrest device
10/16/14Compression coil spring and producing same
10/09/14Seat operating device and vehicle seat
10/02/14Head suspension having actuator in which piezoelectric element is bonded with bonding tape, actuator and attaching piezolectric element with bonding tape
09/25/14Vehicle seat
09/18/14Head gimbal assembly with diamond-like coating (dlc) at tongue/dimple interface to reduce friction and fretting wear
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09/18/14Vehicle seat
09/04/14Probe unit
08/14/14Heat dissipation structure, power module, manufacturing heat dissipation structure, and manufacturing power module
08/07/14Method of punching out a damper from a damper material having a constraint layer, punching apparatus used for the method, and attaching apparatus with the punching apparatus
07/31/14Member with flow passage and manufacturing the same
07/31/14Titanium alloy member and production method therefor
07/24/14Boot band
06/12/14Identification medium
06/12/14Contact structure unit
06/05/14Method of surface-treating metal component
05/29/14Tolerance ring and manufacturing tolerance ring
05/22/14Production coned disc spring and clutch apparatus provided with coned disc spring
05/15/14Stabilizer link and production method therefor
05/15/14Vehicle seat
05/15/14Vehicle seat
05/15/14Laminated body and manufacturing laminated body
05/08/14Method of forming lubricative plated layer on viscous liquid feed nozzle and viscous liquid feed nozzle
04/24/14Titanium alloy member and production method therefor
04/17/14Head suspension having actuator in which piezoelectric element is bonded with bonding tape, actuator and attaching piezolectric element with bonding tape
03/27/14Shaft-equipped heater unit and manufacturing shaft-equipped heater unit
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03/27/14Disk drive suspension
03/27/14Disk drive suspension
03/20/14Method of and measuring strength of ultrasonic waves
03/20/14Piezoelectric element feeder capable of measuring electric characteristics of piezoelectric element and measuring electric characteristics of piezoelectric element
03/13/14Lamination, conductive material, and manufacturing lamination
03/06/14Steel for vehicle suspension spring part, vehicle suspension spring part, and fabricating the same
03/06/14Vehicle seat
03/06/14Head suspension having cutting surface that is not deburred in actuator attaching area of base plate, manufacturing base plate of the head suspension, and manufacturing the head suspension
02/27/14Head suspension and manufacturing head suspension
01/30/14Stabilizer link and manufacturing same
01/23/14Identification medium
01/23/14Lamination and manufacturing lamination
01/09/14Spring and manufacture method thereof
01/02/14Pressure unit
01/02/14Fiber reinforced plastic spring
12/12/13Multi-shaft drive device
12/12/13Multi-shaft drive device
12/12/13Multi-shaft drive device
12/05/13Actuator mounting section of disk drive suspension, applying electrically conductive paste, and paste application device
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11/28/13Conducting member of disk drive suspension and disk drive suspension
11/21/13Vehicle seat
11/14/13Disk drive suspension and manufacturing method therefor
11/07/13Method of removing slider from flexure without large displacement of the slider
11/07/13Conductive member
11/07/13Hollow coil spring and manufacturing same
10/31/13Nanocrystal-containing titanium alloy and production method therefor
10/31/13Temperature control device and manufacturing the same
10/31/13Terminal with terminal bender having stable bend, wiring member, and head suspension
10/24/13Vehicle seat
10/10/13Gimbal assembly with a gold tongue/dimple interface and methods of making the same
10/10/13Vehicle seat
10/03/13Output member and multi-shaft driving device
10/03/13Brazing material for bonding in atmosphere, bonded article, and current collecting material
09/26/13Cutting jig and cutting cutting plate material with rolling blade while holding plate material at each side of rolling blade
09/19/13Steel for high-strength spring, producing same, and high-strength spring
09/19/13Guiding apparatus that maintains attitude of suspended object during conveyance
09/19/13Hollow spring and manufacturing same
09/19/13Terminal structure, flexure, and head suspension having a terminal face on metal layer connected to wiring layer
09/19/13Working hanging apparatus and work hanging hanging work on hanger through movement of work under correction
09/12/13Stabilizer link and manufacturing same
09/12/13Laminate and producing laminate
08/22/13Tension balancer
08/15/13Discrimination medium and production method therefor
08/08/13Method of manufacturing ceramic sintered body, ceramic sintered body, and ceramic heater
08/01/13Power transmission mechanism and multi-shaft drive device
08/01/13High-strength magnesium alloy wire rod, production method therefor, high-strength magnesium alloy part, and high-strength magnesium alloy spring
07/25/13Vehicle seat and webbing sewing method
07/25/13Stator core of motor, and manufacturing method
07/11/13Interleaved circuit of flexure for disk drive
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07/11/13Interleaved circuit of flexure for disk drive
07/04/13Base material for solar cell module and producing same
06/13/13Stabilizer link and production same
06/13/13Child seat attachment structure
06/13/13High-strength titanium alloy member and production same
06/06/13Suspension device
05/30/13Coil-spring manufacturing apparatus
05/30/13Substrate support device
05/30/13Substrate support device
05/30/13Seat-cushion shell unit and shell seat for vehicle
05/23/13Cutting jig for reworking head suspsension
05/16/13Spring and manufacture method thereof
05/16/13Ball joint and manufacturing the same
05/09/13Method for manufacturing leaf springs
05/09/13Method of manufacturing plate with passage, plate with passage, temperature adjustment plate, cold plate, and shower plate
05/09/13Ceramic member, probe holder, and manufacturing ceramic member
05/02/13Method and production of identification medium
05/02/13Squirrel-cage rotor and manufacturing squirrel-cage rotor
05/02/13Wiring structure of head suspension having a stacked interleaved part and manufacturing the same
04/25/13Method of manufacturing head suspension having load beam and flexure aligned with load beam and reference pin block used for the method
04/25/13Method for analyzing vibration property of member including piezoelectric element
04/25/13Identification medium, reading data therefrom, identification, and production thereof
04/25/13Silencer for a multi-leaf spring
04/25/13Vehicle seat
04/25/13Contact probe and probe unit
04/25/13Baseplate for disk drive suspension and manufacturing baseplate
04/11/13Vehicle seat
04/11/13Method of and measuring attitude angles of a tongue with a fitting face involving a plurality of electrodes
03/28/13Method of manufacturing metal part

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