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Nhk Spring Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Nhk Spring Co Ltd. Nhk Spring Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nhk Spring Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nhk Spring Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Alloy material, contact probe, and connection terminal

An alloy material includes: a composition, in a composition range of a ternary alloy of silver (Ag), palladium (Pd), and copper (Cu), the composition containing 20 to 30 wt % of Ag, 35 to 55 wt % of Pd, and 20 to 40 wt % of Cu. The composition as... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Carburization device and carburization method

A carburization device includes a heating furnace which heats a material, a transfer mechanism, an alcohol vapor generator, an alcohol vapor spraying portion, a quenching tank, and an exhaust heat intake tube. The transfer mechanism moves a plurality of materials. The alcohol vapor generator uses part of heat generated by... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Stabilizer and manufacturing same

A stabilizer including: a main body for generating an elastic restoring force; and connecting portions formed on both ends of the main body and respectively connected to left and right suspension devices. Hardness of the connecting portions is lower than that of the main body. A method for manufacturing the... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Device for manufacturing coil spring and manufacturing coil spring

The coil spring manufacturing device includes a first continuous material mounting portion, a second continuous material mounting portion, a straightener, a cutter, a short material mounting portion, and a coiling machine. The material reeled out from a first continuous material or a second continuous material is cut by the cutter.... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Method for producing hollow stabilizer

A method of manufacturing a hollow stabilizer includes a forming step of subjecting an element pipe to a bending process, to form a product shape including bent portions, and a quenching step of quenching the element pipe subjected to the bending process. In the quenching step, a cooling process is... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Lower-side spring-receiving member

A lower-side spring-receiving member of a suspension device, receiving a suspension spring structured to have a rising section at a lower side of the suspension spring, having a partially annular shape and including: a base end portion arranged at one end of the lower-side spring-receiving member wherein an end of... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Lower-side spring-receiving member

A lower-side spring receiving member is adapted to receive a compression spring provided with an effective part, end turn parts which do not elastically deform, and rising parts located between the effective part and the end turn parts, at a lower side of the compression spring. The lower-side spring receiving... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Vehicle seat device

A vehicle seat device comprises: a seat disposed at a vehicle width direction inner side of a side door of a vehicle; a rotating mechanism that rotates the seat about a vertical axis relative to a vehicle body; a sideways movement mechanism that moves the seat in a vehicle width... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Device for manufacturing coil spring and manufacturing coil spring

A coil spring manufacturing device includes a mandrel around which a wire is wound, a feed mechanism which feeds the wire toward the mandrel, guide members which guide the wire, a chuck which fixes a distal end of the wire, and a clamp mechanism. The clamp mechanism sandwiches the wire... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Coiling machine and manufacturing coil spring

A coiling machine includes a material guide, first pin, second pin, pitch tool, cutting tool, heating device, temperature sensor, and controller. A material is bent between the first pin and the second pin to form an arc part between the first pin and the second pin. The controller select control... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Vehicle seat

A vehicle seat comprises: a seatback pad that configures a cushion member of a seatback, with an opening into which a connector of a child seat can be inserted from a seat front formed so as to penetrate through a lower end section of the seatback pad in a seat... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Vehicle seat

Lower end portions of an edge and another edge are fixed to a wire through pull-in cloths and a fixing member such that the pull-in cloths pull the lower end portions in toward the rear and into an opening (slit). This enables the edge and the another edge to be... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Production stabilizers

The invention provides a production method for stabilizers which produces with high productivity in a compact production line, without tempering. The production method for stabilizers of the invention includes: forming a steel bar material containing at least C: 0.15 wt % to 0.39 wt %, Mn, B and Fe into... Nhk Spring Co Ltd


A stabilizer formed by using a metal bar having a solid structure and configured to reduce a displacement between right and left wheels, including a torsion part extending in a vehicle width direction, being capable of a torsional deformation, and having a diameter of 10 to 32 mm, is provided.... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Metal base circuit board and manufacturing the metal base circuit board

According to one embodiment, a metal base circuit board includes a metal base substrate, a first circuit pattern, and a first insulating layer between the metal base substrate and the first circuit pattern. The first insulating layer covers a lower surface of the first circuit pattern and at least part... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Aerosol paint composition and metallic mechanical part coated with same

Provided are an aerosol coating composition excellent in a matte effect and capable of preventing co-rotation from occurring. The aerosol coating composition contains a modified alkyd resin, inorganic microparticles and an organic solvent. Herein, the modified alkyd resin is a non-aqueous dispersion resin which is a copolymer of a vinyl... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Apparatus and manufacturing stabilizer

A stabilizer manufacturing apparatus for manufacturing a stabilizer to which rubber bushes are heat-bonded is provided with a curing furnace in which high-frequency induction heating is performed, a conveyor for conveying the stabilizer in a conveying direction through the curing furnace, the rubber bushes being pressure-bonded to bonding locations on... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Leaf spring device and manufacturing leaf spring device

A leaf spring device includes a main leaf made of a steel plate including an elastic section configured to generate elastic force when bent; and an eye section formed in an end portion of the elastic section, the elastic section and the eye section being tempered. There is also provided... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Link arm member

A link arm member of the present invention is used in a vehicle for connecting a suspension and a stabilizer, and includes: a support bar that is sealed by plastically deforming a hollow metal pipe at both ends thereof; and a housing part made of resin that is arranged at... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Lock release mechanism

A lock release mechanism comprising: an operation lever provided at a shoulder of a seatback of a vehicle seat, the operation lever being supported to be tiltable in a seat front-and-rear direction about an axis along a seat width direction; a rod, wherein the rod comprises a coupled portion, a... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Method for manufacturing steel for high-strength hollow spring

where T2 is a tempering temperature (° C.), and t2 is a total time (seconds) from start of heating to completion of cooling.... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Reclining seat for vehicle and seat for vehicle with reclining apparatus

There is provided a seat 10 for a vehicle comprising a seat back frame structure 12 a lower end of which is connected to a rear end of a seat cushion frame structure 14 in such a way that the seat back frame structure 12 can be inclined relative to... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Probe unit

A probe unit according to the present invention is suitable for allowing a large current to flow. In the probe unit that accommodates a plurality of contact probes for electrically connecting an inspection target object and a signal processing device used to output an inspection signal, both ends of a... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Method of designing torsion bars used for trunk lid

In a design method of torsion bars used for a trunk lid, free shapes of the torsion bars unhitched from the trunk lid are designed. A center line model of the initial free shape is geometrically and statically created on the basis of a design specification. The center line model... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Needle attachment and detachment assist device

A needle attachment and detachment assist device includes a frame body, a syringe guide jig, and a needle guide jig. A guide hole is formed in the syringe guide jig. In the needle guide jig, a needle insertion hole is formed on a central axis of the guide hole. The... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Method of and detecting a crack in a pair of piezoelectric elements based on transfer function

The present invention provides a method of surely detecting a crack in piezoelectric elements regardless of size of the crack. The method includes applying voltage to a first piezoelectric element of a pair of piezoelectric elements to cause deformation in the first piezoelectric element, forcibly deforming a second piezoelectric element... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Stainless steel spring and stainless steel spring manufacturing method

A stainless steel spring with excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue strength is provided by performing: a process of drawing a steel wire at a specific degree of drawing ε, the steel wire containing, in percentage by mass, C in an amount of 0.08% or lower, Si in an amount of... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Flexure of disk drive suspension, and manufacturing conductive circuit portion of flexure

A flexure mounted on a load beam of a disk drive suspension, including a metal base formed of a stainless-steel plate; and a conductive circuit arranged along the metal base. The conductive circuit includes an insulating layer on the metal base; and a conductor on the insulating layer. The conductor... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Connection terminal

A conductive connection terminal is extensible and compressible in a longitudinal direction, and includes: a first contact member including a first tip portion configured to contact with one electrode of a contact target, and a first base end portion; a second contact member including a second tip portion configured to... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Thin circuit board having wall for solder material

A thin circuit board such as a flexure has a metal support layer forming a substrate, a base insulating layer provided on the metal support layer, a wiring layer being wiring traces provided on the base insulating layer, a cover insulating layer covering the wiring layer, internal terminals provided to... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Vehicle suspension member

According to one embodiment, a vehicle suspension member includes a body of a vehicle suspension member made of a metal, a first layer provided to cover a surface of the body and a second layer provided to cover at least a portion of a surface of the first layer. The... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Stabilizer manufacturing apparatus and stabilizer manufacturing method

A stabilizer manufacturing apparatus is adapted to bond a rubber bush, which is a bush made of rubber disposed between a stabilizer and a vehicle body, to a rubber bush bonding location where an adhesive layer of the stabilizer is formed. The stabilizer manufacturing apparatus is provided with: a curing... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Wiring circuit board and manufacturing the same

A flexure has a metal support layer, an electric insulating layer laid on a surface of the metal support layer, a wiring layer having a general part laid on a surface of the electric insulating layer and a terminal to provide a conductive connection to an external slider, and a... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Method for manufacturing a stacked iron core of a vehicle drive motor

In a method for manufacturing a stacked iron core, a stacked iron core body is manufactured by stacking so as to be phase-offset with respect to each other in the circumferential direction plural ring-shaped iron core pieces respectively configured by plural circular arc-shaped iron core pieces arranged into ring shapes.... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

Vertical motion impeller-type shot peening device and coil spring

A vertical motion impeller-type shot peening device performs a second shot peening to a coil spring including first shot peening indentations. The vertical motion impeller-type shot peening device includes a workpiece holding mechanism including a lower end turn support and an upper end turn support, a stress applying mechanism which... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

06/08/17 / #20170159739

Disk spring

Provided is a disk spring which has a spring portion having a circular disk shape, the spring portion to be interposed between a pair of rotary members, for example an outer plate and a piston, being relatively movable in an axial direction to come close to and separate away from... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

06/01/17 / #20170152907

Coiled spring assembly

Provided is a coiled spring assembly having a coiled spring and a seat for the coiled spring, in which the coiled spring has an end turn formed up to a first turn with a reduced diameter and a transition portion with a diameter gradually increasing from the end turn to... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

05/25/17 / #20170145552

Method of manufacturing laminate and laminate

A method of manufacturing a laminate in which a spray coating film made of a material different from a base material is laminated on the base material includes: a base material heating step of heating the base material; an intermediate layer forming step of forming, on a surface of the... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

05/11/17 / #20170130288

Stabilizer steel having high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, vehicle stabilizer employing same, and manufacturing same

A steel has a predetermined chemical composition with a balance being Fe and incidental impurities, wherein a sum of Cu content and Ni content is 0.15 mass % or more, and a crystal grain size after forming into a stabilizer shape and quenching is in a range of 7.5 to... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

03/30/17 / #20170089384

Fastening member and rod-like member for fastening member

A fastening member includes a first alloy portion and a second alloy portion. The first alloy portion is made of an aluminum alloy including 0.005 wt % to 5.0 wt % zinc and 0.6 wt % to 2.0 wt % magnesium and is provided to a part that comes into... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

03/16/17 / #20170076745

Flexure of disk drive suspension, and manufacturing conductive circuit portion of flexure

A suspension includes a load beam and a flexure. The flexure has a metal base and a conductive circuit portion. The conductive circuit portion has an insulating layer formed on the metal base, and a conductor formed on the insulating layer. The conductive circuit portion includes a first region which... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

03/02/17 / #20170058406

Laminate and fabricating laminate

A laminate includes: a substrate; and a metallic coating that is formed from copper powder containing 0.002% to 0.020% by weight of phosphorus and having been subjected to reduction treatment, the metallic coating being deposited on the substrate.... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

02/23/17 / #20170050488

Structure of semi-finished product for movement restriction member, attaching semi-finished product to bar member, structure for attachment of semi-finished product and bar member, and attaching semi-finished product

A semi-finished product (31) includes a first curved portion on one end of a plate-shaped bridge portion (33), and a second curved portion (37) on the other end of the bridge portion (33). The second curved portion (37) includes at the end a second lock portion (51) to lock with... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

02/16/17 / #20170043641

Stabilizer bar with rubber bush and producing same

A stabilizer bar with rubber bush includes a stabilizer bar (2), and at least one rubber bush (6) adhesively fixed to at least a portion of the stabilizer bar. The stabilizer bar (2) and the rubber bush (6) are adhesively fixed to each other with an adhesive agent layer (3).... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

02/16/17 / #20170043642

Hollow stabilizer

A hollow stabilizer (1) according to the invention is formed in a hollow shape and includes a bent portion (1c1, 1c2, m1-m5). With a thickness of an inner side of the bent portion (1c1, 1c2, m1-m5) being larger than a thickness of an outer side of the bent portion (1c1,... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

02/02/17 / #20170028808

Pipe-shaped member and closing end portions of same

A pipe-shaped member of the present invention is a pipe-shaped member (1) which includes a flat plate portion (1h1, 1h2) placed in at least one end portion (1a1) of two end portions of the pipe, formed in a flat plate shape, and including groove-shaped recessed portions (ta1, tb1, tb2) formed... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

01/26/17 / #20170021691

Steel for vehicle suspension spring part, vehicle suspension spring part, and fabricating the same

A steel, having a high corrosion resistance and low-temperature toughness, for a vehicle suspension spring part, the steel includes 0.21 to 0.35% by mass of C, more than 0.6% by mass but 1.5% by mass or less of Si, 1 to 3% by mass of Mn, 0.3 to 0.8% by... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

01/19/17 / #20170015171

Suspension coil spring

An end turn portion of a coil spring includes a first portion, a second portion, and a third portion. The first portion is always in contact with a spring seat irrespective of the magnitude of a load applied to the coil spring. The second portion contacts the spring seat when... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170010315

Test unit

A test unit according to the present invention includes: a first contact probe contacting with an electrode provided on a front surface of one of contact targets, and contacting with an electrode of the other contact target; a second contact probe contacting with an electrode provided on a back surface... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170011761

Tolerance ring and hard disk device

A tolerance ring includes: a base formed of a strip-like member substantially wound around into a shape; a plurality of projections provided along a winding direction of the base so as to protrude from an outer peripheral surface of the base in a radial direction of the base orthogonal to... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

01/05/17 / #20170001226

Process for manufacturing seamless steel pipe, hollow spring utilizing seamless steel pipe

There are provided: a seamless steel pipe formed from a cylindrical steel material billet through a hot isostatic extrusion step, wherein a depth of a contiguous flaw formed on an inner periphery surface and an outer periphery surface of the steel pipe is 50 μm or less; a hollow spring... Nhk Spring Co Ltd

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