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Nidek Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Nidek Co Ltd. Nidek Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nidek Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nidek Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Ophthalmologic information processing apparatus and ophthalmologic information processing method
05/18/17Subjective optometry apparatus
05/04/17Oct data processing apparatus and oct data processing program
04/27/17Ophthalmic analysis device and ophthalmic analysis program
03/30/17Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
03/30/17Ophthalmic surgical apparatus
03/30/17Terminal device and terminal control program
03/09/17Ophthalmic imaging device and ophthalmic imaging program
03/09/17Oct motion contrast data analysis apparatus and oct motion contrast data analysis method
02/02/17Terminal device, non-transitory storage medium having stored thereon terminal control program, and optometry system
02/02/17Intraocular lens injection system and controller for controlling intraocular lens injection device
12/22/16Optical coherence tomography device and optical coherence tomography control program
12/22/16Oct signal processing apparatus, oct signal processing program, and oct apparatus
11/03/16Ophthalmic imaging device
11/03/16Optical coherence tomography apparatus
10/20/16Fundus analysis device and fundus analysis program
10/20/16Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
10/06/16Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus and ophthalmologic photographing method
09/22/16Optometry apparatus controller, optometry system, and storage medium having optometry apparatus program stored therein
09/01/16Laser eye surgery apparatus and aberration compensation method
09/01/16Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
08/04/16Laser eye surgery apparatus
07/14/16Eyeglass fitting parameter measurement device and storage medium storing eyeglass fitting parameter measurement program
06/09/16Apparatus and ultrasound imaging of an eye
06/02/16Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
06/02/16Optical coherence tomography device and control program
05/12/16Optical tomography device
04/28/16Optical tomographic imaging device
04/07/16Method of evaluating quality of vision in examinee's eye and storage medium
03/31/16Fundus photographing apparatus with wavefront compensation and photographing fundus image
03/17/16Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
03/17/16Composition for hard coat, dyed resin body with hard coat, and producing dyed resin body with hard coat
02/11/16Ophthalmologic apparatus
02/04/16Optical coherence tomography apparatus and fundus image processing program
01/21/16Intraocular lens insertion device and intraocular lens insertion system
01/14/16Method for manufacturing touch panel, touch panel, manufacturing molded article, molded article, and laminated film
01/07/16Dyeing device
01/07/16Dyeing device
12/31/15Optical coherence tomography apparatus and data processing program
12/31/15Optical coherence tomography device, optical coherence tomography calculation method, and optical coherence tomography calculation program
12/31/15Ophthalmic apparatus
12/03/15Target presenting apparatus
11/26/15Ophthalmic laser surgery apparatus, and eyeball fixing portion movement unit and eyeball fixing unit used in the same
11/19/15Corneal endothelial cell analysis method and corneal endothelial cell analysis apparatus
11/19/15Method of observing a three-dimensional image of examinee's eye
11/19/15Corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus
10/01/15Observation attachment and display apparatus
10/01/15Ophthalmic photography device, ophthalmic photography method, and ophthalmic photography program
10/01/15Fundus photography device
10/01/15Fundus photography device
08/27/15Eyeglass wearing image analysis device, eyeglass wearing image analysis method, and storage medium having eyeglass wearing image analysis program stored
08/20/15Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
08/13/15Corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus
08/06/15Ophthalmologic image processing method and storage medium storing program for executing the method
07/09/15Optometry apparatus controller, optometry system, and storage medium having optometry apparatus program stored therein
07/02/15Optical tomographic image photographing apparatus and optical tomographic image photographing program
07/02/15Ophthalmic laser surgery apparatus and program of creating control data for ophthalmic surgery
06/18/15Optical coherence tomography device
06/04/15Ophthalmic measurement apparatus and ophthalmic measurement program
04/30/15Dyeing base body, producing dyed resin body, and producing dyeing base body
04/16/15Control a fundus examination apparatus
04/09/15Vision restoration assist apparatus
04/02/15Ophthalmologic image processing apparatus
04/02/15Optical coherence tomography device
02/26/15Ophthalmic measurement device, and ophthalmic measurement system equipped with ophthalmic measurement device
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02/26/15Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
02/19/15Ophthalmic laser surgical apparatus
01/01/15Image processing apparatus and storage medium
01/01/15Eyeglass lens processing apparatus and eyeglass lens processing program
12/25/14Eyeglass frame shape measuring apparatus
12/25/14Hand-held ophthalmological device
11/20/14Eyeglass lens measuring apparatus, distinguishing upper portion from lower portion of eyeglass lens, and point marking adapter
11/13/14Ocular axial length measurement apparatus
11/13/14Ophthalmic apparatus, analysis program, optic media opacity acquiring method, and fluorescence intensity acquiring method
10/30/14Laser treatment apparatus
10/02/14Fundus image processing apparatus, fundus image processing method, and recording medium
10/02/14Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
09/25/14Apparatus having cup attaching unit
08/14/14Eyeglass lens processing system and eyeglass lens processing method
07/31/14Optometric apparatus
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07/31/14Subjective eye refracting power measurement apparatus
07/24/14Ophthalmic photographing apparatus and storage medium storing ophthalmic photographing program
07/24/14Ophthalmic imaging apparatus
07/24/14Image processing apparatus
07/24/14Ophthalmic analysis apparatus and ophthalmic analysis program
07/17/14Eyeglass lens processing apparatus and processing control data generating program
07/17/14Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
07/03/14Optometry apparatus
05/01/14Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus and ophthalmologic photographing method
04/24/14Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus and ophthalmologic photographing method
04/24/14Ophthalmic analysis apparatus and ophthalmic analysis program
04/03/14Non-contact type tonometer
04/03/14Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
03/06/14Eyeglass frame shape measuring apparatus
01/16/14Corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus
01/02/14Fundus photographing apparatus
12/19/13Ophthalmic laser surgical apparatus
12/19/13Ophthalmic laser surgical apparatus
12/05/13Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
10/31/13Cornea shape measurement apparatus
10/10/13Fundus photographing apparatus
10/03/13Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
09/26/13Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
09/19/13Fundus photographing apparatus
09/12/13Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
09/12/13Apparatus having cup attaching unit
09/05/13Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus and ophthalmologic photographing method
09/05/13Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
08/29/13Method for taking tomographic image of eye
08/22/13Medical instrument
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08/15/13Method for reducing noise in tomographic image and recording medium having noise reducing program stored therein
08/08/13Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
05/30/13Ophthalmic apparatus and recording medium having ophthalmic program stored therein
05/02/13Intraocular lens power determination apparatus, intraocular lens power determination method, and intraocular lens power determination program
04/04/13Intraocular lens injection instrument
04/04/13Stimulus electrode for biological tissue and producing the same
03/21/13Eyeglass frame shape measurement device
03/07/13Fundus photographing apparatus with wavefront compensation
02/28/13Ophthalmic apparatus
02/28/13Fundus photographing apparatus
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02/14/13Method of preparing resin composition for hard coat and resin composition for hard coat
01/24/13Anterior segment measuring apparatus
12/27/12Optical coherence tomography apparatus
12/13/12Dyeing method and dyeing apparatus
12/06/12Ophthalmic laser surgery apparatus
11/08/12Method for monitoring image of examinee's eye and monitoring system
11/08/12Optical tomographic image photographing apparatus
10/04/12Optotype presenting apparatus
10/04/12Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
10/04/12Corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus
10/04/12Eyeglass lens periphery processing apparatus
09/27/12Fundus photographing apparatus
09/06/12Fundus photographing apparatus
09/06/12Ultrashort pulse laser processing apparatus
08/16/12Eyeglass lens processing shape obtaining method
08/16/12Eyeglass lens supplying system
08/09/12Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
08/02/12Ophthalmic surgical microscope
07/26/12Ophthalmic device
07/19/12Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
06/28/12Eye measurement apparatus
06/28/12Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
06/07/12Fundus photographing apparatus
06/07/12Living tissue stimulation apparatus
05/24/12Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
05/10/12Fundus photographing apparatus
05/10/12Control a fundus examination apparatus
05/10/12Living tissue stimulation circuit
04/19/12Optometric apparatus
04/19/12Optotype presenting apparatus
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04/12/12Corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus
04/05/12Lens meter
04/05/12Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
04/05/12Method of observing a three-dimensional image of examinee's eye
02/02/12Dyeing method and dye deposition apparatus
01/26/12Eye refractive power measurement apparatus
01/05/12Fundus photographing apparatus
01/05/12Ophthalmic apparatus
12/15/11Ophthalmic apparatus
12/08/11Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
12/01/11Ophthalmic apparatus
11/03/11Ophthalmic apparatus
10/06/11Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
10/06/11Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
10/06/11Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
09/22/11Apparatus and generating two-dimensional image of object using optical coherence tomography (oct) optical system
09/01/11Ophthalmic apparatus
08/25/11Optical tomographic image photographing apparatus
08/18/11Eyeglass lens processing device
08/18/11Vision regeneration assisting apparatus
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07/21/11Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
07/14/11Fundus observation apparatus
06/30/11Apparatus for measuring ocular axial length
06/09/11Eyeglass frame shape measurement apparatus
06/09/11Eyeglass frame shape measurement apparatus
06/02/11Eye refractive power measurement apparatus
06/02/11Apparatus for measuring distance between eye tissues
06/02/11Vision regeneration assist apparatus and implantable apparatus
03/31/11Eyeglass lens processing apparatus and calibration sensor unit
03/31/11Eye refractive power measurement apparatus
03/31/11Cornea shape measurement apparatus
03/31/11Optometric apparatus
03/31/11Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
01/13/11Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
01/06/11Fundus photographing apparatus
12/23/10Non-contact ultrasonic tonometer
12/16/10Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
12/09/10Method of producing a dyed optical component
12/09/10Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
12/02/10Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
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09/30/10Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
09/30/10Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
09/30/10Non-contact ultrasonic tonometer
09/02/10Ophthalmic imaging apparatus
09/02/10Sight regeneration assisting device
08/05/10Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
08/05/10Biological implantable functional device and vision regeneration assisting apparatus
07/08/10Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus
07/01/10Ophthalmic surgery support device
06/24/10Vision tester
06/03/10Eyeglass lens processing processing periphery of eyeglass lens and eyelgass lens processing method
05/27/10Method for production of tooth, and tooth produced by the method
05/06/10Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
05/06/10Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
03/18/10Non-contact ultrasonic tonometer
03/04/10Corneal surgery apparatus
01/21/10Optical tomographic image photographing apparatus
01/14/10Optical tomographic image photographing apparatus
12/10/09Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
12/10/09Ophthalmic apparatus
11/26/09Vision testing system
11/12/09Apparatus for selecting an intraocular lens and a selecting the intraocular lens
11/05/09Non-contact ultrasonic tonometer
11/05/09Non-contact ultrasonic tonometer
10/01/09Fundus camera
10/01/09Optotype presenting apparatus
10/01/09Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
10/01/09Laser treatment apparatus
08/27/09Vision test pattern indicator
08/27/09Non-contact tonometer
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08/06/09Ophthalmic apparatus
07/23/09Eye refractive power measurement apparatus
07/16/09Fundus camera
07/09/09Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
07/02/09Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
06/04/09Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
05/21/09Ophthalmic apparatus
05/07/09Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
04/02/09Fundus imaging apparatus
04/02/09Optotype presenting apparatus
03/26/09Electric joystick mechanism for an ophthalmic apparatus
03/12/09Eyeglass lens measurement apparatus
03/05/09Eye refractive power measurement apparatus
02/05/09Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
02/05/09Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
02/05/09Ophthalmic ultrasonic measurement apparatus, and an ophthalmic measurement method

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