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Nihon Kohden Corporation
Nihon Kohden Corporation_20131212

Nihon Kohden Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nihon Kohden Corporation. Nihon Kohden Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nihon Kohden Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nihon Kohden Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Biological information acquiring system
10/26/17Automated external defibrillator
10/26/17Apparatus and diagnosing tumor
10/19/17Defibrillation pad
09/28/17Pulse wave analyzing apparatus
09/07/17Biological information measurement device, mixed venous oxygen saturation estimation method, and program
08/31/17Probe for pulse photometry
08/31/17Evoked potential measuring apparatus
08/24/17Biological signal recording system
07/27/17Flow cell, particle analysis apparatus and particle analysis method
07/13/17Physiological parameter processing apparatus, controlling operation of physiological parameter processing apparatus, and physiological parameter processing system
07/13/17Rehabilitation assistance system
07/13/17Cell isolation instrument
07/13/17Rehabilitation assistance system
06/22/17Muscular relaxation monitoring device, muscular relaxation monitoring method and muscular relaxation monitoring program
06/01/17Adhesive plaster module
04/27/17Airway adaptor
04/20/17Pulse wave analyzer
04/20/17Pulse wave analyzer
04/13/17Device and non-invasive measuring of analytes
04/13/17Physiological information processing system
03/30/17Airway adaptor and respiratory flow rate sensor
03/02/17Pulse photometer and evaluating reliability of calculated value of blood light absorber concentration
02/09/17Physiological information measuring apparatus, respiration interval displaying method, and computer readable medium
02/02/17Waveform analysis method, waveform analysis apparatus, and computer readable storage medium storing waveform analysis program
02/02/17Vital signs information measuring apparatus and vital signs information measuring method
02/02/17Oxygen mask
01/26/17Automatic measurement point correction method, automatic measurement point correction apparatus and computer readable medium storing automatic measurement point correction program
01/19/17Electrocardiogram analyzer
01/19/17Support tool and biological information acquisition system
01/12/17Blood vessel diameter measuring apparatus
12/29/16Vital signs information measuring apparatus
12/29/16Gas sensor kit and gas measurement system
12/15/16Medical apparatus, phisiological parameter analyzing method and computer readable medium
12/15/16Patch-type module
12/08/16Electronic auscultation system
11/24/16Biological information displaying apparatus and biological information displaying method
10/20/16Portable medical apparatus, program, and displaying vital signs information
10/06/16Biological information measurement system
09/15/16Measuring apparatus
09/08/16Pulse photometer and calculating concentration of light absorber in blood
09/01/16Link mechanism for arm portion
08/18/16Magnetic stimulation apparatus
07/28/16Measuring apparatus and measuring method
06/30/16Biological information predicting apparatus and biological information predicting method
05/26/16Biological information displaying apparatus
05/26/16Medical system
05/19/16Compression control device and compression control method
05/12/16Measuring device, measuring blood pressure, and program
05/12/16Measuring evaluating condition of patient
05/05/16Flow analyzer, flow cytometer and flow analyzing method
04/28/16Vital signs measuring apparatus, vital signs displaying method, and program
04/21/16Analyzing system and analyzing apparatus
04/14/16Medical telemeter, medical system, and controlling medical telemeter
04/07/16Electrocardiogram display device
03/31/16Sensor and biological signal measuring system
03/24/16Medical system
03/10/16Medical apparatus communication system and medical apparatus
03/10/16Medical apparatus, medical apparatus control method, and medical apparatus cooperation system
03/03/16Medical device system and medical device
02/18/16Disease predicting apparatus and disease predicting method
02/11/16Defibrillator and controlling defibrillator
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02/04/16Biological information measuring apparatus and biological information measuring method
02/04/16Biological information measuring apparatus and biological information measuring method
12/31/15Oral cavity measuring device, occlusion evaluation system and non-transitory computer readable medium
12/17/15Biological information measuring apparatus and blood pressure analyzing method
12/17/15Apparatus and methods for detecting increase in intracranial pressure
12/17/15Hydrogen molecule therapy apparatus and hydrogen molecule therapy method
12/03/15Blood pressure measuring apparatus and blood pressure measuring method
12/03/15Method of producing temperature sensor, and temperature sensor
11/26/15Cardiopulmonary resuscitation assisting device
11/19/15Disease analysis apparatus, disease analysis method, and computer readable medium
11/12/15Hemodynamics measurement apparatus and hemodynamics measurement method
10/29/15Sympathetic skin response measuring method
10/22/15Rehabilitation assistance system
10/01/15Pulse photometer
09/24/15Blood pressure measuring system
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09/24/15Blood testing apparatus and blood testing method
09/24/15Terminal device and telemetry system
09/17/15Cardionpulmonary function evaluating apparatus and cardionpulmonary function evaluating method
09/17/15Biological information measurement and display apparatus
09/10/15Vascular endothelial function inspection apparatus
09/10/15Bio-information analysis device
09/03/15Blood pressure measuring apparatus and blood pressure measuring method
08/27/15Electrical impedance measuring apparatus
08/27/15Electrical impedance measuring apparatus
08/13/15Garment for bioinformation measurement having electrode, bioinformation measurement system and bioinformation measurement device, and device control method
08/06/15Garment for bioinformation measurement having electrode, bioinformation measurement system and bioinformation measurement device, and device control method
07/30/15Monitoring apparatus
07/30/15Apparatus for controlling body temperature and method thereof
07/23/15Apparatus for evaluating vascular endothelial function
07/23/15Blood pressure measuring system
07/16/15Monitoring apparatus
06/25/15Bio-information display device and bio-information display method
06/11/15Display device and displaying
06/11/15Optical sensor
06/04/15Biological signal measuring system
05/07/15Living body stimulating electrode, living body stimulating electrode apparatus, and producing living body stimulating electrode
04/30/15Biological information monitor apparatus and central monitor
04/30/15Electrocardiogram measuring apparatus and synthesized electrocardiogram generating method
04/16/15Biological information displaying apparatus and biological information displaying method
04/16/15Sensor and shape retainer
04/09/15Sensor and fastener
03/19/15Cell analyzing apparatus and cell analyzing method
01/22/15Blood measuring apparatus
01/01/15Apparatus for determining respiratory condition
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12/25/14Biological information displaying apparatus and biological information displaying method
12/18/14Diagnosis assistance apparatus, diagnosis assistance method, and computer readable storage medium
12/18/14Biological information monitor
12/18/14Biological signal measuring system and biological signal measuring apparatus
12/18/14Apparatus and detecting epilepsy seizure
10/30/14Electrode pad
10/09/14Method for displaying assessment data on external quality control
10/02/14Thermoregulation device, thermoregulation system, and package
09/18/14Medical alarm system and medical alarm indicator
09/18/14Measurement data monitor for medical equipment and measurement data monitoring system for medical equipment
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09/18/14Mobile wireless appliance
09/04/14Gas analyzer
09/04/14Biological information monitoring system
09/04/14Display apparatus
08/14/14Medical monitoring system
08/14/14Wireless waterline pressure sensor system for self-propelled irrigation systems
08/07/14Physiological monitoring apparatus
08/07/14Biological information monitor and biological information monitoring system
08/07/14Electrocardiogram analyzer
07/31/14Biological signal measuring system and biological signal measuring apparatus
07/31/14Biological signal measuring system and biological signal measuring apparatus
07/10/14Physiological data monitoring system
07/10/14Health monitoring appliance
07/10/14Twa measuring apparatus and twa measuring method
07/10/14Biological signal averaging processing device
06/26/14Monitoring apparatus
06/26/14Lifesaving support apparatus and lifesaving support system
05/22/14Monoclonal antibody to human epithelial cell adhesion molecule and detecting circulating tumor cells using the same
05/08/14Biological information displaying apparatus and biological information displaying system
05/01/14Method and measuring blood volume
05/01/14Cardiac output measuring unit
04/10/14Electrocardiogram analyzer and electrode set
04/10/14Method of controlling defibrillator with function of analyzing electrocardiogram, and defibrillator
04/03/14Operation support system
04/03/14Apparatus for determining possibility of return of spontaneous circulation
03/06/14Airway adaptor, biological information acquiring system, and oxygen mask
01/30/14Method and analyzing cells
01/23/14Cell treatment solution and preparing stained cell suspension for a measurement of nuclear dna by flow cytometry
12/19/13Bioelectric signal measurement apparatus
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12/12/13Cell isolation apparatus
12/05/13Biological electrode and roll of biological electrode
12/05/13Apparatus for determining respiratory condition
10/17/13Biological information monitoring apparatus
10/03/13Method and measuring liquid level of cell culture solution
10/03/13Measuring unit to be attached to cell culture container, cell culture container, and cultivation condition monitoring system
10/03/13Twa measuring apparatus and twa measuring method
09/26/13Apparatus and detecting epilepsy seizure
09/19/13Ri measurement/notification apparatus and measurement/notification program
09/19/13Cardiac muscle excitation waveform detector
09/12/13Clock supply circuit
09/12/13Twa measuring apparatus and twa measuring method
09/05/13Voltage monitoring circuit
09/05/13Airway adaptor and biological information acquiring system
09/05/13Blood flow measuring apparatus and blood flow measuring method
09/05/13Electrocardiogram analysis report, electrocardiogram analysis apparatus, and electrocardiogram analysis program
07/11/13Body temperature maintaining apparatus
07/04/13Apparatus for detecting an apnea/hypopnea condition
06/27/13Cuff and observing a tissue under pressure by using the same
05/30/13Signal processing method, signal processing apparatus, and pulse photometer using the same
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03/21/13Gas measuring apparatus
03/14/13Biological signal measuring apparatus
02/28/13Blood pressure measuring cuff
01/31/13Cell isolation instrument
01/17/13Pipette member and cell isolation instrument
01/17/13Battery holding device
01/03/13Biological information monitoring system
12/27/12Co2 sensor and co2 measuring apparatus
11/15/12Water trapping apparatus
11/15/12Sympathetic skin response measuring apparatus
11/08/12Respiratory waveform analyzer
10/18/12Biological information monitoring apparatus and biological information monitoring method
10/04/12Alarm information processing apparatus and alarm information processing program
10/04/12Cell culture apparatus
10/04/12Venous pressure measurement apparatus
09/27/12Cardiopulmonary resuscitation monitoring apparatus
09/13/12Cardiopulmonary resuscitation monitoring apparatus
08/30/12Cardiopulmonary resuscitation monitoring apparatus
08/23/12Cell incubator and incubation condition monitoring system
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08/23/12Method and measuring ph of solution
08/16/12Novel testing vascular endothelial damage and testing kit
07/26/12Liquid separator and measuring a respiratory gas
06/14/12Blood measuring apparatus
06/14/12Blood measuring apparatus
05/31/12Method of informing sensor mounting time period and informing sensor mounting time period
05/31/12Strain monitoring system and apparatus
05/24/12Biological signal measuring apparatus and biological signal measuring method
04/12/12Biological signal display apparatus
03/22/12Medical telemetry system and medical telemeter
03/15/12Medical telemetry system and medical telemeter
03/01/12Cell analyzer and cell analyzation method
03/01/12Cell isolation apparatus
03/01/12Cell isolation apparatus
02/23/12Blood pressure measuring apparatus
02/02/12Derived electrocardiogram generating system and derived electrocardiogram generating method
11/24/11Blood pressure measuring apparatus and blood pressure measuring method
09/22/11Connector, card edge connector, and sensor using the same
09/08/11Electronic apparatus
09/01/11Artificial ventilation apparatus
08/25/11Remote maintenance system and relay unit
08/11/11Pain sensory nerve stimulation apparatus
07/28/11Gas analyzer
07/28/11Portable biological signal measurement / transmission system
06/23/11Cell treatment solution and preparing stained cell suspension for a measurement of nuclear dna by flow cytometry
04/28/11Oxygen mask
04/28/11Biological parameter displaying apparatus
04/07/11Biological information monitoring apparatus
04/07/11Biological information monitoring apparatus and alarm control method
03/24/11Biological information monitor having function of displaying temporary room leaving timer
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03/10/11Blood volume measuring method and blood volume measuring apparatus
03/10/11Biological signal processing apparatus and medical apparatus controlling method
03/03/11Biological information monitor
02/24/11Biological information monitoring system
02/24/11Blood oxygen saturation measuring apparatus
02/03/11Gas flow system, adaptor, and method
01/20/11Airway adaptor
01/13/11Internal paddle electrode
12/16/10Respiratory function measuring apparatus
12/16/10Bite block
10/21/10Method and measuring blood volume
10/21/10Apparatus for measuring blood volume and evaluating result of measurement by measuring blood volume
09/30/10Respiratory waveform analyzer
09/02/10Biological signal measuring apparatus
06/10/10Gas flow system, meter, and method
05/13/10Biological signal drawing apparatus and biological signal drawing method
04/15/10Pain sensory nerve stimulation apparatus
03/18/10Disposable electrode and automatic information recognition apparatus
12/31/09Method and analyzing gas component derived from living body and disease determination supporting apparatus
12/24/09Pulse oximetry and pulse oximeter
12/24/09Pulse photometry probe
12/03/09Flow measurement system and biological information monitor
11/19/09Biological signal measurement sensor
11/05/09Diagnosis device and diagnosis method
10/22/09Signal processing method, signal processing apparatus, and pulse photometer using the same
09/24/09Fluid temperature regulator
08/06/09Biological information acquisition telemetry system
08/06/09Autonomic nerve activity measuring apparatus and autonomic nerve activity measuring method
07/30/09Biological information display method and biological information display apparatus

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