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Nippon Steel x26 Sumitomo Metal Corporation
Nippon Steel x26 Sumitomo Metal Corporation_20131212


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Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024706009/03/15  new patent  Process for preparing a stable aqueous dispersion of polyamide-imide which is free of carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances, and application to coatings
22015024721409/03/15  new patent  Steel plate having yield strength of 670 to 870 n/mm2 and tensile strength of 780 to 940 n/mm2
32015024722609/03/15  new patent  Low alloy steel for oil country tubular goods having excellent sulfide stress cracking resistance and manufacturing method therefor
42015024754109/03/15  new patent  Railway vehicle brake disc
52015023902808/27/15 High frequency induction heating apparatus and processing apparatus
62015023902908/27/15 Press-work method and bottomed container
72015024011908/27/15 Process for producing a dry polyamide-imide film with high galling resistance on a threaded tubular component from an aqueous dispersion which is free of carcinogenic substances
82015024033208/27/15 Titanium alloy having high corrosion resistance in bromine-ion-containing environment
92015024033508/27/15 Steel for induction hardening, roughly shaped material for induction hardening, producing method thereof, and induction hardening steel part
102015024057008/27/15 Screw joint for steel pipe
112015024398608/27/15 Electrode active material, producing electrode active material, electrode, battery, and using clathrate compound
122015023168808/20/15 Press-forming method
132015023168908/20/15 Apparatus for forming a blank for finish forging for a forged crankshaft
142015023297708/20/15 Galvannealed steel sheet and producing same
152015022456308/13/15 Method for producing curved part, and skeleton structure member of body shell of automobile
162015022582108/13/15 Steel sheet
172015022582908/13/15 Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing the same
182015022583008/13/15 Cold-rolled steel sheet and manufacturing same, and hot-stamp formed body
192015022587108/13/15 Sic single crystal production apparatus and producing sic single crystals
202015022587208/13/15 Single crystal production apparatus, crucible for use therein, and producing single crystal
212015022646308/13/15 Multiplex pipe and system for recovering steam from geothermal wells
222015022661008/13/15 Surface temperature measuring apparatus and surface temperature measuring method
232015021739608/06/15 Overlap-welded member, automobile part, welding overlapped portion, and manufacturing overlap-welded member
242015021739808/06/15 Electric resistance welded pipe welding apparatus
252015021868508/06/15 Non-heat treated steel
262015021870608/06/15 Production galvannealed steel sheet having excellent formability and exfoliation resistance after adhesion
272015021870808/06/15 Hot rolled steel sheet and manufacturing the same
282015021924908/06/15 Electric resistance welded steel pipe
292015022151108/06/15 Method for producing sic single crystal
302015021088807/30/15 Composition for solid coating formation and tubular threaded joint
312015021108707/30/15 Stress-relief heat treatment apparatus
322015020263607/23/15 Full cone spray nozzle
332015020313207/23/15 Bogie frame for railway vehicles
342015020394307/23/15 Steel for induction hardening with excellent fatigue properties
352015020394807/23/15 Cold rolled steel sheet, electrogalvanized cold-rolled steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized cold-rolled steel sheet, alloyed hot-dip galvanized cold rolled steel sheet, and manufacturing methods of the same
362015020394907/23/15 Dual phase steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
372015020407107/23/15 H-section steel and producing the same
382015020473207/23/15 Method and measuring surface temperature of cast slab
392015019696707/16/15 Method of forming fillet arc welded joint and fillet arc welded joint
402015019720607/16/15 Crash box and automobile chassis
412015019783507/16/15 Fe-based metal sheet and manufacturing method thereof
422015019783607/16/15 Fe-based metal sheet and manufacturing method thereof
432015019167007/09/15 Powder lubricant composition and manufacturing seamless steel pipe
442015019167407/09/15 Tubular threaded joint and lubricating coating forming composition for use therein
452015019180807/09/15 Case hardening steel with excellent fatigue properties
462015019181207/09/15 Resource saving-type titanium alloy member possessing improved strength and toughness and manufacturing the same
472015019205607/09/15 Titanium sheet covered with protective film superior in high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature salt damage resistance, automobile exhaust system using same, and methods of production of same
482015019222907/09/15 Tubular threaded joint having improved high-torque makeup properties
492015019422707/09/15 Austenitic alloy tube
502015018301007/02/15 Plug for hot pipe making
512015018427607/02/15 Method for producing plug for piercing-rolling
522015018435307/02/15 System and providing information to operator of pile driver
532015017463406/25/15 Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of press-formed body
542015017469006/25/15 Spot welding high-strength steel sheets excellent in joint strength
552015017470206/25/15 Method of welding overlapped portion, manufacturing overlap-welded member, overlap-welded member, and automotive part
562015017520806/25/15 Vehicle frame member structure with excellent impact resistance performance
572015017589106/25/15 Coal reforming method and coal reforming apparatus
582015017610106/25/15 Hollow stabilizer, and steel pipe for hollow stabilizers and producing the same
592015016711206/18/15 Rolled wire rod and manufacturing method thereof
602015016712106/18/15 Titanium alloy material
612015016719206/18/15 Steel sheet for container and manufacturing the same
622015016719606/18/15 Sic single crystal ingot and production method therefor
632015017081206/18/15 Manufacturing grain-oriented electrical steel sheet
642015015807906/11/15 Electromagnetic stirrer and continuous casting method
652015015924106/11/15 Ni-based alloy
662015015924406/11/15 High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet and producing the same
672015015176806/04/15 Bogie frame for railway vehicles
682015015253006/04/15 Duplex stainless steel
692015015253806/04/15 Titanium thin sheet
702015015256906/04/15 Apparatus for producing sic single crystal and producing sic single crystal
712015015299506/04/15 Structure including a frame having four sides and a closed cross-section structural member
722015014386105/28/15 Plastic working metals and plastic working apparatus
732015014422805/28/15 Quenched steel pipe member, vehicle axle beam using quenched steel pipe member, and manufacturing quenched steel pipe member
742015014429005/28/15 Method for manufacturing round billet of ni-containing high alloy having improved internal quality
752015014722405/28/15 Steel for wheel
762015014767805/28/15 Titanium or titanium alloy material for fuel cell separator having high contact conductivity with carbon and high durability, fuel cell separator including the same, and manufacturing method therefor
772015013579905/21/15 Flaw detection sensitivity adjustment method and abnormality diagnosis ultrasonic probe
782015013589605/21/15 Method of reduction processing of steel-making slag
792015013601605/21/15 Method for producing sic single crystal
802015013659005/21/15 Electro plating device
812015013686405/21/15 Rail
822015014020805/21/15 Plug for use in piercing machine and regenerating plug
832015014035805/21/15 Hot-dip galvannealed hot-rolled steel sheet and process for producing same
842015012841605/14/15 Method of manufacturing die forged crankshaft
852015013018205/14/15 Threaded joint for steel pipe
862015013250105/14/15 Method of producing plug for piercing-rolling
872015013260005/14/15 Method for three-dimensionally bending workpiece and bent product
882015012198205/07/15 Manufacturing seamless metal pipe, mandrel mill, and auxiliary tool
892015012198505/07/15 Opening thereof
902015012563005/07/15 Method for producing a plug for hot tube-making
912015011452704/30/15 Steel for oil country tubular goods and producing the same
922015011793704/30/15 Flux-cored wire for welding ultrahigh tensile strength steel
932015011851804/30/15 Steel sheet for electroplating, electroplated steel sheet, and methods for producing the same
942015010732204/23/15 Round billet for seamless metal tube and producing seamless metal tube
952015010772404/23/15 Dual phase stainless steel pipe and manufacturing method thereof
962015010138104/16/15 Method of cold rolling a seamless pipe
972015010138304/16/15 Method of cold-rolling steel sheet and cold-rolling facility
982015010138604/16/15 Water-blocking apparatus and water-blocking cooling water for hot-rolled steel sheet
992015010424304/16/15 Spot welded joint
1002015009735004/09/15 Coupling structure, coupling member having coupling structure, and manufacturing coupling member having coupling structure
1012015009885704/09/15 Steel material
1022015008998704/02/15 Composite rolling mill roll and rolling method
1032015009035904/02/15 Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and manufacturing the same
1042015009069704/02/15 Electric resistance welding operation management device, electric resistance welding operation management method, and computer program
1052015009497904/02/15 Misalignment calculation system
1062015008284803/26/15 Rolling apparatus and rolling monitoring method
1072015008285103/26/15 Precursor detection method and precursor detection device of stick-slip phenomenon, and cold-drawing pipe or tube using precursor detection method
1082015008327803/26/15 High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet excellent in impact resistance property and manufacturing method thereof, and high-strength alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
1092015008328203/26/15 Seamless steel pipe and producing the same
1102015008672003/26/15 Steel sheet for container having excellent organic film performance and process for producing the same
1112015007524103/19/15 Equipment system for producing piercing-rolling plug
1122015007524303/19/15 Plug used in piercing machine
1132015007541903/19/15 Method for producing sic single crystal
1142015007542203/19/15 Epitaxial silicon carbide monocrystalline substrate and production of same
1152015007568003/19/15 Steel sheet suitable for impact absorbing member and its manufacture
1162015008137303/19/15 Scheduling apparatus, scheduling method, and computer program
1172015006865003/12/15 Production method and production facility of metal pipe
1182015006914103/12/15 Rail
1192015007170303/12/15 Fillet arc welded joint and forming the same
1202015007181203/12/15 Steel material
1212015005993203/05/15 Grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet and producing the same
1222015005993303/05/15 Steel for cold forging/nitriding, steel material for cold forging/nitriding, and cold-forged/nitrided component
1232015006132303/05/15 Vehicle body
1242015006405503/05/15 Titanium alloy for golf club face
1252015006445403/05/15 Case hardening steel material
1262015006449503/05/15 Steel sheet used to manufacture a container and manufacturing the same
1272015005331102/26/15 Nitrided steel member and manufacturing method thereof
1282015005575602/26/15 Method of measuring thickness of fe-zn alloy phase of galvannealed steel sheet and measuring the same
1292015005600502/26/15 Process for producing welded joint, and welded joint
1302015004773502/19/15 Method for heat treating a metal tube or pipe, metal tube or pipe, and heat treatment furnace
1312015004774902/19/15 Low alloy steel
1322015004783102/19/15 Stainless steel for oil wells and stainless steel pipe for oil wells
1332015005051902/19/15 Hot stamped steel and producing the same
1342015004102302/12/15 Fe-based metal plate and manufacturing the same
1352015004103002/12/15 Method for producing high-strength steel material excellent in sulfide stress cracking resistance
1362015004396202/12/15 Tailored blank for hot stamping, hot stamped member, and methods for manufacturing same
1372015004408602/12/15 Steel wire rod or steel bar having excellent cold forgeability
1382015004445002/12/15 Precoated metal sheet for automobile use excellent in resistance weldability, corrosion resistance, and formability
1392015004449802/12/15 Surface-coated aluminum and zinc plated steel sheet and preparing same
1402015004449902/12/15 Al-plated steel sheet, hot-pressing al-plated steel sheet, and automotive part
1412015003768402/05/15 Steel foil and manufacturing the same
1422015003404902/05/15 Rolled steel bar for hot forging, hot-forged section material, and common rail and producing the same
1432015003761002/05/15 Cold-rolled steel sheet and process for manufacturing same
1442015002695701/29/15 Method for manufacturing forged steel roll
1452015002759101/29/15 Steel material for nitriding and nitrided component
1462015002759301/29/15 Cold-rolled steel sheet and process for manufacturing same
1472015002056201/22/15 Plated steel plate for hot pressing and hot pressing plated steel plate
1482015002112601/22/15 Caliper brake device for railway vehicles
1492015002383401/22/15 Hot-rolled steel sheet and manufacturing same
1502015002423701/22/15 Steel sheet for hot stamping, production thereof, and hot stamping steel material
1512015002487101/22/15 Titanium alloy for golf club face
1522015001359001/15/15 Seed crystal holding shaft for use in single crystal production device, and producing single crystal
1532015001747101/15/15 Hot-rolled steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
1542015000772801/08/15 Aqueous solution which efficiently absorbs and recovers carbon dioxide in exhaust gas, and recovering carbon dioxide using same
1552015001042501/08/15 Austenitic stainless steel
1562015001046701/08/15 Continuous fixed-bed catalytic reactor and catalytic reaction method using same
1572015001077501/08/15 Hot stamped steel and producing hot stamped steel
1582015001239501/08/15 Yard management apparatus, yard management method, and computer program
1592015000443301/01/15 Steel sheet, plated steel sheet, and producing the same
1602015000101501/01/15 Brake lining for railway vehicle, and disc brake equipped with the same
1612015000118801/01/15 Spot welded joint and spot welding method
1622015000184101/01/15 Threaded joint for pipes
1632015000442601/01/15 Pipeline and manufacturing method thereof
1642015000443001/01/15 Three-dimensionally bending machine, bending equipment line, and bent product
1652014037397812/25/14 Case hardened steel having reduced thermal treatment distortion
1662014037758212/25/14 High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet and producing the same
1672014036635312/18/14 Device for assembling railway wheel with brake discs
1682014036699212/18/14 Process for producing carbonitrided part
1692014036799912/18/14 Front floor panel
1702014037033012/18/14 Hot-dip plated high-strength steel sheet for presswork excellent in low-temperature toughness and corrosion resistance and manufacturing method thereof
1712014036003612/11/14 Device for measuring an internal or external profile of a tubular component
1722014036153012/11/14 Threaded tubular component and coating such a threaded tubular component
1732014036332912/11/14 Rolled steel bar or wire rod for hot forging
1742014036360712/11/14 Silicon carbide single crystal wafer and manufacturing same
1752014035241712/04/14 Device for measuring undulation of brake disc in railway wheel with brake discs
1762014035500412/04/14 Method for measuring end portion shape of threaded pipe or tube
1772014034215011/20/14 Non-oriented electrical steel sheet
1782014032871611/06/14 Steel for welding
1792014031163210/23/14 Method for producing steel tube for air bag
1802014031211510/23/14 Production management steel tubes and pipes
1812014030669910/16/14 Magnetizing magnetic particle testing of wheel
1822014030845510/16/14 Method for finishing a tubular threaded member with a dry protection coating
1832014029080610/02/14 Wire material for non-heat treated component, steel wire for non-heat treated component, and non-heat treated component and manufacturing method thereof
1842014029465910/02/14 Method for manufacturing high-si austenitic stainless steel
1852014029519410/02/14 Heat resistant ferritic steel and producing the same
1862014028669809/25/14 Welding material and welding joint
1872014028725709/25/14 Chromate-free precoated metal sheet having metallic appearance and water-based coating composition used in the same
1882014026106209/18/14 Method and device for steering truck of railway vehicle, and truck
1892014026191709/18/14 Method for manufacturing austenitic stainless steel
1902014025150709/11/14 Steel for surface hardening for machine structural use and part for machine structural use
1912014025581609/11/14 Titanium material for polymer electrolyte fuel cell separator, producing the same, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the same
1922014024580609/04/14 Method of producing seamless metal pipe
1932014024594509/04/14 Sic single crystal manufacturing method
1942014024612509/04/14 Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
1952014024785609/04/14 Slag-supplying container for use in electric furnace for reduction processing of steel-making slag
1962014023855708/28/14 Method for producing cold-rolled steel sheet
1972014023879008/28/14 Brake disc for railway vehicle
1982014023994408/28/14 Carburization sensing method
1992014024193308/28/14 Cold-rolled steel sheet
2002014024241408/28/14 High-strength steel sheet and high-strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in shape fixability, and manufacturing method thereof
2012014023097308/21/14 Steel sheet and producing the same
2022014023415508/21/14 Ni-based heat resistant alloy
2032014023465608/21/14 Steel sheet provided with hot dip galvanized layer excellent in plating wettability and plating adhesion and production of same
2042014023465908/21/14 High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent delayed fracture resistance and manufacturing method thereof
2052014022402408/14/14 Ultrasonic testing wheel
2062014022615408/14/14 Method for measuring thread element at end portion of pipe or tube
2072014022712608/14/14 High strength steel pipe for line pipe superior in low temperature toughness and high strength steel plate for line pipe and methods of production of the same
2082014022755508/14/14 High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet excellent in impact resistance property and manufacturing method thereof, and high-strength alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
2092014021985808/07/14 Hot-forging micro-alloyed steel and hot-rolled steel excellent in fracture-splitability and machinability, and component made of hot-forged microalloyed steel
2102014020878007/31/14 Cooling system and cooling rolling steel
2112014021136107/31/14 Steel sheet shape control method and steel sheet shape control apparatus
2122014021232207/31/14 Duplex stainless steel
2132014021266007/31/14 Medium carbon steel sheet for cold working and manufacturing the same
2142014021268407/31/14 High-strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in bendability and manufacturing method thereof
2152014021268607/31/14 Hot-dip galvanized cold-rolled steel sheet and process for producing same
2162014020225007/24/14 Ultrasonic testing method and ultrasonic array probe
2172014020548707/24/14 Oil-well steel pipe having excellent sulfide stress cracking resistance
2182014020585507/24/14 High-strength steel sheet excellent in impact resistance and manufacturing method thereof, and high-strength galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
2192014019065507/10/14 Continuous casting steel
2202014019153207/10/14 Shock absorbing member
2212014019175107/10/14 Magnetic testing method and apparatus
2222014019358807/10/14 Device for producing coated steel sheet and producing coated steel sheet
2232014019366707/10/14 High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet having excellent stretch flangeability and precision punchability and manufacturing method thereof
2242014018241407/03/14 Steel for induction hardening and crankshaft manufactured by using the same
2252014018308607/03/14 Three-piece resealable can
2262014018610107/03/14 Austenitic steel welded joint
2272014017486706/26/14 Shock absorbing member
2282014017824206/26/14 Non-post-heat treated steel and non-post-heat treated steel member
2292014017044006/19/14 High strength steel sheet and high strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in shapeability and methods of production of same
2302014015801506/12/14 Railway vehicle steering truck
2312014016166006/12/14 Titanium alloy
2322014016208806/12/14 High strength steel sheet and high strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in shapeability and methods of production of same
2332014013776405/22/14 Railway vehicle steering truck
2342014013799405/22/14 Austenitic stainless steel and producing austenitic stainless steel material
2352014013805405/22/14 Cooling apparatus, and manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing hot-rolled steel sheet
2362014013842705/22/14 Combined steel sheet pile, diaphragm wall, and disassembling combined steel sheet pile
2372014012410105/08/14 High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet having excellent local deformability and manufacturing method thereof
2382014012707305/08/14 Carburization resistant metal material
2392014012753105/08/14 High-corrosion-resistance hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent appearance uniformity and manufacturing method thereof
2402014011632405/01/14 Production apparatus and production sic single crystal
2412014011632505/01/14 Production apparatus of sic single crystal by solution growth method, producing sic single crystal using the production apparatus, and crucible used in the production apparatus
2422014011759505/01/14 Cooling apparatus of thick-gauge steel plate
2432014010964004/24/14 Method of supplying lubrication oil in cold rolling
2442014010972304/24/14 Sintered friction material for high-speed railway
2452014010979304/24/14 Method of supplying zn-al alloy to molten zinc pot, adjusting concentration of al in molten zinc bath, and supplying zn-al alloy to molten zinc pot
2462014010996204/24/14 Interconnector for solar cells, and solar cell module
2472014011002204/24/14 Hot-rolled steel sheet and producing same
2482014010613004/17/14 Grain oriented electrical steel sheet and producing grain oriented electrical steel sheet
2492014009704904/10/14 Brake lining for railway vehicles and disc brake equipped with the same

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