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Nokia Corporation
Nokia Corporation A Corporation
Nokia Corporation Oy
Nokia Corporation And Nokia Siemens Networks Oy
Nokia Corporation And Recordation
Nokia Corporation And Recordation Form Cover Sheet
Nokia Corporation And Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Nokia Corporation_20131212
Nokia Corporation Inc
Nokia Corporation_20100114
Nokia Corporation_20100107
Nokia Corporation_20100128
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Nokia Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nokia Corporation. Nokia Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nokia Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nokia Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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09/28/17Techniques for processing and storing vectoring coefficients
05/04/17Conferencing system
04/27/17Method and providing social interaction with programming content
04/13/17Assembling a primitive having information elements with a structure recognizable by a terminal device and another entity, both of which communicate over a network
03/09/17Systems and methods for adding media content to electronic messages
02/16/17Wireless electronic couponing technique
02/16/17Device classification for media delivery
11/17/16Key management
11/17/16Method and facilitating an access network change
10/20/16Saving power on handsets by filtering received status updates
10/13/16Visual audio processing apparatus
09/01/16Device classification for media delivery
08/18/16Sound transducer acoustic back cavity system
07/28/16Display of a visual event notification
07/28/16Secured wireless communications
07/28/16Audio recording and playback apparatus
07/28/16Enabling coexistence between wireless networks and radar systems
07/14/16Speaker back cavity
07/07/16Method and providing bootstrapping procedures in a communication network
07/07/16Apparatus for wireless communication
06/30/16Method and providing an intelligent alarm notification
06/30/16Clothing selection
06/30/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating unobstructed object views
06/30/16Methods and apparatuses for directional view in panoramic content
06/30/16Positioning method and apparatus and computer program product
06/23/16Low crosstalk magnetic devices
06/23/16Reconfigurable bias and supply drivers for radio frequency power amplifiers
06/23/16Audio processing based upon camera selection
06/23/16Method and providing virtual audio reproduction
06/16/16A hovering field
06/16/16Method and an antenna
06/16/16Multi-camera system consisting of variably calibrated cameras
06/16/16Location configuration information
06/09/16Game data and speech transfer to and from wireless portable game terminal
06/09/16An sensing
06/09/16Latency reduction for user equipment with bursty interactive traffic
06/02/16Local communication interception
06/02/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for device discovery
05/26/16Method and optimizing transmissions in wireless networks
05/19/16Method and protecting location data extracted from brain activity information
05/12/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for a node to advertise its presence and service profiles thereof in a wireless environment
05/05/16User equipment context handling with user equipment autonomous mobility
04/28/16Battery hot swap capable apparatus
04/28/16Network sharing for lte-u/laa cells operating on unlicensed spectrum
04/21/16Method and device for position determination
04/14/16Linear vibrator
04/07/16Method and rendering an audio source having a modified virtual position
03/31/16Method and downscaling depth data for view plus depth data compression
03/31/16Apparatus and channel access for long term evolution nodes in unlicensed band
03/24/16Method and aggregating data for transmission
03/24/16Inter-operator radio resource sharing in dense deployments of small cell networks
03/17/16Method and mitigating interference
03/17/16Communication efficiency
03/10/16Audio modification for multimedia reversal
03/10/16Flexible, hybrid energy generating and storage power cell
03/10/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for media control for multiple devices
03/10/16Compact downlink control information for machine type communications
03/03/16Usb type c to mhl m1 dead battery charging
03/03/16A updating a field of view in a user interface
03/03/16Method and determining a building location based on a building image
03/03/16Dynamic range reduction for analog-to-digital converters
02/25/16All-digital delay-locked loop tuning method with randomized lsb-tuning
02/25/16Handling uplink/downlink imbalance
02/18/16User interaction with an apparatus using a location sensor and microphone signal(s)
02/18/16Method for coding and an apparatus
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02/18/16Method and data radio bearer configuration in a heterogeneous network
02/11/16Vehicle counting and emission estimation
02/11/16Signaling arrangement for wireless system
02/11/16Audio transducer electrical connectivity
02/04/16Audio signal encoder comprising a multi-channel parameter selector
02/04/16Signal transmission
01/28/16Method and providing a collaborative reply over an ad-hoc mesh network
01/28/16Evaluation of beats, chords and downbeats from a musical audio signal
01/28/16Stereo audio signal encoder
01/28/16Arranging an audio signal based on the number of loudspeakers
01/28/16Method and providing an anonymous communication session
01/28/16Sensing and/or transmission coverage adaptation using interference information
01/21/16Microfluidics controlled tunable coil
01/21/16Vibration damping structure for audio device
01/21/16Sound transducer
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01/14/16Method and identifying salient events by analyzing salient video segments identified by sensor information
01/14/16Apparatus, method, and computer program product for determining calendar entries to advance user goals
01/14/16Audio device with a stiffening structure
01/14/16Contention for channel access in wireless network
01/07/16Remote access to shared media
01/07/16Method and sharing media upon request via social networks
01/07/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for device tracking
12/31/15Method and tracking and disseminating health information via mobile channels
12/31/15Method and role identification during multi-device video recording
12/31/15Method and synchronizing audio and video signals
12/31/15Apparatus, method and computer program product for content provision
12/31/15Method and protecting radars from interference
12/24/15Using a symbol recognition engine
12/24/15Stereo audio signal encoder
12/24/15Power loss detection for wireless charging
12/24/15Methods and electronic device power
12/24/15Joint precoder and receiver design for mu-mimo downlink
12/24/15Method, apparatus, and computer program product for improving security for wireless communication
12/17/15Method and distributing load
12/17/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for image processing
12/17/15Channel estimation with precoding matrix smoothing at the transmitter
12/17/15Method and optical communication
12/17/15Imaging and sensing during an auto-focus procedure
12/17/15Method and managing network devices
12/10/15Usb energy harvesting
12/10/15User indication of compatible wireless charging area
12/10/15Adaptive transmitter efficiency optimization
12/10/15Method and providing a wifi network information service
12/03/15Baseband pd communication over usb standard a connector
12/03/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing a recommendation for an application
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12/03/15Name bubble handling
12/03/15Causation of establishment of a location sharing group
12/03/15Method, apparatus, and computer program product for media selection for moving user
12/03/15Light field imaging
12/03/15Apparatus and reducing sound coupling
12/03/15Wireless memory device authentication
12/03/15Obtaining information for radio channel modeling
11/26/15Multimodal interation with near-to-eye display
11/26/15Access control for wireless memory
11/26/15Method and classifying significant places into place categories
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11/26/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for depth estimation
11/26/15Apparatus having a conductive housing and an antenna with tunable resonance
11/26/15Combined charger connector, charger cable decoration, and spurious emission common-mode filtering coil
11/26/15Discovery and secure transfer of user interest data
11/26/15Device selection
11/19/15An apparatus and method to provide a user with an indication of a direction to a particular destination
11/19/15Spatial audio apparatus
11/19/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for disparity estimation in images
11/19/15Method and selective error correction coding
11/19/15Method and sensing flexing of a device
11/19/15A de-noising data from a distance sensing camera
11/19/15Network discovery in wireless network
11/19/15Method and network element for controlling ue's state transition in proximity wireless communication
11/12/15Historical navigation movement indication
11/12/15Serial protocol over data interface
11/12/15Method and participatory sensing data collection
11/12/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for image rendering
11/12/15Reducing interference for shared spectrum
11/12/15Method and providing segment-based recommendations
11/12/15Method and distributing collaborative content
11/12/15Method and apparatuses for adjusting time, computer-readable storage media and a computer program product
11/12/15Contention based transmission and collision avoidance
11/05/15Method and providing passphrase enabled point of interest
11/05/15Orientation based microphone selection apparatus
11/05/15Handling positioning messages
11/05/15Method and data flow management
11/05/15Efficient measurement reporting by a user equipment (ue)
11/05/15Apparatus and wcdma rach optimization
10/29/15Method and validating potential points of interest using user and device characteristics
10/29/15Battery state estimation method
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10/29/15Method and determining the position using radio signals and atmospheric pressure
10/29/15Mapping a location to an area
10/29/15Apparatus aligning audio signals in a shared audio scene
10/29/15Stereo audio signal encoder
10/29/15Adaptive audio signal filtering
10/29/15Encoding and decoding of data
10/29/15Identity based ticketing
10/29/15Identification for apparatuses
10/29/15Methods and improved navigation of content including a representation of streaming data
10/29/15A method and apparatus of secure recognization for pervasive face-to-face social communications
10/29/15Method and extendable field of view rendering
10/29/15Controlled discovery
10/29/15Monitoring a quality of a terrestrial radio based positioning system
10/29/15Methods for device-to-device connection re-establishment and related user equipments and radio access node
10/22/15Method in a processor, an apparatus and a computer program product
10/22/15An inductive energy transfer coil structure
10/22/15Method and video coding and decoding
10/22/15A sound producing vibrating surface
10/22/15Audio transducer with electrostatic discharge protection
10/22/15Detection of a microphone
Social Network Patent Pack
10/22/15Handling messages
10/22/15Handling packet data units
10/15/15Method, apparatus, and computer program product for haptically providing information via a wearable device
10/15/15Method, apparatus and computer program for enabling a user input command to be performed
10/15/15Loop antenna having a parasitically coupled element
10/15/15Method and connectivity plug switch
10/15/15Packet measurements and reporting in wireless network
10/15/15Continuous browsing across devices
10/15/15Spatial audio enhancement apparatus
10/15/15Method and conveying point of interest data with minimum data exchange
10/15/15Mobility estimation
10/15/15Managing resource licenses
10/15/15Multipath communication
10/08/15Positioning satellites
10/08/15Method for web information discovery and user interface
10/08/15Content management for packet-communicating devices
10/08/15Image segmentation using blur and color
10/08/15Method and resilient vector quantization
10/08/15Apparatus for receiving a plug to form an electrical connection, a method
10/08/15Methods and decoding
Social Network Patent Pack
10/08/15Using bluetooth low energy
10/08/15Method, apparatus, and computer program product for seamless switching of communication connection
10/08/15Method and managing information in a network
10/08/15Channel access avoiding windows having restricted access
10/08/15Channel access avoiding windows having restricted access
10/08/15Method and signalling transmissions
10/01/15Method and swipe shift photo browsing
10/01/15Orientation based microphone selection aparatus
10/01/15Apparatus and displaying image-based representations of geographical locations in an electronic text
10/01/15Method and sound playback control
10/01/15Arrangement for image processing
10/01/15Apparatus responsive to at least zoom-in user input, a method and a computer program
10/01/15Method and forming a video sequence
10/01/15Image processing method, devices and system
10/01/15Method and device of generating a key for device-to-device communication between a first user equipment and a second user equipment
10/01/15Association in wireless network
09/24/15Pull-down circuitry for an apparatus
09/24/15Causation of a rendering apparatus to render a rendering media item
09/24/15Determination of a program interaction profile based at least in part on a display region
09/24/15Connecting usb type-c devices
09/24/15Method, an apparatus and a computer program for creating an audio composition signal
09/24/15Device to device charging via usb type-c interfaces
09/24/15Collecting application sharing information
09/24/15Shared audio scene apparatus
09/24/15Parallel preamble transmission in power limited situations
09/24/15Led current generation
09/17/15Method, apparatus, and computer program product for entering accessory docking mode in usb type c
09/17/15Method and image segmentation algorithm
09/17/15Display of video information
09/17/15Configuring a sound system
Social Network Patent Pack
09/17/15Delivery of warnings over mobile telecommunication systems
09/17/15Method and apparatus to coordinate simultaneous transmission in overlapping wireless networks
09/17/15Camping in an exclusive cell
09/17/15Methods and wireless networking
09/17/15Coordination of rts-cts in wireless network
09/10/15Determination of a charge surface position
09/10/15Determination of a parameter device
09/10/15Method and display device with tactile feedback
09/10/15Method and providing notification of a communication event via a chronologically-ordered task history
09/10/15Method and contextual content suggestion
09/10/15Method and providing secure communications based on trust evaluations in a distributed manner
09/10/15Method and constructing latent social network models
09/10/15Secondary cell activation delay indication
09/03/153d model and beacon for automatic delivery of goods
09/03/15Processing stereo images
09/03/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for disparity map estimation of stereo images
09/03/15Quantum key distribution
09/03/15System, providing partial presence notifications
08/27/15Method and portable device accessories
08/27/15Circumferential span region of a virtual screen
08/27/15Data communication with remote network node
08/20/15Method and generating media capture data and context based media based on crowd-source contextual data
08/20/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for image segmentation
08/20/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for segmentation of objects in media content
08/20/15Display of a data source indicator and a data sink indicator
08/20/15Uplink downlink assignment indicator ambiguity handling for inter-band time division duplex carrier aggregation
08/20/15Portable device with enhanced bass response
08/20/15Neighbor cell assisted tdd configuration
08/13/15Apparatus and providing haptic feedback

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