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Nokia Siemens Networks Oy
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy Of Cassina
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy And Nokia Corporation
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy_20100107
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy_20100114
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy_20131212
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy_20100128

Nokia Siemens Networks Oy patents

Recent patent applications related to Nokia Siemens Networks Oy. Nokia Siemens Networks Oy is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nokia Siemens Networks Oy, we're just tracking patents.

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08/18/16Dynamic uplink/downlink configuration
06/30/16Method and apparatus
05/05/16Bearer configuration in dual connectivity communication
02/18/16Enhancements to embms for group communication
10/22/15Method, apparatuses and computer program for reporting in-device coexistence information
10/08/15Vswr estimation using correlation to suppress external interference
10/08/15Adaptive leveraging of network information
10/01/15Location registration for a device-to-device d2d communication user equipment being in idle mode mobility management
10/01/15Frequency error correction for lte uplink comp
08/27/15Technique for extremely high order im correction
07/30/15Mechanism for establishing packet data network connection with multiple ip addresses
05/21/15Method, apparatus and computer program to map a cyclic shift to a channel index
05/14/15Accessing mobile communication resources
04/30/15Method to trigger devices based on their location
03/26/15Carrier indicator field usage and configuration in carrier aggregation
03/12/15Adapting a system bandwidth to be used by a user equipment for an uplink communication channel
03/12/15Cell configuration for self-organized networks with flexible spectrum usage
03/05/15Coordinated scheduling with adaptive muting
03/05/15Application performance improvements in radio networks
02/19/15Configuration uncertainty
01/29/15Shared access of uplink carrier
01/29/15Method and single-radio-voice-call continuity
01/15/15Method and system for operating coverage-limited devices
01/01/15Radio access network triggered bearer modification procedure
01/01/15Vertical beam design for ue-specific beamforming by matching to a cb
01/01/15Method and managing carriers
12/18/14Public land mobile network resolution in a shared network and a dedicated network
12/11/14Selecting between normal and virtual dual layer ack/nack
11/27/14Offset estimation using channel state information reference symbols and demodulation reference symbols
11/20/14Application configured triggers and push notifications of network information
11/13/14New carrier type for time division communication
11/13/14Methods and handover management
10/30/14Methods and communication scheduling
10/30/14Solutions to address "enb partial failure" for a public warning system
10/30/14Plmn operation management
10/23/14Multiple beam formation for rf chip-based antenna array
10/16/14Methods and handover management
10/09/14Delivery of protocol data units
10/09/14Method and providing acknowledgement bundling
10/09/14Enhanced physical harq indicator channel structure
10/02/14Idle load balancing during random access procedure
09/25/14Activation of multicast service
09/18/14Method and inter-rat integration
09/18/14Configuring relay nodes
09/18/14Integrity protection towards one cn after handovers involving multiple services to be handled by different cns
09/18/14Methods and handover management
09/11/14Providing station context and mobility in a wireless local area network having a split mac architecture
09/11/14Robust precoding vector switching for multiple transmitter antennas
09/04/14Methods and radio resource control
08/28/14Generating short term base station utilization estimates for wireless networks
08/28/14Uplink carrier selection for reduced bandwidth machine type communication devices
08/21/14Optimizing a handover behavior of a mobile radio communication network based on an extended record being associated with a user equipment
08/07/14Access control of relay node with closed subscriber group
08/07/14Method for the testing of service applications in a value added server of a communication network
07/31/14Methods and estimating return loss
07/24/14Methods and device scheduling
07/24/14Mechanisms to facilitate a telecommunication system to make use of bands which are not-licensed to the telecommunication system
07/24/14Cleanup of lau-less circuit switched fallback emergency call
07/17/14Mobility robustness optimization with an extended key performance indicator message
07/03/14Quality of experience
07/03/14Method for configuring a user equipment
07/03/14Determination of the timing advance group
07/03/14Downlink power control using relative load
07/03/14Content distribution
06/26/14Efficient cache selection for content delivery networks and user equipments
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06/19/14Timing error estimate of ul synchronization
06/19/14Carrier deployment reduced bandwidth mtc devices
06/19/14Method and resource aggregation in wireless communications
06/12/14Enb enforced tat expiry/ta validity
06/12/14Coordinated evacuation of spectrum
06/05/14Mobile-to-mobile radio access network edge optimizer module content cross-call parallelized content re-compression, optimization, transfer, and scheduling
05/29/14Method for network-coordinated device-to-device communication
05/15/14Common local oscillator for multiple transceivers
05/15/14Managing effective bytes based on radio frequency conditions
05/08/14Mobile backhaul dynamic qos bandwidth harmonization
05/08/14Dynamic traffic offloading
05/08/14Method of achieving information, access node and communication device
05/08/14Block scheduling scalable and flexible scheduling in a hsupa system
05/08/14Signalling arrangement for inter-site carrier aggregation having only single component carrier available in uplink direction
05/01/14Systems, methods, and apparatuses for facilitating device-to-device connection establishment
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05/01/14Method, apparatus, computer program product and system for communicating predictions
04/24/14Method and system for clock recovery with adaptive loop gain control
04/17/14Methods, apparatus, a system, and a related computer program product for activation and deactivation of bearers
04/17/14Antenna clustering for multi-antenna aperture selection
04/17/14Method, apparatus, computer program product, computer readable medium and system for cell reselection
04/17/14Paging optimization in small cell networks using gateways
04/10/14Methods and signal filtering
04/03/14Resource allocation in communications system
04/03/14Enhanced metrics exchange for a wireless network
04/03/14Measurement configuration and reporting with diverse traffic
03/27/14Capacity allocation in communications
03/27/14Discontinuous reception for carrier aggregation
03/27/14Method and device for processing data in a wireless network
03/27/14Non-codebook based channel state information feedback
03/20/14Methods and devices for dynamic allocation of identifiers in hybrid cell identifier scenarios
03/20/14Cell reconfiguration
03/20/14Extended access barring mechanisms for machine type communications
03/20/14Privacy of location information
03/13/14Apparatus and allocating resources for coordinated transmissions from multiple cells
03/06/14Method, apparatus, computer program product and system for identifying, managing and tracking congestion
03/06/14Method and apparatus
03/06/14Sending bcch modification info/etws information to ues in enhanced cell pch in one drx cycle
03/06/14Optimization on network assisted proximity services discovery management
03/06/14Method and apparatus determining white space information
02/27/14High efficiency power amplifier architecture for off-peak traffic hours
02/27/14Distributed control of channel selection in a communication system
02/27/14Configuring power distribution within cooperation areas of cellular communication networks
02/20/14Method and apparatus to improve tcp performance in mobile networks
02/20/14Method and deactivating one of a primary and secondary cells of a user equipment
02/20/14Method and device for processing uplink control data in a wireless network
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02/20/14Scheduling request enhancements
02/20/14Saving energy in multi-rat communication network
02/20/14Network element configuration management
02/20/14User account recovery
02/13/14Correlating radio link failure and minimization of drive test reports
02/13/14Small cell mobility enhancement
02/13/14Apparatus and communication with a number of user equipments using ofdma
02/13/14Method and transmission of two modulated signals via an optical channel
02/13/14Dual in-band/out-band radio access system field
02/13/14Control mechanism for autonomous mobility of terminal device
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02/06/14Protocols for multi-hop relay system with centralized scheduling
02/06/14Interference measurement resource (imr) signaling and use to support interference coordination between cells
02/06/14Nodeb self-tuning
02/06/14Control channel element indexing scheme
02/06/14Method and apparatus
02/06/14Method and apparatus
02/06/14Apparatus and communication
02/06/14Network sharing and reverse single radio voice call continuity
02/06/14Method and apparatus
02/06/14Coordination in self-organizing networks
01/30/14Variable adaption of active antenna system radio frequency signal filtering
01/30/14Uplink control signalling in a carrier aggregation system
01/30/14Compressed mode on per frequency band basis
01/30/14Insight based orchestration of network optimization in communication networks
01/30/14Method and apparatus
01/23/14Functional split for a multi-node carrier aggregation transmission scheme
01/23/14Processing data in an optical network element
01/23/14Excluding roaming users from area based mdt data transmission
01/23/14Method for calculating a transmit power for a user equipment
01/23/14Techniques to support selective mobile content optimization
01/23/14Content optimization based on real time network dynamics
01/23/14Coordination between self-organizing networks
01/16/14Secondary spectrum use
01/16/14Methods and half duplex scheduling
01/16/14Method and non-adjacent carrier signalling in a multicarrier broadband wireless system
01/16/14Apparatus and corresponding allocating a component carrier to a cell in a communication system
01/16/14Optical communication data processing in an optical network
01/16/14Processing data in an optical network
01/16/14Scheduling in coordinated multi-point transmission scheme
01/16/14Automatic neighbour relations in a communications network
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01/16/14Media prefill performance improvement
01/09/14Cell selection depending on mbms capability
01/09/14Methods and apparatuses for transmitting downlink control signaling on wireless relay link
01/09/14Reporting in a communication system
01/09/14Configuration of random access preamble
01/09/14Method, apparatus and computer program product for priority based cell reselection in a multi-rat environment
01/09/14Enhanced mobility control in heterogeneous networks
01/09/14Use of licensed shared spectrum in a radio access network where signal propagation is unknown
01/02/14Optical network component and processing data in an optical network
01/02/14Method and device for service provisioning in a communication network
01/02/14Reducing latency in circuit switched data calls
01/02/14Radio link control
01/02/14Method and in sequence delivery of downlink local ip access (lipa) packets
01/02/14Method for data communication networks and system
01/02/14Optical communication apparatus and method
01/02/14Success rate improvements for anr measurements while reducing data loss at a ue
12/26/13Method and determining transmission power
12/26/13Power control for lte deployment in unlicensed band
12/26/13Channel configuration
12/26/13Signalling a muting pattern to a user equipment for time domain enhanced inter-cell interference coordination
Social Network Patent Pack
12/26/13Resource allocation in a wireless communication system
12/26/13Carrier aggregation in a communication system
12/26/13Method for dynamic packet-optical server network
12/26/13Optical network system and method
12/26/13Optical communication system and method
12/26/13Divide-and-conquer approach to mitigating relay-to-relay interference
12/19/13Sharing radio resources between access nodes with different access restrictions
12/19/13Single carrier cell aggregation
12/19/13Method and transmitting a network identity
12/19/13Apparatus and communication
12/19/13Overload control in mobility management entity
12/19/13Neighbour cell relation
12/19/13Relay node configuration in preparation for handover
12/19/13Bearer release before handover
12/19/13Apparatus and communication
12/19/13Load balancing in a network and between networks
12/19/13Method and managing co-existence interference
12/19/13Scaling transmit power in multi-antenna wireless systems
12/19/13Method and transmitting an identity
12/19/13Software licence control
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12/12/13Method and apparatus
12/12/13Method, system and device for location update in networks
12/05/13Relay-to-relay interference coordination in a wireless communication network
12/05/13Matched filtered data samples processing
12/05/13Detecting a level of use in a communications network
12/05/13Reporting in communications systems
12/05/13Apparatus and controlling wireless downlink and uplink transmission
11/28/13Configurable services in internet protocol (ip)-based multimedia subsystem (ims)
11/28/13Using unique preambles for d2d communications in lte
11/28/13Network sharing and reverse single radio voice call continuity
11/21/13Periodic channel state information signaling with carrier aggregation
11/21/13Minimizing drive tests measurements configuration for signal strength reporting in mobile communications environments
11/21/13Virtual radio networks
11/21/13Cell range extension for cooperative multipoint
11/21/13Method and managing neighbour relations
11/21/13Self-organized decentralized mobility robustness optimization
11/21/13Short message service mobile originated/mobile terminated without mobile station international subscriber directory number (msisdn) in internet protocol multimedia subsystem (ims) with inter-public land mobile network (plmn) handling
11/14/13Allocation of resources
11/14/13Key performance indicator for operator performance evaluation in communication network resource sharing
11/14/13Multi-channel state information feedback with cell-specific adaptive granularity
11/14/13Base station calibration
11/07/13Methods and apparatus
11/07/13Multipoint transmissions
11/07/13Policy control interworking
11/07/13Broadband antenna and radio base station system for process-ing at least two frequency bands or radio standards in a radio communications system
11/07/13Methods and apparatus
11/07/13Method for srvcc solution
11/07/13Dynamic spectrum refarming with multiple carriers
11/07/13Switching between remote radio heads
11/07/13Network nodes and methods configured for updating neighbor cell information in a radio communications system comprising at least one radio access technology network
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11/07/13Method and device for processing data in mobile communication network
11/07/13Methods, apparatuses, system, related computer program product for handover procedures
11/07/13Method and reporting channel information
11/07/13Signature enabler for multi-vendor son coordination
11/07/13Methods and apparatus
11/07/13Network element configuration management
11/07/13Method and apparatus
10/31/13Eicic carrier aggregation using extension carriers
10/31/13Channelization code sharing between multiple users
10/31/13Terminal measurement configuration in carrier aggregation
10/31/13Method and apparatus
10/31/13Method and allocating radio resources in cellular communications network
10/31/13Method for heterogeneous network policy based management
10/31/13External authentication support over an untrusted network
10/24/13Supporting dynamic multipoint communication configuration
10/24/13Dynamic transmission set indication
10/24/13Relay node related measurements
10/24/13Methods and interference management
10/24/13Allocating identifiers to communication devices
10/24/13Method for maintaining continuity of 'diameter' protocol-based online charging
10/24/13Wireless service upgrade enablement
10/24/13Automated configuration of base stations
10/24/13Router advertisement for multiple stack scenario
10/17/13Dynamic configuration of relay nodes in a cellular communication system
10/17/13Methods and devices for exchanging data in a communications network
10/17/13Inter-system carrier aggregation
10/17/13Method and apparatuses for multimedia priority service
10/17/13Method and handling closed subscriber groups in relay-enhanced system
10/17/13Mechanism for providing channel feedback in multi-cell communication

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