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Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy
Nokia Solutions And Networks Management International Gmbh
Nokia Solutions And Networks Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Nokia Solutions And Networks
Nokia Solutions And Networks Solutions Oy
Nokia Solutions And Networks Yo
Nokia Solutions And Networks Us Llc
Nokia Solutions And Networks Qy

Nokia Solutions And Networks patents

Recent patent applications related to Nokia Solutions And Networks. Nokia Solutions And Networks is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nokia Solutions And Networks may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nokia Solutions And Networks, we're just tracking patents.

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03/30/17Device-to-device communication
07/28/16Flexible frame structure
09/24/15Fake base station detection with core network support
03/17/16Wireless base station
02/25/16Methods and antenna tilt optimization
04/17/14Retransmissions in a communication system using almost blank subframes
05/18/17 new patent  Method of operating a network entity
05/11/17Method, apparatus and computer program for antenna calibration
05/11/17Method and deriving secondary cell hybrid-automatic repeat-request timing
05/11/17Method and network components and self-organizing network
05/11/17Interruptions in wireless communications
05/11/17Method and implementing access control
05/11/17Hybrid automatic repeat request for enhanced interference management and traffic adaptation
05/11/17Method, system and apparatus
05/04/17Methods and apparatus to control a virtual machine
05/04/17Machine to machine capabilities in mobile communication networks
05/04/17Resource release for proximity-based communications
04/27/17Hybrid automatic repeat request timing in communications
04/27/17Key separation for local evolved packet core
04/27/17Load information exchange for interference coordination
04/27/17Method and controlling downlink or uplink transmission
04/27/17Method and radio resource control in a mobile network
04/20/17On demand network service in 5th generation mobile networks
04/20/17Techniques for measurement filtering for wireless systems
04/20/17Cross reporting or empty buffers in dual connectivity
04/20/17Offloading mechanism using load-dependent offloading criteria
04/20/17Method and handover in dual connectivity user equipment and base station
04/20/17Method and transmitting and/or receiving reference signals
04/20/17Configuring physical channel resources for sounding or discovery in a half duplex communication environment
04/13/17Ground phase manipulation in a beam forming antenna
04/13/17Multipath tcp with lte connections
04/13/17Method and closed subscriber group information transmission
04/13/17Compressed mode for umts enhanced dedicated channel for circuit switched voice services
04/13/17Uplink access with compressed mode in a communication network system
04/13/17Reporting information
04/13/17Radio resource allocation for proximity services
04/06/17Connector arrangement
04/06/17Re-establishment procedure in dual connectivity networks
04/06/17Methods and discovery signal transmission between a plurality of devices
04/06/17Method, apparatus and computer program for transmission scheduling
04/06/17Device-to-device communications in cellular system
03/30/17A method, apparatus and system
03/30/17Method and network element for implementing policies in a mobile network
03/30/17Device-to-device communication
03/30/17Communications in wireless systems
03/30/17Method, apparatus and computer program to map a cyclic shift to a channel index
03/23/17Efficient communication method and apparatus
03/23/17Security inter-nodal communication for voip lawful interception
03/23/17Method, apparatus and system
03/23/17Allocation of communication resources
03/16/17Rule engine for application servers
03/16/17Network performance data
03/16/17Method and network synchronization, computer program product for performing the method and system comprising the apparatus
03/16/17Method and implementing uplink scheduling in an unlicensed spectrum
03/09/17Transmission adaptation
03/02/17Secure bootstrapping architecture method based on password-based digest authentication
03/02/17Verification in self-organizing networks
03/02/17Function binding and selection in a network
03/02/17Packet flow optimization in a network
03/02/17Handover apparatus and method
03/02/17Proximity service channel allocation based on random access channel procedure
03/02/17Communications via multiple access points
02/23/17Antenna arrangement
02/23/17Frequency switching within time domain digital pre-distortion
02/23/17Quarter wavelength unit delay and complex weighting coefficient continuous-time filters
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02/23/17Dynamic cell clustering for coordinated multipoint operation
02/23/17Adaptive frequency band weighting within time domain
02/23/17Methods and apparatus to prevent potential conflicts among instances of son functions
02/23/17Reporting for mbms
02/23/17Improving communication efficiency
02/23/17Device-to-device transmissions
02/16/17Frequency band sharing amongst cells
02/16/17A method, apparatus and system
02/16/17Method, apparatus and computer program product for enhanced control channel usage in carrier aggregation
02/16/17Improving multimedia broadcast service efficiency
02/09/17Enhancing interference rejection
02/09/17Techniques for rach (random access channel)-less synchronized handover for wireless networks
02/09/17Method and device for data processing in a mobile communication network
02/02/17Distributed base station with frequency domain interface on which signal subspace varies according to frequency bin
02/02/17Methods and apparatuses for measurement of packet delay in uplink in e-utran
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02/02/17Method, apparatus and computer program
02/02/17Method, apparatus and system
02/02/17Interworking with bearer-based system
01/26/17High resolution channel sounding for fdd communications
01/26/17Phase noise tracking and reduction
01/26/17Venue owner-controllable per-venue service configuration
01/26/17Method, apparatus and computer program for scheduling in dual connectivity scenarios
01/19/17Notification about virtual machine live migration to vnf manager
01/19/17Method and flexible product codebook signaling
01/19/17Distribution of popular content between user nodes of a social network community via direct proximity-based communication
01/19/17Enhanced quality of service class identifier modification
01/19/17Coordination of downlink channel assignments for communication with cluster of access points in wireless network
01/19/17Dual connectivity re-establishment
01/12/17Timing acquisition techniques for mobile station in wireless network
01/12/17Dormant cell rrm measurement reporting
01/12/17Control of semi-persistent channel occupation for device-to device (d2d) wireless communications
01/12/17Decentralizing core network functionalities
01/12/17Efficient resource utilization
12/15/16Methods and radio access network resource management
12/15/16Generating function model based on operator objectives
12/15/16Establishing and maintenance of a neighbour relationship between access nodes in a wireless communications network
12/08/16Method and tamper detection
12/01/16Antenna arrangement for orthogonally polarized omnidirectional transmission
12/01/16Inter-operability test indication for uplink-downlink configuration combinations for primary cell and secondary cell for wireless networks using carrier aggregation
12/01/16Load balanced gateway selection in lte communications
12/01/16Method for srvcc solution
12/01/16Half-duplex communication in a network
11/24/16Antenna structure
11/24/16Antenna calibration in communications
11/24/16Service offloading in communications
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11/24/16Service scaling in communications
11/24/16Method and securing timing packets over untrusted packet transport network
11/24/16Determining an adjustment of a tilt angle for an antenna serving a vertically sectorized cell of a radio network
11/24/16Configuration of handovers in communication systems
11/24/16Methods and apparatuses for transfer of dedicated channel resources
11/17/16A performing flexible service chaining
11/17/16Method of operating a network entity
11/17/16Method, apparatus and computer program for control of a text component of a call
11/17/16Improving network efficiency
11/17/16Method, apparatus and computer program
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11/17/16Device-to-device communicaton
11/17/16Overlay implementation of ims centralized service network system with selection of serving network entity within a pool
11/17/16Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for service based mobility management
11/17/16Backhaul scheduling in multi-hop system
11/10/16Modular antenna structure
11/10/16Allocating virtual machines in a gateway coupled to a software-defined switch
11/10/16A performing congestion mitigation and barring
11/03/16Method and implementing a distributed interworking based on user equipment throughput
11/03/16Method for ue distribution in overlaying layers based on estimated coverage
11/03/16Local area optimized uplink control channel
11/03/16Channel quality indicator reporting
10/27/16Method for managing coordinated multipoint communication
10/27/16Dynamic adjustments of measurement conditions along with additional trigger methods for reporting
10/27/16Method and apparatus
10/20/16Management of network entity selection
10/13/16User equipment assisted deployment in an unlicensed band
10/13/16Correlation of event reports
10/06/16Apparatus and communication with time-shifted subbands
10/06/16Proximity-based services
10/06/16Method and system for communication networks
10/06/16Evolved packet core (epc) paging for access points
10/06/16Method and apparatus
09/29/16Method and system for wireless network optimization
09/29/16Controlling transmissions
09/29/16Synchronization signal design for device to device operation
09/22/16Paging in communications
09/15/16Broadcast channel management
09/01/16Using fractional delay computations to improve intermodulation performance
09/01/16Selection and use of a security agent for device-to-device (d2d) wireless communications
09/01/16Transmission capacity negotiation between base stations in the event of a failed interface to core network for wireless networks
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09/01/16Lte/wi-fi aggregation for existing network nodes
08/25/16Channel state information acquisition and feedback for full dimension multiple input multiple output
08/25/16Controlled load balancing between access networks with various policies from different sources
08/25/16Optimization on network assisted proximity services discovery management
08/25/16Optimized procedure for user equipment autonomous mobility
08/18/16Enabling cellular access
08/18/16Mobility management based on transmission rate history
08/18/16Methods and small cell change
08/18/16Changes of cluster head
08/18/16Device-to-device discovery resource allocation in communications
08/18/16Dynamic uplink/downlink configuration
08/18/16Change of rate matching modes in presence of channel state information reference signal transmission
08/18/16Method, apparatus and computer program for wireless communications
08/11/16Antenna connector sealing nut
08/11/16Space-time coding for zero-tail spread ofdm system in a wireless network
08/11/16Multiple restrictions for csi reporting
08/11/16User equipment access-based machine to machine communication mechanism
08/11/16Signaling designs for network assisted interference cancellation and suppression
08/04/16Reference precoding vectors for multiple rank indications for channel quality indication (cqi) reporting in a wireless
08/04/16Controlling lte/wi-fi aggregation
Social Network Patent Pack
08/04/16Method, apparatus and computer program for control of a data bearer
07/28/16Method and management of frequency-division-duplex and time-division-duplex carrier aggregation
07/28/16Quality of experience aware transport self organizing network framework
07/28/16Apparatus and lawful interception
07/28/16Method and facilitating device-to-device communications
07/21/16Bundling harq feedback in a time division duplexing communication system
07/21/16Methods and apparatus
07/21/16Rapid rerouting in a communication system
07/21/16Cluster set management in communication system
07/21/16Method and implementing efficient low-latency uplink access
07/21/16Method and implementing low-latency and robust uplink access
07/21/16Group communication
07/14/16Subscriber tracing in communications
07/14/16Anonymization of asa/lsa repository data
07/14/16Radio access network (ran) transport evolved packet core (epc) synergy
07/14/16Traffic steering interface between mobile network operator and wi-fi service provider
07/14/16Methods and radio link failure reporting
07/14/16Network coordination apparatus
07/14/16Synchronization of a device in communications
07/14/16Uplink inter-site carrier aggregation based on ue transmission power and secondary cell load
Social Network Patent Pack
07/07/16Network assisted automatic clustering to enable victim to victim communication
07/07/16Offloading traffic of a user equipment communication session from a cellular communication network to a wireless local area network (wlan)
06/30/16Layered mobility
06/30/16Resolving identification code ambiguities in wireless access networks
06/30/16Method and apparatus
06/23/16Master base station-controlled response to detected failure of radio link between secondary base station and mobile station in dual connectivity wireless networks
06/23/16Lawful interception and security for proximity service
06/23/16Coordination in self-organizing networks
06/23/16Use of packet status report from secondary base station to master base station in wireless network
06/23/16Retransmission of protocol data unit via alternate transmission path for dual connectivity wireless network
06/16/16Communication using over-the-top identities without centralized authority
06/16/16Timing advance methods and apparatuses
06/16/16Identifying and communicating coverage shortfall for machine type communication devices
06/09/16Method, apparatus and system for envelope tracking
06/09/16System and rule creation and parameter adaptation by data mining in a self-organizing network
06/09/16Mme selection upon inter-rat mobility from geran/utran to e-utran
06/09/16Methods and apparatuses for load balancing in a self-organising network
06/09/16Method and apparatus to handle user equipment context for dual connectivity in enhanced small cell networks
06/09/16Methods and apparatus
06/09/16Network assisted automatic disaster trigger to enable device-to-device (d2d) ad hoc communication
06/02/16Establishment of packet data network connection via relay user equipment
06/02/16Feedback in a communication system
06/02/16Network element and running applications in a cloud computing system
06/02/16Enhanced gprs tunnel protocol tunnel endpoint identifier
06/02/16Sharing operating frequency amongst wireless networks
06/02/16Capability handling after inter radio access technology handover
06/02/16Selective bearer splitting in cell system
06/02/16Subframe configuration for performing ul-dl interference measurement in guard period of special subframe for wireless networks
06/02/16Mobility management for device-to-device communications
06/02/16Method of coordinating a communication network
Social Network Patent Pack
05/26/16Method, apparatus and computer program for wireless communications
05/26/16Method and supporting enhanced single-radio-voice-call-continuity
05/26/16Method to optimize pci confusion detection and resolution
05/26/16Service continuity in centralized service network system
05/26/16Control of resources
05/26/16Dynamic resource adaptation
05/26/16Interference mitigation in strong imbalance zone
05/19/16Transmission of reference signals
05/19/16Ran user-plane congestion management
05/19/16Cell operation concept
05/12/16Oportunistic interference cancellation of radar signals
05/12/16Inter-cell interference
05/12/16Apparatus and resource allocation
05/12/16Network entity and controlling a son-function
05/12/16Lawful interception and security based admission control for proximity service
05/12/16Connection reliability and managing interference created by beamforming
05/05/16Lawful interception for proximity service
05/05/16Methods and antenna elevation design
05/05/16New carrier type allocation in uplink/downlink subframe configuration for time division communication
05/05/16Method and configuring scheduling periods based on information about the mode of operation
04/28/16Random access channel using basis functions
04/28/16Method and apparatus
04/28/16Subscriber group related control in a communication network
04/28/16Shared use of licensed frequency spectrum in a mobile communications network
04/28/16Discontinuous reception in communications
04/28/16Random access channel with a grid of beams for communication systems
04/21/16Remote verification of attributes in a communication network
04/21/16One time credentials for secure automated bluetooth pairing
04/21/16System and optimizing push services in cloud based mobile networks using a software api driven approach

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