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Nokia Corporation
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy
Nokia Technologies Oy
Nokia Siemens Networks Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Nokia Inc
Nokia Solutions And Networks Management International Gmbh
Nokia Siemens Networks Gmbh x26 Co
Nokia Technology Oy
Nokia Solutions And Networks Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Nokia Siemens Networks
Nokia Corporation Oy
Nokia Corporation A Corporation
Nokia Solutions And Network Oy
Nokia Siemens Network Oy
Nokia Coporation
Nokia Corporation And Nokia Siemens Networks Oy
Nokia Siemens Networks Ethernet Solutions Ltd
Nokia Siemens Networks Gmbh x26 Co kg
Nokian Renkaat Oyj
Nokia Siemens Networks Us Llc
Nokia Siemens Networks S p a
Nokia Solutions And Networks
Nokia china Investment Co Ltd

Nokia patents

Recent patent applications related to Nokia. Nokia is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nokia may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nokia, we're just tracking patents.

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12/24/15Device pairing
04/15/10Arrangement and providing data
07/23/15Vehicle tire
07/16/15Vehicle tire and anti-skid stud
04/02/15Vehicle tire
11/27/14Vehicle tire
02/12/15Inter-cell interference detection for inter portable long term evolution local area network interference
11/13/14Method and asynchronous distribution of content
07/18/13Methods and apparatuses for context determination
12/17/15Delivery of a media item
11/03/11Solutions for identifying legal user equipments in a communication network
09/01/16An apparatus and a detecting photons
09/24/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for path switch in device-to-device communication
06/16/16Methods and device to device communication
02/23/17Method, network element, user equipment and system for securing device-to-device communication in a wireless network
09/22/16Method and automatic detection and selection of an alternative roaming provider
06/30/16Apparatus and associated methods for analyte detection
06/16/16A hovering field
05/12/16Adaptive mimo feasibility feedback
04/21/16Indication of tdm extension pattern for dual connectivity
01/14/16Method and managing devices
10/08/15Method and device-to-device communication
11/17/16Key management
08/17/17 new patent  An providing an image
08/17/17 new patent  An apparatus and method comprising an antenna for radio communication and energy storage device
08/17/17 new patent  Low crosstalk magnetic devices
08/17/17 new patent  Apparatus and forming an apparatus comprising a two dimensional material
08/17/17 new patent  A forming a graphene oxide-reduced graphene oxide junction
08/17/17 new patent  Ipv4 communications using 6lowpan header compression mechanisms
08/17/17 new patent  Apparatus and providing an apparatus comprising an audio transducer
08/17/17 new patent  Terminal, a communication network
08/17/17 new patent  Enabling power efficient dual connectivity with reduced delay impact
08/17/17 new patent  Synchronous licensed assisted access
08/10/17Intra-oral imaging
08/10/17Camera devices with a large field of view for stereo imaging
08/10/17Vehicle control
08/10/17Method, apparatus and computer program for obtaining images
08/10/17Method and rendering a location-based user interface
08/10/17Physical unclonable function
08/03/17Apparatus and methods for enabling information to be read from a touch screen apparatus
08/03/17Motion prediction in video coding
08/03/17Method and supporting an emergency call service in an ip multimedia subsystem session during handover
08/03/17Wireless communication devices
07/27/17Apparatus, methods and computer programs for encoding and decoding audio signals
07/27/17A security and trust framework for virtualized networks
07/20/17Method and managing files in an online account
07/20/17Access to a node
07/20/17Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for facilitating synchronization of setting configurations
07/20/17Speaker back cavity
07/20/17Method and detecting imaging conditions
07/13/17Method, an apparatus and a computer program for controlling an output from a display of an apparatus
07/13/17System and multimodal short-cuts to digital services
07/13/17Method of indication of available radio resources
07/13/17Paging optimization for narrow band internet of things (nb-iot)
07/06/17Optimized biological measurement
07/06/17Method and identifying salient subimages within a panoramic image
07/06/17Causing provision of virtual reality content
07/06/17Method and generating a panoramic view with regions of different dimensionality
07/06/17Method and image processing
07/06/17Display of a visual representation of a view
07/06/17Apparatus, method and computer program for rendering a spatial audio output signal
07/06/17Mbsfn measurement configuration and reporting
07/06/17Method for triggering freestanding radio resource control report
07/06/17Method for establishing a connection between a terminal of a first type and a core network of a second type in a telecommunications network
06/29/17An apparatus and associated methods
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06/29/17Method and providing a visual indication of the copy history
06/29/17Distributing l2 buffer status information in 5g multi-connectivity for efficient radio scheduling
06/22/17Field-effect sensor and associated methods
06/22/17Method for analysing media content
06/22/17Method, apparatus and computer program product for image-driven cost volume aggregation
06/15/17Method and secured information storage
06/15/17System coordinated wlan scanning
06/08/17An monitoring biometric parameters using an ambient light collector
06/08/17Magnetometer apparatus and associated methods
06/08/17Device control
06/08/17Method and recommendation by applying efficient adaptive matrix factorization
06/08/17Apparatus and methods for wireless communication
06/08/17Stereo viewing
06/08/17Vehicle communication identifiers based on license plate information
06/08/17Methods and apparatuses for synchronization of distributed hierarchical databases
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06/08/17Data radio bearer configuration in a heterogeneous network
06/08/17Enabling overlapping transmissions in wireless network
06/01/17Method and providing a view window within a virtual reality scene
06/01/17A non-depth multiple implement input and a depth multiple implement input
06/01/17Dynamic allocation of subframe scheduling for time division duplex operation in a packet-based wireless communication system
06/01/17System and interactive session provision
06/01/17Cellular network authentication
06/01/17Stereo viewing
06/01/17Method and facilitaing live virtual reality streaming
05/25/17Method, device and arrangement for determining pulse transit time
05/25/17Method and device setup
05/25/17Systems, methods, devices, and computer program products for arranging a user's media files
05/25/17Vector quantization
05/25/17A determining an execution frequency of a foreign object detection method
05/25/17Zoom input and camera information
05/25/17High-speed depth sensing with a hybrid camera setup
05/25/17Method for coding and an apparatus
05/25/17Cellular network authentication control
05/25/17Method and the activation of services
05/18/17Determination of an apparatus display region
05/18/17Data processing
05/18/17Sensing device and production thereof
05/18/17Supporting an access to a destination network via a wireless access network
05/18/17Method, network element, mobile terminal, system and computer program product for cryptographic algorithm negotiation
05/18/17Scheduling coordination
05/11/17Method and controlling smart objects with a collage user interface using normalized user interface descriptors
05/11/17A method and technical equipment for determining a pose of a device
05/11/17Sound transducer
05/11/17Establishment of reliable multicast/broadcast in a wireless network
05/11/17Method and communication session-based initiation of networked terminals
Social Network Patent Pack
05/11/17Method and providing data sharing schemes to provision device services
05/11/17Cloud-based system for distributed hierarchical databases
05/11/17Handover for coverage enhancement
05/04/17Method and automatic inter-device authorisation
05/04/17Offering menu items to a user
05/04/17Method and powering mobile device
05/04/17Handling different types of rsrq measurements based on offsets
05/04/17Apparatus and providing real-time feedback for information transfer
05/04/17Random access transmission opportunity termination
05/04/17Dual connectivity management
Patent Packs
04/27/17Method, apparatus, and computer program product for tracking eye gaze and eye movement
04/27/17Integration of positional data and overhead images for lane identification
04/27/173d scene rendering
04/27/17Method and controlling image capture
04/27/17Stereo viewing
04/27/17Method and improved streaming of immersive content
04/27/17Switching to advertising locator after connection establishment
04/27/17Method and identifying closed subscriber group cells
04/27/17Exception handling in cellular authentication
04/27/17Method, apparatus and computer program product for transfer of capability support information in a multi-rat environment
04/27/17Access management with multipath transport
04/20/17Storing and retrieving cryptographic keys from biometric data
04/20/17Detector logic and radio identification device and enhancing terminal operations
04/20/17Method, apparatus and computer program product for a cookie used for an internet of things device
04/20/17Electronic device and method in an electronic device for processing image data
04/20/17Integrated secure device
04/20/17Mbsfn measurements and drx, different drx settings for different transmission types
04/13/17Method and providing adaptive transitioning between operational modes of an autonomous vehicle
04/13/17Methods, apparatuses for forming audio signal payload and audio signal payload
04/13/17Fiber-based communication
04/13/17Video coding with helper data for spatial intra-prediction
04/06/17Method and on-demand client-initiated provisioning
04/06/17Performance of a location response action
04/06/17Wireless local area network (wlan) radio link failure (rlf) triggering
03/30/17A method, apparatus and/or computer program for controlling light output of a display
03/30/17Management of cryptographic keys
03/30/17Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
03/23/17Method and constructing a digital elevation model utilizing ground points captured by ground-based lidar
03/23/17Method, an apparatus and a computer program product for coding a 360-degree panoramic video
03/23/17System and cloud synchronization among global and multiple location databases
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03/23/17Flexible electronics apparatus and associated methods
03/16/17Weather condition information based on magnetometers
03/16/17Method, apparatus, computer program product and system for reputation generation
03/16/17Display of a notification that identifies a keyword
03/16/17Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for providing filtered services and content based on user context
03/16/17Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
03/16/17Method and video processing
03/16/17Adaptive threshold handling for triggering wlan offloading
03/16/17Method and determining ims connectivity through non-3gpp access networks
03/16/17Broadcast signaling optimization for machine type communication
03/16/17Fairness in wireless networks with adaptive clear channel assessment thresholds
03/09/17An input axis between an apparatus and a separate apparatus
03/09/17Method and capacitive sensing
03/09/17Method and system for communicating with a user immersed in a virtual reality environment
03/09/17Method and providing an alternative route based on traffic light status
03/09/17Control parameter dependent audio signal processing
03/09/17Method and verifying processed data
03/09/17Determining distances
03/02/17Capacitive touch sensor circuit, forming circuit, and touch screen and mobile device comprising the same
03/02/17Method, apparatus, and computer program product for precluding image capture of an image presented on a display
Social Network Patent Pack
03/02/17Method, apparatus and computer program product for motion deblurring of image frames
03/02/17Method and modifying a multi-frame image based upon anchor frames
03/02/17Unified discovery signal for small cell and device-to-device discovery
03/02/17Method and operating companion device
02/23/17Transmission coordination in wireless network
02/23/17Location based service tools for video illustration, selection, and synchronization
02/23/17Method and apparatus of associating and maintaining state information for applications
02/23/17Method, apparatus, and computer program product for personalized stereoscopic content capture with single camera end user devices
02/23/17Method and rendering items in a user interface
02/23/17Method, apparatus, and computer program product for personalized depth of field omnidirectional video
02/23/17Motion prediction in video coding
02/23/17Plmn restriction for mbsfn measurement reporting
02/23/17Techniques allowing activation and deactivation of nodes in a network
02/16/17Interaction between virtual reality entities and real entities
02/16/17Polarization rotator-combiner for optical communications
02/16/17An apparatus, method and computer program for enabling charging of a vehicle
02/16/17Apparatus, method, and computer program product for video enhanced photo browsing
02/16/17An apparatus and associated methods for image capture
02/16/17Non-rigid registration for large-scale space-time 3d point cloud alignment
02/16/17Audio information processing
Social Network Patent Pack
02/16/17Memristor and production thereof
02/16/17Method and video coding
02/16/17Minimum measurement requirements for multi-broadcast single-frequency network measurements
02/16/17Method and connecting to a node of a mesh network
02/16/17System and the reception of content items
02/16/17Signalling for using operating band combination
02/09/17Display of information on a head mounted display
02/09/17Fusion of rgb images and lidar data for lane classification
02/09/17Method and rendering a perspective view of objects and content related thereto for location-based services on mobile device
02/09/17Media file sharing, correlation of metadata related to shared media files and assembling shared media file collections
02/09/17Method, apparatus, and computer program product for low power data delivery
02/09/17Position information based access to a shared radio access channel
02/02/17Method, apparatus and computer program for selecting an audio track
02/02/17Recording level adjustment using a distance to a sound source
02/02/17Phase shifted resonator
02/02/17Session parameters in the periodic assistance data delivery
02/02/17Inter-operator device-to-device operation
02/02/17Adaptive d2d discovery operations
01/26/17Touch screen and electronic device using the same
01/26/17Screening information for a coverage model
01/26/17User equipment credential system
01/26/17Apparatus for video output and associated methods
01/26/17Method, apparatus, and computer program product for robust image registration based on deep sparse representation
01/19/17Method and oxidation of two-dimensional materials
01/19/17Method and updating a firmware of an apparatus
01/19/17Method and facilitating improved biometric recognition using iris segmentation
01/19/17Apparatus, a system, a computer program product and a signalling between an accessory and an apparatus
01/19/17Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving rf signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems
01/19/17Method and quantum cryptography
01/19/17Content management
Social Network Patent Pack
01/19/17Method and triggering a power headroom report
01/19/17Pairing of devices
01/12/17Performance of an operation based at least in part on tilt of a wrist worn apparatus
01/12/17Rf filter suppression tuning based on transmit power
01/12/17Sending of a stream segment deletion directive
01/12/17Method and calibrating an audio playback system
01/05/17Method and malware detection
01/05/17Method and recognizing a device
01/05/17Method and data-sharing
01/05/17Carriage of sei messages in rtp payload format
01/05/17Method and multimedia broadcast single frequency network measurements
01/05/17User equipment adaptation of reporting triggers based on active set size
01/05/17Special handling of low priority cells
01/05/17Fair resource sharing in broadcast based d2d communications
01/05/17Sensitivity tuning in wireless networks
12/29/16Display of information on a head mounted display
12/29/16Method, apparatus, computer program and system for image analysis
12/29/16Media device and enhancing use of media device
12/29/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for predictive customizations in self and neighborhood videos
12/29/16A method, an apparatus and a computer program product for video coding and decoding
12/29/16Access point information for wireless access
12/29/16Method and detection of synchronization signals in wireless networks
12/22/16Method and providing time-of-flight calculations using distributed light sources
12/22/16Content delivery
12/22/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for storage of dynamically derived images in an image container
12/22/16Binaural audio reproduction
12/22/16Ultra-reliable communication reliability and detection in mobile networks
12/15/16Structure preserved point cloud simplification
12/15/16Group user experience

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