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Nokia Corporation
Nokia Siemens Networks Oy
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy
Nokia Technologies Oy
Nokia Siemens Networks Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Nokia Inc
Nokia Solutions And Networks Management International Gmbh
Nokia Siemens Networks Gmbh x26 Co
Nokia Technology Oy
Nokia Siemens Networks
Nokia Solutions And Networks Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Nokia Corporation A Corporation
Nokian Renkaat Oyj
Nokia Solutions And Network Oy
Nokia Corporation Oy
Nokia Coporation
Nokia Siemens Networks Ethernet Solutions Ltd
Nokia Siemens Network Oy
Nokia Corporation And Nokia Siemens Networks Oy
Nokia Siemens Networks Gmbh x26 Co kg
Nokia Siemens Networks Us Llc
Nokia china Investment Co Ltd
Nokia Siemens Networks S p a
Nokia Corporation And Recordation

Nokia patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Nokia. Nokia is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nokia may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nokia, we're just tracking patents.

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09/01/16An apparatus and a method for detecting photons
06/16/16Methods and apparatus for device to device communication
09/22/16Method and apparatus for automatic detection and selection of an alternative roaming provider
06/30/16Apparatus and associated methods for analyte detection
06/16/16A hovering field
05/12/16Adaptive mimo feasibility feedback
04/21/16Indication of tdm extension pattern for dual connectivity
01/14/16Method and apparatus for managing devices
11/17/16Key management
12/29/16Display of information on a head mounted display
12/29/16Method, apparatus, computer program and system for image analysis
12/29/16Media device and method of enhancing use of media device
12/29/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for predictive customizations in self and neighborhood videos
12/29/16A method, an apparatus and a computer program product for video coding and decoding
12/29/16Access point information for wireless access
12/29/16Method and apparatus for detection of synchronization signals in wireless networks
12/22/16Method and apparatus for providing time-of-flight calculations using distributed light sources
12/22/16Content delivery
12/22/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for storage of dynamically derived images in an image container
12/22/16Binaural audio reproduction
12/22/16Ultra-reliable communication reliability and detection in mobile networks
12/15/16Structure preserved point cloud simplification
12/15/16Group user experience
12/15/16Method and apparatus for ad-hoc peer-to-peer augmented reality environment
12/08/16Crowd-sourced interaction of browsing behavior in a 3d map
12/08/16Facilitating in-bearer qos differentiation in multi-connectivity 5g networks
12/08/16Methods and apparatus for scheduling assignment design for device to device communications
12/01/16An apparatus and associated methods for controlling content on a display user interface
12/01/16Advertising middleware
12/01/16Determination of an operational directive based at least in part on a spatial audio property
12/01/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for service discovery proxy for wireless communication
12/01/16Load control system for device to device discovery signal transmissions
11/24/16Device and method for measuring arterial signals
11/24/16Sensor data conveyance
11/24/16Method and apparatus for social relation analysis and management
11/24/16Systems and methods for spatial thumbnails and companion maps for media objects
11/24/16Method and apparatus to obtain differential location information
11/24/16Wireless portable electronic device having a conductive body that functions as a radiator
11/24/16Key distribution in a wireless system
11/24/16Provision of target specific information
11/24/16Controllably actuable fabric and associated method and apparatus for controlling the fabric
11/24/16Audio capture apparatus
11/24/16Uplink data transfer
11/24/16Device to device discovery resource allocation
11/17/16Apparatus and method for correlating data
11/17/16Method, apparatus and system for content recommendation
11/17/16Method and apparatus for visualization of geo-located media contents in 3d rendering applications
11/17/16Apparatus and/or method and/or computer program for creating images adapted for transreflective displays
11/17/16Tunable filter off-states for noise rejection
11/17/16Reception and generation of light
11/17/16Service data provision
11/17/16User equipment selection for mbsfn measurements
11/17/16Ran-wlan traffic steering
11/17/16Device-to-device based user equipment to network relay
11/17/16Unlicensed band transmission
11/17/16Efficient uplink data indication techniques for mimo-ofdma transmission in wlan
11/10/16Determination of a location of a device
11/10/16Apparatus or method for projecting light internally towards and away from an eye of a user
11/10/16An apparatus and/or method
11/10/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for entering operational states based on an input type
11/10/16Intelligent phone book
11/10/16Apparatus and method for correlating context data
11/10/16Causation of rendering of information indicative of a printed document interaction attribute
11/10/16Multi-channel audio signal classifier
11/10/16Free-space optical communications for mobile devices
11/10/16Method and apparatus for preclusion of causation of rendering of a notification at a notification time
11/10/16Mobile telephone for internet applications
11/10/16Bler measurements for mbms
11/03/16Method for producing an electronic device and an electronic device thus produced
11/03/16Touch sensor structure
11/03/16Using touch sensors as an electromagnetic shield
11/03/16An apparatus, method and computer program for enabling a user to make user inputs
11/03/16Method and apparatus for generating superpixel clusters
11/03/16Multiband filter for non-contiguous channel aggregation
11/03/16Speaker casing with integrally formed electrical conductors
11/03/16Methods and apparatus for mitigation of radio-frequency impairments in wireless network communication
11/03/16Method and apparatus for direct control of smart devices with a remote resource
11/03/16Method and apparatus for 3d capture synchronization
11/03/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for inter-ap communication in neighbor awareness networking environment
10/27/16Method and apparatus for causing sending of a parking directive
10/27/16Apparatus and method for user input
10/27/16Method and apparatus for determination of object measurements based on measurement assumption of one or more common objects in an image
10/27/16Generating using a bidirectional rnn variations to music
10/27/16Method and apparatus for registration of interior and exterior three dimensional scans based on a semantic feature of a structure
10/27/16Audio signal encoder
10/27/16Method and apparatus for modifying image to increase solar energy collection efficiency
10/27/16Method and apparatus for establishing a network connection with one or more stream features
10/27/16Advertising middleware
10/27/16Method and apparatus for provisioning an operational subscription
10/20/16Sending of map interaction data to a program
10/20/16Determination of a filtered map interaction descriptor
10/20/16Wireless communication
10/20/16Method and apparatus for bridging communication sessions
10/20/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for hop count usage in cluster selection
10/20/16Dynamic ungrouping of ip packets before cellular transmission
10/20/16Method and apparatus for detection of synchronization signals in wireless networks
10/20/16Method and apparatus for wireless networks
10/13/16An apparatus and method of providing an apparatus comprising a bendable portion
10/13/16Framework for user-created device applications
10/13/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for efficient use of frequency bands and channels in wireless environment
10/13/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for efficient use of frequency bands and channels in wireless environment
10/06/16An apparatus for user input and/or user output
10/06/16Method and apparatus for policy adaption based on application policy compliance analysis
10/06/16Method and apparatus for providing specular surface reconstruction
10/06/16Method and apparatus for enhanced digital imaging
10/06/16Method and apparatus for multiple image registration in the gradient domain
10/06/16Electronic apparatus and associated methods
10/06/16Methods and apparatus for mitigation of radio-frequency impairments in wireless network communication
10/06/16Method and apparatus for identity federation gateway
10/06/16Method and apparatus for capturing images
10/06/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for channel usage information delivery within a peer-to-peer group
10/06/16Resource allocation and interference management for dense and small cell deployments
10/06/16Apparatus and method for selection of enhanced distributed channel access parameters for ofdma
10/06/16Method and apparatus for handling buffer status reporting and scheduling request with dual connectivity
10/06/16Apparatuses, methods and computer program products for identifying handover failure modes
09/29/16Augmented reality
09/29/16Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
09/29/16Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
09/29/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for service anonymity
09/22/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing access to a media item based at least in part on a route
09/22/16Method and apparatus for personalized resource recommendations
09/22/16Narrowing audio filter transition band
09/22/16Formation of cooperating sets in small cell deployment
09/22/16Efficient resource allocation for acknowledgement/non-acknowledgement physical uplink shared channel and periodic channel state information physical uplink shared channel
09/22/16System and method for multimodal short-cuts to digital services
09/22/16Apparatus, method and computer program for providing an audio signal
09/22/16Methods and apparatuses for providing content data and accessing content data
09/22/16Method and apparatus for automatic detection and selection of an alternative roaming provider
09/22/16Spectrum sharing for small cells in multi-operator networks
09/22/16Methods and apparatuses for proximity-based service
09/15/16Providing contextual information
09/15/16Causing rendering of a content item segment on a bead apparatus
09/15/16Determining a representation of an image and causing display of the representation by a bead apparatus
09/15/16Methods of systems using geographic meta-metadata in information retrieval and document displays
09/15/16Receiver for simultaneous signals in carrier aggregation
09/15/16Methond and apparatus for managing communications with multiple identification profiles
09/15/16Method and apparatus for battery life conservation with shared network connection
09/15/16Method and apparatus for controlling d2d discovery process
09/08/16Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for calibration of antenna array
09/08/16Method and apparatus for optimization
09/08/16Video streaming method
09/08/16Method and apparatus for image registration in the gradient domain
09/08/16Method and apparatus for providing an interface for triggering device action
09/08/16Procedure for setting threshold for accessing channel
09/08/16Signaling for mobility and mobility state estimation
09/08/16Multipath interfaces in new scenarios
09/08/16Procedure for selecting network discovery method
09/08/16Method and apparatus for adaptive band selection in heterogeneous networks
09/01/16Apparatus having touch and bending sensing functions
09/01/16Calculation of a third party solicitation fee
09/01/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for reducing chromatic aberrations in deconvolved images
09/01/16Relevance based visual media item modification
09/01/16Apparatus and method for power supply modulation
09/01/16Determination of a user context and sending of a third party proposition
09/01/16User equipment power optimization
08/25/16Method for defining content download parameters with simple gesture
08/25/16Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for enabling intelligent merging of modified data
08/25/16Method and apparatus for identifying media files based upon contextual relationships
08/25/16Configuring simultaneous transmissions in wireless network
08/25/16Method and system for operating and monitoring permissions for applications in a electronic device
08/25/16Device with an adaptive camera array
08/25/16Controlling discoverability
08/18/16Pre-call scheduling assistant
08/18/16Method and apparatus for providing model-centered rotation in a three-dimensional user interface
08/18/16Association between a content item displayed on a bead display apparatus and a tag
08/18/16Enablement of disabled notification
08/18/16Method, a system, an apparatus and a computer program product for image-based retrieval
08/18/163d modelling system
08/18/16Method and apparatus for determining shapes for devices based on privacy policy
08/18/16Single cell point-to-multipoint transmission
08/18/16Method and apparatus for distributing sensor data
08/18/16Flicker reduction in 3d imaging
08/18/16Backhaul signaling support for ul-dl interference management for tdd eimta
08/18/16Dynamic carrier selection via auxiliary carriers in unlicensed band
08/18/16Method and apparatus for providing a remote lost-and-found service
08/11/16Apparatus and method for providing for receipt of indirect touch input to a touch screen display
08/11/16Method and apparatus for processing signal data
08/11/16Method, an apparatus and a computer program product for processing image sequence tracks
08/11/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for powering electronic devices
08/11/16Apparatus, a method and a computer program for image coding and decoding
08/11/16Customisation of an electronic device
08/11/16Method and apparatus for enhanced digital imaging
08/11/16Wireless communication link establishment
08/11/16Method and apparatus for leveraging overlapping group areas
08/11/16Customisation of an electronic device
08/11/16Device-to-device synchronization method and apparatus for partial coverage
08/11/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for signaling transmission delay
08/11/16Methods and apparatus for wireless device synchronization
08/04/16An apparatus and associated methods for analyte detection
08/04/16Radio and audio localization
08/04/16Apparatus for unlocking user interface and associated methods
08/04/16Access to contacts
08/04/16Apparatus for enabling displaced effective input and associated methods
08/04/16Method and apparatus for managing coordinated multi-point set
08/04/16Correlation of sent and received electronic message
08/04/16Methods and apparatus of key pairing for d2d devices under different d2d areas
08/04/16Utilizing information of a local network for determining presence state
08/04/16Method and device for position determination
08/04/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for non-scannable device discovery
08/04/16Bluetooth low energy packets
08/04/16Method and apparatus for implementing a time-alignment guard timer
08/04/16Shared control channel structure
08/04/16Enhanced link adaptation
07/28/16Determination of a display angle of a display
07/28/16Remote detection
07/28/16Wireless communication
07/28/16Apparatus and methods for wireless communication
07/28/16Method and apparatus for token determination for people awareness and location sharing
07/28/16Method and apparatus for providing authentication session sharing
07/28/16Method and apparatus for device to device communication
07/28/16Dynamic tdd ul/dl configuration indication for tdd eimta in carrier aggregation
07/21/16Adjustable shield electrode arrangement for capacitive touch sensor array
07/21/16Method and apparatus for inputting contents in a touch-screen device
07/21/16Apparatus for enabling control input modes and associated methods
07/21/16Wearable electronic device
07/21/16Method and apparatus for sharing content consumption sessions at different devices
07/21/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for device control
07/21/16Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
07/21/16Combined motion vector and reference index prediction for video coding
07/21/16Processing of multi device audio capture
07/21/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for a server controlled device wakeup
07/14/16Causation of stylistic mimicry on a companion apparatus
07/14/16Managing information relating to secure module applications
07/14/16Apparatus and method in apparatus
07/14/16Apparatus and method for providing connections to contacts based on associations with content
07/14/16Implementation of an integrity-protected secure storage
07/14/16Method and apparatus for privacy-enhanced evidence evaluation
07/14/16Adaptive security indicator for wireless devices
07/14/16Method and apparatus for video anti-shaking
07/14/16Method and apparatus for generating a labeled image based on a three dimensional projection
07/14/16Configurable base station
07/14/16Channel quality measurement and reporting in a dual connectivity scenario
07/14/16Steering traffic between cellular networks and wlan networks
07/14/16Processor sleep mode communication handling
07/07/16Secure storage synchronization
07/07/16An apparatus and method of providing an apparatus comprising a bendable portion
07/07/16Determination of an operation
07/07/16Battery connector and manufacturing method therefor
07/07/16Seamless wi-fi subscription remediation
07/07/16Method, apparatus and system for enhancing a user's engagement with a service
07/07/16Detection and recovery from loss of small cell connection
07/07/16Method and apparatus for handling carrier aggregation and related signaling
07/07/16Secure storage synchronization
07/07/16An apparatus and method of providing an apparatus comprising a bendable portion
07/07/16Determination of an operation
07/07/16Battery connector and manufacturing method therefor
07/07/16Seamless wi-fi subscription remediation
07/07/16Method, apparatus and system for enhancing a user's engagement with a service
07/07/16Detection and recovery from loss of small cell connection
07/07/16Method and apparatus for handling carrier aggregation and related signaling
06/30/16Range sensing using a hybrid range sensing device
06/30/16Power delivery information over data interface
06/30/16Apparatus, method and computer program for using gaze tracking information
06/30/16Apparatus and method for facilitating browser navigation
06/30/16Causing elements to be displayed
06/30/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for input detection
06/30/16Source data adaptation and rendering
06/30/16Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
06/30/16Method and apparatus for controlling an application
06/30/16Secondary cell state activation and deactivation of gaps
06/23/16Method and apparatus for processing user lactate level information
06/23/16Method and apparatus for modulation and demodulation
06/23/16User input
06/23/16Music playing service
06/23/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for alignment of images
06/23/16Intelligent volume control interface
06/23/16A multi-coil wireless power apparatus
06/23/16Method for provisioning non-real-time data
06/23/16Solving exposed terminal problems in wireless networks
06/16/16Method and apparatus for providing adaptive display and filtering of sensors and sensor data
06/16/16Optical beams
06/16/16Causing display of a notification
06/16/16Method and apparatus for controlling audio output
06/16/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing indications regarding recommended content
06/16/16Method and apparatus for selectively configuring alarms prior to commencing silent mode of operation
06/16/16Method and apparatus for an antenna
06/16/16Apparatus and method for multiple antenna systems
06/16/16Method, device and system for network-based remote control over contactless secure storages
06/16/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment- intelligent and automatic connection activation
06/16/16Device discovery
06/16/16Distributed small-cell search
06/16/16Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for fast handover
06/16/16Method and apparatus for improving a procedure for connecting
06/09/16An apparatus for sensing
06/09/16Method for detecting failure of energy harvesting device
06/09/16Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for hiding access to information in an image
06/09/16Apparatus and methods for wireless communication
06/09/16An identification token
06/09/16An apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
06/09/16A method and apparatus for proxy algorithm identity selection
06/02/16An environmental sensor and a method for determining relative vapour pressure
06/02/16Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for remote control
06/02/16A hovering field
06/02/16Objection recognition in a 3d scene
06/02/16Method and apparatus for generating an image
06/02/16A shared audio scene apparatus
06/02/16Method and apparatus for anonymous authentication on trust in social networking
06/02/16Method and apparatus for transforming application access and data storage details to privacy policies
06/02/16An apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
06/02/16Handling bluetooth low energy messages
06/02/16Connection creation
06/02/16Method and apparatus for the activation of services
06/02/16Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable storage media for inter-frequency small cell detection and reporting
06/02/16Lte discovery after system change
06/02/16Network assisted interference suppression
05/26/16Apparatus, method and computer program for detecting physiological parameters
05/26/16Supporting activation of function of device
05/26/16Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for expanding the use of touch-sensitive input apparatus
05/26/16Method and apparatus for updating points of interest information via crowdsourcing
05/26/16Method and apparatus for facilitating meeting
05/26/16Apparatus and methods for wireless communication
05/26/16Memory usage optimization method
05/26/16Apparatus for authenticating pairing of electronic devices and associated methods
05/26/16Method and apparatus of secure charging for device-to-device service
05/26/16Method and apparatus for automatic wireless data transfer
05/26/16Performing measurements in wireless network
05/26/16Reporting idle mode equipment data
05/26/16Methods and apparatuses for reconfiguring a roaming mobile base station based upon its location
05/26/16Method and apparatus for dual connectivity
05/19/16Electronic-scribed input
05/19/16Method and apparatus for distributing items using a social graph
05/19/16Method and apparatus for mobile ticketing
05/19/16Apparatus, method, and computer program for adjustable noise cancellation
05/19/16Magnetically controlled polymer nanocomposite material and methods for applying and curing same, and nanomagnetic composite for rf applications
05/19/16Method and apparatus for a communication device
05/19/16Device to device communication security
05/19/16Stabilizer for an optical device and electronic device comprising the same
05/19/16Method and apparatus for locating communities over an ad-hoc mesh network
05/19/16Cloud-based connectivity information discovery
05/19/16Method and apparatus of switching communications from a first channel to a second channel of higher-frequency
05/19/16Adaptive resource allocation for simultaneous operation of cellular and device to device communications
05/12/16Method and apparatus for interaction mode determination
05/12/16Meandering interconnect on a deformable substrate
05/12/16Method and apparatus for providing application notifications
05/12/16Charging rechargeable apparatus
05/12/16Directional optical communications
05/12/16Small cell configuration for interference mitigation
05/12/16Methods and apparatus for generating keys in device-to-device communications
05/12/16Incoming call identification
05/12/16Indication of in/out of dual connectivity synchronized condition
05/12/16Device-to-device (d2d) resource release
05/12/16Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for prose communication
05/05/16Calibration data
05/05/16Cover for an electronic device and electronic device with a cover
05/05/16An apparatus and associated methods
05/05/16Method and an apparatus for automatic segmentation of an object
05/05/16Method, apparatus and computer program product to represent motion in composite images
05/05/16A method and apparatus for self-adaptively visualizing location based digital information
05/05/16Acoustic music similarity determiner
05/05/16An audio scene apparatus
05/05/16Method and apparatus for wireless power transfer
05/05/16A method and apparatus for anonymous and trustworthy authentication in pervasive social networking
05/05/16Methods and apparatus for interference management and resource sharing
04/28/16Method and apparatus for operation designation
04/28/16Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for modification of webpage based on device data
04/28/16Hinge that serves as a radiator
04/28/16Amplication of a radio frequency signal
04/28/16Reduced acoustic coupling
04/28/16Monitoring and correcting apparatus for mounted transducers and method thereof
04/28/16Spatial object oriented audio apparatus
04/28/16Call re-establishment in a multi-layer heterogenous network
04/28/16Method and apparatus for facilitating interworking of cellular radio access networks and wireless local area networks
04/21/16Audio signal encoder
04/21/16Method and apparatus for providing movement detection based on air pressure data
04/21/16Flexible device deformation measurement
04/21/16Audio signal encoder
04/21/16Calibration data
04/21/16Method and apparatus for privacy policy management
04/21/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating semantic information from video content
04/21/16Location identification
04/14/16Image refocusing
04/14/16Method and apparatus for improved wireless charging efficiency
04/14/16Method, apparatus and computer program for automatically capturing an image
04/07/16Modification of an exercise plan
04/07/16Apparatus comprising a switch feature
04/07/16Fine grain rights management of streaming content
04/07/16Apparatus, method and computer program product for scene synthesis
03/31/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for segmentation of objects in images
03/31/16Access to data source via proxy
03/31/16Logging multicast-broadcast single-frequency network measurements
03/31/16Method and apparatus for facilitating improved access for efficient cell change
03/24/16An apparatus and associated methods
03/24/16Sharing media content with multiple recipients
03/24/16Method and apparatus for fusing distance data from a distance sensing camera with an image
03/24/16A method and apparatus for estimating a pose of an imaging device
03/24/16Image point of interest analyser with animation generator
03/24/16Combine audio signals to animated images
03/24/16Alignment of optical devices
03/24/16Method and technical equipment for imaging
03/24/16Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for facilitating directional audio capture with multiple microphones
03/24/16Method and apparatus for controlling operation of a system
03/17/16Method and apparatus for providing location information of user devices based on signal frequencies of transmitters
03/17/16Method and apparatus for digital ticket inspection
03/17/16Audio signal encoder
03/17/16Method and apparatus for displaying updated contacts
03/17/16Logged measurements
03/17/16Broadcasting or multicasting of signalling messages in a wireless network using an access node as a broker
03/10/16User interfaces and associated methods
03/10/16Method and apparatus for managing recommendation models
03/10/16Method and apparatus for image enhancement
03/10/16Controlling operation of a device
03/10/16Apparatus and methods for wireless communication
03/10/16A wireless charger
03/10/16Optical link establishment
03/10/16Spatial audio apparatus
03/10/16Method and apparatus for dynamic charging over multiple network nodes
03/10/16White space database discovery
03/10/16Providing wifi radio availability information
03/10/16Compact downlink control information for machine type communications
03/10/16Device selection
03/10/16Mobility handling for dual connectivity
03/03/16Method and apparatus for live user recognition
03/03/16Mode switching
03/03/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for joining the displays of multiple devices
03/03/16A method and technical equipment for people identification
03/03/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for disparity estimation of foreground objects in images
03/03/16Multiple channel audio signal encoder mode determiner
03/03/16System and method for functional elements
03/03/16Method and apparatus that uses multiple network-signaling values
02/25/16Method, apparatus and computer program for activity sensor data processing
02/25/16Utilizing shortened derivatives of identifiers of entities of communication systems for retrieving positioning information
02/25/16An apparatus comprising user interface device
02/25/16Method and apparatus for providing template-based applications
02/25/16Apparatus and method for copying rules between devices
02/25/16Method and apparatus for transmitting information
02/25/16Method, system, computer program, and apparatus for augmenting media based on proximity detection
02/25/16An apparatus, method and computer program for image stabilization
02/25/16Apparatus and method for interworking optimization in connection with cellular handover
02/25/16Handling uplink/downlink imbalance
02/18/16An apparatus
02/18/16Selecting user interface view
02/18/16An apparatus and associated methods
02/18/16Method and apparatus for providing privacy adaptation based on receiver context
02/18/16Method and apparatus for diverse security handling in an enhanced local area network
02/18/16Ensuring the performance of normal performance carriers
02/18/16Small cell offloading command
02/11/16Apparatus, method, computer program and user device for enabling control of a vehicle
02/11/16Apparatus comprising a display and a method and computer program
02/11/16Audio source control
02/11/16An apparatus and associated methods
02/11/16Method and apparatus for recovery during authentication
02/11/16Audio apparatus
02/11/16Relaxed performance requirements for offloading measurements
02/11/16Background search of small cells
02/11/16Measurement configuration for heterogenous networks
02/11/16Method, apparatus and computer program for handling overlapping interworking information
02/11/16Methods and apparatus for interference management
02/11/16Method and apparatus for reducing uplink transmissions
02/04/16Apparatus, method and computer program for capturing images
02/04/16Method and apparatus for modifying compressed files
02/04/16Provision of information regarding a mobile station
02/04/16Method to disable a network access application in a secure element
02/04/16Method for a secure detach procedure in a radio telecommunication network
01/28/16Audio signal analysis
01/28/16Apparatus and method for tuning a resonance frequency
01/28/16Method and apparatus for connection management
01/28/16Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for improved picture taking
01/28/16Method and apparatus for sharing a communication among wireless devices
01/28/16Method and apparatus for mobility control in a heterogenous network
01/28/16Direct device-to-device communications radio technology selection
01/21/16A touch display device with tactile feedback
01/21/16Apparatus and associated methods
01/21/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for user input interpretation and input error mitigation
01/21/16Method and apparatus for an interactive user interface
01/21/16Method and apparatus for lattice vector quantization of an audio signal
01/21/16Apparatus for use in portable devices
01/21/16Method and apparatus for facilitating spatial audio capture with multiple devices
01/21/16Method and apparatus for handover of device-to-device communications
01/14/16Method and apparatus for querying resources thorough search field
01/14/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for editing media content
01/14/16Antenna apparatus and method of making same
01/14/16Pulling information from information sources via refer requests
01/14/16Control parameter dependent audio signal processing
01/14/16Position-based context awareness for mobile terminal device
01/14/16Improving communication efficiency
01/14/16Request-response procedue for wireless network
01/07/16Cover, portable electronic device using the same and method for manufacturing the same
01/07/16Control apparatus for a tactile audio display
01/07/16Audio signal analysis
01/07/16Multiple transmitter codebook methods and devices
01/07/16Method and arrangement for obtaining an electronic mail service
01/07/16Method for enabling lawful interception by providing security information
01/07/16Sliding accessory lens mount with automatic mode adjustment
01/07/16Converting multi-microphone captured signals to shifted signals useful for binaural signal processing and use thereof
01/07/16Application recommendations
01/07/16Service provision in a communication system
01/07/16Method and apparatus for controlling a device
05/12/16Intelligibility of messages
07/28/16Flexible frame structure
03/17/16Wireless base station
02/25/16Methods and apparatus for antenna tilt optimization
12/15/16Methods and apparatus for radio access network resource management
12/15/16Generating function model based on operator objectives
12/15/16Establishing and maintenance of a neighbour relationship between access nodes in a wireless communications network
12/08/16Method and apparatus for tamper detection
12/01/16Antenna arrangement for orthogonally polarized omnidirectional transmission
12/01/16Inter-operability test indication for uplink-downlink configuration combinations for primary cell and secondary cell for wireless networks using carrier aggregation
12/01/16Load balanced gateway selection in lte communications
12/01/16Method for srvcc solution
12/01/16Half-duplex communication in a network
11/24/16Antenna structure
11/24/16Antenna calibration in communications
11/24/16Service offloading in communications
11/24/16Service scaling in communications
11/24/16Method and apparatus for securing timing packets over untrusted packet transport network
11/24/16Determining an adjustment of a tilt angle for an antenna serving a vertically sectorized cell of a radio network
11/24/16Configuration of handovers in communication systems
11/24/16Methods and apparatuses for transfer of dedicated channel resources
11/17/16A method and apparatus for performing flexible service chaining
11/17/16Method of operating a network entity
11/17/16Method, apparatus and computer program for control of a text component of a call
11/17/16Improving network efficiency
11/17/16Method, apparatus and computer program
11/17/16Device-to-device communicaton
11/17/16Overlay implementation of ims centralized service network system with selection of serving network entity within a pool
11/17/16Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for service based mobility management
11/17/16Backhaul scheduling in multi-hop system
11/10/16Modular antenna structure
11/10/16Allocating virtual machines in a gateway coupled to a software-defined switch
11/10/16A method and apparatus for performing congestion mitigation and barring
11/03/16Method and apparatus for implementing a distributed interworking based on user equipment throughput
11/03/16Method for ue distribution in overlaying layers based on estimated coverage
11/03/16Local area optimized uplink control channel
11/03/16Channel quality indicator reporting
10/27/16Method for managing coordinated multipoint communication
10/27/16Dynamic adjustments of measurement conditions along with additional trigger methods for reporting
10/27/16Method and apparatus
10/20/16Management of network entity selection
10/13/16User equipment assisted deployment in an unlicensed band
10/13/16Correlation of event reports
10/06/16Apparatus and method for communication with time-shifted subbands
10/06/16Proximity-based services
10/06/16Method and system for communication networks
10/06/16Evolved packet core (epc) paging for access points
10/06/16Method and apparatus
09/29/16Method and system for wireless network optimization
09/29/16Controlling transmissions
09/29/16Synchronization signal design for device to device operation
09/22/16Paging in communications
09/15/16Broadcast channel management
09/01/16Using fractional delay computations to improve intermodulation performance
09/01/16Selection and use of a security agent for device-to-device (d2d) wireless communications
09/01/16Transmission capacity negotiation between base stations in the event of a failed interface to core network for wireless networks
09/01/16Lte/wi-fi aggregation for existing network nodes
08/25/16Channel state information acquisition and feedback for full dimension multiple input multiple output
08/25/16Controlled load balancing between access networks with various policies from different sources
08/25/16Optimization on network assisted proximity services discovery management
08/25/16Optimized procedure for user equipment autonomous mobility
08/18/16Enabling cellular access
08/18/16Mobility management based on transmission rate history
08/18/16Methods and apparatus for small cell change
08/18/16Changes of cluster head
08/18/16Device-to-device discovery resource allocation in communications
08/18/16Dynamic uplink/downlink configuration
08/18/16Change of rate matching modes in presence of channel state information reference signal transmission
08/18/16Method, apparatus and computer program for wireless communications
08/11/16Antenna connector sealing nut
08/11/16Space-time coding for zero-tail spread ofdm system in a wireless network
08/11/16Multiple restrictions for csi reporting
08/11/16User equipment access-based machine to machine communication mechanism
08/11/16Signaling designs for network assisted interference cancellation and suppression
08/04/16Reference precoding vectors for multiple rank indications for channel quality indication (cqi) reporting in a wireless
08/04/16Controlling lte/wi-fi aggregation
08/04/16Method, apparatus and computer program for control of a data bearer
07/28/16Method and apparatus for management of frequency-division-duplex and time-division-duplex carrier aggregation
07/28/16Quality of experience aware transport self organizing network framework
07/28/16Apparatus and method for lawful interception
07/28/16Method and apparatus for facilitating device-to-device communications
07/21/16Bundling harq feedback in a time division duplexing communication system
07/21/16Methods and apparatus
07/21/16Rapid rerouting in a communication system
07/21/16Cluster set management in communication system
07/21/16Method and apparatus for implementing efficient low-latency uplink access
07/21/16Method and apparatus for implementing low-latency and robust uplink access
07/21/16Group communication
07/14/16Subscriber tracing in communications
07/14/16Anonymization of asa/lsa repository data
07/14/16Radio access network (ran) transport evolved packet core (epc) synergy
07/14/16Traffic steering interface between mobile network operator and wi-fi service provider
07/14/16Methods and apparatus for radio link failure reporting
07/14/16Network coordination apparatus
07/14/16Synchronization of a device in communications
07/14/16Uplink inter-site carrier aggregation based on ue transmission power and secondary cell load
07/07/16Network assisted automatic clustering to enable victim to victim communication
07/07/16Offloading traffic of a user equipment communication session from a cellular communication network to a wireless local area network (wlan)
07/07/16Network assisted automatic clustering to enable victim to victim communication
07/07/16Offloading traffic of a user equipment communication session from a cellular communication network to a wireless local area network (wlan)
06/30/16Layered mobility
06/30/16Resolving identification code ambiguities in wireless access networks
06/30/16Method and apparatus
06/23/16Master base station-controlled response to detected failure of radio link between secondary base station and mobile station in dual connectivity wireless networks
06/23/16Lawful interception and security for proximity service
06/23/16Coordination in self-organizing networks
06/23/16Use of packet status report from secondary base station to master base station in wireless network
06/23/16Retransmission of protocol data unit via alternate transmission path for dual connectivity wireless network
06/16/16Communication using over-the-top identities without centralized authority
06/16/16Timing advance methods and apparatuses
06/16/16Identifying and communicating coverage shortfall for machine type communication devices
06/09/16Method, apparatus and system for envelope tracking
06/09/16System and method for rule creation and parameter adaptation by data mining in a self-organizing network
06/09/16Mme selection upon inter-rat mobility from geran/utran to e-utran
06/09/16Methods and apparatuses for load balancing in a self-organising network
06/09/16Method and apparatus to handle user equipment context for dual connectivity in enhanced small cell networks
06/09/16Methods and apparatus
06/09/16Network assisted automatic disaster trigger to enable device-to-device (d2d) ad hoc communication
06/02/16Establishment of packet data network connection via relay user equipment
06/02/16Feedback in a communication system
06/02/16Network element and method of running applications in a cloud computing system
06/02/16Enhanced gprs tunnel protocol tunnel endpoint identifier
06/02/16Sharing operating frequency amongst wireless networks
06/02/16Capability handling after inter radio access technology handover
06/02/16Selective bearer splitting in cell system
06/02/16Subframe configuration for performing ul-dl interference measurement in guard period of special subframe for wireless networks
06/02/16Mobility management for device-to-device communications
06/02/16Method of coordinating a communication network
05/26/16Method, apparatus and computer program for wireless communications
05/26/16Method and apparatus for supporting enhanced single-radio-voice-call-continuity
05/26/16Method to optimize pci confusion detection and resolution
05/26/16Service continuity in centralized service network system
05/26/16Control of resources
05/26/16Dynamic resource adaptation
05/26/16Interference mitigation in strong imbalance zone
05/19/16Transmission of reference signals
05/19/16Ran user-plane congestion management
05/19/16Cell operation concept
05/12/16Oportunistic interference cancellation of radar signals
05/12/16Inter-cell interference
05/12/16Apparatus and method for resource allocation
05/12/16Network entity and method for controlling a son-function
05/12/16Lawful interception and security based admission control for proximity service
05/12/16Connection reliability and managing interference created by beamforming
05/05/16Lawful interception for proximity service
05/05/16Methods and apparatus for antenna elevation design
05/05/16New carrier type allocation in uplink/downlink subframe configuration for time division communication
05/05/16Method and apparatus for configuring scheduling periods based on information about the mode of operation
04/28/16Random access channel using basis functions
04/28/16Method and apparatus
04/28/16Subscriber group related control in a communication network
04/28/16Shared use of licensed frequency spectrum in a mobile communications network
04/28/16Discontinuous reception in communications
04/28/16Random access channel with a grid of beams for communication systems
04/21/16Remote verification of attributes in a communication network
04/21/16One time credentials for secure automated bluetooth pairing
04/21/16System and method for optimizing push services in cloud based mobile networks using a software api driven approach
04/21/16Communication mechanism using co-primary spectrum sharing
04/21/16Small cell mobility enhancement
04/21/16Method and apparatus for optimization of video transmissions
04/14/16Methods and apparatus for coordinated multipoint communication
04/14/16Measurements in a wireless system
04/14/16Data collection in network management layer coverage and capacity optimization
04/14/16Controlling communication devices in a communication system
04/14/16Interference and load aware dynamic point selection
04/07/16Modular active antenna structures and arrangements
04/07/16Combination of unicast and multicast user plane data
04/07/16Correlation identifier for user plane congestion and other use cases
04/07/16Cooperative uplink reception suitable for non-ideal backhaul
03/31/16Fault tracking in a telecommunications system
03/31/16Mitigating backend signaling overload
03/31/16Communication mechanism using spectrum sharing
03/31/16Enhanced mobility robustness optimization
03/31/16Method and apparatus for use in network selection
03/31/16Incoming call
03/31/16Signal transmission for proximity-based services wireless communications
03/24/16Method of operating a communication network
03/24/16Secure radio information transfer over mobile radio bearer
03/24/16Communication mechanism using spectrum sharing
03/24/16Processing customer experience events from a plurality of source systems
03/24/16Method and network device for cell anomaly detection
03/24/16Optimization of signalling of absolute grants for uplink transmission using time-division multiplexing
03/17/16Speech transcoding in packet networks
03/17/16Inter-enb signaling for fast muting adaptation
03/17/16Channelization procedure for implementing persistent ack/nack and scheduling request
03/17/16Subscriber identification and provisioning in ip translation environments
03/17/16Imei based lawful interception for ip multimedia subsystem
03/17/16Wi-fi signaling network insight delivery
03/17/16Virtual international mobile subscriber identity based insight delivery to mobile devices
03/17/16Multicast paging message for indicating proprietary protocol support
03/17/16Geran frequency based insight delivery to mobile devices
03/17/16Method and apparatus for traffic re-routing based on application-layer traffic optimization services in wireless networks
03/10/16Trgw and virtualisation
03/10/16Resources in a communication system
03/10/16Control of offloading by the network
03/10/16Method, apparatus and computer program
03/10/16Component carrier configuration
03/10/16Signalling for group communications
03/03/16Method, apparatus and system for performing mass operations in a wireless network
03/03/16Method and apparatus for communication
03/03/16Supporting dynamic multipoint communication configuration
03/03/16Method and apparatus for generating insight into the customer experience of web based applications
03/03/16Charging mechanism for communication network
03/03/16Mobility management entity (mme) triggered detach and re-attach to a specific target mme
03/03/16Multi-connectivity in a wireless network
03/03/16Pdcp operation for dual connection
03/03/16Access node dormancy
02/25/16Reference configuration for flexible time division duplexing
02/25/16Secured network architecture
02/25/16Enabling monitoring and reporting for dynamic policy enforcement in multi-operator wholesale networks
02/25/16Node discovery according to allocated discovery patterns
02/25/16Guaranteed periods of inactivity for network listening modes
02/25/16Enhanced back-off timer solution for gtp-c overload control
02/25/16Mechanism for providing communication resources for random access of a user
02/18/16Connector arrangement
02/18/16Identifying downlink user packets
02/11/16Channel estimation in wireless communications
02/11/16Delivery of protocol data units
02/11/16Dynamic uplink-downlink configuration
02/11/16Signalling procedures for data transmissions
02/04/16Mechanism for a fast handover using resource pools and random access procedure
02/04/16Handover of mobility management entity for load balancing
02/04/16Coordinated multipoint joint transmission with relaxed backhaul requirements
01/28/16Evaluation of throughput of aggregated connections
01/28/16Handover of mobility management entity for load balancing
01/28/16Ul serving link's role change in heterogeneous network
01/21/16Vswr estimation using spectral analysis to suppress external interference
01/21/16Software defined networking for edge nodes
01/21/16Avoiding secondary cell configuration for high speed user equipment
01/21/16Method for traffic steering and network element
01/14/16Cooperative application and network insight operations in wireless networks
01/14/16User plane congestion control
01/14/16Unique connection identifier
01/07/16Adapting pcc rules to user experience
01/07/16Zero insertion for isi free ofdm reception
01/07/16Interference coordination partnership establishment and termination
01/07/16Support of legacy network elements in small cell system
01/07/16Wi-fi support awareness
01/07/16Resource allocation for direct terminal-to-terminal communication in a cellular system
11/24/16Controlling of communication network comprising virtualized network functions
11/17/16Sgc and pgc and sgu and pgu allocation procedure
11/17/16Handover in software defined networking
10/06/16Method of managing resources
08/11/16Configuration of channel estimation related parameters
08/11/16Handling of signaling messages on the data plane in a software-defined architecture
05/19/16User plane idle mode buffering within software defined network architecture
03/24/16Interaction and migration of epc towards virtualized mobile backhaul/sharing of rat (enb, rnc, bsc)
03/10/16Highly dynamic authorisation of concurrent usage of separated controllers
11/17/16Cell load based content data network selection
08/18/16Determining information of objects
06/09/16Network consolidation by means of virtualization
05/05/16Configuration of resource usage in communication systems
03/03/16Methods and apparatus for managing wireless spectrum usage
11/03/16Apparatus, methods, and computer program products providing an indication of cyclic prefix length
05/19/16Method and apparatus for interference cancellation
05/19/16Transmission of reference signals
05/12/16Inter-cell interference
02/18/16Interference measurement resource (imr) signaling and use to support interference coordination between cells
08/18/16Dynamic uplink/downlink configuration
06/30/16Method and apparatus
05/05/16Bearer configuration in dual connectivity communication
02/18/16Enhancements to embms for group communication
04/07/16Method and system for auditing and correcting cellular antenna coverage patterns
11/17/16Key management
11/17/16Method and apparatus for facilitating an access network change
10/20/16Saving power on handsets by filtering received status updates
10/13/16Visual audio processing apparatus
09/01/16Device classification for media delivery
08/18/16Sound transducer acoustic back cavity system
07/28/16Display of a visual event notification
07/28/16Secured wireless communications
07/28/16Audio recording and playback apparatus
07/28/16Enabling coexistence between wireless networks and radar systems
07/14/16Speaker back cavity
07/07/16Method and apparatus for providing bootstrapping procedures in a communication network
07/07/16Apparatus for wireless communication
07/07/16Method and apparatus for providing bootstrapping procedures in a communication network
07/07/16Apparatus for wireless communication
06/30/16Method and apparatus for providing an intelligent alarm notification
06/30/16Clothing selection
06/30/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating unobstructed object views
06/30/16Methods and apparatuses for directional view in panoramic content
06/30/16Positioning method and apparatus and computer program product
06/23/16Low crosstalk magnetic devices
06/23/16Reconfigurable bias and supply drivers for radio frequency power amplifiers
06/23/16Audio processing based upon camera selection
06/23/16Method and apparatus for providing virtual audio reproduction
06/16/16A hovering field
06/16/16Method and apparatus for an antenna
06/16/16Multi-camera system consisting of variably calibrated cameras
06/16/16Location configuration information
06/09/16Game data and speech transfer to and from wireless portable game terminal
06/09/16An apparatus for sensing
06/09/16Latency reduction for user equipment with bursty interactive traffic
06/02/16Local communication interception
06/02/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for device discovery
05/26/16Method and apparatus for optimizing transmissions in wireless networks
05/19/16Method and apparatus for protecting location data extracted from brain activity information
05/12/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for a node to advertise its presence and service profiles thereof in a wireless environment
05/05/16User equipment context handling with user equipment autonomous mobility
04/28/16Battery hot swap capable apparatus
04/28/16Network sharing for lte-u/laa cells operating on unlicensed spectrum
04/21/16Method and device for position determination
04/14/16Linear vibrator
04/07/16Method and apparatus for rendering an audio source having a modified virtual position
03/31/16Method and apparatus for downscaling depth data for view plus depth data compression
03/31/16Apparatus and method for channel access for long term evolution nodes in unlicensed band
03/24/16Method and apparatus for aggregating data for transmission
03/24/16Inter-operator radio resource sharing in dense deployments of small cell networks
03/17/16Method and apparatus for mitigating interference
03/17/16Communication efficiency
03/10/16Audio modification for multimedia reversal
03/10/16Flexible, hybrid energy generating and storage power cell
03/10/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for media control for multiple devices
03/10/16Compact downlink control information for machine type communications
03/03/16Usb type c to mhl m1 dead battery charging
03/03/16A method and apparatus for updating a field of view in a user interface
03/03/16Method and apparatus for determining a building location based on a building image
03/03/16Dynamic range reduction for analog-to-digital converters
02/25/16All-digital delay-locked loop tuning method with randomized lsb-tuning
02/25/16Handling uplink/downlink imbalance
02/18/16User interaction with an apparatus using a location sensor and microphone signal(s)
02/18/16Method for coding and an apparatus
02/18/16Method and apparatus for data radio bearer configuration in a heterogeneous network
02/11/16Vehicle counting and emission estimation
02/11/16Signaling arrangement for wireless system
02/11/16Audio transducer electrical connectivity
02/04/16Audio signal encoder comprising a multi-channel parameter selector
02/04/16Signal transmission
01/28/16Method and apparatus for providing a collaborative reply over an ad-hoc mesh network
01/28/16Evaluation of beats, chords and downbeats from a musical audio signal
01/28/16Stereo audio signal encoder
01/28/16Arranging an audio signal based on the number of loudspeakers
01/28/16Method and apparatus for providing an anonymous communication session
01/28/16Sensing and/or transmission coverage adaptation using interference information
01/21/16Microfluidics controlled tunable coil
01/21/16Vibration damping structure for audio device
01/21/16Sound transducer
01/14/16Method and apparatus for identifying salient events by analyzing salient video segments identified by sensor information
01/14/16Apparatus, method, and computer program product for determining calendar entries to advance user goals
01/14/16Audio device with a stiffening structure
01/14/16Contention for channel access in wireless network
01/07/16Remote access to shared media
01/07/16Method and apparatus for sharing media upon request via social networks
01/07/16Method, apparatus, and computer program product for device tracking
03/17/16Transmission mode with user equipment independent physical downlink shared channel scrambling for inter-cell and intra-cell pdsch-to-pdsch interference cancellation
01/21/16Apparatus and associated methods

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