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Nordson Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nordson Corporation. Nordson Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nordson Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nordson Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Systems and methods for two-component mixing in a jetting dispenser

Systems and methods for two-component mixing in a jetting dispenser are provided herein. A jetting dispenser includes a fluid chamber having a first fluid inlet providing a first fluid and a second fluid inlet providing a second fluid, wherein the first fluid and the second fluid mix within the fluid... Nordson Corporation

Pneumatically-driven jetting valves with variable drive pin velocity, improved jetting systems and improved jetting methods

An improved pneumatic jetting valve includes a housing with first and second chambers. A pneumatic piston is enclosed between the chambers. First and second solenoid valves are configured to respectively supply air pressure to the chambers and to exhaust the chambers. A controller is operable to regulate the pressurization and... Nordson Corporation

Systems and methods for applying a liquid coating to a substrate

System and methods for calibrating a coating system are disclosed. Initially, a material is dispensed using an applicator of the coating system for a predetermined time period. A characteristic of the dispensing of the material for the predetermined time period is then determined. The characteristic of the dispensing of the... Nordson Corporation

System and adjusting the land channel length on an extrusion die

An extrusion die with adjustable land channel can be formed of a die body that includes a first die body portion and a second die body portion, a first lip body, a second lip body, and a land channel body. The extrusion die can have a flow channel that includes... Nordson Corporation

Bulk adhesive transfer devices, knife gate valve devices, and related systems and methods

A bulk adhesive transfer system for transferring adhesive particulate to a melter includes a bulk supply and a transfer device, which may define a hopper of the melter, a mobile bin, and/or a buffer unit. The transfer device is configured to receive unmelted adhesive particulate from the bulk supply and... Nordson Corporation

Adhesive transfer hose having a barrier layer and use

A multi-layered hot melt adhesive transfer hose is provided. The transfer hose has a barrier layer that prevents or minimizes the ingress of oxygen and other gases into a conduit of the hose. The transfer hose has at least one structural layer overlaying an exterior surface of the barrier layer... Nordson Corporation

Filtering device and cleaning unit for removing dirt particles from a filter element of a filtering device

A filtering device for removing dirt particles and contaminants from a plastic melt is disclosed. The filtering device includes a housing having a filter chamber, an inlet for feeding plastic melt, an outlet for channeling plastic melt out, and a dirt outlet for discharging dirt particles from the housing. The... Nordson Corporation

Inspection device and inspecting an adhesive pattern on a substrate

Inspection devices and methods for inspecting an adhesive pattern on a substrate are disclosed. The inspection device includes at least one sensor having a heat sensor head for detecting a pattern of the adhesive bead, and a controller. Reference data representing a desired adhesive pattern is initially provided to a... Nordson Corporation

Particulate spray booth having a sealed particulate spray device booth wall opening

A particulate spray booth having a sealed particulate spray device booth wall opening is disclosed. The powder coating material spray system may include a booth comprising a ceiling, a floor, and side walls defining an interior of the booth, wherein the booth defines an opening from the interior of the... Nordson Corporation

Apparatus and melting and dispensing thermoplastic material

An apparatus for melting thermoplastic material is disclosed. The apparatus includes a heated manifold and at least one heating element disposed within the heated manifold. The heated manifold defines a plurality of cavities, a pump supply passage, and a discharge passage. The plurality of cavities are spaced apart from one... Nordson Corporation

Adapters for connecting a separated-outlet fluid cartridge to a single-inlet mixer, and related methods

An adapter for connecting a separated-outlet fluid cartridge to a single-inlet static mixer includes a lock mechanism and a lock release mechanism. The adapter includes a connection portion that engages the mixer. The lock mechanism has at least one snap arm that lockingly engages the cartridge in a snap fit... Nordson Corporation

Methods for dispensing a liquid or viscous material onto a substrate

Systems and methods for dispensing a liquid or viscous material onto a substrate are disclosed herein. One exemplary method of positioning an applicator of a dispensing system to apply a liquid or viscous material to an electronic substrate includes generating a two-dimensional image of the electronic substrate using a camera... Nordson Corporation

Hot melt systems, feeder devices and methods for moving particulate hot melt adhesive

Systems, feeder devices and methods are disclosed for moving particulate hot melt adhesive from an adhesive supply to an adhesive melter. A hot melt adhesive system includes a melter configured to heat and melt particulate hot melt adhesive into liquid hot melt adhesive, an adhesive supply containing a bulk quantity... Nordson Corporation

Flow metering for dispense monitoring and control

Methods and systems of accurately dispensing a viscous fluid onto a substrate. In an embodiment, a method includes using an electronic flow meter device to produce electrical flow meter output signals and performing a responsive control function in a closed loop manner by adjusting at least one dispensing parameter to... Nordson Corporation

Control system for can coating

A can coating machine control system includes a coating control signal that functions as a go/no-go signal based on a plurality of monitored conditions such as can in position, vacuum pressure, gun in position, guard in position and speed condition. Local pressure regulation of the coating material in the spray... Nordson Corporation

System for supplying unmelted hot melt adhesive pieces

A hot melt adhesive supply system is disclosed. The hot melt adhesive supply system includes an outer container defining an upper cavity and a lower cavity. The upper cavity includes an inner container having a top opening to receive unmelted hot melt adhesive pieces and a bottom aperture. The system... Nordson Corporation

Non-impact jetting dispensing module and method

A jetting dispensing module includes a module body with a fluid bore. A nozzle element is coupled to the module body. The nozzle element includes a fluid reservoir communicating with the fluid bore of the module body and a dispensing passage. A guide element includes a main guide bore and... Nordson Corporation

Dual applicator fluid dispensing methods and systems

Methods for simultaneously dispensing a first fluid pattern at a first dispense region with a first applicator and a second fluid pattern at a second dispense region with a second applicator. The first and second applicators are moved toward their respective dispense regions with a positioner. While dispensing, the second... Nordson Corporation

Extrusion die tension adjuster and using same

A method of adjusting an amount of force applied to a plurality of fasteners connecting a lip body to a die body portion on an extrusion die using a fastener tension adjustment assembly is disclosed. The fastener tension adjustment assembly is adjusted to cause at least part of thee fastener... Nordson Corporation

Quick connect fluid conduit connector having latch with integral spring arms for button release

A male connector includes a shaft including a distal end portion and a proximal end portion. The shaft defines a lumen extending between the distal end portion and the proximal end portion. The distal end portion includes a sealing member that engages a female connector to create a fluid-tight seal... Nordson Corporation

System and monitoring liquid adhesive flow

A hot melt adhesive system includes an adhesive supply for receiving solid or semi-solid hot melt adhesive, and a heater associated with the adhesive supply for melting the solid or semi-solid hot melt adhesive into liquid hot melt adhesive. An adhesive tracking system monitors an output of the liquid hot... Nordson Corporation

Modular jetting devices

A jetting device and/or fluid module include a module body defining a passageway extending through the module body and also partially defining a fluid chamber, a nozzle supported by the module body, a valve element at least partially within the fluid chamber, a biasing element contacting the valve element and... Nordson Corporation

Adhesive bin and storing and moving adhesive particulate to an adhesive melter

Methods for storing and moving adhesive particulate to an adhesive melter are disclosed. An interior space of a supply hopper is filled with adhesive particulate. A transfer pump is actuated to generate a vacuum at an inlet of the transfer pump to actuate removal of the adhesive particulate from the... Nordson Corporation

Flow inverter baffle and associated static mixer and methods of mixing

A static mixer includes at least one flow inverter baffle. The flow inverter baffle includes a first dividing panel to divide the fluid flow into a first flow portion adjacent a first side of the first dividing panel and a second flow portion adjacent a second side of the first... Nordson Corporation

Methods for continuously moving a fluid dispenser while dispensing amounts of a fluid material

Methods for applying fluid materials to a substrate, such as circuit board, while continuously moving the fluid dispenser are disclosed. Initially, a dispenser is continuously moved through a constant motion trajectory connecting the plurality of dispense locations on the substrate. The electrical output signals generated by one or more of... Nordson Corporation

Viscous material noncontact jetting system

A viscous material noncontact jetting system has a jetting dispenser mounted for relative motion with respect to a surface. A control is operable to cause the jetting dispenser to jet a viscous material droplet that is applied to the surface as a viscous material dot. A device, such as a... Nordson Corporation

Jetting devices

Jetting devices and methods for dispensing a fluid material from a fluid supply. A jetting device includes a fluid module configured to be coupled with the fluid supply and to dispense the fluid material. The fluid module includes a valve seat and a valve element configured to move relative to... Nordson Corporation

Control function and display for controlling spray gun

Control method and apparatus for a manual spray gun includes display that is disposed on the spray gun and that provides information to an operator about one or more coating operation parameters. An auxiliary trigger may be used that enables an operator to makes selections of one or more coating... Nordson Corporation

Rotating snap connection assembly

A connector providing a rotating snap connection for connecting tubes, hoses and/or other conduits where the rotatable portion of the connector snap fits with the remaining portion of the connector is described. A first connector can include a body defining a first internal passage, a connecting end defining a second... Nordson Corporation

Adapters for connecting a separated-outlet fluid cartridge to a single-inlet mixer, and related methods

An adapter for connecting a separated-outlet fluid cartridge to a single-inlet static mixer includes a locking portion and a connecting portion. The locking portion has at least one locking element configured to lockingly engage the mixer housing so as to inhibit rotation between the locking portion and the housing. The... Nordson Corporation

Feed center for dense phase system

A feed center for powder coating material includes a hopper, an extraction duct, and a control valve. The hopper is connectable in fluid communication with a fluidizing pressure source. The extraction duct is connectable in fluid communication with at least one suction source. The control valve connects the extraction duct... Nordson Corporation

System, nozzle and coating elastic strands

A method of contact coating at least one elastic strand with an adhesive is disclosed. A first strand has a periphery with an upper surface. The first strand is moved in a machine direction relative to a contact nozzle, the adhesive is discharged from the contact nozzle into contact with... Nordson Corporation

Integrated multicomponent dispensing system and associated methods

An integrated multicomponent dispensing system for use with a fluid dispenser and associated methods of manufacture, such as by 3D printing are provided. The system includes a cartridge including first and second cylinders having first and second chambers for storing first and second fluid components, respectively, and first and second... Nordson Corporation

Apparatus and hydrating a particulate biomaterial with a liquid biomaterial

An apparatus and method for hydrating a particulate biomaterial with a liquid biomaterial includes a vacuum device and a valve for withdrawing a gas from the particulate biomaterial and introducing the liquid biomaterial. The valve includes a hub, a valve body, a particulate port, a vacuum port, and a liquid... Nordson Corporation

Method, apparatus, and nozzle for applying varying amounts or types of adhesive on an elastic strand

A method and devices for dispensing adhesive onto an elastic strand are configured to apply first, second, and third volumes of adhesive onto first, second, and third portions of the elastic strand, respectively. When the elastic strand is adhesively secured to a substrate to form a personal disposable hygiene product,... Nordson Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170128976

Dispenser and dispensing and controlling with a flow meter

Systems and methods related to dispensing fluid and controlling a dispensing operation. The system includes a fluid dispenser including an inlet and an outlet, the dispenser being operable to start and stop the flow of the fluid from the outlet onto a substrate. The system also includes a fluid supply... Nordson Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170122883

X-ray inspection inspecting semiconductor wafers

An x-ray inspection system includes an x-ray source, a sample support for supporting a sample to be inspected, where the sample support includes a support surface extending in a horizontal plane, an x-ray detector, and a sample support positioning assembly for positioning the sample support relative to the x-ray source... Nordson Corporation

04/27/17 / #20170113883

Adhesive melter and method having predictive maintenance for exhaust air filter

An adhesive melter and a method for operating the adhesive melter enables predictive maintenance of an exhaust air filter used to remove pressurized air flow that delivers solid adhesive particulate from a fill system into the melter. To this end, the fill system repeatedly actuates to refill a receiving space,... Nordson Corporation

04/27/17 / #20170117131

Systems and methods for determining the suitability of rf sources in ultraviolet systems

A UV system for irradiating a substrate includes a RF source capable of generating RF energy, a UV lamp capable of emitting UV energy when excited by the RF energy generated by the RF source, and a monitor coupled to the RF source. The monitor includes data relating to the... Nordson Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170072612

Flow diverter valve for an extrusion system

A flow diverter for an extrusion die is disclosed. The flow diverter includes a body having an outer surface, an elongate opening that extends along a first axis, a set of input passages that extend from said outer surface through said body to said elongate opening, and a set of... Nordson Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170052088

Dense phase pump diagnostics

A diagnostic apparatus for a powder coating material pump includes a detector that uses pressure or flow to detect a fault in the pump, the diagnostic apparatus being external the pump, internal the pump or a combination of external and internal the pump. Another diagnostic device is provided for a... Nordson Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170043964

Pedestal for supporting an adhesive melter and related systems and methods

A method of supplying adhesive particulates from a hopper to an adhesive melter is described. Initially, a flow tube is fluidly coupled between the adhesive melter and the hopper. Next, forced air is supplied through the flow tube to move the adhesive particulates from the hopper into the adhesive melter... Nordson Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170045170

Releasable connection assembly

A releasable connection assembly for connecting tubing sections is disclosed. The assembly includes a male bayonet connector including a shaft having a distal end and a proximal end, and a female latch connector. The male bayonet connector includes a shaft having a distal end and a proximal end, and defining... Nordson Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170047190

Microwave powered lamp with optimizied cooling for different bulb chemistries

A system, method, and computer program product for optimizing the cooling of a UV bulb during a UV irradiation process is described. A power level in which to operate the UV bulb is received. In addition, a particular type of UV bulb being used in the UV irradiation process is... Nordson Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170036179

Entry mixing elements and related static mixers and methods of mixing

An entry mixing element is provided for mixing an incoming fluid flow having first and second unmixed components arranged so as to define a transverse flow cross-section perpendicular to a flow direction. The entry mixing element includes a central axis configured to be aligned with the flow direction of the... Nordson Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170036180

Double wall flow shifter baffles and associated static mixer and methods of mixing

A flow shifter baffle for mixing a fluid flow having at least two components, a static mixer and method of mixing. The flow shifter baffle includes a double divider wall element adjacent to a leading edge and a plurality of occluding walls coupled to the double divider wall element. The... Nordson Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170036236

Adhesive dispensing system and method using smart melt heater control

An adhesive dispensing system is disclosed. The system includes a heater unit configured to heat an adhesive to an application temperature, a fill system configured to supply the adhesive to said heater unit, and a controller. The controller is configured to actuate the fill system to supply the adhesive to... Nordson Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170028607

System and automated pressure regulation of an extruder output

A system and method of regulating a pressure of a fluid with a valve block having a valve block inlet in fluid communication with an outlet of an extruder and a valve block outlet in fluid communication with a die. A transducer in fluid communication with the flow channel and... Nordson Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170025317

X-ray inspection apparatus

An x-ray inspection system including a cabinet containing an x-ray source, a sample support for supporting a sample to be inspected, and an x-ray detector; an air mover configured to force air into the cabinet through an air inlet above the sample support, where the air mover and cabinet are... Nordson Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170018467

X-ray inspection inspecting semiconductor wafers

An x-ray inspection system including an x-ray source, a sample support for supporting a sample to be inspected, an x-ray detector, a sample positioning assembly including a first positioning mechanism for moving the sample support along a first axis towards and away from the x-ray source, a proximity sensor fixed... Nordson Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170009919

Button latch with integrally molded cantilever springs

An integral button latch is formed for use in a female fluid connector housing. The button latch has a latch plate, a button actuator, and two or more cantilevered leg springs extending from beneath the actuation surface to interface with the connector housing. The latch plate, the button actuator, and... Nordson Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170011973

X-ray inspection inspecting semiconductor wafers

An x-ray inspection system includes a cabinet including an x-ray source, a sample support supporting a sample to be inspected, and an x-ray detector. The system further includes an air mover configured to force air into the cabinet through an air inlet in the cabinet above the sample support. The... Nordson Corporation

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