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Nortel Networks Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Nortel Networks Limited. Nortel Networks Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nortel Networks Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nortel Networks Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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09/06/12Push-to-talk optimization
09/06/12Method for providing media communication across firewalls
08/16/12Wimax r6 management protocol
08/16/12Negotiating different mobile ip delivery styles
08/09/12System and protocols for inter-mobility access gateway tunneling for fast handoff transition
08/02/12Mobile ip over vpn communication protocol
08/02/12Joint uplink data processing by plural base stations
07/19/12Optimizing a serving gateway location in a home evolved node b with local ip access
07/12/12Method for defending against denial-of-service attack on the ipv6 neighbor cache
06/28/12Relay techniques suitable for user equipment in downlink
06/28/12Receiving information relation radio access technology capabilities of a mobile station
06/14/12Data over signaling (dos) optimization over wireless access networks
06/14/12Securing home agent to mobile node communication with ha-mn key
06/07/12Dual mode base station
05/24/12Session suspend and resume using a transient binding option messaging
05/10/12Selecting from among plural channel estimation techniques
05/03/12Receiving a message identifying neighbor cells
04/12/12Method and architecture for a scalable application and security switch using multi-level load balancing
04/12/12Methods and systems for ofdm using code division multiplexing
04/05/12Multiple redundant gnss synchronization system
03/29/12Method and providing availability metrics for measurement and managment of ethernet services
03/29/12Adaptive time diversity and spatial diversity for ofdm
03/15/12Method and adaptive channel utilisation
03/15/12Providing an indicator of presence of a first access network that is capable of interworking with a second access network
03/15/12Uplink power control with interference-over-thermal (iot) load control
03/15/12Hitless manual cryptographic key refresh in secure packet networks
03/08/12Increasing time interval between successive searches for signaling of neighboring cells of a different wireless technology
03/08/12System and restricting mobility in wireless networks
03/08/12Generation and application of a sub-codebook of an error control coding codebook
03/01/12Metro ethernet service enhancements
02/23/12Using a variable timer for sending an error indication
02/16/12Method and system for providing an uplink structure and improved channelization scheme in a wireless communication network
02/02/12System access and synchronization methods for mimo ofdm communications systems and physical layer packet and preamble design
02/02/12Bandwidth efficient obscuring the existence of encryption in a communications channel
01/26/12Multi-antenna scheduling system and method
01/26/12Multi-user mimo systems and methods
01/12/12Border gateway protocol extended community attribute for layer-2 and layer-3 virtual private networks
01/12/12Mechanism to divert an ip flow over a non-ip transport
01/05/12Clientless mobile subscribers with seamless roaming over scalable wide area wireless networks
12/29/11Antenna diversity
12/29/11Extended private lan
12/29/11Multicast-enabled address resolution protocol (me-arp)
12/29/11Method, apparatus, processor-readable media and signals for acquiring and presenting acquired multimedia content
12/22/11Telecommunications network
12/15/11Enabling downlink transparent relay in a wireless communications network
12/15/11Structured low-density parity-check (ldpc) code
12/08/11Device and cascading filters of different materials
12/08/11Label switched path oam wrapper
12/08/11Efficient location updates, paging and short bursts
12/01/11Provider link state bridging (plsb) computation method
12/01/11Method and system for reduced complexity channel estimation and interference cancellation for v-mimo demodulation
11/24/11Method and system for user equipment location determination on a wireless transmission system
11/24/11Reduced complexity channel estimation for uplink receiver
11/17/11Error handling for named signal events in wireless communications
11/17/11Management of queues in contact centres
11/10/11Distributed failure recovery in a routed etherent network
11/10/11Transitioning of a packet-switched emergency call between first and second types of wireless access networks
11/10/11Content differentiated hierarchical modulation used in radio frequency communications
11/10/11Providing a downlink control structure in a first carrier to indicate control information in a second, different carrier
11/10/11Method for securing a transmission, associated system and mediation platform
11/03/11Apparatus and packet-based media communications
11/03/11Providing packet-based multimedia services via a circuit breaker
10/27/11Dual voltage hot swap module power control
10/27/11Geographic redundancy for call servers in a cellular system based on a bearer-independent core network
10/27/11Method and system for providing an uplink structure and minimizing pilot signal overhead in a wireless communication network
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10/27/11Method and controlling calling-party identification
10/20/11Automatic mep provisioning in a link state controlled ethernet network
10/20/11Virtual routers for gmpls networks
10/20/11Method and system for weighted fair queuing
10/13/11Band reject filters
10/06/11Multi-staged services policing
10/06/11Method and system for a wireless multi-hop relay network
10/06/11Method and system for a wireless multi-hop relay network
10/06/11Multi-mode endpoint in a communication network system and methods thereof
10/06/11Techniques for time transfer via signal encoding
10/06/11Multiple redundant gnss synchronization system
10/06/11Method for monitoring radio equipment for communication between a mobile terminal and a cellular infrastructure with spread spectrum and arrangement for performing said method
10/06/11Method of estimating the symbols of a digital signal and receiver for implementing said method
10/06/11Method and system for soft handoff in mobile broadband systems
10/06/11Method and enabling commuter groups
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09/29/11Source selection for conference bridges
09/29/11Self-matched band reject filter
09/29/11System and spatial multiplexing-based multiple antenna broadcast/multicast transmission
09/29/11Method and system for soft handoff in mobile broadband systems
09/29/11Antenna systems with common overhead for cdma base stations
09/29/11Method and system for soft handoff in mobile broadband systems
09/29/11System and translating application program network service requests into actions and performing those actions through the management and/or control plane responsive to previously defined policies and previous requests by the same or another application program
09/22/11Frequency agile filter using a digital filter and bandstop filtering
09/22/11Frequency agile filter using a digital filter and bandstop filtering
09/22/11Wireless mesh network transit link topology optimization method and system
09/22/11Method and system for multimedia message delivery in a communication system
09/15/11Method and providing a video representation of a three dimensional computer-generated virtual environment
09/15/11Preambles in ofdma system
09/15/11Method and reducing the contribution of noise to digitally sampled signals
09/15/11Self test of a dual polarization transmitter
09/15/11Method to transform a dynamic analog optical network to a digital representation
09/15/11Method and system for configuring a connection-oriented packet network over a wavelength division multiplexed optical network
09/15/11Handover for cellular radio systems
09/15/11Antennae system
09/15/11Scheduling transmission of data at a base station based on an interference indicator message from another base station
09/08/11Relaying system and method with partner relays and selective transmission
09/08/11Multi-protocol support over ethernet packet-switched networks
09/08/11Ofdm system and method employing ofdm symbols with known or information-containing prefixes
09/08/11Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation mimo-ofdm systems
09/08/11Transmission method and related base station
09/08/11Fast virtual concatenation setup
09/01/11Methods and systems for scheduling in a virtual mimo communication environment
09/01/11Power management and distributed scheduling for uplink transmissions in wireless systems
09/01/11Integrated home service network
08/25/11Active set management enhancement for reliable soft handoff in 1xev-do system
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08/25/11Providing acknowledgement information by a wireless device
08/25/11Personal status communications manager
08/18/11Processing information blocks for wireless transmission
08/18/11Method and system for allocating media access control layer resources in a wireless communication environment
08/18/11Wireless communication clustering coordinated multi-point transmission and reception
08/18/11System and peer-to-peer communication in cellular systems
08/04/11Cross-connect using ethernet multiplexors for a simple metro ethernet network
08/04/11Reducing optical service channel interference in phase modulated wavelength division multiplexed (wdm) communication systems
08/04/11Method for rapid determination of lowest cost wavelength routes through a photonic network based on pre-validated paths
08/04/11Generic information element
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08/04/11Diameter signaling for mobile ipv4
07/28/11Method and increasing the scalability of the ethernet oam
07/28/11Methods and systems for a wireless routing architecture and protocol
07/21/11Random access channel protocol
07/21/11Method and adjusting a symbol decision threshold at a receiver in a communication network
07/14/11System and built in self test for timing module holdover
07/07/11Ethernet oam performance management
07/07/11Automated attendant multimedia session
07/07/11Break before make forwarding information base (fib) population for multicast
06/30/11Method and system using relays with aggregated spectrum
06/30/11Network-aware adapter for applications
06/23/11System and spatial multiplexing-based ofdm broadcast/multicast transmission
06/23/11Method and system for timestamp inclusion in virtual local area network tag
06/23/11Zero mean carrier recovery
06/23/11Methods and systems for managing customer contacts in a contact center
06/16/11Integrated transmit and receive modules for a coherent optical transmission system
06/16/11Associative search engine
06/09/11Methods of radio communication involving multiple radio channels, and radio signal repeater and mobile station apparatuses implementing same
06/02/11Optimizing downlink communications between a base station and a remote terminal by power sharing
06/02/11Emergency services for packet networks
06/02/11Methods of power sharing for dl control transmission
05/26/11Codebook restructure, differential encoding/decoding and scheduling
05/26/11System and secure wireless multi-hop network formation
05/19/11Ofdm system and method employing ofdm symbols with known or information-containing prefixes
05/19/11Tracking injection seeding power based on back facet monitoring (bfm) of an injection seeded laser
05/12/11Automatic remote communication using network telephony
05/05/11Soft decoding of data in a coherent optical receiver
05/05/11Low density parity check (ldpc) code
04/28/11Method of providing bearer specific information for wireless networks
04/28/11Soft handoff for ofdm
Patent Packs
04/21/11Dual voltage hot swap module power control
04/21/11Method and system for transmission of fragmented packets on a packet-based communication network
04/21/11Controlling allocation of a portion of a shared channel to use for control information
04/14/11Method and providing a web page to a call member
04/07/11Method and providing bypass connectivity between routers
04/07/11System and supporting multi-user antenna beamforming in a cellular network
03/31/11Systems and methods for sc-fdma transmission diversity
03/31/11Method and system for replaying a portion of a multi-party audio interaction
03/24/11Estimating user device location in a wireless network
03/24/11Method and system for controlling audio in a collaboration environment
03/24/11Context transfer systems and methods in support of mobility
03/17/11Method and system for maintaining multiple pdn network connection during inter-technology handover in idle mode
03/17/11Color free wdm pon based on broadband optical transmitters
03/17/11System and supporting antenna beamforming in a cellular network
03/10/11Forwarding plane data communications channel for ethernet transport networks
03/10/11Method and system for aurally positioning voice signals in a contact center environment
03/03/11Ethernet differentiated services architecture
03/03/11Distributed authentication, authorization and accounting
02/24/11Distributed arq for wireless communication system
02/24/11Support for continuity of single radio voice call communications in a transition to a circuit switched communications network
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02/24/11Injection seeded laser ratio loop control
02/24/11Adaptive time diversity and spatial diversity for ofdm
02/17/11System and wireless relay frame structure, protocol, and operation
02/17/11Ubiquitous access to femto-connected network
02/17/11Performance for a multiple antenna beamforming cellular network
02/17/11Method and system for identification of packet gateways supporting different service types
02/17/11Methods and systems for harq protocols
02/10/11Apparatus, system, and a remote radio module with relay capability
02/10/11Multicast implementation in a link state protocol controlled ethernet network
02/10/11Multi-rate transparent mux for optical communications networks
02/10/11Method and reducing probability of detection, improving jamming resistance and security for broadband wireless systems
02/10/11Method and candidate list generation for uplink v-mimo
01/27/11Method and estimating location of a wireless station using multi-beam transmission
01/27/11Multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) utilizing spatial multiplexing
01/27/11Method and spectrally efficient link adaptation using harq in ofdma systems
01/20/11Method and system for diversity using orthogonal frequency/division multiplexing
01/20/11Management of call handling treatments
01/20/11Device programmable network based packet filter
01/13/11Support for multi-homing protocols using transient registration and expanded binding revocation messages
01/13/11Method and system for reduced system-time overhead parameter length representation for inter-radio access technology communication
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01/13/11Contact center interfaces
01/06/11System and built in self test for timing module holdover
01/06/11Intelligent tagging for multimedia call recording purposes using continuous metadata
01/06/11Method and dynamically determining mix sets in an audio processor
01/06/11Method for controlling interference in femto cell deployments
12/30/10Multi-beam cellular communication system
12/30/10Method and enabling multicast route leaking between vrfs in different vpns
12/30/10Method and implementing l2 vpns on an ip network
12/30/10Method and independent licensing of audio in distribution of audiovisual assets
12/30/10Mobile fast alerting
12/30/10Analysis of packet-based video content
12/23/10System and selecting optimum local oscillator discipline source
12/23/10System and reducing holdover duration
12/23/10Utilizing betweenness to determine forwarding state in a routed network
12/23/10Method and simulating ip multinetting
12/16/10Method for assuring counterbore depth of vias on printed circuit boards and printed circuit boards made accordingly
12/16/10Techniques for routing data between network areas
12/16/10Technique for accommodating electronic components on a multilayer signal routing device
12/16/10Techniques for controlling a light source in a wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network
12/16/10Using reachability information to facilitate peer-to-peer communications
12/09/10Band reject filters
12/09/10Wireless communication
12/09/10Signal transmitter linearization
12/09/10Rf fingerprinting for location estimation
12/09/10Downlink and uplink array and beamforming arrangement for wireless communication networks
12/02/10System and method performing quadrature amplitude modulation by combining co-sets and strongly coded co-set identifiers
12/02/10Method and providing a web page to a call member
11/25/10Automated session admission
11/18/10Tunneling support for mobile ip using a key for flow identification
11/18/10Secure group communications
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11/11/10Dual homed e-spring protection for network domain interworking
11/11/10Method and channel quality measurements
11/11/10Optical routing device and optical network using same
11/11/10Pre-distortion for a radio frequency power amplifier
11/04/10Wireless communication frame structure and apparatus
11/04/10Channel estimation inter-carrier interference-limited wireless communication network
11/04/10Method and sub-carrier frequency control
10/28/10Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation mimo-ofdm systems
10/28/10Pre-computing alternate forwarding state in a routed ethernet mesh network
10/28/10Method and processing multiple common frequency signals through a single cable using circulators
10/28/10Virtual links in a routed ethernet mesh network
10/28/10Method and accommodating duplicate mac addresses
10/21/10Device and cascading filters of different materials
10/21/10Transport for wireless radio access networks
10/14/10Optimized scheduling delay-sensitive traffic on high speed shared packet data channels
10/14/10Enhanced communication bridge
10/14/10Methods and systems for channelization
10/14/10Providing packet-based multimedia services via a circuit bearer
10/14/10Enabling an ethernet ring network to scalably support a hub-and-spoke connectivity model
10/14/10In-band signaling for point-multipoint packet protection switching
10/07/10Monitoring edc polarization inverse filter coefficients to identify real-time physical intrusion into a core or metro optical network
10/07/10Clock recovery with channel coefficients
09/30/10Amplifier pre-distortion systems and methods
09/30/10Voice optimization in a network having voice over internet protocol communication devices
09/30/10Method and system for quality of service support for ethernet multiservice interworking over multiprotocol label switching
09/30/10Mobile relay communication system
09/30/10Push-to-talk telecommunications system utilizing a voice-over-ip network
09/30/10Feeder cable reduction
09/30/10Low density parity check (ldpc) code

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