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Northeastern University patents

Recent patent applications related to Northeastern University. Northeastern University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Northeastern University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Northeastern University, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Serotonin receptor-targeting compounds and methods
03/16/17Microfluidic real-time measurement of antibody-antigen binding and analyte detection
03/16/17System for beauty, cosmetic, and fashion analysis
03/02/17Cooling method and on-line cooling system for controlled rolling with inter-pass cooling process
03/02/17Fluorescence-based analysis of biopolymers using nanopores
03/02/17High rate electric field driven nanoelement assembly on an insulated surface
02/09/17A recovering alkali and aluminum in course of treatment of bayer red mud by using calcification-carbonation method
02/09/17Nanostructured hybrid-ferrite photoferroelectric device
01/26/17Methods for screening antimicrobial and antiviral compounds and uses thereof
01/12/17Damascene template for directed assembly and transfer of nanoelements
01/05/17Elastomer-assisted manufacturing
12/22/16Catalyst and synthesis of carbon nanomaterials
12/22/16Method to use on-chip temperature sensors for detection of trojan circuits
12/22/16Optical decoder for thermal barcodes
12/15/16Optimized decision-making multiple ore dressing production indexes based on cloud server and mobile terminals
12/08/16Non-rotating wind energy generator
12/08/16On the move millimeter wave interrogation system with a hallway of multiple transmitters and receivers
11/24/16Instrumentation amplifier with digitally programmable input capacitance cancellation
11/10/16A double auxiliary resonant commutated pole three-phase soft-switching inverter circuit and modulation method
10/27/16Methods and compositions for overcoming drug-resistance in cancer by targeted delivery of pro-drug-nano-polymers
10/27/16Methods and compositions for overcoming drug-resistance in cancer by targeted delivery of pro-drug-nano-polymers
10/27/16System for co-delivery of polynucleotides and drugs into protease-expressing cells
10/27/16System for networking and analyzing geospatial data, human infrastructure, and natural elements
10/06/164-point convex contact roller bearing for compact planetary drive train
09/29/16Freestanding ultrathin membranes and transfer-free fabrication thereof
09/22/16Real-time wireless dynamic tire pressure sensor and energy harvesting system
09/22/16Compositions and methods for measurement of analytes
09/08/16Flux-less direct soldering by ultrasonic surface activation
09/08/16Point-of-care immunosensing device for multi-biomarker detection
09/01/16Method for generation of broadly neutralizing anti-pathogen antibodies
08/25/16A preparation oriented high silicon steel
08/18/16A load-adaptive hoisting mechanism
08/18/16Electrochemical process for conversion of biodiesel to aviation fuels
08/18/16Methods and compositions for ex vivo generation of developmentally competent eggs from germ line cells using autologous cell systems
08/18/16Energy router for energy internet
08/11/16Hypoxia-targeted delivery system for pharmaceutical agents
08/11/16System and methods for disease module detection
08/11/16System and joint dynamic forwarding and caching in content distribution networks
07/28/16Nanostructured bacteria-resistant polymer materials
07/21/16Nanoparticle drug delivery system and treating cancer and neurotrauma
07/21/16Methods and compositions for generation of developmentally-incompetent eggs in recipients of nuclear genetic transfer
07/14/16Improvements for a non-rotating wind energy generator
07/14/16Matrix-enhanced electrochemical detector for pathogenic bacteria
07/07/16Allosteric modulators of the cannabinoid 1 receptor
06/30/16Customizable embedded sensors
06/23/16Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (ahr) modifiers as novel cancer therapeutics
06/23/16Glycosylated cardiotonic steroids
06/23/16Single-walled carbon nanotube biosensor for detection of glucose, lactate, and urea
06/16/16Gait training system and methods
06/16/16Sirna phospholipid conjugate
06/09/16Methods for identifying complex disease subtypes
06/02/16Lower extremity exoskeleton for gait retraining
06/02/16Coordinated coil scheduling multiple production lines for cold rolling area in steel plant
05/26/16Interactive cyclist monitoring and accident prevention system
05/19/16Inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase and monoacylglycerol lipase for modulation of cannabinoid receptors
05/19/16Modular superheterodyne stepped frequency radar system for imaging
05/12/16Wireless swnt sensor integrated with microfluidic system for various liquid sensing applications
05/05/16Microwave nearfield radar imaging (nri) using digital breast tomosynthesis (dbt) for non-invasive breast cancer detection
05/05/16Sensor system and process for measuring electric activity of the brain, including electric field encephalography
05/05/16Slabs matching control multiple lines in hot rolling section in steel plant for improving material utilization efficiency
04/21/16Novel cannabinergic compounds and uses thereof
04/14/16Nanomaterials for the integration of soft into hard tissue
04/07/16Pore orientation using magnetic fields
04/07/16Microparticle organization
04/07/16Saliva glucose monitoring system
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04/07/16Nano- and micro-electromechanical resonators
03/31/16Se-adenosyl-l-selenohomocysteine selenoxide as a modulator of methyltransferase and other activities
03/24/16Electric field encephalography: electric field based brain signal detection and monitoring
03/24/16Apparatus and extracting feature of image including object
03/17/16Antimicrobial compounds
03/17/16Mucus strengthening formulations to alter mucus barrier properties
03/17/16Non-rotating wind energy generator
03/10/16Methods and compositions for preventing or treating obesity
03/03/16Retina extracellular matrix based biomaterial
03/03/16Universal screwdriver
03/03/16Nano- and micro-electromechanical resonators
02/25/16Curved bearing contact system
02/25/16Novel sensor system utilizing piezoelectric microcantilever coupled with resonating circuit
02/18/16Method for manufacturing hollow ingot for retaining ring of large generator by electroslag remelting
02/18/16Ontology-based waveform reconfiguration
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02/04/16Deterministic manufacturing process for creating 3d living tissues based on 2d directed assembly and origami techniques
01/21/16High rate electric field driven nanoelement assembly on an insulated surface
01/14/16Personal peanut sheller
01/07/16Cannabinergic nitrate esters and related analogs
01/07/16Nanoparticle- and drug-containing polymersomes for medical applications
01/07/16Systems and methods for magnetic field detection
12/31/15Solar cells containing metal oxides
12/31/15Voltage tuning of microwave magnetic devices using magnetoelectric transducers
12/24/15Cyclist monitoring and recommender system
12/24/15Filtering article containing titania nanotubes
12/24/15Magnetoelectric pickup element for detecting oscillating magnetic fields
12/24/15Nanoscale interconnects fabricated by electrical field directed assembly of nanoelements
12/17/15Mechanochemical collagen assembly
12/17/15Biomolecular processing platform and uses thereof
12/03/15Estrogen receptor imaging agents
11/26/15High density aligned silicon nanowire
11/19/15Virtually-interfaced robotic ankle & balance trainer
11/19/15Method and device for assigning surplus slabs in the slab yard before hot rolling process
11/19/15Flexible and transparent supercapacitors and fabrication using thin film carbon electrodes with controlled morphologies
11/12/15Three-dimensional crystalline, homogenous, and hybrid nanostructures fabricated by electric field directed assembly of nanoelements
11/05/15Releasable magnetic cell capture system
10/29/15Copolymers for the delivery of drugs into cells
10/29/15Intelligent adaptive monitoring leakage of oil pipeline networks based on big data
10/22/15Distributed pressure sensing system for a medical device
10/22/15Collagen fibrillar construction
10/22/15Sealable microvalve that can be repeatedly opened and sealed
10/15/15Zipper guide for facilitating closure of open-ended zipper
10/15/15Multiple degree of freedom portable rehabilitation system having dc motor-based, multi-mode actuator
10/01/15Device and deep transcranial magnetic stimulation
10/01/152-cycloalkyl resorcinol cannabinergic ligands
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09/24/15Carbon nanostructures from pyrolysis of organic materials
09/24/15Spintronic device
09/17/15Protozoan parasite growth inhibitors
09/10/15Biodegradable polymeric buffers
09/10/15Magnetostatic surface wave nonreciprocal tunable bandpass filters
08/27/15Compounds and methods for targeted immune system delivery
08/27/15Tunable heterojunction for multifunctional electronics and photovoltaics
08/13/15Optoelectronic devices based on heterojunctions of single-walled carbon nanotubes and silicon
08/06/15Microfluidic-nanofluidic devices for detection and measurement of redox active substances
08/06/15Image processing methods and systems for fiber orientation
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07/30/15Method of reconstituting cellular spectra useful for detecting cellular disorders
07/23/15Determining elemental concentration using compton scattering
07/16/15Electrical impedance myography
07/02/15Bypass type 220v grid voltage sag prevention device and control method therefor
06/18/15Nanofluidic device for isolating, growing, and characterizing microbial cells
06/18/15Density analysis of living organisms by magnetic levitation
06/04/15Devices, methods, and systems for high-resolution tactile displays
05/28/15Cobalt carbide-based nanoparticle permanent magnet materials
05/21/15Nanoscale interconnects fabricated by electrical field directed assembly of nanoelements
05/21/15Method for analyzing biological specimens by spectral imaging
04/23/15Methods for delivery to the central nervous system of nucleic acid nanoparticles to treat central nervous system disorders
04/16/15Equi-biaxial membrane stretcher
04/09/15Novel lipase inhibitors, reporter substrates and uses thereof
04/02/15Tunable laser-based infrared imaging system and use thereof
03/26/15High energy density vibration energy harvesting device with high-mu material
03/19/15Device and method to additively fabricate structures containing embedded electronics or sensors
02/26/15Compositions and methods for the inhibition of methyltransferases
02/12/15Conformal and configurable millimeter-wave integrated array radar in a compact package
02/12/15Apparatus with rolling contact handle
02/05/15Device for direct microwave measurement of permeability as a function of high dc voltage
01/29/15Enzymatic nanosensor compositions and methods
01/15/15Phase correction to compensate for reflective distortions of optical spectra
01/01/15Allosteric modulators of cb1 cannabinoid receptors
12/25/14Methods and compositions for expanding immunosuppressive t regulatory cells in vitro and uses thereof
12/18/14Real-time anomaly detection of crowd behavior using multi-sensor information
12/04/14Microparticle organization
11/13/14Methods and systems for minimization of mechanical effects of impact velocity during tissue preservation
10/02/14Energy resource-grid-load automatic control system of smart microgrid and control methods thereof
09/18/14Systems and methods of using a hieroglyphic machine interface language for communication with auxiliary robotics in rapid fabrication environments
09/18/14Systems and methods for securing online content ratings
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08/14/14Multi-biomarker biosensor
07/31/14Robotic gait rehabilitation training system with orthopedic lower body exoskeleton for torque transfer to control rotation of pelvis during gait
07/24/14System and integrating a single nanowire into a nanocircuit
07/24/14Antimicrobial polycationic sand filter for water disinfection
07/24/14Method of reconstituting cellular spectra useful for detecting cellular disorders
07/17/14Saliva glucose monitoring system
07/17/14Chemical sensor based on highly organized single walled carbon nanotube networks
07/17/14Microbial growth factors
07/17/14Prodrugs for treating microbial infections
07/10/14Coil scheduling electrogalvanizing line in steel industry
07/10/14Analytic frameworks for persons of interest
06/26/14Non-rotating wind energy generator
05/08/14Joint sensor devices and methods
04/24/14Method and device for fuel and power generation by clean combustion of organic waste material
04/03/14Carbon nanotube-based electrode and rechargeable battery
03/27/14Metasurface nanoantennas for light processing
03/13/14Signal processing methods and systems for explosive detection and identification using electromagnetic radiation
03/13/14Real-time wireless dynamic tire pressure sensor and energy harvesting system
03/06/14Electrolytic transformation of water contaminants
03/06/14Methods and compositions for magnetophoretic separation of biological materials
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02/27/14Doubly shaped reflector transmitting antenna for millimeter-wave security scanning system
02/27/14Methods and compositions for highly specific capture and release of biological materials
02/06/14Narrow bore porous layer open tube capillary column and uses thereof
01/30/14Methods of eradicating bacterial cell populations
01/09/14Photovoltaic string monitor
12/19/13Gas delivery system to provide induced partial saturation through solute transport and reactivity for liquefaction mitigation
12/12/13Multi-biomarker biosensor
12/05/13Magnetic nanoplatforms for theranostic and multi-modal imaging applications
11/28/13Caged bags of porous materials
11/28/13Fault current limiter
11/21/13Customized, mechanically-assistive rehabilitation distal extremities of the upper and lower regions
10/31/13Electrochemical process for conversion of biodiesel to aviation fuels
10/31/13Interfacial convective assembly for high aspect ratio structures without surface treatment
10/31/13Real-time pavement profile sensing system using air-coupled surface wave
10/24/13Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (ahr) modifiers as novel cancer therapeutics
10/10/13Re-matching slab-order for improving slab utilization in iron and steel plants
10/03/13High rate electric field driven nanoelement assembly on an insulated surface
09/19/13Method and device for assigning surplus slabs in the slab yard before hot rolling process
09/12/13Rare-earth-free or noble metal-free large magnetic coercivity nanostructured films
08/29/13Multimodal diagnostic technology for early stage cancer lesions
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08/15/13Wireless swnt sensor integrated with microfluidic system for various liquid sensing applications
08/01/13Compositions and methods for measurement of analytes
07/18/13Photocatalyst with enhanced stability for hydrogen production and oxidative reactions
05/02/13High energy density vibration energy harvesting device with high-mu material
05/02/13Fault detector for operating process of electric arc furnace and method thereof
04/11/13Highly stable platinum alloy catalyst for methanol electrooxidation
03/28/13Collagen fibrillar construction
03/28/13Customizable embedded sensors
02/28/13Automatic three-phase unbalanced load compensation experimental device and its control method
02/14/13Methods of targeting cells for diagnosis and therapy
12/20/12Electrical impedance myography
11/29/12Initiator-tightened compositions
11/22/12Voltage tuning of microwave magnetic devices using magnetoelectric transducers
10/25/12Bistable nanoswitch
10/04/12Methods of treating fungal infections
08/30/12Carbon nanostructures from pyrolysis of organic materials
07/12/12Sirna phospholipid conjugate
07/05/12Angiogenic resorcinol derivatives
05/31/12Conjugated nanodelivery vehicles
05/03/12Multiple degree of freedom rehabilitation system having a smart fluid-based, multi-mode actuator
03/01/12Bistable nanoswitch
02/23/12Steroidal anti-hormone hybrids
02/02/12Low-aspect ratio carbon nanostructures
12/08/11Method of preparing adenosine-resistant anti-tumor t lymphocytes for adoptive immunotherapy
10/13/11Tunable laser-based infrared imaging system and use thereof
10/06/11Multifunctional self-assembling polymeric nanosystems
05/26/11Methods for forming metal-polymer hybrid tooling for forming parts having micro features
05/19/11Multi-biomarker biosensor
05/05/11Modulators of nuclear receptor co-regulatory protein binding
04/28/11Biomarkers for diabetes, obesity, and/or hypertension
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03/24/11Methods and compounds for modulating cannabinoid activity
02/24/11Antibiotic compounds
02/17/11Monoacylglycerol lipase inhibitors for modulation of cannabinoid activity
12/16/10Compositions and methods for pest control
11/25/10Sequential planetary stack transmission system
11/18/10Electrical impedance myography
11/11/10Self-assembling micelle-like nanoparticles for systemic gene delivery
10/14/10Precision-guided nanoparticle systems for drug delivery
07/15/10Methods and compositions for improving immune responses
07/01/10Compositions for improving cellular uptake of a chemotherapeutic agent in a cell exhibiting mucin deregulation
05/27/10Methods of treating fungal infections
05/13/10Bistable nanoswitch
05/13/10Ultra-sensitive temperature sensing and calorimetry
05/06/10System, method, and device for measuring parameters of a two-phase flow
03/18/10Dual interleaved flyback converter for high input voltage
02/18/10Three dimensional nanoscale circuit interconnect and assembly by dielectrophoresis
02/04/10Titania nanotubes prepared by anodization in chloride-containing electrolytes
11/19/09Methods of targeting cells for diagnosis and therapy
10/01/09Intensified neutral loss tags and use thereof in mass spectrometry
09/03/09Proteomic methods for the identification and use of putative biomarkers associated with the dysplastic state in cervical cells or other cell types
08/13/09Narrow bore layer open tube capillary column and uses thereof
08/06/09System and virtual server migration across networks using dns and route triangulation
07/30/09Devices, methods and applications for extraction of molecules from polymeric gel electrophoretic media
04/02/09Photonic crystal devices using negative refraction
12/12/13Multi-biomarker biosensor
05/31/12Optimization-based simulated annealing for integrated circuit placement
05/31/12Encryption/decryption communication system
05/24/12Peer to peer search routing algorithm
11/10/11Node authentication

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