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Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
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Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation. Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Continuous fiber filament for fused deposition modeling (fdm) additive manufactured (am) structures
04/13/17Signal direction processing for an antenna array
04/13/17Superconducting cross-bar switch system
04/06/17Solution for drug discovery
04/06/17Autonomous vehicle control system
03/30/17Three-dimensional spatial-awareness vision system
03/23/17High altitude balloon with a payload separation assembly
03/23/17High altitude balloon with altitude control
03/23/17Wideband inp digital-to-analog converter integrated with a sige clock distribution network
03/09/17Composite tool moisture/wrinkle barrier
03/02/17Method and system for reinforcing a workpiece
03/02/17Superconducting switch system
03/02/17Monolithic phased-array antenna system
03/02/17Detection circuit and method to mitigate 1/f noise in single detectors and in image sensors
02/23/17Reciprocal quantum logic (rql) circuit synthesis
02/16/17Optical receiver sensitivity system
02/09/17Smart technologies automated coatings
02/09/17Robust metallic gasket for leak tight fittings in cryogenic applications
02/09/17Specially designed phased array transducer for the inspection of fastener holes and adjacent structure without the removal of the fastener
02/09/17Dynamically adjustable situational awareness interface for control of unmanned vehicles
02/02/17Propeller having extending outer blade
02/02/17Coupling mechanism for aircraft
02/02/17Visible/infrared absorber vertically aligned carbon nanotube nanocomposite applique
02/02/17Hybrid power system
02/02/17Flex-drive hinge actuator
02/02/17Multi-sensor control remote signaling control of unmanned vehicles
02/02/17Non-linear transmitter pre-coding
02/02/17Apparatus and cross enclave information control
01/26/17Advanced lock design for ball-lock devices
01/19/17Apparatus and restricting spray coating deposition
01/19/17Magrail, bleed air driven lift fan
01/19/17Reciprocal quantum logic (rql) circuit simulation system
01/19/17Waveguide and semiconductor packaging
01/19/17Method for growing carbon nanotubes
01/05/17Rotary ball lock latching mechanism
01/05/17Generating a map conveying the probability of detecting terrestrial targets
01/05/17Nanoparticle thermal interface agents for reducing thermal conductance resistance
12/29/16Swept gradient boundary layer diverter
12/29/16Dynamic compliance monitoring of unmanned vehicles
12/29/16Vertical takeoff and landing (vtol) unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)
12/29/16Apparatus and a multi-step selection interface
12/29/16Apparatus and rendering a source pixel mesh image
12/29/16Communication signal rate detection system
12/22/16High-conductivity bonding of metal nanowire arrays
12/15/16Efficient power and thermal management system for high performance aircraft
12/15/16Integrated antenna and rf payload for low-cost inter-satellite links using super-elliptical antenna aperture with single axis gimbal
12/15/16High-level reputation scoring architecture
12/08/16Diffusion bonded fastener assembly
12/08/16Apparatus and noninvasively determining positioning of a component beneath a substrate
12/08/16Aircraft dc power distribution systems and methods
12/08/16System and providing a distributed directional aperture for cellular communication
12/01/16Deployable propeller
12/01/16Cross spectral feature correlation for navigational adjustment
11/24/16Fault tolerant syndrome extraction and decoding in bacon-shor quantum error correction
11/17/16Amorphous metal permanent fastener utilizing a thermoplastically swaged retainer
11/17/16Multichannel devices with improved performance and methods of making the same
11/17/16Carbon mixture ohmic contact for carbon nanotube transistor devices
11/03/16Extremely quiet short take-off and landing (stol) aircraft
11/03/16Dual mode frangible refueling nozzle
11/03/16Three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging systems and methods using a light detection and ranging (lidar) focal plane array
11/03/16Superconductor circuits with active termination
10/27/16Moving target indication (mti) system
10/27/16Autonomous vehicle simulation system
10/27/16Integrated multichannel and single channel device structure and making the same
10/27/16High performance, ultra low loss, ultra lightweight, multi-layered rigid circuit boards
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10/20/16Aircraft launching device
10/06/16Stacked interconnect structure and making the same
10/06/16Multichannel devices with gate structures to increase breakdown voltage
10/06/16System and providing an automated biometric enrollment workflow
10/06/16Biometric data brokerage transfer of biometric records between biometric collection devices and biometric processing services
10/06/16Identity based access and performance allocation
09/29/16Continuous calibration of an inertial system
09/22/16Unmanned aircraft detection and targeting of other aircraft for collision avoidance
09/15/16Thermally activated, shape configurable mechanical locking z-pin
09/15/16Phase hysteretic magnetic josephson junction memory cell
09/08/16Digital object library management system for machine learning applications
09/01/16High-conductivity bonding of metal nanowire arrays
09/01/16Thermal interface materials using metal nanowire arrays and sacrificial templates
09/01/16Method for mode control in multimode semiconductor waveguide lasers
08/25/16Quiet slat propeller
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08/25/16Resonant blades using an aperture for cancellation of propeller generated noise
08/25/16Delta-sigma digital radiometric system
08/25/16Low cost space-fed reconfigurable phased array for spacecraft and aircraft applications
08/18/16Magnetic latching system with inflatable seal
08/18/16Balanced intensity differential photo detector
08/11/16Near belly-tangent pod system for an aircraft
08/11/16Bias and scale-factor error mitigation in a coriolis vibratory gyroscope sysetm
08/11/16Wide rim vibratory resonant sensors
08/11/16Vibrating-mass gyroscope systems and method
08/11/16Underwater electrical contact mating system
08/11/16Superconducting single-pole double-throw switch system
08/11/16Flux control of qubit under resonant excitation
08/04/16Apparatus for aircraft with high peak power equipment
07/28/16Methods, devices, and computer-readable media for biometric collection, quality checking, and matching
07/28/16Touch screen panel antenna of mobile terminal
07/28/16Iterative equalization using non-linear models in a soft-input soft-output trellis
07/28/16Platform-mounted artificial vision system
07/21/16Antenna array using sandwiched radiating elements above a ground plane and fed by a stripline
07/14/16Fluid-actuated fastening device
07/14/16Ratiometric nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) gyroscope system
07/14/16Self-calibrating nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) gyroscope system
07/14/16System and automated machine-learning, zero-day malware detection
07/07/16Aggregation and tracked changes of information from multiple databases using unique identification method
07/07/16System and secure database queries
06/30/16Magnetic anomaly tracking for an inertial navigation system
06/30/16All around contact device and making the same
06/23/16System and extracting two-dimensional fingerprints from high resolution three-dimensional surface data obtained from contactless, stand-off sensors
06/23/16Dual-channel field effect transistor device having increased amplifier linearity
06/23/16Cobalt-carbon eutectic metal alloy ohmic contact for carbon nanotube field effect transistors
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06/09/16Deployable solar panel array for spacecraft
06/09/16Ultrahigh loading of carbon nanotubes in structural resins
06/09/16Variational track management
06/09/16Feature-based tracking of moving objects
06/09/16Josephson current source systems and method
06/09/16Launchable communications device for a distributed communication system
06/02/16Monolithic bi-directional current conducting device and making the same
06/02/16Reciprocal quantum logic comparator for qubit readout
06/02/16Image processing system
05/26/16Battery powered vehicle propulsion system
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05/26/16Method of making a low mass foam electrical structure
05/26/16System and network data characterization
05/19/16Recessed lift spoiler assembly for airfoils
05/19/16Compact pmmw camera calibration target
05/12/16Alternating channel heat exchanger
05/05/16Reciprocal quantum logic (rql) circuit synthesis
05/05/16Mixed coupling between a qubit and resonator
05/05/16Multichannel devices with improved performance and methods of making the same
05/05/16Hybrid electronic/mechanical scanning array antenna
05/05/16Area monitoring system implementing a virtual environment
04/28/16Second ceiling air conditioning apparatus and system
04/28/16Multi-level security system for enabling secure file sharing across multiple security levels and method thereof
04/21/16Collapsible airfoil spooled retractable rotor
04/14/16Integrated enhancement mode and depletion mode device structure and making the same
03/31/16Efficient processing of double differenced updates in a kalman filter
03/24/16Superconducting phase-shift system
03/17/16Phase-change material distributed switch systems
03/17/16Monolithic bi-directional current conducting device and making the same
03/17/16Tunable transmon circuit assembly
03/10/16Ground grid for superconducting circuits
03/03/16Color-based foreign object detection system
02/25/16Helicopter rotor icing detection system and method
02/18/16Magnetically damped isolator and pointing mount
02/18/16All around contact device and making the same
02/18/16Integrated multichannel and single channel device structure and making the same
02/18/16Stacked bias i-v regulation
02/18/16Dual button push to talk device
02/04/16Superconducting circuit physical layout system and method
01/28/16Nano-thermal agents for enhanced interfacial thermal conductance
01/28/16Vibrating -mass gyroscope systems and method
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01/28/16Phase change material switch and making the same
01/14/16Multiferroic nanoscale thin film materials, its facile syntheses and magnetoelectric coupling at room temperature
01/14/16Antenna system
01/14/16Superconductive gate system
12/31/15Airflow modulation system and method
12/17/15Global positioning system phased array using all-digital beam forming and direct digital waveform synthesis methods
12/17/15Unmanned air vehicle with autonomous air traffic control communications capability
12/10/15System and real-time detection of anomalies in database usage
12/10/15Bipolar junction transistor device and making the same
12/03/15Apparatus and assisting with fluid pressure measurement
12/03/15Performance optimization of a differential capacitance based motion sensor
12/03/15Optical probe beam stabilization in an atomic sensor system
12/03/15Hybrid quantum circuit assembly
11/19/15Atomic sensor system
11/12/15Learning health systems and methods
11/05/15Magnetic field trimming in an atomic sensor system
10/22/15Spectral-temporal multiplexer for pulsed fiber scaling
10/22/15Array processing for satellite communications
10/08/15System and providing a scalable semantic mechanism for policy-driven assessment and effective action taking on dynamically changing data
10/08/15Converting an image from a dual-band sensor to a visible color image
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10/01/15Enhanced imaging system
09/24/15Cloud estimator tool
09/17/15Systems and methods for applying flux to a quantum-coherent superconducting circuit
09/10/15Reciprocal quantum logic comparator for qubit readout
09/10/15Stacked interconnect structure and making the same
09/03/15Linear positioning system utilizing helically polarized magnet
08/27/15Nuclear magnetic resonance gyroscope system
08/27/15Customized magnetic susceptibility materials
08/27/15Low power threshold integrated micro-plasma limiter
08/27/15Mesh reflector with truss structure
08/20/15Nano avalanche photodiode architecture for photon detection
08/13/15Tilt wing aerial vehicle
08/13/15Stowable and deployable unmanned aerial vehicle
07/30/15Lifting entry/atmospheric flight (leaf) unified platform for ultra-low ballistic coefficient atmospheric entry and maneuverable atmospheric flight at solar system bodies
07/30/15Scaffold-free tissue engineering using field induced forces
07/23/15Adaptive inertial measurement system and method
07/16/15Force-compensated mechanical pressure vessel feedthrough
07/16/15Polarized millimeter wave imaging system and method
07/09/15Artificial vision system
07/09/15Mesh reflector with truss structure
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07/02/15Methods of increasing fidelity of quantum operations
06/18/15Methods of fabricating micro- and nanostructure arrays and structures formed therefrom
06/18/15Optical receiver sensitivity system
06/18/15Optical transceiver with variable data rate and sensitivity control
06/18/15Transmission protocol controller
06/11/15Optical accelerometer systems and method
06/11/15Bipolar junction transistor device and making the same
05/28/15Wavelet based monitoring of system parameters
05/07/15Passive millimeter wave image converter
05/07/15Compact memory device
04/30/15Efficient resource state distillation
04/30/15Anomaly detection using an antenna baseline constraint
04/16/15System and providing a distributed directional aperture
04/16/15Reflectarray antenna system
04/09/15Optical systems and methods
04/09/15Extended range undersea communication system
04/02/15Josephson ac/dc converter systems and method
04/02/15Phase hysteretic magnetic josephson junction memory cell
03/26/15Antenna for multiple frequency bands
03/12/15Power supply systems and methods
03/05/15Optical-microwave-quantum transducer
03/05/15Optical-microwave-quantum transducer
02/12/15Probe beam frequency stabilization in an atomic sensor system
02/05/15Power supply systems and methods
02/05/15Power supply systems and methods
02/05/15Hybrid diffractive optical element and spectral beam combination grating
01/08/15Wet-mateable electrical connector with wet contacts and an associated method
12/25/14Discrete area circuit board image projection system and method
12/25/14Optical channelizer for w-band detection
12/18/14Trusted download toolkit
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12/04/14Quantum bits and methods of forming the same
10/30/14Wideband tunable notch cancellation
09/18/14Internal/external single expansion ramp nozzle with integrated third stream
09/18/14Phase change material switch and making the same
09/18/14Superlattice crenelated gate field effect transistor
09/18/14Method of forming a gate contact
09/18/14Phase-change material reconfigurable circuits
09/18/14Adaptive coded modulation in low earth orbit satellite communication system
09/18/14Staring focal plane sensor imaging large dynamic range scenes
09/18/14Distributed thermal system for nonlinear optical frequency conversion
09/18/14System and providing optically triggered circuit breaker
09/18/14System and automatically disseminating information and queries concerning external organizations to relevant employees
09/18/14Learning health systems and methods
09/18/14System and secure database queries
09/18/14System and automated web processing service workflow building and application creation
09/18/14Mobile applications architecture
09/11/14Waveguide and semiconductor packaging
08/21/14Deployable helical antenna for nano-satellites
08/21/14Range-dependent bias calibration of an accelerometer sensor system
07/31/14Reaction sphere for stabilization and control in three axes
07/31/14System and advanced malware analysis
07/24/14Quantum processor
07/10/14System and providing a virtual immersive environment
06/26/14Semiconductor devices with minimized current flow differences and methods of same
05/29/14Flexible thermal interface for electronics
05/22/14Nested loop coherent beam combining system
05/22/14System and wireless packet capture using mobile communication devices
05/15/14Hybrid carbon nanotube shielding for lightweight electrical cables
04/24/14Generating a diverse program

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