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Northwestern University patents

Recent patent applications related to Northwestern University. Northwestern University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Northwestern University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Northwestern University, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Protein/oligonucleotide core-shell nanoparticle therapeutics
08/10/17Cycle length iteration for the detection of atrial activations from electrogram recordings of atrial fibrillation
08/10/17Automated toolpath generation double sided incremental forming
08/10/17Protective cathode coatings for lithium-ion batteries
08/03/17Substituted phenyl aziridine precursor analogs for inhibiting androgen-independent prostate cancer cell growth
08/03/17Compounds for lithium extraction via ion exchange
08/03/17Viologen-based rotaxanes
08/03/17Immobilization of an active agent on a substrate using compounds including trihydroxyphenyl groups
08/03/17Ultrafast all-optical modulation of the visible and infrared spectrum with nanorod arrays
07/27/17Medical devices, systems, and kits for the medialization of a vocal cord
07/27/17Method for detecting soluble oligomeric amyloid beta
07/27/17Graphene-based ink compositions for three-dimensional printing applications
07/27/17Systems and methods for generating high resolution probabilistic raster maps for electronic health record and other data associated with a geographical region
07/27/17Method for acquiring intentionally limited data and the machine learning approach to reconstruct it
07/20/17Synthesis of uniform anisotropic nanoparticles
07/20/17Yeast-based biosensor
07/13/17Anti-inflammatory treatment via inhibition of endothelial cell kinesin light chain 1, variant 1 (klc1c)
07/06/17Devices, methods, and systems of functional optical coherence tomography
07/06/17Carbohydrate-mediated purification of petrochemicals
07/06/17Tissue molecular signatures of kidney transplant rejection
07/06/17Monolithical widely tunable quantum cascade laser devices
07/06/17System and energy efficient time domain signal processing
06/29/17Treatment for dopaminergic disorders
06/29/17Molecular signatures for distinguishing liver transplant rejections or injuries
06/22/17Contribution of oxidative stress to af electrograms
06/22/17Immobilization of an active agent on a substrate
06/22/17Methods of frequency-modulated phase coding (fmpc) for cochlear implants and cochlear implants applying same
06/22/17System and resolving neighborhood wireless network affairs with radio signals
06/15/17Surface-independent, surface-modifying, multifunctional coatings and applications thereof
06/15/17Haptic display with simultaneous sensing and actuation
06/08/17Ultralow power carbon nanotube logic circuits and making same
06/01/17Screening methods for the binding affinity of chemical entities to biological molecules and nedd4-1 inhibitors identified by the screening methods
05/18/17Uptake of pharmaceuticals within cyclodextrin-based porous materials
05/18/17Nucleic acid funtionalized nanoparticles for therapeutic applications
05/18/17Gene expression profiles associated with sub-clinical kidney transplant rejection
05/18/17Gate-tunable p-n heterojunction diode, and fabrication method and application of same
05/11/17Metal organic frameworks for the catalytic detoxification of chemical warfare nerve agents
05/11/17Ph responsive self-healing hydrogels formed by boronate-catechol complexation
05/04/17Methods for scar prevention
05/04/17Chest tube drainage system with analyzer
05/04/17Substituted aromatic n-heterocyclic compounds as inhibitors of mitogen-activated protein kinase interacting kinase 1 (mnk1) and 2 (mnk2)
05/04/17Amelioration of chronic kidney disease
05/04/17High temperature steel for steam turbine and other applications
05/04/17Dielectrostrictive sensors for shear stress measurement, process monitoring, and quality examination of viscoelastic materials
05/04/17Pattern analysis based on fmri data collected while subjects perform working memory tasks allowing high-precision diagnosis of adhd
04/27/17Metallated metal-organic frameworks
04/27/17Slit-robo-myo9-rhoa pathway and cancer
04/27/17Silica polymer pen lithography
04/20/17Methods of treating cancer
04/20/17Nanofiber paste for growth factor delivery and bone regeneration
04/20/17Motion contrast depth scanning
04/20/17Gradient spray coating polymer pen arrays
04/20/17Graphene-coated metal oxide spinel cathodes
04/13/17Compositions and methods for treating or preventing atrial fibrillation
04/13/17Apopinene as a biorenewable monomer for ring-opening metathesis polymerization
04/06/17Methods and compounds to inhibit enveloped virus release
04/06/17Sorting two-dimensional nanomaterials by thickness
03/30/17Targeted extracellular vesicles comprising membrane proteins with engineered glycosylation sites
03/30/17Nanostructures for modulating intercellular communication and uses thereof
03/30/17Covalent and supramolecular polymers
03/30/17Lubrication material using self-dispersed crumpled graphene balls as additives in oil for friction and wear reduction
03/23/17Metal/radiometal-labeled psma inhibitors for psma-targeted imaging and radiotherapy
03/23/17Reprocessable cross-linked network polymers with alkoxyamine dynamic covalent bonds
03/23/17Ink compositions for three-dimensional printing and methods of forming objects using the ink compositions
03/23/17Methods for preparation of concentrated graphene ink compositions and related composite materials
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03/23/17Duplex-selective organometallic dna intercalators
03/16/17Combinations of nmdar modulating compounds
03/16/17Ribosomes with tethered subunits
03/16/17Graphene oxide cellular delivery of hydrophilic small molecules
03/16/17System and proxy-based data access mechanism in enterprise mobility management
03/16/17Nanostructured carbon electrode, methods of fabricating and applications of the same
03/02/17Direct use of natural antioxidant-rich agro-wastes as thermal stabilizers for polymers
03/02/17Aluminum superalloys for use in high temperature applications
02/23/17Methods of treating alzheimer's disease, huntington's disease, autism, or other disorders
02/23/17Benzamide compounds and related methods of use
02/23/17Anti-inflammatory nanofibers
02/16/17Reducing cutaneous scar formation and treating skin conditions
02/16/17Oligonucleotide specific uptake of nanoconjugates
02/09/17Arsenoplatin anti-cancer agents
02/09/17Methods for detection of depressive disorders
Patent Packs
02/02/17Method and system for langmuir-blodgett assembly
02/02/17Epitaxial barium titanate thin films using a highly volatile ba(hfa)2 triglyme precursor
01/26/17Peptide amphiphile biomaterials for nerve repair
01/19/17Iron chelators for treating and preventing cell death and organ damage following an ischemic event
01/19/17Aluminum alloy with additions of scandium, zirconium and erbium
01/12/17Methods of frequency-modulated phase coding (fmpc) for cochlear implants and cochlear implants applying same
01/05/17Para-xylene films and therapeutic uses thereof
01/05/17Substituted quinazoline compounds and uses thereof for modulating glucocerebrosidase activity
01/05/17Substituted 4-methyl-pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrimidine-8-carboxamide compounds and uses thereof for modulating glucocerebrosidase activity
12/29/16Gd(iii)-dithiolane gold nanoparticle conjugates
12/29/16Nucleic acid sequencing in free solution using protein polymer drag-tags
12/22/16Methods of making diazaperopyrenium dications and uses thereof
12/22/16Optical coherence photoacoustic microscopy
12/15/16Modified silica shell particles, and methods of making and using the same
12/15/16Cell-free protein synthesis driven metabolic engineering
12/08/16Treatment of levodopa-induced dyskinesias
12/08/16Compositions and methods for modulation of immune response
12/08/16Method to detect autoantibody reactivity for deamidated insulin autoantigen in diabetes
12/08/16Polymer pen lithography
12/08/16Electronic controller haptic display with simultaneous sensing and actuation
12/08/16Laser induced plasma micromachining (lipmm)
12/01/16Methods of treating brain disorders or identifying biomarkers related thereto
12/01/16Carbohydrate-modified particles and particulate formulations for modulating an immune response
12/01/16Stress manipulated coating for figure reshape of optical substrates
12/01/16Devices and methods for generating haptic waveforms
11/24/16Methods for defining and predicting immune response to allograft
11/24/16Dopant-free polymeric hole-transporting materials for perovskite solar cell
11/17/16Sample collection devices and associated systems and methods
11/17/16Cyclen friction modifiers for boundary lubrication
11/17/16Compounds and methods to isolate gold
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11/17/16System and deducing charge density gradients in doped semiconductors
11/10/16Recombinant lactobacillus with decreased lipoteichoic acid to reduce inflammatory responses
11/10/16Pyridazine compounds, compositions and methods
11/10/16Enantioselective syntheses of heteroyohimbine natural product intermediates
11/10/16System and integrated circuit usage tracking circuit with fast tracking time for hardware security and re-configurability
11/03/16Metal-organic frameworks for adsorption of liquid phase compounds
11/03/16Water detoxification by a substrate-bound catecholamine adsorbent
10/27/16Liposomal particles, methods of making same and uses thereof
10/27/16Selective calcium channel antagonists
10/27/16System and acquiring both t2*-weighted and t1-weighted data in a single acquisition using a single dose of contrast agent
Patent Packs
10/06/16Cadmium sulfide quantum dots
10/06/16Automated specimen deposition systems and associated methods
10/06/16Methods of making non-covalently bonded carbon-titania nanocomposite thin films and applications of the same
09/29/16Quantification and spatio-temporal tracking of a target using a spherical nucleic acid (sna)
09/22/16Catalysts and related methods for photocatalytic production of h2o2 and thermocatalytic reactant oxidation
09/22/16Assays for measuring binding kinetics and binding capacity of acceptors for lipophilic or amphilphilic molecules
09/22/16Rigid naphthalenediimide triangle structures
09/15/16System and determining electrogram morphology recurrence patterns and rates during atrial fibrillation
09/15/16Tetrahydrothiophene-based gaba aminotransferase inactivators
09/15/16Engineered recombinant enzymes for methane oxidation
09/15/16Charge-transporting metal oxide-polymer blend thin films
09/08/16Pre-fabricated, on-demand interface for use in providing optical coupling between disposable and reuseable members of a fiber-optic probe
09/08/16Electroabsorption modulator for depth imaging and other applications
09/01/16Enzyme coupled assay for quantification of protein and peptide binding by samdi mass spectrometry
09/01/16System and high throughput mass spectrometric analysis of proteome samples
08/25/16Polymer hydrogel adhesives formed with multiple crosslinking mechanisms at physiologic ph
08/25/16Detection of heavy metals in dried blood
08/25/16System and determining, visualizing and monitoring coordination of resources
08/25/16Gate-tunable atomically-thin memristors and methods for preparing same and applications of same
08/18/16Use of redd1 inhibitors to dissociate therapeutic and adverse atrophogenic effects of glucocorticoid receptor agonists
08/18/16Ceria-supported metal catalysts for the selective reduction of nox
08/11/16Polymer-grafted nanobins
08/11/16Multifunctional metal nanoparticles having a polydopamine-based surface and methods of making and using the same
08/11/16Excage: synthesis of viologen-like pyridinium-based cages for the selective capture of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
07/28/16Amyloid beta-derived diffusible ligands (addls), addl-surrogates, addl-binding molecules and uses thereof
07/28/16Small molecule inhibitors of superoxide dismutase expression
07/28/16Systems and methods to derive models to evaluate behavior outcomes based on brain responses to complex sounds
07/21/16Three dimensional soy protein-containing scaffolds and methods for their use and production
07/21/16Templated nanoconjugates
07/21/16Solar cells with perovskite-based light sensitization layers
Patent Packs
07/21/16System and tracking content in a medicine container
07/14/16Wound treatment containment apparatus
07/14/16System and animal-human neural interface
07/14/16System and sequential action control for nonlinear systems
07/14/16Nanocubic co3o4/few-layer graphene composites and related anode components
07/14/16System and anti-ambipolar heterojunctions from solution-processed semiconductors
07/07/16Lipophilic nanoparticles for drug delivery
07/07/16Pathogenicity islands of pseudomonas aeruginosa
06/30/16Synthetic nanostructures including nucleic acids and/or other entities
06/23/16Metal organic frameworks for the catalytic detoxification of chemical warfare nerve agents
06/23/16Method for computing with complementary networks of magnetic tunnel junctions
06/16/16Combination therapy for the treatment of cancer
06/16/16Compositions and methods for induction of antigen-specific tolerance
06/16/16Nanotipped device and method
06/09/16Regioselective 1,2-dearomatization of functionalized azines by organolanthanide catalysts
06/09/16Alkyne phosphoramidites and preparation of spherical nucleic acid constructs
06/09/16Bmp-2-binding peptide amphiphile nanofibers
06/02/16Compositions and methods for treating autism spectrum disorders
05/26/16Methods and compositions for modulating fgf23 levels
05/26/16Maspin, maspin derivatives, and maspin mimetics for reducing ros, inflammation, and skin aging
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05/26/16Live-attenuated compositions for bacterial infections
05/26/16Bithiophene sulfonamide-based molecular and polymeric semiconductors
05/19/16Deterministic assembly of complex, three-dimensional architectures by compressive buckling
05/19/16Supramolecular fluorescent dyes
05/19/16Supramolecular encrypted fluorescent security ink compositions
05/19/16Glioma biomarkers
05/12/16Inhibition of cancer cell motility
05/12/16Highly-dispersed carbon nanotube-reinforced cement-based materials
05/12/16Map kinase modulators and uses thereof
05/12/16Redox active triangular organic materials
05/12/16Systems, methods, and apparatus to search audio synthesizers using vocal imitation
05/12/16Purification of carbon nanotubes via selective heating
05/12/16Emitter-coupled spin-transistor logic
05/05/16Mammalian and bacterial nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
05/05/16Methods for detection of depressive disorders
05/05/16Materials and structures for haptic displays with simultaneous sensing and actuation
04/28/16Electroporation apparatus and using same for ablation of an arbitrary volume
04/28/16Self-assembled micro-and nanostructures
04/28/16Secondary structure stabilized nmda receptor modulators and uses thereof
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04/21/16Anti-angiogenic molecules, nanostructures and uses thereof
04/21/16Perinucleolar compartment as a cancer marker
04/14/16Photoluminescent compounds
04/14/16Allelic disorders caused by mutations in trpv4
04/07/16Promotion of wound healing
03/31/16Substituted phenyl aziridine precursor analogs for inhibiting androgen-independent cancer cell growth
03/24/16System and incremental forming
03/24/16Improved methods for making ribosomes
03/17/16Supported metal oxides for olefin metathesis and related methods
03/17/16Chiral imidazolium salts for asymmetric catalysis
03/17/16Probes and assays for measuring e3 ligase activity
03/17/16Molecular targets for als and related disorders
03/17/16System and nanowire-array transverse thermoelectrics
03/10/16Metal-ligand coordination polymer nanoparticles and methods for making
03/10/16Chemically pure zero-valent iron nanofilms from a low-purity iron source
03/10/16Organic-inorganic hybrid multilayer gate dielectrics for thin film transistors
03/03/16Mast cell markers and prevention, diagnosis, and therapy for chronic pelvic pain syndrome
03/03/16Nanodiamond particle complexes
03/03/16Homochiral metal-organic framework with enantiopure pillar[5]arene active domains
03/03/16Methods for improved in vitro protein synthesis with proteins containing non standard amino acids
03/03/16Methods, kits, and devices for diagnosing, prognosing, and treating psychiatric disorders in a patient
03/03/16Computationally-designed transformation-toughened near-alpha titanium alloy
03/03/16Electrochemical detection of carbon dioxide using a carbohydrate based coordination polymer
03/03/16Kits for fecal neopterin concentration measurement as an indicator of disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease
02/25/163-amidobenzamides and uses thereof for increasing cellular levels of a3g and other a3 family members
02/25/16Biocompatible infinite coordination polymer nanoparticle -nucleic acid conjugates for antisense gene regulation
02/18/16Partially-denatured protein hydrogels
02/18/16Transition metal complexes supported on metal-organic frameworks for heterogeneous catalysts
02/18/16Surface-independent, surface-modifying, multifunctional coatings and applications thereof
02/18/16Tin selenide single crystals for thermoelectric applications
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02/11/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of natal and pre-natal conditions with alpha-tocopherol
02/11/16Use of ligands for the programmed cell death receptor conjugated to solid supports for the expansion of human regulatory t cells
02/04/16Bacterial toxins and uses thereof as ras specific proteases
02/04/16Composition and preventing or treating a tauopathy
01/28/16Local cochlear application of statins for stimulating neurite regrowth in the cochlea
01/28/16Azolium metal-organic frameworks
01/21/16Group iii-v ferromagnetic/non-magnetic semiconductor heterojunctions and magnetodiodes
01/21/16Screening methods for the binding affinity of chemical entities to biological molecules and nedd4-1 inhibitors identified by the screening methods
01/14/16Methods for sorting nanotubes by wall number
01/14/16Coaxial lithography
01/07/16Substituted pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines for the treatment of cancer and proliferative disorders
01/07/16Methods of treating depression and other related diseases
12/31/15Self-similar and fractal design for stretchable electronics
12/24/15Using intracardiac electrograms to predict location of fibrosis and autonomic nerves in the heart
12/24/15Medical devices, systems, and kits for the medialization of a vocal cord
12/24/15Systems and methods for neuromodulation device coding with trans-species libraries
12/24/15Stretchable electronic systems with containment chambers
12/17/15Ph-sensitive polymer-drug conjugates for targeted delivery of therapeutics
12/17/15Photometric and radiometric calibration using optical feedback
12/10/15Polyvalent rna-nanoparticle compositions
12/10/15Haptic device with indirect haptic feedback
12/10/15System and dynamically constructing theatrical experiences from digital content
12/10/15Systems and methods for providing a user engagement platform to support clinical decisions
12/03/15Methods of treating neuropathic pain
12/03/15Haptic device with controlled traction forces
12/03/15Devices, methods, and systems of functional optical coherence tomography
12/03/15Hearing assistance device control
11/26/15Magnetic nanostructures as theranostic agents
11/26/15Polysulfide intercalated layered double hydroxides for metal capture applications

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