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Novatek Microelectronics Corp patents

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12/14/17 new patent  Optical sensor device and a fingerprint sensor apparatus
12/07/17Noise detection device, system and method
12/07/17External compensation method and driver ic using the same
12/07/17Display display device
11/30/17Display device with novel sub-pixel arrangement
11/30/17Method and device for image noise estimation and image capture apparatus
11/23/17Fingerprint sensing apparatus, an integrated sensor device, and a fingerprint sensing method
11/23/17Voltage regulator and method applied thereto
11/16/17Display panel
11/09/17Fingerprint sensor sensing fingerprint
11/09/17Output circuit with esd protection
10/26/17Fingerprint sensor apparatus and a controlling the fingerprint sensor apparatus
10/26/17Finger print detection apparatus and detection method thereof
10/26/17Silicon controlled rectifier
10/19/17Data compression system for liquid crystal display and related power saving method
10/19/17Touch display panel and fabrication method thereof
10/05/17Driving circuit of display panel and display apparatus using the same
09/28/17Fingerprint enrollment method and apparatus using the same
09/28/17Data serialization circuit
09/07/17Method of processing high dynamic range images using dynamic metadata
08/24/17Compensation display device and related compensation module
08/17/17Image processing apparatus
08/10/17Display apparatus, gate driver and operation method thereof
08/10/17Gate driver of display panel and operation method thereof
08/03/17Touch sensing circuit and a signal demodulating method
07/27/17Method of phase calibration for double data rate memory interface and related system
07/27/17Driving driving display panel and display device thereof
07/06/17Wearable device with a chip on film package structure
07/06/17Electrostatic discharge protection device and operation method thereof
06/29/17Method and motion compensated noise reduction
06/15/17Display device and control device thereof
06/15/17Touch sensor system and multiplexer thereof
06/15/17Display device with force sensing device
06/08/17Chip on film package
05/11/17Source driver, driving circuit and display apparatus
05/11/17Integrated circuit device
05/04/17Carrier touch sensing system capable of performing phase calibration and carrier signal demodulation
05/04/17Display panel, manufacturing method thereof, and driving method thereof
05/04/17Apparatus and reconstructing high dynamic range video
04/20/17Optical device
04/20/17Voltage regulator with regulated-biased current amplifier
04/20/17Optical apparatus and a identifying an object
04/20/17Method and processing source image to generate target image
03/30/17Chip-on-film package
03/16/17Resistance calibration method and related calibration system
03/09/17Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
03/02/17Image processing method and image processing apparatus
02/23/17Driving circuit and a driving a display panel having a touch panel
02/23/17Image processing apparatus and image processing method
02/23/17Image processing apparatus and image processing method
02/16/17Display driving circuit
02/09/17Gamma curve and color coordinate adjusting apparatus and adjusting method thereof
01/19/17Display apparatus and driving method thereof
01/12/17Gate driver and adjusting output channels thereof
01/05/17Current source and current supply system with hysteresis
12/29/16Image sensing module
12/22/16Driving device
12/22/16Esd protection control circuit and system
12/15/16Method of controlling data display on panel and related driving system
12/01/16Display driving driving touch display panel
12/01/16Touch control module for touch device and related touch control method
12/01/16Display driver and adjusting color temperature of image
12/01/16Integrated circuit
12/01/16Flicker detecting image capturing device
11/17/16Display apparatus and gate driving method thereof
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11/03/16Sub-pixel arrangement structure of organic light emitting diode display
10/20/16Gate driver circuit, display apparatus having the same, and gate driving method
10/20/16Image processing circuit and image contrast enhancement method thereof
10/13/16Digital-to-analog convertor and related driving module
10/06/16Electronic devcie with chip-on-film package
10/06/16Display driving apparatus and display driving method thereof
09/29/16Image processing method and apparatus
09/29/16Method of scaling up image
09/29/16Source driver apparatus and operating method thereof
09/08/16Method for generating masking image using general polygonal mask
09/08/16Display apparatus and display driving method
09/01/16Source driver, driving display panel and display apparatus
08/18/16Feedback device and constant current driver
08/18/16Optical device
08/11/16Light sensing unit and light sensing circuit for image sensor
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08/04/16Dual mode serial transmission switching mode thereof
07/28/16Display device and liquid crystal display panel having a plurality of common electrodes
07/28/16Touch panel and arranging electrodes thereof
07/28/16Display panel and display driver
07/21/16Knee voltage detector
07/14/16Touch sensing device and touch point locating method thereof
07/14/16Liquid crystal display apparatus, source driver and controlling polarity of driving signals thereof
07/14/16Display panel
06/30/16Display panel
06/30/16Display controlling refresh frequency thereof
06/16/16Display panel
06/16/16Driving device and driving device control method thereof
06/09/16Display driver and display apparatus
06/02/16Display device and driving module thereof
06/02/16Display device and driving module thereof
06/02/16Display device and driving module thereof
06/02/16Power and signal extender and related circuit board
05/26/16Storing method and processing device thereof
05/12/16Display driver integrated circuit with display data generation function and apparatus therewith
05/05/16Display driving apparatus, driving display panel and display panel
05/05/16Oscillator, a clock generator and a generating a clock signal
05/05/16Touch control detection system, delta-sigma modulator and modulating method thereof
04/28/16Display driving apparatus, source driver and skew adjustment method
04/28/16Color filter array and manufacturing method thereof
04/14/16Detector and detecting iq swap
03/24/16Driving module and driving device thereof
03/17/16Driving device and source driving method
03/17/16Driving device and display system thereof
03/17/16Source driver, operatoin method thereof and driving circuit using the same
03/10/16Discharging control method, related driving method and driving device
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03/10/16Integrated circuit
03/10/16Transceiver and operation method thereof
03/10/16Device and detecting guard interval of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signal
03/03/16Vehicle event data recorder and operation method thereof
03/03/16Color filter array and image receiving method thereof
02/25/16Level shifter
02/18/16Method of transporting data with embedded clock
02/11/16Clock and data recovery apparatus
01/28/16Touch panel and arranging electrode thereof
01/21/16Method and device for mapping input grayscales into output luminance
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01/21/16Method and device for mapping input grayscales into output luminance
01/21/16Image processing
01/14/16Current source for voltage regulator and voltage regulator thereof
01/14/16File searching method and image processing device thereof
01/14/16Image interpolation method and image interpolation system
01/07/16Integrated circuit of driving device and manufacture method thereof
12/31/15Method for initializing nand flash
12/31/15Charge pump device and driving capability adjustment method thereof
12/31/15Driving voltage generator and digital to analog converter
12/17/15Method and driving a display device
12/10/15Voltage generating circuit and pre-driving signal generating module
12/10/15Display device and driving module thereof
11/26/15Noise detection device, system and method
11/26/15Touch apparatus, touch controller thereof and noise detection method
11/26/15Method of determining touch event in touch detection system
11/26/15Image display system and display driving module
11/26/15Display apparatus and method and color temperature compensation apparatus thereof
11/19/15Image processing dynamically adjusting luminance and contrast of image
11/19/15Operational amplifier
11/19/15Clock generating device and related synchronization method
11/12/15Self-refresh control method, sink device thereof and display system thereof
11/12/15Source driver, driving circuit and display apparatus
11/12/15Method for source driving circuit and display device thereof
11/12/15Integrated circuit
11/12/15Video transmission system
11/05/15Gate driving circuit and driving method thereof
11/05/15Touch panel module and touch controller thereof
10/29/15Phase compensation multi-scan in touch sensing system and phase compensation circuit thereof
10/29/15Touch panel module
10/29/15Touch panel module and electrostatic discharging method
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10/29/15Source driver and control method thereof and display device
10/15/15Amplifier circuit with overshoot suppression
10/08/15Output stage circuit for gate driving circuit in lcd
10/08/15Integrated circuit device
10/01/15Sensing method and related touch panel
10/01/15Operational amplifier circuit and enhancing driving capacity thereof
10/01/15Video processing apparatus and video processing circuits thereof
09/24/15Image processing device and method thereof
09/24/15Operational amplifier and driving circuit
09/17/15Gamma voltage generating generating gamma voltage
09/17/15Chip package
09/10/15Image downsampling apparatus and method
09/10/15Artifact reduction method and apparatus and image processing method and apparatus
08/20/15Driving device for driving display device
08/13/15Buffer circuit, panel module, and display driving method
07/30/15Gate driving apparatus
07/09/15Integrated circuit device
06/11/15Driving method and driving device thereof
06/11/15Automatic-focusing imaging capture device and imaging capture method
06/04/15Transmission display device
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05/14/15Carrier signal detection apparatus, touch control detection apparatus and detection methods thereof
05/14/15Automatic color correction method and color correction module thereof
05/07/15Display driving device and driving display
05/07/15Image processing apparatus and image fine-tuning method thereof
05/07/15Carrier frequency offset calibration method and system
04/30/15Source driver and driving method thereof
04/30/15Image sensing apparatus and black level controlling method thereof
04/30/15Ac-dc converting apparatus and operating method thereof
04/23/15Data control circuit
04/23/15Analog to digital conversion method and related analog to digital converter
04/23/15Touch display panel
04/16/15Non-overlap data transmission liquid crystal display and related transmission circuit
04/16/15Equalizing method and driving device thereof
04/16/15Focusing method
04/09/15Image sensor and image capturing system
04/02/15Amplifier circuit and operation method thereof
04/02/15Touch panel
04/02/15Touch control detecting apparatus and method thereof
04/02/15Power saving method and related waveform-shaping circuit
03/26/15Source driver and driving display device
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03/26/15Disparity calculating method and stereo matching system thereof
03/26/15Digital television, television chip and display method
03/26/15Layout method, electronic device and connector
03/19/15Image sharpening method and image processing device
03/12/15Chip-on-film device
03/12/15Gesture determination method and electronic device thereof
03/12/15Display device and liquid crystal display panel
03/05/15Multi-power domain operational amplifier and voltage generator using the same
03/05/15Voltage converting integrated circuit
03/05/15Lcd device and image dithering compensation
03/05/15Disparity calculating method and stereo matching device thereof
02/12/15Driving multi-common electrodes and display device
02/12/15Voltage converting device and electronic system thereof
02/12/15Source driver and method to reduce peak current therein
02/12/15Liquid crystal display and gate driver thereof
02/12/15Touch display device and sensing capacitance thereof
02/12/15Source driver and determining polarity of pixel voltage thereof
02/12/15Source driver and operation method thereof
02/12/15Data compression system for liquid crystal display and related power saving method
02/05/15Data processing method and apparatus
01/29/15Driving and sensing single-layer mutual capacitive multi-touch screen
01/29/15Data interpolation method and system
01/22/15Dc offset cancellation circuit
01/22/15Touch display apparatus
01/22/15Single fpc board for connecting multiple modules and touch sensitive display module using the same
01/22/15Matching search method and system
01/15/15Touch panel
01/15/15Driving apparatus of display
01/08/15Image display system and associated method
01/08/15Dimming method and dimming device for backlight module
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01/08/15Image display apparatus and image optimization method thereof
01/08/15Display apparatus and driving method thereof
01/08/15Multiple polarity inversion driving method and display driver, timing controller, and display device using the same
01/08/15Image matching method and stereo matching system
01/08/15Image processing apparatus and image processing method using the same
12/25/14Display apparatus and source driver thereof
12/25/14Display driving apparatus
12/25/14Image display apparatus and backlight adjusting method thereof
12/18/14Capacitance measurement device and electronic device thereof
12/18/14Level conversion circuit and converting voltage level thereof
12/18/14Amplifier circuit with overshoot suppression
12/18/14Source driver
12/18/14Source driver apparatus and driving display panel
12/18/14Single-layer mutual capacitive touch screen
12/18/14Navigating and routing device
12/18/14Serial interface packet information detection and control method and receiver thereof
11/20/14Image sensor
11/13/14Image sensor
10/30/14Display driver and display diving method
10/23/14Display apparatus and image display method thereof
10/23/14Fixed pattern noise removal method
10/16/14Compensation module and voltage regulator
10/16/14Operational amplifier circuit
10/16/14Sensing method and related device for touch panel
10/16/14Method of reading data, transmitting data and mobile device thereof
10/16/14Display method and system capable of dynamically adjusting frame rate
10/02/14Display apparatus, data gain regulating circuit and data gain regulating method
09/25/14Output buffer circuit capable of enhancing stability
09/18/14Touching apparatus and touching detecting method thereof

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