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Novelis Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Novelis Inc. Novelis Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Novelis Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Novelis Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Metal sheet with tailored properties

Moving metal strips can be heat treated with any number or combination of dimensionally variable tempers across widths, lengths, or thicknesses of a metal strip. To provide dimensionally variable heat treatment, an apparatus can include one or more heating units suitable to increase the temperature of a metal strip moving... Novelis Inc

Systems and methods for threading a hot coil on a mill

Systems and methods of threading a metal substrate on a rolling mill include receiving a coil of the metal substrate. The method also includes uncoiling the metal substrate from the coil while the coil and guiding the metal substrate to a work stand of the rolling mill with a threading... Novelis Inc

Systems and methods for non-contact tensioning of a metal strip

Systems and methods of non-contact tensioning of a metal strip during metal processing include passing the metal strip adjacent a magnetic rotor. The magnetic rotor is spaced apart from the metal strip by a first distance. The systems and methods also include tensioning the metal strip through the magnetic rotor... Novelis Inc

Rapid heating of sheet metal blanks for stamping

Systems and methods of hot forming a metal blank include receiving the metal blank at a heater and positioning the blank adjacent a magnetic rotor of the heater. The systems and methods also include heating the metal blank through the magnetic rotor by rotating the magnetic rotor. Rotating the magnetic... Novelis Inc

Pre-ageing systems and methods using magnetic heating

Systems and methods of pre-ageing of a metal strip during metal processing include passing the metal strip adjacent a magnetic rotor of a reheater. The systems and methods also include heating the metal strip through the magnetic rotor by rotating the magnetic rotor. Rotating the magnetic rotor induces a magnetic... Novelis Inc

Compact continuous annealing solution heat treatment

A compact heat treatment line can include a short heating zone capable of rapidly bringing a metal strip to a suitable solutionizing temperature through the use of magnetic rotors, such as permanent magnet magnetic rotors. A fast and efficient soaking zone can be achieved as well, such as through the... Novelis Inc

Rotating magnet heat induction

A rotating magnet heater for metal products, such as aluminum strip, can include permanent magnet rotors arranged above and below a moving metal strip to induce moving or time varying magnetic fields through the metal strip. The changing magnetic fields can create currents (e.g., eddy currents) within the metal strip,... Novelis Inc

Magnetic levitation heating of metal with controlled surface quality

A non-contact heating apparatus uses a series of rotating magnets to heat, levitate, and/or move metal articles therethrough. A first series of rotating magnets heats the metal article to a desired temperature. A second series of rotating magnets levitates the metal article within the heating apparatus and maintains desired tension... Novelis Inc

Aluminum-manganese-zinc alloy

Described herein are aluminum alloys, and methods of making the aluminum alloys, that are advantageous for use as lithographic printing plates. The aluminum alloys, and methods of making the aluminum alloys described herein provide lithographic printing plates without surface defects, but with the mechanical and physical properties currently demanded by... Novelis Inc

Components and systems for friction stir welding and related processes

Described herein are tools and systems for friction stir welding, including cooling and clamping systems. Also disclosed are process parameters for friction stir welding aluminum metals, in some cases thick gauge aluminum metals, to other metals. The tool and process parameters can be used in transportation, electronics, industrial and motor... Novelis Inc

Anodized aluminum with dark gray color

Provided herein are aluminum alloys and aluminum sheets including alloys that have a natural dark gray color when anodized. The alloys do not require any absorptive or electrolytic coloration process separate from the anodization process to achieve the dark gray coloration. Also provided herein are methods for making such aluminum... Novelis Inc

Highly formable automotive aluminum sheet with reduced or no surface roping and a preparation

Disclosed are novel processes to increase productivity on a continuous anneal and solution heat treatment line for heat-treatable automotive aluminum sheet products with high T4 and after-paint bake strengths and reduced roping. As a non-limiting example, the processes described herein can be used in the automotive industry. The disclosed heat... Novelis Inc

Photo-acoustic device and non-contact measurement of thin layers

A measuring device for non-mechanical-contact measurement of a layer, the measuring device including a light source operative to generate a pulse adapted to interact with the layer so as to generate a thermal wave in a gas medium present adjacent the layer. The thermal wave causes an acoustic signal to... Novelis Inc

Clad sheets for heat exchangers

This application discloses a material comprising an aluminum metal alloy cladding fusion-cast to a metal alloy core. Also disclosed is a material comprising a metal core comprising a high content of scrap metal and having two sides, a first aluminum metal cladding fusion cast to the first side of the... Novelis Inc

Anodized-quality aluminum alloys and related products and methods

Disclosed are alloys for anodized-quality aluminum sheets with improved surface quality, and methods for making these sheets. The alloys are designed to minimize the formation of cathodic intermetallic particles that result in surface streaks of anodized sheet products formed from the alloys. Further, the alloys allow the incorporation of recycled... Novelis Inc

Rolled surfaces having a dulled gloss finish

This application discloses cold rolled surfaces having a dulled gloss finish. The finish has a fairly uniform glossiness with a slightly matted appearance and with minimal directionality. The surfaces are prepared from work rolls having an Ra value of from 0.2 to 0.4 μm and an Rz value of less... Novelis Inc

Multipurpose heat treatable aluminum alloys and related processes and uses

This application discloses an aluminum alloy, processes for preparing the aluminum alloy, processes for fabricating metal parts, such as automotive panels, comprising the aluminum alloy, and the automotive parts fabricated from the aluminum alloy.... Novelis Inc

High strength and corrosion resistant alloy for use in hvac&r systems

Provided herein are new aluminum alloy materials which are useful in replacing copper in a heat exchanger. The aluminum alloy materials are also useful in manufacturing components of heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems for indoor and outdoor units. The alloys are well-suited for tubing in a heat exchanger.... Novelis Inc

Laminated can end stock with elevated temperature annealing

Improved aluminum can end stock (CES) is disclosed. The CES includes a laminated, amorphous polymer coating exhibiting low feathering, low blushing, and high performance in an acetic acid test. The laminated metal strip can include the laminated polymer coating on an interior-facing side and a lacquered coating on an exterior-facing... Novelis Inc

Aluminum alloys with enhanced formability and associated methods

Disclosed is an aluminum alloy for aluminum bottle applications, including methods of producing highly shaped aluminum products, such as bottles or cans, formed of the aluminum alloy. In some cases, the aluminum alloy has improved high strain rate formability at elevated temperatures and improved earing, which results in reduced spoilage... Novelis Inc

Liquid metal jet optimization in direct chill casting

A liquid metal jet supplying molten metal during a direct chill casting operation can be optimized to erode the slurry region of the molten sump, but not the solidified metal, at a rate equal to the casting speed. A model of the erosion of solidifying grains in the slurry region... Novelis Inc

Method and controlling metal strip profile during rolling with direct measurement of process parameters

A rolling mill control system and method includes use of sensors located between rolling mill stands to directly measure metal sheet or plate flatness, thickness profile, position, and the camber of the rolls in the mill. A feedback loop control system adjusts or adapts rolling mill control mechanisms to control... Novelis Inc

Method for improving quality of aluminum resistance spot welding

Welding techniques, including, for example, resistance spot welding, can be used to join or weld two or more metal sheets together. A clamping force and an electric current can be applied to two or more sheets to create localized melting that combines the material of the two sheets. Applying a... Novelis Inc

Aluminum microstructure for highly shaped products and associated methods

Aluminum and aluminum alloy microstructures that are adapted for improved performance during shaping and forming production processes. Lower relative ratios of alpha fibers, particularly low-end alpha fibers, to beta fibers promotes improved formability of aluminum sheet or blanks without negatively impacting material strength. Beta fibers with higher relative ratios of... Novelis Inc

High strength 6xxx aluminum alloys and methods of making the same

Provided are new high strength 6xxx aluminum alloys and methods of making aluminum sheets thereof. These aluminum sheets may be used to fabricate components which may replace steel in a variety of applications including the transportation industry. In some examples, the disclosed high strength 6xxx alloys can replace high strength... Novelis Inc

High-strength 6xxx aluminum alloys and methods of making the same

Disclosed are high-strength aluminum alloys and methods of making and processing such alloys. More particularly, disclosed is a 6XXX series aluminum alloy exhibiting improved mechanical strength, formability, corrosion resistance, and anodized qualities. An exemplary method includes homogenizing, hot rolling, solutionizing, and quenching. In some cases, the processing steps can further... Novelis Inc

Textured work roll for a metal substrate

A textured work roll can impart a desired texture on a metal substrate, such as an aluminum or aluminum alloy sheet. The textured work roll can be used for applying a gloss finish on the metal substrate. The textured work roll can be textured by grinding the work roll to... Novelis Inc

Inverted curling metal beverage containers and beverage containers with inverted curls

Bottles with inwardly curled upper portions at the bottle opening and methods and tooling for producing such bottles. The inwardly curled upper portions impart compressive stresses into the bottle material and can reduce a likelihood of material splitting because the upper portion may not be stretched to a larger outer... Novelis Inc

High strength 7xxx aluminum alloys and methods of making the same

Described herein are novel 7xxx series aluminum alloys. The alloys exhibit high strength. The alloys can be used in a variety of applications, including automotive, transportation, electronics, aerospace, and industrial applications. Also described herein are methods of making and processing the alloys. Further described herein are methods of producing a... Novelis Inc

Engineered work roll texturing

Metal work rolls texturized with engineered textures can impart desired impression patterns on metal strips. Engineered textures can be controlled with particularity to achieve desired surface characteristics (e.g., lubricant trapping, coefficient of friction, or surface reflectivity) on work rolls and metal strips, and to allow for impression patterns to be... Novelis Inc

High-forming multi-layer aluminum alloy package

Provided herein are novel, high-forming multi-layer aluminum alloy packages that include a core layer and one or more cladding layers. The alloy packages have excellent bake-hardening properties and are highly recyclable. The packages also display exceptional bendability and elongation properties. Also provided herein are novel aluminum alloy compositions for use... Novelis Inc

Process for warm forming a hardened aluminum alloy

Described are processes for shaping a hardened heat treatable, age-hardenable aluminum alloys, such as hardened 2XXX, 6XXX and 7XXX aluminum alloys, or articles made from such alloys, including aluminum alloy sheets. The processes involve heating the article, which may be in a form of a sheet or a blank, before... Novelis Inc

Optimization of aluminum hot working

A method of hot forming an aluminum alloy component may include heating the aluminum alloy component in a heating furnace to a solutionizing temperature, cooling the aluminum alloy component to a desired forming temperature, deforming the aluminum alloy component into a desired shape in a forming device while the aluminum... Novelis Inc

Process for warm forming an age hardenable aluminum alloy in t4 temper

Described are processes for shaping age hardenable aluminum alloys, such as 2XXX, 6XXX and 7XXX aluminum alloys in T4 temper, or articles made of such alloys, including aluminum alloy sheets. The processes involve heating the sheet or article before and/or concurrently with a forming step. In some examples, the sheet... Novelis Inc

Pre-heating and thermal control of work rolls in metal rolling processes and control systems thereof

Systems and methods for using full-width hot sprays to pre-heat rolling mills prior to processing of metal sheet or plate are described herein. The hot sprays may be individually controlled. Using hot sprays can allow the rolling mill to reach operating temperature and achieve a desired thermal crown so that... Novelis Inc

02/23/17 / #20170051914

High organic concurrent decoating kiln

A high organic concurrent decoating kiln includes a low-oxygen zone and a high-oxygen zone. The disclosed kiln allows a gas low in free oxygen to be used in the initial stages of decoating, while a gas higher in free oxygen can be used in the final stages. The total amount... Novelis Inc

01/26/17 / #20170022592

Aa6xxx aluminum alloy sheet with high anodized quality and making same

Provided herein are anodized quality AA6xxx series aluminum alloy sheets and methods for making anodized quality AA6xxx series aluminum alloy sheets. Also described herein are products prepared from the anodized quality AA6xxx series aluminum alloy sheets. Such products include consumer electronic products, consumer electronic product parts, architectural sheet products, architectural... Novelis Inc

01/12/17 / #20170008656

Process to manufacture large format aluminum bottles

A high speed manufacturing process for large format aluminum bottles (up to 750 ml) based on the DWI process that uses 3xxx can body stock with high recycled content. The process can include forming a bottle preform by redrawing, drawing and ironing, and doming a cup. The bottle preform formed... Novelis Inc

01/12/17 / #20170009913

Edge protection bushing with integrated clamp

An edge protection bushing 106 with integrated clamp 208 is disclosed. The bushing 106 includes a tail end 202 for attachment to a heat protection tube and a head end 206 for accepting a cable protection hose. A clamp 208 is positioned adjacent the head end 206 and held in... Novelis Inc

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