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Novo Nordisk A s
Novo Nordisk A s Novo Alle
Novo Nordisk A s Novo All xe9
Novo Nordisk A s A Corporation
Novo Nordisk A s_20100107
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Novo Nordisk A s patents

Recent patent applications related to Novo Nordisk A s. Novo Nordisk A s is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Novo Nordisk A s may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Novo Nordisk A s, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Nut assembly for a medical device
06/22/17 new patent  Telescopic drive arrangement with oldham coupling
06/15/17Process for the preparation of insulin-zinc complexes
06/15/17Automatic injection device with a top release mechanism
06/08/17Drug delivery device with indicator guidance
06/01/17Motorized drug delivery device
05/25/17Autoinjector having needle shield triggering
05/25/17Telescopic drive arrangement for drug delivery device
05/25/17Novel amylin and calcitonin receptor agonist
05/25/17Glp-1 derivatives
05/18/17Glycopegylated factor ix
05/18/17Pen-type drug injection device having multiple-use needle module with needle cleaning reservoir
05/18/17Injection device having needle shield locking
05/04/17A pen-shaped torsion spring driven injection device
04/27/17Double-acylated glp-1 compounds
04/27/17Antibodies against tissue factor pathway inhibitor
04/20/17A needle arrangement
04/13/17Glp-1/glucagon receptor co-agonists for medical use
04/06/17Dipeptide comprising a non-proteogenic amino acid
03/30/17Injection device having automatic needle retraction
03/23/17Drug delivery device with cap induced needle movement
03/16/17Selective elimination of erosive cells
03/16/17Therapeutic antibodies
03/09/17Factor viii variants having a decreased cellular uptake
03/02/17Double-acylated glp-1 derivatives
03/02/17Integrated continuous biomanufacturing process
02/23/17Novel glucagon analogues
02/16/17Treatment of diabetes type 1 using glp-1 and anti-il-21
02/16/17Methods for the purification of proteins using caprylic acid
01/26/17Factor viii molecules with reduced vwf binding
01/19/17Autoinjector having needle shield triggering
01/19/17Factor viii fusion protein
01/12/17Derivatives of glp-1 like peptides, and uses thereof
01/12/17Glycopegylation methods and proteins/peptides produced by the methods
01/12/17Telescopic drive arrangement
01/12/17A cartridge and needle assembly in combination
01/12/17Novel peptides and peptide derivatives and uses thereof
01/12/17Stable glucagon analogues and use for treatment of hypoglycaemia
01/12/17Novel insulin derivatives and the medical uses hereof
01/05/17A housing for a medical injection device
12/29/16Mating factor alpha pro-peptide variants
12/15/16Glycopegylated factor ix
12/15/16An injection apparatus
12/08/16Dose titration aid
12/08/16Dose titration aid
12/08/16Injection device with an end of dose feedback mechanism
12/08/16Stable, protracted glp-1/glucagon receptor co-agonists for medical use
12/01/16Novel glucagon analogues
12/01/16Antibody process
11/17/16Motorized drug delivery device with charging safety feature
11/10/16Transmission arrangement for motorized drug delivery device
11/10/16Shielding mechanism for an injection apparatus
11/10/16Generation of pancreatic endoderm from pluripotent stem cells using small molecules
11/03/16Auto-injection device with button activation
11/03/16Mechanical dose expelled indicator
11/03/16Compounds suitable for treatment of haemophilia
11/03/16Enterokinase cleavable polypeptides
10/13/16Dosing regimen
10/13/16Medical device and cartridge
10/13/16Novel methods and antibodies for treating coagulapathy
10/06/16Rotary sensor assembly with space efficient design
10/06/16Rotary sensor assembly with axial switch and redundancy feature
10/06/16Rotary sensor module with resynchronization feature
10/06/16Selective pyy compounds and uses thereof
09/22/16Acylated glucagon analogues
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09/22/16Injection device with a needle cannula
09/22/16Novel amylin and calcitonin receptor agonist
09/22/16Targeting tissue factor to activated platelets
09/15/16Coagulation factor-targeting to tlt-1 on activated platelets
09/15/16Drug delivery device with time indicator feature
09/15/16Stabilized factor viii variants
09/08/16Drug delivery device with front loading feature
09/01/16Targeted delivery of factor viii proteins to platelets
09/01/16Novel receptor trem (triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells) and uses thereof
08/25/16Dose setting mechanism for an injection device and having a preset feature
08/18/16Drug delivery device with brake mechanism
08/11/16Drug delivery device with improved dose reset mechanism
08/11/16Novel insulin derivatives
08/04/16Injection device for selective fixed or variable dosing
08/04/16Conjugated factor viii molecules
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07/28/16Novel derivative of an insulin analogue
07/21/16Compounds suitable for treatment of haemophilia
07/21/16Generation of endocrine progenitor cells from human pluripotent stem cells using small molecules
07/14/16Glp-1 derivatives, and uses thereof
07/14/16Factor viii: remodeling and glycoconjugation of factor viii
07/07/16Pharmaceutical composition for oral insulin administration comprising a tablet core and an anionic copolymer coating
07/07/16Factor viii: remodeling and glycoconjugation of factor viii
06/30/16Glycopegylated factor ix
06/09/16Remodeling and glycopegylation of fibroblast growth factor (fgf)
06/09/16Anitbodies that bind urokinase plasminogen activator
06/02/16Solid compositions comprising a glp-1 agonist and a salt of n-(8-(2-hydroxybenzoyl)amino)caprylic acid
06/02/16Antibodies recognizing the n-terminal part of tissue factor pathway inhibitor capable of eliciting pro-coagulant activity
05/26/16Glp-1 derivatives and uses thereof
05/19/16Novel uses of glp-1 receptor agonists in patients treated with insulin and/or suffering from type 1 diabetes
05/12/16Mic-1 fusion proteins and uses thereof
05/12/16Torsion spring injection device having an end-of-dose mechanism
05/12/16Drug delivery device with dual layer spring
05/05/16Factor viii conjugates
05/05/16Pharmaceutical composition suitable for treatment of haemophilia
05/05/16Fusion protease
04/28/16Frontloaded drug delivery device with actuated cartridge holder and piston rod coupling
04/28/16Method for making mature insulin polypeptides
04/21/16Novel oral pharmaceutical composition for treatment of diabetes
04/21/16Medical injection device
04/21/16Drug delivery device and system with pre-set dose feature
04/21/16Novel glp-1 derivatives
04/14/16Stable glp-1 based glp-1/glucagon receptor co-agonists
04/07/16Drug delivery device with piston rod coupling
04/07/16Methods for producing peptides using engineered inteins
03/31/16Drug delivery device with means for disabling activation of expelling mechanism
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03/31/16Frontloaded drug delivery device with dynamic axial stop feature
03/24/16Double-acylated glp-1 derivatives
03/24/16Novel peptidyl alpha-hydroxyglycine alpha-amidating lyases
03/17/16Fixation of a torsion spring
03/10/16Oral dosing of glp-1 compounds
03/03/16Novel administration regime
03/03/16Use of c5ar antagonists
02/25/16Dose logging device for a drug delivery device
02/25/16Drug delivery device with integrated magnetic movement indicator
02/18/16Drug delivery device and logging module assembly
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02/11/16Drug delivery device with compact power unit
02/11/16Human cd30 ligand antigen binding proteins
02/04/16Logging device adapted to combine doses
02/04/16Antibodies capable of specifically binding two epitopes on tissue factor pathway inhibitor
01/28/16Antibodies against human nkg2d and uses thereof
01/28/16Thrombin sensitive coagulation factor x molecules
01/21/16Rotary sensor module with axial switch
01/21/16Mic-1 fusion proteins and uses thereof
01/14/16Dose capturing cartridge module for drug delivery device
01/07/16Liquid factor viii formulations
01/07/16Injection needle having shield activated valve
01/07/16Novel glucagon analogues
01/07/16Factor viii variants having a decreased cellular uptake
12/31/15Stable, protracted glp-1/glucagon receptor co-agonists for medical use
12/31/15Factor viii molecules with reduced vwf binding
12/24/15Drug delivery device with dose capturing module
12/24/15A non-axial working end-of content mechanism and an injection device comprising the same
12/24/15Novel glucagon analogues
12/17/15High temperature dead end antibody filtration
12/10/15Medical injection system with dose capturing
12/03/15Glycopegylation methods and proteins/peptides produced by the methods
12/03/15Drug delivery device with shield operated needle actuator
12/03/15State changing appliance for a drug delivery device
12/03/15Novel glp-1 receptor agonists with cholesterol efflux activity
11/26/15Drug delivery device with front loading feature
11/26/15A needle device
11/12/15Injection device with integrated needle shield
11/05/15Automatic injection device with a top release mechanism
10/22/15Drug delivery device with variable dose setting mechanism
10/22/15Dose setting mechanism for an injection device capable of presetting a maximum dose
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10/08/15Determination of a tendency to gain weight
10/01/15Fatty acid acylated amino acids for oral peptide delivery
10/01/15Pre-filled disposable injection device
10/01/15Medical assembly with monitoring device
10/01/15Acylated glucagon analogues
10/01/15Antibodies that bind and block triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 (trem-1)
10/01/15Antibody toxin conjugates
09/24/15Fatty acid acylated d-amino acids for oral peptide delivery
09/24/15Spring driven injection device
09/24/15Determination of reduced gut bacterial diversity
09/17/15Glycerol linked pegylated sugars and glycopeptides
09/10/15Process for the preparation of insulin-zinc complexes
09/03/15Generation of pancreatic endoderm from pluripotent stem cells using small molecules
08/27/15Therapeutic factor viii antibodies
08/13/15Factor viii conjugates
08/13/15Coagulation factor ix conjugates
08/13/15Factor vii conjugates
07/30/15Double-acylated glp-1 derivatives with a linker
07/30/15Protease stabilized acylated insulin analogues
07/30/15Protease stabilized acylated insulin analogues
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07/23/15Spring driven injection device
07/23/15Spring-loaded injection device with an injection button
07/16/15Medical injection device
07/16/15Anti-kir antibodies, formulations, and uses thereof
07/16/15Piston rod foot
07/02/15Novel glucagon analogues
07/02/15Preparation comprising insulin, nicotinamide and an amino acid
06/25/15Shield lock for spring driven injection device
06/11/15Device for injecting apportioned doses of liquid drug
06/11/15Low friction systems and devices
06/04/15Tablet formulation comprising a peptide and a delivery agent
06/04/15Selective pyy compounds and uses thereof
06/04/15Double-acylated glp-1 derivatives
05/28/15Insulins with an acyl moiety comprising repeating units of alkylene glycol containing amino acids
05/28/15Dial-down mechanism for wind-up pen
05/21/15Pancreatic peptide compounds and use
05/14/15Double-acylated glp-1 derivatives
05/07/15Glycopegylated factor ix
05/07/15Pharmaceutical composition
05/07/15Insulin formulations
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04/23/15Glycopegylated follicle stimulating hormone
04/23/15Novel use of insulin derivatives
04/16/15Coagulation factor vii polypeptides
04/16/15Medical injection device comprising a secondary safety limiter
04/09/15Injection device
03/26/15Stabilised protein solutions
03/26/15Drug delivery device and detection of end-of-dose condition
03/19/15Drug delivery device with piston proximity sensing
03/19/15Dose mechanism for an injection device for limiting a dose setting corresponding to the amount of medicament left
03/12/15Anti-nkg2a antibodies and uses thereof
03/12/15Compositions of glp-1 peptides and preparation thereof
03/05/15Modified enterokinase light chain
03/05/15Medical injection device
03/05/15Medical delivery device with regimen identification feature
02/12/15Therapeutic antibodies
02/12/15Glp-1 prodrugs
02/12/15Pharmaceutical composition suitable for treatment of haemophilia
02/05/15Glp-1 agonists
02/05/15N-terminally modified oligopeptides and uses thereof
02/05/15Safety needle assembly
02/05/15Injection device with a sliding scale
02/05/15Injection device
01/29/15Compositions comprising a delivery agent and preparation thereof
01/29/15End of dose indicator
01/29/15System and assisting in the home treatment of a medical condition
01/22/15Glucagon-like peptide-1 derivatives and their pharmaceutical use
01/22/15Revolving needle magazine
01/22/15Automatic injection device with reset feature
01/22/15Syringe device
01/15/15Antibodies that bind peptidoglycan recognition protein 1
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01/08/15Derivatives of glp-1 like peptides, and uses thereof
12/25/14Medical system configured to collect and transfer data
12/18/14Insulin derivatives containing additional disulfide bonds
12/18/14Adaptive system for optimizing a drug dosage regimen over time
12/11/14Dipeptide comprising a non-proteogenic amino acid
12/04/14N-terminally modified insulin derivatives
11/13/14Drug filled delivery assembly
11/06/14Magnetic time delay indicator and an injection device incorporating such
10/30/14Injection pen with mechanical dose display comprising large ciphers
10/09/14Glp-1 derivatives
10/09/14Injection device with torsion spring and rotatable display
10/02/14Glycopegylation methods and proteins/peptides produced by the methods
10/02/14Antagonistic dr3 ligands
10/02/14Truncated glp-1 derivatives and their therapeutical use
09/18/14Injection device comprising an optical sensor
09/18/14Arrangement for sequential delivery of fluid volumes
09/18/14Injection device for delivering a fixed dose of liquid drug
09/11/14Pharmaceutical compositions for oral administration of insulin peptides
09/11/14Medical injection system comprising a medical injection device and a dose limiter module
09/04/14Piston rod foot
08/28/14Conjugated factor viii molecules
08/28/14System for determining position of element
08/28/14Process for shaping a needle cannula
08/21/14Efficient induction of definitive endoderm from pluripotent stem cells
08/14/14Multi-substituted insulins
08/14/14Integrated package
08/07/14Combined use of a modulator of cd3 and a glp-1 compound
07/24/14Electrolytic cip-cleaning process for removing impurities from the inner surface of a metallic container
07/24/14Preparation comprising insulin, nicotinamide and an amino acid

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