Inventors on Nuance Communications Inc patents (recent)

A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Nuance Communications Inc for 2017.
Note: Some Nuance Communications Inc-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Adwait Ratnaparkhi

Andrew D. Mauro

Benjamin Douglas

Bernd Iser

Claudio Vair

Daniele Colibro

David L. Martin

Deepak Ramachandran

Emanuele Dalmasso

Etienne Marcheret

Gunnar Evermann

Holger Quast

Jan Noessner

Jean-phillipe Robichaud

Jeremy A. Slater

Jiri Havelka

John R. Watson

Josef Vopicka

Kevin R. Farrell

Marc W. Regan

Mark Hanson

Markus Buck

Matthieu Hebert

Meik Pfeffinger

Peter Frederick Patel-schneider

Peter K. Lyons

Peter Patel-schneider

Peter Yeh

Peter Zei-chan Yeh

Raimo Bakis

Ryan S. Lasante

Sean P. Brown

Simon Corston

Stephen W. Laverty

Steven John Rennie

Tim Haulick

Tobias Herbig

Tobias Wolff

Vaibhava Goel

Vincent Pollet

Vladimir Sejnoha

Wendy Bannister

William Jarrold

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