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Nvidia Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nvidia Corporation. Nvidia Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nvidia Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nvidia Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Nvidia Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011105904/21/16 Efficient binding of resource groups in a graphics application programming interface
22016007783703/17/16 System, method, and computer program product for implementing large integer operations on a graphics processing unit
32016007789603/17/16 Techniques for render pass dependencies in an api
42016007076703/10/16 Tree data structures based on a plurality of local coordinate systems
52016007082003/10/16 Short stack traversal of tree data structures
62016007123403/10/16 Block-based lossless compression of geometric data
72016007124203/10/16 Enhanced anti-aliasing by varying sample patterns spatially and/or temporally
82016007124603/10/16 Enhanced anti-aliasing by varying sample patterns spatially and/or temporally
92016007131003/10/16 Beam tracing
102016007131203/10/16 Block-based bounding volume hierarchy
112016007131303/10/16 Relative encoding for a block-based bounding volume hierarchy
122016006239003/03/16 Adjusting clock frequency
132016006291003/03/16 Selecting hash values based on matrix rank
142016006294703/03/16 Performing multi-convolution operations in a parallel processing system
152016006367603/03/16 Image scaling techniques
162016005508702/25/16 System and managing cache replacements
172016004819802/18/16 State changing device
182016004899902/18/16 System, method, and computer program product for shading using a dynamic object-space grid
192016004900002/18/16 System, method, and computer program product for performing object-space shading
202016004181402/11/16 Power supply for ring-oscillator based true random number generator and generating true random numbers
212016004255902/11/16 Lighting simulation analysis using light path expressions
222016004356902/11/16 Magnetic power coupling to an integrated circuit module
232016004370602/11/16 Low power flip-flop element with gated clock
242016003512902/04/16 Control of a sample mask from a fragment shader program
252016003704402/04/16 Deinterleaving interleaved high dynamic range image by using yuv interpolation
262016002619501/28/16 Voltage optimization circuit and managing voltage margins of an integrated circuit
272016001906601/21/16 Execution of divergent threads using a convergence barrier
282016001971201/21/16 Method and determining mutual intersection of multiple convex shapes
292016001185701/14/16 Dynamic compiler parallelism techniques
302015035599612/10/15 System, method, and computer program product for collecting execution statistics for graphics processing unit workloads
312015035700912/10/15 High-density latch arrays
322015034681712/03/15 Physiologically based adaptive image generation
332015034690212/03/15 Touch-screen input/output device touch sensing techniques
342015034831712/03/15 System, method, and computer program product for processing primitive specific attributes generated by a fast geometry shader
352015034850912/03/15 Dynamic frame repetition in a variable refresh rate system
362015033920911/26/15 Determining overall performance characteristics of a concurrent software application
372015033979911/26/15 Techniques for optimizing stencil buffers
382015033999411/26/15 Refresh rate dependent adaptive dithering for a variable refresh rate display
392015033170011/19/15 Partial program specialization at runtime
402015033275711/19/15 Configurable delay circuit and clock buffering
412015032502811/12/15 Method and system for representing objects with velocity-dependent particles
422015032625511/12/15 Radio frequency power amplifier including a pulse generator and matching network circuit
432015032732511/12/15 Enhanced discontinued transmission and reception methods
442015031782711/05/15 System, method, and computer program product for pre-filtered anti-aliasing with deferred shading
452015031078910/29/15 Superresolution display using cascaded panels
462015031079810/29/15 Superresolution display using cascaded panels
472015030176110/22/15 System and protecting data in dynamically-allocated regions of memory
482015027091709/24/15 Estimating channel information
492015026370809/17/15 Low power master-slave flip-flop
502015025337309/10/15 Dynamic yield prediction
512015025536509/10/15 Microelectronic package plate with edge recesses for improved alignment
522015023885908/27/15 System and granting remote access to a video game executed on a video game console or network client
532015023887508/27/15 System and multi-client control of an avatar using different, but related, views
542015024197608/27/15 Wearable finger ring input device and controller
552015024298808/27/15 Methods of eliminating redundant rendering of frames
562015024304808/27/15 System, method, and computer program product for performing one-dimesional searches in two-dimensional images
572015024305708/27/15 Methods of rendering graphics by stroking paths
582015024323308/27/15 Techniques for avoiding and remedying dc bias buildup on a flat panel variable refresh rate display
592015024323408/27/15 Techniques for avoiding and remedying dc bias buildup on a flat panel variable refresh rate display
602015024361008/27/15 System, method, and computer program product for a high bandwidth bottom package
612015023496308/20/15 Interface analysis for verification of digital circuits
622015023568108/20/15 Pseudo-differential read scheme for dual port ram
632015023569508/20/15 Write assist scheme for low power sram
642015022804608/13/15 Automatically performing a trade-off between visual quality and latency during rendering of a video/graphics sequence
652015022805508/13/15 Liquid crystal display overdrive interpolation circuit and method
662015022822608/13/15 Power-efficient steerable displays
672015022931108/13/15 Oscillator frequency divider with improved phase noise
682015022984808/13/15 Method and system for generating an image including optically zoomed and digitally zoomed regions
692015022987908/13/15 System and creating a video frame from a single video field
702015022992108/13/15 Intra searches using inaccurate neighboring pixel data
712015021969708/06/15 Integrated circuit detection circuit for a digital multi-level strap and operation thereof
722015022031408/06/15 Control flow optimization for efficient program code execution on a processor
732015022034108/06/15 System, method, and computer program product for implementing software-based scoreboarding
742015022067508/06/15 System and routing buffered interconnects in an integrated circuit
752015022106408/06/15 User distance based modification of a resolution of a display unit interfaced with a data processing device and/or a display area size thereon
762015022112308/06/15 System and computing gathers using a single-instruction multiple-thread processor
772015022226608/06/15 Low tau synchronizer flip-flop with dual loop feedback approach to improve mean time between failure
782015022228408/06/15 System and dynamic frequency estimation for a spread-spectrum digital phase-locked loop
792015020966207/30/15 Cloud gaming system and initiating a gaming session
802015021214907/30/15 Degradation detector and detecting the aging of an integrated circuit
812015021215407/30/15 Methods and debugging lowest power states in system-on-chips
822015021256907/30/15 User space based performance state switching of a processor of a data processing device
832015021260007/30/15 Stylus tool with deformable tip
842015021260107/30/15 Stylus tool with deformable tip
852015021263107/30/15 System, method, and computer program product for multiple stimulus sensors for an input device
862015021281507/30/15 Methods and systems for maintenance and control of applications for performance tuning
872015021281907/30/15 System and processor for implementing interruptible batches of instructions
882015021289007/30/15 Graphics processing sub recovering a video basic input/output system
892015021293307/30/15 Methods for reducing memory space in sequential operations using directed acyclic graphs
902015021330307/30/15 Image processing with facial reference images
912015021363807/30/15 Hierarchical tiled caching
922015021364007/30/15 Hybrid virtual 3d rendering approach to stereovision
932015021364107/30/15 Barycentric filtering for measured biderectional scattering distribution function
942015021375207/30/15 Adjustable screen display size for an electronic device
952015021377607/30/15 Computing automatically making a display configuration persistent
962015021378607/30/15 Method for changing a resolution of an image shown on a display
972015021385507/30/15 Mode-changeable dual data rate random access memory driver with asymmetric offset and memory interface incorporating the same
982015021496307/30/15 Phase lock loop (pll/fll) clock signal generation with frequency scaling to power supply voltage
992015021551207/30/15 System, method, and computer program product for determining a quantity of light received by an element of a scene
1002015021606607/30/15 Integrated circuit package having improved coplanarity
1012015020253307/23/15 Mapping touchscreen gestures to ergonomic controls across application scenes
1022015020494507/23/15 Hybrid on-chip clock controller techniques for facilitating at-speed scan testing and scan architecture support
1032015020538107/23/15 Mobile gaming controller with integrated virtual mouse
1042015020557207/23/15 Determination and application of audio processing presets in handheld devices
1052015020558607/23/15 System, method, and computer program product for bulk synchronous binary program translation and optimization
1062015020558907/23/15 System, method, and computer program product for improved power efficiency during program code execution
1072015020559007/23/15 Confluence analysis and loop fast-forwarding for improving simd execution efficiency
1082015020560607/23/15 Tree-based thread management
1092015020560707/23/15 Tree-based thread management
1102015020563607/23/15 Using high priority thread to boost cpu clock rate
1112015020571107/23/15 Methods and systems for monitoring and logging software and hardware failures
1122015020575707/23/15 System, method, and computer program product for executing casting-arithmetic instructions
1132015020627007/23/15 System and wirelessly sharing graphics processing resources and gpu tethering incorporating the same
1142015020627107/23/15 System and increasing a graphics processing capability of a mobile device
1152015020627207/23/15 Selectively killing trapped multi-process service clients sharing the same hardware context
1162015020627707/23/15 Unified memory systems and methods
1172015020628507/23/15 Efficient approximate-nearest-neighbor (ann) search for high-quality collaborative filtering
1182015020650407/23/15 Unified optimization end-to-end camera image processing for translating a sensor captured image to a display image
1192015020651107/23/15 Leveraging compression for display buffer blit in a graphics system having an integrated graphics processing unit and a discrete graphics processing unit
1202015020657607/23/15 Negative bit line write assist for memory array
1212015020657707/23/15 Hybrid approach to write assist for memory array
1222015020659607/23/15 Managing a ring buffer shared by multiple processing engines
1232015020684807/23/15 System, method, and computer program product for a cavity package-on-package structure
1242015020721907/23/15 Wideband antenna and an electronic device including the same
1252015020722807/23/15 Single element dual-feed antennas and an electronic device including the same
1262015020723007/23/15 Wideband loop antenna and an electronic device including the same
1272015020723107/23/15 Co-located antennas and an electronic device including the same
1282015020750107/23/15 System and a dynamic voltage controlled oscillator
1292015020797507/23/15 Dct based flicker detection
1302015020798807/23/15 Interactive panoramic photography based on combined visual and inertial orientation tracking
1312015020807207/23/15 Adaptive video compression based on motion
1322015020807507/23/15 Memory management of motion vectors in high efficiency video coding motion vector prediction
1332015020807907/23/15 Adaptive frame type detection for real-time low-latency streaming servers
1342015020835407/23/15 System and extending battery life of a mobile device providing content wirelessly to a remote display
1352015019916507/16/15 Automatic proximity display switching for a miracast environment
1362015019917607/16/15 Power supply for ring-oscillator based true random number generator and generating true random numbers
1372015019922307/16/15 Approach to predictive verification of write integrity in a memory driver
1382015019928007/16/15 Method and system for implementing multi-stage translation of virtual addresses
1392015019946407/16/15 Floorplan anneal using perturbation of selected automated macro placement results
1402015019982207/16/15 Pcie clock rate stepping for graphics and platform processors
1412015019983307/16/15 Hardware support for display features
1422015020000607/16/15 Sram write driver with improved drive strength
1432015020002007/16/15 Integrated circuit having an enhanced fuseless fuse structure, a manufacturing the same and a data structure for use with the fuseless fuse structure
1442015020054107/16/15 Input rail dynamic power balancing and merging
1452015020121907/16/15 System and pixel data compression
1462015019294207/09/15 Voltage optimization circuit and managing voltage margins of an integrated circuit
1472015019306207/09/15 Method and buffering sensor input in a low power system state
1482015019320307/09/15 Efficiency in a fused floating-point multiply-add unit
1492015019327207/09/15 System and processor that include an implementation of decoupled pipelines
1502015019335807/09/15 Prioritized memory reads
1512015019390307/09/15 Efficient cache management in a tiled architecture
1522015019390707/09/15 Efficient cache management in a tiled architecture
1532015019391507/09/15 Technique for projecting an image onto a surface with a mobile device
1542015019411107/09/15 Dc balancing techniques for a variable refresh rate display
1552015019412807/09/15 Generating a low-latency transparency effect
1562015019413607/09/15 Method and system for keyframe detection when executing an application in a cloud based system providing virtualized graphics processing to remote servers
1572015019413707/09/15 Method and optimizing display updates on an interactive display device
1582015019415707/09/15 System, method, and computer program product for artifact reduction in high-frequency regeneration audio signals
1592015019436007/09/15 Integrated circuit package having improved coplanarity
1602015019495107/09/15 Toggling a clocked component using a slow clock to address bias temperature instability aging
1612015019534207/09/15 Remote configuration of data processing devices in a cluster computing system
1622015019548207/09/15 Method, system and smartphone that chooses optimal image to reduce shutter shake
1632015019552107/09/15 Candidate motion vector selection systems and methods
1642015018704107/02/15 Gpu and gpu computing system for providing a virtual machine and a manufacturing the same
1652015018712607/02/15 Using indirection maps for rendering texture space effects
1662015018712907/02/15 Technique for pre-computing ambient obscurance
1672015018713507/02/15 Generating indirection maps for texture space effects
1682015018725607/02/15 Preventing fetch of occluded pixels for display processing and scan-out
1692015018901207/02/15 Wireless display synchronization for mobile devices using buffer locking
1702015018912607/02/15 Controlling content frame rate based on refresh rate of a display
1712015017896106/25/15 System, method, and computer program product for angular subdivision of quadratic bezier curves
1722015017751406/25/15 System, method, and computer program product for a pinlight see-through near-eye display
1732015017808506/25/15 System, method, and computer program product for remapping registers based on a change in execution mode
1742015017887906/25/15 System, method, and computer program product for simultaneous execution of compute and graphics workloads
1752015017893206/25/15 Image analysis of display content for dynamic adjustment of a continuous scan display
1762015017896106/25/15 System, method, and computer program product for angular subdivision of quadratic bezier curves
1772015017914206/25/15 System, method, and computer program product for reduced-rate calculation of low-frequency pixel shader intermediate values
1782015017923206/25/15 System and performing sram access assists using vss boost
1792015018069406/25/15 Radio frequency circuit for intra-band and inter-band carrier aggregation
1802015016910106/18/15 Method and system for reduced power touch input detection on an electronic device using reduced scanning
1812015016928906/18/15 Logic circuitry configurable to perform 32-bit or dual 16-bit floating-point operations
1822015017040806/18/15 Adaptive shading in a graphics processing pipeline
1832015017040906/18/15 Adaptive shading in a graphics processing pipeline
1842015017163106/18/15 System, method, and computer program product for a swtich mode current balancing rail merge circuit
1852015016091106/11/15 Enabling hardware acceleration in a computing device during a mosaic display mode of operation thereof
1862015016181006/11/15 Position based fluid dynamics simulation
1872015016332406/11/15 Approach to adaptive allocation of shared resources in computer systems
1882015015354406/04/15 Method and augmenting and correcting mobile camera optics on a mobile device
1892015015377706/04/15 Electronic device with both inflexible display screen and flexible display screen
1902015015380506/04/15 Dynamic voltage-frequency scaling to limit power transients
1912015015403606/04/15 Method of disseminating updated drivers to mobile computing devices and a dissemination system therefor
1922015015473206/04/15 Compositing of surface buffers using page table manipulation
1932015015473306/04/15 Stencil buffer data compression
1942015015493406/04/15 Method and system for customizing optimal settings using end-user preferences
1952015015614306/04/15 System and side display on a multi-display mobile device
1962015015648306/04/15 Providing a capability to simultaneously view and/or listen to multiple sets of data on one or more endpoint device(s) associated with a data processing device
1972015014587105/28/15 System, method, and computer program product to enable the yielding of threads in a graphics processing unit to transfer control to a host processor
1982015014699305/28/15 Generalization of methods and systems for image compression while encoding at least one extra bit
1992015014971305/28/15 Memory interface design
2002015014978805/28/15 System, method, and computer program product for optimizing data encryption and decryption by implementing asymmetric aes-cbc channels
2012015013806505/21/15 Head-mounted integrated interface
2022015013822805/21/15 System, method, and computer program product for implementing anti-aliasing operations using a programmable sample pattern table
2032015013869705/21/15 Protective cover for an electronic device and manufacturing the same
2042015013954305/21/15 System, method, and computer program product for enhancing an image utilizing a hyper-clarity transform
2052015014109205/21/15 Electronic device and associated protective cover
2062015014305805/21/15 System, method, and computer program product for utilizing a data pointer table pre-fetcher
2072015014306105/21/15 Partitioned register file
2082015014334705/21/15 Software development environment and compiling integrated source code
2092015013085005/14/15 Method and apparatus to provide a lower power user interface on an lcd panel through localized backlight control
2102015013091505/14/15 Apparatus and system for dynamic adjustment of depth for stereoscopic video content
2112015013096705/14/15 Adaptive dynamic range imaging
2122015013319505/14/15 Communication system and method
2132015013491605/14/15 Cache filter
2142015012397705/07/15 Low latency and high performance synchronization mechanism amongst pixel pipe units
2152015012509105/07/15 System, method, and computer program product for performing fast, non-rigid registration for high dynamic range image stacks
2162015012733305/07/15 Efficient digital microphone receiver process and system
2172015012733505/07/15 Voice trigger
2182015012786005/07/15 Setting a pcie device id
2192015012808305/07/15 Virtual keyboard with adaptive character recognition zones
2202015011629404/30/15 Power-efficient control of display data configured to be rendered on a display unit of a data processing device
2212015011652304/30/15 Image signal processor and generating image statistics
2222015011687904/30/15 In-rush current limiting switch control
2232015011753604/30/15 Video decoder techniques
2242015011766604/30/15 Providing multichannel audio data rendering capability in a data processing device
2252015011914204/30/15 Gamecasting techniques
2262015011914904/30/15 Method and system for gathering time-varying metrics
2272015012067404/30/15 Virtual program installation and state restoration
2282015010893404/23/15 Distributed fan control
2292015010928604/23/15 System, method, and computer program product for combining low motion blur and variable refresh rate in a display
2302015010928904/23/15 Method and simulating stiff stacks
2312015010929604/23/15 Graphics processing sub updating voxel representation of a scene
2322015010929704/23/15 Graphics processing sub computing a three-dimensional clipmap
2332015010929804/23/15 Computing representing volumetric data for a scene
2342015010930004/23/15 System and computing reduced-resolution indirect illumination using interpolated directional incoming radiance
2352015010930904/23/15 Unified position based solver for visual effects
2362015010931504/23/15 System, method, and computer program product for mapping tiles to physical memory locations
2372015010947304/23/15 Programming a camera sensor
2382015010948604/23/15 Filtering extraneous image data in camera systems
2392015011045504/23/15 Utility and capturing computer-generated video output
2402015011164904/23/15 Framework to enable consumption of captured gameplay data over multiple mediums concurrently
2412015011269004/23/15 Low power always-on voice trigger architecture
2422015011325404/23/15 Efficiency through a distributed instruction set architecture
2432015011330004/23/15 Battery operated computer system
2442015011352704/23/15 Method and system for fast cloning of virtual machines
2452015011353804/23/15 Hierarchical staging areas for scheduling threads for execution
2462015010248304/16/15 Microelectronic package with stress-tolerant solder bump pattern
2472015010278804/16/15 Energy-based control of a switching regulator
2482015010279904/16/15 Jitter determination of noisy electrical signals
2492015010308704/16/15 System, method, and computer program product for discarding pixel samples

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