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Nvidia Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nvidia Corporation. Nvidia Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nvidia Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nvidia Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Technique for computational nested parallelism
03/23/17 new patent  System, method, and computer program product for rejecting small primitives
03/23/17 new patent  Automatic absolute orientation and position
03/16/17Thermal shield can for improved thermal performance of mobile devices
03/16/17Integrated voltage regulator with in-built process, temperature and aging compensation
03/16/17Cursor handling in a variable refresh rate environment
03/16/17System and testing data channel bandwidth, packet loss, latency and jitter
03/09/17User-equipment-based quality-of-service enforcement and control real-time traffic
03/09/17Dynamically providing host input control for streaming applications
03/02/17Multi-sensor based user interface
03/02/17Memory management systems and methods
03/02/17System, method and computer program product for implementing anti-aliasing operations using a programmable sample pattern table
03/02/17Near-eye parallax barrier displays
03/02/17System and forward error correction for streaming media
02/23/17Scaled pci express credits
02/23/17Controlling multi-pass rendering sequences in a cache tiling architecture
02/23/17Technique for performing variable width data compression using a palette of encodings
02/23/17View-dependant shading normal adaptation
02/16/17Virtual access of input/output (i/o) for test via an on-chip star network
02/16/17Consistent vertex snapping for variable resolution rendering
02/16/17Model-based three-dimensional head pose estimation
02/09/17Method and interception of synchronization objects in graphics application programming interfaces for frame debugging
02/09/17Low-latency display
02/09/17Video encoder, video encoding system and video encoding method
02/02/17Sideband signal consolidation fanout using a clock generator chip
02/02/17Decorrelation of low discrepancy sequences for progressive rendering
01/26/17Stencil-then-cover path rendering with shared edges
01/26/17Via pattern to reduce crosstalk between differential signal pairs
01/26/17System and jitter-aware bandwidth estimation
01/26/17System, for providing crowd-sourced, cloud-based custom tuning for applications
01/12/17Cooperative thread array granularity context switch during trap handling
01/12/17Unified optimization end-to-end camera image processing for translating a sensor captured image to a display image
01/05/17Patch memory system
01/05/17Method and system for capturing a frame buffer of a virtual machine in a gpu pass-through environment
12/29/16Removable substrate for controlling warpage of an integrated circuit package
12/29/16Clock generation circuit that tracks critical path across process, voltage and temperature variation
12/29/16Low-latency bi-directional repeater
12/22/16Approach for performing incremental timing analysis with improved accuracy
12/22/16Modifying implant regions in an integrated circuit to meet minimum width design rules
12/08/16Migrating pages of different sizes between heterogeneous processors
12/08/16Cooperative thread array reduction and scan operations
12/08/16Low-power state with a variable refresh rate display
12/08/16System and reducing power consumed obtaining system information from a cell
12/01/16Start-up performance improvement for remote video gaming
12/01/16Fusing a sequence of operations through subdividing
12/01/16Piecewise linear irregular rasterization
12/01/16High speed comparator with digitally calibrated threshold
11/24/16Assymetric coherent caching for heterogeneous computing
11/24/16Pixel density normalization for viewing images across dissimilar displays
11/03/16Programmable vision accelerator
11/03/16System and creating aliased mappings to minimize impact of cache invalidation
11/03/16Optimal settings for application streaming
11/03/16Authentication commands
10/20/16Mixed primary display with spatially modulated backlight
10/13/16Programmable graphics processor for multithreaded execution of programs
10/06/16System and multi-client control of a common avatar
10/06/16System and cooperative game control
10/06/16Method and system for applying optimal settings from first invocation of a gaming application
10/06/16System and cooperative application control
09/29/16Control device intregrating touch and displacement controls
09/29/16Low complexity adaptive temporal filtering for mobile captures
09/29/16Conflict detection
09/15/16Method and system for associating crash reports with end user analytics
09/15/16Low clocking power flip-flop
09/15/16Alert based on recognition of a particular sound pattern
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09/08/16Radar based user interface
08/04/16Approach for a configurable phase-based priority scheduler
08/04/16Influence clock data recovery settling point by applying decision feedback equalization to a crossing sample
07/28/16Channel quality indication compensation for kronecker precoding
07/28/16Soft codebook subset restriction for elevation beamforming
07/14/16Frustum tests for sub-pixel shadows
06/30/16Techniques for creating a notion of privileged data access in a unified virtual memory system
06/30/16System and compiler support for compile time customization of code
06/30/16Method and execution of applications in a cloud system
06/23/16Work-efficient, load-balanced, merge-based parallelized consumption of sequences of sequences
06/16/16Novel low noise amplifier architecture for carrier aggregation receivers
06/16/16Low noise amplifier providing variable gains and noise cancellation for carrier aggregation
06/09/16Dynamic interface control device mapping when game sharing
06/09/16Parallelization of random number generators
06/09/16Indirectly accessing sample data to perform multi-convolution operations in a parallel processing system
Patent Packs
05/26/16Pausible bisynchronous fifo
05/26/16Low-impedance power delivery for a packaged die
05/19/16Supersampling for spatially distributed and disjoined large-scale data
05/12/16Memory space mapping techniques for server based graphics processing
05/05/16Systems and methods for isosurface extraction using tessellation hardware
04/21/16Efficient binding of resource groups in a graphics application programming interface
03/17/16System, method, and computer program product for implementing large integer operations on a graphics processing unit
03/17/16Techniques for render pass dependencies in an api
03/10/16Tree data structures based on a plurality of local coordinate systems
03/10/16Short stack traversal of tree data structures
03/10/16Block-based lossless compression of geometric data
03/10/16Enhanced anti-aliasing by varying sample patterns spatially and/or temporally
03/10/16Enhanced anti-aliasing by varying sample patterns spatially and/or temporally
03/10/16Beam tracing
03/10/16Block-based bounding volume hierarchy
03/10/16Relative encoding for a block-based bounding volume hierarchy
03/03/16Adjusting clock frequency
03/03/16Selecting hash values based on matrix rank
03/03/16Performing multi-convolution operations in a parallel processing system
03/03/16Image scaling techniques
02/25/16System and managing cache replacements
02/18/16State changing device
02/18/16System, method, and computer program product for shading using a dynamic object-space grid
02/18/16System, method, and computer program product for performing object-space shading
02/11/16Power supply for ring-oscillator based true random number generator and generating true random numbers
02/11/16Lighting simulation analysis using light path expressions
02/11/16Magnetic power coupling to an integrated circuit module
02/11/16Low power flip-flop element with gated clock
02/04/16Control of a sample mask from a fragment shader program
02/04/16Deinterleaving interleaved high dynamic range image by using yuv interpolation
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01/28/16Voltage optimization circuit and managing voltage margins of an integrated circuit
01/21/16Execution of divergent threads using a convergence barrier
01/21/16Method and determining mutual intersection of multiple convex shapes
01/14/16Dynamic compiler parallelism techniques
12/10/15System, method, and computer program product for collecting execution statistics for graphics processing unit workloads
12/10/15High-density latch arrays
12/03/15Physiologically based adaptive image generation
12/03/15Touch-screen input/output device touch sensing techniques
12/03/15System, method, and computer program product for processing primitive specific attributes generated by a fast geometry shader
12/03/15Dynamic frame repetition in a variable refresh rate system
Patent Packs
11/26/15Determining overall performance characteristics of a concurrent software application
11/26/15Techniques for optimizing stencil buffers
11/26/15Refresh rate dependent adaptive dithering for a variable refresh rate display
11/19/15Partial program specialization at runtime
11/19/15Configurable delay circuit and clock buffering
11/12/15Method and system for representing objects with velocity-dependent particles
11/12/15Radio frequency power amplifier including a pulse generator and matching network circuit
11/12/15Enhanced discontinued transmission and reception methods
11/05/15System, method, and computer program product for pre-filtered anti-aliasing with deferred shading
10/29/15Superresolution display using cascaded panels
10/29/15Superresolution display using cascaded panels
10/22/15System and protecting data in dynamically-allocated regions of memory
09/24/15Estimating channel information
09/17/15Low power master-slave flip-flop
09/10/15Dynamic yield prediction
09/10/15Microelectronic package plate with edge recesses for improved alignment
08/27/15System and granting remote access to a video game executed on a video game console or network client
08/27/15System and multi-client control of an avatar using different, but related, views
08/27/15Wearable finger ring input device and controller
08/27/15Methods of eliminating redundant rendering of frames
08/27/15System, method, and computer program product for performing one-dimesional searches in two-dimensional images
08/27/15Methods of rendering graphics by stroking paths
08/27/15Techniques for avoiding and remedying dc bias buildup on a flat panel variable refresh rate display
08/27/15Techniques for avoiding and remedying dc bias buildup on a flat panel variable refresh rate display
08/27/15System, method, and computer program product for a high bandwidth bottom package
08/20/15Interface analysis for verification of digital circuits
08/20/15Pseudo-differential read scheme for dual port ram
08/20/15Write assist scheme for low power sram
08/13/15Automatically performing a trade-off between visual quality and latency during rendering of a video/graphics sequence
08/13/15Liquid crystal display overdrive interpolation circuit and method
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08/13/15Power-efficient steerable displays
08/13/15Oscillator frequency divider with improved phase noise
08/13/15Method and system for generating an image including optically zoomed and digitally zoomed regions
08/13/15System and creating a video frame from a single video field
08/13/15Intra searches using inaccurate neighboring pixel data
08/06/15Integrated circuit detection circuit for a digital multi-level strap and operation thereof
08/06/15Control flow optimization for efficient program code execution on a processor
08/06/15System, method, and computer program product for implementing software-based scoreboarding
08/06/15System and routing buffered interconnects in an integrated circuit
08/06/15User distance based modification of a resolution of a display unit interfaced with a data processing device and/or a display area size thereon
08/06/15System and computing gathers using a single-instruction multiple-thread processor
08/06/15Low tau synchronizer flip-flop with dual loop feedback approach to improve mean time between failure
08/06/15System and dynamic frequency estimation for a spread-spectrum digital phase-locked loop
07/30/15Cloud gaming system and initiating a gaming session
07/30/15Degradation detector and detecting the aging of an integrated circuit
07/30/15Methods and debugging lowest power states in system-on-chips
07/30/15User space based performance state switching of a processor of a data processing device
07/30/15Stylus tool with deformable tip
07/30/15Stylus tool with deformable tip
07/30/15System, method, and computer program product for multiple stimulus sensors for an input device
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07/30/15Methods and systems for maintenance and control of applications for performance tuning
07/30/15System and processor for implementing interruptible batches of instructions
07/30/15Graphics processing sub recovering a video basic input/output system
07/30/15Methods for reducing memory space in sequential operations using directed acyclic graphs
07/30/15Image processing with facial reference images
07/30/15Hierarchical tiled caching
07/30/15Hybrid virtual 3d rendering approach to stereovision
07/30/15Barycentric filtering for measured biderectional scattering distribution function
07/30/15Adjustable screen display size for an electronic device
07/30/15Computing automatically making a display configuration persistent
07/30/15Method for changing a resolution of an image shown on a display
07/30/15Mode-changeable dual data rate random access memory driver with asymmetric offset and memory interface incorporating the same
07/30/15Phase lock loop (pll/fll) clock signal generation with frequency scaling to power supply voltage
07/30/15System, method, and computer program product for determining a quantity of light received by an element of a scene
07/30/15Integrated circuit package having improved coplanarity
07/23/15Mapping touchscreen gestures to ergonomic controls across application scenes
07/23/15Hybrid on-chip clock controller techniques for facilitating at-speed scan testing and scan architecture support
07/23/15Mobile gaming controller with integrated virtual mouse
07/23/15Determination and application of audio processing presets in handheld devices
07/23/15System, method, and computer program product for bulk synchronous binary program translation and optimization
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07/23/15System, method, and computer program product for improved power efficiency during program code execution
07/23/15Confluence analysis and loop fast-forwarding for improving simd execution efficiency
07/23/15Tree-based thread management
07/23/15Tree-based thread management
07/23/15Using high priority thread to boost cpu clock rate
07/23/15Methods and systems for monitoring and logging software and hardware failures
07/23/15System, method, and computer program product for executing casting-arithmetic instructions
07/23/15System and wirelessly sharing graphics processing resources and gpu tethering incorporating the same
07/23/15System and increasing a graphics processing capability of a mobile device
07/23/15Selectively killing trapped multi-process service clients sharing the same hardware context
07/23/15Unified memory systems and methods
07/23/15Efficient approximate-nearest-neighbor (ann) search for high-quality collaborative filtering
07/23/15Unified optimization end-to-end camera image processing for translating a sensor captured image to a display image
07/23/15Leveraging compression for display buffer blit in a graphics system having an integrated graphics processing unit and a discrete graphics processing unit
07/23/15Negative bit line write assist for memory array
07/23/15Hybrid approach to write assist for memory array
07/23/15Managing a ring buffer shared by multiple processing engines
07/23/15System, method, and computer program product for a cavity package-on-package structure
07/23/15Wideband antenna and an electronic device including the same
07/23/15Single element dual-feed antennas and an electronic device including the same
07/23/15Wideband loop antenna and an electronic device including the same
07/23/15Co-located antennas and an electronic device including the same
07/23/15System and a dynamic voltage controlled oscillator
07/23/15Dct based flicker detection
07/23/15Interactive panoramic photography based on combined visual and inertial orientation tracking
07/23/15Adaptive video compression based on motion
07/23/15Memory management of motion vectors in high efficiency video coding motion vector prediction
07/23/15Adaptive frame type detection for real-time low-latency streaming servers
07/23/15System and extending battery life of a mobile device providing content wirelessly to a remote display
07/16/15Automatic proximity display switching for a miracast environment
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07/16/15Power supply for ring-oscillator based true random number generator and generating true random numbers
07/16/15Approach to predictive verification of write integrity in a memory driver
07/16/15Method and system for implementing multi-stage translation of virtual addresses
07/16/15Floorplan anneal using perturbation of selected automated macro placement results
07/16/15Pcie clock rate stepping for graphics and platform processors
07/16/15Hardware support for display features
07/16/15Sram write driver with improved drive strength
07/16/15Integrated circuit having an enhanced fuseless fuse structure, a manufacturing the same and a data structure for use with the fuseless fuse structure
07/16/15Input rail dynamic power balancing and merging
07/16/15System and pixel data compression
07/09/15Voltage optimization circuit and managing voltage margins of an integrated circuit
07/09/15Method and buffering sensor input in a low power system state
07/09/15Efficiency in a fused floating-point multiply-add unit
07/09/15System and processor that include an implementation of decoupled pipelines
07/09/15Prioritized memory reads
07/09/15Efficient cache management in a tiled architecture
07/09/15Efficient cache management in a tiled architecture
07/09/15Technique for projecting an image onto a surface with a mobile device
07/09/15Dc balancing techniques for a variable refresh rate display
07/09/15Generating a low-latency transparency effect
07/09/15Method and system for keyframe detection when executing an application in a cloud based system providing virtualized graphics processing to remote servers
07/09/15Method and optimizing display updates on an interactive display device
07/09/15System, method, and computer program product for artifact reduction in high-frequency regeneration audio signals
07/09/15Integrated circuit package having improved coplanarity
07/09/15Toggling a clocked component using a slow clock to address bias temperature instability aging
07/09/15Remote configuration of data processing devices in a cluster computing system
07/09/15Method, system and smartphone that chooses optimal image to reduce shutter shake
07/09/15Candidate motion vector selection systems and methods
07/02/15Gpu and gpu computing system for providing a virtual machine and a manufacturing the same

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