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Nvidia Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Nvidia Corporation. Nvidia Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nvidia Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nvidia Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Communication system and method


Device-ready-status to function-ready-status conversion

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Count Application # Date Nvidia Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014023236008/21/14 new patent  Predictive current sensing
22014023236108/21/14 new patent  Pulsed current sensing
32014023236808/21/14 new patent  Electric power conversion with assymetric phase response
42014023254008/21/14 new patent  System, method, and computer program product for implementing a power saving technique using a proximity sensor controlled display
52014023266408/21/14 new patent  Synchronized touch input recognition
62014023272908/21/14 new patent  Power efficient attribute handling for tessellation and geometry shaders
72014023361208/21/14 new patent  Technique for optimizing the phase of a data signal transmitted across a communication link
82014023361608/21/14 new patent  Communication system and method
92014023361708/21/14 new patent  Communication system and method
102014023715308/21/14 new patent  Device-ready-status to function-ready-status conversion
112014023718708/21/14 new patent  Adaptive multilevel binning to improve hierarchical caching
122014023718908/21/14 new patent  Compression status bit cache and backing store
132014022557908/14/14Current-parking switching regulator upstream controller
142014022566208/14/14Low-voltage, high-accuracy current mirror circuit
152014022590208/14/14Image pyramid processor and method of multi-resolution image processing
162014022807708/14/14Mobile computing device with expanded display size
172014022975408/14/14Power telemetry remote monitoring
182014022978308/14/14In-circuit test structure for printed circuit board
192014022993508/14/14Virtual interrupt delivery from a graphics processing unit (gpu) of a computing system without hardware support therefor
202014022995308/14/14System, method, and computer program product for management of dependency between tasks
212014021800108/07/14Current-parking switching regulator downstream controller pre-driver
222014021808408/07/14Approach to clock frequency modulation of a fixed frequency clock source
232014021833208/07/14Flat panel electronic device
242014021837608/07/14System and method for image processing
252014021837908/07/14Device, system and method for transferring network data
262014021839008/07/14Modulated and blended anti-aliasing
272014021878708/07/14Flat panel electronic apparatus and display panel thereof
282014021900708/07/14Dram with segmented page configuration
292014021948208/07/14Flat panel electronic device and audio playing apparatus thereof
302014022105408/07/14Saving power in a mobile terminal
312014022108708/07/14Handheld gaming console
322014022321908/07/14Clock frequency controller for a processor and method of operation thereof
332014022322108/07/14Approach to clock frequency modulation of a fixed frequency clock source
342014022323608/07/14Device for testing a graphics card
352014022342008/07/14Convergence analysis in multithreaded programs
362014020859007/31/14Process for manufacturing a printed circuit board having high density microvias formed in a thick substrate
372014021042907/31/14Current-parking switching regulator with a split inductor
382014021043407/31/14Current-parking switching regulator downstream controller
392014021065607/31/14Circuit for implementing a continuous-time deglitching technique for digital analog converters
402014021169207/31/14Communication system and method
412014021434207/31/14Verification of test program stability and wafer fabrication process sensitivity
422014021523607/31/14Power-efficient inter processor communication scheduling
432014020400507/24/14System, method, and computer program product for distributed processing of overlapping portions of pixels
442014020409807/24/14System, method, and computer program product for graphics processing unit (gpu) demand paging
452014020410607/24/14Shader program attribute storage
462014020465707/24/14Sram voltage assist
472014020468707/24/14System and method for performing address-based sram access assists
482014019883907/17/14Low latency sub-frame level video decoding
492014019892307/17/14Real time audio echo and background noise reduction for a mobile device
502014020005107/17/14Radio frequency identification on mobile computing device
512014019076307/10/14Ported enclosure and automated equalization of frequency response in a micro-speaker audio system
522014019206607/10/14Parallel processor with integrated correlation and convolution engine
532014019300207/10/14Ported enclosure and automated equalization of frequency response in a micro-speaker audio system
542014019559407/10/14Method and system for distributed processing, rendering, and displaying of content
552014019559807/10/14System and method for computer peripheral access from cloud computing devices
562014019591207/10/14Method and system for simultaneous display of video content
572014019604307/10/14System and method for re-factorizing a square matrix into lower and upper triangular matrices on a parallel processor
582014018395107/03/14Super n-phase switching mode power supply
592014018417907/03/14Efficient voltage sensing systems and methods
602014018426807/03/14Power conservation using gray-coded address sequencing
612014018450807/03/14Universal adaptive game controller
622014018451307/03/14Softkey magnification on touch screen
632014018451707/03/14Early drawing system and method to improve touch screen response
642014018458307/03/14Method and apparatus to reduce panel power through horizontal interlaced addressing
652014018460107/03/14System and method for frame buffer decompression and/or compression
662014018460307/03/14Method to improve usability of high pixel density displays
672014018461107/03/14Method and apparatus for sending partial frame updates rendered in a graphics processor to a display using framelock signals
682014018461207/03/14Variable-width differential memory compression
692014018461607/03/14System, method, and computer program product for identifying a faulty processing unit
702014018461707/03/14Mid-primitive graphics execution preemption
712014018462507/03/14Stutter buffer transfer techniques for display systems
722014018462607/03/14Frame times by dynamically adjusting frame buffer resolution
732014018462707/03/14Progressive lossy memory compression
742014018462907/03/14Method and apparatus for synchronizing a lower bandwidth graphics processor with a higher bandwidth display using framelock signals
752014018463207/03/14Method and system for index compression for fixed block size texture formats and for non-linear interpolation of index values along an edge in a tile
762014018463307/03/14Conservative bounding region rasterization
772014018466707/03/14Display device with binary mode amoled pixel pattern
782014018481307/03/14Lens shading calibration for cameras
792014018489407/03/14System, method, and computer program product implementing an image processing pipeline for high-dynamic range images
802014018563307/03/14Flexible threshold counter for clock-and-data recovery
812014018585207/03/14Audio channel mapping in a portable electronic device
822014018595107/03/14Summed area computation using ripmap of partial sums
832014018595207/03/14System, method, and computer program product for implementing a spatially varying unsharp mask noise reduction filter
842014018733107/03/14Latency reduction by sub-frame encoding and transmission
852014018896307/03/14Efficient correction of normalizer shift amount errors in fused multiply add operations
862014018909107/03/14Network adaptive latency reduction through frame rate control
872014018918007/03/14Method and system for changing bus direction in memory systems
882014018926007/03/14Approach for context switching of lock-bit protected memory
892014018931007/03/14Fault detection in instruction translations
902014018931307/03/14Queued instruction re-dispatch after runahead
912014018931607/03/14Execution pipeline data forwarding
922014018932907/03/14Cooperative thread array granularity context switch during trap handling
932014018937507/03/14Distributed power delivery to a processing unit
942014018938607/03/14Supply-voltage control for device power management
952014018945207/03/14System for reducing peak power during scan shift at the local level for scan based tests
962014018945407/03/14Global low power capture scheme for cores
972014018945507/03/14System for reducing peak power during scan shift at the global level for scan based tests
982014018954407/03/14Web-based graphics development system and method of graphics program interaction therewith
992014018964707/03/14System and method for debugging an executing general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (gpgpu) application
1002014018964807/03/14Facilitated quality testing
1012014018969807/03/14Approach for a configurable phase-based priority scheduler
1022014017561906/26/14Stripline and reference plane implementation for interposers using an implant layer
1032014017566506/26/14Chip package using interposer substrate with through-silicon vias
1042014017568106/26/14Absorbing excess under-fill flow with a solder trench
1052014017604106/26/14Semiconductor thermoelectric module charger for mobile computing device
1062014017611606/26/14Quantifying silicon degradation in an integrated circuit
1072014017644006/26/14Apparatus and system for implementing a wireless mouse using a hand-held device
1082014017653206/26/14Method for image correction and an electronic device embodying the same
1092014017654506/26/14System, method, and computer program product implementing an algorithm for performing thin voxelization of a three-dimensional model
1102014017654606/26/14Shadow softening graphics processing unit and method
1112014017654706/26/14Programmable blending via multiple pixel shader dispatches
1122014017654806/26/14Facial image enhancement for video communication
1132014017656806/26/14Programmable blending in multi-threaded processing units
1142014017656906/26/14Graphics processing unit employing a standard processing unit and a method of constructing a graphics processing unit
1152014017657506/26/14System, method, and computer program product for tiled deferred shading
1162014017657706/26/14Method and mechanism for preempting control of a graphics pipeline
1172014017657806/26/14Input output connector for accessing graphics fixed function units in a software-defined pipeline and a method of operating a pipeline
1182014017657906/26/14Efficient super-sampling with per-pixel shader threads
1192014017658806/26/14Technique for storing shared vertices
1202014017658906/26/14Technique for storing shared vertices
1212014017674506/26/14Approach for camera control
1222014017675006/26/14Approach for camera control
1232014017680206/26/14Detection and measurement of video scene transitions
1242014017769306/26/14Influence clock data recovery settling point by applying decision feedback equalization to a crossing sample
1252014017769506/26/14Multipass approach for performing channel equalization training
1262014017771606/26/14Using an average motion vector for a motion search
1272014017937006/26/14System, process, and computer program product for implementing a document scanner in a hand-held device
1282014018133906/26/14Equalization coefficient search algorithm
1292014018134506/26/14Hidden i/o connector assembly for mobile computing devices
1302014018139106/26/14Hardware chip select training for memory using write leveling mechanism
1312014018139206/26/14Hardware chip select training for memory using read commands
1322014018140406/26/14Information coherency maintenance systems and methods
1332014018142906/26/14Multi-dimensional hardware data training between memory controller and memory
1342014018145106/26/14Hardware command training for memory using write leveling mechanism
1352014018145206/26/14Hardware command training for memory using read commands
1362014018146206/26/14Virtual address based memory reordering
1372014018150106/26/14Heterogeneous multiprocessor design for power-efficient and area-efficient computing
1382014018154006/26/14Hybrid battery pack
1392014018154706/26/14Smart charging system for hybrid battery pack
1402014018176906/26/14Netlist cell identification and classification to reduce power consumption
1412014016721606/19/14Low-profile chip package with modified heat spreader
1422014016782806/19/14Small area low power data retention flop
1432014016803406/19/14Near-eye parallax barrier displays
1442014016803506/19/14Near-eye optical deconvolution displays
1452014016809306/19/14Method and system of emulating pressure sensitivity on a surface
1462014016821406/19/14Method of simulating clothing using long range attachments
1472014016822206/19/14Optimizing triangle topology for path rendering
1482014016822706/19/14System and method for versioning buffer states and graphics processing unit incorporating the same
1492014016822806/19/14Fine-grained parallel traversal for ray tracing
1502014016823006/19/14Asynchronous compute integrated into large-scale data rendering using dedicated, separate computing and rendering clusters
1512014016823106/19/14Triggering performance event capture via pipelined state bundles
1522014016823206/19/14Stereo viewpoint graphics processing subsystem and method of sharing geometry data between stereo images in screen-spaced processing
1532014016823806/19/14Fine-grained parallel traversal for ray tracing
1542014016824206/19/14Techniques for setting up and executing draw calls
1552014016824506/19/14Technique for performing memory access operations via texture hardware
1562014016838806/19/14System and method for displaying a three-dimensional image on a video monitor
1572014016878306/19/14Near-eye microlens array displays
1582014016888306/19/14Externally latching i/o housing
1592014016890306/19/14Passive cooling system integrated into a printed circuit board for cooling electronic components
1602014016910806/19/14Mitigating external influences on long signal lines
1612014016947106/19/14Apparatus and method for enhancing motion estimation based on user input
1622014017089106/19/14Externally latching i/o cable
1632014017119006/19/14Implementing a remote gaming server on a desktop computer
1642014017238006/19/14Technique for simulating the dynamics of hair
1652014017300006/19/14System and method for handling message delivery
1662014017314806/19/14Approach for working around starvation problems in a datapath
1672014017319306/19/14Technique for accessing content-addressable memory
1682014017324906/19/14System and method for connecting a system on chip processor and an external processor
1692014017325806/19/14Technique for performing memory access operations via texture hardware
1702014017360606/19/14Streaming processing of short read alignment algorithms
1712014017361106/19/14System and method for launching data parallel and task parallel application threads and graphics processing unit incorporating the same
1722014016001906/12/14Methods for enhancing user interaction with mobile devices
1732014016012406/12/14Visible polygon data structure and method of use thereof
1742014016012606/12/14Computing tessellation coordinates using dedicated hardware
1752014016015106/12/14System and method for compressing bounding box data and processor incorporating the same
1762014016066206/12/14Bracket of add-in card of computer, add-in card system and computer
1772014016087106/12/14System and method for performing sram write assist
1782014016087606/12/14Address bit remapping scheme to reduce access granularity of dram accesses
1792014016117306/12/14System and method for controlling video encoding using content information
1802014016465506/12/14Folded fifo memory generator
1812014016472706/12/14System, method, and computer program product for optimizing the management of thread stack memory
1822014016473606/12/14Lazy runahead operation for a microprocessor
1832014016473806/12/14Instruction categorization for runahead operation
1842014016474306/12/14Reordering buffer for memory access locality
1852014016474506/12/14Register allocation for clustered multi-level register files
1862014016484706/12/14Internal logic analyzer with programmable window capture
1872014016484806/12/14Tracing instruction pointers and data accesses
1882014016504906/12/14Compiler-controlled region scheduling for simd execution of threads
1892014016507206/12/14Technique for saving and restoring thread group operating state
1902014015189206/05/14Three dimensional through-silicon via construction
1912014015265206/05/14Order-preserving distributed rasterizer
1922014015284806/05/14Technique for configuring a digital camera
1932014015334106/05/14Sequential access memory with master-slave latch pairs and method of operating
1942014015363506/05/14Method, computer program product, and system for multi-threaded video encoding
1952014015689106/05/14Systems and methods for automatically generating master-slave latch structures with fully registered flow control
1962014015742306/05/14Code protection using online authentication and encrypted code execution
1972014014604505/29/14System, method, and computer program product for sampling a hierarchical depth map
1982014014605005/29/14System, method, and computer program product for tiled screen space sample scrambling for parallel deterministic consistent light transport simulation
1992014014606205/29/14System, method, and computer program product for debugging graphics programs locally utilizing a system with a single gpu
2002014014606505/29/14Mpi communication of gpu buffers
2012014014662805/29/14Technique for improving static random-access memory sense amplifier voltage differential
2022014014948005/29/14System, method, and computer program product for transposing a matrix
2032014014952805/29/14Mpi communication of gpu buffers
2042014014966805/29/14Prefetching according to attributes of access requests
2052014014967805/29/14Using cache hit information to manage prefetches
2062014014967905/29/14Page crossing prefetches
2072014014972105/29/14Method, computer program product, and system for a multi-input bitwise logical operation
2082014014977005/29/14Low-power states for a computer system with integrated baseband
2092014014978005/29/14Speculative periodic synchronizer
2102014013881105/22/14A semiconductor device including a heat-spreading lid
2112014013881505/22/14Server processing module
2122014013882305/22/14Variable-size solder bump structures for integrated circuit packaging
2132014013882405/22/14Offset integrated circuit packaging interconnects
2142014013927505/22/14Variation-tolerant periodic synchronizer
2152014013927605/22/14Matrix phase detector
2162014014329605/22/14Method and system of transmitting state based input over a network
2172014014329705/22/14Method and system for network driven automatic adaptive rendering impedance
2182014014348505/22/14Technique for optimizing static random-access memory passive power consumption
2192014014356405/22/14Approach to power reduction in floating-point operations
2202014014359905/22/14Test program generator using key enumeration and string replacement
2212014014363505/22/14Techniques for storing ecc checkbits in a level two cache
2222014014374205/22/14Design, layout, and manufacturing techniques for multivariant integrated circuits
2232014014375505/22/14System and method for inserting synchronization statements into a program file to mitigate race conditions
2242014013881105/22/14A semiconductor device including a heat-spreading lid
2252014013881505/22/14Server processing module
2262014013882305/22/14Variable-size solder bump structures for integrated circuit packaging
2272014013882405/22/14Offset integrated circuit packaging interconnects
2282014013927505/22/14Variation-tolerant periodic synchronizer
2292014013927605/22/14Matrix phase detector
2302014014329605/22/14Method and system of transmitting state based input over a network
2312014014329705/22/14Method and system for network driven automatic adaptive rendering impedance
2322014014348505/22/14Technique for optimizing static random-access memory passive power consumption
2332014014356405/22/14Approach to power reduction in floating-point operations
2342014014359905/22/14Test program generator using key enumeration and string replacement
2352014014363505/22/14Techniques for storing ecc checkbits in a level two cache
2362014014374205/22/14Design, layout, and manufacturing techniques for multivariant integrated circuits
2372014014375505/22/14System and method for inserting synchronization statements into a program file to mitigate race conditions
2382014013183405/15/14Decoupling capacitors for interposers
2392014013184705/15/14Thermal performance of logic chip in a package-on-package structure
2402014013223505/15/14Circuit board and power source management system of circuit board
2412014013224505/15/14High-resolution phase detector
2422014013251705/15/14Portable function-expanding device for electronic device
2432014013261105/15/14System and method for data transmission
2442014013261205/15/14Boot display device detection and selection techniques in multi-gpu devices
2452014013308205/15/14Turbofan and graphics card with the turbofan
2462014013308305/15/14Graphics card and base plate and core board for the graphics card
2472014013310505/15/14Method of embedding cpu/gpu/logic chip into a substrate of a package-on-package structure
2482014013368905/15/14Rear cover of flat panel electronic device and flat panel electronic device having the rear cover
2492014013506705/15/14Wireless base station device and communication system including the wireless base station device

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