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Nxp B v
Nxp B v dutch Corporation
Nxp B v Intellectual Property x26 Licensing
Nxp B v_20100107
Nxp B v_20100121
Nxp B v_20131212
Nxp B v_20100128
Nxp B v_20100114

Nxp B v patents

Recent patent applications related to Nxp B v. Nxp B v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nxp B v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nxp B v, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Fingerprint authentication system and method
10/19/17 new patent  Switch-mode power supply
10/19/17 new patent  Dc-dc converter
10/12/17Power converter
10/12/17Audio amplifier system
10/05/17Method for performing data updates
10/05/17Watermarking input and output of a white-box implementation
10/05/17Electronic device and protection method
10/05/17Electrostatic discharge protection
10/05/17Charge pump circuit and operating a charge pump circuit
10/05/17Reduction of frequency variation for ripple based, constant-on-time dc-dc converters
10/05/17Dc offset correction for inductor current ripple based, constant-on-time dc-dc converters
10/05/17Communications device
10/05/17Method and system for generating a received signal strength indicator (rssi) value that corresponds to a radio frequency (rf) signal
10/05/17Method and system for controlling an amplifier of a communications device
10/05/17Signal processing circuits
10/05/17Update-driven migration of data
10/05/17Method and system for processing a radio frequency (rf) signal
09/28/17Electrostatic discharge protection using a guard region
09/28/17Watchdog circuit
09/21/17Speech signal processing circuit
09/21/17Impedance tuning circuit
09/14/17Semiconductor device reel deformation prevention apparatus
09/14/17Fingerprint sensing system and method
09/14/17Push pull ringing suppression circuit
09/14/17Antenna system for near-field magnetic induction wireless communications
09/14/17Electrostatic discharge protection
09/14/17Apparatus for charge recycling
09/14/17Load current measurement
09/07/17Gesture feedback
09/07/17Multi-tone haptic pattern generator
09/07/17Feedforward ringing suppression circuit
09/07/17Loudspeaker controller
09/07/17Nfc power management device and method
08/31/17Radar system
08/31/17Radar system
08/31/17Antenna apparatuses and approaches therefor
08/31/17Multi-mode transceiver arrangement
08/24/17Auto-addressing of communication nodes
08/24/17Apparatus for power management
08/24/17Power switching circuit
08/17/17Controller area network (can) message filtering
08/17/17Integrated circuit dies with through-die vias
08/17/17Controller for a lamp
08/10/17Bipolar transistor device and fabrication
08/10/17Outphasing amplifier
08/10/17Secure data storage
08/03/17Temperature-compensated oscillator
08/03/17Ic packaging method and a packaged ic device
08/03/17Semiconductor switch device and a making a semiconductor switch device
07/27/17Shielded qfn package and making
07/27/17Electrostatic discharge protection with integrated diode
07/27/17Phase locked loop circuits
07/27/17Receiver circuit
07/27/17Equalization from presence change transients
07/20/17Electronic device
07/20/17Smart objects
07/20/17Wireless communications
07/13/17Integrated circuits and molding approaches therefor
07/13/17Integrated circuits and methods therefor
07/13/17Multi-tones narrow band rf noise elimination through adaptive algorithm
07/06/17Apparatus and controlling its operation
07/06/17Serial bus apparatus with controller circuit and related uses
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07/06/17Digital phase locked loops
07/06/17Received path delay mechanism
06/22/17Use of a biphase code matched filter to receive protocols with code violations
06/22/17Voice activation system
06/22/17Reduction of defects in wafer level chip scale package (wlcsp) devices
06/22/17Power-domain current balance
06/22/17Power-domain optimization
06/22/17Wide encoding of intermediate values within a white-box implementation
06/15/17Method and device for phase calibration with active load modulation
06/15/17Haptic feedback controller
06/15/17Semiconductor device and making a semiconductor device
06/15/17Semiconductor device and making a semiconductor device
06/15/17Impedance tuning circuit
06/08/17Integrated circuit device and dual-mode transponder communication protocol
06/08/17Backend taping using fluid assisted fixation
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06/08/17Audio processing system
06/01/17Precise current measurement with chopping technique for high power driver
06/01/17Embedded communication authentication
06/01/17Diffused resistor
06/01/17Semiconductor device and making a semiconductor device
06/01/17Precise current measurement with chopping technique for high power driver
05/25/17Semiconductor device and making a semiconductor device
05/25/17Differential summing node
05/25/17Protecting white-box feistel network implementation against fault attack
05/25/17Controller for an audio system
05/25/17Data processor
05/25/17Protecting white-box feistel network implementation against fault attack
05/18/17Magnetic field sensor
05/18/17Dual-interface ic card
05/18/17Speaker driver
05/18/17Split-and-merge approach to protect against dfa attacks
05/11/17Medical device
05/11/17System and processing a flexible substrate
05/11/17Sensor circuit
05/11/17Semiconductor device and a making a semiconductor device
05/11/17Semiconductor device and making a semiconductor device
05/11/17Bond wire connection
05/11/17Method for making an electronic product with flexible substrate
05/04/17Embedded communication authentication
05/04/17Integrated circuit and making an integrated circuit
05/04/17Protecting a white-box implementation against attacks
05/04/17Modular exponentiation using randomized addition chains
05/04/17Modular exponentiation using randomized addition chains
04/27/17Low drop-out voltage regulator and tracking and compensating load current
04/27/17Communications for power delivery solutions
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04/27/17Authentication token
04/27/17Electrostatic discharge protection device
04/27/17Efficient rake receiver finger selection
04/27/17Accoustic processor for a mobile device
04/20/17Rotational sensor
04/20/17Controller area network (can) device and operating a can device
04/20/17Peripheral controller
04/20/17Control device for an electronic fuse and controlling an electronic fuse
04/20/17Dc-dc conterters having a half-bridge node, controllers therefor and methods of controlling the same
04/20/17Controller for a haptic feedback element
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04/13/17Integrated circuit device and dual-mode transponder communication
04/13/17Current sensing with compensation for component variations
04/13/17Electronic device
04/13/17Ultrathin routable quad flat no-leads (qfn) package
04/13/17Charge pump regulation
04/13/17Nfc or rfid device rf detuning detection and driver output power regulation
04/13/17Electromagnetic device
03/30/17Near field communication device
03/30/17Plasma dicing with blade saw patterned underside mask
03/30/17Dual-interface ic card module
03/30/17Maximizing potential good die per wafer, pgdw
03/30/17Semiconductor device
03/30/17Bus interfaces with unpowered termination
03/30/17Resonant converter circuit
03/30/17Controller area network (can) device and controlling can traffic
03/30/17Audio data processing
03/30/17Controller area network (can) device and controlling can traffic
03/23/17Integrated circuit, protecting an integrated circuit and computer program product
03/23/17Amplifier system
03/23/17Method and system for detecting fault attacks
03/23/17Circuits, controllers and methods for controlling led strings or circuits
03/23/17Current mirror and constant-current led driver system for constant-current led driver ic device
03/23/17Amplifier for a constant-current led driver circuit and constant-current led driver ic device
03/23/17Led controller
03/16/17Tracking spatial placement of hf rfid tag objects on a surface using multiple reception antennas
03/16/17Semiconductor device and a making a semiconductor device
03/16/17Receiver controller
03/09/17Substance detection device
03/09/17Mains power converter, a controller therefor, and methods of operating the same
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03/09/17Pulse shaping for radio frequency transmitters
03/09/17Acoustic pairing
03/02/17Health monitoring device
03/02/17Methods and architecture for encrypting and decrypting data
03/02/17Method and system for in-band password management for inductive wireless charging
03/02/17Semiconductor device and associated methods
03/02/17Antenna system
03/02/17Driver circuit for a power stage of a class-d amplifier
03/02/17Frequency synthesizers with adjustable delays
02/23/17Electronic device and making same
02/23/17Dual band transmitter
02/23/17Gain control apparatus
02/16/17Channel for trapping particles to be fed to said channel with a fluid
02/16/17Reducing lead stress in micro-electronic packages
02/16/17Methods for facilitating secure communication
02/09/17Integrated circuit device and reading data from an sram memory
02/09/17Integrated circuit device and reducing sram leakage
02/09/17Integrated circuit device and applying error correction to sram memory
02/02/17Balanced encoding of intermediate values within a white-box implementation
Social Network Patent Pack
02/02/17Communication station for communication with transponders and further communication stations with the aid of different protocols
02/02/17Method of making a plurality of semiconductor devices
02/02/17Electronic device and package
02/02/17Over voltage protection circuit
02/02/17Encoding values by pseudo-random mask
02/02/17A controller for a horticultural lighting system
02/02/17Encoding values by pseudo-random mask
01/26/17Sensor circuit and method
01/26/17Radar system
01/26/17Method of obfuscating a code
01/26/17Single-wire interface bus transciver system based on i2c-bus, and associated communication of single-wire interface bus
01/26/17Method and ensuring control flow integrity
01/26/17Heatsink very-thin quad flat no-leads (hvqfn) package
01/26/17Shielded qfn package and making
01/26/17Temperature sensing
01/26/17Methods of controlling rgbw lamps, rgbw lamps and controller therefor
01/19/17Method and system for processing instructions in a microcontroller
01/19/17Voltage supply compensation
01/19/17Wireless power receiver
01/19/17Rf amplifier
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01/19/17Sigma-delta modulator
01/12/17Breach sensor
01/12/17Electrostatic discharge protection device comprising a silicon controlled rectifier
01/12/17Silicon controlled rectifier
01/12/17Double sampling state retention flip-flop
01/12/17Configurable power domain and method
01/12/17Level shifter and approach therefor
01/12/17Rsa decryption using multiplicative secret sharing
01/12/17Relay device
01/12/17Rsa decryption using multiplicative secret sharing
01/05/17Environmental parameter sensor
01/05/17Semiconductor device and method
01/05/17Filter circuit
01/05/17Led lighting system and controller, a controlling a plurality of leds, and a computer program therefor
12/29/16Assisted gps
12/29/16Fuzzy opaque predicates
12/29/16Buck converter
12/22/16Air-guided tape-and-reel system and method
12/22/16Digital true random number generator based on s-boxes
12/22/16Fingerprint sensing system
12/22/16Speech intelligibility
12/22/16Built-up lead frame package and making thereof
12/22/16Electrostatic discharge protection device
12/22/16Electrostatic discharge power rail clamp circuit
12/22/16Driver circuit for memory devices
12/22/16Frequency synthesizer circuit
12/15/16Electronic device
12/08/16Nfc based secure car key
12/08/16Adaptive bias tuning
12/01/16Method for assembling an rfid device
Social Network Patent Pack
12/01/16Diversifying control flow of white-box implementation
12/01/16White-box cryptography interleaved lookup tables
12/01/16Communications with interaction detection
12/01/16Field-effect transistors with body dropdowns
12/01/16Antenna structure and assembling an rfid device
12/01/16Interface apparatus with leakage mitigation
12/01/16Efficient key derivation with forward secrecy
12/01/16Echo controller
12/01/16Diversifying control flow of white-box implementation
11/24/16Sensor system with a full bridge configuration of four resistive sensing elements
11/24/16In-vehicle network (ivn) device and operating an ivn device
11/24/16Combination antenna
11/24/16Phase locked loop with lock detector
11/24/16Signal processing using quantized symbols
11/24/16Phase locked loop with reduced noise
11/24/16Configurable cryptographic controller area network (can) device
11/24/16Communications security
11/24/16Controller area network (can) device and operating a can device
11/17/16Method and system for bidirectional communication
11/17/16Accoustic context recognition using local binary pattern method and apparatus
11/17/16Method and system for transferring semiconductor devices from a wafer to a carrier structure
11/17/16Secure near field communication solutions and circuits
11/10/16Interface detection circuit
11/10/16Obscuring software code with split variables
11/10/16Array indexing with modular encoded values
11/10/16White-box modular exponentiation
11/10/16White-box elliptic curve point multiplication
11/10/16Protecting the input/output of modular encoded white-box rsa
11/10/16Implementing key scheduling for white-box des implementation

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