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Method for transmitting messages in a data bus system, transceiver and electronic control unit for a motor vehicle

A method for transmitting messages in a data bus system, wherein the messages can be transmitted in the form of data frames by a data bus and a data frame that is to be sent by a bus subscriber is checked for a piece of changeover information, which method is... Nxp Usa Inc

Low temperature coefficient clock signal generator

A relaxation oscillator for generating a low temperature coefficient (LTC) clock signal includes a reference voltage generator and an oscillator. The reference voltage generator generates an LTC current and a bandgap reference voltage. The reference voltage generator includes positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resistors to compensate for the effects of temperature... Nxp Usa Inc

Integrated circuit with low power scan system

An integrated circuit operable in a scan mode includes a scan chain formed by cascaded flip-flop cells. Each flip-flop cell includes a master latch that receives a first data signal and generates a first latch signal, a slave latch that receives the first latch signal and generates a second latch... Nxp Usa Inc

Spoken pass-phrase suitability determination

provide for spoken pass-phrase suitability determination wherein the at least one utterance is assigned a pass-phrase-score based on linguistic analysis in which one or more linguistic elements identified in said utterances are assigned their corresponding linguistic-element-score from the predetermined scoring information, the pass-phrase score based on the one or more... Nxp Usa Inc

Power transistor with harmonic control

A system and method for a packaged device with harmonic control are presented. In one embodiment, a device includes a substrate and a transistor die coupled to the substrate. The transistor die includes a plurality of transistor cells. Each transistor cell in the plurality of transistor cells includes a control... Nxp Usa Inc

Fan-out wafer level packages having preformed embedded ground plane connections

Fan-Out Wafer Level Packages (FO-WLPs) having Embedded Ground Plane (EGP) connections are provided. In one embodiment, the FO-WLP includes a molded package body having a frontside and an opposing backside. An EGP and a first preformed EGP connection are contained within the molded package body. The first preformed EGP connection... Nxp Usa Inc

Apparatus and methods for multi-die packaging

A packaged semiconductor device includes a first package substrate having a first plurality of lead fingers, a first die attached to a first major surface of the first package substrate, a second package substrate having a second plurality of lead fingers, wherein each of the second plurality of lead fingers... Nxp Usa Inc

Antenna modification to reduce harmonic activation

An arrangement for modifying a printed circuit antenna of the type used in mobile communication devices includes introducing one or more discontinuities into a printed circuit pattern of the antenna so that it is not activated at undesired frequencies. Examples of discontinuities include localized narrowing the printed circuit strip, localized... Nxp Usa Inc

Differential receiver

One example discloses A differential receiver, including: a set of high voltage differential inputs configured to receive a first range of differential voltages; a first level shifter configured to generate a second range of differential voltages that are less than the first range of differential voltages; and a first low... Nxp Usa Inc

Method of forming inter-level dielectric structures on semiconductor devices

A semiconductor device and a method for making the semiconductor device are provided. The method of making the semiconductor device may include patterning a layer for a first conductor and a second conductor, plating patterned portions of the layer to form the first conductor and the second conductor, removing patterned... Nxp Usa Inc

Resource access management component and method therefor

A resource access management component arranged to manage access to resources within a processing system. The resource access management component comprises at least one resource access management device configurable to manage access to the resources by a plurality of interconnect-master devices of the processing system. The resource access management component... Nxp Usa Inc

Multi-rate overlay mode in wireless communication systems

A method performed by a first wireless communication device is provided, which includes exchanging rate information with a second wireless communication device in response to a determination that the second wireless communication device is configured with the multi-rate extension mechanism, wherein the first and second wireless communication devices support two... Nxp Usa Inc

Apparatus and methods for detecting defrosting operation completion

A defrosting system includes an RF signal source, an electrode proximate to a cavity within which a load to be defrosted is positioned, and a transmission path between the RF signal source and the electrode. The system also includes power detection circuitry coupled to the transmission path and configured repeatedly... Nxp Usa Inc

Defrosting apparatus with lumped inductive matching network and methods of operation thereof

A defrosting system includes an RF signal source, an electrode proximate to a cavity within which a load to be defrosted is positioned, a transmission path between the RF signal source and the electrode, and an impedance matching network electrically coupled along the transmission path between the output of the... Nxp Usa Inc

Methods for switch health determination

The embodiments described herein provide systems and methods for determining the health status of a sensed switch. In general, the embodiments described herein determine a measure of a health status of the sensed switch by comparing a voltage on the sensed switch, ascertaining a first comparator state under one test... Nxp Usa Inc

Methods of fabricating integrated circuits and devices with interleaved transistor elements

A monolithic integrated circuit includes first and second pluralities of parallel-connected transistor elements (e.g., transistor fingers). To spread heat in the IC, the first and second pluralities of transistor elements are interleaved with each other and arranged in a first row. The IC also may include third and fourth pluralities... Nxp Usa Inc

Accurate non-isolated high voltage dc-dc feedback

A method and apparatus for regulating a non-isolated high voltage converter applies a PWM signal to a power transistor that couples an input voltage to a floating ground node to charge an inductor and generate an output voltage which is measured with a first floating comparator to disable the PWM... Nxp Usa Inc

Doherty input power splitter and linearization method

Embodiments of a Doherty amplifier device are provided, including a first amplifier stage having a first gain; a second amplifier stage having a second gain that is less than the first gain; and an input power splitter coupled to inputs of the first and second amplifier stages, wherein the input... Nxp Usa Inc

Encapsulated semiconductor device package with heatsink opening

Embodiments include packaged semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing packaged semiconductor devices. A semiconductor die includes a conductive feature coupled to a bottom surface of the die. The conductive feature only partially covers the bottom die surface to define a conductor-less region that spans a portion of the bottom die... Nxp Usa Inc

Autonomous hardware for application power usage optimization

Self-configured, power-aware circuitry configured to enhance power efficiency within integrated circuitry by self-calibrating the power consumption utilized within the integrated circuitry according to the requirements of an application program running within the integrated circuitry. The power consumption is self-calibrated within the integrated circuitry on a per application-based manner so that... Nxp Usa Inc

Tunable voltage regulator circuit

A voltage regulator has an output driver current mirror circuit and one or more control circuits. The output driver current mirror circuit includes an output driver transistor, a tunable resistance circuit, and a diode-connected transistor. The output driver transistor has one current electrode coupled to a supply voltage and another... Nxp Usa Inc

Segmented electrode structure for quadrature reduction in an integrated device

An integrated device includes a MEMS device, such as a gyroscope, having a movable mass spaced apart from a substrate, the movable mass being configured to oscillate in a drive direction relative to the substrate. The integrated device further comprises an integrated circuit (IC) die having a surface coupled with... Nxp Usa Inc

Method and managing graphics layers within a graphics display component

A layer selection module for a graphics display component, and method therefor. The layer selection module is arranged to identify a set M of active layers to be blended for a pixel, configure a display controller to generate composite pixel data for the pixel based on a subset N of... Nxp Usa Inc

Method of integrating a copper plating process in a through-substrate-via (tsv) on cmos wafer

A semiconductor device composed of a through-substrate-via (TSV) interconnect, and methods for forming the interconnect.... Nxp Usa Inc

Flexible circuit leads in packaging for radio frequency devices and methods thereof

A packaged RF device is provided that utilizes flexible circuit leads. The RF device includes at least one integrated circuit (IC) die configured to implement the RF device. The IC die is contained inside a package. In accordance with the embodiments described herein, a flexible circuit is implemented as a... Nxp Usa Inc

Semiconductor device package and methods of manufacture thereof

A method of manufacturing a packaged semiconductor device includes forming an assembly by placing a semiconductor die over a substrate with a die attach material between the semiconductor die and the substrate. A conformal structure which includes a pressure transmissive material contacts at least a portion of a top surface... Nxp Usa Inc

Pre-plated substrate for die attachment

A method for attaching a semiconductor die to a substrate includes providing a substrate that includes an attachment layer at a surface of the substrate. The attachment layer is covered by a protective flash plating layer. The protective flash plating layer has a reflow temperature less than or equal to... Nxp Usa Inc

Multiple-path rf amplifiers with angularly offset signal path directions, and methods of manufacture thereof

An embodiment of a Doherty amplifier module includes a substrate, an RF signal splitter, a carrier amplifier die, and a peaking amplifier die. The RF signal splitter divides an input RF signal into first and second input RF signals, and conveys the first and second input RF signals to first... Nxp Usa Inc

Igbt gate current slope measure to estimate miller plateau

A method and apparatus are provided for controlling a drive terminal of a power transistor by applying a turn-off voltage to the drive terminal at a turn-off time, measuring a gate current at the drive terminal to detect a predetermined gate current slope, determining a first time increment after the... Nxp Usa Inc

Charge pump driver circuit

A charge pump driver circuit comprises an output stage and a current generator component. The output stage is arranged to receive at an input node thereof a control current signal and comprises a resistance network coupled between the input node thereof and a reference voltage node and arranged to provide... Nxp Usa Inc

Compensation and calibration of multiple mass mems sensor

A system includes a MEMS sensor having dual proof masses capable of moving independently from one another in response to forces imposed upon the proof masses. Each proof mass includes an independent set of sense contacts configured to provide output signals corresponding to the physical displacement of the corresponding sense... Nxp Usa Inc

Fast write mechanism for emulated electrically eraseble (eee) system

An embodiment for operation of an emulated electrically erasable (EEE) memory system includes a memory controller configured to identify a first quick record of a stack of quick records as a present record, wherein the stack of quick records are stored in a non-volatile portion of memory, the first quick... Nxp Usa Inc

Packaged devices with multiple planes of embedded electronic devices

A packaged semiconductor structure includes an interconnect layer and a first microelectronic device on a first major surface of the interconnect layer. The structure also includes a substrate having a cavity, wherein the cavity is defined by a vertical portion and a horizontal portion, wherein the vertical portion surrounds the... Nxp Usa Inc

Frequency shift keying (fsk) demodulator and method therefor

A method of operating frequency shift keying (FSK) demodulator for demodulating symbols includes providing current and previous buffered portions of an input signal to correlation circuits of the FSK demodulator, where each buffered portion persists for a symbol duration time period. The correlation circuits output first correlation metrics that indicate... Nxp Usa Inc

Data processing system having messaging

A method of handling requests between contexts in a processing system includes, in a current context of a source processing system element (PSE): executing a send-and rendezvous instruction that specifies a destination PSE, a queue address in the destination PSE, a set of source registers, and a set of receive... Nxp Usa Inc

12/21/17 / #20170365355

Memory controller for selecting read clock signal

A memory controller includes a clock delay generator, a set of flip-flops, and a control circuit, and is connected to a processor and a memory. The clock delay generator receives a clock signal from the processor, delays the clock signal by a set of delay time intervals, and generates a... Nxp Usa Inc

12/21/17 / #20170366141

Rf power transistor circuits

A radio frequency (RF) power transistor circuit includes a power transistor and a decoupling circuit. The power transistor has a control electrode coupled to an input terminal for receiving an RF input signal, a first current electrode for providing an RF output signal at an output terminal, and a second... Nxp Usa Inc

12/21/17 / #20170366171

Switched current control module and method therefor

A switched current control module comprises a hysteretic control component arranged to receive high and low threshold values and an indication of a current flow through a load, and to output a switched current control signal based on a comparison of the current flow indication to the high and low... Nxp Usa Inc

12/14/17 / #20170356928

Microelectromechanical device and a damping a mass thereof

A microelectromechanical device comprising a mass, an electromechanical transducer configured to convert, after damping the mass during a first damping period, displacement of the mass in the first and second directions into corresponding first and second electrical signals during corresponding first and second conversion time periods, a derivative unit configured... Nxp Usa Inc

12/14/17 / #20170358329

Method and generating a charge pump control signal

A charge pump driver circuit (320) arranged to output a charge pump control signal (325). The charge pump driver circuit (320) includes a bias current source component (330) arranged to generate a bias current (335), a control stage (340) and an output stage (350). The control stage (340) is coupled... Nxp Usa Inc

12/14/17 / #20170358525

Flexible semiconductor device with graphene tape

A flexible semiconductor device includes a first tape having bonding pads and conductive traces formed. A semiconductor die having a bottom surface is attached to the first tape and electrically connected to the bond pads by way of electrical contacts. A second tape is attached to a top surface of... Nxp Usa Inc

12/14/17 / #20170359032

Doherty amplifiers with minimum phase output networks

A Doherty amplifier includes an output combining network that has a first combining network input coupled to a main amplifier path, a lowest-order combining network input coupled to a lowest-order peaking amplifier path, and N−2 additional combining network inputs coupled to other peaking amplifier paths. A final summing node is... Nxp Usa Inc

12/14/17 / #20170359098

Configurable correlator for joint timing and frequency synchronization and demodulation

At least one embodiment of a correlator comprising a plurality of correlator taps is configurable to provide synchronization and symbol modulation for a plurality of modulation systems. Among other uses, at least one embodiment of the correlator can provide a coarse symbol timing value. In response to determining the coarse... Nxp Usa Inc

11/30/17 / #20170344089

Safety circuit

An integrated circuit comprising: an input terminal configured to receive a failure-event-signal representative of a failure event; a first output terminal configured to provide a first-failure-signal; and a second output terminal configured to provide a second-failure-signal; and a processing block configured to: set the first-failure-signal based on the failure-event-signal; and... Nxp Usa Inc

11/30/17 / #20170344477

Data processor

A data processor comprises a memory-management-unit for receiving external-operation-data from a CPU. The memory-management-unit sets a deterministic-quantity value for the external-operation-data based on the external-operation-data. The deterministic-quantity value may be either an active-value or an inactive-value. The data processor has a non-deterministic-processor-block for receiving a memory-signal from the memory-management-unit, and... Nxp Usa Inc

11/30/17 / #20170346499

Analogue to digital converter

A SAR ADC is disclosed. The SAR ADC includes a plurality of SAR-capacitors. For each of the SAR-capacitors, a sampling-switching-block is configured to connect a first plate of the associated SAR-capacitor to either: v-ref-low, v-ref-high or an input-voltage. The SAR ADC also includes an offset-capacitor and an offset-switching-block configured to... Nxp Usa Inc

11/23/17 / #20170336823

Compensation circuit

A compensation circuit configured for coupling to a voltage source and a reference circuit. The voltage source is configured for supplying a supply voltage to the compensation circuit and the reference circuit. The reference circuit includes a first circuit node and a reference output electrically coupled to the first circuit... Nxp Usa Inc

11/23/17 / #20170337960

Sense path circuitry suitable for magnetic tunnel junction memories

A memory includes a first memory cell; and a second memory cell. A selectable current path is coupled between the first memory cell and the second memory cell. The selectable current path includes a first transistor. A first amplifier is coupled in a first feedback arrangement between the first memory... Nxp Usa Inc

11/23/17 / #20170338778

Rf power transistor circuits

A radio frequency (RF) power transistor circuit includes a power transistor and a decoupling circuit. The power transistor has a control electrode coupled to an input terminal for receiving an RF input signal, a first current electrode for providing an RF output signal at an output terminal, and a second... Nxp Usa Inc

11/23/17 / #20170338809

Circuit arrangement for fast turn-off of bi-directional switching device

Embodiments of a transistor control device for controlling a bi-directional power transistor are disclosed. In an embodiment, a transistor control device for controlling a bi-directional power transistor includes a resistor connectable to a body terminal of the bi-directional power transistor and a transistor body switch circuit connectable to the resistor,... Nxp Usa Inc

11/23/17 / #20170338942

Preamble detection in wireless systems with intermittent reception

Disclosed is receiver apparatus including a first input configured to receive a first signal, a second input configured to receive a second signal, a switching circuit configured to alternate between the first and second signal from the first and second inputs, a receiver configured to sample the input signal to... Nxp Usa Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328713

System comprising a mechanical resonator and method therefor

A system is provided that includes a mechanical resonator, and an analog circuit coupled to the mechanical resonator. The analog circuit is arranged to receive a mechanical resonator measurement signal having a quadrature error from the mechanical resonator, and to extract a quadrature error signal from the mechanical resonator measurement... Nxp Usa Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328735

Quadrature error compensation circuit for a mems gyroscope

MEMS gyroscopes are often integrated in modern electronic products for measuring orientation or rotation in those products. However, these MEMS gyroscopes are often inaccurate. The invention provides a compensation circuit to compensate for errors causing a distortion of a measured Coriolis force. The compensation circuit demodulates an input signal provided... Nxp Usa Inc

11/16/17 / #20170330899

Semiconductor on insulator (soi) block with a guard ring

A semiconductor device includes a bulk substrate of a first conductivity type, a first semiconductor on insulator (SOI) block in the bulk substrate, a first well of the first conductivity type in the first SOI block, a second well of a second conductivity type in the first SOI block, a... Nxp Usa Inc

11/16/17 / #20170331478

Integrated circuit with spare cells

The disclosure relates to an integrated circuit comprising: a first voltage terminal; a second voltage terminal; and a plurality of logic cells, comprising one or more field effect transistors having a p-type channel and one or more field effect transistors having an n-type channel. The plurality of logic cells comprises... Nxp Usa Inc

11/16/17 / #20170331646

Methods and processing digital composite signals

Embodiments include methods and devices for processing a digital composite signal generated at a first sampling rate. The signal includes at least first and second carrier-bands arranged to define a first inner gap between the carrier-bands. The first inner gap includes at least a first gap between the highest frequency... Nxp Usa Inc

11/16/17 / #20170331650

Noise-shaping crest factor reduction (cfr) methods and devices

Embodiments of a noise-shaping crest factor reduction method for a carrier signal (and a device that performs the method) include (a) clipping the carrier signal by selecting at least one carrier signal peak that has a magnitude exceeding a predetermined crest factor reduction threshold, (b) subtracting the resulting clipped signal... Nxp Usa Inc

11/16/17 / #20170332104

System encoder and decoder for verification of image sequence

The present application relates to a system for verifying integrity of a stream of image frames including an encoder logic module and a decoder logic module. On source side, a test line insertion logic module receiving the stream is arranged upstream to the encoder logic module encoding the stream. The... Nxp Usa Inc

11/09/17 / #20170322895

Dma controller with arithmetic unit

A digital signal processor (DSP) includes a CPU, and a DMA controller. The DMA controller transfers data from a source to a destination as a function of an initialization command from the CPU. The DMA controller has a logic unit that performs filter operations and other arithmetic operations on-the-fly on... Nxp Usa Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314968

Variable reluctance sensor interfaces with clearing and methods of their operation

The embodiments described herein include systems with a variable reluctance sensor (VRS) interface and methods of their operation. Embodiments of VRS interfaces include a clearing signal generator configured to generate a clearing signal corresponding with the timing of a noise event. The clearing signal may be configured to clear a... Nxp Usa Inc

11/02/17 / #20170315942

Semaphore for multi-core processor

A multi-core processor manages contention amongst its cores for access to a shared resource using a semaphore that maintains separate access-request queues for different cores and uses a selectable scheduling algorithm to grant pending requests, one at a time. The semaphore signals the core whose request is granted by sending... Nxp Usa Inc

11/02/17 / #20170317020

Appartus and methods for multi-die packaging

A semiconductor device assembly incudes an interposer having an opening extending from a first major surface to a second major surface of the interposer and a plurality of external connectors on the second major surface. The first major surface of the interposer is attached to a packaged semiconductor device. The... Nxp Usa Inc

11/02/17 / #20170317202

Semiconductor device with selectively etched surface passivation

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate configured to include a channel, a gate supported by the semiconductor substrate to control current flow through the channel, a first dielectric layer supported by the semiconductor substrate and including an opening in which the gate is disposed, and a second dielectric layer... Nxp Usa Inc

10/26/17 / #20170307451

Temperature sensor and calibration method thereof having high accuracy

Disclosed is a temperature sensor including a first current generator configured to generate a proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT) current, a second current generator configured to generate an inverse PTAT (IPTAT) current, the PTAT current and IPTAT current being combined to form a reference current having a sensitivity relative to... Nxp Usa Inc

10/26/17 / #20170308480

Cache organization and method

A method and information processing system with improved cache organization is provided. Each register capable of accessing memory has associated metadata, which contains the tag, way, and line for a corresponding cache entry, along with a valid bit, allowing a memory access which hits a location in the cache to... Nxp Usa Inc

Patent Packs
10/26/17 / #20170310159

Supply-switching system

A system for providing a first voltage generated by a main supply and a second voltage generated by a battery to an integrated circuit (IC) includes supply-selection, control logic and switching circuits. The supply-selection circuit includes first, second, and third transistors. The switching circuit includes fourth and fifth transistors that... Nxp Usa Inc

10/19/17 / #20170300408

System and reducing stress on memory device

A system for reducing stress on a memory device that has multiple memory blocks. The system includes a counting unit for incrementing count values respectively associated with the memory blocks. Each of the count values indicates the number of times the associated memory block has been erased. A controller monitors... Nxp Usa Inc

10/19/17 / #20170302277

Integrated circuit with multi-bit clock gating cells

A multi-bit clock gating cell is used in an integrated circuit (IC) in place of single bit clock gating cells to reduce power consumption. A physical design method is used to form a clock tree of the IC. Initial positions of clock gating cells are defined with respective initial clock... Nxp Usa Inc

10/12/17 / #20170292884

Pressure-sensing integrated circuit device with diaphragm

An integrated circuit (IC) device includes a pressure sensor die, a flexible gel covering a least a pressure-sensing region of the die, and a flexible diaphragm covering the gel. The IC device has encapsulant and a lid that define a cavity above the diaphragm. The lid has an aperture that... Nxp Usa Inc

10/12/17 / #20170293265

Calibration high tdc resolution

Various embodiments include a time to digital converter device comprising: a medium resolution delay unit including a plurality of buffers, the medium resolution delay unit configured to receive as inputs a reference clock signal and a data clock signal and configured to output a plurality of delayed data clock signals... Nxp Usa Inc

10/12/17 / #20170294531

Semiconductor devices with integrated schotky diodes and methods of fabrication

An embodiment of a semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate that includes an upper surface and a channel, a gate electrode disposed over the substrate electrically coupled to the channel, and a Schottky metal layer disposed over the substrate adjacent the gate electrode. The Schottky metal layer includes a Schottky... Nxp Usa Inc

10/12/17 / #20170294889

System and method to directly couple to analog to digital converter having lower voltage reference

A device includes a variable gain amplifier, a voltage shifter, a variable gain amplifier half replica module, and an analog to digital converter. The variable gain amplifier includes an input terminal to receive an input signal, an output terminal to provide a first output signal that is biased based on... Nxp Usa Inc

10/05/17 / #20170288051

Trench mosfet shield poly contact

A recess is formed at a semiconductor layer of a device to define a plurality of mesas. An active trench portion of the recess residing between adjacent mesas. A termination portion of the trench residing between the end of each mesa and a perimeter of the recess. The transverse spacing... Nxp Usa Inc

09/21/17 / #20170271292

High power semiconductor package subsystems

A method and apparatus for incorporation of high power device dies into smaller system packages by embedding metal “coins” having high thermal conductivity into package substrates, or printed circuit boards, and coupling the power device dies onto the metal coins is provided. In one embodiment, the power device die can... Nxp Usa Inc

09/21/17 / #20170271908

Determination of q-factor of resonant tank network

A power converter having a switch network, a resonant tank network, and a controller performs in situ determination of the Q-factor of the resonant tank network. The controller excites transitory damped oscillations of the resonant tank network by applying a limited number of ON-pulses to the transistor switches of the... Nxp Usa Inc

09/14/17 / #20170263529

Thick-silver layer interface

A semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same include a die and a planar thermal layer, and a thick-silver layer having a thickness of at least four (4) micrometers disposed directly onto a first planar side of the planar thermal layer, as well as a metallurgical die-attach disposed... Nxp Usa Inc

09/14/17 / #20170263572

Emi/rfi shielding for semiconductor device packages

An encapsulated semiconductor device package with an overlying conductive EMI or RFI shield in contact with an end of a grounded conductive component at a lateral side of the package, and methods of making the semiconductor device package.... Nxp Usa Inc

09/07/17 / #20170256525

Localized redistribution layer structure for embedded component package and method

An embedded component package includes an embedded component substrate. The embedded component substrate includes an electronic component having an active surface including bond pads and a package body encapsulating the electronic component. The package body includes a principle surface coplanar with the active surface, A localized redistribution layer (RDL) dielectric... Nxp Usa Inc

09/07/17 / #20170257091

Devices with signal and temperature characteristic dependent control circuitry and methods of operation therefor

An embodiment of a device includes a terminal, an active transistor die electrically coupled to the terminal, a detector configured to sense a signal characteristic on the terminal, and control circuitry electrically coupled to the active transistor die and to the detector, wherein the active transistor die, detector, and control... Nxp Usa Inc

08/31/17 / #20170250276

Semiconductor devices with vertical field floating rings and methods of fabrication thereof

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate having a first conductivity type. A gate structure is supported by a surface of the semiconductor substrate, and a current carrying region (e.g., a drain region of an LDMOS transistor) is disposed in the semiconductor substrate at the surface. The device further includes... Nxp Usa Inc

Patent Packs
08/24/17 / #20170242803

Systems and methods for performing instruction fetches based on privilege states and code memory regions

Embodiments include processing systems that determine, based on an instruction address range indicator stored in a first register, whether a next instruction fetch address corresponds to a location within a first memory region associated with a current privilege state or within a second memory region associated with a different privilege... Nxp Usa Inc

08/17/17 / #20170236305

Apparatus, adjusting predefined calibration data for generating a perspective view

The present application relates to a system for generating a surround view and a method of operating the system. A synthesizer module synthesizes an output frame from input frames in accordance with predefined calibration data. The input frames have an overlapping region imaging an overlapping field of view captured by... Nxp Usa Inc

08/17/17 / #20170236817

Esd protection device

An electrostatic discharge protection clamp includes a substrate and a first electrostatic discharge protection device over the substrate. The first electrostatic discharge protection device includes a buried layer over the substrate. The buried layer has a first region having a first doping concentration and a second region having a second... Nxp Usa Inc

08/17/17 / #20170236929

Semiconductor device with selectively etched surface passivation

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate configured to include a channel, a gate supported by the semiconductor substrate to control current flow through the channel, a first dielectric layer supported by the semiconductor substrate and including an opening in which the gate is disposed, and a second dielectric layer... Nxp Usa Inc

08/10/17 / #20170225949

Mems device with isolation sub-frame structure

An embodiment of a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device is provided, which includes a substrate; a proof mass positioned in space above a surface of the substrate, wherein the proof mass is configured to pivot on a rotational axis parallel to the substrate; an anchor structure that includes two or more... Nxp Usa Inc

08/03/17 / #20170220519

Universal spi (serial peripheral interface)

A Universal SPI Interface is provided that is compatible, without the need for additional interface logic or software, with the SPI bus, existing DSA and other serial busses similar to (but not directly compatible with) the SPI bus, and parallel busses requiring compatibility with 74xx164-type signaling. In an additional aspect,... Nxp Usa Inc

07/27/17 / #20170213584

Sense amplifier

In a non-volatile memory, a method of performing a sensing operation to read a non-volatile (NV) element includes a first and a second phase. During the first phase, the NV element is coupled via a sense path transistor to a first capacitive element at a first input of an amplifier... Nxp Usa Inc

07/20/17 / #20170207142

Semiconductor devices with a thermally conductive layer and methods of their fabrication

An embodiment of a semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate that includes a host substrate and an upper surface, an active area, a substrate opening in the semiconductor substrate that is partially defined by a recessed surface, and a thermally conductive layer disposed over the semiconductor substrate that extends between... Nxp Usa Inc

07/13/17 / #20170200701

Method of fabricating 3-dimensional fan-out structure

A method of fabricating a 3D fan-out structure for an integrated circuit device includes providing a substrate carrier having first and second opposing surfaces and an aperture extending between the first and second surfaces. A first semiconductor die is bonded to the first surface of the substrate carrier such that... Nxp Usa Inc

07/13/17 / #20170200794

Segmented field plate structure

A device includes a transistor formed over a substrate. The transistor includes a source structure, a drain structure, and a gate structure. A dielectric layer is formed over the transistor, and a plurality of vias are electrically connected to the source structure. A metal layer is formed over the dielectric... Nxp Usa Inc

07/06/17 / #20170194264

Semiconductor device with graphene encapsulated metal and method therefor

A method for forming a semiconductor structure includes forming a first metal layer over a first dielectric layer, forming a first graphene layer on at least one major surface of the first metal layer, and forming a second dielectric layer over the first metal layer and the first graphene layer.... Nxp Usa Inc

07/06/17 / #20170194420

High voltage semiconductor devices and methods for their fabrication

Semiconductor devices include a semiconductor substrate containing a source region and a drain region, a gate structure supported by the semiconductor substrate between the source region and the drain region, a composite drift region in the semiconductor substrate, the composite drift region extending laterally from the drain region to at... Nxp Usa Inc

07/06/17 / #20170194444

Methods and structures for a split gate memory cell structure

A method of forming a split gate memory cell structure using a substrate includes forming a gate stack comprising a select gate and a dielectric portion overlying the select gate. A charge storage layer is formed over the substrate including over the gate stack. A first sidewall spacer of conductive... Nxp Usa Inc

06/29/17 / #20170187372

Half-bridge circuit, h-bridge circuit and electronic system

A half-bridge circuit comprises a high supply contact and a low supply contact. A half-bridge output contact is connectable to drive a load and has a high-side between the high supply contact and the half-bridge output contact and a low-side between the half-bridge output contact and the low supply contact.... Nxp Usa Inc

06/22/17 / #20170174509

Mems sensor with side port and fabricating same

A MEMS sensor package comprises a MEMS die that includes a substrate having a sensor formed thereon and a cap layer coupled to the substrate. The cap layer has a cavity overlying a substrate region at which the sensor resides. A port extends between the cavity and a side wall... Nxp Usa Inc

06/22/17 / #20170177529

Serial data communications switching device and a operating thereof

The present application relates to a serial data communications switching device and a method of operating the serial data communications switching device. The serial data communications switching device comprises one host port for connecting to a host device; a plurality of client ports each for connecting to one of a... Nxp Usa Inc

06/22/17 / #20170179038

Semiconductor device package substrate having a fiducial mark

A method for forming a semiconductor device package substrate including a fiducial mark is provided. The method of forming the package substrate includes forming a dielectric layer over a lower portion of the package substrate. A metal layer is formed over a fiducial region of the package substrate. The metal... Nxp Usa Inc

06/22/17 / #20170179063

Coupling element, integrated circuit device and fabrication therefor

A coupling element for providing external coupling to a semiconductor die within an integrated circuit package. The coupling element comprises a flexible laminate structure comprising a flexible, electrically insulating substrate layer, a first conductive layer bonded to a first surface of the substrate layer, and a second conductive layer bonded... Nxp Usa Inc

06/22/17 / #20170179111

Semiconductor device and an integrated circuit comprising an esd protection device, esd protection devices and a manufacturing the semiconductor device

A semiconductor device is provided which comprises an ESD protection device. The structure of the semiconductor device comprises a p-doped isolated region in which a structure is manufactured which operates as a Silicon Controlled Rectifier which is coupled between an I/O pad and a reference voltage or ground voltage. The... Nxp Usa Inc

06/22/17 / #20170180169

Method and generating phase shift control signals

A phase shifter controller arranged to generate phase shift control signals for at least one phase shifter. The phase shifter controller is arranged to receive a first phase value θ1, receive a second phase value θ2, and output phase shift control signals. The phase shifter controller comprises a digital synthesizer... Nxp Usa Inc

06/15/17 / #20170170163

Charge pump circuit for providing multiplied voltage

A charge pump comprises one or more pump stages for providing a negative boosted output voltage. Each of the one or more pump stages comprises a P-channel transistor formed in an isolated P-well and an N-channel transistor coupled in series with the P-channel transistor. Forming the P-channel transistor in the... Nxp Usa Inc

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