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Oracle Corp. patents

Recent patent applications related to Oracle Corp., listed under Oracle Corp. as Agent/Assignee. Oracle Corp. (ORCL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle Corp.. Updates: Oracle Corp. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Oracle Corp. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150113512 04/23/15 Speculative object representation
20150109661 04/23/15 Reflector based on a directionally coupled optical loop
20150108615 04/23/15 Technique for controlling positions of stacked dies
20150108506 04/23/15 Singulating hybrid integrated photonic chips
20150106242 04/16/15 Framework and methodology for managing data between data systems
20150106382 04/16/15 Tables with unlimited number of sparse columns and techniques for an efficient implementation
20150106499 04/16/15 Transforming cloud service measurements into anonymized extramural business rankings
20150106590 04/16/15 Filtering out redundant software prefetch instructions
20150106788 04/16/15 Dual tagging between test and pods
20150092298 04/02/15 Media and drive validation in a storage library
20150092610 04/02/15 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for determining policy information associated with an emergency call
20150095389 04/02/15 Method and system for generating pseudorandom numbers in parallel
20150095473 04/02/15 Automatic configuration of applications based on host metadata using application-specific templates
20150088765 03/26/15 Session memory for virtual assistant dialog management
20150088813 03/26/15 Combined row and columnar storage for in-memory databases for oltp and analytics workloads
20150088857 03/26/15 Method and system for performing query optimization using a hybrid execution plan
20150088866 03/26/15 Accessing application services from forms
20150088894 03/26/15 Producing sentiment-aware results from a search query
20150089018 03/26/15 Centralized management of webservice resources in an enterprise
20150089270 03/26/15 User-directed diagnostics and auto-correction
20150088602 03/26/15 Method and system for defining an offlinable view/controller graph
20150088578 03/26/15 Project management alerts using heterogeneous project data
20150088499 03/26/15 Enhanced voice command of computing devices
20150087276 03/26/15 Method and system for defining an offlinable model graph
20150086305 03/26/15 Horizontal pass-through for a data storage library
20150086219 03/26/15 Enhanced optical modulation using slow light
20150086149 03/26/15 Tunable silicon grating couplers
20150086115 03/26/15 Screenshot database for application verification
20150084961 03/26/15 Map performance by dynamically reducing map detail
20150083794 03/26/15 Target decoding and robot positioning in a storage library
20150089304 03/26/15 User-directed logging and auto-correction
20150089345 03/26/15 Custom validation of values for fields of submitted forms
20150089366 03/26/15 Temporal graph visualization
20150089623 03/26/15 Service profile-specific token attributes and resource server token attribute overriding
20150089622 03/26/15 Mobile oauth service
20150089617 03/26/15 Single sign-on (sso) for mobile applications
20150089614 03/26/15 Single sign-on between multiple data centers
20150089608 03/26/15 Automatic creation and management of credentials in a distributed environment
20150089604 03/26/15 Global unified session identifier across multiple data centers
20150089597 03/26/15 Multiple resource servers interacting with single oauth server
20150089596 03/26/15 Using representational state transfer (rest) for consent management
20150089570 03/26/15 Configurable adaptive access manager callouts
20150089571 03/26/15 Pluggable authorization policies
20150089422 03/26/15 Computer user interface including lens-based navigation of graphs
20150089448 03/26/15 Enterprise applications navigation using tile characteristics that change with applications data
20150089466 03/26/15 Method and system for implementing an action command engine
20150089469 03/26/15 Computer-aided development of native mobile application code
20150089470 03/26/15 Rule-based automatic class generation from a json message
20150089483 03/26/15 Method for ordering text in a binary
20150089569 03/26/15 Bundled authorization requests
20150081489 03/19/15 Tiered charging alteration
20150081486 03/19/15 System and framework for instant messenger timecard integration
20150081451 03/19/15 Method and system for implementing cloud based marketing integration with external content
20150081438 03/19/15 Method and system for tracking consumer digital body language
20150081429 03/19/15 Method and system for integrating audience data with a social media site
20150081419 03/19/15 Method and system for implementing dynamic link tracking
20150081393 03/19/15 Product promotion optimization system
20150081368 03/19/15 Method and system for implementing a cloud based email distribution fairness algorithm
20150077433 03/19/15 Algorithm for improved zooming in data visualization components
20150081730 03/19/15 Use of email to update records stored in a database server
20150081743 03/19/15 Method and system for implementing integrated logistics queries
20150082398 03/19/15 Communication between authentication plug-ins of a single-point authentication manager and client systems
20150082396 03/19/15 Privileged account plug-in framework - network - connected objects
20150082373 03/19/15 Privileged account plug-in framework - usage policies
20150082372 03/19/15 Privileged account plug-in framework - step-up validation
20150082219 03/19/15 Contextualized report building
20150082210 03/19/15 System and method for providing a visual preview of a user interface heap dump
20150082010 03/19/15 Shift instruction with per-element shift counts and full-width sources
20150081988 03/19/15 Method and system for parallel program execution
20150081832 03/19/15 Managing seed data
20150073865 03/12/15 Data visualization and user interface for monitoring and prediction of deal performance
20150073858 03/12/15 Metadata-driven audit reporting system with hierarchical relationships
20150073848 03/12/15 Deal stage data visualization and user interface
20150071632 03/12/15 Reconfigurable optical interconnect network
20150071585 03/12/15 Back-side etching and cleaving of substrates
20150071074 03/12/15 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for regulation of multi-priority traffic in a telecommunications network
20150071021 03/12/15 Accessing independently addressable memory chips
20150073866 03/12/15 Data visualization and user interface for monitoring resource allocation to customers
20150074039 03/12/15 Metadata-driven audit reporting system
20150074813 03/12/15 Protection of resources downloaded to portable devices from enterprise systems
20150074765 03/12/15 Registration and configuration of point-of-service devices
20150074763 03/12/15 Proximity and behavior-based enterprise security using a mobile device
20150074747 03/12/15 Metadata-driven audit reporting system that applies data security to audit data
20150074641 03/12/15 Functional rule and component storage
20150074541 03/12/15 Desktop and mobile device integration
20150074103 03/12/15 Metadata-driven audit reporting system with dynamically created display names
20150061765 03/05/15 Gain calibration of a high speed amplifier
20150063372 03/05/15 Dynamic assignment and enforcement of application-driven per-connection service level agreements
20150066573 03/05/15 System and method for providing a process player for use with a business process design environment
20150066856 03/05/15 Flow state totals and auto flow warehousing
20150066858 03/05/15 Systems and methods for resumable replication
20150066898 03/05/15 Flow pipe totals
20150066961 03/05/15 Flow fields
20150067029 03/05/15 Data uniqued by canonical url for rest application
20150067644 03/05/15 Method and apparatus for minimum cost cycle removal from a directed graph
20150067553 03/05/15 Auto draw flow
20150067405 03/05/15 System stability prediction using prolonged burst detection of time series data
20150067217 03/05/15 Selecting i/o interrupt target for multi-core server systems
20150067182 03/05/15 Method and system for end-to-end classification of level 7 application flows in networking endpoints and devices
20150055244 02/26/15 Read/write head with improved contact
20150058053 02/26/15 Shifting a group of tasks along a timeline
20150058071 02/26/15 System and method for object lock management using cached lock objects
20150058381 02/26/15 System and method for dynamically selecting a garbage collection algorithm based on the contents of heap regions
20150058443 02/26/15 System and method for optimizing scim/service broker and applications based on ims initialfiltercritieria (ifc) extension
20150058549 02/26/15 Detection of multiple accesses to a row address of a dynamic memory within a refresh period
20150058595 02/26/15 Systems and methods for implementing dynamically configurable perfect hash tables
20150058824 02/26/15 Targeted cloud-based debugging
20150058833 02/26/15 Inter-application transform builder for cloud applications
20150058927 02/26/15 Second screen mediation
20150049944 02/19/15 Memory-efficient spatial histogram construction
20150051957 02/19/15 Measuring customer experience value
20150052506 02/19/15 Runtime memory throttling
20150043167 02/12/15 Heat sinks with interdigitated heat pipes
20150043168 02/12/15 Winged heat sink
20150046356 02/12/15 Identification of skills gaps based on previous successful hires
20150046358 02/12/15 Importing tested objects into benefits programs deployed on production systems
20150046412 02/12/15 Handling of errors in data transferred from a source application to a target application of an enterprise resource planning (erp) system
20150046541 02/12/15 System and method for providing a messaging cluster with hybrid partitions
20150046650 02/12/15 Flexible configuration hardware streaming unit
20150046651 02/12/15 Method for storing modified instruction data in a shared cache
20150046914 02/12/15 System and method for referencing a dynamic module system within a component oriented application development framework
20150046905 02/12/15 Subprocess definition and visualization in bpel
20150046902 02/12/15 Execution semantics for sub-processes in bpel
20150046898 02/12/15 System and method for provisioning a dynamic module system within a component oriented application development framework
20150046786 02/12/15 Enterprise web application constructor system and method
20150046687 02/12/15 Hardware streaming unit
20150039627 02/05/15 Probing a hash table using vectorized instructions
20150039626 02/05/15 Building a hash table using vectorized instructions
20150039521 02/05/15 Recipient behavior tracking for customer service responses
20150039293 02/05/15 System and method for detecting the occurences of irrelevant and/or low-score strings in community based or user generated content
20150036547 02/05/15 System and method to support smart offloading of an online charging system using a service capability interaction manager
20150036505 02/05/15 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for mitigating traffic storms
20150036504 02/05/15 Methods, systems and computer readable media for predicting overload conditions using load information
20150039628 02/05/15 Performing an aggregation operation using vectorized instructions
20150039826 02/05/15 Sub-lun auto-tiering
20150039852 02/05/15 Data compaction using vectorized instructions
20150040123 02/05/15 Method and system for creating a virtual file system from a unified archive
20150039989 02/05/15 Entry of values into multiple fields of a form using touch screens
20150039946 02/05/15 Method and system for a high availability framework
20150039940 02/05/15 Processor design verification
20150039938 02/05/15 Systems and methods for retiring and unretiring cache lines
20150039874 02/05/15 System on a chip hardware block for translating commands from processor to read boot code from off-chip non-volatile memory device
20150039853 02/05/15 Estimating a cost of performing database operations using vectorized instructions
20150030034 01/29/15 System and method for supporting multi-homed fat-tree routing in a middleware machine environment
20150032689 01/29/15 Data definition language (ddl) expression annotation
20150032695 01/29/15 Client and server integration for replicating data
20150033216 01/29/15 Applying hot fixes for metadata customizing user interactions based on a software program deployed in multiple versions
20150033217 01/29/15 External platform extensions in a multi-tenant environment
20150033232 01/29/15 Automatic parallelism tuning for apply processes
20150033365 01/29/15 External platform extensions in a multi-tenant environment
20150026213 01/22/15 System and method for providing a shareable global cache for use with a database environment

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