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Oracle Corp. patents

Recent patent applications related to Oracle Corp., listed under Oracle Corp. as Agent/Assignee. Oracle Corp. (ORCL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle Corp.. Updates: Oracle Corp. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Oracle Corp. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150019392 01/15/15 Cost item life cycle viewer with configurable document traversal options
20150012476 01/08/15 Load plan generation
20150012415 01/08/15 System and method to support diameter credit control session redirection using scim/service broker
20150006482 01/01/15 NaÏve, client-side sharding with online addition of shards
20150006511 01/01/15 Composite active reports
20150006726 01/01/15 System and method for cloud connection pool
20150006877 01/01/15 Dynamic time zone definition update manager
20140375576 12/25/14 Facilitating touch screen users to select elements in a densely populated display
20140376362 12/25/14 Dynamic client fail-over during a rolling patch installation based on temporal server conditions
20140379645 12/25/14 Systems and methods to retain and reclaim resource locks and client states after server failures
20140379699 12/25/14 User interface for relating enterprise information with public information using a private user profile and schema
20140379739 12/25/14 System and method for marshaling massive database data from native layer to java using linear array
20140379756 12/25/14 System and method for transparent multi key-value weighted attributed connection using uni-tag connection pools
20140380004 12/25/14 Efficient storage and retrieval of fragmented data using pseudo linear dynamic byte array
20140380140 12/25/14 Facilitating touch screen users to select elements identified in a two dimensional space
20140380158 12/25/14 Displaying tooltips to users of touch screens
20140380178 12/25/14 Displaying interactive charts on devices with limited resources
20140380210 12/25/14 Method and system for reconfiguring a multidimensional interface using dimension tiles
20140380219 12/25/14 Configuring and displaying multidimensional data using two or more correlated interactive screen interfaces
20140380245 12/25/14 Supporting navigation on touch screens displaying elements organized in a fixed number of dimensions
20140372256 12/18/14 Context dependent data management and display
20140372387 12/18/14 Method and mechanism for reducing client-side memory footprint of transmitted data
20140372486 12/18/14 In-database sharded queue
20140372489 12/18/14 In-database sharded queue for a shared-disk database
20140372702 12/18/14 Handling memory pressure in an in-database sharded queue
20140358600 12/04/14 Item placement optimizer
20140355750 12/04/14 Contact center skills modeling using customer relationship management (crm) incident categorization structure
20140355358 12/04/14 Circuits and methods for efficient execution of a read or a write operation
20140355148 12/04/14 Transport agnostic sequential drive recovery with mode data snooping
20140354264 12/04/14 High speed clock cycle rate digital voltage monitor with triggered tracing for integrated circuits
20140351011 11/27/14 Retail sales forecast system with promotional cross-item effects prediction
20140351217 11/27/14 Database snapshot analysis
20140351238 11/27/14 Reducing lag time when searching a repository using a keyword search
20140351746 11/27/14 Multidimensional split view for a pivot table or other grid-based component
20140351766 11/27/14 Traversing between nodes
20140343999 11/20/14 Risk-aware project scheduling techniques
20140344179 11/20/14 Automated supplier management processes
20140344210 11/20/14 Use of projector and selector component types for etl map design
20140344211 11/20/14 Supporting combination of flow based etl and entity relationship based etl
20140344222 11/20/14 Method and apparatus for replication size estimation and progress monitoring
20140344310 11/20/14 System and method for decomposition of code generation into separate physical units though execution units
20140344313 11/20/14 Migration of data objects
20140344316 11/20/14 Systems and methods for tuning a storage system
20140344633 11/20/14 Path-sensitive analysis framework for bug checking
20140344778 11/20/14 System and method for code generation from a directed acyclic graph using knowledge modules
20140344781 11/20/14 Markup language integration at runtime
20140344787 11/20/14 Visualizing a computer program execution history
20140344788 11/20/14 Logic validation and deployment
20140337122 11/13/14 Generating retail promotion baselines
20140337442 11/13/14 Cloud messaging services optimization through adaptive message compression
20140330659 11/06/14 Using voice input at a mobile point of sale
20140330615 11/06/14 Risk estimation of inspection sites
20140330572 11/06/14 Framework for modeling a clinical trial study using a cross-over treatment design
20140320996 10/30/14 Compressed data verification
20140321803 10/30/14 Hybrid-integrated photonic chip package with an interposer
20140321804 10/30/14 Hybrid-integrated photonic chip package with an interposer
20140324496 10/30/14 Project management application including competency search capability
20140324812 10/30/14 Intent management tool for identifying concepts associated with a plurality of users' queries
20140324924 10/30/14 System and method for two-tier adaptive heap management in a virtual machine environment
20140324984 10/30/14 Social network system with tracked unread messages
20140325423 10/30/14 Showing relationships between tasks in a gantt chart
20140325477 10/30/14 Method and system for visualization of large codebases
20140311656 10/23/14 Methods for manufacturing an embosser drum for use in pre-formatting optical tape media
20140312982 10/23/14 Continuous phase adjustment based on injection locking
20140314191 10/23/14 Distributed phase-correction circuit
20140317686 10/23/14 System with a trusted execution environment component executed on a secure element
20140310047 10/16/14 Simplifying scheduling of dependent tasks in a collaborative project management environment
20140310235 10/16/14 Seasonal trending, forecasting, anomaly detection, and endpoint prediction of java heap usage
20140310260 10/16/14 Using persistent data samples and query-time statistics for query optimization
20140310285 10/16/14 Knowledge intensive data management system for business process and case management
20140310300 10/16/14 Hybrid bifurcation of intersection nodes
20140310302 10/16/14 Storing and querying graph data in a key-value store
20140310474 10/16/14 Methods and systems for implementing transcendent page caching
20140310555 10/16/14 Physical domain error isolation and recovery in a multi-domain system
20140310686 10/16/14 System and method for meta-data driven, semi-automated generation of web services based on existing applications
20140310714 10/16/14 Predictive diagnosis of sla violations in cloud services by seasonal trending and forecasting with thread intensity analytics
20140304031 10/09/14 Method and system for performing analysis of item order frequency
20140304032 10/09/14 Method and system for implementing display of revenue opportunities
20140304034 10/09/14 Profitability simulator
20140304040 10/09/14 Method and system for implementing a composite quality performance index
20140304174 10/09/14 Summarizing tabular data across multiple projects using user-defined attributes
20140304217 10/09/14 Method and system for implementing an on-demand data warehouse
20140304282 10/09/14 Viewing hierarchical data using a grid format
20140304811 10/09/14 Mechanism for monitoring data using watchlist items
20140298093 10/02/14 User operation history for web application diagnostics
20140297888 10/02/14 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for performing stateful diameter routing with diameter routing agents that use different mechanisms to achieve stateful routing
20140297701 10/02/14 File load balancing in an n-level directory tree of a data storage system
20140289367 09/25/14 Enable uploading and submitting multiple files
20140289673 09/25/14 Eager block fetching for web-based data grids
20140289838 09/25/14 System and method for providing a rest-based management service in a traffic director environment
20140279771 09/18/14 Novel quadratic regularization for neural network with skip-layer connections
20140279840 09/18/14 Read mostly instances
20140279849 09/18/14 Hierarchical tablespace space management
20140279894 09/18/14 Memory sharing across distributed nodes
20140279908 09/18/14 Method and system for generating and deploying container templates
20140279917 09/18/14 Techniques to parallelize cpu and io work of log writes
20140279960 09/18/14 Row level locking for columnar data
20140280022 09/18/14 Small table replication for parallelized join operations
20140280028 09/18/14 Selective materialized view refresh
20140280029 09/18/14 Out-of-place materialized view refresh
20140280037 09/18/14 Pushdown of sorting and set operations (union, intersection, minus) to a large number of low-power cores in a heterogeneous system
20140280143 09/18/14 Partitioning a graph by iteratively excluding edges
20140280146 09/18/14 Per-attribute data clustering using tri-point data arbitration
20140280168 09/18/14 Method and system for implementing author profiling
20140280205 09/18/14 Computing network node adjustments
20140279496 09/18/14 Method and system for implementing a co-buy order capture mechanism
20140279132 09/18/14 Buyer assignment for requisitions lines
20140264854 09/18/14 Multi-chip module with self-populating positive features
20140266334 09/18/14 Fine grain data-based clock gating
20140268312 09/18/14 Hybrid optical source with semiconductor reflector
20140268408 09/18/14 Azimuth actuated dual device set positioning
20140269242 09/18/14 Method and device for verifying a servo pattern in tape media
20140269751 09/18/14 Prediction-based switch allocator
20140270478 09/18/14 Image mosaicking using a virtual grid
20140270784 09/18/14 Stackable photonic interconnect module
20140277599 09/18/14 Innovative approach to distributed energy resource scheduling
20140278620 09/18/14 Method and system for determining marketing attributions
20140278649 09/18/14 Modeling a gap between workload and number of employees to be scheduled by creating and using new workload levels
20140278712 09/18/14 Asset tracking in asset intensive enterprises
20140278713 09/18/14 Asset forecasting in asset intensive enterprises
20140278769 09/18/14 Method and system for performing trend analysis of themes in social data
20140278962 09/18/14 Method and system for implementing a sales system having a friend offer mechanism
20140280249 09/18/14 Predicate offload of large objects
20140283060 09/18/14 Mitigating vulnerabilities associated with return-oriented programming
20140282213 09/18/14 Management of multiple synchronized windows
20140282217 09/18/14 Window grouping and management across applications and devices
20140282352 09/18/14 Multi-factor resource estimation
20140282364 09/18/14 Method of searching data associated with nodes of a graphical program
20140282391 09/18/14 Node grouped data marshalling
20140282394 09/18/14 Invocation of external web services using dynamically generated composite applications
20140282472 09/18/14 System and method for virtual assembly patching in a cloud environment
20140282504 09/18/14 Method and system for specifying the layout of computer system resources
20140282545 09/18/14 System and method for generic product wiring in a virtual assembly builder environment
20140282548 09/18/14 System and method to reconfigure a virtual machine image suitable for cloud deployment
20140282574 09/18/14 System and method for implementing constrained data-driven parallelism
20140282595 09/18/14 Systems and methods for implementing work stealing using a configurable separation of stealable and non-stealable work items
20140282602 09/18/14 Generic wait service: pausing a bpel process
20140282833 09/18/14 Methods, systems and machine-readable media for providing security services
20140281738 09/18/14 Method and system for key performance indicators elicitation with incremental data decycling for database management system
20140281548 09/18/14 Intra-computer protected communications between applications
20140281272 09/18/14 Rapid recovery from downtime of mirrored storage device
20140280259 09/18/14 Run-time sql language translation
20140280298 09/18/14 Massively parallel and in-memory execution of grouping and aggregation in a heterogeneous system
20140280363 09/18/14 Determining hierarchical paths to nodes
20140280364 09/18/14 Disposal of rarely used member variables via shadow structures
20140280525 09/18/14 Method and system for performing analysis of social media messages
20140280685 09/18/14 Peer-to-peer transcendent memory
20140280771 09/18/14 Mobile applications
20140280819 09/18/14 Throttling group in oracle service bus
20140280860 09/18/14 Method and system for signal categorization for monitoring and detecting health changes in a database system
20140281247 09/18/14 Method to accelerate queries using dynamically generated alternate data formats in flash cache

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