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Oracle Corp. patents

Recent patent applications related to Oracle Corp., listed under Oracle Corp. as Agent/Assignee. Oracle Corp. (ORCL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle Corp.. Updates: Oracle Corp. RSS RSS

Oracle International

Networking support for zone clusters based on virtualization of servers

Oracle International

Bandwidth aware request throttling

Oracle International

Controller for facilitating out of band management of rack-mounted field replaceable units

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Application # Date Oracle Corp. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140245313 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for using a sequencer in a concurrent priority queue
20140239718 08/28/14  new patent  Power delivery to rack-mounted field replaceable units using ac and/or dc input power sources
20140240909 08/28/14  new patent  Adapter facilitating blind-mate electrical connection of field replaceable units with virtual backplane of computing rack
20140240914 08/28/14  new patent  Fixed interconnect toptlogy for implementing a virtual backplane in a computing rack for field replaceable units
20140241208 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for supporting sub-subnet in an infiniband (ib) network
20140244334 08/28/14  new patent  Facilitating allocation of resources to tasks
20140244613 08/28/14  new patent  Method and system for enterprise search navigation
20140244635 08/28/14  new patent  Methods for query processing of topological relationships among complex spatial objects
20140244718 08/28/14  new patent  Networking support for zone clusters based on virtualization of servers
20140244866 08/28/14  new patent  Bandwidth aware request throttling
20140244881 08/28/14  new patent  Computing rack-based virtual backplane for field replaceable units
20140245312 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for supporting cooperative concurrency in a middleware machine environment
20140245309 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for transforming a queue from non-blocking to blocking
20140245269 08/28/14  new patent  Compact encoding of node locations
20140245092 08/28/14  new patent  Cam bit error recovery
20140244965 08/28/14  new patent  Method and system for simplified address translation support for static infiniband host channel adaptor structures
20140244963 08/28/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for allocating memory for immutable data on a computing device
20140244886 08/28/14  new patent  Controller for facilitating out of band management of rack-mounted field replaceable units
20140233370 08/21/14 Method and system for virtual network interface cards (vnics) over aggregation spanning multiple switches
20140236910 08/21/14 Application of retention rules to records
20140236921 08/21/14 Sql execution plan verification
20140236948 08/21/14 System and method for improving application connectivity in a clustered database environment
20140236965 08/21/14 Feature generation and model selection for generalized linear models
20140236983 08/21/14 Executing continuous event processing (cep) queries in parallel
20140237044 08/21/14 Architected data transfer
20140237485 08/21/14 System and method for aggregate data from multiple sources to provide a single cim object
20140237463 08/21/14 Dynamically generate and execute a context-specific patch installation procedure on a computing system
20140237443 08/21/14 System and method for supporting intelligent design pattern automation
20140237345 08/21/14 Techniques for validating hierarchically structured data containing open content
20140237289 08/21/14 Handling faults in a continuous event processing (cep) system
20140225273 08/14/14 Chip package for high-count chip stacks
20140225284 08/14/14 Low-cost chip package for chip stacks
20140226684 08/14/14 Waveguide-coupled vertical cavity laser
20140229147 08/14/14 Approximating value densities
20140229327 08/14/14 Facilitating a user to purchase multiple products from different shopping sites
20140229464 08/14/14 Generating estimates for query optimization
20140229482 08/14/14 Grouping interdependent fields
20140229531 08/14/14 Transactional and non-transactional data for maintaining session state
20140229532 08/14/14 Method and system for changing execution environments during application execution
20140229922 08/14/14 Efficient model checking technique for finding software defects
20140222706 08/07/14 Privacy management policy hub
20140222632 08/07/14 Data transaction acceleration using multiple data structure types
20140222495 08/07/14 Dynamic workflow approvals
20140222494 08/07/14 Dynamic workflow approvals
20140220933 08/07/14 Mobile push notification
20140219439 08/07/14 System and method for automating skillset additions
20140218383 08/07/14 Visual data analysis for large data sets
20140222890 08/07/14 Real-time communication signaling gateway
20140222894 08/07/14 Javascript api for webrtc
20140223562 08/07/14 System and method for distributed denial of service identification and prevention
20140223452 08/07/14 Generic model for customizing protocol behavior through javascript
20140223408 08/07/14 Integration project center
20140222963 08/07/14 Integrated web-enabled session border controller
20140222957 08/07/14 Java api for programming web real-time communication applications
20140222930 08/07/14 Browser/html friendly protocol for real-time communication signaling
20140222893 08/07/14 System and method for extending ip multimedia subsystem to html5 environments
20140214902 07/31/14 Resolving in-memory foreign keys in transmitted data packets from single-parent hierarchies
20140214857 07/31/14 Publishing rdf quads as relational views
20140214800 07/31/14 Data-aware scalable parallel execution of rollup operations
20140214799 07/31/14 Enhancing parallelism in evaluation ranking/cumulative window functions
20140214754 07/31/14 Scalable and adaptive evaluation of reporting window functions
20140211934 07/31/14 Communication dashboard with dynamically configured interface
20140211603 07/31/14 Optical pickup assembly having optical pickup units laterally arranged across a tape path
20140210526 07/31/14 Rotational synchronizer circuit for metastablity resolution
20140210516 07/31/14 Level shifter circuit optimized for metastability resolution and integrated level shifter and metastability resolution circuit
20140215127 07/31/14 Apparatus, system, and method for adaptive intent logging
20140215157 07/31/14 Monitoring multiple memory locations for targeted stores in a shared-memory multiprocessor
20140215581 07/31/14 Proxy data views for administrative credentials
20140215548 07/31/14 Communication session termination rankings and protocols
20140215475 07/31/14 System and method for supporting work sharing muxing in a cluster
20140215441 07/31/14 Providing directional debugging breakpoints
20140215433 07/31/14 Class oriented file format for modeling and persisting bpmn scripting code
20140215346 07/31/14 Address entry list values
20140215311 07/31/14 Technique for skipping irrelevant portions of documents during streaming xpath evaluation
20140215307 07/31/14 Generating web pages with integrated content
20140215245 07/31/14 Serdes fast retrain method upon exiting power saving mode
20140204774 07/24/14 Integrated test packet generation and diagnostics
20140207802 07/24/14 Mechanisms for searching enterprise data graphs
20140207927 07/24/14 Service bus workflow templates
20140208290 07/24/14 Application source code scanning for database migration
20140208304 07/24/14 Methods and systems for dynamic upgrade of an access manager
20140208323 07/24/14 Preventing unsafe sharing through confinement of mutable captured variables
20140208330 07/24/14 Method and apparatus for efficient scheduling of multithreaded programs
20140208401 07/24/14 State driven orchestration of authentication components in an access manager
20140200964 07/17/14 Multi-product pricing markdown optimizer
20140200992 07/17/14 Retail product lagged promotional effect prediction system
20140201225 07/17/14 Variable duration non-event pattern matching
20140201355 07/17/14 Variable duration windows on continuous data streams
20140201372 07/17/14 Creating and debugging resource instances in a cloud computing system
20140201742 07/17/14 System and method for redundant array copy removal in a pointer-free language
20140201811 07/17/14 Cross-domain security for data vault
20140195302 07/10/14 Guided walkthrough provider
20140195392 07/10/14 Systems and methods using a business object lifecycle for management of business records maintenance
20140195788 07/10/14 Reducing instruction miss penalties in applications
20140195924 07/10/14 System and method for customized timeline for account information
20140196001 07/10/14 Software development methodology system for implementing business processes
20140196055 07/10/14 High performance log-based processing
20140185352 07/03/14 Configurable-width memory channels for stacked memory structures
20140188793 07/03/14 Using confidence values for synchronizing file systems
20140188819 07/03/14 Compression and deduplication layered driver
20140188972 07/03/14 Modeling enterprise resources and associating metadata therewith
20140189136 07/03/14 Enforcing web service policies attached to clients operating in restricted footprint platforms
20140189661 07/03/14 Self-optimizing interpreter and snapshot compilation
20140189665 07/03/14 System for applying transformation to improve graph analysis
20140189671 07/03/14 Synchronization of configuration changes between applications and their platforms
20140189681 07/03/14 Defining configurable characteristics of a product and associating configuration with enterprise resources
20140181232 06/26/14 Distributed queue pair state on a host channel adapter
20140181052 06/26/14 Techniques for aligned run-length encoding
20140180958 06/26/14 Finding minimum cost transportation routes for orders through a transportation network
20140180957 06/26/14 Cost and latency reductions through dynamic updates of order movement through a transportation network
20140180956 06/26/14 Carrier capacity aware multi-stop shipment generator
20140180954 06/26/14 Concurrent determination of shipping mode and ship unit packing during transportation planning
20140180952 06/26/14 Cost and latency reductions through dynamic updates of order movement through a transportation network
20140180788 06/26/14 Method and system for implementing a cloud-based social media marketing method and system
20140177633 06/26/14 Method and system for dynamic repurposing of payload storage as a trace buffer
20140177629 06/26/14 Method and system for infiniband® host channel adapter multicast packet replication mechanism
20140177164 06/26/14 Airflow management system for cabinet having field replaceable units
20140181241 06/26/14 Method and system for an on-chip completion cache for optimized completion building
20140181323 06/26/14 Doorbell backpressure avoidance mechanism on a host channel adapter
20140181409 06/26/14 Method and system for queue descriptor cache management for a host channel adapter
20140181827 06/26/14 System and method for implementing scalable contention-adaptive statistics counters
20140181823 06/26/14 Proxy queue pair for offloading
20140181798 06/26/14 Static analysis of pl/sql objects and sql queries
20140181788 06/26/14 Dynamic user interface authoring
20140181784 06/26/14 Dynamic user interface tag format
20140181703 06/26/14 Dynamically generated user interface
20140181586 06/26/14 Method and apparatus for performing host based diagnostics using a service processor
20140181473 06/26/14 System and method for implementing shared probabilistic counters storing update probability values
20140181454 06/26/14 Method and system for efficient memory region deallocation
20140181423 06/26/14 System and method for implementing numa-aware statistics counters
20140181420 06/26/14 Distributed cache coherency directory with failure redundancy
20140172728 06/19/14 Trusted information exchange based on trust agreements
20140172618 06/19/14 Method and system for implementing a crm quote and order capture context service
20140172486 06/19/14 Role-based application configuration
20140169737 06/19/14 Transceiver with self-registered wavelengths
20140169117 06/19/14 Decoder circuit with reduced current leakage
20140166864 06/19/14 Self-registered comb laser source
20140172729 06/19/14 Social network system with correlation of business results and relationships
20140172845 06/19/14 Social network system with relevance searching
20140172886 06/19/14 System and method for conversion of jms message data into database transactions for application to multiple heterogeneous databases
20140172916 06/19/14 Concurrent access for hierarchical data storage
20140172935 06/19/14 Transmitter finite impulse response characterization
20140173450 06/19/14 Unveil information on prompt
20140173559 06/19/14 Identifying differences between source codes of different versions of a software when each source code is organized using incorporated files
20140173573 06/19/14 Deferred type inference of generic type parameters in function calls to overloaded functions
20140164015 06/12/14 Clinical trial adverse event data change reporting system
20140164055 06/12/14 Method and system for implementing implicit follow and automatic unfollow
20140164265 06/12/14 Clinical trial adverse event reporting system
20140164331 06/12/14 Techniques for backup restore and recovery of a pluggable database
20140165048 06/12/14 Systems and methods for uniquely defining fortran run type descriptors for polymorphic entities
20140156610 06/05/14 Self-governed contention-aware approach to scheduling file defragmentation

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