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Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd
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Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd. Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17Information delivery apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, information delivery system, and communication terminal
03/02/17Waveguide-type optical diffraction grating and optical wavelength filter
03/02/17Automatic teller machine and medium processing device
03/02/17Sleep control method and dynamic wavelength allocation control method
03/02/17Wireless communication device, method, and system
03/02/17Image processing device, recording medium, and image processing method
02/23/17Station side terminal device, subscriber side terminal device, optical communication system, route switching method, non-transitory computer readable medium storing route switching program, and wavelength switching method
01/19/17Information processing device, recording medium, and information processing method
01/12/17Sound collection apparatus and method
12/01/16Medium transaction device
12/01/16Key switch structure
12/01/16Communication device, communication method, and communication system
12/01/16Sound pickup picking up sound
11/24/16Cash transaction machine
11/17/16Medium processing device and medium transaction device
11/17/16Determination apparatus and medium transaction apparatus
11/17/16Linear light source, optical sensor, differentiation unit, and automatic transaction apparatus using the same
11/17/16Medium processing device and medium transaction device
11/17/16Medium processing device and medium transaction device
11/10/16Medium stacking device and medium transaction device
10/27/16Estimation device, vibration state estimation method, and recording medium
10/06/16Measuring apparatus and measuring method
10/06/16Bidirectional optical communication module
08/25/16Optical transmitter, subscriber side device, and light source temperature change suppression method
08/18/16Cash processing apparatus
08/11/16Object sound period detection apparatus, noise estimating apparatus and snr estimation apparatus
08/04/16Optical device having a stepwise or tapered light input/output part and manufacturing method therefor
07/21/16Period estimation apparatus, period estimation method and storage medium
07/21/16Communication device, program storage medium, and communication method
07/07/16Sound pickup device, program recorded medium, and method
06/30/16Communication device and communication method
06/23/16Banknote processing apparatus and banknote processing method
06/16/16Medium conveying device and medium transaction device
06/09/16Banknote pay-in/pay-out device and banknote transaction device
05/26/16Banknote discrimination device
05/12/16Medium dispensing device and medium dispensing system
04/28/16Network state monitoring system
04/28/16Wireless communication device, non-transitory computer readable medium, and wireless communication system
04/21/16Cash processing device
04/14/16Medium protection device and medium separating and stacking device
03/31/16Station-side terminal apparatus, and path switching method
03/17/16State determination device and storage medium
03/03/16Stereo echo suppressing device, echo suppressing device, stereo echo suppressing method, and non transitory computer-readable recording medium storing stereo echo suppressing program
02/25/16Medium processing device and medium transaction device
02/25/16Station-side terminal apparatus, optical access network, and communication method
02/11/16Noise suppressing device, noise suppressing method, and a non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing noise suppressing program
02/04/16Characteristic-value calculating device, characteristic-value calculating method, and recording medium
01/28/16State recognizing device, state recognizing method, and recording medium
01/28/16Directional coupler and design method thereof, optical waveguide element and wavelength filter
01/21/16Signal processor and method therefor
01/21/16Sound collection and reproduction system, sound collection and reproduction apparatus, sound collection and reproduction method, sound collection and reproduction program, sound collection system, and reproduction system
01/21/16Wireless transmission device, wireless reception device, wireless transmission program, wireless reception program, and wireless communication system
01/14/16Optical waveguide element
01/07/16Signal processor and method therefor
12/17/15Drawer device and medium transaction device
12/17/15Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program
12/17/15Electrical dispersion compensator and tap coefficient calculation method suitably applicable thereto
12/10/15Medium housing device and medium processing device
12/10/15Medium processing device
11/12/15Information processing device, cash processing terminal, and information processing system
11/05/15Medium handover device and medium processing device
11/05/15Shutter device and medium transaction device
10/29/15Paper sheet handling device
10/29/15Automatic teller machine
10/22/15Medium processing device
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10/22/15Medium storage and feed-out device and medium transaction apparatus
10/22/15Media conveying device and media processing device
10/22/15Media processing device
10/15/15Position adjustment device and paper sheet processing device
10/15/15Audio signal processor, method, and program
10/15/15Optical wavelength demultiplexer having optical interference filters connected in cascade
10/01/15Medium conveyance device
10/01/15Optical communication apparatus controlling received optical intensity with gain-switchable optical amplifier
10/01/15Dwa control in an olt with decrease in margin of bandwidth utilization caused by bandwidth reallocation minimized
10/01/15Communication system, session control device, and transfer control device
10/01/15Coding format converter partially halting search for coding candidates
09/17/15Voice decoding apparatus of adding component having complicated relationship with or component unrelated with encoding information to decoded voice signal
09/03/15Apparatus suppressing acoustic echo signals from a near-end input signal by estimated-echo signals and a method therefor
08/20/15Banknote processing device, and banknote processing method
08/13/15Noise estimation apparatus of obtaining suitable estimated value about sub-band noise power and noise estimating method
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07/30/15Banknote processing device, and banknote processing method
07/02/15Entry device and paper sheets handling device
07/02/15Object detection device, object detection method, and storage medium
07/02/15Wireless communicator connectable to different types of wireless communication networks
06/25/15Device, wireless communication on a channel selected from an available-channel list
06/18/15Automatic transaction device
06/18/15Banknote processing device and banknote processing method
06/18/15Data processing device and data processing system
06/04/15Information processing device, cash processing terminal, and information processing system
06/04/15Control device, and control system
05/28/15Data processing device, cash processing terminal, and data processing system
05/14/15Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
04/23/15Automatic transaction device and automatic transaction method
04/02/15Semiconductor laser module and manufacturing the same
03/26/15Wireless communication node having neighbor node information registered
03/26/15Echo suppressor using past echo path characteristics for updating
03/26/15Optical device having a stepwise or tapered light input/output part and manufacturing method therefor
03/19/15Network registration system for registering communicator on network and network device therefor
03/05/15Sound source separating apparatus, sound source separating program, sound pickup apparatus, and sound pickup program
03/05/15Central-office termination apparatus of adaptively changing connection to subscriber-terminal terminator and path switching method
02/19/15Medium processing apparatus
02/05/15Quantum-key-distribution receiving device and using single-photon detector
01/15/15Medium processing device
01/08/15Coin processing device
01/01/15Medium processing device
12/25/14Medium intake device
12/04/14Communication control devices and method
11/20/14Sound emitting and collecting apparatus, sound source separating unit and computer-readable medium having sound source separation program
11/13/14Banknote processing device
11/13/14Id management device, program, user terminal, and id management system
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11/06/14Banknote pay-in/pay-out device and banknote processing machine
10/23/14Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and image processing system
10/09/14Network analyzing system, as well as network analyzing apparatus and network analyzing program, as well as data processing module and data processing program
10/02/14Banknote processing device
09/18/14Medium storing device
09/18/14Method for registering optical network unit in telecommunications network and optical network unit therefor
09/18/14System for controlling video distribution in response to a request on reduced video data traffic and a method therefor
09/04/14Optical network unit registration method and optical network system
08/07/14Banknote processing device
07/24/14Packet processing system processing packets by plural processors
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06/19/14Banknote processing device
05/29/14Banknote processing device
05/22/14Key switch structure
05/15/14Medium handling apparatus
05/08/14Medium conveyance apparatus
05/01/14Medium storage and advancing apparatus
05/01/14Medium validating apparatus
04/17/14Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication program
04/03/14Medium storage and feeding device and medium processing device
03/27/14Band extension apparatus and band extension method
03/27/14System for verifying a place where business data are browsed
03/27/14Business data browsing system managing the retention period of business data
02/27/14Medium processor having medium storing boxes flexibly loadable in a slot of a medium storage
02/27/14Optical path routing element
02/27/14Howling suppression device and adaptive notch filter
02/06/14Video encoding and decoding apparatus, method, and system
12/12/13Medium processor notifying when servicing is required
12/12/13Packet transfer device, packet transfer method, packet transfer program and communication device
11/28/13Medium processor having medium storing boxes flexibly loadable in a slot of a medium storage
11/28/13Optical amplification device and optical amplification method
11/28/13Secure communication system and communication apparatus
11/21/13Sheet transport apparatus facilitating establishing a continuous sheet transport path
10/24/13Private view protector
10/03/13Quantum entangled photon pair generator
10/03/13Optical device
10/03/13Optical network unit registration method
09/26/13Banknote handling device and passing unit used therein
09/26/13Paper currency deposit-withdrawal mechanism
09/26/13Conveying direction switching apparatus
09/26/13Medium conveyance mechanism
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09/26/13Medium carrying mechanism
09/19/13Medium stocking apparatus
09/19/13Radio transmission device
09/05/13Polarization mode dispersion generating device, generating polarization mode dispersion and polarization mode dispersion compensating device
09/05/13Video encoding device and program, video decoding device and program, and video distribution system
09/05/13Exchange device
08/29/13Wavelength-selective path-switching element
08/22/13Wireless access device, wireless terminal, program, and wireless communication system
08/08/13Device cooperation control system, terminal, control apparatus, and device cooperation control method
08/01/13Commission information generator for making processes on communication performed by another computer
07/18/13Vehicle type identification device
07/11/13Video encoder and decoder apparatus deciding error in transform coefficients between an original image and a predictive image
06/20/13Automatic transaction apparatus
06/06/13Voice communication intermittently discarding packets
05/30/13Data manager for managing station data of communication devices on a telecommunications network
05/23/13Packet processor and processing packets by means of internal control packets
05/02/13Bill depositing/withdrawing machine
04/25/13Medium accumulating device
04/11/13Transmission control apparatus improved in transmission efficiency of downstream data
04/04/13Apparatus and a generating, compensating and emulating polarization mode dispersion
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04/04/13Relay unit
04/04/13Optical repeater complying with redundant configuration
04/04/13Voice communication system encoding and decoding voice and non-voice information
04/04/13Proxy system for security processing without entrusting certified secret information to a proxy
03/28/13Buffer controller correcting packet order for codec conversion
03/28/13Key switch structure
03/21/13Automatic transaction apparatus
03/21/13Automated transaction apparatus
03/21/13Communications apparatus transmitting data on channels adaptively switchable
03/14/13Apparatus and suppressing noise from voice signal by adaptively updating wiener filter coefficient by means of coherence
02/28/13Paper processing apparatus and paper processing system
02/21/13Paper sheet conveying device and automatic cash transaction device
02/21/13Key switch structure
02/21/13Banknote deposit and withdrawal device and banknote deposit and withdrawal control method
01/03/13Optical line terminal for optoelectrically converting a signal and a method therefor
12/13/12Medium processing apparatus
11/29/12Media conversion device for interconnecting communication terminal devices with media converted and a method therefor
11/22/12Bill accumulation device
11/22/12Automated transaction apparatus, automated transaction method, and program storage medium
11/15/12Bill depositing and dispensing device
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11/15/12Key switch structure
10/11/12Media processing device
10/11/12Automatic transaction apparatus
10/11/12Dynamic communication bandwidth allocation method, computer-readable medium storing dynamic communication bandwidth allocation program, semiconductor chip, and pon system
10/04/12Information communication apparatus and program storage medium
10/04/12Optical waveguide
10/04/12Power supply control method, an optical network unit, an optical line terminal and a communication system
10/04/12Apparatus and calculating microvibration feature quantity
10/04/12Speech segment determination device, and storage medium
09/13/12Cover opening-and-closing support mechanism employing gas spring, and automatic transaction apparatus
09/06/12Device and identifying the location of anomaly link with link candidates refined by means of the number of overlapping abnormal flows
08/23/12Shutter structure and automatic transaction apparatus
08/23/12Banknote processing apparatus
08/23/12Optical line terminal, dynamic bandwidth allocation method, and optical communication network
08/09/12Biometric authentication apparatus
08/02/12Bill deposit/withdrawal machine
08/02/12Voice quality measurement device, method and computer readable medium
07/26/12Context-awareness system and forming event data
06/21/12Cable fixing structure and automatic teller machine
06/21/12Leadership support system determining a danger of isolation of a group member even under temporarily worsened communication conditions
05/31/12Apparatus for updating side information on motion video data by different rules between dc and ac components
05/10/12Sensor data transmission frequency controller using sensor situation information
05/03/12Network monitoring managing communication quality and a method therefor
05/03/12Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system and transmitting power control method
04/26/12Medium processing apparatus
04/12/12Communication system for authenticating messages with uniquely specified genuine information
04/05/12Wireless network and terminal, and network configuration
03/08/12Carrier-suppressed optical pulse train generating device
03/01/12Dynamic bandwidth allocating control apparatus with bandwidth usability improved
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03/01/12Optical wavelength filter with wavelength characteristic variation minimized
03/01/12Quantum correlated photon pair generating device and method
03/01/12Bandwidth allocator using a shared grant to schedule allocation grants and a method therefor
03/01/12Method and system for quantum key delivery utilizing a conversion efficiency of dfg
01/19/12Slide rail structure
01/12/12Information transmission device, system, and method
01/05/12Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
01/05/12Star coupler and optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
11/17/11Dialogue control system, method and computer readable storage medium, and multidimensional ontology processing system, method and computer readable storage medium
10/27/11Structure for positioning operating unit
10/20/11Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, and encoding and decoding system
10/13/11Wireless communication system preventing traffic from being relayed concentratively onto a specific node
10/06/11Passive optical communication network system extendable with codec modules
09/29/11Apparatus for sensing user condition to assist handwritten entry and a method therefor
09/29/11Wireless communication system and nodes
08/18/11Medium processing apparatus
08/18/11Network fault detection system
08/04/11Communication system and device
08/04/11Communication terminal using a temporary network key for assembling a secure communication frame
08/04/11Method of manufacturing field effect transistor having ohmic electrode in a recess
07/28/11Wavelength conversion device and wavelength conversion method
07/28/11Spot-size converter
07/28/11Communication control controlling qos according to applications and network state
07/14/11Key switch structure
07/07/11Key switch structure
07/07/11Media separator and method
06/30/11Medium processing device
06/30/11Banknote depositing and dispensing machine
06/30/11Keyboard structure

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