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Olympus Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Olympus Corporation. Olympus Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Olympus Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Olympus Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Olympus Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016018376906/30/16  new patent  Insertion instrument and insertion apparatus comprising this insertion instrument
22016018377006/30/16  new patent  Contact detecting apparatus, optical measurement apparatus, and contact detecting method
32016018377206/30/16  new patent  Medical device
42016018377306/30/16  new patent  Treatment device and surgical system
52016018380506/30/16  new patent  Calibrator and calibration apparatus
62016018391406/30/16  new patent  Ultrasound endoscope distal end portion
72016018396406/30/16  new patent  Energy treatment device
82016018455506/30/16  new patent  Catheter
92016018486306/30/16  new patent  Method for manufacturing ultrasound transducer
102016018763506/30/16  new patent  Phase contrast microscope
112016018763806/30/16  new patent  Imaging apparatus, microscope system, imaging method, and computer-readable recording medium
122016018764706/30/16  new patent  Optical scanning apparatus
132016019180506/30/16  new patent  Imaging apparatus and imaging method which perform focus adjustment while performing live-view display
142016019181906/30/16  new patent  Image displaying apparatus and image displaying method
152016019182006/30/16  new patent  Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
162016017481106/23/16 Imaging device and endoscopic device
172016017481506/23/16 Introduction device
182016017482306/23/16 Image signal output apparatus and image signal transmission/reception system
192016017494806/23/16 Body fluid collection device
202016017500006/23/16 Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic treatment apparatus
212016017886006/23/16 Optical connector for endoscope
222016017888006/23/16 Scanning apparatus, confocal observation apparatus and disk scanning apparatus
232016017930506/23/16 Inspection image display apparatus, inspection image display method and storage medium
242016018050806/23/16 Image processing device, endoscope apparatus, image processing method, and program
252016018088206/23/16 Editing apparatus and editing method
262016018122906/23/16 Mounting structure of semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
272016018130006/23/16 Imaging apparatus
282016018278506/23/16 Portable device, communication system, communication connection method, and computer-readable recording medium
292016018281106/23/16 Photographing apparatus and control photographing apparatus
302016018283206/23/16 Imaging device for determining behavior of a brightness adjustment of an imaging optical system and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
312016018284006/23/16 Imaging device, image processing device, and imaging method
322016018284106/23/16 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
332016018284506/23/16 Image capturing device
342016016588006/16/16 Pseudo human body device
352016016613006/16/16 Optical sensor, optical sensor system, and endoscope
362016016613206/16/16 Endoscopic image-acquisition unit
372016016613306/16/16 Capsule endoscope system
382016016623906/16/16 Body fluid collection device and endoscope system
392016016630706/16/16 Treatment device and treatment system
402016016634706/16/16 Medical manipulator
412016016708406/16/16 Attachment coating method
422016016946106/16/16 Light source device and endoscope apparatus comprising the same
432016017017406/16/16 Image pickup lens
442016017019306/16/16 Microscope system and setting value calculation method
452016017132606/16/16 Image retrieving device, image retrieving method, and non-transitory storage medium storing image retrieving program
462016017165506/16/16 Imaging device, imaging method, and computer-readable recording medium
472016017167906/16/16 Three-dimensional position information acquiring method and three-dimensional position information acquiring apparatus
482016017378106/16/16 Camera system and shake correction method thereof
492016017379206/16/16 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, and image processing method
502016017380306/16/16 Semiconductor device
512016015769906/09/16 Introduction device
522016015770506/09/16 Endoscope
532016015772206/09/16 Fluorescence observation apparatus
542016015788406/09/16 Ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic treatment instrument and treatment system
552016015793106/09/16 Treatment device and treatment system
562016015960706/09/16 Manufacturing optical fiber bundle
572016016157306/09/16 Magnetic field detection device
582016016170406/09/16 Lens barrel
592016016172906/09/16 Observation apparatus
602016016173206/09/16 Image-acquisition device
612016016366406/09/16 Semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
622016016375206/09/16 Image-acquisition device
632016016510206/09/16 Endoscope system
642016016511106/09/16 Imaging apparatus
652016016534606/09/16 Recording apparatus, and control recording apparatus
662016015094506/02/16 Inserting device
672016015094606/02/16 Medical apparatus
682016015094806/02/16 Optical scanning unit, optical scanning observation apparatus, and optical fiber scanning apparatus
692016015164706/02/16 Probe unit, treatment instrument, and treatment system
702016015419706/02/16 Lens barrel
712016015423006/02/16 Endoscope objective optical system
722016015523906/02/16 Cell tracking device and method, and storage medium non-transitory storing computer-readable cell tracking programs
732016015682206/02/16 Image pickup apparatus, and operation image pickup apparatus
742016015683506/02/16 Image pickup operating image pickup apparatus
752016015688506/02/16 Image display device
762016015732206/02/16 Light source apparatus and endoscope apparatus
772016014351305/26/16 Endoscope guide tube and endoscope
782016014351505/26/16 Optical scanning device and light beam scanning method
792016014352005/26/16 Endoscope system
802016014355905/26/16 Position detection system
812016014364805/26/16 Probe, treatment device, and treatment system
822016014368405/26/16 Living tissue bonding operating living tissue bonding system
832016014420405/26/16 Ultrasonic treatment apparatus
842016014703705/26/16 Lens barrel
852016014703805/26/16 Lens barrel
862016014704005/26/16 Optical instrument and control lens
872016014705005/26/16 Zoom lens and lens barrel and image pickup apparatus using the same
882016014705805/26/16 Microscope system
892016014805305/26/16 Image processing device, image processing method, and information storage device
902016014838505/26/16 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory storage medium storing image processing program
912016015013205/26/16 Control terminal, imaging system, control method, and non-transitory medium saving program
922016013566105/19/16 Spiral cap, cap unit, spiral unit, and introducing device
932016013566205/19/16 Manipulator system
942016013566305/19/16 Manipulator and manipulator system
952016013566605/19/16 Medical device
962016013566705/19/16 Endoscope connection tool
972016013579505/19/16 Endoscope treatment instrument
982016013583505/19/16 Treatment device and treatment system
992016013590705/19/16 Joint mechanism and medical equipment
1002016013590805/19/16 Manipulator system
1012016013590905/19/16 Medical controlling the same
1022016013591005/19/16 Method of controlling a medical master/slave system
1032016013591105/19/16 Treatment manipulator and manipulator system
1042016013591305/19/16 Manipulator and manipulator system
1052016013591405/19/16 Medical manipulator
1062016013681005/19/16 Manipulator system
1072016013907605/19/16 Electrode-type solution measuring apparatus, storage container, and endoscope reprocessor
1082016013937405/19/16 Electronic image pickup system
1092016013937905/19/16 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
1102016013938005/19/16 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
1112016013938105/19/16 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
1122016013938605/19/16 Inner focus macrolens and image pickup device using the same
1132016013938905/19/16 Microscope system
1142016013939205/19/16 Optical microscope device, microscopic observation method and computer program for microscopic observation using single light-emitting particle detection technique
1152016013939505/19/16 Scanning microscope
1162016013949205/19/16 Shutter holding mechanism
1172016014126905/19/16 Multi-chip semiconductor device
1182016014132805/19/16 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method therefor, and imaging apparatus
1192016014262205/19/16 Imaging device
1202016014266905/19/16 Content capturing and recording apparatus
1212016012854505/12/16 Endoscope controlling endoscope apparatus
1222016012854605/12/16 Monitor apparatus
1232016012854705/12/16 Medical apparatus and medical system
1242016012855205/12/16 Insertion system and adjusting shape detection characteristics of shape sensor
1252016012855405/12/16 Medicinal solution collecting tool and endoscope cleaning/disinfecting apparatus
1262016012867605/12/16 Medical apparatus
1272016012869705/12/16 Retaining device
1282016012872505/12/16 Puncture treatment instrument for endoscope
1292016012876605/12/16 Medical instrument and medical system
1302016012877305/12/16 Endoscopic-treatment-instrument operation input device
1312016012879005/12/16 Medical system and control method therefor
1322016012882405/12/16 Stent
1332016012964905/12/16 Injection molding method and injection molding die
1342016013133805/12/16 Illumination system
1352016013188605/12/16 Microscope apparatus
1362016013189205/12/16 Light source apparatus
1372016013220605/12/16 Photographing apparatus and operation control the same
1382016013299605/12/16 Image processing apparatus
1392016013366405/12/16 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
1402016013478605/12/16 Shooting apparatus and camera system
1412016013480505/12/16 Imaging apparatus, imaging method thereof, and computer readable recording medium
1422016013481405/12/16 Imaging apparatus having camera shake correction device
1432016013482405/12/16 Solid-state imaging device, imaging device, and signal reading method
1442016012039605/05/16 Capsule endoscope device
1452016012039705/05/16 Endoscope image-acquisition device
1462016012059505/05/16 Energy treatment device
1472016012061205/05/16 Surgical robot
1482016012108305/05/16 Method for inserting endoscopic device into hollow organ
1492016012108405/05/16 Method for inserting endoscopic device into hollow organ using guide wire
1502016012386805/05/16 Observation apparatus
1512016012420105/05/16 Light sheet illumination microscope and light sheet illumination method
1522016012420305/05/16 Microscope and microscope image acquisition method
1532016012420705/05/16 Microscope system
1542016012420905/05/16 Image processing device, image processing method, microscope system, and computer-readable recording medium
1552016012628605/05/16 Method for producing image pickup producing semiconductor apparatus
1562016012669805/05/16 Light source device and heat processing device for light source
1572016012764905/05/16 Image blur correction apparatus and imaging apparatus
1582016012765605/05/16 Imaging device and control imaging device
1592016011348004/28/16 Decoding device, imaging system, decoding method, coding/decoding method, and computer-readable recording medium
1602016011348104/28/16 Introducing apparatus
1612016011348204/28/16 Surgical device
1622016011362904/28/16 Ultrasound observation apparatus, ultrasound observation system, and actuation ultrasound observation apparatus
1632016011435504/28/16 Ultrasound vibration device, manufacturing ultrasound vibration device, and ultrasound medical apparatus
1642016011647604/28/16 Method for selecting duodenal fluid sample for detecting pancreatic disease marker and detecting pancreatic disease marker
1652016011672104/28/16 Zoom lens
1662016011672404/28/16 Objective for microscope
1672016011682404/28/16 Photographing device and control photographing device
1682016011952104/28/16 Endoscope apparatus
1692016011952804/28/16 Imaging device, endoscope, endoscope system, and driving imaging device
1702016011953304/28/16 Photographing apparatus and interchangeable lens control method
1712016010629904/21/16 Observation apparatus
1722016010630604/21/16 Illumination device
1732016010649204/21/16 Living tissue bonding system, treatment instrument control apparatus, and operation living tissue bonding system
1742016010693404/21/16 Insufflation apparatus
1752016010835304/21/16 Culture observation apparatus and culture observation system
1762016010969004/21/16 Telephoto lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
1772016010969404/21/16 Laser microscope
1782016011060404/21/16 Tracking apparatus, tracking method, and non-transitory storage medium storing tracking program
1792016011262604/21/16 Image pickup device, image pickup apparatus
1802016011263304/21/16 Location information designating device, location information designating method, and non-transitory storage medium in which location information designating program is stored
1812016010074104/14/16 Endoscope system
1822016010074204/14/16 Insertion apparatus
1832016010074304/14/16 Spiral unit, insertion apparatus, and manufacturing spiral unit
1842016010074404/14/16 Spiral unit and introduction apparatus
1852016010074504/14/16 Bending tube for endoscope and endoscope
1862016010074604/14/16 Endoscope, overtube, and endoscope system
1872016010075004/14/16 Illumination device
1882016010077104/14/16 Position detection device and position detection system
1892016010077204/14/16 Medical instrument
1902016010096204/14/16 Medical stent
1912016010330604/14/16 Decentered optical system, image projection apparatus incorporating a decentered optical system, and imaging apparatus incorporating a decentered optical system
1922016010330804/14/16 Microscope tube lens, microscope apparatus and image pickup optical system
1932016010330904/14/16 Microscope system
1942016010331204/14/16 Illumination device
1952016010559304/14/16 Mounting adapter
1962016010559604/14/16 Imaging device and shooting method
1972016010560004/14/16 Imaging device and control imaging device
1982016010561104/14/16 Imaging device, imaging system, activating imaging device, and computer readable recording medium saving program
1992016010561204/14/16 Blur correction apparatus
2002016010561404/14/16 Display control apparatus
2012016009550004/07/16 Endoscope
2022016009550404/07/16 Stereoscopic endoscope system
2032016009557804/07/16 Ultrasound endoscope system and communication the ultrasound endoscope system
2042016009564904/07/16 Vaginal wall incision instrument
2052016009566604/07/16 Surgical observation system
2062016009882904/07/16 Imaging generating a guide display showing a photographing technique for approximating a composition of a subject image to that of a sample image
2072016009887904/07/16 Banknote discrimination apparatus
2082016010011504/07/16 Analog/digital converter and solid-state imaging device
2092016008900903/31/16 Capsule endoscope system
2102016008903203/31/16 Probe assembly and end cover
2112016009399103/31/16 Cable connection structure
2122016009481703/31/16 Image processing device and image processing method
2132016009482203/31/16 Imaging device, image processing device, imaging method, and image processing method
2142016008153003/24/16 Endoscope system
2152016008153103/24/16 Endoscope leak inspection apparatus
2162016008153503/24/16 Scanning endoscope
2172016008154003/24/16 Endoscope cleaning/disinfecting apparatus
2182016008154103/24/16 Endoscopic system
2192016008158303/24/16 Position detecting apparatus and position detecting medical device and endoscope apparatus
2202016008171403/24/16 Mantle tube and treatment tool
2212016008176103/24/16 Shape sensor and tubular insertion system
2222016008229203/24/16 Ultrasonic treatment device
2232016008256403/24/16 Lens holding tool and lens holding method
2242016008821803/24/16 Focus adjustment apparatus, camera system, and focus adjustment method
2252016008822403/24/16 Portable terminal device and controlling power of portable terminal device
2262016008824403/24/16 Switching circuit, sample and hold circuit, and solid-state imaging device
2272016008827703/24/16 Imaging device and imaging method
2282016007385803/17/16 Calibration assist apparatus, curving system, and calibration method
2292016007385903/17/16 Endoscope treatment system
2302016007386103/17/16 Sheath for endoscope
2312016007386203/17/16 Packaging material for endoscopic treatment system and endoscope system
2322016007386303/17/16 Curved shape sensor
2332016007386503/17/16 Image pickup system and control image pickup system
2342016007386603/17/16 Tubular system
2352016007389603/17/16 Heat monitoring instrument and thermal therapy apparatus
2362016007392703/17/16 Endoscope system
2372016007400803/17/16 Ultrasonic observation apparatus, operation ultrasonic observation apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
2382016007400903/17/16 Medical system
2392016007401503/17/16 Ultrasonic observation apparatus, operating ultrasonic observation apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
2402016007409303/17/16 Treatment system
2412016007412103/17/16 Treatment tool
2422016007491203/17/16 Endoscope cleaning/disinfecting apparatus
2432016007731803/17/16 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
2442016007732303/17/16 Endoscope
2452016007765603/17/16 Display control apparatus
2462016007901603/17/16 Dial device
2472016008062303/17/16 Moving member control apparatus and imaging apparatus incorporating the same
2482016008064103/17/16 Imaging device, display device, control method, and controlling area change
2492016008067103/17/16 Image processing device, image pickup apparatus, and image processing method

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