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Olympus Corporation patents

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Recent patent applications related to Olympus Corporation. Olympus Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Olympus Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Olympus Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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01/19/17 new patent  Endoscope system
01/19/17 new patent  Observation image acquiring system and observation image acquiring method
01/19/17 new patent  Method of inserting treatment tool
01/19/17 new patent  Grasping treatment unit, grasping treatment instrument, and grasping treatment system
01/19/17 new patent  Ultrasonic treatment apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Optical element manufacturing device and optical element shaping mold set
01/19/17 new patent  Microscopy system, determination method, and recording medium
01/19/17 new patent  Microscopy system, refractive-index calculating method, and recording medium
01/19/17 new patent  Image processing apparatus and image processing method
01/19/17 new patent  Camera system, blur correction method therefor, camera body and interchangeable lens
01/19/17 new patent  Image pickup apparatus and image processing method
01/12/17Control device and endoscope system
01/12/17Image processing system and image processing appartaus
01/12/17Rigid endoscope set
01/12/17Endoscope reprocessor
01/12/17Endoscope antifogging unit and endoscope system
01/12/17Ultrasound observation apparatus, operating ultrasound observation apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
01/12/17Atrial-appendage ligation treatment tool
01/12/17Surgical treatment instrument
01/12/17Treatment device and surgical system
01/12/17Ultrasonic treatment device
01/12/17Thereapeutic ultrasonic transducer
01/12/17Resin composition, backing material for ultrasonic vibrator, ultrasonic vibrator, and ultrasonic endoscope
01/12/17Microscope and microscopy method
01/12/17Microscope optical system
01/12/17Scanning endoscope
01/12/17Optical fiber scanner, illuminator, and observation apparatus
01/12/17Scanner unit, optical fiber scanner, illumination apparatus, and observation apparatus
01/12/17Feature amount generation device, feature amount generation method, and non-transitory medium saving program
01/12/17Focal point adjustment device, camera system, and focal point adjustment imaging device
01/05/17Stent delivery system and endoscope system
01/05/17Bending device and endoscope
01/05/17Endoscope system
01/05/17Transmission mechanism, raising device, and insertion apparatus
01/05/17Distal end structure of endoscope
01/05/17Stent delivery system
01/05/17Method for manufacturing mount assembly, mounting jig, manufacturing mount assembly, imaging apparatus, and endoscope apparatus
01/05/17Endoscope conduit switching apparatus
01/05/17Surgical instrument
01/05/17Tissue grasping device
01/05/17Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic treatment instrument
01/05/17Treatment device
01/05/17Control device for energy treatment tool, and energy treatment system
01/05/17Gripping unit and bipolar treatment instrument
01/05/17Medical treatment apparatus
01/05/17Optical element molding mold set and optical element manufacturing method
01/05/17Optical element manufacturing apparatus
01/05/17Optical unit and endoscope system
01/05/17Microscope system
01/05/17Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
01/05/17Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
01/05/17Image processing device, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
01/05/17Display device, transmitting terminal, receiving terminal and wireless communication system
01/05/17Imaging apparatus
01/05/17Medical system, performing image processing setting of medical system, and image processing device
01/05/17Multi-area white-balance control device, multi-area white-balance control method, multi-area white-balance control program, computer in which multi-area white-balance control program is recorded, multi-area white-balance image-processing device, multi-area white-balance image-processing method, multi-area white-balance image-processing program, computer in which multi-area white-balance image-processing program is recorded, and image-capture apparatus
12/29/16Bending operation apparatus of endoscope, and endoscope
12/29/16Electronic endoscope
12/29/16Endoscope system
12/29/16Endoscope system
12/29/16Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic treatment instrument
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12/29/16Surgical apparatus
12/29/16Medical device and coating material
12/29/16High-frequency control unit and high-frequency treatment system
12/29/16Treatment device and treatment system
12/29/16Manipulator system initialization method
12/29/16Ultrasonic treatment apparatus
12/29/16Medical treatment system and control device for controlling one or more treatment devices in accordance with selected mode
12/29/16Cell counting device
12/29/16Optical transmission module and manufacturing optical transmission module
12/29/16Illumination device for microscope and microscope
12/29/16Optical scanning observation apparatus
12/29/16Optical fiber scanner, illumination apparatus, and observation apparatus
12/29/16Hologram data generating method, hologram image reproduction method, and hologram image reproduction device
12/29/16Information discriminating device, information discriminating method, and non-transitory storage medium storing information discriminating program
12/29/16Image recognition device and image recognition method
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12/29/16Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
12/29/16Endoscope operating endoscope system
12/29/16Imaging apparatus and imaging method
12/29/16Imaging device
12/22/16Optical scanning type observation operating optical scanning type observation apparatus
12/22/16Insertion apparatus
12/22/16Insertion instrument
12/22/16Endoscope and rigid distal end portion of endoscope
12/22/16Guiding device and capsule medical device guiding system
12/22/16Solid-state image pickup apparatus and electronic endoscope including solid-state image pickup apparatus
12/22/16Light source apparatus, endoscope apparatus, and light source control method
12/22/16Scanning endoscope
12/22/16Ultrasound observation apparatus, operating ultrasound observation apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
12/22/16Biopsy system
12/22/16Biopsy needle
12/22/16Puncture needle for endoscope
12/22/16Cap for medical equipment
12/22/16Plasma treatment system
12/22/16Electrosurgical treatment system
12/22/16Insertion shape detection apparatus
12/22/16Molding die and manufacturing method using molding die
12/22/16Objective optical system
12/22/16Stereoscopic imaging optical system, stereoscopic imaging device, and endoscope
12/22/16Imaging device and endoscope device
12/22/16Image display device
12/22/16Image display device
12/22/16Cable connection structure and endoscope device
12/22/16Endoscope and cylindrical structure for endoscope
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12/22/16Exposure control apparatus and exposure control method
12/22/16Focus detection apparatus and focus detection method
12/22/16Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and recording medium
12/22/16Image sensor, imaging device, endoscope, and endoscopic system
12/22/16Microscope system
12/15/16Medical system and treatment tool calibrating method
12/15/16Endoscope system
12/15/16Slack correction mechanism, manipulator, and manipulator system
12/15/16Medical instrument, medical system, and mode transition medical instruments
12/15/16Bend shape estimation system, tubular insertion system, and bend shape estimation bend member
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12/15/16Medical instrument and medical system
12/15/16Medical observation apparatus, operating medical observation apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
12/15/16Manipulator-calibrating method, manipulator, and manipulator system
12/15/16Photoacoustic microscope apparatus
12/15/16Microscope system and microscopy method
12/15/16Microscope system
12/15/16Sheet illumination microscope and illumination sheet illumination microscope
12/15/16Image processing device, image processing method, and non-transitory storage medium storing image processing program
12/15/16Image processing device, image processing method, and information storage device
12/15/16Cooling structure for photoelectric conversion element
12/15/16Lens unit, camera system, and control aperture
12/15/16Imaging apparatus having variable diaphragm
12/15/16Camera shake correction apparatus
12/15/16Image effect processing support apparatus, image effect processing support method, and medium for recording image effect processing support program
12/08/16Endoscope operating endoscope system
12/08/16Method of controlling endoscopes, and endoscope system
12/08/16Endoscope system and the controlling the endoscope
12/08/16Bending operation mechanism for endoscope
12/08/16Image pickup unit and endoscope
12/08/16Video processor for endoscope, and endoscope system including the same
12/08/16Cooling device and endoscope light source apparatus
12/08/16Needle tube
12/08/16Treatment hollow organs
12/08/16Surgical system and medical-device-interference avoidance method
12/08/16Surgical manipulator system
12/08/16Focusing method, measuring method, principal point detecting method, focusing device, measuring device, and principal point detecting device
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12/08/16Optical scanning apparatus and scanning endoscope
12/08/16Display apparatus
12/08/16Light adjusting apparatus
12/08/16Display apparatus
12/08/16Head-mounted display, image display system, information storage device, and controlling head-mounted display
12/08/16Endoscope inspection report creating apparatus, creating endoscope inspection report and storage medium
12/08/16Image pickup apparatus and image pickup apparatus manufacturing method
12/08/16Image pickup manufacturing image pickup apparatus
12/08/16Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and storage medium
12/08/16Endoscope system and controlling endoscope system
12/08/16Imaging apparatus, endoscope apparatus, and microscope apparatus
12/01/16Wire driving device and manipulator
12/01/16Insertion apparatus
12/01/16Manipulator and manipulator system
12/01/16Endoscope system
12/01/16Capsule endoscope
12/01/16Imaging apparatus and processing device
12/01/16Treatment device
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12/01/16Treatment instrument
12/01/16Medical system
12/01/16Pipe joining body, treatment tool, and joining method
12/01/16Manipulator initialization method, manipulator, and manipulator system
12/01/16Spectroscopic analysis method
12/01/16Scanning optical system and scanning device
12/01/16Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
12/01/16Display apparatus
12/01/16Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
12/01/16Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and computer-processable non-transitory storage medium
12/01/16Cell evaluation method
12/01/16Imaging apparatus and control imaging apparatus
12/01/16Solid-state imaging device and imaging system
11/24/16Medical system
11/24/16Traction balance adjustment mechanism, manipulator and manipulator system
11/24/16Imaging device and endoscope device
11/24/16Endoscope system
11/24/16Endoscope objective optical system
11/24/16Ultrasound observation apparatus
11/24/16Treatment tool for endoscope and incision system
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11/24/16Manipulator system and controlling the same
11/24/16Manipulator-device controlling method
11/24/16Spectral measurement method
11/24/16Optical unit and endoscope
11/24/16Image pickup apparatus
11/24/16Solid-state imaging device and imaging system
11/24/16Solid-state imaging device and imaging system
11/24/16Solid-state imaging device and imaging system
11/24/16Virtual image generating apparatus, virtual image generating method, and recording medium storing virtual image generating program
11/24/16Controller for 3d observation apparatus, 3d observation system, and controlling the 3d observation apparatus
11/24/16Data processing system and data processing method
11/17/16Medical apparatus and medical system
11/17/16Insertion apparatus
11/17/16Actuator control apparatus
11/17/16Video output apparatus
11/17/16Endoscope device
11/17/16Medical image formation apparatus
11/17/16Endoscopy service support apparatus
11/17/16Medical dilator
11/17/16Ultrasound observation apparatus, operating ultrasound observation apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
11/17/16Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, operating ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
11/17/16Rigid endoscope for prostate biopsy and treatment instrument
11/17/16Ultrasonic treatment apparatus
11/17/16Endoscope treatment system and treatment tool for endoscope
11/17/16Treatment tool for endoscope
11/17/16Surgical system and surgical-system operating method
11/17/16Stacked ultrasound vibration device, manufacturing stacked ultrasound vibration device, and ultrasound medical apparatus
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11/17/16Stacked ultrasound vibration device and ultrasound medical apparatus
11/17/16Driving unit, optical unit, imaging apparatus, and endoscope
11/17/16Apparatus and obtaining three-dimensional information
11/17/16Head-mounted display device and light guide prism
11/17/16Eyepiece optical member and head-mounted display device
11/17/16Image-processing device and image-processing method
11/17/16Imaging apparatus, control imaging apparatus, and non-transitory storage medium storing control program of imaging apparatus
11/17/16Imaging device and imaging method
11/10/16Endoscope operating endoscope apparatus
11/10/16Endoscope system
11/10/16Optical fiber connection adapter and endoscope apparatus
11/10/16Light source module and endoscope light source system
11/10/16Endoscope light source system
11/10/16Medical treatment instrument
11/10/16Treatment apparatus
11/10/16Surgical-manipulator manipulating device and surgical manipulator system
11/10/16Pneumoperitoneum apparatus
11/10/16Medical wire and medical device
11/10/16Ultrasonic treatment system, energy source unit, and actuation energy source unit
11/10/16Microscope system and illumination operation device
11/10/16Objective optical system for endoscope
11/10/16Endoscope apparatus
11/10/16Optical scanning observation apparatus
11/10/16Display apparatus
11/10/16Camera system
11/10/16Camera system
11/10/16Solid state imaging apparatus and imaging method
11/03/16Joint mechanism, manipulator, and manipulator system

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