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Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited. Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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Systems and methods for assessing production and/or injection system startup

A method of modeling effects of operational procedures during startup of a fluid production or injection system at a field includes determining initial conditions of the field at a first time based on field measurements of the field. The method also includes simulating startups of the fluid production or injection... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Barrier fluid pressure system and method

System and methods are configured to adjust fluid pressure within a barrier fluid system on a subsea fluid processing machine. More specifically, a barrier fluid pressure system is located at the subsea location and includes a barrier fluid pressure regulator module having one input communicating or being pressure matched with... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Erosion management system

An erosion management system is configured to monitor erosion of a component of a mineral extraction system. The erosion management system includes a controller configured to receive feedback from a flow meter related to a flow rate of a production fluid flowing through the component. Additionally, the controller is configured... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Nickel alloy compositions for aggressive environments

A nickel alloy composition comprising hafnium provides superior heat, corrosion, and stress resistance. Various nickel alloy compositions used in the oil and gas industry are improved for use by the addition of hafnium in suitable amounts. Hafnium increases the high temperature ductility by promoting the precipitation of randomly distributed MC... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Releasable locking mechanism

A releasable locking mechanism 20 for use in a downhole well 10 is provided. The releasable locking mechanism 20 is suitable for use in a cable termination assembly 11. The cable termination assembly 11 is coupled to a downhole apparatus 12 and is configured for coupling a cable line 13... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Supply and control unit for electrical devices of a production system and method therefore

A supply and control unit for electrical devices (7, 8, 9) of a production system comprising at least one host power supply and control device (1) being connected via a power and data transfer cable equipment (2) with said electrical devices (7, 8, 9) comprising power supply input ports (4,... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Modular manifold

A technique facilitates controlling fluid flows with a modular manifold. The modular manifold has a manifold base which is positioned at a desired surface or subsea location. Various types of modular units may be deployed to and/or retrieved from the manifold base according to the desired control of fluid flows... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Subsea pipeline station

A subsea pipeline system may include a subsea pipeline station configured to establish fluid communication between a first pipeline and a second pipeline. The first pipeline may have a first diameter, and the second pipeline may have a second diameter different from the first diameter. Additionally, the subsea pipeline station... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Systems and methods for mitigating resonance in long cable drives

A system includes a variable-speed drive configured to drive a motor, wherein the variable-speed drive is communicatively coupled to first and second resonant controllers. The system also includes a first transformer coupled to the variable-speed drive and an umbilical cable, wherein the first transformer increases a first voltage output by... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Robotic manipulators for subsea, topside, and onshore operations

An apparatus including a robotic manipulator coupled to an oilfield device to facilitate support operations. The robotic manipulator can include a tool for interacting with components of the oilfield device, and the robotic manipulator can provide three translational degrees of freedom of the tool with respect to the oilfield device.... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Integrated modeling using multiple subsurface models

A method of integrated modeling using multiple subsurface models includes receiving multiple sets of input values associated with a hydrocarbon formation of the Earth. The method also includes receiving a network model that includes one or more assets configured to distribute a flow of hydrocarbons from the hydrocarbon formation to... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Long distance power transmission with magnetic gearing

Low frequency power is transmitted over long distances from a surface power supply to a subsea rotating machine, such as a pump or compressor. The low frequency power is used to rotate a motor at low speed. A liquid filled magnetic step-up gear module might be used to increase the... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Systems and methods for monitoring a running tool

A mineral extraction system may include a running tool configured to install a wellhead component in a wellhead assembly. The mineral extraction system may also include a plurality of sensors configured to monitor parameters of the running tool during the process of installing the wellhead component. Additionally, the mineral extraction... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Pressure-compensated fuse assembly

A pressure-compensated fuse assembly may include a first chamber housing a first fluid and a plurality of solid particles. Additionally, the fuse assembly may include a second chamber housing a second fluid. Further, the fuse assembly may include a pressure compensator disposed between the first chamber and the second chamber.... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Load transfer profile

A load transfer profile for connection of two bodies without preloading uses a horizontal force couple instead of a vertical force couple for maximum efficiency. The load transfer profile includes a series of tapers and/or diameters that create a radial force couple separated by an axial distance. In particular, the... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Systems and methods for hydrate management

A fluid system includes a pumping flowline, wherein the pumping flowline is in selectable fluid communication with a production flowline, a cylinder including a first port and a second port, a piston slidably disposed in the cylinder, the piston sealing against an inner surface of the cylinder to form a... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Subsea flowmeter connector assembly

A subsea connector assembly with flowmeter incorporated therein. The assembly is particularly configured for securing a flexible flowline at subsea production managing hardware such as at a manifold at a seabed or Christmas tree at a well head. Incorporating a flowmeter into the connector as opposed to such comparatively larger... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Bore connector engagement technique

A technique for engaging a bore connector with a receptacle on subsea equipment. The technique may include providing an operator with a visual indication of acceptable alignment between the connector and the receptacle in advance of attaining engagement. In this way, a proper and reliably sealed engagement may be achieved.... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Cable hanger with integrated internal tree cap

A cable hanger for use in a tree of a well including a bore includes a body and first and second barrier systems located on the body. The first barrier system includes a first seal configured to seal against the bore of the tree to establish a pressure barrier, and... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Supply of auxiliary power to remote installations

The present disclosure relates to system and method used to transmit power to a remote location. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a system and method used to independently energize control and monitoring functions of a remote installation prior to and/or during energizing its main circuit.... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Well tree hub and interface for retrievable processing modules

The present disclosure relates to providing a hub coupled into a production tree, manifold, or other equipment, and a base module that is attachable to and retrievable from the hub. The base module may be reconfigurable. The base module may be configured to receive other modules that are reconfigurable, wherein... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Subsea process lubricated water injection pump

A subsea water injection pump includes components that are cooled and lubricated by the process fluid. The pump includes opposing stages of impellers in a “back-to-back” arrangement such that the axial forces of the impeller stages partially or nearly fully offset each other. In some cases, a combination of barrier... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Method and fluid separation

A method and apparatus are disclosed for separating a multiphase fluid stream that includes a heavier fluid component and a lighter fluid component. The fluid flows along a first helical flowpath with a first pitch. The first helical flowpath is sufficiently long to establish a stabilised rotating fluid flow pattern... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Subsea fluid injection system

A subsea system is configured to inject seawater into a subterranean formation. The system includes a sub-micron filtration module and a plurality of pumps and a plurality of other filtering devices arranged in series.... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Well assembly with self-adjusting lockdown assembly

A self-adjusting lockdown assembly for engaging and/or preloading a tubular hanger to an interior of a wellhead housing. The lockdown assembly includes a support sleeve, a body received in the support sleeve, an elevator ring coaxially engaged with the support sleeve, a lock ring engaged with the elevator ring, and... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Additive management system

A system including an additive management system configured to oversee hydrate formation in a hydrocarbon extraction system, the additive management system including a flow meter configured to measure a fluid flow rate, a first sensor configured to measure at least one of a fluid property and an environmental condition, and... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Actuator for actuating a valve device

Actuator for actuating a valve device comprising an electric drive (14) being operatively engaged to an actuating element (1) of the valve device, the electric drive (14) comprising at least one torque motor (2) which drives a hollow shaft (3) as an internal rotor, that positions a threaded drive (4)... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Seal system and method

A system includes a bridge seal assembly configured to form a seal within mineral extraction equipment. The bridge seal assembly includes an annular bridge seal having an accordion-shaped body portion with a plurality of folded portions. Each of the plurality of folded portions extends circumferentially about the annular bridge seal,... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Multi-material seal with lip portions

A system may include a seal including first and second lip portions and an inner portion disposed between the first and second lip portions. The first and second lip portions may be formed from a different material than the inner portion. Additionally, the first and second lip portions may be... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Electrical conductor and making the same

A conductive device includes a housing, a glass insulator, and a conductor. The housing comprises an opening. The glass insulator is located within the opening, wherein a seal is formed between the housing and the glass insulator. The conductor is located at least partially within the glass insulator and comprises... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Production assembly with integrated flow meter

A production assembly comprising a valve, a flow meter and a choke as part of a branch of a production tree.... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Connection system for subsea flow interface equipment

A system for connecting flow interface equipment to a subsea tree or manifold is disclosed. The system relates to an apparatus adapted to inject fluids into a well having a flow bore. The system includes a connection apparatus adapted to land a conduit on a subsea tree or manifold and... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Multi-material seal having a seal body and core

A system may include a seal including a seal body having an exterior with a seal interface. Additionally, the system may include a core disposed internally within and surrounded by the seal body. A gas permeability of the core may be less than a gas permeability of the seal body,... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Fluid processing machines with balance piston on inlet

A subsea pump is used in applications such as deep-water boosting of fluid produced from a wellbore. The process pressure variation is mostly related to the pump suction side in such applications. The barrier fluid system for the pump regulates its pressure according to the pump discharge pressure. A balance... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

Gas filled subsea electronics housing with spring engaged heat sink

Heat sinks that cool electronics are mounted within a subsea housing or vessel. Springs are used to provide pressure between the heat sinks and a vessel wall. Vessel wall deformation caused by external seawater pressure is absorbed by the springs, which maintain a pre-load force according to the spring characteristics.... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

05/18/17 / #20170138146

Apparatus and recovering fluids from a well and/or injecting fluids into a well

Methods and apparatus for diverting fluids either into or from a well are described. Some embodiments include a diverter conduit that is located in a bore of a tree. The invention relates especially but not exclusively to a diverter assembly connected to a wing branch of a tree. Some embodiments... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

05/11/17 / #20170130730

Axial bearing offloading in fluid processing machines

The axial reaction force generated by a subsea pump or compressor is partially counteracted by a pressure differential in a barrier fluid across a thrust element. The pressure differential is created using impellers or other structures on the thrust element that increases the barrier fluid pressure on one side of... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

05/04/17 / #20170120994

Bearing support a turret on a vessel

A bearing system for a rotating turret mounted on a vessel includes upper radial and axial bearings placed on a stiff bearing support ring. The bearing support ring is isolated from deflections in the vessel's caisson. Through the isolation, the radial and axial bearings are less affected by deflection of... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

05/04/17 / #20170122059

Stackable support system and method

A stackable support system and method are disclosed to increase the final contact area of an expanding lock component by stacking one ring on top of another such that one ring acts as an actuator for the one beneath it. As a body lands inside a receptacle, e.g. a narrow... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

04/13/17 / #20170101842

Completion system with external gate valve

A gate valve assembly for use with a tubing hanger with a vertical bore, the gate valve including a housing located externally to the tubing hanger and a gate at least partially locatable in the housing and configured to extend through the tubing hanger and into the tubing hanger vertical... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

04/06/17 / #20170096193

High pressure swivel system for turret-moored vessel

A high pressure swivel system provides fluid communication on a turret-moored vessel between a swivel core member being in fixed rotational alignment with a seabed mooring system and a swivel revolving member being in fixed rotational alignment with the hull of the vessel. The revolving member has upper and lower... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

03/09/17 / #20170067583

Gasket retention systems and methods

A connection system for retaining and releasing a gasket, a retention mechanism for retaining the gasket with a hub, and methods for operating the same are provided. The connection system includes a hub that contains a profile configured to receive the gasket and a retention mechanism. The retention mechanism is... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

02/16/17 / #20170044858

Running tool lock open device

A lock open device for a running tool including a mandrel, the device including a collar located on the mandrel of the running tool and having an open position profile and a slot comprising a rotational travel section and an axial travel section. The lock open device also includes a... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

01/26/17 / #20170022994

Surge free subsea compressor

A compressor includes impellers each having its chord angle less than its stall angle. The impellers can be used in a contra-rotating impeller arrangement without static diffusers. The contra-rotating impeller arrangement provides for much larger nominal flow rates than conventional single rotating impeller arrangements with the same chord angles. Accordingly,... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

01/05/17 / #20170002651

Rov mountable subsea pump flushing and sampling system

An ROV-mountable flush and sample skid is described that reduces the project cost and deliveries, and also improves HSE risk during Subsea Pump installation campaigns. The ROV skid can be configured as part of a standard ROV tooling across different projects. The tool also reduces the total pump module installation... Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited

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