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Oracle International Corporation
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Oracle International Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Oracle International Corp. Oracle International Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oracle International Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle International Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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03/13/14Storing compression units in relational tables
12/20/12Method for maximizing throughput and minimizing transaction response times on the primary system in the presence of a zero data loss standby replica
08/25/16Identity-based encryption for securing access to stored messages
05/28/15Adaptive request processing service for charging requests
04/30/15Optimization framework for in-memory storage of policy session data
05/10/12Method and system for verifying data stored on a medium
12/17/09Data pattern for storing information, including associated version and audit information for use in data management
06/22/17 new patent  Dynamic storage transitions employing tiered range volumes
06/22/17 new patent  Rule-based automatic class generation from a json message
06/22/17 new patent  Composing a module system and a non-module system
06/22/17 new patent  Dynamic victim cache policy
06/22/17 new patent  Enabling multi-tenant access to respective isolated data sets organized using different application schemas
06/22/17 new patent  Accessing on-premise and off-premise datastores that are organized using different application schemas
06/22/17 new patent  Multidimensional spatial searching for identifying substantially similar data fields
06/22/17 new patent  Methods, systems, and computer readable media for using user defined session description protocol (sdp) rules
06/22/17 new patent  Adjustable snap-in rail assembly for storage rack
06/15/17Automated generation of memory consumption aware code
06/15/17Power saving for reverse directory
06/15/17Search query task management for search system tuning
06/15/17Efficient subgraph pattern matching
06/15/17System and segmenting customers with mixed attribute types using a targeted clustering approach
06/08/17Multi-platform compiling
06/08/17Process scheduling and execution in distributed computing environments
06/08/17Optimal index selection in polynomial time
06/08/17System and load plan intelligent run in a multidimensional database
06/08/17Dynamic data compression selection
06/08/17Integrating external network incidents into an incident process
06/08/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for implementing load balancer traffic policies
06/08/17Template-based event notifications
06/08/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for nuisance call management
06/01/17System and supporting transaction affinity based on resource manager (rm) instance awareness in a transactional environment
06/01/17Performance engineering platform using probes and searchable tags
06/01/17Detecting degraded core performance in multicore processors
06/01/17Facilitating efficient garbage collection by dynamically coarsening an append-only lock-free trie
06/01/17Resolution of ambiguous and implicit references using contextual information
06/01/17System and blending promotion effects based on statistical relevance
06/01/17Computerized invoice record and receipt record matching with automatic discrepancy resolution
06/01/17Replacing a token with a mask value for display at an interface
05/25/17Generating runtime components
05/25/17System and supporting compatibility checking for lambda expression
05/25/17Hardware extensions for memory reclamation for concurrent data structures
05/25/17In-memory key-value store for a multi-model database
05/25/17Efficient indexing data transferred between machines in distributed graph processing systems
05/25/17Method and system for determining circuit failure rate
05/25/17Memory bitcell with column select
05/25/17Redirecting packets for egress from an autonomous system using tenant specific routing and forwarding tables
05/25/17Configurable adaptive access manager callouts
05/25/17System and efficient virtualization in lossless interconnection networks
05/25/17System and efficient virtualization in lossless interconnection networks
05/18/17Determining parameters of air-cooling mechanisms
05/18/17Dual-ring-modulated laser that uses push-pull modulation
05/18/17Live updating of a shared plugin registry with no service loss for active users
05/18/17Optimizing thread selection at fetch, select, and commit stages of processor core pipeline
05/18/17Implementation of reset functions in an soc virtualized device
05/18/17Integration of a virtualized input/output device in a computer system
05/18/17Obtaining and analyzing a reduced metric data set
05/18/17Separation of control and data plane functions in soc virtualized i/o device
05/18/17Electronic mail data modeling for efficient indexing
05/18/17System and providing a multi-channel inventory allocation approach for retailers
05/18/17Computerized promotion price scheduling utilizing multiple product demand model
05/18/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for subscriber binding repository reconfiguration
05/11/17Type inference optimization
05/11/17Compiler optimized data model evaluation
05/11/17Automated data analysis using combined queries
05/11/17Single unit of work
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05/11/17Smart search and navigate
05/11/17Micro-benchmark analysis optimization for microprocessor designs
05/11/17System and scalable multi-homed routing for vswitch based hca virtualization
05/11/17Optimized policy matching and evaluation for non-hierarchical resources
05/11/17Sharing group notification
05/04/17Existential type packing for structurally-restricted existential types
05/04/17Drift management of images
05/04/17Efficiency sequencer for multiple concurrently-executing threads of execution
05/04/17Continuous capture of replayable database system workload
05/04/17Logically partitioning remote virtual library extensions for use in disaster recovery of production data
05/04/17Automatic fuzzy matching of entities in context
05/04/17Ecommerce system with evaluation of boolean expression sets
05/04/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for using link aggregation group (lag) status information
05/04/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for remote authentication dial in user service (radius) message loop detection and mitigation
05/04/17Communication interface for handling multiple operations
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05/04/17Protection against end user account locking denial of service (dos)
05/04/17System and supporting security in a multitenant application server environment
05/04/17Attaching web service policies to a group of policy subjects
05/04/17Header redundancy removal for tunneled media traffic
04/27/17Visual form designer
04/27/17Memory management using virtual address masking
04/27/17Structural representation of generic type variable in a nominally typed virtual machine
04/27/17Application builder with automated data objects creation
04/27/17Universal adapter for native calling
04/27/17Managing highly scalable continuous delivery pipelines
04/27/17Computerized patching an application by separating executables and working data using different images
04/27/17System and booting application servers in parallel
04/27/17Execution of parameterized classes on legacy virtual machines
04/27/17Import mechanism for hardware intrinsics
04/27/17System and providing mssq notifications in a transactional processing environment
04/27/17System and parallel support of multidimensional slices with a multidimensional database
04/27/17Dynamic co-scheduling of hardware contexts for parallel runtime systems on shared machines
04/27/17System and multitenant execution of os programs invoked from a multitenant middleware application
04/27/17Scan server for dual-format database
04/27/17Guaranteeing the event order for multi-stage processing in distributed systems
04/27/17Thread synchronization for platform neutrality
04/27/17Mechanism for running diagnostic rules across multiple nodes
04/27/17Event batching, output sequencing, and log based state storage in continuous query processing
04/27/17Systems and methods for prioritizing a support bundle
04/27/17System and supporting data serialization in a distributed caching system in a transactional processing environment
04/27/17System and integrating a distributed in-memory data grid into a distributed caching system in a transactional processing environment
04/27/17System and caching service results in a distributed caching system in a transactional processing environment
04/27/17Reducing data i/o using in-memory data structures
04/27/17Generating style sheets during runtime
04/27/17Display of dynamic contextual pivot grid analytics
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04/27/17Near-zero downtime relocation of a pluggable database across container databases
04/27/17Event batching, output sequencing, and log based state storage in continuous query processing
04/27/17Migrating a pluggable database between database server instances with minimal impact to performance
04/27/17System and in-place data writes to reduce fragmentation in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17Synchronized test master
04/27/17System and extracting a star schema from tabular data for use in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17System and automatic inference of a cube schema from a tabular data for use in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17Database system feature management
04/27/17Periodic performance optimization through heatmap based management of an in-memory area
04/27/17Automatic reconfiguration of relocated pluggable databases
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04/27/17Non-blocking database table alteration
04/27/17Evaluating sql expressions on dictionary encoded vectors
04/27/17Cloning a pluggable database in read-write mode
04/27/17Query execution against an in-memory standby database
04/27/17Highly selective invalidation of database cursors
04/27/17System and capturing workloads in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17System and use of lock-less techniques with a multidimensional database
04/27/17In-memory cursor duration temp tables
04/27/17Columnar caching in tiered storage
04/27/17Static data caching for queries with a clause that requires multiple iterations to execute
04/27/17Efficient data retrieval in staged use of in-memory cursor duration temporary tables
04/27/17Columnar data arrangement for semi-structured data
04/27/17Parallel execution of queries with a recursive clause
04/27/17Implementing a logically partitioned data warehouse using a container map
04/27/17Compression units in an index block
04/27/17System and providing bottom-up aggregation in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17Supporting pluggable databases with heterogeneous database character sets in a container database
04/27/17Tuple extraction using dynamically generated extractor classes
04/27/17Query decomposition for scalability of continuous query processing
04/27/17System and use of a dynamic flow in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17Extensible attributes for data warehouses
04/27/17Techniques for keeping a copy of a pluggable database up to date with its source pluggable database in read-write mode
04/27/17Efficient mirror data re-sync
04/27/17Unified data model
04/27/17System and aggregating values through risk dimension hierarchies in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17System and automatic dependency analysis for use with a multidimensional database
04/27/17System and improved performance in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17System and use of automatic slice merge in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17System and supporting queries having sub-select constructs in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17System and supporting large queries in a multidimensional database environment
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04/27/17Ability to group multiple container databases as a single container database cluster
04/27/17Application containers in container databases
04/27/17Proxy databases
04/27/17Federated search
04/27/17System and sandboxing support in a multidimensional database environment
04/27/17Establishing trust between containers
04/27/17Generation of dynamic contextual pivot grid analytics
04/27/17Support sharing the same table for protected and non-protected data columns
04/27/17Pluggable database lockdown profile
04/27/17Automatic operation detection on protected field
04/27/17Sensor time series data: functional segmentation for effective machine learning
04/27/17Merchant identification and expense item classification from a mobile device capture of an event receipt
04/27/17Transaction functionality in a multidimensional database
04/27/17Password-less authentication for access management
04/27/17Network switch with dynamic multicast queues
04/27/17Enhanced rest services with custom data
04/27/17System and multitenant execution of os programs invoked from a multitenant middleware application
04/27/17Whitelist construction
04/27/17Enforcing server authentication based on a hardware token
04/27/17End user initiated access server authenticity check
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04/27/17Access manager session management strategy
04/27/17Run-time trust management system for access impersonation
04/27/17Techniques for authentication level step-down
04/27/17Managing security agents in a distributed environment
04/27/17Self describing configuration
04/27/17System and data payload collection monitoring and analysis in a transaction processing environment
04/27/17System and providing distributed caching in a transactional processing environment
04/27/17Automatic redisplay of a user interface including a visualization
04/20/17Generating virtual map tiles according to an ad hoc specification
04/20/17Suite-wide navigation
04/20/17Safepoints for guest languages on a virtual machine
04/20/17Database-level automatic storage management
04/20/17Sharing common metadata in multi-tenant environment
04/20/17Filtered partition maintenance operations
04/20/17Create table for exchange
04/20/17In-memory column-level multi-versioned global dictionary for in-memory databases
04/20/17Operating-system-level isolation of multi-tenant applications
04/20/17Adaptive data transfer optimization
04/13/17Disk resonator based on a composite structure
04/13/17Performance of coprocessor assisted memset() through heterogeneous computing
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04/13/17Generating pseudorandom number sequences by nonlinear mixing of multiple subsidiary pseudorandom number generators
04/13/17Automated responsive grid-based layout design system
04/13/17Methods to reduce memory foot-print of numa aware structures and data variables
04/13/17Ddl processing in sharded databases
04/13/17Request routing and query processing in a sharded database
04/13/17Composite sharding
04/13/17Relational database organization for sharding
04/13/17Management of revisions on revisions of orders
04/13/17Computerized invoice record and receipt record matching utilizing best match criteria
04/13/17Single-mode reflector using a nanobeam cavity
04/13/17Media detection of encrypted tunneled data
04/13/17System and efficient network isolation and load balancing in a multi-tenant cluster environment
04/13/17System and efficient network isolation and load balancing in a multi-tenant cluster environment
04/06/17Method and system for generating a web page layout using nested drop zone widgets having different software functionalities
04/06/17Dynamic role-based view definitions in a repository system
04/06/17Highly available network filer super cluster
04/06/17Method for faceted visualization of a sparql query result set
04/06/17Arbiter for logical to physical frame conversion
04/06/17Methods systems and computer readable media for providing real time data network usage information using subscription profile repository (spr)
04/06/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for transmitting diameter peer status information
04/06/17Method and conversion between logical and physical frames for a serial link application
03/30/17Adaptive calibrating multiple temperature sensors on a single semiconductor die
03/30/17Configurable memory layouts for software programs
03/30/17Automatic sizing of agent's screen for html co-browsing applications
03/30/17Composite instance patching
03/30/17Modular co-versioning in a dynamically linked runtime environment
03/30/17High speed functional test vectors in low power test conditions of a digital integrated circuit
03/30/17Identifying and visualizing suboptimal memory layouts in software programs
03/30/17Memory initialization detection system
03/30/17Lazy logger wrappers
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03/30/17Multi-tenant customizable composites
03/30/17Consolidating and transforming metadata changes
03/30/17Method and system for presenting a promotional offer based on detected data
03/30/17Graphical editing of memory layout rules for software programs
03/30/17Multi-layer full dense mesh
03/30/17Configuring service endpoints in native client applications
03/23/17On-chip atomic transaction engine
03/23/17Densely stored strings
03/23/17Merging versions of an inclusion application that is incorporated into a master application
03/23/17Enterprise web application constructor system and method
03/23/17Model-driven tooltips in excel
03/23/17Techniques for underwriting insurance policies using web-centric insurance management system
03/23/17Encryption system with key recovery and double aead key wrapping
03/23/17Global unified session identifier across multiple data centers
03/16/17Adaptive techniques for improving performance of hardware transactions on multi-socket machines
03/16/17Tracking large numbers of moving objects in an event processing system
03/16/17Memory corruption prevention system
03/16/17Extensibility for sales predictor (spe)
03/16/17External platform extensions in a multi-tenant environment
03/16/17Encapsulating and tunneling webrtc traffic
03/09/17Highly scalable storage array management with reduced latency
03/09/17Generating dynamic modular proxies
03/09/17Etl diagnostics
03/09/17Methods and systems for updating a search index
03/09/17Database diagnostics interface system
03/09/17Multi-system segmented search processing
03/09/17System and providing a tradeoff between time and quality for a task
03/09/17Forecasting customer channel choice using cross-channel loyalty
03/09/17Xbrl comparative reporting

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