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Oracle International Corporation
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Oracle International Corp patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Oracle International Corp. Oracle International Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oracle International Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle International Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Oracle International Corp patents (2009 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/17/09Data pattern for storing information, including associated version and audit information for use in data management
12/31/09Many-to-many correspondence: methods and systems for replacing interbank funds transfers
12/31/09Estimating the cost of xml operators for binary xml storage
12/31/09Selective exposure to a data consumer
12/31/09Customization of client-server interaction in an internet application
12/31/09Resource abstraction via enabler and metadata
12/24/09Techniques for efficient allocation of stock items
12/24/09Performing cost-based optimizations of authorization checks in database systems
12/24/09Method and apparatus for logging privilege use in a distributed computing environment
12/24/09Techniques to extract and flatten hierarchies
12/24/09Presence mapping
12/24/09Recipient-dependent presentation of electronic messages
12/17/09Application customizable to enable administrators of loyalty programs to control communications to members
12/17/09Sortable hash table
12/17/09Reuse of shared metadata across applications via url protocol
12/17/09Enabling a business entity to validate support for specific activities in a crm system before migration from earlier versions
12/10/09Crm client architecture conducive to interaction with other applications executing in the same client system
12/10/09Resource planning system with carbon emission input
12/10/09Crm system for enhanced retention of customers
12/10/09Cost management system
12/10/09Fast extraction of scalar values from binary encoded xml
12/10/09Techniques for creating reports using cached data
12/03/09Verifying operator competence
12/03/09Determining predicate selectivity in query costing
12/03/09Proactive information security management
12/03/09Syndicating enterprise application system data
12/03/09User assistance panel
11/26/09Offline mobile rfid event persistency and synchronization
11/26/09Intercompany transfer profit tracking system
11/26/09Technique for removing subquery using window functions
11/26/09Cascading index compression
11/26/09Event server using clustering
11/26/09Cascading index compression
11/19/09Creating storage for xml schemas with limited numbers of columns per table
11/19/09Mediator with interleaved static and dynamic routing
11/19/09Determining an identity of a third-party user in an saml implementation of a web-service
11/12/09System and method for providing a pluggable architecture for state management in a telecommunication service access gateway
11/12/09Communication dashboard with dynamically configured agent interface
11/12/09Techniques for transforming and loading data into a fact table in a data warehouse
11/12/09Encoding data to be sorted
11/12/09Metadata to technical design review document process
11/12/09Encoding data to be sorted
11/12/09Context-aware content transmission utility
11/12/09Automatic generation of web service client for web services interoperability testing
11/12/09Application workspace persistence
11/05/09Knowledge base search utility
11/05/09Method of partitioning a database
11/05/09Method and apparatus for determining memory usage for a computing device
11/05/09Techniques for efficient dataloads into partitioned tables
11/05/09Method, system, and graphical user interface for presenting an interactive hierarchy and indicating entry of information therein
11/05/09Resource management method
11/05/09Technique for efficiently evaluating a security policy
10/29/09System and method for providing service correlation in a service access gateway environment
10/29/09Calendar-driven business intelligence
10/29/09Ad-hoc updates to source transactions
10/22/09Methods and systems for supporting multiple deployment models of enterprise business applications
10/15/09Automatic generation and publication of online documentation
10/15/09Methods and apparatus for maintaining consistency during analysis of large data sets
10/15/09Editing user interface components
10/15/09Sandbox support for metadata in running applications
10/15/09Method and system for applying a patch during application execution
10/08/09Privacy management policy hub
10/08/09Method for associating administrative policies with user-definable groups of files
10/08/09Simplifying bundling of fixes used to resolve errors in pre-installed software
10/08/09Synchronizing business transaction records from asynchronous messages received out of sequence
10/01/09Interacting methods of data extraction
10/01/09Simply querying across time
10/01/09Interacting methods of data summarization
10/01/09Temporal class loader
10/01/09Applying the use of temporal data and temporal data models to roles and organizational structures
10/01/09Future modeling
10/01/09Temporal relational database management system
10/01/09Method and system for log file processing and generating a graphical user interface based thereon
10/01/09System and method for an infrastructure that enables provisioning of dynamic business applications
10/01/09Component-based software installation
09/24/09Inferring schemas from xml document collections
09/24/09Environment definition files for an environment definition system
09/24/09Direct network file system
09/24/09Application translation cost estimator
09/17/09Unified enterprise contract management architecture
09/17/09Enhance search experience using logical collections
09/17/09Simplifying synchronization of copies of same data used by multiple applications
09/17/09Managing student transcripts
09/17/09Transparent support for distributed transactions in a clustered disk-sharing database environment
09/10/09System and method for enforcement of service level agreements and policies across geographical domains
09/10/09Accessing an enterprise calendar and scheduling group meetings using a mobile device
09/10/09Query rewrite with a nested materialized view
09/10/09Presence-based event driven architecture
09/10/09User interface task flow component
09/03/09System and method for providing throttling, prioritization and traffic shaping during request processing via a budget service
09/03/09Inclusion of metadata in indexed composite document
09/03/09Application integration framework
09/03/09Distributed cross-application server deployment
09/03/09Useful data and content feeds in the enterprise
09/03/09Queued transaction processing
08/27/09Contract authoring template creation
08/27/09Sub-ledger to account for performance obligations
08/20/09Bulk order management
08/20/09Computing the values of configuration parameters for optimal performance of associated applications
08/20/09Active data push delivery
08/13/09Pragmatic approaches to ims
08/13/09Business unit outsourcing model
08/13/09System and method for accessing business process instances through mobile devices
08/13/09Intercompany transactions elimination system
08/13/09Customization syntax for multi-layer xml customization
08/13/09Method and apparatus for performing multi-stage table updates
08/13/09Caching and memory optimizations for multi-layer xml customization
08/13/09Triangulated irregular network
08/13/09Multi-layer xml customization
08/13/09System and method for generating a file peek ahead user interface
08/13/09Customization creation and update for multi-layer xml customization
08/13/09Utilizing intelligent automated scripts to test software applications
08/13/09Change recommendations for compliance policy enforcement
08/13/09Automated compliance policy enforcement in software systems
08/13/09Customization restrictions for multi-layer xml customization
08/06/09Methods to defend against tampering of audit records
08/06/09Facilitating multi-phase electronic bid evaluation
08/06/09Plan solver
08/06/09Application tier data dictionary
08/06/09Data streaming to multiple browser windows
08/06/09Web page data streaming
08/06/09Row-level security with expression data type
08/06/09Methods to defend against tampering of audit records
07/30/09Tiered processing for xdm and other xml databases
07/30/09Match rules to identify duplicate records in inbound data
07/30/09Service-oriented architecture (soa) management of data repository
07/30/09Integrating operational and business support systems with a service delivery platform
07/30/09Method for application-to-application authentication via delegation
07/23/09Process manufacturing with product quantity calculation
07/23/09Enabling users to edit very large xml data
07/23/09Search results when searching for records of a business object
07/23/09Comparing very large xml data
07/23/09Managing feature data based on spatial collections
07/23/09Persistent multimedia content versioning
07/23/09Architecture for data validation
07/23/09Service oriented architecture-based scim platform
07/16/09System and method for asset registration workflows utilizing an eventing infrastructure in a metadata repository
07/16/09System and method for flash folder access to service metadata in a metadata repository
07/16/09Matching up xml query expression for xml table index lookup during query rewrite
07/16/09Methods and systems for implementing staged configurator modeling
07/16/09Smart component monitoring
07/16/09Embedded user assistance for software applications
07/09/09Pick release performance using a multi-threaded architecture to distribute the workload across multiple processors
07/09/09Method and system for speeding up rebuild of user-defined indexes during partition maintenance operations in the database systems
07/09/09Model-driven database query
07/09/09Method and apparatus for automatically identifying components to monitor in an enterprise environment
07/09/09Network mass operation infrastructure
07/09/09Hierarchical management of realtime edge processor
07/09/09Capturing data from user selected portions of a business process and transferring captured data to user identified destinations
07/09/09Implementation tool combining pre-configuration and questionnaire
07/02/09Facilitating a user of a client system to continue with submission of additional requests when an application framework processes prior requests
07/02/09Providing enhanced information when a pointing device points to a specific area in a graphical user interface
06/25/09Online recovery of user tables using flashback table
06/25/09Distributed request and response queues for service processor
06/25/09Online password management
06/18/09Pipelining operations involving dml and query
06/18/09Search server architecture using a search engine adapter
06/18/09Data model and applications
06/18/09Method and apparatus for efficiently caching a system-wide access control list
06/18/09Partial key indexes
06/18/09Rewriting node reference-based xquery using sql/xml
06/18/09Techniques for the logical replication of high-level procedures
06/18/09High performance secure caching in the mid-tier
06/18/09Efficient compilation and execution of imperative-query languages
06/18/09User definable policy for graduated authentication based on the partial orderings of principals
06/11/09Verifying whether a software package calculating efc used for determining federal student financial aid is implemented according to a specification
06/11/09Automatic generation of document summaries through use of structured text
06/11/09Expression replacement in virtual columns
06/11/09Virtual columns
06/11/09method for enhancing functionality of an automated testing tool
06/04/09Active polling technique
06/04/09Method and apparatus to support privileges at multiple levels of authentication using a constraining acl
05/28/09Intelligent communication
05/28/09Data reduction for optimizing and testing
05/21/09Book of business mechanism
05/21/09Data source-independent search system architecture
05/21/09Configurable search graphical user interface and engine
05/21/09Framework and method for real-time embedded collaboration using business process and transaction context
05/21/09Session initiation protocol-based internet protocol television
05/14/09Multi-tier employment model for human capital management
05/14/09Global query normalization to improve xml index based rewrites for path subsetted index
05/14/09Hierarchy nodes derived based on parent/child foreign key and/or range values on parent node
05/14/09Intelligent message processing
05/14/09Minimizing problems in accessing referred content
05/14/09Graphical user interface component that includes visual controls for expanding and collapsing information shown in a window
05/14/09Extensible code visualization
05/07/09Efficient hash based full-outer join
04/30/09Facilitating flexible windows in data stream management systems
04/30/09Specifying a family of logics defining windows in data stream management systems
04/30/09Shared view of customers across business support systems (bss) and a service delivery platform (sdp)
04/30/09Efficient update of binary xml content in a database system
04/30/09Database size tracking and reporting for application upgrades
04/30/09Document fidelity with binary xml storage
04/30/09Efficient mechanism for managing hierarchical relationships in a relational database system
04/30/09Techniques for upgrade dependency management
04/30/09Upgrade tracking system
04/23/09Associating assets with agreements
04/23/09Business to media reservation business process
04/23/09Business to media reservation standard
04/23/09Web service architecture for product selection and dynamic catalog generation
04/23/09Diagnosability system: flood control
04/23/09Non-intrusive gathering of diagnostic data using asynchronous mechanisms
04/23/09Rule-based engine for gathering diagnostic data
04/23/09Executive field service task start to finish
04/23/09Web service architecture for product version retrieval
04/23/09Health meter
04/23/09Procedural constraint engine
04/23/09Dynamically sharing a subtree of operators in a data stream management system operating on existing queries
04/23/09Support for user defined functions in a data stream management system
04/23/09Search center dynamic configuration using field mappings
04/23/09Transferring records between tables using a change transaction log
04/23/09Support for sharing computation between aggregations in a data stream management system
04/23/09Adding new continuous queries to a data stream management system operating on existing queries
04/23/09Deleting a continuous query from a data stream management system continuing to operate on other queries
04/23/09Push-model based index updating
04/23/09Support for user defined aggregations in a data stream management system
04/23/09Scrubbing and editing of diagnostic data
04/23/09Diagnosability system
04/23/09On-line transaction processing (oltp) compression and re-compression of database data
04/23/09Web service interface for order management system
04/23/09Multidimensional forecasting
04/23/09Push-model based index deletion
04/23/09Restoring records using a change transaction log
04/23/09Data recovery advisor
04/23/09Web service architecture for dynamic rules table generation
04/23/09Web service architecture for product configuration
04/23/09Access system interface
04/23/09Support for incrementally processing user defined aggregations in a data stream management system
04/23/09Repair planning engine for data corruptions
04/23/09Gathering context information used for activation of contextual dumping
04/23/09Gathering information for use in diagnostic data dumping upon failure occurrence
04/23/09User-triggered diagnostic data gathering
04/23/09Diagnostic data repository
04/23/09Data corruption diagnostic engine
04/23/09Health monitor
04/23/09Unified tracing service
04/23/09Automatic workload repository performance baselines
04/16/09Industrial identify encoding and decoding language
04/16/09Process manufacturing with least cost formulation
04/16/09Configurable intelligent countdown clock for online auctions
04/16/09Handling silent relations in a data stream management system
04/16/09Replication and mapping mechanism for recreating memory durations
04/16/09Reference partitioned tables
04/16/09Incremental run-time session balancing in a multi-node system
04/09/09Three dimensional spatial engine in a relational database management system
04/09/09Systems and methods for maintenance knowledge management
04/09/09Secure normal forms
04/09/09Support for compensation aware data types in relational database systems
04/02/09Computer-implemented methods and systems for deriving process flow diagrams
04/02/09Contract text search summarized by contract
04/02/09Techniques for fraud monitoring and detection using application fingerprinting
03/26/09Use of commodity pricing information in making decisions on purchasing of items
03/26/09Supporting chargeable subcontracting when outsourcing manufacturing of an assembled unit while supplying components
03/26/09Retrieving collected data mapped to a base dictionary
03/26/09System and method for smart scripting call centers and configuration thereof
03/26/09Probabilistic search and retrieval of work order equipment parts list data based on identified failure tracking attributes
03/26/09Efficient evaluation of hierarchical cubes by non-blocking rollups and skipping levels
03/26/09Population selection framework, systems and methods
03/26/09Customizable metadata merging framework
03/26/09Population selection framework, systems and methods
03/26/09Population update framework, systems and methods
03/26/09Non invasive contextual and rule driven injection proxy
03/19/09Convergence of customer and internal assets
03/19/09Distributing reauthorization time in the event of tariff time change
03/19/09Fully automated sql tuning
03/19/09Sql performance analyzer
03/19/09Compact focused search interface
03/19/09Versioning in an integration platform
03/19/09Framework for handling business transactions
03/19/09Framework for notifying a directory service of authentication events processed outside the directory service
03/12/09Table elimination optimizations
03/12/09Reporting of approval workflow transactions using xmlp
03/12/09System and method for monitoring servers of a data center
03/12/09User interface for human involved business processes
03/12/09System and method to improve memory usage in virtual machines running as hypervisor guests
03/12/09System and method for the service configuration of application server environments
03/05/09Routing transactions in a multiple job environment using an approval framework
03/05/09System and method for simultaneous price optimization and asset allocation to maximize manufacturing profits
03/05/09Providing aggregate forecasted impact information for physical to financial asset reconciliation
03/05/09Comparing a location derived from a physical location to a location associated therewith by a financial system
03/05/09Reconciling asset attributes values before saving to asset database
03/05/09Method and apparatus for automatically executing rules in enterprise systems
03/05/09Load on demand network analysis
03/05/09System and method for managing ontologies as service metadata assets in a metadata repository
03/05/09Enterprise structure configurator
03/05/09Delta-saving in xml-based documents
03/05/09System and method for harvesting service metadata from a metadata repository into an architecture diagram
03/05/09Framework for delegating roles in human resources erp systems
03/05/09Sensitivity-enabled access control model
02/26/09Table elimination technique for group-by query optimization
02/26/09Simplified application object data synchronization for optimized data storage
02/26/09On demand data conversion
02/26/09Simplified application object data synchronization for optimized data storage
02/26/09Navigational tools for large trees
02/26/09Navigation systems with event notification
02/19/09Enhanced control to users to populate a cache in a database system
02/19/09System and method for harvesting service metadata from an architecture diagram into a metadata repository
02/19/09Method of determining the similarity of two strings
02/19/09Ontology system providing enhanced search capability
02/19/09System and method for semantic asset search in a metadata repository
02/19/09Providing interoperability in software identifier standards
02/19/09Methods and systems for implementing a dynamic hierarchical data viewer
02/19/09Scope-centric access control model
02/05/09Temporal affinity-based routing of workloads
02/05/09Fast intrinsic mode decomposition of time series data with sawtooth transform
02/05/09Analytical reporting and data mart architecture for public organizations
02/05/09Online index builds and rebuilds without blocking locks
02/05/09Fast path loading of xml data
02/05/09Using sibling-count in xml indexes to optimize single-path queries
02/05/09Distributed event processing
02/05/09Extended cursor sharing
02/05/09Adaptive cursor sharing
02/05/09Method and system for information retrieval
02/05/09Method for acquiring locks in wait mode in a deadlock free manner
02/05/09Avoiding lock contention by using a wait for completion mechanism
02/05/09Lightweight directory access protocol (ldap) schema definition using extensible markup language (xml)
02/05/09Method and system for state maintenance of a large object
02/05/09In-memory space management for database systems
02/05/09Method and mechanism for implementing dynamic space management for large objects
02/05/09Simplifying determination of whether application specific parameters are setup for optimal performance of associated applications
12/03/09Collection access in a parallel environment
11/19/09Cluster health indicator with dynamic load correlation
11/05/09Software identifier based correlation
10/29/09Non-repeating random values in user specified formats and character sets
10/29/09Global avoidance of hang states in multi-node computing system
08/20/09Tag based backup and recovery
07/30/09Electronic control batch record
07/30/09Tracking changes to a business object
07/02/09Server-centric versioning virtual file system
04/30/09Query statistics
04/23/09Interactive complex event pattern builder and visualizer
04/16/09Extensible mechanism for grouping search results
04/09/09Three dimensional surface and solid query processing

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