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Oracle International Corporation
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Oracle International Corportion
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Oracle International Corp Redwood Shores Ca
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Oracle International Corpoaration
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Oracle International Corportaion
Oracle International Corporations
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Oracle International Corp patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Oracle International Corp. Oracle International Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oracle International Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle International Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Oracle International Corp patents (2010 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/30/10System and method for exposing third party call functions of the intelligent network application part (inap) as a web service interface
12/30/10System and method for processing communications using service interceptors
12/30/10System and method for providing a production upgrade of components within a multiprotocol gateway
12/30/10Enabling binary object attachment support for short messaging service
12/30/10Constraint based system that identifies top constraint expressions
12/30/10Method(s) for updating database object metadata
12/30/10Method and system for service contract discovery
12/30/10System and method for providing a split deployment model for a telecommunication service access gateway
12/30/10Technique for skipping irrelevant portions of documents during streaming xpath evaluation
12/30/10Techniques for creating documentation
12/30/10Reorganization process manager
12/30/10Subscriber based policy for service network gateways
12/23/10System and method for providing user context support in a native transaction platform
12/23/10Enforcing communication security for selected resources
12/23/10Triangulated irregular network
12/23/10Reducing recovery time for business organizations in case of disasters
12/23/10Security policy verification system
12/23/10Pop-up panel for multiple messages
12/16/10Document management system
12/16/10Constraint satisfaction problem solver with interactive conflict resolution
12/16/10Use of data patterns for rapid search of complex rules in a rules-based search engine
12/16/10Populating a cache system based on privileges
12/16/10Pluggable session context
12/16/10Fusion general ledger
12/16/10Adaptive write-back and write-through caching for off-line data
12/16/10Techniques for building an aggregate model for performing diagnostics
12/16/10Techniques for gathering evidence for performing diagnostics
12/16/10Techniques for determining models for performing diagnostics
12/16/10Portable embedded local server for write-through cache
12/09/10Confirming enforcement of business rules specified in a data access tier of a multi-tier application
12/09/10System and method for managing the development and manufacturing of a pharmaceutical
12/09/10Query optimization by specifying path-based predicate evaluation in a path-based query operator
12/09/10Mitigating reduction in availability level during maintenance of nodes in a cluster
12/09/10Configuring object displays
12/09/10Method and apparatus for making inter-process procedure calls through shared memory
12/02/10Method, system and apparatus for evaluation of employee competencies using a compression/acceleration methodology
12/02/10Aggregated postal billing and payment methods and systems
12/02/10Unified model design for pending and production information and versioned information
12/02/10Extending dynamic matrices for improved setup capability and runtime search performance of complex business rules
12/02/10System and method for implementing effective date constraints in a role hierarchy
12/02/10System and method for converting a java application into a virtual server image for cloud deployment
12/02/10Visual-editing toolbar menu while using text editor
12/02/10Methods and systems for implementing a self defending/repairing database
11/25/10It asset management trend charting for compliance over time
11/25/10Rules driven filtering of service requests for shared procurement services
11/25/10Framework for shared procurement services
11/25/10Search interface for finding data items of interest from a database system
11/25/10Type system for building extensible business applications
11/18/10Automated job application system including applicant hints
11/18/10Nfs agent upgrade
11/18/10Business process management (bpm) add-in for office software
11/18/10Simplifying installation of software modules on heterogeneous remote systems
11/18/10System and method for using partial software object dematerialization in a virtual machine
11/11/10Diagnostic solution for web service process flows
11/04/10Structure of hierarchical compressed data structure for tabular data
11/04/10Creative process modeling and tracking system
11/04/10Storing compression units in relational tables
11/04/10Type system for access control lists
11/04/10Compression analyzer
10/28/10Monitoring the progress of a task set within a hierarchy
10/28/10Constraint processing with zero value handling
10/28/10Dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver with part-whole hierarchy constraints
10/28/10Constraint based system with domain splitting
10/28/10Data management between multiple data sources
10/21/10Downward propagation of results for test cases in application testing
10/21/10Dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver with hierarchical union constraints
10/21/10Document summarization
10/21/10Access control for graph data
10/14/10Reducing access time for data in file systems when seek requests are received ahead of access requests
10/07/10Process activeness check
10/07/10Method and system for performing blocking of messages on errors in message stream
10/07/10Method and system for applying expressions on message payloads for a resequencer
10/07/10Method and system for implementing a best efforts resequencer
10/07/10Method and system for implementing sequence start and increment values for a resequencer
10/07/10Method and system for implementing a scalable, high-performance, fault-tolerant locking mechanism in a multi-process environment
10/07/10Model for system-wide application extension
10/07/10Estimating impact of configuration changes
10/07/10Reducing downtime when patching multiple inter-dependent software components
09/30/10Method and apparatus for fabricating semiconductor chips using varying areas of precision
09/30/10Multi-dimensional algorithm for contextual search
09/30/10Generic preventative user interface controls
09/23/10Claims based factory pattern for creating objects
09/23/10Unified classification approach for different types of items in enterprise procurement catalogs
09/23/10View mechanism for data security, privacy and utilization
09/23/10Real-time page and flow compositions
09/16/10Mechanism for utilizing partitioning pruning techniques for xml indexes
09/16/10Loading an index with minimal effect on availability of applications using the corresponding table
09/09/10Mechanism for efficiently searching xml document collections
09/09/10Methods and systems for automatically determining a default hierarchy from data
09/09/10Offline validation of data in a database system for foreign key constraints
09/09/10Techniques for automated generation of ontologies for enterprise applications
09/09/10Efficient on-demand provisioning of servers for specific software sets
09/02/10Managing and validating a benefits plan
09/02/10Deal management in a customer relationship management environment
09/02/10Deal analysis workbench for a customer relationship management environment
09/02/10Web server for multi-version web documents
09/02/10Infrastructure for spilling pages to a persistent store
09/02/10Method and system for spilling from a queue to a persistent store
09/02/10Creating manager views in an employee compensation system
09/02/10Framework for dynamically generating tuple and page classes
08/26/10Flip mobile list to table
08/26/10Automated accrual account reconciliation
08/26/10Collaborative draft forum-messages
08/26/10Automatic administration of unix commands
08/26/10Flip mobile list to table
08/26/10Techniques for semantic business policy composition
08/19/10Change order template for purchase order document amendment
08/19/10Efficient evaluation of xquery and xpath full text extension
08/19/10Intelligent flood control management
08/19/10Adaptive cluster timer manager
08/12/10Simplifying determination of the groups to which users belong when using dynamic groups
08/12/10System and method for creating and managing universally unique identifiers for services
08/12/10Adaptive ui regions for enterprise applications
08/05/10Service configuration assurance
08/05/10Adding contacts during personalized content delivery and analytics
08/05/10Platform test environment and unit test framework for a telecommunications gateway
08/05/10Dynamic calculations in an employee compensation system
08/05/10Personalized content delivery and analytics
08/05/10Replicating data in financial systems
08/05/10Treemap visualizations of database time
08/05/10Managing floating point variables in constraint satisfaction problems
08/05/10Implementing asynchronous processes on a mobile client
08/05/10High performant information sharing and replication for single-publisher and multiple-subscriber configuration
08/05/10Configurable toolbar
08/05/10Manipulation of window controls in a popup window
08/05/10Hierarchy display
07/29/10Network communication handling
07/29/10Sample management for a sales call
07/29/10Pharmaceutical sample management for a sales call
07/29/10Dynamic constraint solver with cross problem constraints
07/29/10Dynamic constraint solver with resource sum constraints
07/29/10Communication handler for flex integration with a secure application
07/29/10Mechanisms for efficient autocompletion in xml search applications
07/29/10Efficiency in processing queries directed to static data sets
07/29/10Mechanisms for ranking xml tags
07/29/10Optimized javaserver pages lifecycle model
07/29/10Flex integration with a secure application
07/22/10Method and systems for displaying graphical markers in a discrete box chart
07/22/10Methods and systems for displaying graphical markers in a mixed box chart
07/22/10Business-responsibility-centric identity management
07/22/10Managing product information versions
07/22/10Re-ranking search results from an enterprise system
07/22/10Techniques for automated generation of queries for querying ontologies
07/22/10Methods and systems for implementing transcendent page caching
07/22/10Software user interface using h-grid navigation
07/22/10Providing access to contextual actions and information
07/22/10Methods and systems for implementing transcendent page caching
07/22/10Dynamic process priority detection and mitigation
07/15/10Method and systems for generating enterprise plans using iterative disaggregation
07/15/10Method for defining data categories
07/15/10Method and apparatus for hardware xml acceleration
07/15/10Extensibility for business accelerator authoring tools
07/08/10Web service assisted real-time session peering between enterprise voip networks via internet
07/08/10Best effort seamless network switch in a media streaming session
07/08/10Methods, systems, and computer program prodcut for implementing expert assessment of a product
07/08/10Systems and methods for validating design meta-data
07/08/10Methods, systems, and computer program prodcut for automatically categorizing defects
07/08/10Securing dbms event notifications
07/08/10Generic ontology based semantic business policy engine
07/08/10Super master
07/08/10Rtf template and xsl/fo conversion: a new way to create computer reports
07/08/10Method and system to automatically generate gui object addressing queries
07/08/10Method and system to identify gui objects for non-markup-language-presented applications
07/01/10Computer implemented system for determining a distribution policy for a single period inventory system, optimization application therefor, and method therefor, and decision support tool for facilitating user determination of a distribution policy for a single period inventory system
07/01/10Conversion engine and financial reporting system using the conversion engine
07/01/10High-performance, scalable, adaptive and multi-dimensional event repository
07/01/10Resource description framework security
06/24/10Compressed data page with uncompressed data fields
06/24/10Time limited lock ownership
06/24/10System and method for harvesting metadata into a service metadata repository
06/24/10Criteria builder for query builder
06/24/10Reliable processing of http requests
06/24/10Use of analytics to schedule, submit or monitor processes or reports
06/17/10Array attribute configurator
06/17/10System and method for effort estimation
06/10/10Method and system for pruned resilvering using a dirty time log
06/10/10Secure framework for invoking server-side apis using ajax
05/27/10Business process schedule
05/27/10Parser for generating financial manager application rules
05/27/10Interactive product configurator with automatic selections
05/27/10Optimization hints for a business process flow
05/20/10Operation control for deploying and managing software service in a virtual environment
05/20/10Reconciling financial transactions
05/20/10System and method for performance data collection in a virtual environment
05/20/10Methods and systems for implementing flagging for differentiating visual information in a user interface
05/20/10Efficient volume manager hot swapping
05/20/10Resource broker system for deploying and managing software service in a virtual environment
05/20/10System and method of security management for a virtual environment
05/13/10Radial vector plots for paths
05/13/10Radial histograms for depicting path information
05/13/10Finding sequential matches in eye tracking data
05/13/10Time expansion for displaying path information
05/13/10Graphical representations for aggregated paths
05/13/10Management and automatic invocation of scheduled collaboration events
05/13/10Method and system for implementing a ranking mechanism
05/13/10Method and system for implementing a scoring mechanism
05/13/10Agent feedback tool
05/13/10Data driven orchestration of business processes
05/13/10Dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver
05/13/10Management of sub-problems in a dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver
05/13/10Using dotplots for comparing and finding patterns in sequences of data points
05/13/10Selectively reading data from cache and primary storage
05/13/10Memory page eviction based on present system operation
05/13/10Method and system for implementing a compensation system
05/13/10Reusable business sub-processes and run-time assembly
05/13/10Executable template
05/13/10Versioning and effectivity dates for orchestration business process design
05/06/10Ready-to-dial global phone numbers
05/06/10Hybrid prediction model for a sales prospector
05/06/10Customer reference generator
05/06/10Employee talent review management module
05/06/10Managing a marketing template used in an e-mail marketing campaign
05/06/10Data decay management
05/06/10Re-executing query objects without affecting transaction data in an application development framework not providing for creation of multiple instances of the same query object
05/06/10Managing the content of shared slide presentations
05/06/10Database child object wizard
05/06/10Managing the content of shared slide presentations
05/06/10Data importer for a sales prospector
05/06/10Xml-based event driven interface for opc data access
05/06/10Mutable object caching
04/29/10Time synchronization in cluster systems
04/29/10Analyzing the readiness of a template
04/29/10Constraint based system with dynamic consistency checking
04/29/10System and method for providing timer affinity through notifications within a session-based server deployment
04/29/10Method and system for implementing performance kits
04/22/10Estimating data availability on managed storage devices
04/22/10Setup verification for an employee compensation system
04/22/10Configuration deployment management
04/22/10Methods and systems for implementing a test automation framework for testing software applications on unix/linux based machines
04/15/10Point in polyhedron
04/15/10Patching of multi-level data containers storing portions of pre-installed software
04/08/10Rfid enabled dynamic object verification with gtin decoded from epc
04/08/10Merger and acquisition data validation
04/01/10System and method for providing timer affinity through engine polling within a session-based server deployment
04/01/10Multi-database, runtime database query performance monitoring
04/01/10Techniques for performing etl over a wan
04/01/10System and method for meta-data driven, semi-automated generation of web services based on existing applications
04/01/10Hash join using collaborative parallel filtering in intelligent storage with offloaded bloom filters
03/25/10Processing of service-oriented tasks within a grid computing environment
03/25/10Storage-side storage request management
03/25/10Layout aware calculations
03/25/10Providing modal window views for widgets on web pages
03/25/10Automated code review alert indicator
03/25/10Task-optimizing calendar system
03/18/10Alerts for an enterprise application system
03/18/10Searchable object network
03/18/10System and method for semantic search in an enterprise application
03/18/10Dynamic service invocation and service adaptation in bpel soa process
03/18/10Declarative data security for a rapid application development tool component
03/18/10Web widget component for a rapid application development tool
03/18/10Method and system for automated root-cause analysis for class loading failures in java
03/18/10Desktop widget engine emulator component for a rapid application development tool
03/18/10Generic wait service: pausing a bpel process
03/18/10Widget host container component for a rapid application development tool
03/11/10Providing a unified view of contract revenue and invoice details
03/04/10Roundtrip merge of bpel processes and bpmn models
03/04/10Simulating the effects of proposed rule changes on calculated labor time
03/04/10Techniques for matching a certain class of regular expression-based patterns in data streams
03/04/10Block compression using a value-bit format for storing block-cell values
03/04/10Search using business intelligence dimensions
03/04/10System and method for searching enterprise application data
03/04/10Detection of recurring non-occurrences of events using pattern matching
03/04/10Framework for supporting regular expression-based pattern matching in data streams
03/04/10Techniques for performing regular expression-based pattern matching in data streams
03/04/10Detection of non-occurrences of events using pattern matching
03/04/10System and method for using an editable lifecycle event distribution list with a service metadata repository
03/04/10System and method for integration of browser-based thin client applications within desktop rich client architecture
03/04/10Recording, playback, and distribution of dashboard interactions including annotations
03/04/10Dynamic creation of product structure
03/04/10Service level network quality of service policy enforcement
03/04/10Methods and systems for automatic removal and replacement of connections in a pool rendered stale by a firewall
02/25/10Automated security provisioning for outsourced operations
02/25/10Cost management system with flexible unit of measure
02/25/10Charging enabler
02/25/10Extensible attributes model for business applications
02/25/10In-vehicle multimedia real-time communications
02/25/10Role navigation designer and verifier
02/18/10Payroll rules engine for populating payroll costing accounts
02/18/10Techniques for reconciling billed expenses with provisions of a lease agreement
02/11/10Interactive product configurator that allows modification to automated selections
02/11/10Dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver that recreates structure across sessions
02/11/10Database-based inference engine for rdfs/owl constructs
02/11/10Adaptive filter index for determining queries affected by a dml operation
02/11/10Automated topology-based statistics monitoring and performance analysis
02/11/10Interleaving query transformations for xml indexes
02/11/10Generating continuous query notifications
02/11/10Global checkpoint scn
02/11/10Method and system for optimizing row level security in database systems
02/11/10Method and system for implementing parallel transformations of records
02/11/10Representing and manipulating rdf data in a relational database management system
02/11/10Method and system for implementing transfer of a network session
02/11/10Interactive product configurator with default decisions
02/11/10Interactive product configurator
02/11/10Interactive product configurator with persistent component association
02/11/10System and method for hierarchical role-based entitlements
02/04/10Computing selectivities for group of columns and expressions
02/04/10Techniques for coalescing subqueries
02/04/10Hybrid optimization strategies in automatic sql tuning
02/04/10Reducing lag time when searching a repository using a keyword search
02/04/10Method and apparatus for automatically classifying data
02/04/10Annotation management in enterprise applications
01/28/10Utilizing path ids for name and namespace searches
01/21/10Call centers for providing customer services in a telecommunications network
01/21/10Simplifying access to documents accessed recently in a remote system
01/21/10Efficient evaluation of sql pivot operations
01/21/10Enhanced use of tags when storing relationship information of enterprise objects
01/21/10Release management systems and methods
01/21/10Debugging software through visual representations mapped to computer code
01/14/10Data approval system and method
01/14/10Method and mechanism for efficient storage and query of xml documents based on paths
01/14/10Managing task requests
01/07/10Complementing location as metadata
01/07/10Creating relationship maps from enterprise application system data
01/07/10Capturing and restoring database session state
01/07/10Combined directory of personal and enterprise application system data
01/07/10Test execution of user sql in database server code
01/07/10System and method for using aspects to generate event data records
01/07/10Usage based authorization
11/04/10Partition pruning via query rewrite
07/01/10Type neutral container
06/24/10Change management
05/06/10Event recording with local event record locking
05/06/10Security audit in user interface mode
04/08/10Business process diagram (bpd) component analysis
02/18/10Virtual masked database
02/04/10Maintaining referential integrity while masking
06/24/10Data visualization with summary graphs

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