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Oracle International Corp patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Oracle International Corp. Oracle International Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oracle International Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle International Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/11Optical tape media patterning using cationic polymerizable monomers
12/29/11Low viscosity monomer for patterning optical tape
12/29/11Product management system that extracts modifications
12/29/11Guaranteed in-flight sql insert operation support during an rac database failover
12/29/11Method and system for performing application server configuration using configuration groups
12/29/11Write aggregation using optional i/o requests
12/29/11System and method for supporting mutable object handling
12/29/11Request based logging
12/29/11Generating xml schemas for xml document
12/29/11Application server with a protocol-neutral programming model for developing telecommunications-based applications
12/29/11Compile-time management of polyphasic modules
12/22/11Multiple-wavelength laser
12/22/11Method and system for partial shadow migration
12/22/11Plan-based compliance score computation for composite targets/systems
12/22/11High availability by letting application session processing occur independent of protocol servers
12/22/11Changing i/o types for processing data requests
12/22/11Shared error searching
12/15/11Determining employee characteristics using predictive analytics
12/15/11Predicting the impact of a personnel action on a worker
12/15/11Method and mechanism for implementing tagged session pools
12/15/11Method and system for migrating the state of a virtual cluster
12/08/11Multilingual tagging of content with conditional display of unilingual tags
12/08/11Community rating and ranking in enterprise applications
12/08/11Recoverable execution
12/08/11Managing searches on mobile devices
12/08/11Search-sort toggle
12/08/11Tracking object fields using relocatable object watchpoints
12/08/11Searching backward to speed up query
12/08/11Method and mechanism for determining life intervals for a key in an index
12/08/11Misalignment compensation for proximity communication
12/08/11Mobile design patterns
12/08/11Application generator for data transformation applications
12/08/11Techniques for providing improved affinity scheduling in a multiprocessor computer system
12/08/11Enterprise model for provisioning fine-grained access control
12/01/11Microprocessor performance and power optimization through self calibrated inductive voltage droop monitoring and correction
12/01/11System and method for providing balanced scorecard based on a business intelligence server
12/01/11Benefits enrolment in an enterprise
12/01/11System and method for specifying metadata extension input for extending data warehouse
12/01/11Data mart automation
12/01/11System and method for providing data flexibility in a business intelligence server using an administration tool
12/01/11System and method for supporting data warehouse metadata extension using an extender
12/01/11System and method for enabling extract transform and load processes in a business intelligence server
12/01/11Filtering workload for database replay
12/01/11Technique for compressing xml indexes
12/01/11Systems and methods for providing value hierarchies, ragged hierarchies and skip-level hierarchies in a business intelligence server
12/01/11Systems and methods for providing multilingual support for data used with a business intelligence server
12/01/11Systems and methods for providing custom or calculated data members in queries of a business intelligence server
12/01/11System and method for providing a composite view object and sql bypass in a business intelligence server
12/01/11Web server providing access to documents having multiple versions
12/01/11User interface generation with scoring
12/01/11Action tool bar for mobile applications
11/24/11Processes and apparatus to generate cross charge and recoveies for shared service centers
11/24/11Managing interrupts in a virtualized input/output device supporting multiple hosts and functions
11/24/11Memory system that supports probalistic component-failure correction with partial-component sparing
11/24/11Memory system that provides guaranteed component-failure correction with double-error correction
11/24/11Systems and methods for an extensible software proxy
11/17/11Assembly of multi-chip modules using reflowable features
11/17/11Flexible chaining of disparate human workflow tasks in a business process
11/17/11Integrating external data in human workflow tasks
11/17/11Dynamic human workflow task assignment using business rules
11/17/11Association rule module for data mining
11/17/11Workflow task routing based on cardinality of task data
11/17/11System and method for logical people groups
11/17/11System and method for end-to-end data integrity in a network file system
11/17/11Method and system for encrypting data
11/17/11Automatic clock-gating propagation technique
11/17/11System and method for providing complex access control in workflows
11/10/11Printed circuit board with low propagation skew between signal traces
11/10/11Contact springs for silicon chip packages
11/10/11System and methods of managing assignments
11/10/11Auditing client - service provider relationships with reference to internal controls assessments
11/10/11Service level agreement construction
11/10/11Multi-resource services
11/10/11Handling a store instruction with an unknown destination address during speculative execution
11/10/11Statistical analysis of heap dynamics for memory leak investigations
11/10/11Automating internal controls assessments for outsourced operations
11/10/11Memory leak detection
11/10/11Event driven change injection and dynamic extensions to a bpel process
11/03/11Support for user defined aggregations in a data stream management system
11/03/11Cache access filtering for processors without secondary miss detection
11/03/11Access control in modules for software development
11/03/11Polyphasic modules for software development
10/27/11Standby power control in a multiple power supply environment
10/27/11Increased dram-array throughput using inactive bitlines
10/27/11Financial computer system that determines and reports transactions impacted by organizational changes
10/27/11Checkpoint allocation in a speculative processor
10/27/11Re-ranking search results from an enterprise system
10/20/11Method and system for automated ball-grid array void quantification
10/20/11Low-power, broadband optical switch
10/20/11Slotted optical waveguide with electro-optic material
10/20/11Financial audit scoping workbench
10/20/11Inference of altitude using pairwise comparison of telemetry signals
10/20/11Changing ranking algorithms based on customer settings
10/20/11Business process debugger with parallel-step debug operation
10/20/11Software development compliance system
10/13/11High-bandwidth on-chip communication
10/13/11Searching document object model elements by attribute order priority
10/13/11Dynamic content archiving
10/13/11Multi-channel user interface architecture
10/13/11Method and system for providing enterprise procurement network
10/06/11Enhanced electronic cooling by an inner fin structure in a vapor chamber
10/06/11Optical media production system and method for controlling same
10/06/11Systems and methods for testing unformatted optical recording media
10/06/11Asynchronous loadable down counter
10/06/11Predicting remaining useful life for a computer system using a stress-based prediction technique
10/06/11Simulation of supply chain plans using web service
10/06/11Simulation of supply chain plans using data model
10/06/11Product lifecycle management techniques
10/06/11Hybrid auctions and methods and systems for conducting same over a computer network
10/06/11Graphical information navigator
10/06/11Consolidation of patch transformations for database replication
10/06/11Suggested content with attribute parameterization
10/06/11Methods and systems for querying event streams using multiple event processors
10/06/11Dynamic intelligent mirror host selection
10/06/11Simplifying determination of dependencies among soa services
10/06/11Data deduplication dictionary system
10/06/11Cache-aware thread scheduling in multi-threaded systems
09/29/11Adhesive-bonded substrates in a multi-chip module
09/29/11Autoplay of status in teleconference via email systems
09/29/11Optical device with high thermal tuning efficiency
09/29/11Identifying degraded fans in datacenters
09/29/11System and method for providing highly available database performance
09/29/11Multi-level security cluster
09/29/11Capturing and utilizing specific module dependency information
09/29/11Fully declarative build system for build optimization
09/22/11Alignment structures for integrated-circuit packaging
09/22/11Remote registration for enterprise applications
09/22/11Apparatus and method for floating-point fused multiply add
09/22/11Pre-fetching for a sibling cache
09/22/11Accelerating memory operations using virtualization information
09/22/11Detecting real-time invalid memory references
09/22/11Remote registration for enterprise applications
09/15/11Multi-chip module with multi-level interposer
09/15/11Frequent itemset counting using clustered prefixes and index support
09/15/11Change analysis on enterprise systems prior to deployment
09/08/11Correlating and mapping original orders with new orders for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes
09/08/11Distributed order orchestration system with rules engine
09/08/11Notify/inquire fulfillment systems before processing change requests for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes in a distributed order orchestration system
09/08/11Cost of change for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes for a distributed order orchestration sytem
09/08/11Task layer service patterns for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes for a distributed order orchestration system
09/08/11Distributed order orchestration system for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes with delta attributes
09/08/11Change management framework in distributed order orchestration system
09/08/11Saving order process state for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes in a distributed order orchestration system
09/08/11Compensation patterns for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes in an distributed order orchestration system
09/08/11Dynamic atomic bitsets
09/08/11Distributed order orchestration system with rollback checkpoints for adjusting long running order management fulfillment processes
09/08/11Hierarchical data display
09/08/11Identifying test cases to be run after changes to modules of a software application
09/01/11Media recording within a virtual world
09/01/11Service provider identifiers
09/01/11Method and system for preserving files with multiple links during shadow migration
08/25/11Mapping data in enterprise applications for operational visibility
08/25/11Business intelligence dashboards for performance analysis
08/25/11Mechanical shock feature extraction for overstress event registration
08/25/11Generation of star schemas from snowflake schemas containing a large number of dimensions
08/25/11Method and system for implementing efficient cursor pruning
08/25/11System and method for deterministic garbage collection
08/25/11Prompt large object reclamation
08/25/11Computing half instructions of floating point numbers without early adjustment of the source operands
08/25/11Architecture-aware allocation of network buffers
08/25/11Framework for integrating applications
08/18/11Shared-source-row optical data channel organization for a switched arbitrated on-chip optical network
08/18/11Data channel organization for a switched arbitrated on-chip optical network
08/18/11Document management system
08/18/11Method and system for scrolling through a graphical user interface list control
08/18/11Integration of external schemas and types into native programming languages
08/18/11Method and system for optimizing code for a multi-threaded application
08/11/11Sales performance management through quota planning
08/11/11Service level communication advertisement business
08/11/11Hierarchical transaction filtering
08/11/11Orchestrated data exchange and synchronization between data repositories
08/11/11Class loading using java data cartridges
08/11/11Service level cross network coordinated interaction
08/11/11Service deliver platform based support of interactions between next generation networks and legacy networks
08/11/11Service based consolidation of applications across networks
08/11/11System and method for storing and accessing digital media content using smart card technology
08/11/11System and method for runtime class extracting
08/11/11Policy based provisioning in a computing environment
08/11/11On device policy enforcement to secure open platform via network and open network
08/11/11System self integrity and health validation for policy enforcement
08/04/11Securing user access to a parameter value across a software product line differently for different products
08/04/11General ledger (gl) journal delete/accounting line reversal web service
08/04/11Approval workflow engine for services procurement timesheets, progress logs, and expenses
08/04/11Predictive categorization
08/04/11Forking of search requests and routing to multiple engines through km server
08/04/11Collapsible search results
08/04/11Subsequent search results
08/04/11Orchestration of business processes using templates
08/04/11Declarative attribute security using custom properties
07/28/11System and method for providing spi extensions for content management system
07/28/11Techniques for automatically provisioning a database over a wide area network
07/28/11Software modeling framework
07/21/11Optimized lid attach process for thermal management and multi-surface compliant heat removal
07/21/11Database query resource management using select statement condition
07/21/11Dispersion dependency in oracle clusterware
07/21/11Dependency on a resource type
07/21/11Self-testable ha framework library infrastructure
07/14/11Network buffer
07/14/11Systems and methods for exposing different service facades of an underlying network
07/14/11Side-by-side comparison of associations for multi-level bills of material
07/14/11Systems and methods for integrating a service access gateway with billing and revenue management systems
07/14/11Gateway for enabling cloud-based service exposure
07/14/11Techniques for automatically discovering a database device on a network
07/14/11Methods to perform disk writes in a distributed shared disk system needing consistency across failures
07/14/11Compile time opcodes for efficient runtime interpretation of variables for database queries and dml statements
07/14/11Method and system for implementing definable actions
07/07/11Policy-based advertisement engine
07/07/11Facilitating dynamic construction of clouds
07/07/11Policy-based exposure of presence
07/07/11Architecture for an output buffered switch with input groups
07/07/11Flash-aware storage optimized for mobile and embedded dbms on nand flash memory
07/07/11Web services layer synchrony in relation to the business layer synchrony
07/07/11Enforcement of policies on context-based authorization
06/30/11Extensibility platform using data cartridges
06/30/11Spatial data cartridge for event processing systems
06/30/11Extensible indexing framework using data cartridges
06/30/11Extensible language framework using data cartridges
06/30/11User interface for establishing mappings from internal metadata to external metadata
06/30/11Techniques for managing functional service definitions in an soa development lifecycle
06/30/11Techniques for automated generation of deployment plans in an soa development lifecycle
06/30/11Techniques for rapid deployment of service artifacts
06/30/11Techniques for automated generation of service artifacts
06/23/11Approval workflow engine and approval framework for purchase orders
06/23/11Predictive time entry for workforce management systems
06/23/11Techniques for generating diagnostic results
06/23/11System and method for providing service component architecture (sca) data transformation
06/23/11Task management using electronic mail
06/23/11Agile help, defect tracking, and support framework for composite applications
06/23/11System and method for providing transaction monitor integration with service component architecture (sca) runtime
06/16/11Presence-based caller identification
06/16/11Presence-based message waiting indicator and missed calls
06/16/11Message forwarding
06/16/11Apparatus and method for creating a real time database replica
06/16/11File change detector and tracker
06/16/11Methods and systems for generating metadata describing dependencies for composable elements
06/16/11Global presence
06/09/11Techniques for web server management
06/09/11Telephony application services
06/09/11Classes of service for network on chips
06/09/11Integrated circuit chip that supports through-chip electromagnetic communication
06/09/11Sequence matching allowing for errors
06/09/11Incremental materialized view refresh with enhanced dml compression
06/09/11Performing an action in response to a file system event
06/09/11Modified implementation of java debug wire protocol
06/02/11High availability enabler
06/02/11Techniques for supporting multiple devices in mobile applications
05/26/11Inverting difference oscillator
05/26/11Long-term moving average weekly forecast tools and techniques
05/26/11Multi-dimensional modeling of sales territories
05/26/11Data source for parallel inference
05/26/11In-session continuation of a streaming media session
05/26/11Interface for communication session continuation
05/26/11In-lane exception handling
05/26/11Methods and systems for implementing service level consolidated user information management
05/19/11Audit planning
05/19/11Index backbone join
05/19/11Method and system for enterprise search navigation
05/19/11Incremental inference
05/19/11Template based entity transformation
05/19/11Protocol level communications for protocol level composition with session sharing
05/19/11Inter-working with a walled garden floor-controlled system
05/19/11Method and system for implementing workload management by monitoring disk utilizations
05/19/11Techniques for displaying customizations for composite applications
05/19/11Techniques related to customizations for composite applications
05/12/11Traffic handling for mobile communication-based advertisements
05/12/11Integrated-circuit package for proximity communication
05/12/11Distributed order orchestration
05/12/11Mobile advertisement and marketing integration with business process and workflow systems
05/12/11Integration architecture for mobile advertisement campaign management, marketplace and service provider interface
05/12/11Continuous aggregation on a data grid
05/12/11Techniques for providing xquery access using web services
05/12/11Garbage collection in a cache with reduced complexity
05/05/11Compensation discrimination detector
05/05/11Lock manager on disk
05/05/11Rewrite of queries containing rank or rownumber or min/max aggregate functions using a materialized view
05/05/11Document relevancy operator
05/05/11Efficient xml tree indexing structure over xml content
05/05/11Xpath-based creation of relational indexes and constraints over xml data stored in relational tables
05/05/11Systems and methods for processing xml document as a stream of events using a schema
05/05/11Methods and systems for implementing policy based trust management
05/05/11Transforming data tables into multi-dimensional projections with aggregations
05/05/11Application agnostic ui integration framework for web based applications
05/05/11Simplifying maintenance of large software systems
05/05/11Association of object elements to operational modes
05/05/11Declarative federation of registries
04/28/11Performance boost for sort operations
04/28/11Collation of multi-user, multi-format, email communication with common subject titles
04/28/11Cluster neighborhood event advisory
04/28/11Mapping usage patterns using code features
04/28/11Secure service oriented architecture
04/21/11Dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver with sub-problem placeholder
04/21/11Time-based conflict resolution
04/21/11Massively scalable reasoning architecture
04/21/11Techniques for extracting semantic data stores
04/21/11Leveraging structured xml index data for evaluating database queries
04/21/11Related contact and record recommendation for product design
04/21/11Asynchronous state engine with plug-ins for flexible application development
04/14/11Methods and systems for collecting and analyzing enterprise activities
04/14/11Methods and systems for providing a comprehensive view of it assets as self service inquiry/update transactions
04/14/11Micro-blogging for enterprise resources planning (erp)
04/14/11Product classification in procurement systems
04/14/11Techniques for processing ontologies
04/14/11Memory-mapped objects
04/14/11Enterprise node rank engine
04/14/11Determining and displaying application server object relevance
04/14/11Collaborative filtering engine
04/14/11Merging of items from different data sources
04/14/11Hierarchical representation of time-related profiles
04/14/11Methods and systems for implementing a virtual storage network
04/14/11Automated administration using composites of atomic operations
04/14/11Methods and systems for implementing a logical programming model
04/07/11hybrid approach for equivalence reasoning
04/07/11Change application for datasets using frozen and delta values
04/07/11Dynamic rule creation and caching
04/07/11Online database modeling
04/07/11Testing of client systems consuming contractual services on different server systems
04/07/11History-based conflict resolution
03/31/11Interactive dendrogram controls
03/31/11Enhanced supplier catalog collaboration
03/31/11Agentless data collection
03/31/11Database index monitoring system
03/31/11Hierarchical sequential clustering
03/31/11Sequential information retrieval
03/31/11Simplifying addition of web servers when authentication server requires registration
03/31/11System and method for supporting consumer entitlements in federate portal
03/31/11System and method to reconfigure a virtual machine image suitable for cloud deployment
03/31/11System and method for supporting resource enlistment synchronization
03/24/11Data governance manager for master data management hubs
03/24/11Method and system for efficient enforcement of derived locks in a hierarchical structure
03/24/11Active auditing in a database system
03/24/11Context-based smart tags
03/24/11System and method for synchronizing transient resource usage between virtual machines in a hypervisor environment
03/24/11System and method for usage-based application licensing in a hypervisor virtual execution environment
03/17/11Simplified configuration of touchless buying
03/17/11Merging xml documents automatically using attributes based comparison
03/17/11operationally complete hierarchical repository in a relational database
03/17/11System and method for mutating polymorphic object components
03/17/11Web server caching for performance improvement
03/17/11Client-side api framework for uniform resource identifier (uri) manipulations
03/17/11Caching data between a database server and a storage system
03/17/11Dynamic atomic arrays
03/17/11Method and apparatus for securing a database configuration
03/10/11Distributed database recovery
03/10/11Technique to gather statistics on very large hierarchical collections in a scalable and efficient manner
03/10/11Handling of expired web pages
03/10/11Leveraging xml capabilities of a database to enhance handling of document data
03/10/11Facilitating a service application to operate with different service frameworks in application servers
03/10/11Synchronized java debugger
03/03/11Calculation/determination of budget and employee allocation targets using a model
03/03/11Customer relationship management using text messages
03/03/11General ledger chart of accounts combination editing request response
03/03/11Expediting k-means cluster analysis data mining using subsample elimination preprocessing
03/03/11Logical conflict detection
03/03/11System and method for asynchronous crawling of enterprise applications
03/03/11Connection pool use of runtime load balancing service performance advisories
03/03/11Protocol wrapper and serializer/deserializer for faciliating data exchanges
03/03/11Online data encryption and decryption
03/03/11Domain based workflows
03/03/11Method and system for displaying group relationships in a graphical user interface
03/03/11Method and system for providing graphical user interface having filtering capability
03/03/11System and method for providing graphical user interface displaying muiltiple views
03/03/11Method and system for providing graphical user interface with contextual view
03/03/11Method and system for providing user interface representing organization hierarchy
03/03/11Using ecoprint for cloning of applications
03/03/11Access control model of function privileges for enterprise-wide applications
02/24/11Xml query optimization with order analysis of xml schema
02/24/11Managing compound xml documents in a repository
02/24/11Debugging of business flows deployed in production servers
02/17/11Edropship: methods and systems for anonymous ecommerce shipment
02/17/11Reassignment and reconciliation for multi-dimensional sales territories
02/17/11Sandboxing and what-if analysis for multi-dimensional sales territories
02/17/11Analytical previewing of multi-dimensional sales territory proposals
02/10/11Techniques for controlling access to teleconferences
02/10/11Event driven audit logging
02/10/11Method and system for reconciling meta-data in a data warehouse
02/10/11Generating service component definition language from metadata
02/10/11Automatic rules-based messaging system based on analysis of text and/or associated metadata
02/10/11Recommendations matching a user's interests
02/03/11Graphical interface with data presence indicators
02/03/11Logging framework for a data stream processing server
02/03/11Log visualization tool for a data stream processing server
02/03/11Techniques for partition pruning
02/03/11Tag creation system
02/03/11Ddl and dml support for hybrid columnar compressed tables
02/03/11Content accelerator framework
02/03/11Automatic and dynamic provisioning of databases
02/03/11Selection of a suitable node to host a virtual machine in an environment containing a large number of nodes
02/03/11System and method for xml registry re-parsing
02/03/11Encapsulating and managing diagnostic information
02/03/11Altruistic dependable memory overcommit for virtual machines
02/03/11Policy based invocation of web services
01/27/11Enabling collaboration on a project plan
01/27/11Dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver with inferred problem association removal
01/27/11Computer object conversion using an intermediate object
01/27/11Standardized database connectivity support for an event processing server in an embedded context
01/27/11Enforcing restrictions for graph data manipulation operations
01/27/11Hierarchy nodes derived based on parent/child foreign key and/or range values on parent node
01/27/11Reducing power consumption in data centers having nodes for hosting virtual machines
01/27/11Interactive store design interface based system
01/27/11Method and system for automated code-source indexing in java virtual machine environment
01/27/11Standardized database connectivity support for an event processing server
01/27/11Techniques for enforcing application environment based security policies using role based access control
01/27/11Licensed feature enablement manager
01/20/11Data cartridge and tape library including flash memory
01/20/11Data integration between project systems
01/20/11Techniques for securing supply chain electronic transactions
01/20/11Document collaboration system with alternative views
01/20/11User interface controls for specifying data hierarchies
01/13/11Representing an object as an aggregate of identifiable parts shareable by users of a collaboration system
01/13/11Representing attachments of objects in a collaboration system using metadata copies
01/13/11Shared storage of categorization, labeling or tagging of objects in a collaboration system
01/06/11Role based identity tracker
01/06/11Dashboard for business process management system
01/06/11Enterprise hierarchy
01/06/11Access of elements for a secure web page through a non-secure channel
01/06/11Performing secure and non-secure communication over the same socket

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