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Oracle International Corp patents (2012 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Oracle International Corp. Oracle International Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oracle International Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle International Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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12/20/12Method for maximizing throughput and minimizing transaction response times on the primary system in the presence of a zero data loss standby replica
05/10/12Method and system for verifying data stored on a medium
12/27/12Chip package with reinforced positive alignment features
12/27/12Modular absorption heat sink devices for passive cooling of servers and other electronics
12/27/12Retail forecasting using parameter estimation
12/27/12Crm system for enhanced retention of customers
12/27/12Automatic failover configuration with lightweight observer
12/27/12System and method for use with garbage collected languages for enabling the allocated heap memory to be updated at runtime
12/20/12Three-dimensional macro-chip including optical interconnects
12/20/12System and method for flow control in a messaging subsystem based on message-in/out rates
12/20/12Systems and methods of integrating openid with a telecommunications network
12/13/12Input isolation of a transimpedance amplifier in optical receivers
12/13/12Tracking modifications to values of various fields in a database serve
12/13/12Storage library client interface system and method
12/13/12Apparatus and method for performing a rebalance of resources for one or more devices at boot time
12/13/12System and method for creating and updating a data model from disparate events received on arbitrary application threads
12/13/12Compiler internal fault handling and reporting
12/06/12Uv curing of embossed structures
12/06/12Presentation of dependencies in gantt charts
12/06/12Multiple element selections in gantt charts
12/06/12System and method for supporting sub-subnet in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12Method and system for temporary data unit storage on infiniband host channel adaptor
12/06/12Techniques for application tuning
12/06/12System using feedback comments linked to performance document content
12/06/12Application configuration generation
12/06/12System and method for callbacks based on web service addressing
12/06/12Performance management system using unsolicited feedback
12/06/12System and method for collecting request metrics in an application server environment
12/06/12Simplifying setup of management servers controlling access to voluminous configuration data required for applications
12/06/12System and method for providing secure subnet management agent (sma) based fencing in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12System and method for supporting consistent handling of internal id spaces for different partitions in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12System and method for supporting subnet manager (sm) level robust handling of unkown management key in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12System and method for using quality of service with workload management in an application server environment
12/06/12System and method for supporting automatic disabling of degraded links in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12System and method for supporting controlled re-routing in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12Method and system for processing commands on an infiniband host channel adaptor
12/06/12Software execution using multiple initialization modes
12/06/12System and method for providing secure subnet management agent (sma) in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12Analysis of documents using rules
12/06/12System and method for providing source id spoof protection in an infiniband (ib) network
12/06/12System and method for providing restrictions on the location of peer subnet manager (sm) instances in an infiniband (ib) network
11/29/12System providing automated feedback reminders
11/29/12System for providing goal-triggered feedback
11/29/12Techniques for automatically provisioning a database over a wide area network
11/29/12Method and system for caching lexical mappings for rdf data
11/29/12Method and system for implementing an on-demand scheduler
11/29/12Method and system for presenting rdf data as a set of relational views
11/29/12System and method for performance data collection in a virtual environment
11/29/12Method and system for implementing an on-demand scheduler in a mobile device
11/29/12Context-sensitive analysis framework using value flows
11/29/12Points-to analysis as value flow
11/29/12System and method for synchronizing transient resource usage between virtual machines in a hypervisor environment
11/22/12Keyboard navigation among visual elements in a user interface
11/22/12Techniques for automatic data placement with compression and columnar storage
11/22/12Temporally-correlated activity streams for conferences
11/22/12Method and system for implementing efficient updatable relational views over xml data
11/22/12Extensible centralized dynamic resource distribution in a clustered data grid
11/22/12Interactive custom regions
11/15/12System for automated sales team identification and/or creation
11/15/12System, apparatus and method for characterizing messages to discover dependencies of service-oriented architectures
11/15/12Dynamic cost model based resource scheduling in distributed compute farms
11/15/12Request to own chaining in multi-socketed systems
11/15/12Branch target storage and retrieval in an out-of-order processor
11/15/12Suppression of control transfer instructions on incorrect speculative execution paths
11/15/12Tracking large numbers of moving objects in an event processing system
11/15/12Suspension system for an optical pickup assembly
11/15/12Access management architecture
11/08/12System for managing formal mentoring programs
11/08/12Retail pre-pack optimization system
11/08/12Retail pre-pack optimizer
11/08/12Scalable regression for retail panel data
11/08/12Support for a new insert stream (istream) operation in complex event processing (cep)
11/08/12System and method for providing hardware virtualization in a virtual machine environment
11/01/12Sales prediction and recommendation system
11/01/12Hierarchical transaction filtering
11/01/12Enterprise compensation application supporting a large number of employees
11/01/12Deduction information repository
11/01/12Methods, systems, and computer program product for implementing expert assessment of a product
11/01/12Propagating user identities in a secure federated search system
11/01/12Visualization of concepts within a collection of information
11/01/12Live object pattern for use with a distributed cache
11/01/12Filtered stylesheets
11/01/12Event distribution pattern for use with a distributed data grid
10/25/12Multi-chip module with multi-level interposer
10/25/12Scheduling read operations during drive reconstruction in an array of redundant disk drives
10/25/12Multiprocessing of data sets
10/25/12Efficient validation of binary xml data
10/25/12Interface method resolution for virtual extension methods
10/25/12Crawling secure data sources
10/18/12Benefits self service product
10/18/12Elastic data techniques for managing cache storage using ram and flash-based memory
10/18/12System and method for creating or reconfiguring a virtual server image for cloud deployment
10/04/12Numa-aware garbage collection
10/04/12Numa-aware garbage collection
10/04/12Management of data nodes in an application server
10/04/12Integration of an application server and data grid
10/04/12Real-time menu architecture
10/04/12Pipelined loop parallelization with pre-computations
09/27/12Folder structure and authorization mirroring from enterprise resource planning systems to document management systems
09/27/12System and method for supporting session management in a distributed transactional service system
09/27/12Method and apparatus for using unused bits in a memory pointer
09/27/12Automated testing of browser based rich internet applications (ria) delivered through proprietary frameworks
09/27/12System and method for supporting batch job management in a distributed transaction system
09/27/12Optical pickup assembly
09/20/12Scalable silicon photonic multiplexers and demultiplexers
09/20/12System and method for maintaining a business catalog
09/20/12System and method for creating and managing business objects
09/20/12System including a middleware machine environment
09/20/12Systems and methods for collaboration shared state management
09/20/12Visualization and interaction with financial data using sunburst visualization
09/20/12Event scheduler for an electrical circuit design to account for hold time violations
09/13/12Virtual network interface with packet filtering hooks
09/13/12Packet sniffing with packet filtering hooks
09/13/12Optimized pricing solver with prioritized constraints
09/13/12Comprehensibility of flowcharts
09/13/12Performance counters for integrated circuits
09/13/12Method for improving the radio frequency linearity of silicon-on-insulator mosfet circuits
09/13/12Efficient model checking technique for finding software defects
08/30/12Mechanical coupling in a multi-chip module using magnetic components
08/30/12Parallel flip-flop setup and hold timing analysis
08/30/12Transactionally consistent replay of application workloads
08/30/12Application workload capture and replay system
08/30/12Setting and displaying primary objects for one or more purposes in a table for enterprise business applications
08/30/12User activity monitoring
08/30/12Peer-to-peer transcendent memory
08/23/12Chip package with plank stack of semiconductor dies
08/23/12Single-inversion pulse flop
08/23/12Method of calibrating data readers relative to servo readers
08/23/12Optical device with enhanced mechanical strength
08/23/12System and method for providing user context support in a native transaction platform
08/23/12Broadcast protocol for a network of caches
08/23/12Dynamic power and temperature capping through telemetry data analysis
08/16/12Method and system for validating network traffic classification in a blade server
08/16/12Method and system for routing network traffic for a blade server
08/16/12Method and system for classification and management of inter-blade network traffic in a blade server
08/16/12Optical modulator with three-dimensional waveguide tapers
08/16/12Optical device with reduced thermal tuning energy
08/16/12Function space reservation system
08/16/12Data-driven customizable payroll element template
08/16/12Application server platform for telecom-based applications having a tcap adapter, sip adapter and actor protocol context
08/16/12One click deployment
08/16/12Binding-based characterization of closures in software programs
08/16/12Preventing unsafe sharing through confinement of mutable captured variables
08/16/12Facilitating single sign-on (sso) across multiple browser instance
08/09/12Enhanced control to users to populate a cache in a database system
08/09/12Automated test tool interface
08/02/12System and method for managing errors on a magnetic tape
08/02/12System and method for using cluster level quorum to prevent split brain scenario in a data grid cluster
08/02/12Push replication for use with a distributed data grid
08/02/12Methods and systems for implementing email recipient templates
08/02/12Processing pattern framework for dispatching and executing tasks in a distributed computing grid
08/02/12Transactional cache versioning and storage in a distributed data grid
08/02/12System and method for use with a data grid cluster to support death detection
08/02/12System and method for storing data with host configuration of storage media
08/02/12Automatically testing a web application that has independent display trees
08/02/12Workspace-aware social networks in an enterprise
08/02/12Drag and drop interaction between components of a web application
08/02/12System and method for supporting service level quorum in a data grid cluster
08/02/12Method and system for scheduling threads
08/02/12Policy based management of content rights in enterprise/cross enterprise collaboration
07/26/12Thermal and power bus stacked package architecture
07/26/12Monolithic laser source using ring-resonator reflectors
07/26/12Database system that provides for history-enabled tables
07/26/12Book of business mechanism
07/19/12Flop type selection for very large scale integrated circuits
07/19/12String searching within peripheral storage devices
07/19/12Method and apparatus for contextualizing energy consumption data
07/19/12System and method for providing a static model map of behaviors in a middleware system, for use in identifying system problems
07/19/12Balance groups in a global reporting infrastructure
07/19/12Efficient data collection mechanism in middleware runtime environment
07/19/12Method of measuring and diagnosing misbehaviors of software components and resources
07/19/12System and method for determining causes of performance problems within middleware systems
07/19/12System and method for using dependency in a dynamic model to relate performance problems in a complex middleware environment
07/19/12Pattern-based construction and extension of enterprise applications in a cloud computing environment
07/19/12System and method for efficient compilation and invocation of function type calls
07/19/12System and method for locking memory areas in a jvm to facilitate sharing between virtual servers
07/19/12System and method to improve memory usage in virtual machines running as hypervisor guests
07/12/12Waveguide electro-absorption modulator
07/12/12Techniques for detecting new browser windows
07/12/12Techniques for detecting inactive browser windows
07/05/12Dual pole magnet linear actuator
07/05/12Event broker for an improved application server platform for telecom-based applications
07/05/12Multi-media messaging
07/05/12Application server platform for telecom-based applications using an actor container
07/05/12Session initiation protocol-based internet protocol television
07/05/12Storage-side storage request management
07/05/12Method and system for providing user interface representing organization hierarchy
06/28/12Die power structure
06/28/12Methods and systems for fault-tolerant power analysis
06/28/12Real-time text indexing
06/28/12Unified system lifecycle for components in an integrated software and hardware system
06/28/12Multipath routing process
06/28/12Index generation for cache memories
06/28/12Integrated software and hardware system that enables automated provisioning and configuration of a blade based on its physical location
06/28/12Managed upgrades of components in an integrated software and hardware system
06/21/12Communications service broker for preventing voicemail tromboning in the telecommunications network
06/21/12Computer component detection system and method
06/21/12Three dimensional load packing
06/21/12Fleet dispatch plan optimization
06/21/12Framework for optimized packing of items into a container
06/21/12Communications service broker for orchestration of services in a telecommunications network
06/21/12Assigning read requests based on busyness of devices
06/21/12Proactive token renewal and management in secure conversations
06/21/12Plug-in system for software applications
06/21/12Preventing race conditions in secure token exchange
06/21/12Diagnostic framework for use with application servers and virtual machines
06/21/12Method and system for creating, applying, and removing a software fix
06/21/12System and method for providing direct socket i/o for java in a virtual machine
06/14/12Batch processing system
06/14/12Order management system with order change management
06/14/12Order management system with a decomposition sequence
06/14/12Order management system with an orchestration plan
06/14/12Order management system with decoupling of fulfillment flow from fulfillment topology
06/14/12Order management system with technical decoupling
06/14/12Text indexing for updateable tokenized text
06/14/12Techniques for efficient queries on a file system-like repository
06/14/12Synchronization circuit that facilitates multiple parallel reads and writes
06/14/12Mechanism to input, search and create complex data strings within a single dialog
06/14/12Efficient generation of executable file from program files when some of the program files expressly incorporate other program files
06/14/12System and method for removal of arraycopies in java by cutting the length of arrays
06/14/12Method and system for utilizing parallelism across loops
06/07/12Gripper assembly for data storage system
06/07/12Process tolerant large-swing sense amplfier with latching capability
06/07/12Pharmacovigilance alert tool
06/07/12Techniques for data generation
06/07/12Hybrid binary xml storage model for efficient xml processing
06/07/12Achieving interoperability for web services using a map engine
06/07/12System and method for supporting one-way remote method invocation for session replication in a server cluster
05/31/12Method, a computer program and apparatus for analyzing symbols in a computer
05/31/12Replicating data in financial systems
05/31/12Records management of database tables
05/31/12Channel manager for accessing elements for a secure web page through a non-secure channel
05/31/12User role mapping in web applications
05/24/12High-speed static xor circuit
05/24/12Asynchronous fifo circuit for long-distance on-chip communication
05/24/12Product pricing optimization system
05/24/12Offline mobile rfid event persistency and synchronization
05/24/12Automated scheme for identifying user intent in real-time
05/24/12Non-deterministic audit log protection
05/24/12Identifying compatible web service policies
05/24/12Nonconforming web service policy functions
05/24/12Attaching web service policies to a group of policy subjects
05/24/12Server management systems
05/24/12Correlation-based instruction prefetching
05/24/12Runtime usage analysis for a distributed policy enforcement system
05/24/12Optimizing interactions between co-located processes
05/24/12Propagating security identity information to components of a composite application
05/17/12Transitive probing for failure detection of network interfaces
05/17/12Supply chain demand satisfaction
05/17/12Recursive navigation in mobile crm
05/17/12Event processing finite state engine and language
05/17/12Event-based orchestration in distributed order orchestration system
05/10/12Equalization in proximity communication
05/10/12Lazy operations on hierarchical compressed data structure for tabular data
05/10/12Automatic reconciliation of discrepancies in asset attribute values
05/10/12Representing and manipulating rdf data in a relational database management system
05/10/12Store queue supporting ordered and unordered stores
05/10/12Configurable metric groups for presenting data to a user
05/10/12Characterizing interface evolution and consumer roles in module systems
05/10/12Global account lockout (gal) and expiration using an ordered message service (oms)
05/03/12Method, computer program and apparatus for analyzing symbols in a computer system
05/03/12Method and system for automatically generating forecasts
05/03/12Confidence based selection for survey sampling
05/03/12Integration of applications with a financial close management system
05/03/12Managing schedules in a financial close management system
05/03/12Simplifying migration from one financial consolidation application to another
05/03/12Automated topology-based statistics monitoring and performance analysis
05/03/12Filtering of custom attributes of computer objects for display
05/03/12Evaluating event-generated data using append-only tables
05/03/12Methods and systems for flexible and repeatable pre-route generation
04/26/12On-device database service for mobile device
04/26/12Techniques for automatically provisioning a database over a wide area network
04/26/12System and method for extending a web service environment to support scalable asynchronous clients
04/26/12Using speculative cache requests to reduce cache miss delays
04/26/12Infrastructure for the automation of the assembly of schema maintenance scripts
04/26/12Extending programming language semantics while maintaining standard syntax through aliasing
04/19/12Structures and methods for adjusting the wavelengths of lasers via temperature control
04/19/12Generating a web page with identified sources of data
04/19/12Dependency resolution in polyphasic modules
04/12/12Execution unit for performing the data encryption standard
04/12/12Managing process requests in a distributed order orchestration system
04/12/12Cache index coloring for virtual-address dynamic allocators
04/12/12Issuing instructions with unresolved data dependencies
04/05/12Power-supply noise suppression using a frequency-locked loop
04/05/12Eprocurement change request process
04/05/12Transaction in memory object store
04/05/12Representing and manipulating rdf data in a relational database management system
04/05/12Method and system for providing a current time value
04/05/12Presentation of hierarchical data in multiple consistent views
04/05/12Method for efficiently managing property types and constraints in a prototype based dynamic programming language
04/05/12Streamlining unit testing through hot code swapping
04/05/12Transaction in memory object store
03/29/12Method and apparatus for choosing resources based on context and inheritance
03/29/12Stateful subnet manager failover in a middleware machine environment
03/29/12Method and apparatus for defining an application to allow polymorphic serialization
03/29/12Multiple row lateral table view with row set scroll and row history flip
03/29/12System and method for facilitating protection against run-away subnet manager instances in a middleware machine environment
03/22/12Autonomous control in current share power supplies
03/22/12Optical storage focus servo system and method of controlling same
03/22/12System and method for supporting management network interface card port failover in a middleware machine environment
03/22/12Pattern based enterprise applications for mobile devices
03/22/12Method and apparatus for binding mobile device functionality to an application definition
03/22/12Business process visualization
03/22/12Customer focused keyword search in an enterprise
03/22/12Self-service sources for secure search
03/22/12Methods and systems for implementing fulfillment management
03/22/12Support for a parameterized query/view in complex event processing
03/22/12Method and apparatus for polymorphic serialization
03/22/12Method and apparatus for pre-rendering expected system response
03/22/12Performing partial subnet initialization in a middleware machine environment
03/22/12System and method for supporting well defined subnet topology in a middleware machine environment
03/22/12System and method for providing ethernet over infiniband virtual hub scalability in a middleware machine environment
03/22/12Use of generic universal resource indicators
03/22/12Using process location to bind io resources on numa architectures
03/22/12Dynamic creation and destruction of io resources based on actual load and resource availability
03/22/12Reducing latency when activating a power supply unit
03/22/12Method for system energy use management of current shared power supplies
03/22/12Data corruption diagnostic engine
03/22/12Fault isolation using code paths
03/22/12Continuous system health indicator for managing computer system alerts
03/22/12Predictive incident management
03/22/12Enterprise application workcenter
03/22/12Generation of generic universal resource indicators
03/15/12System and method for building decision trees in a database
03/15/12System and method for using a gridlink data source to connect an application server with a clustered database
03/15/12System and method for supporting lazy deserialization of session information in a server cluster
03/15/12System and method for parallel muxing between servers in a cluster
03/15/12System and method for zero buffer copying in a middleware environment
03/15/12System and method for providing scatter/gather data processing in a middleware environment
03/15/12System and method for integrated circuit power and timing optimization
03/15/12Techniques for conditional deployment of application artifacts
03/08/12Ramp-stack chip package with static bends
03/08/12Techniques for the logical replication of high-level procedures
03/08/12Integrated communication system and method
03/08/12Techniques for maintaining current content
03/08/12Application-specific personalization for data display
03/01/12Manufacturing fixture for a ramp-stack chip package
03/01/12Efficient method of replicate memory data with virtual port solution
03/01/12Optical communication in a ramp-stack chip package
03/01/12Flexible compensation hierarchy
03/01/12Reduced disk space standby
03/01/12Spatial query processing with query window index
03/01/12Query and exadata support for hybrid columnar compressed data
03/01/12Method and system for inserting cache blocks
03/01/12Method and system for removing cache blocks
03/01/12Controlling data lag in a replicated computer system
03/01/12Adaptive acknowledgment mechanism for network communication
03/01/12Methods for detecting split brain in a distributed system
03/01/12Reducing downtime while patching binaries on a cluster
02/23/12True convergence with end to end identity management
02/23/12Visual aid to assist making purchase by tracking key product characteristics
02/23/12Method and system for performing query optimization using a hybrid execution plan
02/23/12Optimized implementation of breakpoint in java debugger agent
02/23/12Break on next called function or method in java debugger agent
02/23/12Resource abstraction via enabler and metadata
02/16/12Techniques for increasing the usefulness of transaction logs
02/16/12Support for user defined functions in a data stream management system
02/16/12Techniques for filtering selective users in distribution lists
02/09/12Serial link voltage margin determination in mission mode
02/09/12Effective dating for table or relationship modifications
02/09/12Data rationalization
02/09/12Mechanism to communicate and visualize dependencies between a large number of flows in software
02/09/12Secure access management against volatile identity stores
02/02/12Assessment of on-chip circuit based on eye-pattern asymmetry
02/02/12Method and system for providing decision making based on sense and respond
02/02/12Method and system for gathering and usage of live search trends
02/02/12System and method for real-time transactional data obfuscation
02/02/12Mysql database heterogeneous log based replication
02/02/12Enterprise-based searching of new and updated data
02/02/12Techniques for analyzing data from multiple sources
02/02/12Method and system for enhancing scalability of analytic window functions
02/02/12Effective dating for entity attributes and relationships
02/02/12Database system configured for automatic failover with user-limited data loss
02/02/12Business application integration adapters management system
02/02/12Detecting counterfeit electronic components using emi telemetric fingerprints
01/26/12System and method for monitoring computer servers and network appliances
01/26/12System and method for conversion of jms message data into database transactions for application to multiple heterogeneous databases
01/26/12Enterprise collaboration with reusable content
01/26/12Using versioned pointers to facilitate reusing memory with a reduced need to reclaim objects through garbage collection
01/26/12Accurate fault status tracking of variable access sensors
01/26/12Hierarchical organization chart for mobile applications
01/26/12System and method for supporting an object oriented scripting tool
01/12/12Apparatus for reducing power consumption by using capacitive coupling to perform majority detection
01/12/12Secure configuration of a wireless sensor network
01/12/12Efficiently updating rows in a data warehouse
01/12/12Conference server simplifying management of subsequent meetings for participants of a meeting in progress
01/05/12Regular expression optimizer
01/05/12Techniques for recommending parallel execution of sql statements
01/05/12Techniques for recommending alternative sql execution plans
01/05/12Response header invalidation
01/05/12Simplifying automated software maintenance of data centers
01/05/12System and method for supporting compensation work using a process execution engine
01/05/12Method and apparatus for determining ranked causal paths for faults in a complex multi-host system with probabilistic inference in a time series
01/05/12Methods and apparatus for cross-host diagnosis of complex multi-host systems in a time series with probablistic inference
01/05/12Techniques for display of information related to policies
01/05/12Method and system for performing deployment management

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