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Oracle International Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Oracle International Corporation. Oracle International Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oracle International Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oracle International Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/17/09Data pattern for storing information, including associated version and audit information for use in data management
03/23/17 new patent  On-chip atomic transaction engine
03/23/17 new patent  Densely stored strings
03/23/17 new patent  Merging versions of an inclusion application that is incorporated into a master application
03/23/17 new patent  Enterprise web application constructor system and method
03/23/17 new patent  Model-driven tooltips in excel
03/23/17 new patent  Techniques for underwriting insurance policies using web-centric insurance management system
03/23/17 new patent  Encryption system with key recovery and double aead key wrapping
03/23/17 new patent  Global unified session identifier across multiple data centers
03/16/17Adaptive techniques for improving performance of hardware transactions on multi-socket machines
03/16/17Tracking large numbers of moving objects in an event processing system
03/16/17Memory corruption prevention system
03/16/17Extensibility for sales predictor (spe)
03/16/17External platform extensions in a multi-tenant environment
03/16/17Encapsulating and tunneling webrtc traffic
03/09/17Highly scalable storage array management with reduced latency
03/09/17Generating dynamic modular proxies
03/09/17Etl diagnostics
03/09/17Methods and systems for updating a search index
03/09/17Database diagnostics interface system
03/09/17Multi-system segmented search processing
03/09/17System and providing a tradeoff between time and quality for a task
03/09/17Forecasting customer channel choice using cross-channel loyalty
03/09/17Xbrl comparative reporting
03/09/17Ring controller for pcie message handling
03/02/17Coaxial integrated circuit test socket
03/02/17Layer-layer registration coupon for printed circuit boards
03/02/17Knowledge base search and retrieval based on document similarity
03/02/17System and providing software build violation detection and self-healing
03/02/17Efficient hardware instructions for single instruction multiple data processors: fast fixed-length value compression
03/02/17Oracle cemli analysis tool
03/02/17Reducing cache coherency directory bandwidth by aggregating victimization requests
03/02/17Method for load instruction speculation past older store instructions
03/02/17Selective data compression for in-memory databases
03/02/17Virtualized i/o device sharing within a distributed processing node system
03/02/17Techniques related to binary encoding of hierarchical data objects to support efficient path navigation of the hierarchical data objects
03/02/17Fast processing of path-finding queries in large graph databases
03/02/17Efficient in-memory db query processing over any semi-structured data formats
03/02/17Restrictive access control for modular reflection
03/02/17Computerized controlling electronic distribution of compensation
03/02/17Service deployment infrastructure request provisioning
03/02/17Rule based device enrollment
03/02/17Permissive access control for modular reflection
03/02/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for conducting malicious message detection without revealing message content
03/02/17System and providing situation awareness via a mobile device
02/23/17System and dynamic cache distribution for in-memory data grids
02/23/17Pluggable components for runtime-image generation
02/23/17Interface for translating software commands and hardware commands for a distributed computing system
02/23/17System and supporting transaction affinity based request handling in a middleware environment
02/23/17Unified sandbox
02/23/17Mitigating wire capacitance in an integrated circuit
02/23/17Manipulation of dynamically assembled ecommerce web pages
02/23/17Redundant traffic encoding of encapsulated real time communications
02/23/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for conducting adaptive event rate monitoring
02/23/17Method and system for defining an offlinable model graph
02/16/17Optical mode converter having multiple regions
02/16/17Tape drives generating best access order of randomly stored files on a tape
02/16/17Processing fixed and variable length numbers
02/16/17Efficient storage and transfer of ios binary files
02/16/17Mechanism for increasing the performance of multiple language programs by inserting called language ir into the calling language
02/16/17Peoplesoft cloud manager
02/16/17Techniques for enhancing progress for hardware transactional memory
02/16/17Restoration of ui state in transactional systems
02/16/17Sharing data structures between processes by semi-invasive hybrid approach
02/16/17Version control based on a dual-range validity model
Patent Packs
02/16/17Accelerated tr-l-bfgs algorithm for neural network
02/16/17Task-centered context management
02/16/17Temporal graph visualization including beams for indicating operations
02/16/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing access network session correlation for policy control
02/16/17Multihoming for tunneled encapsulated media
02/16/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for remote access dial in user service (radius) proxy and diameter agent address resolution
02/16/17Secure storage of enterprise certificates for cloud services
02/16/17Discovery of federated logins
02/16/17Asynchronous pre-caching of synchronously loaded resources
02/16/17Transactional autosave with local and remote lifecycles
02/16/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing access network protocol interworking and authentication proxying
02/16/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing access network signaling protocol interworking for user authentication
02/09/17Slow-light silicon optical modulator
02/09/17Extending a virtual machine instruction set architecture
02/09/17Systems and methods for performing concurrency restriction and throttling over contended locks
Patent Packs
02/09/17Agentless data collection
02/09/17Distributed directory service for in-memory compression unit home location
02/09/17Method and system for distributed latent dirichlet allocation computation using addition of approximate counters
02/09/17Techniques for semantic searching
02/09/17Flexible authentication framework
02/09/17Dynamic identity switching
02/02/17Simulating a user interface to submit data received from a device
02/02/17Systems and methods for prefetching data
02/02/17Systems and methods for coordinating interdependent asynchronous reads
02/02/17Tracking and maintaining expression statistics across database queries
02/02/17Materializing expressions within in-memory virtual column units to accelerate analytic queries
02/02/17Materializing internal computations in-memory to improve query performance
02/02/17Creating hybrid and top-frequency histograms
02/02/17Graph data processing system that supports automatic data model conversion from resource description framework to property graph
02/02/17Reducing clock skew in synthesized modules
02/02/17Negative acknowledgment of tunneled encapsulated media
02/02/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for peer aware load distribution
02/02/17System and traffic director support in a multitenant application server environment
02/02/17Restricting access for a single sign-on (sso) session
02/02/17Storage isolation using i/o authentication
01/26/17Chart dual-y resize and split-unsplit interaction
01/26/17Bridging a module system and a non-module system
01/26/17Advanced interactive command-line front-end for graph analysis systems
01/26/17Optimization techniques for high-level graph language compilers
01/26/17Composing a module system and a non-module system
01/26/17Approximate distinct counting in a bounded memory
01/26/17Bi cloud services data modeling denormalized table introspection algorithm
01/26/17Real-time metric aggregation for transactional systems
01/26/17Use of dynamic dictionary encoding with an associated hash table to support many-to-many joins and aggregations
01/26/17Accelerated detection of matching patterns
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01/26/17System and creating an intelligent synopsis of a database using re-partitioning based sampling
01/26/17Visually depicting relationships between parts of a concept design
01/26/17Captcha techniques utilizing traceable images
01/26/17Multi-dimensional approach to agent assignment
01/26/17Visually exploring and analyzing event streams
01/26/17Reformating pixels that represent objects
01/26/17System and use of a non-blocking process with a resource pool in a computing environment
01/26/17Method and system for communicating within a messaging architecture using a structured data object
01/26/17Sending a command with client information to allow any remote server to communicate directly with client
01/26/17Allocation of service endpoints to servers
Patent Packs
01/19/17On-chip current sensing employing power distribution network voltage de-convolution
01/19/17Configuring user profiles associated with multiple hierarchical levels
01/19/17System and partition startup/shutdown in a multitenant application server environment
01/19/17System and providing a messaging application program interface
01/19/17Aggregation of interrupts using event queues
01/19/17System and superimposing spatially correlated data over live real-world images
01/19/17Authorization policy objects sharable across applications, persistence model, and application-level decision-combining algorithm
01/19/17Using symmetric and asymmetric flow response paths from an autonomous system
01/19/17Redirecting packets in an autonomous system
01/19/17Rate control for data transmission using a tunnel
01/19/17System and interceptors in a multitenant application server environment
01/19/17System and session handling in a multitenant application server environment
01/12/17In-situ ring-resonator-modulator calibration
01/12/17Optimized retrieval of custom string resources
01/12/17Facilitating prefetching for data streams with multiple strides
01/12/17Translation lookaside buffer performance by exploiting spacial locality
01/12/17Adaptive resource management in a pipelined arbiter
01/12/17Methods for assessing and scoring user proficiency in topics determined by data from social networks and other sources
01/12/17System and identifying experts on arbitrary topics in an enterprise social network
01/12/17Dynamically switching between data sources
01/12/17Optimizing incremental loading of warehouse data
01/12/17System and provisioning cloud services across heterogeneous environments
01/12/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for selective diameter topology hiding
01/12/17Predictive diagnosis of sla violations in cloud services by seasonal trending and forecasting with thread intensity analytics
01/12/17Method of website optimisation
01/12/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for communicating radio access network congestion status information for large numbers of users
01/05/17System and distributed persistent store archival and retrieval in a distributed computing environment
01/05/17System and rare copy-on-write in a distributed computing environment
01/05/17System and automatic porting of software applications into a cloud computing environment
01/05/17System and association aware executor service in a distributed computing environment
Patent Packs
01/05/17Hybrid table-lookup algorithm for functions
01/05/17Method and system for implementing collection-wise processing in a log analytics system
01/05/17Deep linking to application objects
01/05/17Input capacitance modeling for circuit performance
01/05/17Monitoring and alert services and data encryption management
01/05/17Data encryption service and customized encryption management
01/05/17System and providing temporal dependencies between tasks
01/05/17Chart data-binding design time user experience with dynamic sample generation
01/05/17System and universal timeout in a distributed computing environment in a distributed computing environment
01/05/17System and supporting live migration of virtual machines in a virtualization environment
01/05/17Data encryption service
01/05/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for on-boarding virtualized network function (vnf) packages in a network functions virtualization (nfv) system
01/05/17System and multi-version remote function execution control in a distributed computing environment
12/29/16Client application program interface for network-attached storage system
12/29/16Cloud based editor for generation of interpreted artifacts for mobile runtime
12/29/16Method and system for implementing an operating system hook in a log analytics system
12/29/16System and persistence of application data using replication over remote direct memory access
12/29/16Data storage system with fixity end-to-end data protection during data archiving
12/29/16System and generating a json schema from a json stream
12/29/16Query optimization for group-by extensions and distinct aggregate functions
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12/29/16One-pass join size estimation with correlated sampling
12/29/16System and write protecting portions of tape storage media
12/29/16Session activity tracking for session adoption across multiple data centers
12/29/16Authenticator for user state management
12/22/16System and automatic error classification in integration systems
12/22/16Stateful detection of anomalous events in virtual machines
12/22/16Diagnosis of test failures in software programs
12/22/16Free memory trending for detecting out-of-memory events in virtual machines
12/22/16Stateless detection of out-of-memory events in virtual machines
12/22/16Hierarchical tablespace space management
12/22/16Methods, systems, and computer readable media for multi-protocol stateful routing
12/22/16Methods, systems, and computer readable media for authorization frameworks for web-based applications
12/15/16Method and system for reducing instability when upgrading software
12/15/16Data retention framework
12/15/16Multipath support of real-time communications
12/15/16Methods, systems, and computer readable media for implementing intelligent policy and charging rules function (pcrf) overload control
12/15/16Macro-switch with a buffered switching matrix
12/08/16System and providing completeness indicators for an integration flow in a cloud-based integration platform
12/08/16Determining suitable values of parameters controlling display characteristics of elements of interactive pages
12/08/16System and importing and exporting an integration flow in a cloud-based integration platform
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12/08/16System and insulating a web user interface application from underlying technologies in an integration cloud service
12/08/16Reducing downtime during upgrades of interrelated components in a database system
12/08/16Distributed mechanism for clock and reset control in a microprocessor
12/08/16Special calling sequence for caller-sensitive methods
12/08/16Techniques for tenant controlled visualizations and management of files in cloud storage systems
12/08/16Information retrieval and navigation using a semantic layer and dynamic objects
12/08/16System and providing recommended mappings for use by a mapper in an integration cloud service design time
12/08/16System and graphically displaying recommended mappings in an integration cloud service design time
12/08/16System and intelligently mapping a source element to a target element in an integration cloud service design time
12/08/16System and providing guiding messages in creating an integration flow in a cloud-based integration platform
12/08/16Playout buffering of encapsulated media
12/08/16Exposing an interface to devices outside a network for requesting a subset of services provided by devices inside the network
12/08/16Adjusting enterprise security using a mobile device
12/08/16Method and system for selecting a storage node based on a distance from a requesting device
12/08/16System and decoupling a source application from a target application in an integration cloud service
12/08/16Redirecting devices requesting access to files
12/01/16Optical tape embosser drum with shim identification
12/01/16Inter-tenant and intra-tenant flock management
12/01/16Multivariate metadata based cloud deployment monitoring for lifecycle operations
12/01/16Automatic anomaly detection and resolution system
12/01/16System and providing automated computer language translation and verification
12/01/16Multilingual embeddings for natural language processing
12/01/16Prefetching analytic results across multiple levels of data
12/01/16Techniques for evaluating query predicates during in-memory table scans
12/01/16Maintaining cross-node coherence of an in-memory database object in a multi-node database cluster
12/01/16Elimination of log file synchronization delay at transaction commit time
12/01/16Loading and reloading an in-memory copy of a database object without blocking concurrent updates to the database object
12/01/16Optimizer statistics and cost model for in-memory tables
12/01/16Optimizing execution plans for in-memory-aware joins
12/01/16Inherited dimensions
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12/01/16Learning topics by simulation of a stochastic cellular automaton
12/01/16System and method providing automatic completion of task structures in a project plan
12/01/16Apparatuses for manipulating power switch of electronic device located in remote position within storage cabinet
12/01/16Apparatuses for manipulating power switch of electronic device located in remote position within storage cabinet
12/01/16System and method providing automatic pushdown hierarchical filters
12/01/16Method and system for selecting a transport mechanism and a storage process
12/01/16Recommended roster based on customer relationship management data
12/01/16Adjustable snap-in rail assembly for storage rack
12/01/16Heat pipe with near-azeotropic binary fluid
11/24/16Adaptive selection of programming language versions for compilation of software programs
11/24/16Optimizing virtual machine memory sizing for cloud-scale application deployments
11/24/16Context switching with reader-writer locks
11/24/16Method of achieving intra-machine workload balance for distributed graph-processing systems
11/24/16Filtered stylesheets
11/24/16Hierarchical data classification using frequency analysis
11/24/16Declarative mapreduce using regular expressions
11/24/16Textual query editor for graph databases that performs semantic analysis using extracted information
11/24/16Efficient storage using automatic data translation
11/24/16Generalized faceted browser decision support tool
11/24/16System and automatic migration of poller proxy services in a service bus environment
11/24/16Methods, systems, and computer readable media for short and long term policy and charging rules function (pcrf) load balancing
11/17/16Back-side etching and cleaving of substrates
11/17/16Hardware transactional memory-assisted flat combining
11/17/16Method and history-based snooping of last level caches
11/17/16Hierarchical dimension analysis in multi-dimensional pivot grids
11/17/16Direct-connect functionality in a distributed database grid
11/17/16Automatic generation of multi-source breadth-first search from high-level graph language
11/17/16Display space optimization
11/17/16Congestion control for tunneled real-time communications

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