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Orange Sa
Orange Electronic Co Ltd
Orange Power Ltd
Orange Music Electronic Company Limited
Orangedental Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Orange Maker Llc
Orange S r l
Orange22 Design Lab Llc
Orange Vallee
Orange France
Orange Alligator Dba Baked Bouquet
Orange Aluminum Corporation
Orange France_20100121
Orange Digit Korea Inc
Orange Money Ezbob Ltd
Orange County Glaucoma Pc
Orange County Container Group Llc
Orange A Company
Orange Personal Telecommunications Services Limited
Orange Star International Co Ltd
Orangeberry Corporation
Orangebox Limited
Orangemonkie Korea Inc
Orange Rock Consulting Llc

Orange patents

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11/12/15Methods and reagents for analyte detection
09/15/16Portable studio unit
10/29/15Magnification loupe with energy-harvesting system
10/15/15Magnification loupe with display system
08/06/15Geometric characterization and calibration of a cone-beam computer tomography apparatus
12/31/15A ceiling panel
09/04/14Computing device display housing with modified display characteristics
04/20/17 new patent  Device for accessing a wide area network via a mobile communication network
04/13/17A method to authenticate calls in a telecommunication system
03/30/17Method of transferring configuration information for a connected object
03/23/17Content downloading and network provisioning
03/16/17Method for managing the recovery of advertising content
03/02/17Device for powering an electrical appliance
03/02/17Notification of bandwidth consumption information to a service provider in a telecommunications network
03/02/17Method and system for anonymous and secure social linking during an event
02/23/17Method for transmitting a signal with a preamble and corresponding devices, signal with corresponding preamble for synchronization of a receiver
02/23/17Technique for assisting remote diagnosis of an access gateway
02/23/17Method of processing a data packet relating to a service
02/23/17Method and device for establishing a communication
02/23/17Method for managing fixed and mobile terminals in an environment comprising a mobile network including ims network and a company network
02/16/17Method of control by anticipation of the data streams by an sdn network in case of failure of a router
02/09/17Improved frame loss correction with voice information
02/09/17Method for simplifying the control session of a user session
02/02/17System and application based selection of a radio network
01/26/17Technique for controlling the service request routing
01/26/17Device and remotely controlling the rendering of multimedia content
01/19/17Method and device for establishing webrtc communications
01/19/17Device and transferring the rendering of multimedia content
01/19/17Method of reserving a bandwidth in a network for the execution of a service on a user terminal
01/12/17Adaptations of analysis or synthesis weighting windows for transform coding or decoding
01/05/17Method and server for reporting an electronic card
01/05/17Packet data communications
01/05/17Management of the operation of a control module
01/05/17A rendering an electronic content on a rendering device
01/05/17System and providing toll-free application data access
12/29/16Method for recognizing handwriting on a physical surface
12/29/16Method and a device for processing messages exchanged between users
12/29/16Method and a device for updating the capabilities of an object connected to a communications network
12/29/16Application management system with contactless wrist
12/29/16Device for short-range communication, adapted to provide access to a remote service
12/22/16Checking the validity of a transaction via the location of a terminal
12/22/16Substitution for replacing a part of a video sequence
12/22/16Method for sharing a digital content during communication
12/15/16Device and processing a communication
12/08/16Method for transmitting a digital signal for a marc system with a plurality of dynamic half-duplex relays, corresponding program product and relay device
12/08/16Multipoint-to-multipoint radio data transport
12/08/16Instant messaging with non subscriber users
12/01/16Method for controlling access to a service
11/24/16Emulation of physical equipment
11/24/16Resampling of an audio signal interrupted with a variable sampling frequency according to the frame
11/24/16Method and selecting a secondary media
11/17/16Method for transmitting a digital signal for a marc system having a dynamic half-duplex relay, corresponding program product and relay device
11/17/16Technique for signalling congestion in a packet communication network
11/17/16Method of dynamic updating of information obtained from a dns server
11/17/16Method of slowing down a communication in a network
11/17/16Method to push toll-free applications to a user device
11/17/16Method of processing an error during the rendering of a digital content
11/17/16System and least cost call routing among multiple service providers
11/17/16A configuring a network comprising several nodes, a transmitting data in said network, and corresponding equipment and computer program
11/10/16Method for processing a sequence of holographic images, devices, signals, devices and computer program associated therewith
11/03/16Method and system for communication between web browsers, using a unified communication environment
11/03/16Transmission and processing of data relating to a contactless transaction
11/03/16Method of diagnosis of service functions in an ip network
11/03/16Obtaining data for connection to a device via a network
11/03/16Adaptive broadcasting of multimedia content
Patent Packs
10/20/16Centralized architecture for establishing federations of content distributors
10/20/16Method for certifying the identity of a user using an identification server
10/20/16Method for encoding and decoding images, device for encoding and decoding images and corresponding computer programs
10/20/16System and providing a service to the user of a mobile terminal
10/13/16Method implemented by a mobile device for obtaining its position and device implementing this method
10/13/16Method of updating a file tree stored on a storage server
10/13/16Method for processing data for the estimation of mixing parameters of audio signals, mixing method, devices, and associated computers programs
10/13/16Method of coordinating radio transmitters based on a coding of level of power transmitted and corresponding transmitter
10/06/16Transition from a transform coding/decoding to a predictive coding/decoding
10/06/16Method for rendering a shared content, corresponding sharing, computer program products and devices
09/29/16Combined illumination and optical communication device
09/29/16Method and device for accessing a plurality of contents, corresponding terminal and computer program
09/29/16Method for quick access to application functionalities
09/29/16Method for signaling in a cellular telecommunications network
09/29/16Paging in mobile networks using independent paging cells and access cells
Patent Packs
09/22/16Method for encoding and decoding images, device for encoding and decoding images and corresponding computer programs
09/22/16Acquisition of spatialized sound data
09/15/16Technique for remote administration of a device belonging to a private network
09/15/16Method for encoding and decoding images, device for encoding and decoding images, and corresponding computer programmes
09/15/16Sound spatialization with room effect, optimized in terms of complexity
08/25/16Method for administering a plurality of local devices
08/25/16Method and system for dynamic discovery of service functions
08/25/16Methods for synchronizing and generating a stream, and corresponding computer programs, storage media, and playback, execution and generation devices
08/18/16Method for subscribing to streams from multicast clients
08/18/16Management of network connections
08/18/16Technique for restoring a service in a network
08/11/16Resampling an audio signal for low-delay encoding/decoding
08/11/16Enhanced protocol conversion in a telecommunications network for providing services having improved quality of service
08/11/16Method of managing at least one wireless communications interface of a terminal, and a terminal
08/04/16Method for transmitting data in a time-domain wavelength-interleaved optical network
08/04/16Method for distributing identifiers of multicast sources
08/04/16Method and device for communicating between at least a first terminal and a second terminal
08/04/16Method for a user to access at least one communication service provided via a data centre of a cloud computing system
07/28/16Methods for configuring and managing an ip network, corresponding devices and computer programs
07/28/16Method for detecting anomalies in network traffic
07/28/16Video encoding and decoding by inheritance of a field of motion vectors
07/21/16Method of acquisition of a coding/decoding module in a telecommunications network
07/14/16Optimized scale factor for frequency band extension in an audio frequency signal decoder
07/14/16Method for the processing of a multimedia stream, corresponding device and computer program
07/14/16Secure toll-free application data access
07/07/16Method of signalling intended to be implemented by a cellular telecommunication network, base station and terminal corresponding thereto
07/07/16Method and device for the transmission of blocks of complex data symbols, receiving and corresponding computer programs
06/30/16Method for verifying location information of a terminal connected to a cellular telecommunications network
06/30/16Method for locating a terminal connected to a cellular telecommunications network
06/23/16Computer application development assistance
Social Network Patent Pack
06/23/16Methods to secure rfid transponder data
06/23/16User interface for syncronizing audio with video data
06/23/16Method for authenticating a device
06/23/16Vertical social network
06/23/16Method for transmitting data related to a call
06/23/16Method to control the rendering of a media content upon detection of a phone call
06/23/16Processing of cellular radio data implemented by a sim card, particularly for security purposes
06/16/16Data transfer aid on a touch interface
06/16/16Method and device for using content of a content library
06/16/16Method of detecting a predetermined frequency band in an audio data signal, detection device and computer program corresponding thereto
Patent Packs
06/16/16Sound spatialization with room effect
06/16/16Device for controlling an ip core network and control method implemented by this device
06/09/16Method for changing an authentication key
06/09/16Electronic entity for a mobile terminal
06/02/16Method for alarm qualification among alarms stemming from an activity supervision system
06/02/16Cargo tracking device
06/02/16Access network selection conditioned by cellular access technology
06/02/16Method for adapting a link for selecting a frame transmission mode and corresponding wi-fi access point
06/02/16A signaling in a cellular telecommunications network
05/26/16Cooperative network architecture
05/26/16Method and device for communicating via a shared interaction space
05/26/16System and providing toll-free application data access
05/26/16Message management
05/19/16Method of selection of a portion of a graphical user interface
05/19/16Determination of an optical signal to noise ratio of a dual-polarization optical signal
05/19/16Method and system for delegating calculation of a bilinear pairing value to a calculation server
05/19/16Routing method reducing the consequences of microloops
05/19/16Method for securing a transaction between a mobile terminal and a server of a service provider through a platform
05/19/16Method to parameterize a communication service provided by a server of a service provider to a user's communication module via a portable device
05/19/16Method of authenticating a terminal by a gateway of an internal network protected by an access security entity providing secure access
05/19/16Devices for supplying service information for a microwave link
05/12/16Improved frequency band extension in an audio signal decoder
05/12/16Network architecture enabling a mobile terminal to roam into a wireless local area network
04/28/16Method for transmitting routing information
04/28/16Selecting refresh periods in an ip network
04/28/16Method for redirecting a call to at least one message deposit server
04/21/16Modulation delivering a multicarrier signal, and corresponding demodulation and computer program
04/21/16Technique for distributing a piece of content in a content distribution network
04/21/16Method for real-time communication between web browsers
04/21/16Method to manage multiple caller identities in a telecommunication system
Patent Packs
03/17/16Method of mutual authentication between a radio tag and a reader
03/17/16Method for exchanging multimedia messages
03/17/16Method for securing a request for executing a first application, by a second application
03/17/16Technique for routing packets
03/10/16System for supervising a monofibre line by polarising a probe signal
03/10/16Method and device for controlling the use of a data stream of a communication
03/03/16A resolving a ported telephone number into a network resource identifier
02/25/16Method to unlock a screen using a touch input
02/25/16Method for storing data in a computer system performing data deduplication
02/25/16Frame loss correction by weighted noise injection
02/25/16Method for processing data of a social network user
02/25/16Method and device for transmitting a sequence of pictures, and corresponding for reception, computer program and recording medium
02/18/16Method for reducing papr in a transmission of a multi-carrier signal, and corresponding transmission device and computer program
02/18/16Access to a subset of information relative to a user
02/18/16Method for transporting location information via an authentication
02/11/16Decentralised supply of power
02/11/16Method and device for transmitting a file containing a controlled-access multimedia content
02/11/16Generation and delivery of a stream representing audiovisual content
02/11/16A to connect to a wireless network
01/21/16Optimized partial mixing of audio streams encoded by sub-band encoding
Social Network Patent Pack
01/21/16Optimized mixing of audio streams encoded by sub-band encoding
01/21/16Technique of co-operation between a plurality of client entities
01/14/16Method for communication among a plurality of users provided with communication terminals, via a virtual communication space
01/14/16Method for communicating a status of presence of a group of users in a virtual communication space provided by a communication server on a communication network
01/14/16Derivation of disparity motion vector, 3d video coding and decoding using such derivation
01/07/16Method for detecting attacks on virtual machines
12/31/15Method for selecting an entry for an application using a graphical user interface
12/31/15Method of displaying a new rectangular window on a screen
12/31/15Context based multi-model communication in customer service
12/31/15Method of managing access control in a cloud network
12/31/15Method for group update of associations between addresses of a mobile terminal
12/24/15User interface adaptation method and adapter
12/24/15Method for selecting contents from a plurality of contents
12/24/15Method for masking an item among a plurality of items
12/24/15Improved correction of frame loss during signal decoding
12/24/15A method and a device for predicting the performance of a communication system over a transmission channel
12/24/15Method of sharing browsing on a web page displayed by a web browser
12/24/15Method for selecting the representation of the segments of a multimedia content transmitted over a communication network
12/24/15Method for processing access requests and web browser
12/17/15Method for selecting an item in a list
Social Network Patent Pack
12/17/15Method and apparatus to regulate a digital security system that controls access to a resource
12/17/15Technique of pairing in a wireless network
12/10/15Communication between a web application instance connected to a connection server and a calling entity other than said connection server
12/10/15Method for detecting fraud in an ims network
12/10/15Dynamic lte network
12/03/15Effective attenuation of pre-echoes in a digital audio signal
12/03/15Method of interaction between a group of users and an automatic system
12/03/15Packet data communications
12/03/15Method and device for controlling the display of a group of contacts
12/03/15Processing of a first broadcast data stream, coding a first audiovisual content associated with a second audiovisual content
11/26/15Method of authentication between a mobile terminal and a processing terminal
11/26/15Reflecting for performing the receiving function of an optical access network using wavelength division multiplexing
11/26/15Method of adaptive downloading of digital contents for several screens
11/19/15A mobile telephone shell and a mobile terminal
11/19/15Routing of a service request aimed at an ims subscriber
11/19/15Mechanism for managing a communication session
11/19/15Method for waking up a base station serving a small cell when an incoming call arrives
11/19/15Dynamic spectrum access method, corresponding device, computer program product
11/12/15Method of processing data in distributed storage system
11/12/15Management of access to a plurality of security modules incorporated into a data-processing device
11/05/15Pre-distortion of an optical signal with frequency division multiplexed sub-carriers
11/05/15Voice communication service from a social network
11/05/15Technique for communication in a communication network centered on information
11/05/15Method of coding and decoding images, device for coding and decoding computer programs corresponding thereto
10/29/15Ensuring the security of a data transmission
10/29/15Management of notifications in a mobile web application
10/29/15Method for communicating text messages in deferred mode or in real-time mode, corresponding generating device and computer program
10/22/15Method for determining at least one filter of a filter bank of a transmission or coding system, corresponding device and computer program
10/15/15Technique for communication between a client entity and a packet mode data network
10/01/15Inheritance of universal resource identifier (uri) parameters
Social Network Patent Pack
10/01/15Method of constructing a message by means of a terminal
10/01/15Method of coding and decoding images, a coding and decoding device, and corresponding computer programs
10/01/15Technique for managing a state of activation of a radio access network in a local area network
09/24/15Frame synchronization in a receiver using a preamble having a specific structure
09/24/15Method for the transmission of a multi-carrier signal, and corresponding transmission device and computer program
09/17/15Device and a managing access to a pool of computer and network resources made available to an entity by a cloud computing system
09/17/15Communications method, a communications management method, and associated devices and nodes
09/10/15Method and device to associate at least one telecommunication user equipment to component carriers
09/10/15Method and device for regulating transmission in a telecommunication network
09/10/15Method of communication in an access network with d2d communication, and a corresponding base station, computer program product, and data medium
09/03/15Access control method by haptic feedback
08/27/15Method and device for generating electrical signals corresponding to a wavelength, from polychromatic optical signals
08/27/15Device and extracting data from a communication bus of a motor vehicle
08/27/15Putting a piece of equipment connected to a multi-link network on standby
08/27/15Verification and checking methods for use in a multimedia ip core network, and servers
08/20/15Reflective light-emitting device for a wdm pon optical access network, the device including a light source with an optical gain medium
08/20/15Methods, devices and system for logging calls for terminals
08/20/15Management of the use of a gateway by a plurality of terminals
08/20/15Method of remotely waking up wireless router equipment
08/13/15Dynamic determining a list of services in an sip network
08/13/15Remote access to content from a thin client
08/06/15Optimized calibration of a multi-loudspeaker sound playback system
07/30/15Management of roaming in a communication network as a function of the quality of service of an accessed service
07/23/15A video coding by predicting the partitioning of a current block, a decoding method, and corresponding coding and decoding devices and computer programs
07/23/15Management of roaming in a communication network as a function of the speed of a mobile terminal
07/09/15Technique for configuring secured access to a host network for an invited terminal
07/02/15Implementing a security association during the attachment of a terminal to an access network
07/02/15Method and a device for low intrusive fast estimation of the bandwidth available between two ip nodes
06/25/15Method for selecting an electronic content to be displayed on a display of an electronic device

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