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Osaka University patents

Recent patent applications related to Osaka University. Osaka University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Osaka University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Osaka University, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Drug delivery enhancer comprising substance for activating lysophospholipid receptors
04/27/17 new patent  Neutron monitor device and neutron measurement method
04/20/17Gamma-ray measurement device and gamma-ray measurement method
04/13/17Catheter simulator and imaging catheter simulator
04/06/17Resist patterning method, latent resist image forming device, and resist material
04/06/17Planarizing processing method and planarizing processing device
03/30/17Rotary electric machine and rotary electric machine controller
03/23/17Sterilized gown
03/23/17Therapeutic instrument
03/23/17C1q-adiponectin complex and use thereof
03/16/17Method for producing group-iii nitride crystal, group-iii nitride crystal, semiconductor device, and device for producing group-iii nitride crystal
03/16/17Process for producing group iii nitride crystal and producing group iii nitride crystal
03/09/17Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus used for the method
03/09/17Method for processing wide-bandgap semiconductor substrate and apparatus therefor
02/23/17Intracerebral current simulation thereof, and transcranial magnetic stimulation system including intracerebral current simulation device
02/23/17Casing of implantable device and implantable device, manufacturing casing of implantable device, and supporting treatment using implantable device
02/23/17Pulsatile pump for catheter simulator
02/23/17Resist-pattern-forming method and chemically amplified resist material
02/23/17Chemically amplified resist material, pattern-forming method, compound, and production compound
02/23/17Pattern-forming method
02/16/17Crosslinked nucleoside and nucleotide
02/16/17Polynucleotide encoding nf-yb derived from jatropha and use thereof
02/09/17Adipocyte sheet, three-dimensional structure thereof, and producing the same
02/02/17Polypeptide and anti-tumor agent
02/02/17Substrate treatment system
01/12/17Method for preventing or reducing postoperative pulmonary complications
12/29/16Method for predicting therapeutic effect of biological preparation on rheumatoid arthritis
12/22/16Mesenchymal stem cell attractant and attracting mesenchymal stem cell
12/22/16Contact lens for myopia progression suppression, and designing method and manufacturing method thereof
12/15/16Method for metallizing dielectric substrate surface, and dielectric substrate provided with metal film
12/08/16Photosensitization chemical-amplification type resist material, forming pattern using same, semiconductor device, mask for lithography, and template for nanoimprinting
12/01/16Coil device and transcranial magnetic stimulation system
12/01/16Production epoxy compound using solid catalyst
12/01/16Observation apparatus, device, device production method, particle size measurement method, resistance observation method, chemical reaction method, particle preservation method, and automatic observation apparatus
11/10/16Motion analysis apparatus, analyzing motion, and motion analysis program
11/10/16Adjuvant for mucosal vaccine
11/10/16Liquid specimen sensor, liquid specimen sensor unit, and liquid specimen testing method
11/10/16Therapeutic agents for ocular inflammatory disease comprising interleukin 6 receptor inhibitor as active ingredient
11/03/16Vaccine targeting il-17a
11/03/16Biomolecule sequencing devices, systems and methods
10/27/16Silver-cerium oxide composite catalyst supported on an alkaline carrier and producing the same
10/27/16Method for obtaining pancreatic endocrine cells from adipose tissue-origin cells
10/20/16Method for measuring concentration of test substance, and detection apparatus
10/13/16Detection/measurement of malaria infection disease utilizing natural immunity by hemozoin induction, screening of preventative or therapeutic medicine for malaria infection disease, and regulation of natural immunity induction
10/06/16Bone regeneration agent
09/22/16Joined body joined by chemical bonding at material interface, and joining joined body
09/15/16Antibody having broad neutralization activity against group 1 influenza a viruses
09/15/16Apparatus for assessment of voids in solder and assessment of voids in solder
09/15/16Method for producing group iii nitride crystal, group iii nitride crystal, semiconductor device and producing group iii nitride crystal
09/01/16Drug-eluting stent graft
09/01/16Three-dimensional tissue and production method therefor
08/25/16Method for purification of retinal pigment epithelial cells
08/25/16Device for thermally denaturing biomolecule and producing device
08/18/16Method of producing retinal pigment epithelial cell
08/11/16Fluorescent protein
08/04/16Neutron control device and neutron irradiation apparatus
08/04/16Nmr probe
07/28/16Thermal convection generating chip, thermal convection generating device, and thermal convection generating method
07/28/16Fluorine-containing complex compound, and production fluorine-containing organic compound employing same
07/28/16Method for inducing dopaminergic neuron progenitor cells
07/21/16Particle analysis method and particle analysis device
07/14/16Screening pain suppressors and pharmaceutical composition for prevention or treatment of pain
07/07/16Dpp-4-targeting vaccine for treating diabetes
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06/23/16Method for purification of substances contaminated with organic chemicals
06/23/16Terahertz-wave device and terahetz-wave integrated circuits
06/02/16Method of increasing production of amorpha-4,11-diene and increasing production of natural rubber
05/19/16Cell culture equipment coated with laminin fragments in dry state
05/19/16Method for isolating specific genomic region using molecule binding specifically to endogenous dna sequence
05/19/16Method and device for identifying nucleotide, and for determining nucleotide sequence of polynucleotide
05/12/16Double-stranded antisense nucleic acid with exon-skipping effect
05/05/16Method for producing metal nanowires, metal nanowires, producing silver nanowires, and silver nanowires
05/05/16Method for producing beta-hematin crystal comprising step of heating
05/05/16Fullerene derivative and n-type semiconductor material
04/21/16Antibody to peptide encoded by exon-21 of periostin, and pharmaceutical composition for prevention or treatment of inflammatory disease containing said antibody
04/21/16Magnetic field value measuring device and measuring magnetic field value
04/14/16Peptide with anti-aging effect and use thereof
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04/14/16Method of determining nuclear fusion irradiation coordinates, device for determining nuclear fusion irradiation coordinates, and nuclear fusion device
04/14/16Organic semiconductor thin film production method
03/31/16Collagen sponge
03/31/16Modification processing device, modification monitoring device and modification processing method
03/31/16Fullerene derivative and n-type semiconductor material
03/17/16Method and producing liquid for sterilization use
03/03/16Method for producing laminate of sheet-shaped cell culture and fibrin gel
02/25/16Modified laminin containing collagen binding molecule and use thereof
02/18/16Method for producing polyaniline having self-doping function and antistatic agent containing polyaniline produced thereby
02/18/16Method for culturing hepatoblast-like cells and culture product thereof
02/18/16Electric near-field probe, control system for same, and piezoelectric crystal detector
02/11/16Aromatic amino acid derivative and positron emission topography (pet) probe using the same
02/04/16Light wavelength measurement method and light wavelength measurement apparatus
02/04/16Thin-film transistor
01/21/16Method and device of manufacturing compound-semiconductor thin-film
01/21/16Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
01/14/16Reception device and reception method
01/07/16Hemostatic agent applicator
01/07/16Metal oxide mesocrystal, and producing same
01/07/16Breast-cancer determination method
01/07/16Multiplex colon cancer marker panel
01/07/16Resist patterning method, latent resist image forming device, resist patterning device, and resist material
01/07/16Magnetic wave gear device
12/24/15Creation of three-dimensional synthetic tissue from pluripotent stem cell-derived cells, and osteochondral regeneration treatment using said synthetic tissue
12/17/15Method for measuring light physical constants and device for estimating light physical constants
12/10/15Tissue-preserving liquid and tissue-preserving method
12/10/15Active material, and sodium ion battery and lithium ion battery using the same
12/10/15Active material for sodium ion battery, and sodium ion battery
11/26/15Phenoxyalkylamine compound
11/26/15Nucleoside and nucleotide having sulfonamide structure
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11/19/15Method for activating helper t cell
11/19/15Non-ionic surfactant composition and fluoropolymer aqueous dispersion
11/19/15Method for culturing pluripotent stem cells
11/12/15Pneumococcal vaccine containing pneumococcal surface protein a
11/05/15Adsorbent for organic fluoro-compound comprising cyclodextrin-supported polymer
11/05/15Nitride crystal and producing the same
10/29/15Adjuvant for mucosal vaccine
10/29/15Optical microscope, and autofocus device for optical microscope
10/15/15Casing for in vivo implantation device, in vivo implantation device, production casing for in vivo implantation device, and treatment support method using in vivo implantation device
10/15/15Retinoic acid microneedle
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10/15/15Insufflation system and insufflation apparatus
10/15/15Insufflation system and insufflation apparatus
10/01/15Novel treating cardiac infarction using hmgb1 fragment
10/01/15Treating brain cancer using agelastatin a (aa) and analogues thereof
10/01/15Novel treating spinal cord injury using hmgb1 fragment
10/01/15Inspection apparatus and inspection method
09/24/15Oligonucleotide and artificial nucleoside having guanidine bridge
09/17/15Material self-assembly method and selective adhesion method based on molecular recognition
09/10/15Artificial skin tissue, artificial skin model and manufacturing method therefor
09/10/15Insufflation system
09/03/15Method for producing 3d cell culture
08/27/15Artificial sensory epithelium
08/27/15Directional coupler, and multiplexer and demultiplexer
08/27/15Bit coding device, bit decoding device, transmission device, reception device, bit coding method, bit decoding method, transmission method, reception method, and program
08/20/15Advanced heart failure treatment material as myocardial/cardiovascular regeneration device
08/20/15Inspection apparatus and inspection method
08/06/15Sample analysis method
08/06/15Contact lens having myopia progression suppression capability, and contact lens set having myopia progression suppression capability
08/06/15Thin film transistor and producing same
07/30/15Substrate for nitride semiconductor device and production method thereof, and red light emitting semiconductor device and production method thereof
07/23/15Dna vaccine containing vegf-specific epitope and/or angiopoietin-2-specific epitope
07/23/15Method for determining breast cancer
07/23/15Fourier transform spectroscopy method, spectroscopic device, and spectroscopic measurement program that improve spectral resolution and spectral accuracy
07/23/15Communication system, communication device, and communication method
07/02/15Organic thin film transistor and producing same
06/11/15Pharmaceutical composition for treating inflammatory disease
06/11/15Inspection appratus and inspection method
06/04/15Welding method, welding nozzle and welding device
05/21/15Multi-beam combining apparatus
05/21/15Method for producing alicyclic diepoxy compound
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05/21/15Method for producing epoxy compound
05/21/15Method for producing epoxy compound
05/14/15Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
04/23/15Attractant for bone marrow stem cells and attracting bone marrow stem cells
04/16/15Transparent conductive substrate production method, transparent conductive substrate, and electrostatic capacitance touch panel
04/02/15Method for producing epoxy compound
03/26/15Sterilization treatment method, formulation for sterilization use, solid ice for sterilization use, for producing the solid ice, and producing liquid for sterilization use
03/26/15Novel integrin alpha9 beta1 ligand and uses thereof
03/26/15Method for producing an aqueous dispersion of drug nanoparticles and use thereof
03/19/15Gas supply apparatus
03/12/15Polishing method, polishing apparatus and polishing tool
03/12/15Electromagnetic pump, quench tank, and liquid metal loop
03/12/15Light modulator and exposure head
03/12/15Gel with self-restorability and shape-memory property and process for producing same
03/12/15Endoscope overtube
03/05/15Method for classifying and discriminating jatropha lines using retrotransposon as a marker
03/05/15Therapeutic agent and preventive agent for demyelinating disease
03/05/15Computer system and determining sensitivity to breast cancer neoadjuvant chemotherapy
02/26/15Inspection apparatus and inspection method
02/26/15Transparent conductive ink and transparent conductive pattern forming method
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02/19/15C1q-adiponectin complex and use thereof
02/12/15Human anti-human influenza virus antibody
02/05/15Novel malaria vaccine
02/05/15Transcranial magnetic stimulation system
01/29/15Method for manufacturing transparent conductive pattern
01/29/15Cell sheet transplantation device and using the same
01/22/15Laser device
01/15/15Insulating material, passive element, circuit board, and manufacturing an insulating sheet
01/15/15Photo device inspection apparatus and photo device inspection method
01/08/15Method for manufacturing ferrous material
01/08/15Waveform reconstruction device, waveform reconstruction system, and waveform reconstruction method
01/08/15Active species radiation device and active species radiation method
01/08/15Novel benzimidazole derivative and use thereof
01/08/15Partially halogenated, hydroxylated fullerene and allergen adsorbent using the same
01/01/15Chemical reaction apparatus
12/25/14Single particle analyzer and single particle analysis method
12/25/14Power conversion apparatus
12/25/14Human monoclonal antibodies broadly protective against influenza b virus and methods of using the same
12/25/14Novel antitumor agent and screening same
12/25/14Analyzer, analysis method, and analysis program
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11/27/14Therapeutic agent for autoimmune diseases or allergy, and screening for the therapeutic agent
10/09/14Method and device for identifying nucleotide, and for determining nucleotide sequence of polynucleotide
10/09/14Welding method and weld joint
09/04/14Medicinal agent for preventing exacerbation of malignant tumor, comprising combination of natriuretic peptide receptor gc-a and gc-b agonists
08/21/14Method of cleaning substrate
08/21/14Etching method and performing surface processing on solid material for solar cell
07/24/14Method and separation of mixture
07/10/14Organic transistor and manufacturing same
06/26/14Porosity measuring device and porosity measuring method
06/19/14Method for preparing corneal endothelial cell
05/22/14Method for producing hydrogen peroxide, kit for producing hydrogen peroxide, and fuel battery
05/08/14Modified laminin and use thereof
04/10/14Dna vaccine
03/27/14Novel epitope and mechanism of antigen-antibody interaction in an influenza virus
03/13/14Medicinal agent for suppressing malignant tumor metastasis
02/27/14Polynucleotide base sequence determination method and polynucleotide base sequence determination device
02/27/14High purity carbon nanotube, process for preparing the same and transparent conductive film using the same
02/13/14Therapeutic electromagnetic stimulation device and generating custom data pairs used in said device
02/13/14Apparatus for stimulating local and higher homeostatic autoregulatory mechanisms in the organism
01/30/14Method of mounting electronic component, circuit board, solder joint portion, printed wiring board with connecting layer, and sheet-like joint member
01/30/14Dental therapy apparatus
01/30/14Control to control movement speed of a substance and use thereof
01/23/14Method for producing artificial skin model, and artificial skin model
01/16/14Method and separation of mixture
12/26/13Rotary tool
12/26/13Image data processing device and transcranial magnetic stimulation apparatus
12/12/13Method and separation of mixture
12/05/13Preparation fluorine-containing olefins having organic-group substituents
11/28/13Externally-used drug for treating skin disorder and producing same
11/14/13Target substance transfer method, crystal production method, composition production method, and target substance transfer device
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10/31/13Rotary tool
10/10/13Rotary tool
09/12/13Therapeutic agents and prophylactic agents for symptoms accompanying autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, allergy diseases and organ transplants
08/01/13Plasma processing device
07/25/13Normal vector tracing ultra-precision shape measurement method
07/18/13Method for observing protein crystal
07/04/13Amidoxime-modified polyacrylonitrile porous body
07/04/13Islets of langerhans transplant using islets of langerhans and adipose tissue derived stem cells
07/04/13Material self-assembly method and selective adhesion method based on molecular recognition
06/27/13Laser device
06/13/13Electronic state calculation method, electronic state calculation device, and recording medium
05/02/13Method for obtaining pancreatic endocrine cells from adipose tissue-origin cells
04/18/13Moving object detection device
04/11/13Spectral width narrowing method, optical element and light source device
03/21/13Polynucleotide encoding nf-yb derived from jatropha and use thereof
03/14/13Novel prenylarene compound and use thereof
03/07/13Polyacrylonitrile porous body
03/07/13Production of enteritis evoking causal factor by highly pathogenic oral bacteria and high sensitivity detection method therefor
02/28/13Muscle tonus measuring apparatus
02/14/13Fullerene derivative, producing the same, and allergen adsorbent using the same
02/07/13Reflective material and optical structure
02/07/13Adjuvant containing beta-hematin
01/31/13Observation system and observation method
01/10/13Method for producing nickel nanoparticles
01/03/13Light-emitting organic platinum complex, light-emitting material containing this complex and functional device
12/20/12Semiconductor device and bonding material for semiconductor device
12/20/12Alkali metal introduction apparatus and alkali metal introduction method
12/20/12Mononuclear metal complex, hydrogenation reduction catalyst, dehydrogenation catalyst, producing hydrogenation reduction product, producing hydrogen (h2), and producing dehydrogenation reaction
12/20/12Therapeutic agent for autoimmune diseases or allergy, and screening for the therapeutic agent

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