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Osram Gmbh patents

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Recent patent applications related to Osram Gmbh. Osram Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Osram Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Osram Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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01/19/17 new patent  Ceramic phosphor target
01/12/17Lighting device and corresponding method
01/12/17Lighting system including a protection circuit, and corresponding protecting light sources from electrostatic discharges
12/29/16Method for producing an led module and led module
12/15/16Lighting device and manugacturing it
12/15/16Connector for lighting devices, corresponding accessory and method
12/15/16Connector for lighting devices and corresponding method
12/08/16Making cooling body
11/24/16Light-emitting apparatus
11/17/16Connector for lighting devices and corresponding method
11/10/16Phosphor, producing a phosphor and use of a phosphor
11/10/16Lighting device and corresponding method
11/10/16Irradiation apparatus having radiation unit
11/10/16Circuit arrangement for operating light sources
11/03/16Lamp with optoelectronic light source and improved isotropy of the radiation
10/27/16Phosphor, producing a phosphor and use of a phosphor
10/27/16Conversion element, producing a conversion element, optoelectronic device comprising a conversion element
10/20/16Glass composition, component, and producing a component
10/20/16Conversion element, component and process for producing a component
10/20/16Controlling a luminous means having at least two semiconductor light sources
10/20/16Controlling a lamp having at least two semiconductor light sources
10/13/16Support structure for lighting devices and corresponding method
10/06/16Device and light conversion device monitoring
10/06/16Sensor unit for light control
09/15/16Light source module, power supply unit for operating a light source module of this kind, and lighting system
09/08/16Producing a lighting module
09/08/16Circuit assembly for operating at least a first and a second cascade of leds
09/01/16Drive circuit and illumination device comprising the drive circuit
08/25/16Lamp having a glass bulb and semiconductor light source
08/11/16Synchronous rectifier
08/04/16Optical unit for light-emitting structure, light-emitting structure, and light box including the light-emitting structure
08/04/16Lighting module with semiconductor light sources and carrier plate
07/28/16Assembly of a semi-conductor lamp from separately produced components
07/28/16Lighting device
07/28/16Lighting device having light source and reflector having ellipsoidal reflection surface
07/28/16Heat sink for an illumination device
07/28/16Load driving circuit and illumination apparatus including the same
07/21/16Electronic resonant and insulated half-bridge zeta converter
07/14/16Lighting device and corresponding method
07/14/16Overvoltage protection apparatus and luminaire having such an overvoltage protection apparatus
07/14/16Two-stage clocked electronic evergy converter
07/14/16Clocked electronic energy converter
07/14/16Hot plug module and driver for illuminating device and illuminating device
07/14/16Drive circuit for illuminating device and illuminating device having the drive circuit
06/23/16Light module and providing wavelength-converted light in the red spectral range and projection device therefor
06/23/16Electronic ballast for operating at least a first and a second cascade of leds
06/23/16Electronic ballast having a bi-functional control input and a operating at least one lighting means
06/23/16Fault detection device for streetlamp lighting system and operating the same
06/16/16Optical structure for a plurality of light sources
06/16/16Illuminating device
06/09/16Light module for a projection or illumination arrangement
06/09/16Lighting device having phosphor wheel and excitation radiation source
05/19/16Red phosphor, white light source, light emitting device, and forming the red phosphor
05/19/16Lamp holder and manufacturing method thereof and illuminating device having the lamp holder
05/19/16Optoelectronic assembly and producing an optoelectronic assembly
05/19/16Lens for illuminating device and illuminating device having said lens
05/12/16Electronic component and corresponding mounting method
05/12/16Method for image processing, presence detector and illumination system
05/12/16Led module with led chips
05/05/16End cap of lamp tube and illuminating device using said end cap
05/05/16Light-emitting diode module
03/31/16Modular lighting device and corresponding method
03/31/16Lighting device and corresponding method
03/31/16Lighting device and corresponding method
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03/24/16Lighting apparatus including an optoelectronic component
03/17/16Lighting device and a cleaning control the lighting device
03/17/16Lighting system
03/10/16Reflector assembly having a plurality of reflectors and semiconductor light sources
03/10/16Led lamp device
03/03/16Led dental light source with variable chromaticity and method
02/18/16Drive circuit for illumination device and illumination device
02/04/16Lighting device with a phosphor body spaced apart from a light source
02/04/16Light source module for optical projection device and optical projection device including the light source module
01/21/16Lighting device
01/14/16Led module including an led
01/14/16Lighting device with a pump laser matrix, and operating said lighting device
01/14/16Lighting device with optoelectronic light source
12/24/15Lighting arrangement and producing an lighting arrangement
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12/17/15Method for producing a powdered precursor material, powdered precursor material and use thereof
12/17/15Lens and illumination device including the lens
12/17/15Circuit arrangement and operating and dimming at least one led
12/10/15Flexible circuit board and illumination device comprising the flexible circuit board
12/03/15Lighting device
11/26/15Headlight device
11/26/15Lighting device with at least one semiconductor light source
11/19/15Lighting device and corresponding mounting housing, kit and method
11/19/15Optoelectronic assembly and producing an optoelectronic assembly
11/19/15Led module
11/05/15Circuit device and electronic apparatus
10/29/15Lighting apparatus with light generating device and luminescent body
10/29/15Led light system
10/22/15Lighting module printed circuit board
10/22/15Conversion element and a light-emitting diode including such a conversion element
10/22/15Light-emitting diode including a plurality of luminescent regions
10/22/15Organic electroluminescent device and a producing an organic electroluminescent device
10/15/15Lens for lighting devices, corresponding lighting device and method
10/15/15Lighting device
10/15/15Method and projector for projecting an image onto a projection surface
10/15/15Dimming drive circuit and illumination apparatus including the dimming drive circuit
10/01/15Device and coating substrates
10/01/15Lens for led illumination
10/01/15Device for providing electromagnetic radiation having a predefined target radiation distribution, and producing a lens arrangement
10/01/15Heat pipe and process for manufacturing the same
09/24/15Light source arrangement having a plurality of semiconductor laser light sources
09/24/15Lighting device comprising a wavelength conversion arrangement
09/24/15Light source arrangement
09/17/15Lens and lighting device
09/17/15Lens and led retrofit lamp
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09/17/15Lighting device, and illuminating device including the lighting device
09/17/15Illuminating device
09/10/15Optical element and lighting device comprising an optical element
09/10/15Illuminating device and manufacturing method thereof
08/27/15Lighting device
08/27/15Illuminating device
08/20/15Lighting unit having a plurality of light emitting diodes
07/23/15Device for providing electromagnetic radiation
07/23/15Illumination device having primary light unit and phosphor element
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07/23/15Organic electroluminescent device and a operating an organic electroluminescent device
07/09/15Lighting module
07/09/15Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module
07/09/15Light engine module, related power supply unit and lighting system
07/02/15Led retrofit lamp and process for manufacturing the same
06/25/15Operating a lighting device having a plurality of light generating units
06/25/15Lighting device
06/25/15Generating a light emission pattern in a far field
06/25/15Radiation arrangement for providing electromagnetic radiation
06/25/15Generating a light emission pattern by illuminating a phosphor surface
06/25/15Lighting device with phosphor surface
06/25/15Lighting device
06/18/15Lighting device
06/18/15Illumination device comprising a phosphor arrangement and a laser
06/18/15Lens, omnidirectional illumination device and retrofit lamp including the lens
06/18/15Process for equipping lighting sources, corresponding devices and assortment
06/11/15Lighting module
06/11/15Led control circuit and a controlling the same
06/04/15Light-emitting device and illuminating apparatus comprising the light-emitting device
06/04/15Lighting device for generating light by means of wavelength conversion
06/04/15Illumination unit for medical use and illumination device for medical use
06/04/15Light module for a projection device, dlp projector and producing a dichroic mirror
05/28/15Electric lamp
05/28/15Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module
05/28/15Lighting device
05/21/15Optoelectronic component device
05/21/15Lighting device having a reflector and an aperture
05/14/15Method for operating a discharge lamp and projection arrangement
05/14/15Device and the surface treatment of a substrate and producing an optoelectronic component
05/07/15Optoelectronic semiconductor component
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05/07/15Load drive circuit, load drive method, and luminaire
05/07/15Lens having an internal reflection layer
05/07/15Light module for generating wavelength-converted light
05/07/15Lighting device and generating light by means of a wavelength conversion arrangement and a band-stop filter, and providing a band-stop filter
05/07/15Semiconductor retrofit lamp having connecting elements arranged on two sides
05/07/15Mounting support for solid-state light radiation sources and light source therefor
05/07/15Mounting device for lighting sources and associated method
05/07/15Headlight module
04/30/15Lens and illumination device comprising the lens
04/30/15Light fixture
04/23/15Circuit board, electronic module and illuminating device having the circuit board, and manufacturing the circuit board
04/23/15Controlling semiconductor lighting elements on the basis of the bypass state of adjacent semiconductor lighting elements
04/23/15Illuminating device
04/23/15Reflector lamp
04/16/15Current demand control of lighting modules
04/16/15Connecting module, power supply module and connecting set for light strips
04/09/15Load driver and luminaire including the load driver
04/09/15Luminaire with tir reflector
04/02/15Lighting device comprising measuring device and operating the lighting device
04/02/15Device for supplying electromagnetic radiation
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03/26/15Method for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp with a variable power
03/19/15Circuit arrangement and operating at least one discharge lamp
03/19/15Method and projector for projecting a 3d image onto a projection surface
03/19/15Method for determining a predefinable wave form of a lamp current for operating a discharge lamp of a projection arrangement, and projection arrangement
03/19/15Illumination device
03/19/15Led module with protective film
03/12/15Lighting device and corresponding method
03/12/15Circuit arrangement, lighting unit for a vehicle and driving semiconductor lighting elements
03/12/15Lighting device having a reflector, lens, and aperture
03/05/15Irradiation of an imaging optical system of a projector
03/05/15Lighting device
02/26/15Led lighting device with mint-colored and amber-colored light-emitting diodes
02/26/15Laser component and producing it
02/19/15Electric lamp and associated production method
02/19/15Electronic ballast for operating at least one first cascade of leds
02/19/15Light module and generating wavelength-converted light in the red spectral range, and providing a wavelength conversion element
02/19/15Lighting device with a pump laser row and operating said lighting device
02/19/15Lighting module
02/12/15Lighting apparatus with zooming function
02/12/15Lighting device
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02/12/15Lens and an illumination device having the lens
02/12/15Illuminating device and projector
02/05/15Phosphor led
02/05/15Electric lamp
02/05/15Method for producing a lighting device and lighting device
01/29/15Lighting device and corresponding assembly
01/22/15Power factor controller based single-stage flyback driver and light-emitting system
01/22/15Lighting module and a corresponding lighting system
01/22/15Illuminating element having a coding element
01/15/15Optoelectronic component with inert gas atmosphere
01/15/15Signal transmission method and related device
01/15/15Converter device
01/15/15Circuit board, manufacturing the circuit board, and illumination device comprising the circuit board
01/08/15Semiconductor light-emitting module and vehicle luminaire
01/01/15Semiconductor light-emitting device with reflective surface region
01/01/15Driving device for illuminating device, illuminating device and luminaire, driving device having distributed inductance
01/01/15Converter device
01/01/15Lighting device
01/01/15Led lighting assembly and an illuminating apparatus having the led lighting assembly
01/01/15Illuminating device and manufacturing method thereof
01/01/15Illuminating device
01/01/15Lens and omnidirectional illumination device including the lens
12/25/14Lighting device
12/25/14Projection device and operating a projection device
12/25/14Light source with led chip and luminophore layer
12/25/14Lighting device
12/25/14Semiconductor lamp with rearward base region
12/18/14Light-emitting diode arrangement
12/18/14Laser-phosphor device with laser array
12/18/14Lighting apparatus comprising phosphor wheel
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12/11/14Circuit arrangement and operating and dimming at least one led
12/11/14Luminescent body for converting pump light
12/11/14Electronic module, lighting device and manufacturing the electronic module
12/04/14Gas discharge tube including a starting aid
12/04/14Fluorescent device for converting pumping light
12/04/14Apparatus with closed housing and the isolation and manufacture method thereof
11/27/14Method and a system for occupancy location
11/27/14Occupancy detection
11/20/14Dlp projector and projecting at least one image onto a projection surface
11/13/14Led module and luminaire having an led module
11/06/14A constant current source circuit and a sampling circuit
11/06/14Led light source module
10/30/14Occupancy sensor device
10/30/14Retrofit lamp
10/16/14Housing of electronic module, electronic module, light emitting module and backlight module
10/02/14Connecting element for a multi-chip module and multi-chip module
10/02/14Semiconductor light device having a galvanic non-insulated driver
10/02/14Housing for an illuminating apparatus and an illuminating apparatus having the housing
09/25/14Multi-channel driver and illuminating device
09/25/14Lens and an asymmetrical light distribution illuminating device having such lens
09/18/14Converter arrangement, producing the converter arrangement and lighting arrangement
09/11/14Mercury vapor short arc lamp for dc operation with circular process
09/11/14Circuit arrangement and operating at least one luminous means
09/11/14Led light source with reduced flicker
09/11/14Lighting device comprising pump light source and at least two phosphor wheels
09/11/14Phosphor wheel, producing a phosphor wheel and lighting arrangement
09/11/14Lighting device
09/04/14Optoelectronic semiconductor component
09/04/14Lighting device

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