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Osram Gmbh
Osram Gmbh_20131212


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Osram Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Osram Gmbh. Osram Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Osram Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Osram Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Osram Gmbh patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016017814106/23/16  new patent  Light module and providing wavelength-converted light in the red spectral range and projection device therefor
22016018334506/23/16  new patent  Electronic ballast for operating at least a first and a second cascade of leds
32016018334806/23/16  new patent  Electronic ballast having a bi-functional control input and a operating at least one lighting means
42016018335406/23/16  new patent  Fault detection device for streetlamp lighting system and operating the same
52016016948006/16/16 Optical structure for a plurality of light sources
62016016949906/16/16 Illuminating device
72016016183506/09/16 Light module for a projection or illumination arrangement
82016016519406/09/16 Lighting device having phosphor wheel and excitation radiation source
92016013791705/19/16 Red phosphor, white light source, light emitting device, and forming the red phosphor
102016013879305/19/16 Lamp holder and manufacturing method thereof and illuminating device having the lamp holder
112016014314405/19/16 Optoelectronic assembly and producing an optoelectronic assembly
122016014314605/19/16 Lens for illuminating device and illuminating device having said lens
132016013134005/12/16 Electronic component and corresponding mounting method
142016013302305/12/16 Method for image processing, presence detector and illumination system
152016013361205/12/16 Led module with led chips
162016012354305/05/16 End cap of lamp tube and illuminating device using said end cap
172016012622105/05/16 Light-emitting diode module
182016009115703/31/16 Modular lighting device and corresponding method
192016009116603/31/16 Lighting device and corresponding method
202016009117803/31/16 Lighting device and corresponding method
212016008716103/24/16 Lighting apparatus including an optoelectronic component
222016007672803/17/16 Lighting device and a cleaning control the lighting device
232016007674903/17/16 Lighting system
242016006953303/10/16 Reflector assembly having a plurality of reflectors and semiconductor light sources
252016007345903/10/16 Led lamp device
262016006139003/03/16 Led dental light source with variable chromaticity and method
272016006142703/03/16 Lamp
282016005072902/18/16 Drive circuit for illumination device and illumination device
292016003311202/04/16 Lighting device with a phosphor body spaced apart from a light source
302016003385202/04/16 Light source module for optical projection device and optical projection device including the light source module
312016001806201/21/16 Lighting device
322016001080801/14/16 Led module including an led
332016001081201/14/16 Lighting device with a pump laser matrix, and operating said lighting device
342016001082801/14/16 Lighting device with optoelectronic light source
352015036944712/24/15 Lighting arrangement and producing an lighting arrangement
362015036133912/17/15 Method for producing a powdered precursor material, powdered precursor material and use thereof
372015036215312/17/15 Lens and illumination device including the lens
382015036601512/17/15 Circuit arrangement and operating and dimming at least one led
392015035479712/10/15 Flexible circuit board and illumination device comprising the flexible circuit board
402015034573312/03/15 Lighting device
412015033804411/26/15 Headlight device
422015033807911/26/15 Lighting device with at least one semiconductor light source
432015033058411/19/15 Lighting device and corresponding mounting housing, kit and method
442015033061611/19/15 Optoelectronic assembly and producing an optoelectronic assembly
452015033061711/19/15 Led module
462015031868411/05/15 Circuit device and electronic apparatus
472015030863610/29/15 Lighting apparatus with light generating device and luminescent body
482015031140610/29/15 Led light system
492015030057410/22/15 Lighting module printed circuit board
502015030060110/22/15 Conversion element and a light-emitting diode including such a conversion element
512015030335410/22/15 Light-emitting diode including a plurality of luminescent regions
522015030339410/22/15 Organic electroluminescent device and a producing an organic electroluminescent device
532015029272410/15/15 Lens for lighting devices, corresponding lighting device and method
542015029272510/15/15 Lighting device
552015029343610/15/15 Method and projector for projecting an image onto a projection surface
562015029658310/15/15 Dimming drive circuit and illumination apparatus including the dimming drive circuit
572015027537310/01/15 Device and coating substrates
582015027614610/01/15 Lens for led illumination
592015027616810/01/15 Device for providing electromagnetic radiation having a predefined target radiation distribution, and producing a lens arrangement
602015027632310/01/15 Heat pipe and process for manufacturing the same
612015026787809/24/15 Light source arrangement having a plurality of semiconductor laser light sources
622015026788009/24/15 Lighting device comprising a wavelength conversion arrangement
632015027068209/24/15 Light source arrangement
642015026036909/17/15 Lens and lighting device
652015026037409/17/15 Lens and led retrofit lamp
662015026037809/17/15 Lighting device, and illuminating device including the lighting device
672015026037909/17/15 Illuminating device
682015025296109/10/15 Optical element and lighting device comprising an optical element
692015025297609/10/15 Illuminating device and manufacturing method thereof
702015024760609/03/15 Lamp
712015024100408/27/15 Lighting device
722015024104808/27/15 Illuminating device
732015023356108/20/15 Lighting unit having a plurality of light emitting diodes
742015020449207/23/15 Device for providing electromagnetic radiation
752015020451907/23/15 Illumination device having primary light unit and phosphor element
762015020848207/23/15 Organic electroluminescent device and a operating an organic electroluminescent device
772015019587307/09/15 Lighting module
782015019587707/09/15 Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module
792015019588407/09/15 Light engine module, related power supply unit and lighting system
802015018483807/02/15 Led retrofit lamp and process for manufacturing the same
812015017505306/25/15 Operating a lighting device having a plurality of light generating units
822015017677806/25/15 Lighting device
832015017679206/25/15 Generating a light emission pattern in a far field
842015017680206/25/15 Radiation arrangement for providing electromagnetic radiation
852015017680506/25/15 Generating a light emission pattern by illuminating a phosphor surface
862015017680906/25/15 Lighting device with phosphor surface
872015017681106/25/15 Lighting device
882015016790506/18/15 Lighting device
892015016790706/18/15 Illumination device comprising a phosphor arrangement and a laser
902015016792506/18/15 Lens, omnidirectional illumination device and retrofit lamp including the lens
912015016793106/18/15 Process for equipping lighting sources, corresponding devices and assortment
922015015981606/11/15 Lighting module
932015016387706/11/15 Led control circuit and a controlling the same
942015015300906/04/15 Light-emitting device and illuminating apparatus comprising the light-emitting device
952015015302206/04/15 Lighting device for generating light by means of wavelength conversion
962015015302706/04/15 Illumination unit for medical use and illumination device for medical use
972015015363606/04/15 Light module for a projection device, dlp projector and producing a dichroic mirror
982015014540705/28/15 Electric lamp
992015014543705/28/15 Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module
1002015014630205/28/15 Lighting device
1012015013770105/21/15 Optoelectronic component device
1022015013879905/21/15 Lighting device having a reflector and an aperture
1032015013106305/14/15 Method for operating a discharge lamp and projection arrangement
1042015013287205/14/15 Device and the surface treatment of a substrate and producing an optoelectronic component
1052015012315605/07/15 Optoelectronic semiconductor component
1062015012356805/07/15 Load drive circuit, load drive method, and luminaire
1072015012442805/07/15 Lens having an internal reflection layer
1082015012442905/07/15 Light module for generating wavelength-converted light
1092015012443005/07/15 Lighting device and generating light by means of a wavelength conversion arrangement and a band-stop filter, and providing a band-stop filter
1102015012444305/07/15 Semiconductor retrofit lamp having connecting elements arranged on two sides
1112015012445105/07/15 Mounting support for solid-state light radiation sources and light source therefor
1122015012446305/07/15 Mounting device for lighting sources and associated method
1132015012446805/07/15 Headlight module
1142015011700004/30/15 Lens and illumination device comprising the lens
1152015011700504/30/15 Light fixture
1162015010788204/23/15 Circuit board, electronic module and illuminating device having the circuit board, and manufacturing the circuit board
1172015010890904/23/15 Controlling semiconductor lighting elements on the basis of the bypass state of adjacent semiconductor lighting elements
1182015010977704/23/15 Illuminating device
1192015010978704/23/15 Reflector lamp
1202015010273704/16/15 Current demand control of lighting modules
1212015010497104/16/15 Connecting module, power supply module and connecting set for light strips
1222015009749304/09/15 Load driver and luminaire including the load driver
1232015009994004/09/15 Luminaire with tir reflector
1242015009219204/02/15 Lighting device comprising measuring device and operating the lighting device
1252015009239104/02/15 Device for supplying electromagnetic radiation
1262015008453903/26/15 Method for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp with a variable power
1272015007701803/19/15 Circuit arrangement and operating at least one discharge lamp
1282015007771303/19/15 Method and projector for projecting a 3d image onto a projection surface
1292015007772103/19/15 Method for determining a predefinable wave form of a lamp current for operating a discharge lamp of a projection arrangement, and projection arrangement
1302015007798803/19/15 Illumination device
1312015007801703/19/15 Led module with protective film
1322015006945203/12/15 Lighting device and corresponding method
1332015006990603/12/15 Circuit arrangement, lighting unit for a vehicle and driving semiconductor lighting elements
1342015007092903/12/15 Lighting device having a reflector, lens, and aperture
1352015006254003/05/15 Irradiation of an imaging optical system of a projector
1362015006295503/05/15 Lighting device
1372015005533802/26/15 Led lighting device with mint-colored and amber-colored light-emitting diodes
1382015005566702/26/15 Laser component and producing it
1392015004873402/19/15 Electric lamp and associated production method
1402015004874502/19/15 Electronic ballast for operating at least one first cascade of leds
1412015004945602/19/15 Light module and generating wavelength-converted light in the red spectral range, and providing a wavelength conversion element
1422015004945702/19/15 Lighting device with a pump laser row and operating said lighting device
1432015004948402/19/15 Lighting module
1442015004319102/12/15 Lighting apparatus with zooming function
1452015004320702/12/15 Lighting device
1462015004321302/12/15 Lens and an illumination device having the lens
1472015004324202/12/15 Illuminating device and projector
1482015003498002/05/15 Phosphor led
1492015003543902/05/15 Electric lamp
1502015003634302/05/15 Method for producing a lighting device and lighting device
1512015002973501/29/15 Lighting device and corresponding assembly
1522015002211301/22/15 Power factor controller based single-stage flyback driver and light-emitting system
1532015002211501/22/15 Lighting module and a corresponding lighting system
1542015002306101/22/15 Illuminating element having a coding element
1552015001471101/15/15 Optoelectronic component with inert gas atmosphere
1562015001515601/15/15 Signal transmission method and related device
1572015001516001/15/15 Converter device
1582015001608701/15/15 Circuit board, manufacturing the circuit board, and illumination device comprising the circuit board
1592015000970201/08/15 Semiconductor light-emitting module and vehicle luminaire
1602015000156601/01/15 Semiconductor light-emitting device with reflective surface region
1612015000203301/01/15 Driving device for illuminating device, illuminating device and luminaire, driving device having distributed inductance
1622015000205101/01/15 Converter device
1632015000304101/01/15 Lighting device
1642015000306501/01/15 Led lighting assembly and an illuminating apparatus having the led lighting assembly
1652015000307101/01/15 Illuminating device and manufacturing method thereof
1662015000307201/01/15 Illuminating device
1672015000307501/01/15 Lens and omnidirectional illumination device including the lens
1682014037520412/25/14 Lighting device
1692014037595612/25/14 Projection device and operating a projection device
1702014037622312/25/14 Light source with led chip and luminophore layer
1712014037623212/25/14 Lighting device
1722014037623612/25/14 Semiconductor lamp with rearward base region
1732014036770812/18/14 Light-emitting diode arrangement
1742014036902312/18/14 Laser-phosphor device with laser array
1752014036902512/18/14 Lighting apparatus comprising phosphor wheel
1762014036170412/11/14 Circuit arrangement and operating and dimming at least one led
1772014036255812/11/14 Luminescent body for converting pump light
1782014036259012/11/14 Electronic module, lighting device and manufacturing the electronic module
1792014035414712/04/14 Gas discharge tube including a starting aid
1802014035524412/04/14 Fluorescent device for converting pumping light
1812014035525312/04/14 Apparatus with closed housing and the isolation and manufacture method thereof
1822014034838611/27/14 Method and a system for occupancy location
1832014034842911/27/14 Occupancy detection
1842014034065611/20/14 Dlp projector and projecting at least one image onto a projection surface
1852014033415611/13/14 Led module and luminaire having an led module
1862014032736511/06/14 A constant current source circuit and a sampling circuit
1872014032807911/06/14 Led light source module
1882014031932010/30/14 Occupancy sensor device
1892014032001810/30/14 Retrofit lamp
1902014030741910/16/14 Housing of electronic module, electronic module, light emitting module and backlight module
1912014029100310/02/14 Connecting element for a multi-chip module and multi-chip module
1922014029170710/02/14 Semiconductor light device having a galvanic non-insulated driver
1932014029361910/02/14 Housing for an illuminating apparatus and an illuminating apparatus having the housing
1942014028511509/25/14 Multi-channel driver and illuminating device
1952014028601809/25/14 Lens and an asymmetrical light distribution illuminating device having such lens
1962014026864409/18/14 Converter arrangement, producing the converter arrangement and lighting arrangement
1972014025294509/11/14 Mercury vapor short arc lamp for dc operation with circular process
1982014025295609/11/14 Circuit arrangement and operating at least one luminous means
1992014025297209/11/14 Led light source with reduced flicker
2002014025413009/11/14 Lighting device comprising pump light source and at least two phosphor wheels
2012014025413309/11/14 Phosphor wheel, producing a phosphor wheel and lighting arrangement
2022014025415909/11/14 Lighting device
2032014024668809/04/14 Optoelectronic semiconductor component
2042014024760109/04/14 Lighting device
2052014024760509/04/14 Method for producing an optical element
2062014023933608/28/14 Semiconductor light device including a lens having a light deflection structure
2072014023980308/28/14 High-pressure discharge lamp having an ignition aid
2082014024097208/28/14 Base, round tube housing and lamp including base and round tube housing
2092014024097308/28/14 Completely plastic led tube light and manufacturing method thereof
2102014024098608/28/14 Method for mounting light radiation sources and light source therefor
2112014023226108/21/14 Ceramic discharge vessel and related lamp and manufacturing such a vessel
2122014023321108/21/14 Led luminaires based on color mixing and remote phosphor arrangement
2132014023321308/21/14 Led light system with various luminescent materials
2142014023321408/21/14 Wavelength converting element and arrangement comprising at least one licht-emitting diode and a wavelength converting element
2152014023323008/21/14 Led luminary and fabricating the same
2162014021745408/07/14 Light source comprising a luminescent substance and associated illumination unit
2172014021891608/07/14 Light source unit, a light engine having the light source unit and an illuminating apparatus
2182014021893508/07/14 Illumination unit with optical system
2192014021895308/07/14 Lighting device and operating a lighting device
2202014021033207/31/14 Led lighting assembly and an led retrofit lamp having the led lighting assembly
2212014021143607/31/14 Circuit board, optoelectronic component and arrangement of optoelectronic components
2222014019628407/17/14 Lighting module and installation method therefor
2232014019073207/10/14 Carrier device, electrical device having a carrier device and producing same
2242014019125507/10/14 Led module
2252014019144007/10/14 Potting lamp chain
2262014019165207/10/14 Illuminant and illuminant lamp comprising said illuminant
2272014019167607/10/14 Led arrangement
2282014019254107/10/14 Securing a support and covering a lighting device
2292014018502007/03/14 Projection unit and controlling the projection unit
2302014017597406/26/14 Gas discharge lamp with getter and producing a gas discharge lamp
2312014017597606/26/14 High-pressure discharge lamp
2322014017725306/26/14 Vehicle lighting device
2332014017766406/26/14 Circuit arrangement for operating n parallel-connected strings having at least one semiconductor light source
2342014016760606/19/14 High-pressure discharge lamp having a starting aid
2352014016896806/19/14 Lighting device
2362014016902406/19/14 Remote phosphor converter apparatus
2372014015956206/12/14 Lighting device including optoelectronic component
2382014016072606/12/14 Lighting device
2392014015155806/05/14 Occupancy sensor
2402014015227306/05/14 Converter circuit
2412014015323106/05/14 Lighting device including interconnected parts
2422014014624405/29/14 Light module for a projection device
2432014014655305/29/14 Lighting module for a vehicle lighting device with semiconductor light source
2442014014007805/22/14 Lighting assembly and associated method
2452014014120505/22/14 Method for producing a conversion element, and conversion element
2462014013216305/15/14 High-voltage led multichip module and adjusting an led multichip module
2472014013293705/15/14 Optical element and projection arrangement including such an optical element
2482014013314805/15/14 Lighting device
2492014013314905/15/14 Lamp

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