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Otis Elevator Company
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Otis Elevator Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Otis Elevator Company. Otis Elevator Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Otis Elevator Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Otis Elevator Company, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Service alarm device for an elevator system
04/27/17 new patent  Polygon compensation coupling for chain and sprocket driven systems
04/20/17Jolt-free elevator power transition
04/20/17Braking system resetting mechanism for a hoisted structure
04/20/17First responder interface for emergency control
04/13/17Occupant evacuation control system
04/13/17Elevator system battery output control
04/13/17Woven elevator belt with coating
04/13/17Integrated building evacuation system
04/13/17Active threat mitigation control system
04/06/17Variable elevator assignment
03/30/17Elevator component separation assurance system and operation
03/30/17Robust startup ropeless elevator
03/30/17Braking system for a hoisted structure and controlling braking a hoisted structure
03/30/17Traction geared machine for elevator
03/16/17Elevator braking control system
03/16/17Elevator brake assembly
03/16/17Building management system integrated with elevator display
03/16/17Elevator overspeed governor
03/16/17Actuator assembly for an elevator governor system and method
03/16/17Elevator support structure
03/16/17Elevator door system
03/16/17In-service repair of elevator belt
03/09/17Ropeless elevator control system
03/09/17Housing assembly for a safety actuation device
03/09/17Safety device for elevators
03/09/17Fiber reinforced elevator belt and manufacture
03/09/17Elevator tension member
03/02/17Electromagnetic propulsion system having a wireless power transfer system
03/02/17Elevator wireless communication and power transfer system
03/02/17System and initiating elevator service using a communication bridge
03/02/17Improved elevator releveling control
03/02/17Safety brake configuration for elevator application
03/02/17Alignment system for an elevator car
03/02/17Elevator car guidance mechanism
03/02/17Elevator belt and manufacture
03/02/17Cab isolation of an elevator car
03/02/17Elevator wireless power supply
03/02/17Elevator wireless power transfer system
03/02/17Electromechanical propulsion system having a wireless power transfer system
03/02/17Controller self-commissioning for three-phase active power electronics converters
02/16/17Object detector, and controlling a passenger conveyor system using the same
02/09/17Multi-drive thrust manager for elevator control
02/09/17Ropeless elevator system guide rail assembly
02/02/17System and limiting over-voltage in power supply system
02/02/17Bus capacitor bank configuration for a regenerative drive
02/02/17Elevator recovery car
02/02/17Monitoring system, elevator door system having monitoring system, and method
01/26/17Grooved belt for elevator system
01/26/17Limiting mechanism for an elevator compensation rope tensioning pulley, an elevator compensation apparatus, and an elevator system
01/19/17Method and device for monitoring the movement of at least one door, in particular an elevator door
01/19/17Ropeless elevator system and a transfer system for a ropeless elevator system
01/19/17Elevator system sound reducing assembly and method
01/19/17Systems and methods for determining field orientation of magnetic components in a ropeless elevator system
01/12/17Control system for multicar elevator system
01/12/17Combined guide rail for an elevator system
01/12/17Elevator tension member stiffness estimation and monitoring
01/12/17Connector for inspection system of elevator tension member
01/12/17Active vibration damper for a linear propulsion system of a ropeless elevator
01/12/17Vibration damper for elevator linear propulsion system
01/12/17Passenger conveyance way finding beacon system
01/05/17Electromagnetic safety trigger
01/05/17Elevator virtual aerodynamic shroud
01/05/17Bus capacitor bank configuration for a multi-level regenerative drive
12/29/16Electromagnetic brake system for elevator application
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12/22/16Smart elevator system
12/22/16User-controlled elevator allocation
12/22/16Elevator capable of monitoring use of child and a control method thereof
12/22/16Stranger prevention for elevator destination entry system
12/15/16Drive assisted emergency stop
12/15/16Governor for controlling the speed of a hoisted object relative to a guide member
12/08/16Service request using wireless programmable device
12/01/16Flexible destination dispatch passenger support system
12/01/16System and initiating elevator service by entering an elevator call
12/01/16Toe guard assembly for an elevator system
12/01/16Paralleled active front-end rectifiers with negligible common-mode
12/01/16Dual three-phase electrical machine and drive with negligible common-mode noise
11/24/16Drive unit for multiphase permanent magnet synchronous motor
11/24/16Elevator machine with oil-lubricated bearings
11/10/16A mobile car sheave shield
Patent Packs
11/10/16Fire resistant coated steel belt
11/10/16Rust removing device for elevator guide rail
11/03/16Safety system for use in a drive system
10/27/16Device and repairing a rotatable object
10/27/16Pwm strategy for regenerative multilevel drive
10/27/16Control strategies for multilevel line regenerative drive
10/27/16Elevator control with mobile devices
10/27/16Passenger conveyor system monitoring device and installing the same
10/27/16Motor drive for linear machines with distributed windings
10/20/16Conveyance system traffic flow information
10/20/16Detection elevator brake moment
10/20/16Guide device with gib wear detector
10/20/16High speed ropeless elevator with different number of hoistways up and down in a group
10/20/16Ropeless high-rise elevator installation approach
10/20/16Hoisting system with increased available traction
10/20/16Idler or deflector sheave for elevator system
10/20/16Multilevel drive half dc bus power supplies
10/13/16Destination assignment and variable capabilities in elevator groups
10/13/16Resurfacing of belt for elevator system
10/13/16Ropeless elevator system
10/13/16Linear propulsion system
10/13/16Stator reduction in ropeless elevator transfer station
10/06/16Depth sensor based passenger sensing for passenger conveyance control
10/06/16Depth sensor based passenger sensing for passenger conveyance control
10/06/16Depth sensor based sensing for special passenger conveyance loading conditions
10/06/16System and passenger conveyance control and security via recognized user operations
10/06/16Sensor fusion for passenger conveyance control
10/06/16Depth sensor based passenger detection
10/06/16Traffic list generation for passenger conveyance
10/06/16Depth sensor based passenger sensing for empty passenger conveyance enclosure determination
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10/06/16Auto commissioning system and method
09/29/16Guide rail for elevator
09/29/16Elevator system with counterweight
09/22/16Altitude-sensitive destination entry
09/22/16Detection of stuck elevator car or counterweight
09/22/16Lubricant distributor
09/15/16Elevator communication gateway
09/15/16Elevator dispatch using fingerprint recognition
09/15/16Controlling traffic without integrating with a security vendor
09/08/16Management of safety and non-safety software in an elevator system
Patent Packs
09/01/16Cooling of machine for elevator system
09/01/16Brake for use in passenger conveyor system
08/25/16Elevator control system
08/25/16Rope sway mitigation through control of access to elevators
08/18/16Emergency safety actuator for an elevator
08/18/16Asynchronous door knife of elevator integrated car door lock
08/11/16Elevator system using rescue storage device for increased power
08/11/16Firefly type end cover
07/28/16Elevator dispatch using facial recognition
07/14/16Braking device for braking a hoisted object relative to a guide member
07/07/16Elevator braking in a battery powered elevator system
07/07/16Sensors for conveyance control
06/30/16Security enhancement based on use of icons with pass codes
06/16/16Conveyor band drive system
06/02/16System and interfacing destination entry system with building security
05/19/16Self-propelled elevator system having windings proportional to car velocity
05/12/16Elevator noise monitoring
05/12/16Elevator machine and stator support structure
05/12/16Cloud management
05/05/16Mobile application based dispatching
05/05/16Retractable toe guard assembly for an elevator system
05/05/16Electric machine having rotor with slanted permanent magnets
05/05/16Cooling of machine for elevator system
04/21/16Cloud server based control
04/21/16Elevator motor cooling assembly
04/14/16Elevator machine with recessed bearings
04/07/16Handwriting input and security
03/31/16Device triggered elevator car call
03/31/16Wireless power supply for self-propelled elevator
03/24/16Hybrid energy sourced battery or super-capacitor fed drive topologies
Patent Packs
03/24/16Stator structure for self-propelled elevator
03/24/16Linear motor stator core for self-propelled elevator
03/17/16Connecting cars in a multicar elevator system
03/17/16Drive unit employing gallium nitride switches
03/03/16A rapid fixation means for a passenger conveyor
02/25/16Preventative maintenance by detecting lifetime of components
02/18/16Multicar self-propelled elevator system
02/11/16Low profile drive unit for elevator system
02/11/16Asymmetric and steered sheaves for twisted multi-belt elevator systems
02/11/16Traction sheave for elevator system
02/11/16Chain drive system with polygon compensation
02/11/16Architecture of drive unit employing gallium nitride switches
02/04/16Polygon compensation coupling system for chain and sprocket driven systems
01/28/16Active damping of vertical oscillation of a hovering elevator car
01/28/16System and monitoring wire ropes
01/21/16Self-clamping handrail drive
01/14/16System and controlling elevator system access
01/14/16Wall with stiffener integrally formed therein
01/14/16Elevator door stopping device
01/07/16Measuring weight of a compartment
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01/07/16Elevator safety circuit
01/07/16Elevator cord health monitoring
12/31/15Elevator car speed control in a battery powered elevator system
12/31/15Elevator cord health monitoring
12/24/15Peripheral equipment near field communicaiton (nfc) card reader
12/24/15Self-propelled cargo lift for elevator systems
12/17/15Encoder resolution reduction
12/10/15Enhanced deceleration propulsion system for elevators
12/03/15Elevator door friction belt drive including one or more markers
11/26/15Encoder eccentricity correction for elevator systems
11/19/15Elevator speed control
11/19/15Temperature compensation for monitoring a load bearing member
11/12/15Inertial measurement unit assisted elevator position calibration
11/12/15Actively damping vertical oscillations of an elevator car
11/05/15Gate drive power supply for multilevel converter
10/29/15Sheet metal guide rail for an elevator system
10/29/15Magnetic screw propulsion system for elevators
10/29/15Offset pallet guidance for passenger conveyor
10/22/15Neutral point clamped multilevel converter
10/15/15System including structurally independent elevator machine guiderail mounts
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10/15/15Friction brake assembly with an abradable metal foam brake pad
10/15/15Battery field disconnect method
10/08/15Turnaround mechanism for passenger conveyors
10/08/15Method of elevator cord cleaning and heating
10/01/15Elevator demand entering device
09/17/15Elevator brake
09/10/15Compensatory measure for low overhead or low pit elevator
08/27/15Low friction sliding guide shoe for elevator
08/06/15Security system for elevator
07/30/15Methods and apparatuses for applying a substrate onto an elevator sheave
07/23/15Elevator power management
07/09/15Elevator system using dynamic braking
07/09/15Hydraulic brake system for elevator
07/09/15Belt including fibers
07/09/15Fire-retardant belt
07/09/15Safety chain circuit
06/18/15Elevator rope sway mitigation
06/18/15Coated sheave
06/11/15Elevator security system
05/28/15Adaptive power control for elevator system
05/21/15Elevator backup power supply
05/21/15Two-part sheet metal elevator guiderail
05/21/15Car mounted overspeed governor actuation device
05/07/15Elevator system incorporating a traveling motor
05/07/15Elevator system using dual communication channels
04/16/15Encoder eccentricity correction for elevator systems
04/09/15Permanent magnet electric machine
04/02/15Brake system for passenger conveyors
03/26/15Method of installing a machine in an elevator system
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03/26/15Customized friction for brakes
03/19/15Elevator control system
03/12/15Elevator passenger interface including images for requesting additional space allocation
03/05/15Calibration of wear detection system
02/05/15Elevator traffic monitoring system and method
01/15/15Elevator car door drive mechanism
01/15/15Wear detection for coated belt or rope
01/15/15Protective coating for cords
12/18/14System and reducing speed of an elevator
12/11/14Elevator system including a car stop for maintaining overhead clearance
12/04/14Elevator travelling cable protection
12/04/14Auxiliary brakes for passenger conveyors
10/23/14Brake torque monitoring and health assessment
10/02/14Elevator system belt
09/25/14Single brakeshoe test (electrical) for elevators
09/11/14Passenger conveyor with movable lateral panel members
08/28/14Guide rail for elevator
08/21/14Elevator brake control
08/14/14Elevator braking system
08/07/14Machine roomless hydraulic elevator system
07/10/14Circulation transport system
06/19/14Drive and elevator electronics in bedplate
06/19/14Elevator car assignment strategy that limits a number of stops per passenger
06/12/14Device for preventing travel of an elevator with its doors open
06/12/14Adjustable safety brake
06/05/14Elevator system fixtures and server for controlling the fixtures
04/17/14Method of assembling an elevator machine frame
04/17/14Elevator device and roller guide assembly
04/03/14Permanent magnet centering system for brake

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