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Palm Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Palm Inc. Palm Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Palm Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Palm Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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07/05/12Multiband antenna with surrounding conductive cosmetic feature
07/05/12Multiband antenna with ground resonator and tuning element
06/21/12Multiband antenna with grounded element
06/21/12Communication port and connector
05/17/12Techniques for managing communications resources for a mobile device
05/03/12Techniques to manage a susbcriber identity module for a mobile wireless device
04/26/12Use of heuristic data for sending message from mobile computing device
04/05/12Transaction processing circuit
03/01/12Method and dynamic power savings based on location
03/01/12Use of wireless access point id for position determination
02/16/12Accepting motion-based character input on mobile computing devices
02/02/12Apparatus and methods for network scanning for manual plmn search
01/05/12Register access protocol
01/05/12Dual operating system operation and configuration
12/29/11Apparatus and methods to achieve a variable color pixel border on a negative mode screen with a passive matrix drive
12/29/11Method and system for activating an application on a portable electronic device
12/15/11Method which permits a block-based file to be played out during transmission
12/08/11Single point input variable zoom
12/08/11System and dynamically managing connections using feature prioritization
12/08/11Collecting and analyzing user activities on mobile computing devices
12/08/11Identity management via cloud
12/01/11Text box resizing
12/01/11Adaptive gesture tutorial
11/24/11Correlating contextual data and position data to improve location based services
11/03/11Apparatus and ambient light detection and power control via photovoltaics
11/03/11Integrated sim holder with backcase and rotating door
11/03/11Techniques to provide integrated voice service management
11/03/11Apparatus and methods for power management on mobile devices
11/03/11System and dynamically managing connections using a coverage database
10/27/11Use of mobile computing device sensors to initiate a telephone call or modify telephone operation
10/27/11Category-based list navigation on touch sensitive screen
09/29/11Methods and unlocking an electronic device
09/29/11Method, system, and network time and date determination
09/29/11Mobile computing device having relative positioning circuit
09/29/11System and data capture, storage, and retrieval
08/25/11Method and cooling and energy capture in an electronic device via a photovoltaics
08/25/11Apparatus and methods for providing intelligent battery management
08/18/11Method and crash recovery and resynchronization
08/18/11System and providing location data to mobile devices
08/11/11Mobile device having plurality of input modes
07/28/11Using relative position data in a mobile computing device
07/14/11Identifying client patterns using online location-based derivative analysis
06/23/11Activation of mobile computing device on a cellular network
06/23/11Apparatus and methods for providing power savings on mobile devices
06/23/11Techniques to provide enhanced message management services
06/23/11Techniques to manage a mobile device based on network density
06/23/11Utilizing location information to minimize user interaction required for authentication on a device
06/23/11Removing an active application from a remote device
05/19/11System and dynamically establishing and managing connections
05/19/11Character analysis engine in mobile computing device for facilitating interactive voice response operations
05/19/11Apparatus and sharing content on a mobile device
05/12/11Techniques to control a shared antenna architecture for multiple co-located radio modules
04/07/11Techniques for adaptive brightness control of a display
03/31/11Keyboard sled with rotating screen
03/10/11Touchscreen with z-velocity enhancement
03/03/11Power saving mobile computing device
03/03/11Location tracking for mobile computing device
02/24/11Task switching between two computing devices
02/10/11Multi-touch wallpaper management
02/03/11Systems and methods for providing contacts in emergency situation
02/03/11Method for operating a communication terminal
01/27/11Selective plug-in activation for resource-limited platforms
01/20/11Dynamic sizing user interface data display
01/20/11Selective hibernation of activities in an electronic device
01/13/11Automatic enlargement of viewing area with selectable objects
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01/06/11Multi-way, peer-to-peer synchronization
12/23/10Method and accessing a contacts database and telephone services
12/09/10Dynamic communication integration with calendar
12/02/10Enhanced internal antenna architecture for a mobile computing device
12/02/10Method and adaptive power saving in a mobile computing device
12/02/10Configuration sensing for a mobile computing device
12/02/10Configuration sensing for a mobile computing device
11/25/10Peer-to-peer data synchronization architecture
11/25/10Multi-context iteractive directory filter
11/11/10Content-based navigation and launching on mobile devices
11/04/10Method and system for a recognition system having a verification recognition system
11/04/10Method and selectable display mode for intelligently enhancing battery life
10/28/10User interface technique for managing an active call
10/21/10Electronic device filtering
10/14/10Use of local position fix when remote position fix is unavailable
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10/14/10Management of power states in a portable computing device
10/07/10Method for performing a frequency correction of a wireless device
10/07/10Method and system for automatic peripheral device identification
10/07/10Preventing unintentional activation and/or input in an electronic device
09/30/10Cover for device
09/09/10Isolation techniques for multiple co-located radio modules
08/19/10Method and wirelessly networked distributed resource usage for data gathering
08/12/10Data synchronization transparent to application
08/05/10Compact removable voice handset for an integrated portable computer system/mobile phone
08/05/10Notification infrastructure for sending device-specific wireless notifications
08/05/10User profile or user account association with multiple computers
07/29/10Dynamic networking modes method and apparatus
07/29/10Hand-held device
07/22/10User interface for initiating activities in an electronic device
07/15/10Managing availability status in a communications network
07/15/10Method and configuring information for multiple network access providers
07/08/10Speaker component for a portable electronic device
07/01/10Registration of a mobile computing device for a data service on a wireless network
07/01/10Registration of a mobile computing device for a service on a wireless network
06/24/10Enhanced visual feedback for touch-sensitive input device
06/24/10Touch-sensitive display screen with absolute and relative input modes
06/24/10System and providing content to a mobile device
06/24/10Handheld computer having moveable segments that are interactive with an integrated display
06/24/10History based search service operable with multiple applications and services
06/24/10System and providing content to a mobile device
06/24/10Access and management of cross-platform calendars
06/24/10Predictive cache techniques
06/24/10Multi-function status indicator for content receipt by a mobile computing device
06/24/10Interpreting gesture input including introduction or removal of a point of contact while a gesture is in progress
06/24/10Framework versioning
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06/10/10Method and visual silent alarm indicator
06/10/10Panoramic display for a wireless device
06/10/10System and locating and accessing wireless resources
06/10/10Payment transaction processing for mobile computing devices
05/27/10System and providing advertisement data or other content
05/13/10User registration for wireless service on mobile computing device
05/13/10Wireless services over different carrier networks
05/13/10Messaging server to redirect an instant message to a mobile device
05/13/10Protocol for program during startup sequence
05/13/10Over the air services for mobile devices
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05/06/10Responding to a call to action contained in an audio signal
05/06/10Apparatus and methods for providing enhanced mobile messaging services
05/06/10System and improving data integrity and memory performance using non-volatile media
04/29/10Portable electronic device enclosure
04/29/10Sliding antenna apparatus
04/15/10Card metaphor for activities in a computing device
04/08/10Integrated personal digital assistant device
03/25/10System and method to localize applications on a mobile computing device
03/18/10Orientation based control of mobile device
03/11/10Retail shopping method and system using upc capture
03/11/10Method of and system for secure on-line purchases
03/04/10Compositing windowing system
03/04/10Notifying a user of events in a computing device
02/25/10Method and system for changing the power state of a portable electronic device
02/25/10Input detection system for a portable electronic device
02/25/10Input detection system for a portable electronic device
02/25/10Method and system for navigating within an image
02/25/10Handheld threading
02/25/10Battery voltage saf avoidance algorithm for a wireless handheld device
02/25/10Converting information objects
02/18/10Sharing access to content items using group information and item information
02/18/10Task switch between two computing devices
02/11/10Handheld navigation unit with telephone call
02/11/10Displaying image data and geographic element data
02/04/10Diary synchronization for smart phone applications (
02/04/10Display with visually homogeneous border
02/04/10Direct digital signal processor control of multi-channel scan for re-establishing connections in a wirelessly networked device
01/28/10Requesting a user account for services
01/21/10Optimal viewing of digital images and voice annotation transitions in slideshows
01/21/10Integrated handheld computing and telephony device
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01/14/10Permission module on mobile computing device
01/14/10Method and system for copying a file
01/14/10Method and power management
01/07/10Processing messages from a mobile computing device for diagnosis or service selection
01/07/10Notification on mobile device based on location of other mobile device
01/07/10User defined names for displaying monitored location
12/31/09Method and system for copying a file using a portable electronic device
12/24/09Apparatus and methods for providing directional commands for a mobile computing device
12/24/09Techniques for tracking destinations on a mobile computing device
12/17/09Device-side data de-duping
12/10/09Data backup for a mobile computing device
12/10/09Restoring of data to mobile computing device
12/03/09Internal diversity antenna architecture
12/03/09Techniques to manage vehicle communications
12/03/09Notification adjustment for computing devices
12/03/09Display device managing method
12/03/09Selective access to a frame buffer
12/03/09Structured displaying of visual elements
11/26/09Navigating among activities in a computing device
11/26/09System and providing content on an electronic device
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11/19/09Location based reminders
11/19/09Speech processing for plurality of users
11/12/09Cover for a portable electronic device
11/12/09Navigating through menus of a handheld computer
11/05/09Selecting communication mode of communications apparatus
11/05/09Method and apparatus to reduce non-linear distortion
11/05/09Transmitting content to a mobile computing device
11/05/09Master multimedia software controls
10/29/09Integrated handheld computing and telephony system and services
10/22/09Dynamic brightness range for portable computer displays based on ambient conditions
10/22/09Interface for interaction with display visible from both sides
10/15/09Techniques for enhanced co-existence of co-located radios
10/15/09Computer program updates for mobile computing device
10/08/09System and prompting users to subscribe to web feeds based on web browsing activity
10/01/09Deterministic characterization and reduction of acoustic echo
10/01/09Updating position assist data on a mobile computing device
10/01/09Displaying mnemonic abbreviations for commands
09/17/09Apparatus and methods for configuring the color of a mobile computing device cover
09/17/09Apparatus and methods for integration of third party virtual private network solutions
09/17/09Supplying electronic content to networked appliances
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09/10/09Context aware data processing in mobile computing device
09/10/09User interface for mobile computing device
09/10/09Techniques for managing interfaces based on user circumstances
09/03/09Apparatus and methods for maintaining a reliable time clock on a mobile computing device supporting satellite based position determination capability
09/03/09Disconnection techniques in wireless communications networks
09/03/09Techniques for dynamic contact information
08/27/09Vibration tone differentiation
08/27/09Techniques to manage audio settings
08/20/09Secure application signing
08/13/09Techniques to associate media information with related information
08/06/09System and providing advertisement data to a mobile computing device
08/06/09Flexible audio control in mobile computing device
07/30/09Structured display system with system defined transitions
07/30/09Current source driver for common ground signal interface
07/23/09Optical sensor based user interface for a portable electronic device
07/23/09Operating system providing consistent operations across multiple input devices
07/09/09Providing location-based services (lbs) through remote display
07/02/09Shared antenna architecture for multiple co-located radio modules
07/02/09On-screen menu buttons including multiple modes
06/25/09Method for intelligently selecting wireless access point
06/25/09Method and apparatus to establish a communication connection
06/25/09System and method to derive high level file system information by passively monitoring low level operations on a fat file system
06/25/09Dynamic content management for wireless communication systems
06/25/09Techniques to manage power based on motion detection
06/18/09Apparatus and methods for providing fully qualified domain name resolution for home network realm based on international mobile subscriber identity
06/11/09Power sharing between portable computer system and peripheral devices
06/04/09Events notification and functions selection mechanisms in a wireless device
06/04/09Techniques to manage a radio based on location information
06/04/09Pcb coil for hearing aid compatibility compliance
05/28/09Enhancing visual continuity in scrolling operations
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05/21/09Method and system for reducing a voice signal noise
05/14/09Interface for selection of items
05/07/09Message addressing techniques for a mobile computing device
04/30/09Power management techniques for a universal serial bus
04/30/09Method and apparatus to display signal strength
04/30/09Extendable toolbar for navigation and execution of operational functions
04/16/09Using wireless characteristic to trigger generation of position fix
04/09/09Classifying environment of a data processing apparatus
04/09/09Method for bypassing passkey exchange and authentication procedures
04/02/09Priority-based phone call filtering
04/02/09Synchronized helper system using paired computing device
04/02/09Tabbed multimedia navigation
03/26/09Dynamic brightness range for portable computer displays based on ambient conditions
03/19/09Short message service message compactor and uncompactor
03/19/09Targeting location through haptic feedback signals
03/19/09System and providing advertisement data to a mobile computing device
03/19/09Information preservation on a portable electronic device
03/12/09Video blending using time-averaged color keys
03/12/09Display of information of interest
03/05/09Techniques for controlling a radio processor in a mobile computing device
03/05/09Techniques for group messaging on a mobile computing device
03/05/09Use of position data to select wireless access point
03/05/09Accessing subscribed content with a mobile computing device
03/05/09Compact palmtop computer system and wireless telephone with foldable dual-sided display
03/05/09System and identifying devices in a wireless network
03/05/09Device profile-based media management
03/05/09Prevention of inadvertent data synchronization to and from removable memory sources on a handheld connected device
02/26/09Application management framework for web applications
02/05/09Techniques to automatically focus a digital camera

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